George Lang Wins: The DeWine name becomes a liablity in Republican election races

The good news is that George Lang won this round of primary votes for the upcoming fall election that will take place for the 4th Senate Seat in Ohio against the Democrat Kathy Wyenandt, the Lakota school levy activist. There were lots of election activity and some interesting things to observe during the delayed primary election of 2020 from the Mike DeWine mistake of cancelling the live election. Many of the school levies that did pass likely only passed because of the low voter turnout with the ridiculous mail in ballot system. We could talk about all the individual races across the state and issues, but the bottom line is that the mail-in voting was a disaster that certainly had an impact on the primary heading into the next phase. That makes George Lang’s victory that much stronger given the circumstances as he had a 3-way race. The biggest surprise of the evening, which I suppose wasn’t so surprising given the nature of Mike DeWine’s failure as a Republican is that his daughter lost the prosecutor job she was seeking even with huge donations coming her way to help. It looks like the DeWine family has lost their political clout due to daddy’s handling of the Covid-19 virus. Sure, the media likes him, he’s been on CNN and MSNBC regularly and among Democraps, a high approval rating. But among Republicans, Mike DeWine and his family’s political legacy is in jeopardy, which provides the clearest path forward for the temperament of Ohio these days.

What is telling, and I don’t think I’m giving away any strategic secrets here, as the turnout was low due to the mail-in ballots. But the most motivated voters did give us a temperature of the water on election night of 4.28.20, the re-run of the March 17th primary that Governor DeWine interfered with much to his daughter’s detriment. Kathy Wyenandt running unopposed as a Democrat for the 4th Senate Seat had 12,328 votes whereas George Lang under the Republican ticket had 12,339, just a few votes ahead of his upcoming opponent. He would have won by a few votes in his own challenging race. However, Republicans did vote for other people, 8,107 voted for the very controversial Candice Keller which is a lot considering how much trouble she was and without a party endorsement at the state and local level. And even Ding Dong Lee Wong managed to get 4,471 votes. That’s a potential number of additional votes that could vote Republican of 12,578 in the upcoming November election with low turnout, but impassioned participants. Even looking at the radical Candice Keller who had made what the press these days calls “homophobic” it is a large number of conservatives who could have cared less about party affiliation and political correctness to go to the trouble to vote for her. Its something to take note of.

The trend however to watch is how $321,000 in dark money could not get DeWine’s daughter elected to prosecutor in the little county of Greene in Ohio where their family home of Yellow Springs is the place where they should do best in any election.. I often think of Yellow Springs as hippieville relative to the kind of politics that is normal in Ohio so it is quite astonishing that Alice didn’t beat her rival David Hayes who won by a fairly substantial margin. For instance, the other race I was following closely was the one between my friend Mark Welch and Jennifer Gross. Mark had 4,918 for the 52nd House Seat he was running for where Jennifer Gross came up with just a bit more, at 5,281. For Mark, it’s hard to get your voice out of West Chester where he is known, but Jennifer had the same basic handicap. So, a logical mind would figure that voters gave the woman a chance in that situation. Here’s the breakdown of the various communities throughout the 52nd district with 1000 provisional ballets still left to count, which easily could close up the current margin.

WC –
Welch 2,574
Jennifer 2,449

Liberty –
Jennifer 1,699
Welch 1,439

Jennifer 1,040
Welch 848

Howeeverr in Greene County Alice only managed 8,122 to what Hayes had in 11,605. What that means is that over $300K in spending, having the DeWine name, and being a woman couldn’t close the gap and win the seat, which says a lot about just how much damage the DeWine name has these days. If Mike DeWine was half as popular as the national media wants us to believe, because of his actions in turning Ohio into essentially a socialist state, his little girl would have won that race. But she didn’t come close.

It brings to question in a normal election where people could walk up and vote as they should have, how much does the DeWine name hurt or help a candidate? By the evidence of this election where only the most motivated voters participated through a pain in the ass ballot mail-in system, walk-ons would likely be harsher. George Lang, I know didn’t want a Mike DeWine endorsement. It was offered and George respectfully declined. He gets it, his instincts on these kinds of matters are quite immaculate, and that was before DeWine screwed up so badly on the Covid-19 response. This is also a lesson the Trump administration has had to learn over Covid-19. While it might win a few hearts from the other side to play along with the coronavirus pandemic, the gains are short lived, and eventually the base is where the votes are. Republicans are independent self-reliant people while Democrats are part of a victim class. Trump was going to be blamed for any Covid death by the media so he sought to cut his public relations losses by playing along. Little did he know that the doctors in his administration wanted complete economic collapse as war gamed at the World Health Organization and their Marxist management. And DeWine followed Trump over the cliff, but by only going further. Trump gave a little, DeWine expanded a lot becoming one of the first of the draconian governors in the United States as the political left threw praise his way to encourage the behavior. And in the process, it would seem that DeWine has destroyed his political clout irreparably. I think Trump can get it back, but DeWine went too far, and people will never forgive him.

One thing that is quite clear, this upcoming election in the fall of 2020 will be one for our lives, we’ll never forget it. Not only will the local races be critical, but on the national level, it’s a do or die situation for both sides. Unlike the campaign slogan from George Lang’s rival, Kathy Wyenandt—its not “people over politics,” its literally one side or the other and the winner takes all. There won’t be any shared opinions after 2020, the political left went too far with Covid-19 and the politics are already obvious in small elections like this recent primary. Alice DeWine is obviously paying for the sins of her father, and that trend will stick to the DeWine name forever. Which means, just about anything is up in the air come November. But what people don’t want to hear more about is face masks, PPE, hospital capacity, and more “social distancing.” The liberal policies of the medical industry have worn everyone out to a lifetime of socialism, and they are done with it. And those cracks are now obvious in the primary election of 2020.

Rich Hoffman

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4 thoughts on “George Lang Wins: The DeWine name becomes a liablity in Republican election races

      1. I’m a big Lang supporter, I’ve known him for many years. He’s certainly not a liar. You can’t just say stuff because your feelings are hurt. I happen to know that George is very passionate about the pro life needs, so what you are saying is not reflected in reality. And as to being a hack, how are you defining that?


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