When its time to Overthrow the Government over Covid-19: Compliance was never an option, only respect until failure was obvious

There is a major disconnect from those pushing big changes to our society through the efforts of the Covid-19 lockdowns—they seem to think that people will just follow them without some kind of armed conflict. They even seemed surprised that people are showing up at state capitals protesting governors and ignoring social distancing guidelines and violating the stay at home orders—and those gatherings are growing more rambunctious by the week. Even as I report this the lawsuit against Amy Acton in Ohio is falling flat because the courts have decided that she is a hero due to her position among the governor’s staff and they are stuck with the results of this pandemic. Even the Trump administration is trying to make a good story out of this tragedy by being proactive. After all, when Trump was told that millions of people would die if he didn’t shut down the economy, they essentially made him liable for death by that knowledge. Nobody in the courts are willing to prosecute a well-intentioned public official, especially when Ohio’s Mike DeWine himself overruled a judge to stop the primary election of 2020 all in the name of safety. But, people are people and these government types are supposed to work for us, we don’t work for them and when they get out of control and the courts no longer work, as we see happening now, then the time is ripe for us to put a stop to them and retake control of our government with any force necessary.

It is healthy to see people protesting and questioning the social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders. Most of America, myself included, gave officials the benefit of doubt for about 2 weeks, but we expect results in this country. The rest of the world has a lot more tolerance for totalitarian influence, we don’t in the United States. If you are going to shut down our lives and destroy our jobs, you better have a damn good reason and as the evidence becomes clearer, obviously that is not the case. Covid-19 has been in the United States longer making herd immunity more of a solution. There are also drugs that can treat Covid-19 that the president was quick to point out taking the edge off the global menace desire for mandated vaccines. Social distancing was a strategy created by global Agenda 21 types, and it was at best a theory, it certainly wasn’t scientific fact. All these policies, the social distancing, the stay at home orders were recommendations at best. That governors made them orders is flimsy law that people went along with for what they perceived was safety at the time. But time has proven that they were likely not helpful at all in slowing down the virus and its impact on society. These recommendations were processed without any due process by any state legislatures under emergency powers with no end in sight. And now that a few weeks have passed and nobody sees an end to it, people are thinking of taking matters into their own hands, which is a healthy way to view things.

It is unlikely that pin headed geeks like Bill Gates working with the World Health Organization thought that Americans would rebel against these Agenda 21 orders. I have in fact read all the documents from the United Nations and their intentions for Agenda 21, and I have always laughed a bit. The world just doesn’t understand Americans and their tendency toward personal freedom. The rest of the world is much more compliant, so of course they think people will blindly follow them if they stage a power play. But in America, it has actually been surprising that people went along with these stay at home orders and mandates for social distancing for as long as they have without somebody beating up some authority figure. After all, there aren’t enough cops, or military personnel to suppress 300 million Americans—especially when they are pissed off, as they are now. It says a lot that people haven’t yet taken up arms to defend their rights since its obvious the courts are not on the side of justice due to this massive government debacle. Its not our fault that the government screwed up and ruined so many lives. So it would be foolish to trust them to fix it without some rebellion from us.

We have seen more than theory now how people in power behave under a sustained crisis and I have been thinking a lot about when and wear a pushback against government should take place. How much rope do we let them have before we forcefully take back our government? It’s just not acceptable to let some of these state governors impose obvious tyranny without having their powers checked. If the courts are going to play along with the corruption of the governors, then what choice do we have. Well, the liberal minded think that the game is over and that they win, people with those things taken away have no further recourse so they need to comply the way the rest of the world is. But that of course is not an option. Even though our Constitution in America is just a thin piece of paper, it is the laws we agree to under our flag and if it is violated, then we have a need to defend it, even against the law if it takes it upon itself to go wayward. And that is where many on the political left are mystified by the reaction, because it obviously wasn’t in their plan. They assumed that compliance to such stupid made-up laws like social distancing and shelter in place would last longer. But it hasn’t. People have watched those measures destroy their lives and they want some government ass over it, and they deserve to have that day of rectification.

For myself I am willing to give the government a bit more slack because Trump is president. Even though I think he got suckered into this whole Covid-19 mess, I see that he’s making it work for positives, such as stopping illegal immigration. He’s taking away the Democrat platform during an election year, so those are good measures to make out of an absolute tragedy. But if there were a Democrat in the presidency, then I would say that we are well passed the point where forceful retaking of our government should occur. These governors should consider themselves lucky that people aren’t storming the capitals and ripping them out of their office chairs in retaliation for what they’ve done. One observer from the political left seemed outraged that some protesters were showing up with guns—well yeah. Why wouldn’t they? They do understand that tyranny is not acceptable in America. That if the courts side with corrupt, and abusive governors, that a means to correct that situation must take place and that’s where we are folks. Staying in a lockdown mode is not on the table. Destroying America with fear is not in the cards. We’ve had enough, its time to break the shackles, challenge the merits of the law, and get America moving again. Compliance just isn’t part of the American DNA. We are compassionate—but we ain’t stupid.

Rich Hoffman

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