Drag Queens: A symphony of evil

Ultimately the issue of drag queens in our society and the push by political progressives crosses over into religious zeal, as most things do. Climate change is certainly religious in nature since logic does not support their claims. And that is true of the desire to have a hermaphroditic culture even in this advanced 21st Century. At first glance, we would call it insanity; on the second, sheer evil. But ultimately, we will learn that the purpose all along was a religion to pagan gods that have been with us for more than 40,000 years.   I think drag queens where men dress up as women and sashay in sexual ways about our polite society is disgusting and is purposely in our faces with all the intentions that could be made to deface western civilization and then dare us to say something about it, is disgusting. It’s a military attack meant to destroy our culture with rot and indecision. But my view doesn’t come from some bullet point right-winged perspective; it comes from experience and decisions I made about it long ago, well before there was political pressure through ESG scores to use sheer evil to destroy American culture. It’s not just the disgusting Rocky Horror Picture Show that shaped my opinions on the matter, which I could argue would be enough, but it’s watching this wave of disgust up close and personal. I’m old enough to remember what a normal society looked like, so this evolution into the social spectacle of social degeneration is something I’ve seen firsthand. My opinions about it are reflected in my experience.

Thirty years ago, I was involved in a business for a change of use from conventional warehouse space, converting it into a night spot in Cincinnati. I was primarily at the time wrapped up in meeting with the mayor and the various city council members and working through all the engineering problems that had to be made and approved through City Hall daily. But one of the most exciting things in that project was in the fun stuff of picking out the lights for the place. We were creating a nightclub that was supposed to be the best in the city at the time, so great lights and audio were the keys. So in talking to the lighting people on Vine Street downtown, I needed to see samples to start putting together a purchasing list. But they had a tiny showroom that did not display the best of what they had adequately. They had catalogs on paper pages, which didn’t come close to telling a proper story of their products, so eventually, that led to the question of wanting to see actual examples of their set-ups. So they told me they’d take me to a club with the best lighting set-up in the city, which I agreed to. But I had not heard of the name of the place before; it was called The Dock. They laughed a bit and then indicated to me that I might not have heard about it because it was a gay club. Well, I had no interest in being associated with such a realm of scum and debauchery. But they assured me they’d take me and introduce me to the owners so that it wouldn’t be some meaningless pinballing around a Sodom and Gomorrah type of culture. 

I wasn’t a club type socially. I thought places that were typical meat markets were vile and evil places where men and women sought to entice each other into short-term relationships sexually was terrible enough. But I wasn’t prepared for what I saw at The Dock. It was a packed parking lot right across the street from Longworth Hall downtown, just a few blocks down from the sports stadiums. I didn’t know there were that many gay people in the United States, let alone just in Cincinnati. It was outrageous. So I found my people, who ushered me in to see the owners, past the many lines everywhere for everything. The thing I most remember about the experience was how it smelled; it had the odor of sweat, spit, and spilled beer. It stunk, and I found it shocking that the many people there would put up with the smell, and even learn to like it, so they could openly express their gayness. Then to culminate the experience and to see the lights, there happened to be a drag queen show going on that night were the lights I was there to see were being put to full use. Outside of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I never liked and thought was an assault on American culture when I saw it as a teenager, I had never seen real people dressed in drag. And the people there at that club dancing around on the stage were disgusting. It was the ultimate perversion of sexual lifestyles and was obviously the sign of a degrading culture to me. No culture could hope to exist in the future if it embraced those kinds of values. I saw the lights and was gone in 15 minutes, happy to get away from that place, never to return. But I never forgot those people’s smell and behavior and how proud they were of their desecration of sexual lifestyles. Behind all their eyes was a kind of symphony of evil that showed what they were really about, and my opinions about that lifestyle were shaped forever. 

All this occurred before the modern progressive push for acceptance of this lunacy before gay rights parades became standard and highly sexualized in front of innocent children on city sidewalks. We were pushed by polite society to accept this behavior whether we liked it or not and to keep our opinions to ourselves if we didn’t. I would have never guessed that the culture I saw that night at The Dock would ever be a mainstream consideration, but the intent of evil to project itself on the innocent should never be underestimated. It’s one thing to experience such a thing by choice, by going to a gay nightclub where that kind of behavior was expected but kept pretty much out of the mainstream world. I would have never known the place existed if I had not gone there to look at those lights. But now, we see this behavior being advocated in our schools and society. It’s being put into our movies and culture; in general, we are made to feel bad if we don’t openly accept the behavior as “normal.” We are even at the point where we have to debate the differences between men’s and women’s sports, and none of that is acceptable. It’s one thing to have a mental illness and seek time with like-minded degenerates, which was my experience with it before the current political tide crawled itself into the mainstream. It’s quite another to force that lifestyle into our culture to the point where you can’t escape from it, and if you show a desire to do so, you are then called names and considered a conservative political extremist if you do. I think we should have never given the gay and drag queen lifestyles a foot in the door because their intentions are sheer evil. And were from the outset. The whole concept of same-sex lifestyles and defacing the male and female sexual roles in public has always been an attack on us all, and it’s the only way we can look at such things and still be honest with ourselves. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Support Darbi Boddy More than Ever: How education costs get blown out of control and why Matt Miller is not worth $200K per year

Part of the entire problem with public education was on full display this past week at Lakota schools, where the school board voted to urge a fellow board member, Darbi Boddy to resign. Darbi made a mistake that many quarterbacks make in sports, which is the point of the sport, to apply pressure to the passer and see if you can force an error. The pro levy, big government, Joe Biden “mask-wearing even in their car with the windows rolled up” type of supporters who think they run the school has hated Darbi Boddy since she was elected. They have been trying to get rid of her since the election. For the first time in their lives, the public beat the pro-union supporters when Darbi Boddy won, whom I supported and continue to support emphatically. They were reminded that they do not run the school; it’s the people who pay the taxes.   And Darbi started off her job on the school board after being sworn in during a January meeting, asking lots of questions and being what the other board members thought of as disruptive. So that same radical labor union side of the Lakota business that makes everything cost so much and really has any kind of management crippled to do anything positive, set in their minds to put a lot of pressure on Darbi Boddy, and she got wrapped up in reacting to that pressure when she accidentally placed a link on her Facebook site that led to pornographic material. It was the kind of mistake that even a good quarterback throwing an interception with pressure from linemen trying to sack him could have made. That’s the point of the pressure, to pressure their target into making a mistake. Darbi was trying to point out how vulnerable kids are to sex in schools and the kind of grooming that goes on through liberal textbooks, like what they have found in Florida. And that’s how she ended up making a mistake with the link and how the pressure applied could then be used to make a case for her removal.   The masked parents and other union-supporting radicals could care less about the link. They want to get rid of Darbi Boddy, which the school board then obliged for their own reasons. Thankfully, Darby Boddy is tough and is refusing to step down. Because she shouldn’t, I would say that the Lakota school board needs four more members just like her, and after this event, it’s clear that we should be working to make that happen. 

The main problem in public education is that an expert class runs it, and that was indeed the case here. The board likely referred to “legal” over the Darbi Boddy incident. They recommended that the board distance themselves from the controversy with some legal pronouncement of advising her to resign. This is the same woke advice they would give any human resource department and has been just another corrosive element to American culture for many decades now. A woke administrative class that runs things behind the scenes throwing logic out the window and paying tribute to some progressive form of chaos, hides the fact that none of these people know anything about anything. Since she has been on the school board, Darbi Boddy has been excellent at questioning those very types of issues. She has been giving Matt Miller a hard time at every meeting, not so much on purpose, but to wrestle power back away from his position and to apply it back to the school board where it always belonged. Before Darbi Boddy was elected to the board, all five of them would punt every decision to the school superintendent, and he would answer as the head of the administrative state. Almost everything he reports to the school board is the judgment of the administrative state which has really spun out of control since Covid started. The teacher’s union tells Matt what to say. The CDC tells Matt what to say, as does the local health department, which never had any authority to tell anybody what to do. Then they punt all this administrative opinion to legal, who then ultimately controls everything with liability worry. The” experts” say something. Now it becomes pre-court testimony that everyone just throws more money at to avoid. And in that way, logic gets thrown out of the window, and everything costs a fortune just to do basic things. 

That’s also why Matt Miller is not worth the $200K a year we pay him. I think he’s a nice guy. But he’s not worth that much money. And neither are the teachers who use him as their spokesperson. The whole game is rigged against the taxpayers, and the only school board member I see doing the work the way school boards should operate has been Darbi Boddy, which is why they want to get rid of her because she asks too many questions that they can’t answer. We could get a parrot to repeat whatever some “expert” says, pay them in birdseed, and save the $200K. I’ve been watching several of the meetings by the Lakota school board because I keep hearing how out of control Darbi has been, how disruptive. I saw a person asking the kind of questions I wanted to know and a person doing the job correctly. But the labor union side of government schools doesn’t want the job done correctly. They want to support the administrative state because it’s big, easy money for them. And they don’t want any change, no matter how needed it may be. The parents want the free babysitting service and to believe that if they send their kids to Lakota, all their crappy parental skills won’t screw up their kids growing up. The school officials want low expectations that are easy to achieve and won’t expose how incompetent they are as people. And the teachers, of course, want to continue to be overly paid and do as little work as possible, which was the case during the eternal pandemic they never want to end. Nobody is showing any leadership except for Darbi. 

The moral outrage was laughable that the pornographic link Darbi accidentally posted was something detrimental to the education of students at Lakota. At that very minute, 3:15 PM on a Wednesday afternoon, teachers were likely trying to get naked pictures of students on their phones, there was porn being watched in the back row of several classrooms, and even the school board members themselves had much more salacious stories to tell that weren’t accidents, but deliberate acts of stupidity and poor judgment that have gone unpunished for the most part. (click the links for examples over the years) Fake moral outrage toward Darbi to hide the vast amount of real trouble that is just under the surface. I found the whole episode disgusting and very disingenuous. Many of the people who pushed for the resignation of Darbi Boddy have been telling the media that they have 1500 signatures gathered to push her off the board. Well, news flash, Darbi just won an election where she had gained around 7000 votes from the public, and that public generally likes the job she has been doing. In a community as large as Lakota, 1500 names are a small minority. They do not represent the kind of people who live in the district. Darbi won more votes than even the incumbent on the ballot. And that’s how elections work; if people don’t like the performance of the people they elect, they can be voted out for the next term. What the people showed who pushed Darbi to resign for this really minor mistake is that they wished to remove their vote from the public, which is about as disingenuous as it gets. That lack of respect is the real problem, and it was quite clear in what Lakota schools did to Darbi Boddy on April 27, 2022. They owe her and her voters an apology at the bare minimum. And they also need to figure out if they can live with the high standard they have now set for themselves. Because I already know the answer.

Rich Hoffman

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The John Gray Pediphillia Case: Why decentralized citizen journalism is our only protection

You could say I know or knew John Gray very well, going back several decades now. When he was running for school board in Goshen, I helped him write positioning statements for his campaign. A long time ago. It’s been a few years, but watching his video, I see the same guy, a person I would call “honest.” I think he was so honest that when PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis and Predator Catchers Muncie caught him buying snacks for an upcoming sexual liaison with an 11-year-old girl, he rattled on and on for an hour, incriminating himself more by the minute because he knew they had caught him, and that he felt guilty about it. The guy I have known would have shaken his head at something like this two decades ago. But here he was, a respected community member, the school board president in Goshen with grown kids, a long marriage, and grandchildren who want to look up to him, standing in the middle of Indiana, caught on video trying to do the unthinkable. When I think of John Gray, I think of a church-going family man and respected community leader. But the guy I saw on the remarkable video, and the testimony he gave was John Gray too, a side of people that many don’t even know themselves. And even as he was speaking, and knowing his life was over in every way you can imagine it, he seemed aware of it and wanted to confess to getting it off his shoulders. It’s an amazing examination into what pedophiles are and how even they may not see themselves that way until they are well down the rabbit hole, as he obviously was. 

What is significant about this case is it shows just how much you might not know someone. I am a pretty good judge of character, and I would never have thought of John Gray as a pedophile. He’s someone who would have been very critical and morally outraged about such activity. But there he was trying to get an 11-year-old down to her underwear for a massage, and he was at the Dollar Store to buy snacks for her beforehand. And he didn’t deny it, so I said he was honest. At first, he lied about being on the school board when they called him on it during the tape. He lied to the camera. But the honest person I know couldn’t wait to get it out, he couldn’t hold it in, and eventually, he said everything. That was the worst testimony I can think of on record. Typically, people don’t say this much, especially out in front of a store by strangers who confronted him. Typically, they’d clam up and get in their car to drive off and hope to disappear. But the honest part of him wanted to tell on himself, and he sure did. After the video was done, the crowd seemed disappointed that he wasn’t taken to jail and had charges pressed at that time. But honestly, the worst thing that could have happened to him was that tape. His life was as a respected public servant and trusted business advisor. And that brand has now been completely destroyed just for the chance to touch in a sexual way a girl just going into puberty. Life as he knows it is over, and he knew it as they put the handcuffs on him. But he also seemed relieved to get it out in the open. It was a bizarre set of contradictions. 

So how many John Grays are out there in the world? Can we really trust anybody? I would say no. We can’t. You think you know people; you think you can trust that crazy uncle or that family friend. Or that school board president. But people have all kinds of things going on, and you really can’t trust anything. As I always say, don’t trust what people say; judge them on what they do. I would never think John Gray would have done anything like this, and I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t come out of his own mouth. But because of citizen journalism, this story was dug out of the dirt and exposed for all to see. And I’m glad it was. Not because I want to see John Gray hurt, but because we need that level of protection in a society where institutionalism can’t hide the dark side of people like him. When people get very good at maintaining a public persona, but in the dark recesses of their personality, they crave sexual contact with children, we need a mechanism in society that can uncover such things. If people can’t control themselves, which he obviously couldn’t, then the fear of that public persona being destroyed is all we have to keep bad behavior from manifesting into outright evil. When we wonder about Pizza Gate in Washington and the client list of Jeffery Epstein, keep John Gray in mind. Think of all those friendly people who might shake your hand and smile to your face who are craving sex with your daughters and grandchildren. Think of the groomer talk of Disney World and the executives who are trying to hide their own demons with mass sexualized activity that makes their miserable lives seem more normal. Think twice about that strange guy walking in your neighborhood or looking at you in the grocery store. We can come up with rules and regulations until we fill libraries with laws that nobody ever reads. All that really keeps bad behavior from happening is accountability. And in this case, a pedophile citizen journalism group created that accountability. The police weren’t going to do the work. The FBI is too busy trying to keep Republicans from winning in the next election.

The CIA is pushing drugs across the border as they always have. Nobody is looking out for our kids. Rather, I would say there is an army of John Grays out there who all want to do the same thing he did. And if you have a daughter or granddaughter, you can bet there is someone in her life looking to groom her for a naked back rub at the cost of a bag of chips purchased at the Dollar Store. If John Gray could participate in pedophilia, anybody could. And his confession comes at a valuable time. People have been wondering how and why pedophilia could occur, and many don’t want to think about it. So, they don’t. But from his own mouth, you can hear why John Gray did it and why he was willing to risk it all for an activity that is beyond sinful. And maybe this video done by these great citizen journalists will wake people up to this terrible evil in our world. Perhaps we’ll find more people willing to fight for children and to help them have an opportunity for a good life. How many people like John Gray didn’t get caught on Saturday, and who function in society as respected people? I think it’s in the many millions. And what kind of people do these abused kids grow up to become? Well, the answer is obvious, and if we want to live in a good society, it starts with each and every one of us. If you see something and think something and don’t stop the evil from happening, well, you’re complicit. So don’t be, and take this lesson for what it is. And when respected people tell you they could never do something so terrible, judge them on what they do, not what they say.

Rich Hoffman

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Disney’s ‘Eternals’ is All About Guys Kissing and Abortion: How people like Larry Fink are ruining the world

More news sites don’t talk about things like this one does due to freedom; I am freer than most anybody who would write an article like this, so the information never gets out. In most cases, everyone has a master, which is undoubtedly the case with Disney. After a horribly progressive movie like the Eternals, Disney is the obvious target for criticism. The same with how they have handled Star Wars. It’s easy to get mad at the traditional family company without realizing all the Woke politics that are going on behind the scenes, which are literally ruining the world, starting in America with our art and entertainment. To understand why Eternals is such a terrible movie, you have to understand the latest stock report of Disney, where they had a record-breaking quarter to close out the year. Yes, more people than ever are flocking to the amusement parks in Florida. People have been locked down with Covid, and they want to get out there and spend money on something, anything. So attendance is up. The new Spiderman movie was great, a Marvel production that ultimately boosted interest in the Disney + streaming service. Some things make the stock price look attractive, so the shareholders are happy and empowered to continue to do something as they have, which produced the disaster Eternals with all the arrogance that Woke culture could muster. However, I’m in a position where I am free to have an objective opinion about Disney, one that most in the industry just can’t because the money flow they need to live is controlled by the elements that are killing Disney, despite the smoke and mirrors that come through on the stock report. Disney is an asset bubble that is poised to burst, and the evidence is in the movie Eternals, which is now streaming on Disney + for all to see.

The top stock owners of the Disney Company are the Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street Corporation, and Morgan Stanley. Vanguard, for instance, owns 137,572,834 shares of Disney stock. BlackRock, with all the Woke advocacy strategies of Larry Fink, owns 119,795,456. The shares go down to the local buyer who just wants to pad their investment portfolio with some entertainment options. But when you understand that these large investment firms believe they are too big to fail and control the world’s governments through finance, they become the next generation of tyrants on earth clawing for power. And in the case of Larry Fink, who comes up a lot these days when talking about all things Woke, we have to address the issue as a menace that has not been on anybody’s radar up to this point. Nobody talks about it because they most always have some financial stake in the company, like Disney. Even though the actual controls come from shareholder pressure, Disney doesn’t care about the ordinary people who might buy a few hundred shares of stock and post negative reviews about Eternals on some social media platform. The Board of Directors and ultimately the CEO Bob Chapek care about what BlackRock thinks about what they make, and when it comes to Eternals or Star Wars, the garbage that ends up on screen is precisely what Larry Fink wants. A Woke message that will poison the West and destroy it for consumption, China intends to take over the world and restore itself as the dominant power. Something they think about a lot and have people like Larry Fink to be their flaming arrows of warfare at the helm of all finance which ultimately controls everything. Bob Chapek may make a lot of money as Disney’s CEO, but he is not free to have an opinion on the matter. When BlackRock calls, or Vanguard, he does what they tell him because one thing Bob can’t afford to see happen is a quarter to quarter slide of the Disney stock price. And if Larry is displeased with the level of Wokeness coming out of Disney, then BlackRock could dump its stock and send Disney tumbling with a massive sell-off. And that would be the end of Bob Chapek, so ultimately, that is why the movie Eternals was so terrible. 

I had high hopes for Eternals. I had wanted to see it at the theater. Generally, the Marvel movies are great, so a film about some beings who inhabit the universe like white blood cells in a body and are born from planets seemed like a cool premise. But sadly, the whole point of the movie was to show guys kissing and to drag a nearly three-hour movie into an event of torture as it was a bunch of dysfunctional characters of all nationalities arguing over dumb things to ultimately have an abortion at the end of the movie to save the earth. The whole point of the Eternals was a kind of metaphor on abortion; to save mother earth, we had to kill the baby, the Eternal that was being born from it and was the point of 7000 years of human evolution. For the Eternal to be born, mankind had to create culture, which then fed the baby as it grew in the egg of the earth. So in that way, the Eternals became a vehicle for all the modern progressive causes that people don’t like, yet it was crammed down their throats with this monstrously bad film. The movie wasn’t about entertaining the audience; it was about forcing progressive politics down the viewers’ throats who thought they were showing up to watch the latest Marvel offering. And what they got was essentially the strategy of Larry Fink, large doses of progressive ideology that they thought would open the door to a modern political platform that embraced gay rights and forever abortions. The decision at the end of the movie to kill the Eternal so to save “Mother Earth” is so evident that it’s almost like sitting in an abortion clinic with a daughter who wants to kill a grandchild so that they can go clubbing later that night and not have the burden of being pregnant. It was bad, bad stuff. 

Yet Disney is the company that gets all the shots of criticism, and it will be Bob Chpeck who gets lacerated at the shareholder meetings if he doesn’t come up with some way to make Blackrock happy. The everyday people willing to spend $10,000 on a Disney vacation package in Orlando get ignored. Disney was built on solid Main Street traditional American values for the people who go to the parks, so they are willing to spend the money. But people like Larry Fink don’t really care about the money they make in their investment firms. They care about the power they have amassed through finance to control the creative process at companies like Disney, and it’s in that way that Eternals even found a way to make it onto a screen, and ultimately the Disney + streaming platform. Eternals breaks all movie-making rules and presents everything they don’t want into a movie to audiences. But the arrogance of Disney shows more than just a bad movie; it’s an assumption that the path of least resistance runs through the audience and not through BlackRock and Vanguard. Ultimately, who controls what Disney produces isn’t the fans, it’s the investment firms, and those investment firms feel empowered to impose Woke politics onto our culture at every opportunity. And Eternals was so bad that it’s almost a dare for the public to rebuke it. Otherwise, Larry Fink and the investment hounds beyond the stock prices will crush each and every one of us, or so they think unless we do and say everything they want, without a thought.

Rich Hoffman

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The Abuse of Joe Biden: “WASH YOUR HANDS!”

Laura, Wash Your Hands!

As I watched Joe Biden’s delivery of the vaccine mandate executive order, what had been very clear to me from the beginning suddenly sharpened into a tight focus that was unapologetically truthful.  I knew that tone from fiction, from what I consider the most terrifying movie ever made.  That movie is also a very uncomfortable reflection of real-life and the truth of abuse that many people suffer from.  The film is Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and specifically, what Joe Biden was doing to the American public was attempting to do what Leland Palmer, the father in the movie, was doing to his daughter, Laura Palmer, at the famous dinner scene.  In the scene, the dad is scolding his daughter for having dirty hands as he unabashedly berates her to wash her hands.  The mother sits at the table crying because layers of truth exist outside of her accepted reality.  She knows, but she can’t understand what her husband is doing to their daughter.  Only what’s so scary about this scene is the honesty of it.  I can think of hundreds if not thousands of homes that go through the same rituals, child abuse even into the late teens of a child who wants to be loved by their parents; only the reality is unreachable, sending the child into a perilous course for the rest of their lives.  In this case, the situation is the worst of the worst and is much more common than anybody would care to admit.  The problem goes far beyond the MAGA movement or the globalist desires for communism. Biden’s speechwriters knew what they were doing, and they were targeting the Laura Palmer types in the world, those suffering from abuse current and past, who are scared for life and looking to the government to relieve them of their pain.  The government was using this pain of abused people to sell their vaccine mandate then to use peer pressure to push the rest of us into it.  This tactic is common in abused families, and few movies dig deep into the problem like Fire Walk With Me did.  The biggest evil of the film is that the father is raping his daughter routinely, and when she starts to catch on, he asserts his authority over her in ways like the “wash your hands” scene.  To keep her mind from discovering that he is the source of all her pain. 

Wash Your Hands!

Laura can’t deal with the fact that her father is raping her, just as many people today can’t deal with the reality that their government is crooked, evil, and out to hurt us all. It’s a reality they won’t accept.  In the case of Laura from the film, she has painted on her father’s face a character named “Bob” as the demon who possesses his body and rapes her often after drugging the mother to sleep so that the father can climb into Laura’s window at night.  Laura can’t accept that her father would do such a thing to her, so what she sees is “Bob.” The movie lets the viewer decide if Bob is a spirit, a demon, or just a psychological device created by a hurt little girl to protect herself from emotional collapse.  This wall of protection comes crashing down one day when Laura comes home early from school in the middle of the day when nobody is supposed to be home.  She goes into her room and finds Bob going through her stuff.  She only deals with Bob at night in her bed, so seeing him in her room without the protection of intoxicants that she takes before going to sleep was a crisis.  So, she fled the house and hid behind some bushes down the road.  She watches for Bob to come out running after her, but what she sees instead is her father leaving the house. That’s how she learns that Bob and her father are the same people.  And she has a major emotional breakdown with that realization. 

Fire Walk With Me

Leland, the father, knows that his daughter is on to him when they all sit down at the dinner table after that incident.  So, he knows he has to shock the little girl back to her submissive role.  That is when he starts berating her over washing her hands.  He knows she knows, so he needs to get her to back up the psychological barriers hiding their secret.  The mom knows all about what’s been going on; she allows herself to be drugged to have plausible deniability for herself.  She doesn’t want to acknowledge this vast evil because it would force her to change her life, and she is mostly comfortable with her life.  She doesn’t want to be courageous.  She just wants to smoke cigarettes and pretend she has a good life.  She wants nothing to crack that illusion.  But Leland realizes that he can’t keep this relationship with his daughter going forever.  She has too many boyfriends, too many snoopy other people stepping into their lives, and he sees he is losing control and can’t hide the secret anymore, even by force.  So, he does what most do at this point, whether within a simple family or a massive government run by the same type of people; they seek to kill those who make them vulnerable to discovery.  At the end of the movie, the father kills the daughter and dumps her dead body in the river, sparking the television series that everyone knew so well from the 90s. 

Reading What’s Behind Everything

I used to know a major political operative in the Cincinnati area who invited me to her lavish house in Indian Hill.  She did not have a loving relationship with her husband, who lived in the Caribbean for most of the year.  They maintained a marriage in that way.  Rather than divorce, they just lived apart.  So this lady was looking for some company when she invited me over.  To avoid anything uncomfortable, I suggested to this lady that she watch my favorite scary movie, which we did.  It turns out she cried like a baby and was in a fetal position on the floor by the end.  It turns out she suffered from abuse worse than what Laura Palmer did in the movie, but the psychology of the film was so accurate that it opened up a mountain within her that she has spent her life covering up.  But it was the source of her bad marriage, need for wealth, and interest in politics.  The reason she had bad relationships with her children.  As I watched her crawl around on the ground crying uncontrollably with snot rolling out of her nose and all the glamor of what money could buy thrown out the window by this emotional breakdown, I realized how powerful and common Fire Walk With Me was as a movie.  How many people were suffering out there from the same type of abuse? 

Its Color is Green

Governments know it too, and they know how to exploit such people when they want power.  Joe Biden was essentially telling America to “Wash Their Hands.” That we weren’t going back to normal until everyone got vaccinated.  But the crime has been election fraud, deals with China, debacles in Afghanistan, a purposely torpedoed economy.  Dear reader, Joe Biden wasn’t talking to us; we hear that kind of talk, and we’re ready to kick someone’s ass.  But what the Biden people wanted to happen was to tip off all the big-government types out there who are victims of abuse and get them to shame the rest of us into compliance with government mandates to hide their massive crimes, which they are guilty of.  And for them, the panic is in how long they can keep us asleep, drugged, and not asking the critical questions of how they are abusing us purposely.  The government knows we know what they have been doing to us, so they only can do what all abusers do, crank up the intimidation and hope it puts our society back to sleep.  But like in that movie, where the father knows that things are getting too hot to conceal his secret, they start thinking of that next step.  And when they get to that point, we should all be ready.  Because it’s all, they have left to mask their vile actions of evil and maliciousness.

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The Internet is Not Free: Governments watch porn sites, and they know what you try to hide

There is a big thing that we typically miss when we talk about how governments get the idea that they can abuse us by ignoring the Constitution.  And we give them the information to perform the task away so easily.  Remember everyone; the internet is not free.  And porn on the internet is not there to entertain you; it’s to trap you with bait, no different than how we catch fish at a pond.  There are lots of people watching everything you do with your mouse and keystrokes.  It may not always be a human watching; most of the time, it’s probably a form of artificial intelligence, but the people who want to rule the world get the information. They know how many people are sexually submissive out there.  They know how many people secretly want to be subjected to bondage, whipped, spanked, or insulted by a dominatrix because they can track your IP address and see what your innermost wishes are.  And if you are one of those who wants to be abused sexually, then you likely will put up with a domineering government that insults you constantly with things such as mask mandates, illegally issued.  In the mind of the sexual pervert, terms like “illegal” and “abusive” are desired, not an act of villainy.  That is how they thought they could get away with the communist treachery of Covid-19 because they looked at everyone’s sexual desires through porn tracking and could see statistically how people would behave if a government showed itself to be a dominatrix. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Hunter Biden Distraction: How do you cover up a failed president, with sex, drugs, and nudity

Nothing like sex, drugs and nudity to cover up a failed president

I don’t mind, I expect it really.  When I first started this blog I would get thousands of hits on it per day, but now over ten years later its down to a few hundred.  That’s not because people aren’t interested in the content.  Usually, when something is around that long, the numbers go up, not down, but as we all know, there is a lot of censorship in social media and I am certainly on everyone’s list.  It’s been that way since well before Alex Jones was removed from YouTube, which was the first of the big tech high profile censorships of certain kinds of personalities off their social media platforms.  Social media, like YouTube put up with it to a certain point until they were ready to make their move.  That essentially started with Alex Jones and culminated with President Trump.  I have videos on YouTube that have been out there for years that still only show a few dozen hits total.  I suspect the number is much higher because they mess around with the output reporting.  I never care much about it because I figure its their platform, my content and it’s a free country.  If they don’t want me, or want to try to discourage my behavior, then its my decision to use them or not.  Most of what I do on social media including this blog site serves the needs of my subscribers which social media can’t block so well because the notification arrives in their email box, and doesn’t depend on search words to find a reader.  It’s been worth doing regardless of all that censorship.  But that provides some context to the rather miraculous Rumble video I put up a few days before this writing that is pushing 1000 views just before this article on Hunter Biden came out. 

Rumble has been much better than YouTube for a person like me because of the lack of censorship.  However, the audience for Rumble is much, much smaller.  That’s fine with me because I view my work as a kind of slow burn anyway, so it works for me just fine.  I have stopped for the most part using Twitter or YouTube on my blog site due to their massive censorship and editing of information regarding Covid-19.  Honestly, they disgust me.  I hate their brands and I can’t stand hearing their names.  They have broken a trust with me that I will never give them again and I count the days where they will be eliminated from public consideration, where they become the next MySpace washout.  I am very much looking forward to new social media platforms, such as the one coming from President Trump which will help facilitate that change.  Yet for a Rumble video to get that many hits in such a short period of time, it says something about the topic being so special that it punches through all those restrictions anyway, which says a lot about how much people think about this Hunter Biden story.  Everyone has the same questions which is what the video was all about, why Hunter Biden and why now?

Well, as I explained in my video, which I talk about my experiences with magic tricks and variety show entertainers in general, the Hunter Biden news is part of the President’s platform to divert attention from the massively unpopular policies we are seeing come out of the White House.  Beijing Biden is old and washed up, but he was put in place to provide a mouthpiece for all the big liberal agenda items that Democrats have been pushing for many years.  But he delivers it all with no tact, no strategy, no passion, and people are getting pretty mad at him and Democrats in general.  And when I say people, I don’t mean people like you and I, I mean regular people who take their kids to soccer games and consider themselves lucky to have a free Saturday night to visit a local beer garden with friends to have a drink or two while watching baseball games over the bar.  They don’t like having all this liberal nonsense rammed down their throats.  They might be more inclined to support liberal policies if they are sold to them with some slow burn tactics, but Biden is like that guy who asks a girl out for a date by saying, “do you want to go out, if you say no, I’ll punch you in the face.  Should I pick you up at 6?”  Naturally, aversion is bound to develop, and Democrats can see that a few months into the Biden presidency, things aren’t working, so out comes Hunter Biden.

As I said in the video, Hunter is a willing participant.  He’s a disaster of a person who has made all kinds of mistakes, and continues to make them every day.  But his presence in the news cycle as a reformed person who has in his wake quite a sideshow is an obvious diversionary tactic.  The sensational stories that come with Hunter Biden is meant to control the dialogue.  They need to get the corruption that is on the Hunter Biden laptop and all the connections to foreign interference hidden behind the admissions to sex, nudity that the president’s son is directly involved in, and the stories of drugs such as smoking that block of cheese mistaking it for crack that are now plastered everywhere.  Democrats figure that people can relate to Hunter Biden because they aren’t perfect themselves which makes Beijing Biden, and his presidency look like a sympathetically concerned parent, instead of a corrupt bag man for China.  The smoke isn’t what you should be looking at, it’s the fire if you want to know the truth, and everything that they are giving us with Hunter Biden, is smoke.  It’s a smoke screen for the massive failures not just of the Biden family, but in how the administration is launching itself in 2021. 

As I said from the beginning, they clearly cheated in the election.  They do not have the support of the masses.  You can’t rob an elected president with the massive cheating that did take place and expect to run the world systematically.  Social media from day one of the election were quick to edit and censor anyone who even suggested that there was election fraud based on their assertion that there are only “baseless claims.”  That is an admission of guilt in its own way, by what they did and when they did it.  Well, they said they were baseless from hours after the election results shutdown on election night to go find votes, and they have never revised their opinion even as there is evidence of many discrepancies that should and likely will be discovered in the months and years to come.  When you are being censored, as I am quite accustomed, and many others are as well, its because the desire to control what you see and hear is quite necessary for those doing it.  Which is obviously the case with the Biden family.  And where censorship and denials aren’t working, they send out the crazy kid who is addicted to sex and drugs and makes for an entertaining exhibition that is meant to distract people from the facts of the case.  Those facts are that the Biden presidency is failing already, there is trouble with the border, trouble with the green agenda, trouble with gun control, taxes, the handling of coronavirus, trouble with everything.  And all they have to attempt to sneak off the stage is Hunter Biden to provide the necessary distraction.  But people get it, they only need some way to frame their own thoughts on the matter, which is why my Rumble video in spite of all odds, is being viewed by so many people so quickly. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Firm Tits, Tight Asses, and Virgin Galactic

I understand why it wasn’t the lead story on every news publication across the world, but that’s still no excuse. Virgin Galactic took their first passenger into space during their second trip above 50 miles in a series of flights that should put Richard Branson himself into the passenger seat by summer of this year. From there the commercial space race will be open for business and the world filled with humanity will be forever changed. But this has been the case for a long time, space is a very above the line thing to do, and most of our civilization is still very much below the line, where they perceive there is safety and security in staying victims to earth’s conditional elements. Going to space is a definitive jump into taking responsibility for mankind’s own fate and future which then brings to question lots of elements that no civilization is quite ready for. But still, I would have thought there would have been more coverage of Virgin Galactic’s efforts and trajectory of success. In my way of looking at things this story should have been the lead on every publication and cable news show. But it wasn’t which goes a long way to painting a picture of how technology and human invention is outpacing our institutional responses and political understanding. When President Trump says he wants a “Space Force” he’s an above the line guy who is already in the future. Many of our human neighbors, however, still have a long way to go.

On more than one occasion I have pointed out that the main differences between our contemporary politics could be seen clearly in the summer of 1969 when Apollo 11 reached the moon and we walked there for the first time that we know of. A month later was the music festival of Woodstock where people rolled around in the mud naked and drunk living like a bunch of apes from Africa listening to primitive music and intoxicating themselves with drugs and alcohol so that they could lose their minds from the burden of thought. Those divides are very much alive today, even more so than then because as more options have technically become available to our culture the real desire that below the line people had to hide in the masses has been exposed. There are no excuses for a good life when options are available, but mankind does not have the courage to take them. So pressure escalates and the differences between people become much more noticeable. That leaves about half of our world terrified of what will happen as civilian space travel becomes the norm.

I have run into this kind of thing in people many times and usually I avoid such people like they have the plague. So much so that many years ago when a really hot young chick wanted to sleep with me with an almost mad like obsession I found myself at her house getting to know her better with the obvious next steps in the back of both our minds. That’s when she started belittling movies that I really liked, which she thought was cool to put down. As a female she represented sex and the social norm. Many males will adopt their views towards whatever a female thinks so that they can have sex with the woman. That’s a standard practice among all males, I have talked about this phenomenon among school levy supporters where guilt driven moms support school levies because they think it’s the next best thing to them actually doing their jobs of raising their children. And generally, even though it means they have to pay more in taxes, men generally go along with it because they don’t want to limit their opportunities for sex. So that was the game this girl was playing, she was trying to establish the norms of our relationship. She figured that was her job and she had the looks to do it, even though she was the initiator of the sexual activity. That’s when she started bad mouthing Star Wars and Indiana Jones. She brought it up because I wore a hat that looked a little Indiana Jonesish to her and she thought it was funny. Well I didn’t. Even though she was a pretty young girl I saw instantly in her a little loser who was headed nowhere quick and our little get together ended about five seconds later. I left and never spoke to her again which was baffling to her. Apparently, she had never been turned down by anybody before. But in looking at her I couldn’t help but think that she was one of those below the line Woodstock types and that was very unattractive to me.

The job of science fiction, such as in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, is to get people to ask the questions, then to use science to make those things happen. Science fiction typically is a very above the line kind of art. Even negative horror stories like Alien by Ridley Scott is forward thinking in how they are working out problems based on space travel. The job of the fiction is to think above and beyond our present circumstances. The Indiana Jones films are great for asking questions and the character himself is very positive. You never see Indiana Jones sitting around crying about things. He just moves on to the next great adventure which is the kind of attitude our entire society needs to utilize to embrace space travel. So having characters and stories like those in our culture helps us all move into more complicated realms of thinking, such as commercial access to space.

I say I didn’t speak to that girl again, but I did watch her decline for a few years. Even though we worked together she gradually slipped away into darkness and ended up becoming what we might call “trailer trash.” She ended up having kids by at least three different men, she was a stripper who made pretty good money for a while until she hit 23 and started looking bad from all the smoking and hard living. Girls like that end up looking like wet paper bags left outside during a storm that blows up against a chain-link fence for several days. By the time they are 30 nobody wants anything to do with them except extreme losers and their life ends up washed out and hopeless. That is always the trajectory of not only below the line people, but below the line cultures. To have a sexual relationship with someone like that means you have to get too close and my position has always been, I’d rather not. Staying above the line in thinking means you have to stay away from getting messy with below the line people. When she declared that she took the social position against Star Wars at the time and Indiana Jones which for her was to say that she was a grown up and not interested in playing with toys and childish ideas, let me know that she and I had nothing but attraction in common, and that wasn’t enough.

And that distinction between people is where we find ourselves with this Virgin Galactic story—too many people have yielded to young seductress like the girl I mentioned and let their minds stay on below the line ideas instead of considering the possibilities of what civilian space travel actually means to our culture. To far too many people considering such a thing is still for geeks and Star Wars lovers. Space is uncool while getting stoned and drunk while at some latest music concert is cool. Of course, that makes no sense but is precisely why this Virgin Galactic story wasn’t the lead for the entire world, because too much of our culture is still functioning below the line in thinking. But I’ll make a prediction in this case, that is going to change fast. Science fiction is becoming science fact and not even the little tramps and soothsayers with perky tits and tight asses can deviate our trajectory towards destiny. And I think that is just wonderful.

Rich Hoffman

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The Politics of Sex: Using primitive emotions to control Republican intellegence from exposing reality

It was good to see Donald Trump fly into Las Vegas to campaign against Wacky Jackie ahead of the midterm elections. Any rational mind would look at the typical Democrat and understand that there is a lot “wacky” about them. The mind of a liberal just isn’t normal and they are prone to massive corruption. Of course they justify that corruption with the belief that majority opinion rules, so if what they think is a democratic sampling of insanity votes to make it a mainstream position, then by sheer numbers something can be made so. It is a really baffling concept that freezes most conservative minds, because they can’t even imagine such things as a reality which paralyzes them from taking action. It is insane that so much has been made of Christine Ford’s rape allegation against Brett Kavanaugh just a few hours before the senate was set to vote for confirmation of him onto the Supreme Court. The information had been out there for a while yet Democrats had waited until just the last-minute to make their move and everyone was just supposed to play along. Everyone knows what’s going on yet the Democrats did it anyway. How are we supposed to take any of this serious? If the incident happened at all between Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh it was 36 years ago when they were little high school kids. Nobody called such things rape back then, it was just a party and virtually everyone behaved in such ways. Most of the female population and many males could have considered themselves raped if the criteria is what Christine Ford indicated. She is either ridiculously timid if she suffered trauma from an incident like what she described, or she’s just a liar trying to make a political move against a guy who is poised to be a conservative judge on the Supreme Court and as a liberal, she just can’t have that. Would she make up stories to make it so, well, yes.

I was reminded about these insane women who call themselves Democrats when I started to notice Kathy Wyenandt signs around the neighborhoods surrounding my home. She is running for the 52nd Ohio House District as a former Lakota school levy supporter—another tax and spend liberal. Only with her I have some history. My wife recently drug me out shopping and we were at the Kroger Marketplace over by Lakota East and I was reminded of the time that I had a full-blown explosion toward the levy supporters when they stood outside that shopping complex with a survey about me attacking my character in much the way liberals are now attacking Brett Kavanaugh. And it really pissed me off. It has been a few years but I never lost my anger over it and it was all the radical women who ran in Kathy Wyenandt’s group which I would eventually call latté sipping prostitutes because of the way they whored themselves out to the government union interests. It never seemed right to me that they could stand outside of a popular shopping center and call me every name in the book because I have been the face of tax increase resistance in my local community, but the minute I called them names in return you would think I beat them over the head with a bat the way they cried and protested in response. And their justification was that they were women and that somehow, I was a man and I owed them something by way of unearned respect. All I saw was a bunch of fat-assed losers who wanted to raise taxes on our property values and give that extra money to ridiculously paid union workers.

Just looking at Kathy Wyenandt’s endorsements for this Ohio House run that she is conducting and the evidence is clear, they are mostly all unions and progressive groups who are trying to use her femininity to win a House seat for the dirty Democrats. And the politics is the same as in the Lakota school levy situation where a bunch of crazy women were supposed to be allowed to call me every name in the book because I was a man who stood against higher taxes, and they expected to be unchallenged—because they were women. Their ideas about things were supposed to be beyond scrutiny just because they were women. We were supposed to have no value judgement against them, because they were women. Even Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign pitch is that we are supposed to vote for her because she was a “mom.” The entire proposal has always been insane, but it hasn’t stopped Democrats from using that insanity to advance their position.

Well, I have never accepted such a ridiculous notion and I never will. Back at that Kroger incident when I was on WLW radio I really didn’t understand the drama. The men at the station, the producers and talk talent thought I was crazy for even challenging the position that the levy moms were proposing, that as a man there was an unspoken rule that we were all supposed to just yield to whatever some crazy woman thought and said. Even high-ranking Republicans who were working with me on that anti-tax campaign were terrified of pissing off those levy moms and it never made a bit of sense. Women were obviously exploiting in men a primal weakness, the capitol of sex in relationships to control voting blocs. If women didn’t get what they wanted the men didn’t get sex. If you peeled away all the pretense of politeness away, that was essentially what was happening, and men were supposed to support sheer insanity just because women might take away the chance to have sex.

Even right now when this discussion about Brett Kavanaugh comes up and whether or not Christine Ford was raped at a high school party, men are expected to play along or not get sex from their radical feminist wives. Of course, not all women are radical feminists, but those who call themselves Democrats are nearly all crazy. It comes with the territory of being a Democrat. If a man was to go to BW3s to watch Monday Night Football with a group of six or seven women and the man was to say something like, “Christine Ford probably wanted Kavanaugh and she threw herself all over him at that party for which he likely wasn’t even there, but he knocked away her advances leading up to the incident. She probably found some loser who was drunk and tried to molest him to get revenge then under the new definitions of the #METOO movement and used her sexuality to advance her modern political agenda,” the women would laugh and declare that he was right. But they would then chastise him for even saying it and if he stuck with the story they’d push him out of their circle. So guys being guys not wanting to be away from the opportunities that can come with knowing women keeps his thoughts to himself. He may talk about it with other guys, but he certainly won’t let it out around women because it might get him removed from their inner circle. And that often means for the man, less sex.

It is in that way that so many men, specifically Republicans, have been tricked into buying into all this liberal garbage advanced by crazy Democrats. To accept that Christine Ford was so traumatized over events that occurred 36 years ago but that it all climaxed just days before Brett Kavanaugh was to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, you have to be a little insane to even entertain the notion. But because she’s a woman we are supposed to not even ask any questions about integrity because the Democratic proposal is that all women are to be believed no matter what they say. Or as Kathy Wyenandt wants us to believe, because she’s a mom. But of course, that’s not enough, and at least Donald Trump is not playing along, just as I can say that I never have. When he called the Democratic challenger in Nevada to a seat in congress “Wacky Jackie,” Trump was showing more than just some comic association, he was attacking the primary strategy of the Democratic party, using women to avoid criticism to take back seats of government liberalism. And hope that the tricks against men work yet again. But this time I don’t think they will. Because this time people are finally starting to understand how the game is played against them—for both men and women.

Rich Hoffman

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A Cincinnatian’s Perspective on the Cameo Night Club Shooting: It is culture not guns that was the real villian

OK, let’s clear up some things right now since the global media—including people in India (I didn’t know they had electricity in India) are pouncing on the shooting in a Cincinnati nightclub where 15 people were shot, and as of this writing one has died.  I live in Cincinnati, so this is my turf and let me just set the record straight—the people attending the Cameo Night Club on Kellogg Avenue by the great Lunkin Airport were not NRA supporters.  The place caters to the hip hop crowd and is known as a “meat market.”  It’s not a bunch of wholesome Midwesterners getting together for a barn raising ceremony.  The place seeks to cater to a youth market—specifically college kids—and the environment is conducive to the gangsta’ culture so prevalent in urban areas where government welfare checks are handed out like candy.  So while covering this story—make it known that it wasn’t the fault of guns—it was the culture of hip hop which breeds negativity among confused youth who are easily provoked into conflict.

The people who attend these clubs are not normal Americans—everyday people who work hard, pay their taxes and try to make the next generation better than when they found it.  These are young people gathered together to listen to violent music racially inspired who take part in a culture of victimization.  Intellectually they are not much different from animals and when dogs start fighting over the same piece of meat—we all know what happens.  You can’t mix angry music with young people not yet intellectually equipped—and sell overpriced drinks to a dance floor converted to a VIP area and not expect there to be violence.  The Cameo Night Club has built its reputation pushing that line and now people crossed it.  That is the real story.  The entire shooting could have been avoided by not putting all those dangerous elements together.  It’s a cultural problem, not one that involves guns.

As the evidence is presented, the story will be watered down when it is shown that the responsibility is more cultural and of the direct responsibility of the club itself than the firearms that were used.  I know that area on the east end well down by Lunkin Airport.  The site called Cameo now used to be Annie’s which was a rock and roll hang out that brought in big name rockers after their 80s hey days were over.  And there were fights there all the time—the same as Never on Sundays in Silverton.  Those crowds were largely white rock n roll types of the heavy metal verity.  That was music for a different generation and yes they were violent places—even back then.  If two guys had their eye on the same girl, fights did break out—often.  Now that Annie’s went out of business someone thought it was a good idea to bring hip hop music out into the east end so this Cameo place took over to essentially let people live out their fantasies developed while playing the video game Grand Theft Auto.  So not only do you have an indicatively violent activity that comes with all places that play angry music—but now you have an entire generation who has played Grand Theft Auto and want to live out that fantasy in real life on weekend nights—which the Cameo club was happy to facilitate.  Now it blew up in their face and people will have to be accountable.  In the hours that come, you will find dear reader that things occurred just as I have described and now that all these media outlets have covered the story hoping to make the gun the big villain everyone will have to backtrack when they realize that the cause was the violent hip hop culture itself and the mixing of very dangerous elements together which caused this tragic situation.

There are consequences to actions and for too long we’ve all allowed ourselves to look away from this growing problem simply because white culture has been blamed for slavery so nobody is allowed to point out the obvious.  If blacks and whites, red people and yellow people and all people in between are going to live in the same country they need to have at least the same values.  But you can’t have a bunch of slum dogs celebrating hip hop gangsta’ culture openly and expect a society to thrive.  There is nothing good about a place like the Cameo Night Club.  That culture is rotten from top to bottom and I would say the same about the nightclub that was there before it in Annie’s.  There was nothing good about those places that perpetuated the benefits for mankind.  They were places to listen to angry music and pick up people for sex under drunken conditions.  Not a good mix.  And that is the problem.  It’s not firearms.

As this story unfolds it’s time to have the real discussion that is the root cause of these violent neighborhoods.  We can’t expect black communities to assimilate with the rest of the American experience when what they think is a fun time is going to places like the Cameo Club and cappin’ the ass of cops.  We already have too many generations of people who come from urban communities that think that way and they are having kids and teaching them the same stuff—and it’s time for it to come to an end.  Instead of wasting their time in the Cameo Night Club those stupid kids should have been home reading A Tale of Two Cities, or something similarly productive.  Things will only change when they change what they put into their minds.  Because what they are doing now just isn’t cutting the bacon.

Rich Hoffman


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