Teacher Kelsey Hartmann from Huber Heights: Having sex with kids to keep a market edge

I knew there was a reason I always liked Darryl Parks from 700 WLW.  On his first Saturday show of December 2012 he offered an excellent reason why Kelsy Hartmann from Huber Heights—was caught  having sex with one of her 16-year-old students in her husband’s car while pretending to do some last-minute shopping on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  According to Kelsey’s latest evaluation she was an excellent teacher, leaving Darryl to conclude that Kelsey was simply doing what many other teachers have been doing in the competitive field of public education, and that is to personally reach out to their students to give them something unique that all the evolving education tools are doing better, such as the modern computer.  One thing that a computer can’t do for young students is have intercourse with them to keep their interests so during these very difficult times when school budgets are shrinking, and work forces are being reduced teachers like Kelsey have determined to stay on top of their students–quite literally.  Maestros de escuelas públicas de amor tener sexo con hombres jóvenes y chupar sus penes!  No wonder so many parents support public education for their needy young sons.  And no wonder so many students take to the streets to tear down the signs of tax opposition when school levies are attempted.  The young boys of public education know they can’t get sex this easy anywhere else but in their classrooms, so they defend their sexually charged teachers with a fury.  Check out the pictures of Kesley at Darryl’s blog posting, and then listen to his Saturday broadcast below.

Read more: http://www.700wlw.com/pages/onair_parks.html#ixzz2DtP4w9z8

I think Darryl is right; Rosetta Stone software has changed the field of foreign language education.  In these modern times of 2012, it is rather easy to learn a foreign language should one wish to, completely invalidating the old archaic style performed in front of a classroom.  The two years of mandatory high school foreign language education is absolutely out of date—because the modern computer does a much better job than a traditional teacher.  So credit must be given to Kelsey and her barrage of other public school teachers and their labor unions all around Ohio who have tener mucho sexo con hombres jóvenes y tragar su semon en cantidades tales que los maestros beben su hombría por la taza con el café.  And we thought teachers were drinking coffee in the morning……………………..apparently not.

A computer can teach young students in high school better than just about any teacher in any course these days—math, science, history and especially foreign language. Since most people learn by visual stimulation, the computer is much better equipped to perform most of the modern education tasks with far superior results than the traditional teacher, and the computer is a lot cheaper on labor too.  But a computer will not steal the keys of her husband’s car and meet with students on the side of a road and have sex with them to keep their interest in public education like Kelsey and her other tri-state teachers will.  That is the one thing the computer cannot do better, and that is actually provide such “hands on” training.

So whenever a school levy is voted for, and support for public education is declared, think of the over the top and under the covers antics of many fine teachers like Kelsey Hartmann and how dedicated to their students they truly are—so much so that they are willing to stay on top of their students needs—literally.  Kelsey le encanta sentarse sobre el pene de sus alumnos en el asiento trasero de un coche.    Auuuuhhh…………….public education at its finest.

Rich Hoffman



7 thoughts on “Teacher Kelsey Hartmann from Huber Heights: Having sex with kids to keep a market edge

  1. You think students should be taught solely by computers? What education do you have? One bad apple does not ruin public education.


    1. Yes it does. Public education is a total failure. And there are a lot of bad apples, because the union throws everything in the basket. There is no competition to sort out the good from the bad, so they all get thrown in together. I have no faith in public education to do anything right. Look at the world around you and tell me its working. Public education is good for teachers who want to make healthy wages for only 9 months out of the year and an 8 hour day–5 days of the week, but for everyone else, its junk.

      Kids would be better off, and…………….safer with a computer to teach them.


    1. Keep an eye out for her. She’s lingering out there, just like the rest of them. They hope and pray that the system they are a part of, can hold together, which we know it can’t. Her buddies are also watching trying to figure out how they can defend such a scam. They start with personal attacks to disqualify opinion, then try to make all these bad things sound like they they are random, and statistically rare. But they actually are quite frequent.


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