The Masks of Communism: Understanding why central authorities want us to all be equally ugly

So by now dear reader you know that the World Health Organization is filled with Marxist revolutionaries, such as their leader Tedros Adhnom. It shouldn’t be any surprise then that they had such a close alliance with China—which many modern people don’t think of as being totalitarian communist, but they are and have been. I have spent many hundreds of thousands of words explaining that to everybody back when it wasn’t “cool,” to talk about. Tedros, is essentially the Fidel Castro of the modern age, instead of wearing around the military uniform to show his dominance over the population he conquered by force to overthrow the Cuban government to bring in a communist regime, he wears a suit and works at the head of the World Health Organization hoping to spread communism around the world disguised through United Nations policies hidden behind health concerns. So also you should know by now that just about everything they are saying, and have been through the World Health Organization and all organizations that spawn off them, is not for your health and safety, but for the perpetuation of communism flowing out of China to the rest of the world quiet maliciously. And that evidence was never more clear than in the push to wear masks in public.

There has been quite and aggressive push in the United States as a reaction to the coronavirus to force people to wear masks if they go outside and interact with the public. I have had the many opportunities to travel the world and in Asia as many know, many people wear masks in public even when there isn’t a pandemic. While this might look health conscious and be considered proper PPE for average, everyday citizens, what it really represents are compliant personalities who have soaked up the propaganda of communism and how individual lives must consider the lives of others even before leaving the house. The World Health Organization has been up to this communist propaganda for a long time because their aim is and continues to be well into the future, the sustaining of life on earth from the perspective of current day geology. They view people as a nuisance on earth, and to save our planet, there needs to either be less people on it, or the people need to be centrally controlled through communism by central planners who will look out for the earth first. Those tend to be the type of people in other countries, especially Asia who listen to the nonsense of the World Health Organization and have allowed for communist ideas to migrate into their lives.

The idea that American culture would start wearing masks out in public is quite an insult, and those who do are obviously those who are prone to the cautions of the political left who want to believe that big brother government knows best and can offer protection to the timid minds of the participants. Rather, from the Marxist perspective, wearing masks to control virus spreading has nothing to do with safety, but everything to do with psychology. After all, what makes people more equal than to all be equally ugly. Forget dressing up with that nice attire to impress people in public with good looks to match and expensive cologne. There is nothing like smelling your own spit with a mask across your face to hide your nice features while a rubber band is draped irritatingly over your ears to pull at them every time you turn your head. Oh, but its for other’s safety that you do such a dumb thing. However, what they don’t tell you is that you are being trained to think not just of others, but to ignore your own comforts in sacrifice to a greater good that is defined by central planners in government who will then tell you that we must do this and that to save the earth from our human footprints. So once you accept wearing a mask in public to save others from you, then you will also accept that you must do what central planners propose to save whatever else they deem important.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I was thinking the other day how many times I have been correct about very jaw dropping revelations well before the rest of society accepted them, such as knowing that James Comey was a lying con-man very early in the process of the Trump investigations as the political left were trying to push him out of office with conspiracy. CNN asked me, and I still have the video up in a few places, “do you think that James Comey lied” while on television with a group of Trump supporters. I indicated that I did, which at the time seemed like a crazy conspiracy. We were all trained from babies to trust the FBI, how could I think such a thing many wondered. Well, when it came to this China Virus, Covid-19 I was absolutely the first to say what a massive conspiracy it was to advance communist ideas out of China and it was done completely on purpose. The World Health Organization and the American CDC already had airtime purchased in the media to advance their strategies. Even digital roadside signs were telling us everywhere we went just like out of some dystopian novel, “we’re all in this together.” By the time governors in America were shutting down the economy in the United States, just as the world had reacted, the World Health Organization was banging champagne glasses together celebrating a successful military attack on western culture financially before anybody knew what was going on. They took advantage of our trust in “experts” to exploit that trust for military gain of communism over capitalism and they had struck a victory that impacted nearly every American and European to follow their orders to the letter and not even question their motives. And to make matters even better, they were starting to wear those stupid masks in public just as Asian countries had been doing for years.

I’m not here to tell you “I told you so,” even going back to the many warnings I have provided about public education because in many ways, they have set up this communist push through their curriculum for decades. The trust people have in corrupt communist doctors doing the bidding of the World Health Organization directly for China military intentions started in our public schools. People trust experts and they learned to from their experiences in public schools. If experts tell them to wear the stupid masks so that everyone is “equally” ugly and disgusting, then they’ll do it because they have been trained not to question authority and to do as they were told so that they get that good little grade on their paper. Perhaps if they rat out their neighbors to the central authorities, they might get a lollipop, or a nice pat on the head. I emphasize all the times I have been right in the past not because I want a cable show like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but because I want to see people free to live their lives and appreciate what capitalism can do for society. I do these articles for free because I want society to prosper. And I want you to know dear reader that the push to wear masks is just another scam meant to change your behavior for communist plots that have been out there for a long time. There is nothing new about them, but they are now out into the mainstream in American culture and communists are making their move against us without gunfire this time, but with ideas communicated through trusted doctors and medical professionals disguised as being for our own good, when the reality is far from that.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Masks of Communism: Understanding why central authorities want us to all be equally ugly

  1. I agree totally of your analysis of the “whys” of the current shut down of our booming economy. These evil
    people hate our president and his policies. Billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rothschild family and other megalomaniacs are dead set on killing off people. Read about the killing off or sterilizing village girls in India and Africa by the Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation. These mega billionaires and their ilk want world domination. This is accomplished here by “dumbing down” the population by inferior union controlled teachers and an ignorant and compliant population. They have also inundated Europe and the United States with uneducated and poor people who demand that working Americans or Europeans support them. Note the sudden flux of Africans and Middle Eastern people invading Europe with their demands. I read a long time ago that the powers want all people to be brown and all to speak the same new language. There was a language introduced several years ago, but it didn’t catch on. I fear that far too many Americans will cave. The wonderful American experiment is coming to an end. We have been sold out!


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