The Public Toilet that Lakota Schools Is: We tried a conservative board, but they are just as bad, except for Darbi Boddy

Recently someone from Lakota schools attempting to defend the horrible behavior of the adult staff and administrators there sent me a list of Republicans and conservatives who have been caught in sex trafficking and the widespread abuse of children as if to justify the massive failures going on in the public school system. My thoughts on it are that it’s much easier to make a list of conservatives who commit such terrible acts against children because if liberals were included, we wouldn’t have enough time in the history of the world to complete such a list because there are so many. But regarding Republicans, I had just been thinking about how disappointed I have been in trying to play things right and what we ended up with on the Lakota school board. But there were good stories, too; one thing you can count on in life is that Darbi Boddy will never be accused of accepting evil and contributing to young people’s delinquency. But for all the work that was put into getting a new conservative school board in the Lakota school system, the board is just as bad as when the liberals ran it with the majority, back when Brad Lovell and Joan Powell were the ring leaders. Suppose a political body, such as the prosecutor’s office, the sheriff’s department, and all the other characters involved, cannot protect children as the most serious element needed in a public school. In that case, there is absolutely no hope for them. At least I can say that I tried to work it out with a social solution working within the rules, even if I doubted from the beginning that a conservative school board at Lakota schools would work at all. I wouldn’t say I will stop trying, but the results have been garbage. It didn’t matter if we had a conservative majority on the school board or a bunch of sex-crazed liberals; the results were the same. The system itself is broken and is left resolute to allow progressive politics to seep into all communities and work at destroying conservative values wherever they reside. There is no hope for public education to work. 

As that same person pointed out, the recent student teacher at Lakota who has found a lot of trouble for trying to have a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old kid in one of the junior schools had attended Liberty University, a traditionally Christian school. My reply was that she was picked as a target of investigation, likely because she attended that school, so the corrupt administrators could point to someone and say, “see, they want to have sex with kids too.” I’m against anybody who wants to do such a thing, and if conservatives turn their backs on children and fail to do the right thing for their well-being, then I hate them just as much as liberals who do it. It doesn’t change my anger toward them because they call themselves conservatives. What do I say all the time, “I love Republicans until they show me that they aren’t.” And it might be recalled that I recently pointed out that the Republican Party leadership of Butler County needs an oil change so that newcomers who want to do good can. Instead of letting some Boss Hogg characters run things with the level of corruption that was typical on the television show, The Dukes of Hazzard. If I don’t get invited to the Christmas Party this year because of it, I think I’ll live. It will just be one less thing for me to worry about. If people don’t have the guts to do the right, basic things in their life, I’m not impressed with them, and I generally won’t waste my time with them. If people turn bad, no matter what political party they are in, I scrap them, move on, and never look back. So with that said, Darbi Boddy and others who have risen to support her in the face of terrible radical teacher union protests and out-of-control superintendents who pick fights and then cry when people accept those challenges like a little baby have been worth knowing and supporting. But the efforts at the Lakota school board have been horrible; I’d say it’s much worse than when the liberals ran things in the past.

.So when I say that public education is no better than using a public toilet, there is some context to go by. I tried to be part of a solution to bring proper management to the Lakota school system. I prefer not to think about public education; I have a long history of showing all the problems with it. They are institutions of liberalism that seek to embed themselves into a community and to sell destructive progressive ideas to the residents who are forced to pay for the product with the value of their properties. It’s a horrible deal; I’d prefer not to deal with them at all. I only do because they are in my community and do not represent the conservative values of my community. Another person wrote me recently and stated they were considering moving because they only moved to Lakota because of the schools. I say to those people, leave. Move away and take all your stupid liberal ideas with you. If you want to live in a great community, then do so. But don’t move to a liberal school and bring a bunch of liberal east coast ideas with you and expect everything to work out well. I lived in the area when most of the neighborhoods that are built today contained cows and vast open fields. And the cows were much better neighbors. The pigs you could smell when you drove down the road smelled far better than the smell of today and what comes out of Lakota schools. If those losers who moved here to leech off the Lakota public school system for the free babysitting service want to move to a more liberal area, then I would be fine with that. It would not hurt my feelings at all to bulldoze all those homes back into dust and to put the cows back. They were much higher quality lifeforms than the supporters of Superintendent Matt Miller and his administrators of doom. The kids of the community would be a lot better off.

But it’s not just Lakota; it’s all public schools, government in all its various manifestations. The bigger government is, the more corrupt it presents itself. And if conservatives are fighting to preserve a big government approach, then they cease to be conservatives in my way of looking at things and are just as worthless. I remind people also, all the time, that we are not a democracy. We have a democratic way of establishing who manages our government, but we are not a flee bitten democracy where popular sentiment rules the day. As is the case in Lakota, if most people think that child abuse is OK or open sexual lifestyles are permissible because the sheriff, the prosecutors, the media, and a bunch of crybaby residents believe it’s OK, that doesn’t make it OK. Leadership is where one person stands up against a tide of bad decisions alone and under great ridicule and does the right thing anyway. That is what we expect in our republic form of government. That’s what Darbi Boddy has been doing. But as to the rest of the characters have been typical, and what is typical leads to the conclusion that all government schools are no better than public toilets and the content that gets flushed down them. I wouldn’t send a kid to a public school if the school paid me to do it instead of the other way around. It’s a worthless product run by terrible, horrible people who are dumb as rocks. And it’s irresponsible to consider them teaching anybody, anything. Ever. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why People Are So Angry at Lakota Schools: The attempt to edit public comment over a fight they started by trying to force Darbi Boddy to resign

I offered Matt Miller, the much-talked-about superintendent of Lakota schools, a way to fix everything. Through his lawyer, I offered some friendly advice which it was obvious that he chose to ignore by the way the Lakota school board meeting on November 21st, 2022, went. I told him that many of the problems he finds himself in could be solved by restoring his relationship with Darbi Boddy. After all, he and his conspirators started all the anger. I know Darbi Boddy; she wanted to join the school board and work well with everyone there. But liberalism doesn’t work, and when she joined, there was still goofy talk of mask mandates and other Covid nonsense that came straight out of the crooked Biden administration, and people in my community were sick of it. And when Matt Miller went after her to push her into resignation, he opened up a whole can of worms, and he greatly angered the community, as did the rest of the school board who stood behind the effort. If that same school board is upset that all they have been able to do at meetings for much of 2022 is talk about community anger, they can only blame themselves. They brought all the politics into the matter and tried to destroy our newly elected school board member. Darbi is a fighter, and she wasn’t going to take that. Nobody should have expected her to. All this happened before anybody knew much of anything about the Lakota superintendent’s personal life. Once people realized what kind of guy he was, for the conservatives in the Lakota district, that was a final straw. But it all started with Matt Miller picking a fight with Darbi Boddy, then several other community members with what can only be called, “witness intimidation” which absolutely won’t be stood for, it could only be solved if he reached out and tried to work with her in some productive way at this point. Instead, he dug in even more, which was ultimately the wrong move. I tried to tell him. 

Over the previous weekend, I had been involved in a Twitter discussion with Sheree Paolello, the news anchor at Channel 5. The topic was over why the media wouldn’t cover the Matt Miller story at Lakota with the assumption that they had a moral obligation to protect children from indications that showed parents they should worry about it in the district. Sheree surprisingly defended her station. She answered that the police chose not to prosecute, so there was nothing illegal to pursue. The Lakota school board took no action to penalize the superintendent. And the media ultimately bought the school board’s report without question, even though a lot of information indicated otherwise. And there was so much anger from community members because all their safety nets had let them down.

For many people, the anger was that all these institutionalized systems had no interest in protecting the kids from the strange lifestyles of the Lakota administrators, but their complete concern was in protecting the institution itself from the judgment of the community. This is a strange case for me because I literally know everyone involved. I’ve met Sheree several times over the years, and I certainly know the reporter she referred to, Karin Johnson, who covered the Lakota story. I have a pretty good understanding of why everyone took the positions they did regarding Lakota schools.   It’s all about damage control and what they perceive that damage to be. For them, the school and its reputation are more significant than the individual kids and their families who attend the school. But the school itself, and institutionalism in general, is very progressive and ultimately anti-family, and that is the biggest takeaway from this ordeal. The parents want to believe that the school has the best interests of their children when they send them to school. But the school is essentially a liberal playground for progressive politics, and the kids serve as a shield against the bad behavior of the adults. And to Sheree’s point, none of that is illegal. It may be wrong, but it wasn’t a news story because it wasn’t illegal, as determined by a police representative who has a reputation for abusing the law for personal power reasons—for instance, the case of Roger Reynolds, which is happening in that same school district presently.

I remember the good ol’ days when if a public official, like a school superintendent, is, had an affair and got caught in a divorce, that it would have been enough to cause a scandal. This separation of personal behavior from professional roles is a new thing within the last decade. Most people in the Lakota district never accepted it and haven’t had much experience dealing with it. So they naturally assume that bad behavior would equal a bad report card professionally and that everyone would take it seriously.   But that’s not the kind of liberalism that is taught in all public schools these days. Progressive politics is all about a job as a right and mandatory pay without regard to performance. In the eyes of the typical liberal, they believe they should be able to do anything in their personal lives and still be looked at professionally by the title over their door, not the individual behavior they conduct. This is the source of much trouble across the nation right now at just about every level of government occupation, and it’s a value system that just isn’t going to work. This trouble started in the 90s when Bill Clinton tried to tell the nation he could still be president even though he had an affair with an intern. After all, it was just sex. He could still be president, right? And when progressive activists started protesting the removal of the Ten Commandments from courtrooms. The problem is, if you remove the Bible from society’s values, then no law and order have any meaning, leaving it to lawyers to define the words on paper, not the value behind them. And that’s how we get to the mess we are in now.

Most of the people who are outraged at the Lakota story of protecting their superintendent from the obvious bad behavior he created for himself are those who still look to the Bible for their fundamental value behind the rule of law. Suppose there isn’t a foundation of essential value. In that case, you can’t have a society, which is just another aspect of failed progressive philosophies taught in public schools to the detriment of the children involved, which is a major problem in our modern times. And those people expect that the people they are dealing with, the police, the media, and the school board itself, are functioning from basic understandings of value, and what reality presented to them is a point of view where values weren’t even a consideration. Instead, they get interpretations of the law that is not rooted in any Biblical frame of reference, so if the words aren’t explicitly written down to say something is bad or criminal, then even an average lawyer feels they can relieve a client of guilt under such circumstances, even if they know them to be extremely guilty by all other social measures. And so it goes and will continue. School board meetings will continue to be dysfunctional because the community has a much higher standard than what the institution of Lakota, the police, or the media are willing to represent. They accepted these new progressive values for social discourse, and that is not where the community is or will ever be. The core of our nation is the decision to move away from a Biblical foundation for value systems behind law and order. We all know progressives want to destroy that concept, but people are not ever going to accept that, just like they were never going to accept progressive mask mandates over a government-created crisis which Covid turned out to be. So, we have the clash that we are seeing in Lakota and other school districts across the nation. And that fissure is very real. It won’t be fixed by ignoring the problem or hiring a public relations firm to clean it up. People have standards, and they will apply them to the world around them, and they have been let down by the characters involved in this Lakota story, and they are furious because of it. 

Rich Hoffman

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Lakota Schools Picks a Fight: Government schools are part of the problem of destroying our country

I will just have to remind everyone in the wake of the disappointing report regarding the Matt Miller investigation at Lakota; you can’t rely on a government to investigate itself regarding its out-of-control employees. Everywhere that there are government employees attached in some way to labor unions, we will see the kind of bad conduct brushed under the rug that we have seen in Lakota over Matt Miller being found cleared of wrongdoing in his role as superintendent, making more than $200,000 a year with benefits. His good friend, the treasurer Jenni Logan obviously knew that all this was going to blow up, so she left the district in August of 2022 to take a job across the river in Butler County at Ross to get out of the way of the onslaught that the school board was going to face once the public found out about the reckless sexual escapades of its public superintendent. Everyone knew that the investigation the school board paid for would let Matt Miller off, even after all the evidence was revealed. The essential point of the case, which Miller’s lawyer stated after the Wednesday, November 2nd meeting shown below, was that he was cleared of all charges, yet again. And that there was going to be some revenge. Spoken like a typical public employee who feels that they are entitled to a job and that anything they do should not be held against them, a typical progressive political position consistent with all teacher union associations and their culture. Miller has undoubtedly been a defender of the Lakota teacher’s union, and when pressed, he sounds like the typical political radical that comes from their community impositions. Here is what Miller’s attorney Elizabeth Tuck said after the meeting:

“Mr. Miller has been cleared once again of these outrageous and defamatory accusations; we hope the witch hunt is over; we are considering consequences for the individuals who initiated and perpetuated these lies; the damage to Mr. Miller’s career has consequences, people shouldn’t be permitted just to make things up to drown someone out of a career.” 

The media and others were wondering where all the people were for this meeting; the attendance wasn’t very good. Well, they were across town at another meeting where like-minded people were gathering to figure out what to do about this Matt Miller news. They knew hours before the Lakota meeting that Lakota was going to let Matt Miller off and keep him employed and that the public employees thought they had some kind of right to fight back for bringing such a hostile workplace to their sensitive little minds. Matt Miller started all this by running conservative school board members that the voters picked for the board away and trying to destroy their lives. So nobody has any sympathy for him and his lawyer when they start yacking about “defamation” and “lies,” Darbi Boddy can claim the same was done against her, and you don’t see her crying about it. And many people at that cross-town meeting also could claim the Lakota school board has abused them over the years. And that they had been “defamed,” “lied to,” and abused by the labor union members over many issues. Their attitude to Miller’s statement by his lawyer was, “welcome to the club.”  The school and public employees could certainly be found liable for the lack of safety that there is within the institution. Once they open that door, there suddenly are lots of avenues for recourse. Just think of who could be deposed.

People generally have the feeling that the Lakota school board doesn’t work, the school doesn’t work for the community, and they spend way too much money, so they turn toward themselves to figure out what community actions come next. That meeting was planned before the Lakota school board announced that they would have a special meeting to discuss letting Matt Miller off the hook, which was inconceivable to most people who have seen all the evidence at Protect Lakota A lot of people have tried to work with this school board to help make it better. I certainly did. For the last several years, I worked with Lynda O’Conner directly to help make it better. She is the president now of the board, and after all the work we have done, many people are disappointed to see where the board has gone in just a few short months. By working with me directly, I didn’t feel like talking about all these crazy things going on behind the scenes. Because if we only elected her and gave her some help, that a conservative board would improve things. But obviously, we only ended up with 1 out of 5 board members who committed to conservative values, and Lynda wasn’t one of them. After all those Tea Party meetings, and all those private meetings, this is what we ended up with, and now people are mad at her beyond repair. That makes me angry because it feels like a wasted effort. Only Darbi wouldn’t have been found any other way, and she has been fantastic; I’m so glad we found her. Now we just need to go out and get four more of her. 

But the government schools are not in charge of the community. If the school is shown not to report to the community, then the community will gather where they control the meetings; they control the door-to-door knocking, the pending actions in the courts, and the kind of activism that forces change. I warned Lynda years ago about the engagement problem, and I guess she has done a good thing by waking up those people with this Matt Miller story. I don’t think she meant to unleash this action, but the result of this past year is waking up all those voters I explained who were otherwise disengaged from the process because they believed their actions wouldn’t matter. But now that they’ve seen what voting for Darbi has brought them and how the school system tried to destroy her with smiles on their faces, they are learning what was being hidden from the public regarding the superintendent. For an extended period of time, now they are activated, and they aren’t showing their cards to the Lakota school system. They aren’t limiting themselves to the tightly controlled 3-minute speeches at the school board. They are going to places where they can talk as much as they want to as many people as possible, safe and away from the purple-haired progressive radicals and their liberal desires to use Lakota to bring Democrat policies into a very Republican Butler County. And everything that Lakota wanted to hide, they have only awakened those voters I told Lynda were pent up and isolated in their homes waiting for a cause to rally to. And now, this Matt Miller issue is it. And it started by letting him try to destroy Darbi Boddy with every kind of vicious attack that Matt Miller’s lawyer claimed he was suffering from. But the teeth of the public are something they haven’t accounted for. And when they are lied to, as they have been, and are told there is no evidence, yet they can see all that evidence at Protect Lakota, natural anger has resulted. Now that people know what kind of game has been played against them and can see the proof beyond speculative utterances, they are mad, and that anger has to go somewhere. And in this case, it’s across-town meetings that the school does not control to figure out what to do about this liberal menace that is embedded in our schools for the destruction of our lives, liberty, and honor. Very little good ever comes out of government, certainly not out of the government schools. And to see just how bad it is, visit Protect Lakota and learn for yourself.

Rich Hoffman

Protect Our Lakota Kids

Protect Lakota and the Public Records that Show all the Evidence: Defending children from the extreme liberalism of Lakota schools

It’s not like the bad behavior at Lakota schools happened overnight. It took place over a long period of time. For those who have been wanting to see all the evidence from the Matt Miller divorce and the crazy sexual lifestyle of the superintendent of Lakota that has been much talked about, you can see it all down to the last public document at the excellent website Protect Lakota  CLICK TO Visit for yourself. I am proud of the great people who put that site together, and you better believe it; it was not an enterprise of a few lonely people. It’s a community effort; even better, over 600 people have signed the petition to protect Lakota Kids from the diabolical exploits of the radical progressives who work for all these government schools. This particular school is in our neighborhood, and it is challenging our values as a community, so it’s great to see people coming together to stand up to the vile behavior that has been on full display for quite a while now. The evidence of that behavior is reflected in the meeting segment shown below. A parent gave a very nice speech about the bad behavior of the superintendent, but additionally on the behavior of the school board members and other administrators. No wonder they didn’t see anything wrong with the superintendent’s sexual behavior because they are just as bad in many cases. What does that say about the people who run Lakota schools, especially when you can see for yourself just how bad that behavior has been for the superintendent? 

When the upset parent’s speech was given, I was working on getting new school board members elected. For me, that was the solution: to get better management on the board who would take the job a lot more seriously, not drink so much, and find themselves in compromising situations when they went to social events around town and out of town. The stories from some of these events have been horrendous and embarrassing to me. I like my community; I think there are a lot of good people who live in Butler County. I’ve been associated with Butler County most of my life. I could have lived anywhere in the world that I wanted, but I loved Butler County so much that I stayed in the area by choice. But these extreme leftist types who always come with more government expansion, especially in the public schools, do not represent the values of the community I have known for five decades. Many people moved to the area to be part of that kind of community. They did not move to Butler County to be embarrassed by the extreme liberalism of Lakota schools. For too long, they have put up with it to go along to get along. But after learning more about just how liberal and sexually reckless the people who run Lakota schools really are, there has been a very steady chorus of anger that has been building for several years now. To say the least, when Matt Miller was hired to be the superintendent in 2017, he reflected the values obviously of the people who hired him. And to understand what those values were, just read the voluminous public records on the Protect Lakota Kids website. We know the school board knew in 2020 just how bad things were, and instead of fixing the problem, they moved to cover everything up, which everyone should find alarming.

I had hopes that good management might fix some of these problems, but instantly the governing board gave the new school board members a fruit basket of friendship and worked to either bring them into the fold or to get rid of them. One of the newly elected board members seemed to like the fruit basket. The other one could care less, and instantly, Matt Miller and his partners on the school board worked quickly to get rid of her. And at that point, it was apparent that I had wasted my time trying to work with the board to have proper management at Lakota. Because the sexual deviants, the swingers, and the radical left loons who make up Lakota management wanted to protect their racket from the outside eyes of the holy rollers in the community and their pesky “Christian values.” They had no desire to listen to voters; they simply wanted to hide bad behavior from the public, and by reviewing the public documents at Protect Lakota Kids, it’s obvious that this was a common assumption, not an isolated behavior. With our tax money, we were funding the kind of behavior among the adults at Lakota that we wouldn’t endorse in our community otherwise except behind the innocent faces of our children. 

Yes, the title of that website, Protect Lakota, is appropriate because if we don’t do it, who will? The school board certainly isn’t interested in helping kids find their moral compass in life. And if we aren’t teaching kids the basics of living a good, productive life, then what are we teaching them to be? If you leave it to the school, the role model they have in mind is Matt Miller. Obviously, the Lakota superintendent has serious sexual issues, as chronicled by the public records listed on the Protect Lakota Kids website. And you don’t have to live in Lakota to have an opinion about this matter. This is a problem in all public schools. Everywhere there are government schools, we see the same essential issues.

What is different about the school district of Lakota is that parents are taking control of their community. We have tried to elect good school board members. But the progressive types have rebelled against that notion. So, if parents can’t control their school board, they will create awareness with their own media, with websites like Protect Lakota   At that site, they are doing the job that the media should have been doing all along. But it’s not as if good people didn’t try to do things the traditional way. Speeches like the frustrated parent shown here have been going on for a long time. And it proves that the school board chose not to listen and to act to defend the bad behavior from the judgment of the public at all costs. And that isn’t acceptable. We aren’t paying all the money that we do in taxes to fuel this level of liberal politics. Butler County is a very conservative place in the world, and Lakota schools are a playground of liberalism that has embedded itself into our community in extremely unhealthy ways. It’s a fight worth having because, in the end, the product of the community is the children. Left to their own devices, the leadership of Lakota is intent on making kids into reflections of their own impoverished lifestyles, into the train wrecks spoken about by that concerned parent. I know that parent, and when she was talking about handpicking people from the GOP for the school board, she was talking about my work. She was frustrated with the results; she was ready to give up on the school way back then. I would say that it’s always good to try to fix something. But to her point, Lakota has been beyond gone for a long time now. And it will never get better if we allow them to govern themselves. Because given a choice, Lakota management will always pick the wrong thing.

Rich Hoffman

The Public Education Scam: It’s all about protecting an image to sell tax increases no matter how bad the behavior of the employees is

I wouldn’t say that Thom Fladung of Hennes Communications is the example of evil in the world, but it would be quite sufficient to define him and his partners as bricks in a vast wall of evil meant to destroy the First Amendment and ruin the foundations of American government. Whenever you see a message on some news report, such as, “we are not in a recession” or “the sex allegations are unproven,” you are likely seeing the work of some version of Thom Fladung working the media behind a veil of manipulation that would make William Shakespeare blush. In a clear case of child pornography possibilities, such as the Matt Miller case at Lakota schools, where the school superintendent was interviewed by police admitting to pillow talk about drugging, molesting, and videotaping the abuse for sexual gratification, and the kids weren’t random, but kids who went to the school he manages, the lack of concern for the children involved has been stunning. Rather than disciplining the superintendent or finding a new one, once this information got out in 2020 the school board called up Thom Fladung, a managing partner at Hennes. They advertise for just such crisis management. For them, a crisis is meant to be repaired to maintain reputations. And the reports are that Lakota schools were willing to spend over $300 per hour to make the Matt Miller story go away. They weren’t concerned about the behavior; the school board determined that what Matt Miller did in his private life had no impact on his job, even though in Matt’s ex-wife’s police interview, she indicated that there were naked pictures of kids on both of their phones which the superintendent had sent her and that during the divorce, there was a lot of effort to hide his online dating profiles with Ashley Madison, which were on his school computer. Logic would say that hearing such a thing, there would be an investigation to learn the truth, which would be vital if the school’s priorities were the students’ safety. Instead, they called Thom to come in and provide “reputation, crises management.”

This is how they contain stories and keep things from the public. Most people don’t understand the law or their rights and are easily intimidated. But not Venessa Wells. With the amount of information that has come out about this client, discovery would be a good thing, and would put everything in a public record where people could then learn much more. When I saw this, I took it as a bullying tactic, and I don’t like bullies. Especially after what we learned after the police report. The response to this notice resulted in legal action going the other way, and the lawsuits against the school that have been occurring. This employee of Lakota schools is their responsibility, and bad conduct will not be tolerated. They should have dealt with him in 2020 when they first learned of this vile behavior.

Apparently, Matt Miller is listed as one of the top superintendents in the country and is scheduled to speak at the ASU+GSV Summit at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from April 17th  through April 19th in San Diago, 2023. To protect that reputation, built over a long period of time, Lakota was willing in 2020, when they first learned about the problem, to pay to make it go away. The work of Thom kept local media from getting into the story and concealed the details from the public in general as if the public never had a right to know what kind of people they were hiring at Lakota with taxpayer money. The goal was concealment and protection of a reputation that was meant on paper to prop up the superintendent in progressive circles and get awards like a dog for doing what his master told him to do. According to the ASU bio, it says of Miller that he was one of only two superintendents in the country to lead the League’s Real-World Challenge Collaborative, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. Yes, that “Zuckerberg,” the progressive owner of Facebook, and his Zuckerbucks program to illegally steal elections with mail-in ballots tampered with during the 2020 election. Those are the kind of people who think that Matt Miller has been doing a good job. Miller has since gotten into a lot of trouble by essentially being the Dr. Fauci of Lakota schools and strictly enforcing the mask mandates for Covid, which made many parents angry. And when Miller dug in and became more combative, people started digging into his personal life and found this messy divorce which Thom has been paid to cover up. And now it’s out in the open, and everyone through public records who wants that information can have it.

And, of course, the reaction of Lakota to all this information, which is clearly terrible for the superintendent, was to cover it up. They tried to find a way to prevent massive amounts of evidence from coming out in public requests, text messages, dating profiles, emails, and all kinds of very serious allegations. But the information got out through the local sheriff’s department as it should have, leaving Lakota obviously uncovered about their methods. They had been caught covering up the actions of Matt Miller in 2020, and now they were paying more legal clean-up people to continue to cover it up. The media all had the information, of course, but by the rules established by people like Thom, who has experience as the managing editor of the Cleveland Plains Dealer and the Detroit Free Press, nobody was going to run with the story for fear of legal action. And in that way, crisis management professionals keep valuable information away from the public when they need it most. When bad things happen, and government schools or other institutions can hire someone like Thom Fladung to keep the information from the public, how can justice of any kind be utilized?   And it worked at Lakota with a story that should have been national news. A big-time school superintendent was caught in sexual conduct involving children, at the very least, thinking about sex with specific children, and there was proof from the police. It wasn’t hearsay and irrelevant or gossip talk. It came from Matt Miller’s own mouth during a police interview that is clearly indicated in the police report. 

The terrifying thing about this case is that everyone was caught red-handed. We know what Thom did and when; we know what the school board did and who knew what and when. We know what Matt Miller, the superintendent of Lakota schools, did because of a messy divorce that shows a very different person from the one who is supposed to be a featured speaker at ASU+GSV Summit, where they give you rewards for masking kids and following the progressive rules that Mark Zuckerberg is pushing on society. When those kinds of people like what you are doing, it only supports those who say government schools like Lakota are incubators of liberal politics meant to reprogram our children away from their parents and into a progressive nightmare that is unraveling all over the country currently. But to hide that evidence, Lakota would rather pay Thom Fladung to perform “reputation management” than to deal with the bad conduct that harmed the reputation in the first place. It’s a phony system built on lies and manipulation. And the media is obviously controlled by public relations and legal manipulators who keep things concealed behind the scenes in the hopes that the managing public who pays for everything will never find out. And when they do, they just grab the ball and hope to run out the clock by denying everything until people get tired of asking. The government plays a little game to protect its own; the police play along by not charging the target, which keeps it from being a story. Lawyers use threats of legal action to keep everyone on the fence.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg and his progressive friends give out rewards to people like Matt Miller for their work toward liberal politics on a mass scale; and the local government school uses that reputation to help sell more tax increases to the public. But lucky for the people of Lakota, there was a lot of citizen journalism that people like Thom Fladung didn’t control who did report the story, and people know what they need to now despite the efforts to cover it up. And now we see all these characters for what they are, what they did, and when. And we are far better off as taxpayers because of the bold actions of many people who just want their kids safe in public schools.

Rich Hoffman

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The Lakota School Board Shuts Down Public Comments, They Knew All Along: Her side of the story

At the Lakota school board meeting of October 10th, 2022, the board chose to shut down public comments so to avoid talking about the Matt Miller controversy in public. This is precisely why it’s important to know what the political affiliations are of your local school board members because when nonpartisan alignments are allowed, bad, liberal behavior can be hidden behind such politeness. And that is the ultimate tragedy of the Matt Miller situation at Lakota schools. Ironically, if we did not elect Darbi Boddy to the school board in 2021, and that she was attacked so quickly into her term with such viciousness, we likely wouldn’t know any of what we do of Matt Miller’s sex life. And as flawed and reckless as it has been, what has been the real quality of a very expensive superintendent? Looking back on it, it’s a real blessing that Darbi was attacked so harshly and that so many community members came to her defense. The ugliness that many of us have known was always behind Lakota schools, which actually are the cause of their runaway costs, has been revealed in the wake of the Matt Miller drama, and as bad as it has been, the district is much better off than it was in not knowing. But what was revealing when reading the police interview of Matt Miller’s ex-wife is that Lakota schools did know; they knew all along how bad their superintendent was behaving in public, and instead of solving the behavior, they decided, because they are primarily liberals, that Matt Miller’s lifestyle did not have an impact on his ability to do his job as a superintendent. And knowing that makes you wonder what kind of behavior they would find worthy of termination. 

People weren’t happy when public comments were shut down at a recent Lakota school board meeting. The choice to hide the Matt Miller controversy by the school has turned out very bad.

Well, actually, we do know that same school board moved to get rid of the newcomer, Darbi Boddy, who was unashamedly conservative simply because she was a conservative. But in so trying to destroy her, they opened up this vast public anger that probed into the life of Matt Miller and found an ex-wife who felt very bad about her marriage to the superintendent, and that guilt let out many things that the public needed to know, which were already known behind the scenes, and now the school itself has significant problems. According to the public record of the ex-wife’s interview, the elements of their divorce leaked out in 2020. The school moved to get help from a reputation swat team to clean up the matter because Miller had used his office and tools of that office to maintain a dating profile that was embarrassing and consistent with what was revealed in the two police interviews, one with him and the other with his wife at the time. In Miller’s interview, he portrayed his ex-wife as crazy and had difficulty figuring out why all this information was coming out now, as opposed to 2019, when the divorce happened. Well, according to her, it took her a while to live alone and figure out what she had gone through for the last couple of decades while married to a guy who wanted her to have sex with other men, women, and couples at least 2 or 3 times a month. She felt she needed to appease him; otherwise, he would become angry. And the impact on her over all this was clearly daunting. After reading it, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Until I got the public document for myself, I had only heard of her through the many documents, the text messages, and other material that filled a bulging folder with lots of bad sexual behavior.

Of course, in her report, there was a lot of information in the context of the most controversial aspect of the drama, the conversation of pillow talk regarding the drugging, molestation, and videotaping of three kids who attend Lakota schools. When he tells it, it sounds like a sexual fantasy that she had which he obliged in. When she told it, it sounded like a scheme to keep her from divorcing him by talking her into doing something outrageous so that he’d have a video of her doing it, and he could threaten her to stay with him now that their kids were grown. But that the discussion took place, there is clearly no doubt. His value for the relationship looks to have been easier for him to have sex with other males because of her than without her, which can be concluded by reading his Craigslist advertisements of her to unknown characters for such engagements. So, he wanted to keep a good thing going, and getting her to do something outrageous was a way to accomplish that task, which isn’t uncommon. That is at least the conclusion of her many friends who have stepped forward in defense of the ex-wife whom they have developed great sympathy for. Having dirt on people is a primary way to get others to do what might not be in their best interest. And ultimately, it’s also why so many people stay silent on these kinds of matters because they can’t afford to have a moral judgment. After all, they, too, have been compromised at some point in time. After reading both reports several times, I tend to believe her side of the story much more than his. She says this, and another event was what broke her and caused her to leave him without many resources for herself to live off of. She is the one who took all the pain to make a change, so she is much more invested in the correct answer than he is. And that certainly comes out in her version of the story. 

As salacious as all these details are, the worst part of the story has been what the Lakota school board knew and when they knew it. And to what rationalization they had about the matter when they knew they had an obligation to public transparency. By the time we came out of the Covid lockdowns and we elected new board members, replacing a few who clearly made bad decisions on the Matt Miller case, the volcano was destined to blow. Such an overtly sexual lifestyle could not be contained, and the liberals’ expectation was no different than their defense of Bill Clinton (it’s just about sex, he can still do his job.)  And just like that, the assumption was that the community would not or that their opinions would be accepted because they were too conservative and out of touch with the progressive Lakota school system. And that we were all supposed just to accept this level of bad behavior while paying an extraordinary amount of money for each house in the district to the school without any expectation of performance. Since Matt Miller came to the district in 2017, there has been a steady decline in the quality of education as measured by state sources, and now we know that for him, it was mainly a cosmetic role. His Ashley Madison and Craigslist dating accounts show quite a commitment to the kind of sex that conservatives find reprehensible and anti-family in the extreme. Yet the community members were supposed to bring their concerns about their own children to him for consideration. And that topics of transexual bathrooms were to be judged by him? That PRIDE flags in the halls were normal? When you see his lifestyle, it’s clear why they hated Darbi the moment she was elected. And why they were so threatened when she showed up at a couple of schools in April to record evidence of sexual grooming at Lakota schools, which everyone said wasn’t happening, including Matt Miller. But then again, he also said that he never thought about drugging, molesting, and videotaping three kids, except that one time. And in this case, as bad as it is, the cover-up is even worse than the initial act. The school board has known all along, and they covered it up for fear that people might learn about it. Can you imagine what else they have been covering up from us? Can we trust anything they say? I’d say no. 

Rich Hoffman

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Thank God For The “Pearl Clutchers” of Lakota: What Matt Miller said……….

It’s not false accusations or character assassination to repeat what a person says about themselves. Matt Miller, the highly political superintendent at Lakota schools, has said quite a lot. He told police during a recent interview that he and his wife would “role-play” and engage in “pillow talk,” which on one occasion included a discussion of drugging, molesting, and recording three kids. That is consistent with the divorce statements made by his wife that were revealed in a recent police report. His wife also correlated that Miller asked her to babysit the three kids (who are children in the Lakota school district from people they knew as a couple), drug them, molest them, and record herself in sexual activity. She says she did not do any of that. She also said that Miller asked her to have sex with their son and his friends. Those aspects of Matt Miller’s private life were part of a Cincinnati Enquire article that came out on September 28th, 2022, titled “Lakota Superintendent Investigation: Here’s what we know.” It’s worth reading, to say the least. There is a lot more to the story that the police would eventually report that were consensual adults’ actions. The part with the children falls within the realm of fantasy and isn’t against the law by itself.    An audit of his phone records only costs $5000.00 and likely would be worth doing, especially since that same article, and the police report, indicates that there were naked pictures of children sent to his wife from Matt Miller’s phone, and that would certainly be a crime. But that would open up a whole new can of worms, and many people are having trouble with what they currently know. This has been one of those cases that is a nightmare for any community. I would argue that it’s good to know these things about the people we pay for as public employees. But some people would rather not know which is the real story. As outrageous as Matt Miller’s sex life reported by him has been, the community reaction to it is the real indicator of the cause.  

The shock has come from the community’s reaction to this story; many people are angry that there were whistleblowers who reported this story. But they aren’t angry at all about what Matt Miller, as a superintendent, has done, which he has admitted to. Given how he gave his statements at the end of the school board meeting held on September 28th, there is obviously a lot more to the story. If he has admitted to what he has, just think of what he still hasn’t. Which is the reason he worked during his divorce to keep his online dating profiles out of that case, especially the Ashley Madison and Tinder accounts, which his legal representation claimed would reveal Miller’s most private and intimate disclosures exposed solely to embarrass him and not for reasons relevant to the case. Well, the best way to not be embarrassed by such things is not to do them.   And it should be expected that a public figure like Matt Miller would know better than to engage in any socially reckless behavior, let alone as much as he obviously has. Many defenders of Matt Miller are hoping for a broader legal defense of him due to the perceived character assassination. Well, that would be interesting, considering what we know. Legal action beyond divorce court would allow much more to be learned during discovery, and that forensic audit of the phone records would put much to rest. And these dating profiles would undoubtedly be relevant to how he has conducted himself as a paid employee of the Lakota school system. Yet, the worst of the news likely is that which he has already admitted to police under his own voluntary response during the police report investigation that was reported in detail in the Enquirer article. 

The Miller defenders have turned to call the whistleblowers “Pearl Clutchers,” indicating that their high moral standards are somehow bad. But if people can’t look at this case and not see bad, what does that say about them? Or the kids they are raising? Why has the school board been so slow to act on this? What does that say about them? The previous board members, some of who were voted out during the last election, knew much of this information, but they kept Matt anyway; they even gave him a raise. What were they thinking? Apparently, many people truly think that the drugging of kids and talking about molesting them is normal behavior, and that has been the most stunning aspect of the entire ordeal. Rather than be angry at Matt Miller, they have taken the teacher’s union strategy of attacking the whistleblowers with derogatory terminology like “pearl clutchers, or huggers” and stating that it’s not good to “judge” other people. Well, it is good to judge; it is what makes us all different from animals. Animals do what they are biologically programmed to do. Humans can take memory and experience and make future judgments based on intellectual history, which is what education of any kind is supposed to do. If we have so many people rationalizing animal behavior, which is all that sex is, then there isn’t much hope for any of them on any topic.

We can’t even have an intelligent discussion about CRT and sexual grooming in the classroom if they will rationalize the drugging and molestation of children as a fantasy. When a public employee is in charge of 17,000 students, if they can’t see something wrong with that information, there is no discussion on other matters that can be relevant. People should be able to agree that any sex with children is bad, whether in practice or in “pillow talk.” But obviously, what has been revealed is that people in the Lakota school district can’t even agree on that. This is why Matt Miller seems oblivious to why anybody is even upset about his sexual lifestyle. That is how far society, in general, has fallen. Matt Miller is a product of that fall. Not the cause.  Trying to appeal to him on any sexual concerns at Lakota schools would obviously be a worthless enterprise.

When Matt Miller stated at the school board that these attacks on him started a few years ago, he was right. But he dismissed the cause as if it had nothing to do with it. Matt Miller has openly worked to eliminate whatever school board members have been elected that were conservative. He recently pushed to force Todd Parnell to resign over woke statements, and Darbi Boddy wasn’t on the board for more than a few days before the push to get rid of her started. He has played vicious political hardball, so he should have expected much action to come back in his direction. But the way he handled Covid caused most of his current political problems and created such a storm that many Republican moms in the background were thinking of joining Darbi Boddy on the school board. Matt Miller made himself into the Lakota version of Dr. Fauci and Gretchen Whitmore with his mask policies and yielding all control of Lakota school over to the Butler County Health Department and their ridiculous mask policies.

Nobody expected that what would come out about Matt Miller would be all these bizarre sexual lifestyle revelations. And by themselves, they might be gross. We would expect a person leading an education environment to be less animal and more human in what they think about. But when he says to police on a police report that is then reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer where he was willing to admit that he asked his wife to drug, molest, and videotape three kids, that we are all supposed to accept that it was just pillow talk and move on, there is a major disconnect with reality. And that people who find that behavior outrageous are somehow the real problem as “pearl clutchers.” It should be that 100% of the Lakota community should find any sexual behavior toward kids as terrible, whether thought about or acted upon. Yet that is not the case. The “pearl clutchers” are not welcomed in this discussion and are hated for pointing out what people don’t want to see. And revealed in that underbelly of our society is the real problem, a story that is much worse than anything Matt Miller has done. And by his own admission, that is quite a thing to consider.

Rich Hoffman

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The Police Report: Zero tolerance for liars and bullies

As I said in the video, the two things I have zero tolerance for are liars and bullies, whether individually or through institutions. And this whole case with Matt Miller, the superintendent of Lakota schools, is the result of both. And since trouble was first announced in August of 2022, the worst in people and those traits has only escalated the problem to the result of this police report, which is available through a public record request with the Butler County Sheriff’s Department. And given the pressure and emotion of a situation like this, I am impressed with the investigation and report. I wanted Matt Miller to be innocent; I didn’t want to believe what kind of information that a small army of friends connected to his ex-wife was reporting about his behavior during his marriage to her. They had all been triggered by watching how Matt was treating the school board member Darbi Boddy and what came from them to a friend of mine, Vennessa Wells, a former Lakota school board candidate, which I explain in detail in the video, were things that nobody wants to think about. When I saw it, because of the seriousness of it, I instantly recommended sending it to the police because this wasn’t tabloid stuff about who was sleeping with whom and for what salacious reason. This is an admission that sent their marriage into counseling and eventual termination because of its audaciousness. And when it comes to public employees, like Matt Miller is, who is the spokesperson for Lakota schools as a public figure, and everything is paid for with public money, the behavior in a bedroom when it deviates from standard husband/wife activities becomes everyone’s business, especially when it involves the kind of behavior that the officers interviewing both his ex-wife and Matt Miller himself revealed. 

The whole report is bad for the way I see things. It shows a history of a reckless sexual lifestyle that culminated in the point of the entire report, which the Lakota school board chose not to discuss with the public. They received this report on September 9th and have been reporting to the public that it cleared Matt Miller of any wrongdoing. When referring to the activities reported during an interview with the Lakota superintendent, initially, he said to the investigators that the activities he participated in did not involve minors but that they, as a couple, did participate in sexual encounters, as alluded to elsewhere in the report. Then, as the investigation continued, he admitted that they had “pillow talk” about role-playing, drugging, molesting, and recording on video sex acts with three juveniles. The police report also references the possession of images of underage nude children that could easily be obtained by correlating his phone at the time or through the carrier. This part of the report was odd because Matt Miller admitted to talking about sex with underage children with his wife as if “pillow talk” gave him the excuse of any liability. But as all child pornography tends to assume, the downloading of it, the planning of it, or the act of it tends to inspire very severe penalties. Yet under pressure from the investigators, he rationalized this behavior as acceptable social conduct, behavior we wouldn’t have known if his ex-wife and her friends had not come forward with information that they were inspired to through the treatment of the board of current school board member Darbi Boddy. It’s not like people were looking for dirt on Matt Miller’s lifestyle. It came forward through his social interactions and the power of his position.

When I first read all the Craigslist information and the many text messages between Miller and his wife, as she was feeling bad about everything, and he was not denying that anything she was saying had happened, I saw it immediately as a case for the authorities. They needed a chance to do the right thing and provide a proper investigation. I wanted this case to be about a messy divorce where an ex-spouse wanted to bring down her husband out of further vengeance for a marriage gone wrong. With the mention of children and their own child involved in “pillow talk,” I was hoping it all just to be salacious nonsense. But during the interview, Matt Miller admitted that they had talked about it as part of their fantasy talk in the bedroom, and that was it for me. All this occurred in 2019, and as of this writing, this is 2022. The only reason we know any of this is because of his ex-wife and her many friends who feel she was an abused person and wanted to defend her publicly. The superintendent’s actions against Darbi Boddy were their trigger mechanism to do so. But now we have to question what don’t we know. I would certainly hope that sexual fantasies with underage children are not common. A mind that allows itself to think such things are broken and needs help. They certainly don’t need to be in charge of 17,000 students behind locked security from the outside world that the superintendent controls exclusively. That doesn’t sound like a very “safe” environment. If little kids are the subject of “pillow talk,” Matt Miller probably shouldn’t have eyes on children under his care. 

Even worse is the school board’s reaction to this report. They read the same thing, yet they punted everything to a third-party investigation, just as they have for CRT. And from the teacher’s union at Lakota came a steady stream of denials that there was any evidence, even as everyone had this police report in their hands. They claimed that anything said against Matt Miller was unsubstantiated before they even knew that there was a police report. I received lots of hate mail from community activists who attacked Venessa and me and continued to spread all kinds of misinformation on various social media platforms trying to do damage control without knowing anything about the facts. I was bewildered as I saw some of these while holding pages and pages of evidence in my hand. I considered much of that evidence hearsay until the police did their investigation. I expected Matt Miller, when interviewed, to say something to the effect, even if he was lying, “no, no, I would never think of doing anything sexual to children.” I may not care much for the guy, but on a level of basic human decency, I would hope that he would at least not cross that line. But instead, he said it was “pillow talk.” For the police, is pillow talk illegal when it involves children? Possession of nude photos of children certainly is, and that would seem easy enough to get. We just saw that the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office had a family member sent to prison for the rest of his life because of child pornography, so we can only speculate why the words “at this time” concluded this report. I would agree with Lindsey Sheehan on the evidence; so far, it was a one-sided conversation that would need cross-referencing with carrier data, an inspection of Matt Miller’s computer, and further interviews with more witnesses. And who has the stomach for all that, especially on such a large and public case? And who needs all that when you have the superintendent himself admitting to what he did to the officers? That was bad enough. But worse, so many adults supposed to care anything for children were more concerned about protecting Matt Miller than what might be best for children. That certainly wasn’t their first priority, as shown by their actions.

Rich Hoffman

It’s All About Intent: Throwing stones is important to a civil society, so is living without sin as much as possible

After years of covering these public education issues, I arrived at my saturation point long ago. I like to think about positive things, and government schools do very little that is good in the world. If you are a person who still thinks there is some benefit to them, you likely need to redefine what you consider good. And that has certainly been my thought about this latest issue in Lakota schools, the district where I live, where the superintendent has gotten himself into all kinds of trouble due to a failed marriage that has certainly leaked out of the bedroom and into his very public position as a school superintendent. I have wanted to be wrong about him and the case in general. There are lots of people who are concerned about the case, who have kids going to the school, and due to the nature of the accusations that were mentioned against Matt Miller, the person who identified himself as a public figure on his Facebook page, he has brought the taxpayers quite a list of problems that he could have easily have avoided if only he took more caution in his personal affairs. The result has been a disgusting exhibition of bad judgment and reckless disregard for basic decency. Unfortunately, the police report is in, and it didn’t say that the evidence that told this horrible story wasn’t discredited. The sexual deviancy was true. But at this time, they didn’t have enough evidence to move forward with the criminal part of the story, which is what has concerned me the most.

The trouble I have with it all is that if the evidence hasn’t been discredited from its source, in this case, an ex-wife, then that means it could be corresponded with cell phone data that the cell phone carrier could provide, and at this point, there is very little will to perform that task. Based on what I know of the case after talking to lawyers, police officials, and several politicians, the reason is that this has major political ramifications that would be too much for everyone involved. Nobody wants to subject themselves to that level of pain. I would add that all this evidence is available upon a document request, including the text messages. At this time, to get that evidence, I would refer you to inquire about it through the official channels of the Lakota school board. There is a meeting on 9.12.22 where these questions could be asked, and I’d suggest that be the place to get answers to your questions. The media knows all about this story and have been sitting on it for many of the same reasons described. The school board has been waiting for this police report, and now they have it. So using the official channels of communication is the way to perform these inquiries. 

What bothers me most about this case is the behavior of the surrounding cast of characters. I always think more information is better than not having enough. But I asked a school board member three years ago specifically about Matt Miller’s sexual relationships because I had noticed a change in him over time. He had looked a lot more disheveled in recent years, to the point where when I shook his hand in public events, he was noticeably different. So I asked about it because there was a lot about him to be suspicious about regarding his personal behavior, outside of the role he performed for the school as a superintendent. And yes, it’s the public business when taxpayers pay him $200K per year. A public role expects that he will maintain a positive public profile, and he clearly was showing signs of something going wrong in his life. I thought it might be sexual in nature or maybe substance abuse. Things happen to people, but I remember specifically asking about it because it was a noticeable change. Now that I have seen the contents of the divorce records, the Craigslist ads, and the revelations of pillow talk between him and his wife at the time, it all makes sense. And I hate to say it, but I was very right about it. 

Knowing all this about himself, it is bewildering why he went after the new school board member Darbi Boddy the way he did because the hypocrisy of it is what provoked his ex-wife to go public with the contents of their divorce. She saw a pattern of behavior that reminded her of their marriage, and she thought it was unfair treatment toward Darbi. Darbi didn’t seek out the information; the information came out as a result of Matt Miller going after Darbi Boddy over the trespass charge he leveled against her. It bothered the ex-wife, so she sought out people who would tell her story. When I saw the contents of this information, I thought it was on the serious side and that the police needed to be involved, and that is how things have arrived where they are now. Now that the police have done their work, up to the current status, my hopes of all this being just political or inflammatory have been abandoned. So for all those who wanted to believe that it’s all hearsay, out of convenience for what the school system does for the community, or to protect whatever perceived value there was in it, the facts are the facts. They are available as public documents, and you can see them for yourself. There has already been a lot talked about it on social media. Much of the worst of it has been discussed on Facebook. It bothers me so much that I am simply telling people to get that information from the school board. The superintendent is their employee, and he’s their problem. They had an opportunity to get rid of him a few years ago when they obviously knew a lot of this bad behavior but determined that he could still perform his job in a public capacity. Yet that turned out not to be the case because if these kinds of things are out there, it limits his ability to manage anything because the ghosts come out of the closet when provoked. 

The behavior of so many people has been disappointing; in many cases, people I know and have known well. This problem occurs when compromised people have to pass moral judgments. I would say that this is why it’s good to live a clean life. Because morally, you may be called upon to make decisions that either make society better or worse. And if you get caught trying to explain away bad behavior because you are also guilty of the same kind of stuff, then you will not be able to call balls and strikes when it’s required of you. Even if you want to participate in “adult” behavior, you probably shouldn’t because when the time comes like this and moral opinions are essential to protecting children and taxpayer dollars; you won’t be so equipped. And that is obviously part of the anger at new school board members like Darbi Boddy and others who the ex-wife sought out to tell her story due to the public spectacle the superintendent blew out of proportion for purely political reasons. The political opponents to the board, the Tea Party conservatives, and the Holy Rollers of evangelical sentiment are throwing stones because they are not sinning. When the assumption is that nobody should pass judgment if they are not without sin, well, not everyone is doing the kinds of things that Matt Miller and his wife were up to sexually. And when it comes to sexual addiction or lifestyles that have an unhealthy relationship to sex, it’s a bottomless pit where fantasies migrate over into the intent to do something terrible outside the bedroom. And in many legal circumstances, not those as politically charged as this case, “intent” is all that is required. 

Rich Hoffman

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Child Pornographer and ex-Lakota Teacher George Merk Strikes Again: The continued problem of sex addiction among public education employees

I shouldn’t have to say it, I don’t take pleasure in saying it, but I warned everyone about the former Lakota teacher George Merk nearly ten years ago. Click here to read what I said then. Now he is facing four felony charges for pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor. He left Lakota back in 2014 after being suspended for the same issue in 2013. And now, he was arrested after his most recent teaching assignment with the Greater Ohio Virtual School, so this guy has been out there for a while doing this sexually perverse activity, and many people knew about it. And they hired him anyway. This is the problem with public schools and their union-controlled employment forces, they work so hard to keep out prying eyes to protect their members, but often kids are left vulnerable in the vacuum. And the institutions put the employees before the kids’ safety way too often. And many parents know it, but they need to send their kids to school, so they try to overlook the problem the best they can. But when they see how Darbi Boddy was treated as a school board member at Lakota for trying to police the halls and see for herself what kind of bad behavior is actually going on behind the security parameter, then people get mad. Because they hear stories, lots of stories of swinging teachers, crazy naked pictures sent on school phones, and abuses of power that are beyond forgiveness using authority of position in ways detrimental to the community, to say the least. And when some loser like this George Merk character keeps emerging with the same problem year after year for decades now, and nobody does anything to protect kids from him, natural anger emerges, and people want justice. 

For all those who are asking about situations that are just beginning to come out in the open at Lakota, I would remind everyone what I say all the time; people are innocent until proven guilty. Even when there is evidence, sometimes people make up things about other people out of complete spite, so we can’t just take people’s word for something. Co-workers and ex-spouses can and do harbor malicious feelings and will sometimes make things up completely to harm someone they want to destroy. But when they present evidence, that evidence must be considered and investigated. I can say that I know for certain that several investigations are going on that the police are handling. And we need to give them the room to do those investigations. The crimes of the past that occurred with Merk are not happening presently, people are speaking out, and action is taken to conduct proper investigations without the hint of a cover-up. (Yet) But given the past, especially at Lakota, and all public schools for that matter, I can understand why people would assume that the police would sit on these kinds of crimes and why school boards would not want a public relations nightmare by knowing about bad things, and not doing anything about them to protect the children in the school. It has happened plenty of times in the past. Nobody in their right mind should have hired George Merk for anything. But the schools will say that they are desperate for labor, for people who will show up for work, and all too often, teachers are a certain kind of person who is all too tempted to drift into sexually perverse lifestyles. And once that path is started down, like drugs, it’s hard to get it under control.

We just had the John Gray incident in Goshen, where he was president of the school board and very involved in education issues in Ohio. I have known him, actually, quite well. A few months ago, he was caught trying to meet an 11-year-old girl for a naked backrub in Indiana, and it took citizen journalists to catch him. If people didn’t speak up, he wouldn’t have been caught. In public, nobody would have thought that he would be any kind of person who would even think of doing such a thing. But, apparently, it’s been going on for a while with him, and he had access to children for a long time. I have noticed that public education types; they tend to lean more liberal than the rest of society; they have expendable income and time to use that money on a leisurely lifestyle. And often, they fill their time with overly sexual lifestyles. Whether it’s the swingers club in Milford or a wine party at someone’s house where sex partners are passed around like baseball cards because all the adult participants are bored with life and looking for some way to spice up their marriages to match their porn addictions, it doesn’t take much to end up crossing a line when it comes to kids. I’ve covered many stories of sexual impropriety in public schools, which has been just the tip of the iceberg. I would never consider knowing what I do about public schools and sending any child I love to them. I consider them dangerous places. Very dangerous places and the less oversight there is, the worse the sexual problems get—the less the teachers and administrators try to hide it. 

That’s why the attack on Darbi at Lakota opened up such a can of worms, because people don’t go to the meetings to be seen in public, but they watch online from the comfort of their homes, and they see the hypocrisy. They like that Darbi was looking out for their fears of what is happening in these public schools’ halls. Even where my mind is on these things, I would say we shouldn’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater. For many parents, public schools have become a necessary babysitting service that they need. But I would say that much more oversight is necessary because without a very vigilant management group in public schools scrutinizing everything, the perverted minds of a certain percentage of the employee population will be up to no good. And when no good becomes boring, and wife swapping isn’t exciting anymore, then sex with kids starts to become the next gateway drug. And unfortunately, the evidence points to the fact that this is a massive problem, not just an occasional one. I’ve been talking about this stuff for a long time, and people like this George Merk loser are typical, not unique. It is possible to discover them before they bring harm to innocent children. But to do that, school boards, parents, and even other teachers need to start thinking about what’s best for the kids, not what’s best for the institution itself. When we learn about people like George Merk, the damage is far less than the attempted cover-up of the bad behavior. Until government schools stop covering up the sex-obsessed employee base with all their indulgent behavior that is too politically progressive for most parents, if they knew about it, then we will continue to have these types of embarrassments in public education. We can’t change the direction of society; we are no longer the kind of society that kept the Playboy and Penthouse magazines on the top shelf away from kids. We are a society of porn addiction, and too often, those who are most liberal in our society and make the most money, like government employees do, and have time to think about these kinds of destructive things; we must correct the behavior with more oversight, not less. And only when we have done that can we say we are doing what’s right for the kids in the school. 

Rich Hoffman

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