The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to Pennsylvania with the Coronavirus: Health director Rachel Levine is a transvestite

What the hell is going on in Pennsylvania, no wonder people are so upset there and are protesting Governor Tom Wolf and that thing, Dr. Rachel Levine. Homophobic? We’re not supposed to look at the health director of Pennsylvania and not see the obvious problem, some modern progressive sentiment that belongs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, instead of a serious discussion about medicine. It was Governor Wolf who appointed that very ugly man, who has decided that he wants to be an even uglier woman. And now that confused man is in charge of the health policy of a state that is destroying the lives of its residents, and everyone is supposed to not criticize because some political movement has decided that its unfashionable. Hey, a guy who doesn’t even know what he is shouldn’t be making policy for anybody. We might feel sorry for him. We may advise him to get some psychological help. We might do a lot of things out of compassion for such a lost soul, but putting such a mess of a person on the microphone everyday to talk about fighting a major pandemic is beyond tolerance, and I’d be mad too if I lived in Pennsylvania.

I thought Amy Acton in Ohio was bad as a health director. I was skeptical when the liberal leaning Mike DeWine appointed her recently out of Ohio State as something of a greenie weenie activist. At least Acton is a woman who knows she’s a woman. She’s not a bad person. She reads. She has redeeming qualities as a human being so long as she’s not in charge of our lives, which through this Covid-19 pandemic she has now been appointed. So a natural resentment over anybody who makes decisions that affects us all is expected. The problem is that all these state governors have staffed these health director positions with very progressive minded activists, thinking that it was a nothing job that wouldn’t spend much time in the public eye, so most people don’t pay much attention to those appointments.

But through the government lockdowns following the rest of the world over the cliff in turning off our economies in fear of a silly virus, these left leaning activists have been center stage every day showing their vast incompetence as the governors have been exploited by their picks. Amy Acton seems like a smart lady, well natured, but has been in reality a gullible, global idiot. She set policy in Ohio that copied the New York and Italy models and applied them to a state that had little in common with those high death counts and economic decisions were made that were devastating. In Pennsylvania the situation is all that but worse, the poison pill has been given to the public who is a transsexual he/she that looks like it should be a character in a horror movie instead of a serious health professional, and it is insulting.

I have said from the start of the Covid-19 viral scare that the entire situation was political and that was never more obvious than in seeing what kind of people the governors have put in place as their health directors. Out of all the people Tom Wolf could have picked in Pennsylvania, he picked a transvestite to run his health department. Why? How is anybody supposed to trust the opinions of someone who can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and know what sex they are? Then to listen to the media refer to “it” as a “she” is even more insulting. When such a creature utters that everyone is in danger and needs to social distance, and to stay locked in their homes afraid of a stupid virus when there is plenty of science out there that could fight the virus, then everyone is supposed to be happy to listen and obey orders from such a person? I don’t think so. And we’re not supposed to be critical of the creature Levine because we don’t want to be called names by the same idiots who have attacked every means of fighting the virus instead of letting the virus take over our nation at every step? I can’t imagine how the logical people of that state feel about having to look at that thing, “Levine” every day to find out what new state order is going to come there way and ruin their lives even more as they watch their jobs evaporate and the incomes die. To make it all worse, the governor delivers the news with a transvestite. It’s a nightmare of a scenario that has become a reality.

No matter what the politics are, people confused about their sexuality need help, we shouldn’t be taking advice from them. Talk about science deniers, which those of us have been called who doubt that social distancing and lockdowns are the way to deal with Covid-19. What’s more than a science denier than to look at a physical body and deny that it’s a man when it clearly by all scientific measures, is. Instead, Rachel Levine says to us about itself, “I don’t like the body that God gave me, so I’m going to call myself a woman.” Well, the same could be said about the Covid virus, “I don’t like that people drive too many cars, or that they spend too much money, or are too dependent on oil. So I’m going to call the Covid-19 virus more dangerous than it is to invoke social changes to my community and since I’m the health director, you have to listen to me, or you could be jailed.” How’s that for a science denier activist put in charge of a state’s approach to health and now the economy? It’s insane!

It just goes to show what particularly the liberal minded governors are up to, and their followers. They are up to activism, in cramming down our throats now that they have power their view of the world. When we elected Trump because we were sick of being on the receiving end of that behavior for years, radicals like the Governor of Virginia, of Michigan and this Tom Wolf guy have decided to push our faces deeper into their radical politics with appointments of obvious activists like Rachel Levine. Without a care of how it looked and daring anybody to criticize him or else be called homophobic, fired from their jobs, and castigated from society for noticing the obvious they are daring us with great audacity to even think about questioning their moves. The lack of respect for a normal American society has been audacious at best, even dangerous. Because anybody who would put “that,” Rachel Levine in front of television cameras every day to tell the people of Pennsylvania whether or not they could work or be forced onto unemployment is pushing Americans too far, well beyond what is acceptable for even the advancement of a progressive society—progression meaning, beyond a Christian nation founded under God. Rather the new god is something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tom Wolf probably thought it was funny at the time of the appointment. But now that nightmare is on his watch, and he must deal with it. Its been embarrassing, and it won’t get better for him. That is a genie that won’t fit back in the bottle, because the bottle was meant for a woman in this case, and Rachel Lavine is a man.

Hey, its not our business what someone chooses to do with themselves, until they are in charge of what we do in life.  Then the rules shift to the choices people make to qualify for telling us what to do in the first place.  And there is a lot to question about the Pennsylvania health director.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to Pennsylvania with the Coronavirus: Health director Rachel Levine is a transvestite

  1. The anti American communist wolf , the communist racist lt. Gov, the communist state attorney general Shapiro and the crazed communist transvestite mr.levine hate America, hate white people and hate Christianity and Christians.


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