The Dummy DeWine: Masks were the last straw

I can’t remember when I have been angrier than when I heard on Monday that the very dumb Governor DeWine mandated through his little girlfriend, Amy Acton made wearing masks mandatory before going back to work or to participate in the economy as a consumer. It took me two full days to get over it, somewhat. What comes after a “directive” like this, in the future if things don’t make people feel safe are we going to have to change the color of our hair to make it less scary, are we going to do anything if it makes the world feel safe? Are we going to yield individuality to collective submission, because that’s what this whole mask thing is? No, I am not in this with everyone else. The f**king governor of Ohio does not “compel” me to live for other people, especially when the whole Covid-19 virus has proven to be a complete hoax. We are not to be directed and compelled into giving failed politicians a cover story for their mistakes, which at this point is what Governor Mike DeWine is doing with this continued sorry story of him getting suckered by Amy Acton and the American CDC into overdoing this whole virus outbreak that wrecked our economy and so many lives within it. For the last 24 hours I have seriously considered leading a mob of freedom fighters up to Columbus to rip that little bastard out of his seat and to fight it out with whatever forces came to defend him—because he has overstepped the Constitution of both Ohio and the United States and he doesn’t care. He figures he has family on the supreme court, he’s been around in politics a while and can protect himself legally, so he thinks he can hide behind little words on a printed page. A good ass kicking would bring more justice than an out of control governor who has abused his power under emergency powers with no time limit set to when he might give those powers back—if ever. That is the worst part of it, he is clearly drunk on power and now he’s using power to protect him from the fallout of his many failures.

Then I thought, you know what, I’m going to go ahead and wear a mask in public, not the way they want. Its not going to be one of those stupid surgical masks where you have to smell your own breath all day and get hot and uncomfortable because daddy government said so. I’ll do it my way, like I always do, and they can deal with the results of that. If they are going to make masks fashionable, then why not go with it. After all, this isn’t the only time I’ve thought about a mask, and the way I like to dress, I would have been arrested for dressing that way prior to Covid-19. And here the governor himself is giving me permission to dress with a cool mask in public which will then allow me to cheat all the face recognition technology that is tracking me everywhere I go. The more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded, so I’m going to have a little fun with it, because the idea is so preposterously stupid, you can either get into a lot of trouble by taking anger to DeWine’s doorstep, or you can make a positive out of it. So that’s what I’m going to do, and I’m now looking forward to it.

I’ve explained how the Covid virus was promoted to our culture and why many times over at this point, and I think DeWine knows he got suckered. But he has been an attorney and he knows even when the client is guilty, and you know it, you still have to defend them. Its your obligation as an attorney. So you defend the indefensible and you sow doubt hoping to convert some of the members of the jury enough to hang it. That’s what DeWine is doing now with the reopening of the Ohio economy. He’s showing he has power and control by overemphasizing the danger, because if we accept that there never was any real danger than he suddenly is very complicit in the destruction of millions of lives and billions of dollars lost to sheer stupidity.

Making people wear masks in public before going back to work is his way of controlling the narrative, the Covid virus is still out there, we must be careful. Its like people being afraid of going into the ocean after the movie Jaws came out. The fear was fiction, but so long as people believed it was real, they could be controlled through that fear. Covid-19 was a political attack by Agenda 21 advocates and dumb DeWine bought the whole story completely and suckered all of us into detrimental conditions because of his sheer stupidity. Now he sees it, and like any lawyer, he has to defend his client and position even when the evidence is overwhelming against him.

I could tell hundreds of very bad stories of my experiences over the last several weeks and I survived it all without a God Damn Mask! This trend to make us responsible for other people’s perceptions of safety is a dangerous one, and its un-American. It was born out of communist advocates and DeWine has bought into that as well. He should know better and should have been a better leader to protect us from those types of dangers. But he failed by buying into the communist propaganda—“we’re all in this together.” That our lives belong to other people and that if we go into public without a mask, then we are endangering others in the process. It is for that reason alone that none of us should ever wear a mask. We should not empower the anti-American forces behind Covid-19 by forcing entire populations to dress a certain way, behave a certain way all under the directive of an executive order. The level of abuse of power is unfathomable. And how long will we have to wear these masks in public, and why do we have to have a “new normal,” where we run and hide from tiny viruses? Governor DeWine can’t tell you, but he sure does know that flattening the curve will save lives, even as we know that the guidelines for the CDC has allowed for every ailment known to the medical profession to be blamed on Covid deaths. It was a scam how the models were projected, it was a scam how they counted deaths, and wearing masks and social distancing have proven to be worse, not better for fighting the virus. And DeWine is dragging us into his own bad decisions where he got suckered and expects us to help sell his failure back to ourselves.

The danger of this action and why we should all be angry is that the case law that will come out of this terrible judgment is that in the future if people are afraid of alpha males, then we may be required to wear weak little shoes and project ourselves as beta types. Or maybe people are scared of loud noises, are we going to turn our entire society into A Quiet Place? Once you go down this path with masks, you open the door for all kinds of lunacy. And I’m sure DeWine believes he’s saving lives, but stupid people think all kinds of things. That doesn’t mean they get to have unlimited power. The directive to wear masks to go back to work was a step too far in a series of steps that were all too far, each one of them. It’s one thing to watch politicians make terrible mistakes, and everyone who bought into the danger of the Covid-19 virus have, its quite another to be chained to them as prisoners, and to be chained to every other person in the world who is terrified of their own shadow. And for me, that’s not a tolerable condition, and one that demands further action. And if I must wear a mask, I’ll wear the kind I want and with the kind of flare a person like me requires.

Rich Hoffman

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