Why Aren’t We Using Far UVC Light to Kill Covid-19: Its all about the Rod of Aesculapius

Ahhhhhhh, I would have thought that before we moved to the lockdown measures and wrecked our economy with trillions of dollars of cost that the all knowing doctors on President Trump’s staff would have advised that we should be using this technology of Far UVC to kill the coronavirus in its tracks as far back as January. I mean, I know hindsight is 20/20 but this technology is not new. Hospitals use it all the time to disinfect their facilities, and it has been gaining momentum with mass transit companies to more thoroughly and more rapidly to clean seats and vehicles before turning them back over for another round of passengers. I would have thought that using Far UVC light to kill the Covid-19 virus while the thing was still being leaked out of China to pillage the world would have been the very first measure to take to combat it. So let’s put it this way, I was more than a little pissed off when President Trump brought the issue up during the Thursday press conference and Dr. Scarf Lady acted surprised, as if it were the first time anybody had discussed it. That’s when it was obvious to me that Trump knew of the technology and was continuing to look for solutions and he brought it up when he did to put the doctors on his staff on the mic in front of everyone, because if he didn’t do it that way, his ideas would have simply been discarded as the press had with hydroxycholoriquine. Trump as the CEO was doing what he was supposed to do, bring up ideas, but in so doing, he revealed the deeper layer to what has been going on which should severely make you and everyone else extremely angry. Here’s why, and please do refer to the videos on this article for a deeper understanding.

The solution to any pandemic obviously by the science of our times is coming not out of medicine, but from physics, which is where the research and development emerged to use a third kind of UV light to kill viruses in a mass disinfection type of way without destroying the body tissue of people in general due to exposure. More aggressive UV light, such as those that come from the sun of course can cause cancer and cataracts if people are exposed to them for too long. The Far UVC light is a weaker version of the light that typically does not penetrate the earth’s atmosphere so viruses in our biological cultures have not developed a defense to it, and are easily killed when exposed. I didn’t think much of the rivalry between physics and the medical industry in regard to using UVC light to fight Covid-19 until the extreme backlash against President Trump was unleashed at that press conference because if the plan had been truly to fight the virus, the media, the doctors and the politicians would have been happy to have another option. But as I have been saying, and the proof was in the medical community’s reaction to the science, that the virus was always meant to be used as a vehicle for a “big pharma” solution such as Bill Gates’ vaccine and the Google tracking system meant to get chemicals in all of us so that the entire human population could be regulated and monitored in the way that doctors have wanted for years. This crises was made up, because the real solutions were coming from other sciences, but as solutions to the pandemic were suggested, the old Rod of Aesculapius refused to listen.

I have never trusted doctors, when I see the Rod of Aesculapius I think of stupidity and corruption. The symbol of the medical industry is based on the Greek mythology from around 300 BC of a cult that formed at that time to create healing temples where it was believed that the God and son of Apollo himself, Aesculapius was the father of modern medicine. Well, Aesculapius had a thing for snakes and was very skilled in the use of drugs and surgery and had developed a reputation for raising the dead. Zeus was so concerned that Aesculapius might make mankind immortal that he killed the father of medicine with a lightening bolt. When people discovered the body in the temple they also found dead serpents inside. When those creatures were picked up to be examined, they slithered away when dropped and so it was thought through the cult that followed that there were healing powers involved and that’s how the snakes ended up being the symbol of medicine. But over time, its not Aesculapius that was the aim of the industry, it was that of Zeus, to keep immortality from emerging from the cult of medicine, but to slowly kill mankind and send them back to the house of Zeus, never to emerge independent of the very jealous Greek god. Even to this day as we think of doctors as some of our highest orders of intelligence, because of the massive amount of schooling that is involved, their goal is not to make us better, but to keep us under control to the forces of nature as the “gods” designed them many centuries ago. So I don’t trust doctors, I never have, because their very foundations are corrupt and wrong.

When critics of President Trump say he should trust what scientists tell him, well, this whole Rod of Aesculapius story is precisely why nobody should trust them. Doctors should always be questioned because they look first toward pharmaceutical options as opposed to true science that overcomes even death to solve problems for mankind. Our medical industry isn’t really looking for solutions, but to stay within the parameters of Zeus, so that we too won’t be struck down early in life for clamoring too close to immortality. But if you speak to someone from the other sciences, such as physicists, they will talk about immortality and evolving sciences with an emphasis on growth for the human species. All the sciences do not have the same goal. As I’ve said many times the medical industry wants to carry a life from birth to death in a predictable way that falls under the care specifically of the Rod of Aesculapius, but not from Aesculapius himself, but from his murderer, Zeus. That is why Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have been avoiding any talk about using Far UVC light to solve the Covid-19 problem. It should have been the first thing we did instead of all this social distancing nonsense and stay at home orders to stop the spread of the virus. It was always from the beginning about controlling people, not helping them. Trump has obviously figured it out, but he’s now on the hook for trillions of dollars and millions of wrecked lives because he listened to the medical professionals. He wants out of the problem, where the doctors want the problem to persist because it gives them power over life, much the way the serpents slither around the symbol of their industry. Dr. Brix’s reaction to a solution from physics was obvious, she was not comfortable with it at all, and that said everything. If she’s so smart about medicine, how could she not have heard about Far UVC light?

In truth, we should have Far UVC lights everywhere that there are mass gatherings of people, such as in our businesses, amusement parks, sporting events, everywhere. Getting more Far UVC lights into our public places should be part of reopening our states so that we never have to go through this mess again. But the panic over Covid-19 was never a problem the doctors wanted to control. They instead wanted to use it to change behavior around the world and they abused the trust that people have in their industry on purpose. They didn’t want to kill the Covid-19 virus and save people from death. They simply want testing to jack up the cases so more people would be afraid of a death that might come, and push people into their homes and off the streets for far left political strategies such as collapsing the price of oil, saving the earth from pollution by getting the cars off the roads, and implementing every kind of Agenda 21 fantasy that the World Health Organization could slide under the door. Far UVC light could kill this Covid-19 virus and anything else that comes along, but the scientists of the medical industry didn’t want that. Instead, like their god Zeus, they worry that mankind is getting too far away from nature, so they sought to kill us all by sending a lightening bolt into our global economy. And of course dear reader, you know the rest of the story. It was only the snakes that slithered away, and those snakes are in our media, in our doctor’s offices, and in our politics. And now you know the significance of that and why you can’t trust a thing they say.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t We Using Far UVC Light to Kill Covid-19: Its all about the Rod of Aesculapius

  1. Rick, you are brilliant! This whole mess seems unnecessary. You know Dr F word had a say in sending the research into “gain of function” viruses from Chapel Hill University NC to Wuhan P4Lab and a ton of money for China to develop a self replicating synthetic virus with no known treatments? Probably with the intention of taking out all the old sick people to save money on Medicare and Social Security?


    1. That’s why they are against solutions. But if you cross the advantages of the different sciences like we can as private people, the answers are obvious. We should all be very upset that their stupid strategies have put us in a bad place.


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