There is Nothing Worse than Saying Something Cannot be Done: Managing unknowns for victory

Sometimes the Answers are Where Nobody Looks

For perspective, I feel like I say it 1000 times in a week; limits are meant to be overcome, not yielded to.  When I hear someone say, I can’t do this because of this, or I can’t do that, I immediately hear laziness in the terminology. It’s a lazy approach to life because skills are often needed to be developed to achieve a task.  And when people tell you that something can’t be done, it’s because they are too lazy to do it, plain and simple.  I understand limits, but as I talk about constantly in my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, perceptions of what is achievable today will be shattered tomorrow with lots of practice.  That is certainly the case with various fast draw competitions that go on all over the country that are less known to most of the world because they exist in pockets of Americana.  We seem to understand these kinds of things in sports, where rookies improve with experience, and that few people expect a newly drafted football player to go straight to the NFL and be a superstar.   It takes time and development to become great.  And that is true too in how we make all our livings.  When I hear someone tell me that it takes this much time to do this kind of thing, that is never a fixed value.  But is only a point of reference that should always be pushed for and achieved.  That is why I suggest that all business people stop thinking in controlled statistical ways and always look for innovation opportunities to explore what can be done, not what lazy people tell you can be.

Bullwhip Speed and Accuracy

Every year that I do the Annie Oakley Wild West Show in Darke County during the last weekend of July each year, I go through this process.  It’s always one of the fun weekends that I give myself to keep the world in focus.  I love Darke County, Ohio.  It reminds me of many towns out west and brings the heart of America close, so it’s easy to see.  And this year was no different.  We have the bullwhip competitions that I always participate in, where many of these ideas about business have matured over the years and eventually evolved into the themes of this book.  Now that I am one of the elderly participants, the competitions have become a period of self-reflection for me rather than a nervous do-or-die thing with legacy performers from years past.  As I also talk about in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, young people need more than anything a reputation to launch them into life.  Well, I have my reputation well intact, and nobody can ever take that from me, even if the thing we are doing is relatively tiny in the scheme of things.  The bullwhip competitions of Annie Oakley for me were always a big deal because the people who do them are unique.  The activity is out of the box, and you develop a genuine respect for the people who share that space with you.  And the competition pushes you always to get better.  And once you push yourself to get better and have success, you realize that the same holds with just about everything in life, including decisions that cost millions of dollars either way if success or failure is utilized.  That may be the life I’m in now, but over the years, my grounding in these cowboy arts always kept things authentic to me and gave me perspectives that nobody else was considering, even though they probably should have. 

The two videos I’ve included in this article are from two bullwhip competitions from this latest 2021 Annie Oakley show.  I always do pretty well in those, but the value in winning has diminished a lot over time.  What matters most to me, what has become an obsession of sorts, is managing all the competition variables in these kinds of things.   In both competitions, the goal is to cut as many cups off the target stands at the fastest rate that you can.  One competition, the Speed Switch, requires you to do so with both hands.  The other, Speed and Accuracy, is all one hand and in sequence.  If you miss a cup, it’s a 5-second penalty.  You get two attempts at each cup.  You have to stand six feet from the target and not cross the line with your feet.  The time starts on your first crack.  Those are the rules.  That is the way participants interact with the competition.  Like in all things in life, that is how we plan to achieve success, cutting as many targets as possible in the fastest time you can.  What fascinates me is all the variables that come up in pressured events that can wreck those plans.  The people who usually win at these things, whether they are in bullwhip competitions or big business deals, can manage those variables. 

Bullwhip Speed Switch

Many talented people are good at the exhibitions in the bullwhip world, but not so good at the competitions.  Without the pressure of time, where they can show off the skills that they’ve practiced for hundreds of hours, they are magnificent world record holders, and it looks great for an audience.  But when they apply the same methods to a timed competition, things go bad and don’t look so good.  It has always fascinated me how the difference between the two is so applicable to life in general.  People who study and practice a lot in life can put on a great show.  But when the pressure is on, they usually choke.  That choke is what people tell me thousands of times a week and expect me to accept because that has become fashionable in the world, to accept failure. Instead, my thing is to get comfortable with pressure and danger and learn to manage the variables.  Not to yield to them.

I have done those contests for many decades now every year at the Annie Oakley event, and not a single one has ever been the same.  Sometimes the popper blasts off the end of my whip.  Sometimes the whip gets caught on the target stand, as happened this year.  Sometimes we perform on grass, sometimes on smoothed concrete where the whip slowly slides all over the place. Sometimes the wind kicks up and throws off your aim.  Sometimes, a speedy guy will have luck catching most of the targets on their first run, forcing you to go faster than you are comfortable with.  All those variables are what make the good from the bad.  It’s not the skill; everyone who competes has talent.  But it’s in how you manage the variables that matter most.  

Its all in fun, but is it……………………..?

Ultimately, that is one of the big takeaways from The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. I’ve been a professional in the industry for more than three decades, and I work with people who also have a lot of experience.  Everyone has lots of experience; they go to college, get trained and try to do the best they can.  My point is that little things like these extra little competitions I do, such as bullwhip competitions force you to adapt to all the things they don’t teach you in an orthodox society.  How can you use your skills to accommodate all the things that happen that you don’t control?  Can you still win then?  Well, of course, you can.  But what makes me madder than a hornet that some kid has stuck a stick into its nest is when someone tells me something can’t be done because they have not learned themselves how to manage variables in their life.  That they accept that anything outside of their skill level is a mystery that they automatically yield to.  To me, that is just the kind of thing they should all be training for, in having the skill to do the job, but in honing those skills so that they can adapt to the variables that come up along the way.  That they can successfully manage the situation when it’s never optimal and still succeed. 

Rich Hoffman

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business
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The World Needs Leaders

“The world doesn’t need more piano players in a saloon, more drinkers, more card players, or prostitutes’ What the world needs most is leaders.” Quote from ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’
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The Debt Attack: It starts with 1.9 Trillion in new spending, but the aim is much more dangerous

To understand the most recent Covid relief bill that our government used to perpetuate massive progressive spending, you must understand that the government behind governments, what some would call a “shadow government” is pushing for all this reckless debt so that they can get rich forever off the interest rates.  Just like the credit card company that is trying to get the latest 18-year-old teenager their first official card to max out and make it so they can forever barely make their minimum payments, the very rich who fancy themselves as the puppeteers of the world governments have sought to secure their financial holdings forever by making it so everyone owes them money borrowed at a high rate of interest for the rest of their lives.  This latest 1.9 trillion-dollar escapade used Covid as an excuse, just as they did when they used it to alter election law to put themselves in power, but its not the end.  The Biden administration is already looking at a multitrillion dollar infrastructure bill to add to it, placing our national debt well out of range to where normal GDP could ever hope to pay it off.  It’s a different kind of military strategy, this one not coming from the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, or the London Blitz.  These battles aren’t fought with guns, troops, or even nations.  These are attacks from a wealthy class of financiers who want to rule the nations of the world through debt, and they have their people in place within the United States now by using Covid-19 as a power move to alter laws, suspend the constitution, and thus cripple our nation of any righteousness due to the now overwhelming debt that they pushed their politicians to enact to fulfill their global strategic goals. 

Now, I don’t say all that to panic anybody.  Strategically, I see a way out of all this.  It won’t be pleasant for the people who have done all this to us, but I can see a way out.  A path of future explosive growth and a complete collapse of the other world economies that should allow for a great reset of our own.  If the current push is to set the world economies under a great reset toward communist control, which the extremely wealthy shadow government wants, the way to defeat them is the opposite way, by wrestling away the management of our government from them and casting them aside while other new sectors of the economy function under a constitutional republic—the way its supposed to be.  By removing the villains from the process, first by identifying them, then undoing their antics, then cutting them off from future endeavors, there is a bloody path out of this mess, so its not the end of the world. 

However, with all that aside, the continued insults of the little checks they have been sending our way—the latest, this $1400 little thing per person who makes under $100k per year essentially, are a real problem.  They think so little of us that they believe these relief checks are enough to distract us away from all the other spending they are wasting our money on for causes that nobody supports.  This certainly isn’t what people voted for.  When they say elections have consequences that only holds true if the elections are a true representation of the people’s wishes, not a made-up election with fake ballots filled out with mail-ins and flimsy rules made up because of Covid-19 to alter state election laws.  To pass this 1.9 trillion-dollar mess, give most of us a little cheese, then go spend massive amounts of debt on blue state bailouts from poorly run Democrat regions is an abomination of all logic and a true insult.  The $1400 checks will be gone as fast as people get them, just like their tax returns and people will be back to barely scraping by as the government stifles our economic activity with even more micromanaged incompetence by them for the aims of their masters, certainly not the American people who vote. 

Then as I said in the video above, the government caused us to lose that money, $1400 doesn’t come close to covering the massive losses we have all experienced.  Just think of the sports teams who could have had people sitting 3 feet apart instead of 6 and could have filled their stadiums and sold lots of beer to cover their concession costs.  Think of the restaurant owners who have gone out of business trying to comply with fake Covid laws.  Think of all the companies that have folded because of all the stay-at-home orders and the loss of productivity from everyone suddenly “working from home.”  Think of the loss in sales of every company, the raises people didn’t get because companies were barely making it and couldn’t cover their basic business loans, let alone expanding payroll to give out raises.  There are literally trillions and trillions of lost dollars just from 2020 that are lost opportunity cost, stuff that will be gone forever because government tampered with our lives in such a destructive way.  Then they think they can make it right with a silly little $1400 check?  We need about 10 of those checks to get close to where we should be.  Likely 50.  For some companies, the losses are in the millions.  That’s a lot of $1400 checks.  The fact that the government thinks these little checks come close to making things right says they either have no idea how bad the situation is, or they do and just think we are that stupid.  

But it was never about fairness, or even protecting us from a virus.  It was always a corral of us like a flock of beef being ushered into a slaughterhouse by a bunch of ruffians using fear to steer us where they want us to go so they can make money off us by hanging debt around our necks for the foreseeable future.  The kind of debt that this government has signed us up for wasn’t by accident, it was an attack, an assault against us all.  It was the work of a shadow government of financiers who see our government as just one asset in their portfolio and they laugh as we point to the constitution and cite rules and regulations that are supposed to regulate their imposition into our lives.  They will say, those who have the gold rule, and they have stolen all our gold.  They think they own us, and they think these deals they’ve made with this trillion in extra spending will chain us to them for all our lives while they profit off our suffering.  Well, I see a collapse of that entire system that they aren’t prepared for.  And I would urge you to prepare your minds for that time, because its coming close.  They are doing what they are doing now because they don’t know any better, even the shadow government is not prepared for what they created.  When all that comes crashing down, as it is poised to do, there will be a great reset and we have to make sure when it does that, we know what we need to do.  I wouldn’t say its all doom and gloom.  But people will be impacted, so make sure that you aren’t one of them. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Covid is Over: Ohio and Indiana are taking back their states from out of control government

I enjoyed the exchange, I thought it was healthy.   But I also thought it was a year too late.  We should have been having these discussions in the opening days of the lockdowns.  It was in fact Governor DeWine of Ohio who was one of the first to go too far, and started shutting down restaurants, changing elections, and behaving like a single point failure tyrant expressing every reason why we have constitutional law to begin with, to limit government power from people who show they can’t handle the pressure and get suckered into an international scam as coronavirus obviously was.  Now the masks and all the ridiculous rules are meant to give a cover story to the scandal, so that people believe everything was really just as serious as the government said it was to justify all the trillions and trillions and trillions of lost dollars that was sucked out of our economy in an effort to help the Chinese become the dominate financial power by 2028.  I’d rather have Rand Paul too late than not at all, but we needed him in April of last year instead of blasting Dr. Fauci in 2021, after all the damage has already been done.  What felt good about watching Paul grill Fauci was that it was really the first time in public any politician or media personality had scrutinized Fauci to his face, including Trump.  Everyone tried to play it both ways with Dr. Doom, and he used that reluctance to lie, cheat and scheme all of us right over a cliff.  He deserves everything he has coming as people realize slowly how suckered with Covid we have all been. 

Its not that Covid wasn’t a sickness we had to deal with.  I know lots of people who have had it, some of them many times.  But to project it as a killer, as it was sold to us where we needed to suspend our constitutional liberties, or else, was malicious.  Whether it was on purpose or accident, it happened because our entire society allowed themselves to move away from a constitutional republic and emerge into a dictatorship by governors.  Not exactly what Trump planned when he went along with Dr. Fauci initially, and Bill Gates who were already blaming Trump for every car accident, every sniffle, and every heart attack that suddenly fell under the category of a Covid death.  I think Trump thought he could outsmart these malicious characters who launched this against him during an election year, and once he gave in to it, and DeWine started a chain reaction that the rest of the country followed, election laws were changed which then put liberals in power with scandalous mail-in ballots.  And that was used to perform a coup against President Trump and give us the mess we are dealing with now politically, Democrats in power everywhere, even though we didn’t pick them at the ballot box.

But it took a lot to get people to wake up and start rebelling against this out-of-control government.  I knew it would come eventually, but I didn’t think it would take this long to get there.  People should have been protesting this government during the summer instead of waiting until things were irreparable socially and economically.  But since Dr. Fauci was put in his place with Rand Paul, suddenly people are feeling bolder in proclaiming their distain for Covid-19 protocols.  I suppose that people had to see just how far the government would take their mandates, and how they would refuse to give that power back well past the time to do so.  Its one thing to tell people something, its another to see it for themselves and its obvious that people needed to see the evidence.  Well, now they’ve seen it, they’ve heard how Joe Biden plans to drag all this out until the summer and it proved to be too much for Red State governors, starting with Texas, then Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma then Indiana.  Even with the case counts going way down, and Covid testing facilities trying with everything they can to squeeze more life out of all the testing they can get through their system to justify their existence, DeWine has still been holding on.  He even passed Stand Your Ground laws to make a deal with Republicans in the House and Senate to spare him from the wrath he has coming. 

However, its over.  Covid has been dead and buried for weeks, yet the government doesn’t want it to go away.  It was their biggest chance yet at grabbing total power over everyone and destroying our constitutional republic.  And this should be a lesson to everyone involved.  Government can never be allowed to have that much power, because when they get it, its like crack to them.  Highly addictive and justifies all the power grabs they sought to achieve by getting into politics to begin with.  These politicians need to be punished many times over far worse than what Rand Paul did to Dr. Fauci.  The media that propped up these tyrants need a lesson taught to them too, for the role they played in the mess.  For the way they idolized Governor DeWine for being far worse than any Democrat in Ohio we could have voted for, in taking over the state based on the superstitious whims of his tiny, incompetent mind.  At last, we are freeing ourselves from these terrible people, the latest being the governor of Indiana reacting to the inevitable.  People are sick of Covid and the new government rules pulled out of their ass to deal with it.  It was a hard and costly lesson, but at least finally, people are starting to fight back.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Killer Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa: Government is the cause of mass shooters

As I said in the video above, especially in the case of Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa who was the shooter in Bolder Colorado, that marijuana likely played a role.  Listening to the early reports of the typically psychosomatic conditions reported about the shooter’s life in publications such as The Sun, linked below it is consistent with the type of people who have been shooters in the past who have lost touch with reality, accelerated by the drug, and eventually falling off the edge and becoming one of these latest social scandal mass shooters, who are all remarkably young these days.  Additionally, people like this kid are the primary targets for activists in the FBI who have been caught before tampering with people’s lives in an attempt to drive them toward some social menace.  For the proof of that accusation, just look no further than the attempts by the FBI in convincing Martin Luther King into committing suicide to keep his affairs a secret.  Or we could look at the coup attempts by the FBI and removing President Trump from office.  No matter your reference, a kid like this Alissa radical would be an easy target for such psychological warfare.  As we can see, Ahmad Alissa was a paranoid kid, and his family knew it.  Take a little government prodding to exploit his racist ideology and it doesn’t take much to push a kid into a mass shooting if he thought it might rationalize the kind of paranoia he hears every night on the nightly news. 

Its early and I’m sure we’ll learn about as much about this shooter as we did the Las Vegas shooter, that they were radical left leaning activists, or agents of psychological isolation shoved into an act of violence that the perpetrators would hope might evoke more gun control legislation.  It took most of an entire 24-hour period to even get the name of the shooter out, because they had him in custody and knew that the name wouldn’t sit well with Americans already tired of hearing every day about the crises at the border crossings—the open border society that many people like George Soros and Bill Gates want to see happening.  Ultimately the fault rests on the failures of these kinds of social reforms, in mixing so many people without shared values together and forcing them into a conflict.  In many cases the very bad people in our world pushing these open borders know what they are doing, and they hope for these kinds of tensions in our society, because they hope it drives the kind of social change they are looking for personally.  In this case a collapse of America, a destruction of the dollar, and a great reset into Chinese communism financed by the deep staters who truly want to rule the nations of the world through money.  Some young anti-social malcontent like Alissa wouldn’t or couldn’t know what role they are playing in the scheme of things.  All they know is that they have been provoked to see racism everywhere and they want to lash out at those they see as their social enemies.  Then before you know it, they are in a grocery store shooting it up so that politicians can ride the tragedy for anti-gun proposals among the political class. 

Like the recent shooting in Atlanta, which the media has been salivating to point out, the causes of the violence are not discussed.  All they want to talk about is removing the means of violence—as if more laws would take guns out of people’s hands and that would erode away the temptation to kill people in these mass killings.  But the true cause of the violence is a failure of progressive society.  In the case of the Atlanta shooting, it was another 21-year-old with a sex addiction who went around and killed the targets of his temptations.  They happened to be Asian because that’s who is operating massage parlors in Atlanta.  But the government doesn’t want the story to be about sex addiction, they want it to be about racism and gun control, so that was all that was reported in the aftermath.  As I have said, if sex addiction became taboo, which it should be, then it would eliminate most Democrats from society.  Then of course is this shooting in Colorado, one of many which of course is an open pot state.  It wouldn’t take much research to figure out that Colorado has been a target for big global progressives for many years.  The Denver Airport is just a little hint to their audacious aims at a traditionally red state right in the middle of the country.  Pot legalization is part of that plan, to make people dumb, slow, and open to their own destruction.  It also promotes mass killers, which of course serve the aims of the progressive left.  Its not by accident that these things keep happening in Colorado.  But lets not forget that for the young killer Alissa, even if he wasn’t stoned on pot as a 21-year old gamer like a lot of kids his age are, he was provoked by his government to see racism everywhere, which twisted his young mind toward violence, causing this mass shooting. 

Is it so easy for an intel organization like the FBI to push a kid like this Alissa guy into performing mass murder?  I think so.  Biden just fell down the steps of Air Force 1.  There is a major emergency at the border with Mexico.  The world is laughing at Biden’s blunders.  The economy is going backwards.  Things are not looking good for the Deep State pick of Joe Biden.  Plus, now that they’ve done everything else that progressives want with the 1.9 trillion-dollar bail-out bill using Covid as a cover story, now they want to confiscate guns, so right on time come all these stories conveniently positioned.  Yes, I think we can prove that the Deep State is behind all these things and that its not even a conspiracy.  Just as we all know that election fraud happened in the Presidential election, yet nobody can talk about it, because it’s saying too much for the basic structure of our society to deal with.  The same with the use of the FBI in cases like these mass shooters.  They sure catch them fast after the shootings happen.  Kind of reminds you of the day Roger Stone was arrested with CNN in front of his house filming the whole thing.  Sure, we can prove these things, but the question is, does society have the guts to deal with the answer?

But in spite of that type of speculation what we can see and know for sure is that government is the cause of mass shootings, because their policies breed people with mental health to be empowered to harm innocent people.  It’s the ultimate power grab, to show people they need more government because of dangerous people like these mentally deranged little kids running around killing people for no apparent reason.  That people might be poked and prodded into more gun control the way they were tricked into giving up constitutional rights under Covid-19 protocols, mandated by government for the needs of government for more power.  The cause of the violence is government mismanagement, not a need for gun reform laws.  People can feel safe and would have been if someone had been there with a gun to shoot the killer as the act happened.  And that is as it always is, the only option.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Don’t Worry about Social Scorecards: You still hold all the cards

Hey, even with me, I had planned about a $10k trip to Disney World over this past winter, but with Covid restrictions and all the stupid masks, we cancelled the trip and spent the money in other places that didn’t have such dumb restrictions. Who wants to pay all that money to a vacation spot where you have to run around with a dumb mask in the hot sun?  Not me, so we took our money elsewhere and will continue to do so.  This stupid idea that these corporations have like Disney and Carnival is that their product is so desired that people will be willing to cave to their Covid rules to participate. But in reality, they are only slicing up their own market share and hurting themselves, and it won’t take them long to learn that lesson.  All these companies got these stupid ideas from the communist country of China where they have been doing just this kind of thing for along time.  But you have to understand the proportional reality of basic economics to see just how foolish it really is so that a reality can be planned going forth. 

They have around 1.3 billion people in China and a GDP economy that is producing around $20 trillion per year, about the same as the United States.  There is quite a push by them to become the dominate world power economically where they overtake us, which they can largely only do if they trick us into playing the same dumb games they force their society to live with, which is with all these restrictions, the credit score manipulations so that if you want to buy a certain car, but you have a bad social score because of something you said on social media, then they will turn you away until you can prove that you can behave. The trouble is we have less than a third of that total number of people contributing the same essential economic numbers, actually we have far less due to a number of circumstances who are actually contributing to the GDP meaning that our economy is a rocket engine compared to the propeller of China and that is due exclusively to the overly managed nature of their entire society.  The more restrictions you have from a government the less activity you are destined to get as a result.  China has been looking for that balance of power for many years and they have concluded that their only path forward is to trick other nations into adopting their policies and behaving like they do, so that they can then sneak out in front economically and take over the best in the world position. 

Of course, dumb companies in America who have been lured to believe that China will give them access to their 1 billion people are willing to do whatever China says because they think that is the only way toward their continued growth, is to penetrate these communist markets instead of dealing with the saturation point that is showing up on their growth charts.  That is certainly where Disney has been looking, but they all have similar thoughts and that is why we are hearing that these same companies plan to adopt communist politics on social manipulations through scorecards to drive American economic behavior.  However, reality has a lot more to say on the matter than any of them are willing to admit to.  Those same American companies, like Disney, and Nike along with many others are used to begging for our business.  They have invested hundreds of millions, if not billions, building their brands so that people will spend $10K on a vacation, or will buy the products that finance makes it easy to purchase with low interest rates. 

The truth is, if you are a hard worker who shows up at a job every day, and you have good credit as determined by your habit to pay back your loans, these companies will continue to eat out of your hand and you will remain in control.  If you don’t like what they are doing, don’t buy their product and they’ll get the message really fast.  I would say they are already feeling it, but wouldn’t dare admit it this early in the game.  All these liberal policies, especially on energy are starting to cost people a lot of money and they will alter their plans accordingly costing many of these companies many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost opportunity cost.  In China they get away with it because there are no other options.  In America, there are always options and as everyone learned with Covid, there was a shelf-life on generosity that people were willing to put up with an overly restricted society.  The amount of rebelliousness that is on display now regarding people and mask mandates were not well thought out during Event 201 where pretentious liberals in love with communist societies obviously didn’t think everything through from all the angles.  They would have done well to consider some of the sociology concerns rather than just listening to a few communist economists who are contaminated with their ideological view of the world instead of the cold hard truth of reality.

Yet the message is the same to you, remember that you hold all the cards and it won’t take the corporations long to realize how valuable your business is to them.  They have gotten greedy in going for these Chinese global markets and many people will lose their jobs over this move, and those same corporations will be seeking desperately to earn back your business.  The rules are still true, if you are a quality person and you have worked hard every day, the world will still beat a path to your door.  Its not the other way around which China is trying to establish where you are lucky to do business with them.  You continue to hold all the cards and should never forget it.  And don’t be afraid to rub it in either.  Just don’t take that cruise if they have the Covid restrictions.  Do something else until they figure out the lay of the land and the path to true economic activity.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Mysterious Middletown Mound: What the Giants of Ohio have in common with election fraud

Not to just spawn off conspiracy theories, I took a moment to go to a site that honestly pisses me off to no end, the Middletown Mound near my home, literally just a few minutes north above the Great Miami River to show a site where I will bet everything that there are the bones of giants within the contents of the mound shown in the video above.   I say that because it is well known now that it’s twin, the Miamisburg Mound just a few miles upriver from the Middletown Mound has known large skulls found within it and full skeletons of people 8’6” in height.  The people who excavated the mound were so terrified of the contents that they have not returned to excavate the mound since 1869.  Its not as if people didn’t know about the mounds or the giants, but the government came along and built the Monsanto Nuclear site right on top of this ancient complex, which dated to 200 B.C. to 1000 B.C.  All this was chronicled in a little booklet called The Brief Historical Background of Miamisburg Mound that cost $3 and was passed out at the May 1975 Explosive Safety Engineering Conference conducted on site by the Monsanto Research Corporation.  Copies of that little booklet are still floating around among the local residents.  Of course, the Monsanto site of Mound Laboratories is tied to Wright-Patterson Airforce Base and all the Hanger 18 mysteries that involved alien retro engineering and the nuclear war program in general, right there on the site of a city of ancient people who were 7 to 8 feet tall—people who would make Shaquille O’Neal look like a little fellow. 

The point of the matter is that there is still excavations that could be done at Miamisburg that would prove the point that I’m making.  And its twin, the Middletown Mound as you can see in the video is just sitting their untouched for all this time, except for some obvious looting that took place many years ago that likely has giant skulls stuck in some private collection because nobody wants to get busted by the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act.  Which was the point in my video, modern politics has decided that Native Americans as identified by the traditional Indians of cowboy movies should be exploited as an argument against the creation of America.  That’s why I addressed that issue quickly in my book, because to understand the real story of America and ironically the history of the world, you have to redefine what a Native American is.  Obviously, we aren’t talking about cultures that existed in a vacuum in 1750 A.D. or 500 A.D.  These mounds look to have been built a thousand years before Christ, before even the Greeks were doing anything about considering philosophy as an educational opportunity. 

Because of the politics of Indian exploitation by modern politics, we are avoiding a real truth to our ancient past that likely would be very valuable to understand, which is why it makes me pretty damn angry to think about.  As I pointed out, the evidence is right there in front of our faces, and there has been so much of that evidence already destroyed.  And people in the know understand, which is why there is no desire to do any kind of real excavations and to discover what kind of giant bones are in those mounds in a modern sense so that we can properly study them and move this topic beyond speculation and into the realm of science fact.  I would suggest that we have enough reports to ask the questions and to draw some basic conclusions which is what I do.  But to get into the place where we actually can write new history books and make new laws based on new understanding is something we should be eager to do as a society, but clearly are not.  The goal of modern politics is to exploit races of people based on an assumed history that evidence is showing rapidly was not correct and needs updated interpretations on what a Native American was or should be. 

For instance, there is so much evidence that there was a massive culture of these giants roaming around the Ohio River Valley that we could have that debate now based on the limited information we do have.  Even the very popular Serpent Mound has reports of 7 foot skeltons there, so this isn’t some regional anomaly involving the Great Miami River.  These giant bone findings are everywhere reported.  That leads to the question as to why aren’t they in museums? Well, the answer to that is the same as why nobody will admit to election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  The cost of that admission is greater than the management of our present society can afford to accept.  To admit that there were advanced cultures in North America well before what we would call Indians is to deal with a larger problem the world has seen since its inception, that of the Vico Cycle, of cultures that rise and fall constantly and the reasons for those failures pointing to the kind of problems we see in modern politics.  Obviously, any culture wants to believe they have the answer that nobody has previously had before, so to maintain that illusion to themselves, they chose to either destroy prior evidence to the contrary, or to ignore it even when its in front of their faces.  Which is the case of the Middletown Mound shown in the video above.  The evidence is being selected to be ignored, because modern politics does not want to surrender their ability to exploit Indians for their progressive causes, in this case to argue that the United States should have never been created, and should be disassembled and rebuilt as some global woke culture under a communist government.  Thus, the Giants of Ohio remain a mystery still, but not because there isn’t evidence, but because of political sentiment desires to pretend that they have all the answers and that they aren’t just another failure on the great wheel of the Vico Cycle and the continued failures of every culture that chooses to ignore those hard lessons of birth and creation. 

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When People No Longer Listen: Biden tripping up the steps

Tripping up the stairs was just an accident, but placed among all the other anxieties that are starting to really pile up, the Biden people are learning quickly how difficult it is to rule over people who don’t want you or like you.  The media is learning that there is a lot more to it than just manipulating election numbers and declaring Biden a winner on election night and setting in motion a media story that supports that view of the world.  People know who they voted for and it wasn’t Joey boy Biden, the Beijing bastard suckling the tit of communism from the mother country invading America.  People are looking for an excuse to defy the Biden administration, its becoming a game.  Since the announcement that if we were all good little boys and girls—ooopps, I used pronouns, then we might get to have our families over for the 4th of July.  Wow, isn’t that nice of the government, to let us do that?  Then there was Rand Paul finally standing up to Dr. Fauci on Capitol Hill this past week over the stupid mask mandates.  More and more people are now sick of Covid and the government and they are ready to lash out at someone somewhere.  And of course, Joe Biden was feeling the pressure when he went up those steps to Air Force One and tripped like a fool in front of the world.  Not only do we have a government of incompetent people running things, by force, because they stole the election over Covid, but the fool can’t even go up the steps of an airplane.  Yeah, things are mounting for the Biden people in ways they have no plan to deal with.

I would say I’m surprised but that would be a lie.  In fact, I am not shocked by any of this.  I could have told everyone what was going to happen the week after November when the election was up in the air and nobody knew what was happening in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona as we watched the vote count slowly go from Trump to Biden.  The Deep Staters thought everyone would just take it and go away accepting this implant of theirs, Joe Biden.  Generally, people were pretty nice about it, but here’s what nobody thought of—the American need to rebel against unjustified force and the passive aggressive methods that people will go to in order to express themselves.  I would argue that these passive aggressive methods are far, far worse than any Capitol riot that the Democrats are now so terrified of.  Once you get people against you, there really isn’t any way of putting the Genie back into the bottle.  Then the danger for the Biden people is that we are really only a few months into this mess and people are already feeling too comfortable thumbing their noses at American authority. 

You would have never seen Trump trip up the stairs.  He might have had an issue, but he would have smoothed it out quickly, he certainly wouldn’t have dug himself deeper by continuing to fall again and again then running up the ramp like a child and saluting before doing that little old man jog into his office on the plane.  It looked weak and it showed a person who is not competent to rule over others.  Then with Trump, he was very respectful of people’s rights to have differing opinions and he held close to the Constitution during his entire presidency.  Biden loves to give rules, but he has no intention like all Democrats do of actually living up to any of them.  They love to rule, and they expect respect whether people believe it or not.  They demand compliance.  That’s why Biden ran up that ramp and hid in his office after falling because he knew the unspoken rules were playing out at that moment.  People are quick to unfollow a fool who can’t walk up the stairs, especially when they have too many rules and regulations and are starting to cost them a lot of money. 

Gas prices are already going up because of the dumb energy policies of Biden and this congress, and that is cutting into all of our wallets.  I had to fill my car up twice this week instead of just once, and we are all seeing it.  Those contrasts with Trump are going to continue to grow, and the worse it gets, the more rebellious people will grow.  The push backs on Covid and the government mandates on masks are just a sideshow at this point, evidence of people’s discontent aimed at an issue everyone can see.  But the deeper sentiment is one where people don’t like being ruled by an embarrassment of a person.  If people are going to be told what to do, they at least want to think well of the person representing the authority.  Without that buy-in, mass discontent is setting the stage for quite a coup of our own.  You can’t fake it till you make it in the real world, you have to have the goods and Biden can’t even walk up the steps.  That was the message of the week for the Biden people.  They aren’t going to be able to fake leadership. People are looking for every chance to tear away at him and his administration because they don’t like being lied to, they don’t like being manipulated, and they don’t like or did they vote for Joe Beijing Biden—and everyone knows it.  You can’t give people something they don’t want and expect them to just go along with it for the good of the Deep State.  We are about to see why……………….

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When People Refuse the Vaccine: What happens then?

The truth of the matter is that this is far from just calling the situation an “anti-vaccination” problem.  I certainly don’t fall under the umbrella of conspiracy theory.  My refusal of the vaccine certainly has concerns about the viability of the tests that were conducted.  There’s a lot we still don’t know about the virus and what we do know was ignored, such as using hydroxychloroquine to fight it, and UVC light to kill it on open surfaces.  Those are real science approaches which were completely ignored in this case, so the answer to that has a lot to do with whether or not I’d trust the government to even acknowledge the pandemic status by the CDC.  Until they can answer that question, I don’t believe anything they have to say, because until they answer the question about selected science, I can’t accept the false emergency status of Covid-19 as it was used to control so much of our society.  If the known science at the time was going to ignore treatments, then that says they wanted the spread of the virus, not the management of it.  Anybody with half a brain would then ask the next obvious question, why?  Well, the answer easiest to see was that we had a political insurrection going on, where the Trump administration was under coordinated attack by the science experts and World Health parasites to stage a coup of liberalism in the wake of the 2020 elections.  But what would any of that have to do with the vaccinations for Covid-19?  See the problem?

I thought it was certainly odd during all this that the well-known movie, Close Encounters could not be found on YouTube to show the science where the government faked the virus outbreak that killed all life around the Devil’s Tower Monument in Wyoming.  The reason for the fake virus outbreak was to clear the area of all life so that aliens could meet up with the military for an kind of prisoner exchange.  Many times over the course of 2020 with everyone running around with masks I thought of that scene from that movie, which so many people have watched for themselves, yet they couldn’t put two and two together when reality was hitting them square in the face.  Not that Close Encounters was a true story or anything, but if the imagination can think of it in a story, they will seek to do the same in reality at some point.  In Close Encounters the attempt to trick the public into a lockdown was regional, only focused on the Devil’s Tower area.  But for Covid-19 it was a global attempt and involved many millions of people to be in on the scam.  The difficulty is in believing that so many people could be in on such a thing, that somebody would leak the farce.  But then again, the scene in Close Encounters was pretty much erased from the internet which I thought was remarkable.  Because in real life, that is exactly what Covid-19 was, and several people at Google thought enough to have the scene from Close Encounters removed from YouTube so not to trigger people into even asking the question. 

Of course, there will always be a certain percentage of people who will question everything, and if given their free will, will not participate in government vaccinations.  It comes down to trust, and government will never have 100% of the people behind them over anything, ever.  So, there will always be controversies in anything that government does, no matter what political party happens to be in power.  The question is, when a government has told itself that their goal is 100% or nothing, what are they going to do when nothing is the pick?  How are they supposed to deal with that percentage of the population who will be against them all the time?  I would call that a healthy balance of government management, it keeps a government from getting perpetually out of control to have constant challenges to their authority in that fashion.  It is the balance of a civil society to always have some extremes who will challenge the basic premise of everything.  But accepting that ratio of discourse is obviously not part of the Biden plan.  For them, its complete compliance, like in China, or nothing.  That poses a problem they aren’t ready to deal with. 

As the weeks come and vaccine amounts are stacked up yet there aren’t enough people to want to go and get them, what will be the story then?  What will be the reason for continued lockdowns when people just no longer have the stomach for talking about Covid-19 and the long list of dumb things they can’t do because the government has stuck its nose into everyone’s way.  And when told to get a vaccination or they can’t fly on a plane, or go to a sporting event, or enjoy the basics of economic life, is the government ready for the ramification of that bad move?  I’d offer, no.  They have no clue as to what anything they do might cost as an opposite reaction to the government position on Covid-19 in order to get a higher percentage of vaccinations among the adult population, just to save face from the reported embarrassments that are already mounting.  At the heart of all that is the continued challenge of a free society who can actually ask questions and will refuse to go along to get along.  And for them, the government has no real plan but to call them names and make enemies out of them, which will not serve the case of massive government expansion any better than when Trump was elected in 2016.  The problem for the big government types remains, and they have no answer or game plan. 

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When Crimes Happen Faster than the Media can Spin Them: The Truth about the shooting spree in Atlanta

The political left could not afford for the truth to be told on this sex addiction case, because most of what progressive politics is all about is in pushing people into sexual addictions so that the government can expand under their haze and make more dependents out of people.  In truth, the Biden administration is all about sex addiction, it’s about the legalization of drugs, in making dependents out of all people.  People like Robert Long are the creations of progressive politics, people who are addicted to sex and want to take their experience beyond their computer where the stuff is piped into everyone’s home who has a computer, young and old alike, and can partake in their weaknesses for as much as they want.  Robert Aaron Long was a prime candidate for being mentally ill, yet he was able to buy the gun he used to shoot people that day knowing that he had been in treatment for sex addiction.  Now I’m not for deeper background checks, but the point is, people out there knew this kid was a loose cannon.  He practically gave himself up once police caught up with him during his shooting spree.  He left behind plenty of breadcrumbs and as quick as it started, police had their motive and their guy.  And almost as fast as that was Joe Biden saying that the killing was a hate crime against Asian people.

By admitting that these murders were sex crimes it would put as liabilities most of the Democrat platform as potential suspects, so there is no way that could be allowed.  Instead, liberals were trying to blame President Trump’s anti-China rhetoric over Covid-19 for the violence.  Now how about that?  Isn’t that a stretch!  Well, it sure was, unbelievable really that any official government would attempt to create such a picture even as the evidence was fresh from the crime scene with an admission from the guilty party who explicitly stated he was not targeting Asians.   They just happened to be working in that type of sex industry.  Here was an admitted pervert, a sex seeking addict who had been getting treatment admitting to killing off his targets so that he wouldn’t be further tempted to engage in sex with those places being dismissed so that a story of racism could be told instead.  You see, Joe Biden knows more about the elements of this murder than the killer himself.  Even when we have a direct admission the government decided that it would give us another set of facts to ponder, ones that they made up completely. 

This should serve as a valuable lesson for all those other cases where people wonder if that’s what the government is up to but doesn’t quite have the proof.  Here is your proof to what extent they will lie to you or manipulate the facts to serve their interests.  Events happened; people were killed. The killer was caught, there was a confession, yet the government made up their own story about the events anyway, in spite of what the evidence said.  It was atrocious really, the level of lying that the government so quickly had no problem portraying in order to protect their own political base.  If it wasn’t for sexual deviants, how many Democrats would there really be out there.  And if this story were allowed to stand as is with the evidence being so rigid against sexual crimes, then how many more people like Robert Long were out there?  How many potential murders were being covered up as we speak?  Probably hundreds of thousands, and the government would cover them all up if they could.  But for their own problems, often they have to wait for one of them to pop a screw loose and do something stupid, as happened here.  They knew to catch Robert Aaron Long so fast because they had been watching him, as they watch all of us.  They knew he was going to these places, and that illegal sex acts were happening, just as everyone knows.  Just as everyone knows where to get illegal drugs that liberals want people to get.  They ignore the laws they don’t like so that they can create more people like this 21-year-old sex addicted kid.  They want them out there breaking the law, sexually abusing other people, because it spreads turmoil everywhere making more and more dependents onto government.  Its all part of their Democrat game. 

Then when they do snap and go too far, as Long did, guilt climbing into his thoughts to push him into some sort of countermeasure, then the Democrats lose control of their society quickly.  But they are not going to admit to that, instead they look for ways to exploit the problem against a political rival, or to make an argument in favor of gun control.  They don’t care who dies, only that someone does so they can use it to grab for more power. If the game has never been clearer, then in the wake of this Atlanta shooting where the police work was so clear, the suspect so cooperative and the chain of events unfolding quicker than the media could distort everything to the liberal narrative, such clarity would not be ever so defined. 

This is what I have been talking about regarding life after Trump.  The political left is so desperate to cover all their crimes and all their bad behavior with the tricks that are now so worn out, and they are so sloppy now that the media has shown themselves to be so complicit that they aren’t even trying to put that extra little bit of pepper on the cheese anymore.  And with Biden being so mentally slow, and just reading the note cards they give him, he’s not even trying to sell it the way these guys in the past have.  It just comes out now as raw nonsense and is openly confirming everything people like me have said about false flags for years.  They try to shove these news stories into being, then when they get them, they try to shape the narrative to their advantage and it usually works.  Except in this case the killer was caught in record time and admitted to the crime before the White House could issue their statement.  And by then, it was too late. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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