The Great Option of Homeschooling: To see just how bad public schools are, walk the halls of Lakota

Saving Kids by Homeschooling Them

Just to let you know how bad it is, the pictures included here were taken in one of the 22 schools within my school district of Lakota.  As you’ll see, it’s all about Critical Race Theory, all the time with them.  So much so I would consider them a danger to any child.  I would never in a million years send any kid of mine to a public school these days.  If you want to know what’s wrong with public schools, take a walk through the halls of Lakota in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you’ll get a good idea.  I never thought they were any good, but now, they are just horrendous.  Ironically, just as revealing as those pictures were, I had the chance to meet up with some old friends at the Annie Oakley Wild West Show I’ve been involved in for over a few decades.  They have a swarm of kids I’ve watched grow up, and now they are all bloomed.  I only see them once a year, so it has been fascinating watching them grow, and I can only say that they are such intelligent and fully developed kids.  They are super nice kids, very gifted, socially extremely confident.  They don’t have that beat-down look on their faces that most children have these days, 22 and under.  Taking those kids out of the cesspool of public education has been great for them. The results show after looking at those pictures from the walls of Lakota schools, which is reflective of all public schools all over the country, it’s easy to see why parents are upset.  They have a right to be. But at least there is a silver lining I’ve known about but haven’t had much exposure to.  Like the kids I mentioned who have homeschooled their entire lives, more and more parents are taking advantage of that option.  My kids are a few of them, and they were over this week showing me the learning material they have for starting this school year, and I have to say, I was very impressed. 

This is what is in the Halls of Lakota Schools

I remember what it was like; as I told in the story above, public schools have been garbage for decades.  They weren’t very good when I was in school.  They were terrible when my kids were going to school, so much so that we homeschooled for one of their years, and in their last two years, they finished their courses online and graduated at home.  Both of my children graduated early and spent time in Europe learning about the world while their classmates from Lakota were still trying to get a date for the prom.  And as for today, I would say, if you love your children at all, do not send them to the garbage heap that is public school for the life of you.  It’s no accident at Lakota and many other schools that they have started All Day Kindergarten because that is all that government schools are to parents, a free babysitting service ran by radical progressive activists paid for by the taxpayers.  That is why they are also pushing pre-school options because parents have kids, but they need to get back to work.  So they drop their kids off at these government schools to raise because they need the free babysitting, then wonder 12 years later why their kids are all screwed up as young adults.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, and my kids love their kids, so they’ve been looking for options, and what they brought me to show me was some of the most wonderful homeschooling material I’ve ever seen.  There was a time when my wife and I homeschooled our kids because the public school at the time, Mason, wanted to teach sex education in the 4th grade by putting a condom on a cucumber.  Well, these were my kids; they were little and were never going to have an opportunity to need to learn to put a condom on a penis.  My kids were going to be little and learning as much as they could as long as I could fight off the evils of the world to let their childhoods be as good as possible.  The school freaked out when my wife and I wouldn’t sign the permission slip, and a fight ensued that got quite bad.  It resulted in us pulling our kids from school and homeschooling for a year, which at that time was one of the hardest things we had ever done.

CRT at Lakota Schools

It wasn’t the education that was hard; it was the social stigma.  I never cared, but it mattered to my wife.  We were in our 30s at the time, and we did not have the support of our parents.  For our parents and society in general, public school was about dances, school jackets, and class rings.  They were the kind of people who went to their class reunions at five and 10-year intervals.  The friends they made in public school lasted a lifetime.  It was like the movie Grease, the school was about friends and memories, and they hated that we were robbing our children of those great things.

They Have Groups for Everything, But American Appreciation at Lakota

Only, school had changed since their days, and they had no idea what was going on.  When the Department of Education was put in place by teacher union lobbying in 1979, I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade at the time.  I was able to watch firsthand how that old view of public education changed into a radical political cesspool controlled by labor unions and their leftist desires.  I hated school more and more each year I was there; it was stifling to creativity and involved too much group think.   By the time my kids went to school, it was worse.  Not in the first few years, but by the time they were trying to push off sex education to 4th graders, it had gotten out of control.  Most of the kids were going home to empty houses from the school’s logic, and the kids were having sex until the parents got home from their jobs.  But that wasn’t fair to the kids who went home to a loving parent or two and had good lives at home.  Those kids didn’t need to be destroyed by such education methods of social rendering at the expense of innocence.  So the only real option was to homeschool them, but back then, when my kids were of that age, there wasn’t great social support. 

The Future is Women, so think of all the Young White Boys, what are they Supposed to do?

Now that has changed, my kids will teach all their kids at home, and all their Instagram friends think it’s great.  Of course, they have parental support from us, but more than that, most of their friends are saying now that they wish they could afford to teach their kids at home instead of sending them to these terrible public schools.  The branding of public schools has gone south over the years.  Most adults who have kids wish they made enough money to either send their kids to private schools or take advantage of the tremendous network of homeschool resources available now.  They feel the same way the rest of us think about public schools, except they don’t have the option of staying home because they have jobs to teach their kids at home.  My kids have built their life around the matter, and I’m proud of them, even more so now that I’ve seen what kind of resources my grandchildren will have to work with. I’ve seen the results of homeschooled children.  Every kid in America should have such a chance at a good education.  But they just aren’t going to get it at these misrun government schools as they are today.  If you love your kid, you will not send them to any of them.  Because if there is anything genuinely equal in this world, it’s that public schools are all equally bad.  If the government runs them, they are terrible for your kid, and you should do everything you can to avoid those places at all costs.      

Rich Hoffman

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Brad Lovell is a Great Example of What’s Wrong in Public Education: Taking a job in Sycamore keeps him advocating progressive tyrannies like Critical Race Theory

Why School Boards Never Listen

Brad Lovell of the Lakota school board in Northern Cincinnati is an excellent example of what’s wrong with public education.  Likely wherever you are reading this, you have your version of a Brad Lovell type.  You wonder why the school board never listens, and when they do, they give you appeasement answers, never really dealing with the actual problem.  When for instance, there are radical activists who push transexual bathrooms in a public education setting, and the school board never shows an inclination to deal with it or to go along with it and expect the community to live with their decision as it falls on deaf ears, you can know that for people like Brad, he’s using the school board to protect his nest eggs. Brad’s wife, for example, is a teacher at Lakota.  From his position on the board, he can protect her job and benefits in many indirect ways as a member of the school board, while building up his portfolio for a job like he just landed with Sycamore schools, just across town from Lakota as a Director of Business Operations.  This is ironic because he recently made it clear on the board that he wanted to blow all the reserve money at Lakota and to spend it into oblivion on completely useless renovations so that he could push another tax increase.  The school board punted this year on it, likely due to the election this fall, but Brad loves to spend money and has a big progressive mindset regarding public education, which other schools love, like Sycamore.  But Sycamore wouldn’t have known Brad from a hole in the ground had he not been a school board member in good standing with the teacher’s union at Lakota, which has provided him with a great networking opportunity to exploit.

You could go to virtually any school board in the United States and see the same behavior from the school board.  School boards were designed to be volunteer services by the community to manage their local school systems. Still, with the big international trade unions running the majority of the employees, community volunteers are often not equipped to deal with the political influences of these radical unions.  The union tactics are usually enough to keep good people from running.  That usually means what you get is someone like Brad Lovell, who wants a job in education and will do anything and endure everything to have it.  If the political pressures mean he needs to be a big-time progressive, then he’ll do it.  People like these types often tell themselves they are doing all this for their children, but the truth is, they love the public adulation and the feeling of community that all liberals enjoy.  That sense of community that liberal people crave like a blanket at night to hide under from the monsters they think is in their closet.  They are big spenders of other people’s money, and when people complain, they do nothing about the complaints.  Their real goal is to get the next big education job and show the system itself that they can be trusted to keep all the secrets in such places as public schools.

I could name off many cases over the years where a teacher or administrator would send naked pictures of themselves to students they fell in love with.  It happens more than you’d like to believe.  It’s always a frustrating mystery why school boards sit on their hands and do nothing about it.  Well, people like Brad don’t want to screw up their next big gig like going to Sycamore for a job as a “business director.” The goal of most school board candidates is to make friends and keep the image of the school on the high side.  Not to protect the students from predatory teachers or the eventualities of financial collapse because the teachers can’t live within a budget and always look to the school board to rubber-stamp everything.  Brad is on the record to be a tax increase supporter and active one.  So that makes him a member of the club in the school system and an attractive prospect at Sycamore.  They protect their own once it’s been established who they are.  Brad has managed to market himself as one of “them” since his election to the board in 2017. 

When a teacher or administrator gets in trouble with a student over sex, or other bad behavior, it is nearly impossible to fire them.   Instead, they reshuffle the deck in public education and move them to a different district.  After all, there’s not much difference between Sycamore, Lakota, Fairfield, or Cincinnati Public.  Young parents are not quite wise to the world’s ways think there are differences, which is why they buy homes in Lakota instead of downtown Cincinnati. Still, all government schools are rackets built only to support progressive causes, like Critical Race Theory and very high incomes for those who play along, like Brad Lovell, for a good paycheck and a chance to be someone in life.  What business is there in Sycamore for an Operations Director?  The product is our children.  Schools don’t sell anything; they just take, take, take from those who produce things in the world.  What is meant by a Director of Business Development is someone who can set the image of the school into something that can get the subsequent tax increase passed.  And Brad needed to take a job like that before he ruined himself by trying to push Lakota through a levy increase.  A few failures at the voting booth often destroy the brands of the administrators guilty of supporting tax increases for quite a long time. 

The critical thing to know is that this is the nature of the game for school boards, so when you wonder why they never get involved in problems like transexual bathrooms or critical race theory, and your cries fall on deaf ears, now you know why.  The school board people themselves don’t take money for the jobs. Still, they use the positions to build them up for other things later, like a nice, high-paying administrative job that is just a token position to justify another tax increase on property owners.  That is the aim of the teacher unions, which are very committed to abolishing private property as a communist goal from the beginning.  Most teachers in these public-school unions aren’t sitting around reading Karl Marx.  But where else can they make six figures with their worthless skills?  And where else could someone like Brad Lovell be considered an “administrator” of any worth?  Government jobs are done for the dreary average who surrender thought to the system. Those employees aren’t asking questions about ideology so long as they are getting paid within the system.  And that’s why Brad will never listen to concerned parents as a Lakota school board member.  Because across town during the day, he is one of the paid stooges who is making big money off the public education system.  And he won’t do anything to jeopardize that job, which is why they picked him.  It doesn’t matter if a race war started in the school provoked by inaction by the board.  Brad and the board might answer an email with sympathies.  But they won’t change the behavior, ever, because they work and live off the system itself.  And they like the results a lot more than they like your kids. That’s why nothing ever happens and why school boards will continue to not listen to concerned parents and will continue to lay down and lick the feet of the corrupt teacher unions without ever a challenge.

Rich Hoffman

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Public Schools Should Be Prosecuted: Examples of school board members advocating liberal destruction

Public Schools are Dangerous Places

It is great to see more and more parents speaking out about what happens in their public schools.  Early this past week, I provided some stories about my home district of Lakota who expressed themselves over transgender policies that are part of the teacher union progressive political platform.  Then, the mom from Georgia unleashed on her school board an excellent speech about removing the mask mandates.  The video went viral and brought a lot of attention to the core problem; public schools are not our friends.  They are not places of sanctuary and learning centers of intelligence.  They are progressive re-education centers that intend for your children to be reprogramed. Government schools plan to reprogram our children. Your society has produced a hopeful lifeform growing up in a healthy community. Public schools want to destroy them into a collective goo of liberalism and dangerous thinking that will destroy our nation from within. They should all be prosecuted for their active role in that corruption.  It’s one thing if these school board members didn’t know better and were just well-intentioned malcontents.  But there is too much evidence, and it goes on far too often in virtually every public school in our government education system for it to be an accident.  The destruction is purposeful.  They intend what they do, and that makes it criminal rather than just innocent stupidity. 

The mom from Georgia who unleashed her fury with her school board there had a good point.  School board members may be frustrated that these young moms are grandstanding in their public speaking forums. I’ve known enough school board members from all over the place to know that school board members don’t come into their roles as corrupt activists for liberal causes.  They seek election for those boards to help educate children and play a role in the goodness of their communities as they understand those roles in a “liberal” society.  Most of us have been taught that public education is the first ingredient to a successful life and that children must at least stay in school to have a shot at life.  That leaves a community member seeking importance well-defined criteria for doing something meaningful.  And it’s not easy to be a school board member.  Management is complicated and often not very rewarding. Most of the time, especially in a group setting, you leave at the end of a meeting not getting everything you want.  An elected body expects disputes with other school board members at the meetings.  But it’s hard to disagree with someone you’ve spent a lot of time with, and quickly friendships form. Peer pressure persists. Often, the platform a school board member ran on to get elected gets forgotten and is replaced by state mandates and teacher’s union expectations for progressive causes.  And they end up being consumed by the system.

A couple of school board members from my district of Lakota, Julie Shaffer and Brad Lovell, are excellent examples of this problem.  I know both of them from the beginning and am pretty sure they meant well.  But in the vacancy of intelligence that should come with any leadership position, they have sought to cover their lack of ability with the national trend of radical leftism and masking it with a façade of caring for the district’s children in all the ways that are typical of Democrat politics.  They profess to the voters that they are nonpartisan, that politics does not play a role in their decision-making process.  But clearly, Julie’s role has always been appeasement of the teacher’s union as a radical mad mom seeking to throw resources at children rather than the hard work of leadership.  I debated Julie Shaffer on WLW radio many years ago, and her pro-education views were significantly left-leaning, and she came apart fast while on the air.  Recently she has been the advocating voice that has pushed the transgender agenda at Lakota.  She didn’t have to, but she went out of her way to put her name on the controversial proposal.  Lakota is in a very conservative area, so her actions do not represent the community that elected her.  She argues that politics did not play a role in her decision, but the evidence says otherwise.  So when a school board member knowingly does something harmful to children, such as adopting a liberal agenda that looks to be destructive to the education position of a public school, isn’t that a prosecutable offense?  If you knew about a murder that was planned and you didn’t say anything, isn’t that still a prosecutable occasion?  You bet it is, and she is guilty of these accidents.  Knowing her, she knew what the transgender policy would do, but she did it anyway, to hell with what people thought. When pressed on the matter, she claims a lack of political partisanship and insists that what she is doing is for the good of all children.

Then there is Brad Lovell, a school board member who used to be a school administrator and is married to a current administrator who makes decisions as a couple who profits a great deal off the public education system itself.  The biggest problem with him is that he is tone-deaf to anything that might disrupt the education structure, making it very difficult to have complex opinions about anything.  Supposedly his conflict of interest is legal in being married as a member of the board to an active employee, but his actions show the real problem. He has shown no resistance to budget concerns and is always quick to desire to go to the public for more money.  He would be well at home in the Joe Biden administration of deficit spending, and we can understand why.  As teacher contracts continue to escalate in cost, administrators rise too in cost and make it a very lucrative scam for him as a school board member.  He is clearly in the role for the social status it provides him.  He has no interest in going against the political tide of transgender politics or taking a stand against Critical Race Theory.  And in that neglect, he is responsible for the minds that time will prove to erode under the weight of liberalism.  Rather than put community concerns over these matters first, he instead set his needs for income indirectly through his wife as a priority, which is why many of the parents of Lakota are becoming more and more frustrated.  He doesn’t want to rock the boat because that’s his life through his wife.  But they do; they want someone to care about these issues and to do something about them.

Those are just a few local examples, but every school district could tell the same story, leaving parents frustrated.  Rather than listen to the Georgia mom who pleaded with the school board to remove a mask mandate from her child, the committee instead follows the liberal agenda, blames the CDC for the decision, and claims they have no power to do anything about it. They have done the same thing at Lakota, to limit the number of parents who can come to the board meetings and talk; they have used the excuse of social distancing to restrict attendance, citing that it is Governor DeWine’s orders they are following.  Because school board positions are unpaid and pretty unsatisfactory otherwise, it doesn’t bring much passion for reform is needed to manage the district.  Instead, they follow the liberal plan that comes with all public schools and sign their name without taking any responsibility for what happens.  And in that way, for the many little lies they must tell while doing so, public schools should be prosecuted for the harm they bring community members for knowing lies they commit for political power instead of what’s suitable for children.  And it’s time to get all that to an end, for our own sake.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Lakota Parents Stand up to Transsexual Activism: Finally parents are making their voices heard to save their children from public school

It was a remarkable thing to see for a change; angry parents from my home district of Lakota showed up at the mid-April school board meeting and let it be known what they thought of the transsexual policies advocated by the members of the board.   Their concerns about Critical Race Theory were another topic that is now all the rage in public schools.  It was much of this lunacy being given directly to teachers of all public schools in by the Ohio Department of Education. So it’s not fringe actions by radical leftist groups, the radical leftist groups are now mainstream and in the government, and they educate our kids.  And several of the Lakota school board members in my community have been lockstep in support of the government push for diversity training in public schools making racism the central issue of our education of children.  That may sound fair and balanced to the helicopter parents who fly their kids into the government schools for the free babysitting services that are very much part of this scam of political insurgency. Lakota’s transsexual policies attempted to take the lead on what has been an outright attack on the efficacy and future of all children attending. Parents in my community are finally starting to stick up for themselves.

As I said in the video above, Lakota, the public school in my neighborhood, is a good baseline for what is happening nationally with public education issues. It’s a wealthy district with a budget, what the labor unions consider the best teachers money can buy, and parents who sincerely care what is going on with their kids.  Likely more than average, there are two-parent homes in Lakota, and it votes heavily Republican.  However, the public elected the school board in the typical way that labor unions put their people in power to protect themselves from the outside world.  And those school board members, specifically names like Brad Lovell, Julie Shaffer, and Kelly Casper, have gone out of their way to endorse these liberal policies, especially the transgender elements.  The community indeed wasn’t screaming for it. It’s an extensive district and for the most part, considering the massive population of over 100,000 people in a county of 400,000, everyone stays pretty well behaved.  Delinquent children are an anomaly, they certainly aren’t familiar, and because of the two-parent homes, the sexual issues are much less an issue than in other places around the country.  There are more guns in the school district of Lakota, for instance, than there are in some states, but there is very little violence.  The newspapers have to work hard to find any real controversy to report.  That makes Lakota an excellent place to start to understand the massive activism that is threatening our children.  If it’s evident in my community, you can bet it’s every bit as bad in yours, or worse. 

The Lakota school board has forgotten who they represent.  As mentioned in the accompanying video on this site of the actual meeting where the parents lined up under social distancing rules to speak at the public portion of the meeting, school board members aren’t paid for their work.  They do it as representatives of the community to make sure the massive $200 million-plus budget taken from property owners gets where it needs to go for the sake of the kids’ education.  However, all the members except for Lynda O’Conner out of the five officials voting are leaning toward the far left mandates coming out of the state, which ultimately comes out of the Ohio Education Association, the teacher’s union, which shapes a lot of what happens in public education as a radical progressive group.  They have chosen to make the decisions on transgender policy that they have, which has many parents terrified for their children’s lives, correctly.  I would argue that I know this school board and that these parental complaints will fall on deaf ears.  But it’s good to bring them up in public anyway and take the complaints several steps further than their little 3-minute spots in the board meetings.  These issues are far too complicated to be capped off under the Lakota management structure, and the urgency for the kids’ sake is nothing short of dire. So even if the school board doesn’t get it, it’s a fight worth having.  As a community, we could always elect new school board members.  But the discussion needs to happen in a front and center kind of way.

I used to do hundreds of articles on my blog site here about specifically Lakota challenges, but I have readers in most of the major countries.  I have been covering overreaching national and international issues now, but that doesn’t mean that local issues aren’t necessary for the scheme of things.  For Lakota, what is happening in my backyard is happening in yours as well; it’s worth mentioning what’s happening so that you, the reader, can take similar actions on your own.  However, for my newer readers catching up to the past, I have a long history with the Lakota school system.  My warnings were that this day would arrive.  I started formally just arguing the merits of the tax increases against property owners, and I was a frequent guest on talk radio and our television news.  I gave speeches all over the place and met with concerned parents all over Ohio, so I understand well how concerned parents are and can be out there.  But the more work I did in looking into the various progressive issues, the angrier I became because it was evident that public education was headed in this direction. They wanted our kids, and they desired as progressive activists and outright communists working in public education to ruin the minds of our children so that when they grew up, they’d become activist voters, and that is where we find ourselves today. 

However, public school activists never plan for the parents to speak up for themselves.  They expect them to drop their kids off at the government schools and rush off to Starbucks before gossiping and becoming distracted by a thousand other things. Simultaneously, the teachers attack the children’s foundations with sexualized educations and race relation discussions. School distracts them from the elements they should be learning, such as how to grow into a critical thinking adult and how to read.  Modern educators want kids as dumb and witless as possible so that they will be easy to control in the future and for methods that we are now seeing openly on the news.  None of this is new, but what is new is that a group of parents stuck together and showed up to speak out against it.  They tried to communicate with their school board, which is part of the problem and is destined to blow them off.  But it won’t end there.  Challenges to the school board are bound to happen in the upcoming elections. The state of Ohio is taking notice, and some powerful Republican politicians are just as upset about this attack on our country.  That creates an atmosphere that has some potential for real reform.  And if it’s happening in Lakota, it’s happening in other places as well, and that is something to celebrate.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Don’t Worry about Social Scorecards: You still hold all the cards

Hey, even with me, I had planned about a $10k trip to Disney World over this past winter, but with Covid restrictions and all the stupid masks, we cancelled the trip and spent the money in other places that didn’t have such dumb restrictions. Who wants to pay all that money to a vacation spot where you have to run around with a dumb mask in the hot sun?  Not me, so we took our money elsewhere and will continue to do so.  This stupid idea that these corporations have like Disney and Carnival is that their product is so desired that people will be willing to cave to their Covid rules to participate. But in reality, they are only slicing up their own market share and hurting themselves, and it won’t take them long to learn that lesson.  All these companies got these stupid ideas from the communist country of China where they have been doing just this kind of thing for along time.  But you have to understand the proportional reality of basic economics to see just how foolish it really is so that a reality can be planned going forth. 

They have around 1.3 billion people in China and a GDP economy that is producing around $20 trillion per year, about the same as the United States.  There is quite a push by them to become the dominate world power economically where they overtake us, which they can largely only do if they trick us into playing the same dumb games they force their society to live with, which is with all these restrictions, the credit score manipulations so that if you want to buy a certain car, but you have a bad social score because of something you said on social media, then they will turn you away until you can prove that you can behave. The trouble is we have less than a third of that total number of people contributing the same essential economic numbers, actually we have far less due to a number of circumstances who are actually contributing to the GDP meaning that our economy is a rocket engine compared to the propeller of China and that is due exclusively to the overly managed nature of their entire society.  The more restrictions you have from a government the less activity you are destined to get as a result.  China has been looking for that balance of power for many years and they have concluded that their only path forward is to trick other nations into adopting their policies and behaving like they do, so that they can then sneak out in front economically and take over the best in the world position. 

Of course, dumb companies in America who have been lured to believe that China will give them access to their 1 billion people are willing to do whatever China says because they think that is the only way toward their continued growth, is to penetrate these communist markets instead of dealing with the saturation point that is showing up on their growth charts.  That is certainly where Disney has been looking, but they all have similar thoughts and that is why we are hearing that these same companies plan to adopt communist politics on social manipulations through scorecards to drive American economic behavior.  However, reality has a lot more to say on the matter than any of them are willing to admit to.  Those same American companies, like Disney, and Nike along with many others are used to begging for our business.  They have invested hundreds of millions, if not billions, building their brands so that people will spend $10K on a vacation, or will buy the products that finance makes it easy to purchase with low interest rates. 

The truth is, if you are a hard worker who shows up at a job every day, and you have good credit as determined by your habit to pay back your loans, these companies will continue to eat out of your hand and you will remain in control.  If you don’t like what they are doing, don’t buy their product and they’ll get the message really fast.  I would say they are already feeling it, but wouldn’t dare admit it this early in the game.  All these liberal policies, especially on energy are starting to cost people a lot of money and they will alter their plans accordingly costing many of these companies many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost opportunity cost.  In China they get away with it because there are no other options.  In America, there are always options and as everyone learned with Covid, there was a shelf-life on generosity that people were willing to put up with an overly restricted society.  The amount of rebelliousness that is on display now regarding people and mask mandates were not well thought out during Event 201 where pretentious liberals in love with communist societies obviously didn’t think everything through from all the angles.  They would have done well to consider some of the sociology concerns rather than just listening to a few communist economists who are contaminated with their ideological view of the world instead of the cold hard truth of reality.

Yet the message is the same to you, remember that you hold all the cards and it won’t take the corporations long to realize how valuable your business is to them.  They have gotten greedy in going for these Chinese global markets and many people will lose their jobs over this move, and those same corporations will be seeking desperately to earn back your business.  The rules are still true, if you are a quality person and you have worked hard every day, the world will still beat a path to your door.  Its not the other way around which China is trying to establish where you are lucky to do business with them.  You continue to hold all the cards and should never forget it.  And don’t be afraid to rub it in either.  Just don’t take that cruise if they have the Covid restrictions.  Do something else until they figure out the lay of the land and the path to true economic activity.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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When People Refuse the Vaccine: What happens then?

The truth of the matter is that this is far from just calling the situation an “anti-vaccination” problem.  I certainly don’t fall under the umbrella of conspiracy theory.  My refusal of the vaccine certainly has concerns about the viability of the tests that were conducted.  There’s a lot we still don’t know about the virus and what we do know was ignored, such as using hydroxychloroquine to fight it, and UVC light to kill it on open surfaces.  Those are real science approaches which were completely ignored in this case, so the answer to that has a lot to do with whether or not I’d trust the government to even acknowledge the pandemic status by the CDC.  Until they can answer that question, I don’t believe anything they have to say, because until they answer the question about selected science, I can’t accept the false emergency status of Covid-19 as it was used to control so much of our society.  If the known science at the time was going to ignore treatments, then that says they wanted the spread of the virus, not the management of it.  Anybody with half a brain would then ask the next obvious question, why?  Well, the answer easiest to see was that we had a political insurrection going on, where the Trump administration was under coordinated attack by the science experts and World Health parasites to stage a coup of liberalism in the wake of the 2020 elections.  But what would any of that have to do with the vaccinations for Covid-19?  See the problem?

I thought it was certainly odd during all this that the well-known movie, Close Encounters could not be found on YouTube to show the science where the government faked the virus outbreak that killed all life around the Devil’s Tower Monument in Wyoming.  The reason for the fake virus outbreak was to clear the area of all life so that aliens could meet up with the military for an kind of prisoner exchange.  Many times over the course of 2020 with everyone running around with masks I thought of that scene from that movie, which so many people have watched for themselves, yet they couldn’t put two and two together when reality was hitting them square in the face.  Not that Close Encounters was a true story or anything, but if the imagination can think of it in a story, they will seek to do the same in reality at some point.  In Close Encounters the attempt to trick the public into a lockdown was regional, only focused on the Devil’s Tower area.  But for Covid-19 it was a global attempt and involved many millions of people to be in on the scam.  The difficulty is in believing that so many people could be in on such a thing, that somebody would leak the farce.  But then again, the scene in Close Encounters was pretty much erased from the internet which I thought was remarkable.  Because in real life, that is exactly what Covid-19 was, and several people at Google thought enough to have the scene from Close Encounters removed from YouTube so not to trigger people into even asking the question. 

Of course, there will always be a certain percentage of people who will question everything, and if given their free will, will not participate in government vaccinations.  It comes down to trust, and government will never have 100% of the people behind them over anything, ever.  So, there will always be controversies in anything that government does, no matter what political party happens to be in power.  The question is, when a government has told itself that their goal is 100% or nothing, what are they going to do when nothing is the pick?  How are they supposed to deal with that percentage of the population who will be against them all the time?  I would call that a healthy balance of government management, it keeps a government from getting perpetually out of control to have constant challenges to their authority in that fashion.  It is the balance of a civil society to always have some extremes who will challenge the basic premise of everything.  But accepting that ratio of discourse is obviously not part of the Biden plan.  For them, its complete compliance, like in China, or nothing.  That poses a problem they aren’t ready to deal with. 

As the weeks come and vaccine amounts are stacked up yet there aren’t enough people to want to go and get them, what will be the story then?  What will be the reason for continued lockdowns when people just no longer have the stomach for talking about Covid-19 and the long list of dumb things they can’t do because the government has stuck its nose into everyone’s way.  And when told to get a vaccination or they can’t fly on a plane, or go to a sporting event, or enjoy the basics of economic life, is the government ready for the ramification of that bad move?  I’d offer, no.  They have no clue as to what anything they do might cost as an opposite reaction to the government position on Covid-19 in order to get a higher percentage of vaccinations among the adult population, just to save face from the reported embarrassments that are already mounting.  At the heart of all that is the continued challenge of a free society who can actually ask questions and will refuse to go along to get along.  And for them, the government has no real plan but to call them names and make enemies out of them, which will not serve the case of massive government expansion any better than when Trump was elected in 2016.  The problem for the big government types remains, and they have no answer or game plan. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A “Coat of Many Colors” at The Big Texan: Perspective in an unusual place

I thought this little video was worth a little more comment than just for personal use.  We were at The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas which was a place I really wanted to visit while we were in that part of the world.  I would have liked to have said that I enjoyed it more than I did.  In truth, it was a tough day.  We had come into town with our RV just one day after the second major snowstorm had ravaged the area and I had our rig wedged into our campsite in a way that I wasn’t sure I would ever get it out of until the snow melted.  We had picked the RV park next to The Big Texan because they offered free limo rides to the restaurant and they had a nice indoor heated pool.  I was hoping to get really refreshed during our stay there but as it turned out the pool was broken, the limos were all snowed in, and I spent most of the day digging a path for our RV to park in 6 inches of snow.  By the time we arrived at The Big Texan to eat I had just had an important oversea call that went on for nearly 2 hours and with everything else, I was pretty stressed out, worried that we might end up stuck in Amarillo for several days.  The food was great, the atmosphere was wonderful, and these guys came to our table to sing whatever song we wanted.  My wife picked Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” and for a moment, we were really touched by these guys.  It was a tough day but during that song, I was reminded of several good things that are worth a mention. 

I’ll never be the one who will say that vacations are meant for relaxing.  For me, they are opportunities to push yourself and to come out of our comfort zone a bit.  And we certainly did that during an RV trip through the American Southwest.  We are new to the RV life so when my wife wanted to go to the desert for this particular trip, we had no idea that it was going to be zero degrees every day we were traveling and that we would only see temperatures above freezing a few times.  But we survived and figured things out as we went along.  Our RV did really well in the snow and extreme cold and I was proud of our trip as we headed north back toward Texas.  But we were also very tired by that point and the snowstorm that had just hit there was a bit too much.  We had no choice but to have a good attitude about it, because we had a long way to get home and letting down our vigilance just wasn’t an option.  But to say the least, I was on pins and needles.  Coming into that campground we were literally driving on a sheet of ice.  Nobody in Amarillo was doing much of anything so leaving our campground for The Big Texan was tough.  It would have been easier to just stay at the RV and cook some dinner, go to bed and get up early hoping to get out of our site.  Getting into the site was tough, getting out would be worse.  But I’m glad we did end up going to The Big Texan.  If for no other reason but to hear that song played at our table. 

My wife has always liked that Dolly Parton song, but given all that has been going on, it had more meaning this time for me.  It was cool to see so many cowboy hats moving around in the background.  It was such a great American atmosphere and the content of the song reminded me how resilient Americans are.  With all the victimhood that is behind progressive politics, the real solution to our future was in the contents of that song, where if you have a good family and some love in the people around you, then you are one of the richest people in the world.  With progressives being so anti-family this song was a reminder that no matter what they tried to do in order to change the nature of America, people would always be people.  People would always love a coat of many colors just because their mamma made it.  Hearing that song in such a cool place after such a terribly hard day, it just rang home.  It reminded me that was precisely why were traveled so far, was to change our perspective in such a way that a treasured old song like that would take on new meaning.  Over the years, some of my best ideas have come from such pressure extremes, which is why I’m always so eager to do things out of the box so often.  But they don’t often come out so positively.  

We went home from The Big Texan that night feeling pretty good about things.  We went to bed at a reasonable hour, even though it was -2 below outside we had the temp inside the RV at 80 degrees.  We had our TV running to help us sleep and once 5 AM came around I watched The Weather Channel to see how our day’s drive would be and started working to hook up the rig to leave.  It took quite a lot of work to get out of that spot, but after a while, we eventually made it out to the sheet of ice and were able to spin our wheels enough to inch our way to some decent traction.  We checked out before daybreak and were headed back down the highway within a few minutes, never to look back.  For the next 500 miles travel was rough, the water lines were burst everywhere, especially around Oklahoma City.  There was nowhere to use the restroom.  We were at least able to get fuel, but our trip all the way to Springfield Missouri as I have said in a previous post was pretty rough.  That was the second day in a row where we had white knuckled the driving and we needed a decent night’s sleep.  That is why our trip to Bass Pro Shops in Missouri was so wonderful. 

However, the difficulty under which we heard that song at The Big Texan is an evening I will never forget.  It was far from the best night of my life, but under the tenuous conditions, that song sounded like a little bit of heaven with some fresh perspective that I found very useful.   My wife of course loved hearing the song, but even beyond that, it had an otherworldly kind of feel to it, as if everything we had done during the trip culminated into that little message.  It wouldn’t have felt that way if we just heard the song on the radio.  I think we needed all the trouble to go with it.  And I’m glad we did.  Days later after we were home and back to our normal comforts, I think we both reflected on that night with some reverence that we otherwise wouldn’t have had.  Certainly, we were much richer from the experience, just like that Coat of Many Colors. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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The Occult and Government: Why they are both so dangerous

It’s at the heart of most conspiracy theories, and for good reason, that government equals secret societies and a connection to the occult in some form or another.  When we talk about the Deep State, which showed its ugly head during the Trump presidency as a grim reality we must talk about the occult because so many of those big government types believe in occult practices to assist them through life.  Human beings have after all done so for as long as the concept of government was invented in society.  Whether we are talking about the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, the Knights Templers, the Illuminati, the various Mason halls, government, and secret societies dedicated to occult practices go hand in hand.  It comes from the type of people who are attracted to group-oriented government where supernatural aid is sought to help groups acquire more power.  Now to my experience that isn’t as malicious as it sounds.  People who are the more timid types out there are always looking for more power because they are in search of security and they believe that if they have power, they’ll thus have security.  In the context of supernatural aid, if you pray to God, you are seeking supernatural aid, so it doesn’t take much imagination to see how groups of secret societies might seek a blood sacrifice of a goat head in order to bring themselves more power in society and to translate that power to security for themselves.

The cause of the need for supernatural aid, especially for those in government is their natural incompetence.  That is the same story for some high priest in Sumerian society, or Egyptian all the way up to the Nazis which were heavily involved in the occult.  When I talk about Roswell New Mexico and the UFO crash that occurred there I tend to think that what went wrong was that the US Military along with the Atlas Rocket program that was functioning in that area had adopted much of the occultism from their captured Nazis right out of World War II and they got caught screwing around with paranormal help to develop the rocket program.  That was certainly the case with Goddard and Jack Parsons along with L.Ron Hubbard who were putting their own spin on Allister Crowley’s attempts to give birth to a Moon Child on earth and to gain major assistance from supernatural aid to unleash upon the earth some pretty bizarre intentions.  The cover-up was to not incense the Christian people of America with the secret society rituals of Parson’s and his former Nazis who were deeply invested in occult magic worship. 

In the modern day we have heard references of the kind to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta as well as just about any Super Bowl halftime show after the last few decades especially the one in Tampa in 2021.  It is a bizarre trend for so many musical personalities to dedicate their time to Illuminati images that many think are devil worship when there are so many other things that artists could be doing.  Obviously, the belief is that occult supernatural aid is needed to assist humans in their affairs and many in government and in entertainment believe such things.  Yet my point is that they believe such things because they are incompetent and not very smart individually.  That is where the problems start.  They hated President Trump because he wasn’t incompetent and didn’t feel he had to sacrifice any children or animals in order to be successful.  He just went to work and did what had to be done, like most sane people in the world do.  But for those who are attracted to government work, they are also generally insecure people who want help in the world.  They don’t care where they get the help whether it comes from an angel or a demon, if the voodoo cards can help them, they’ll listen and even appeal to them for aid. 

Many in the occult believe that bizarre sexual rituals entice what are called ultraterrestrials to take notice and offer help.  They love sex acts by human beings because they are creatures who live outside of our four-dimensional reality, that of length, width, height, and time.  A fifth or sixth dimensional being may interact with our dimensional plane of reality, but their entire essence can’t be a part of it because at a quantum level, there is much more to them than what our reality can hold.  But many believe that the soul of human beings always exists in these other dimensional realities and that through sex and the birth of people we capture that essence in a human body for a lifetime.  That is why sex is used to attract these ultraterrestrials, or rather what we might call “spirits” in other times and places.  That is certainly what Jack Parson’s was after.  It was the sex magic that he and Hubbard conducted while working on the rocket program for the American military that provided the content of the movie Eyes Wide Shut.   It isn’t surprising that those same sex magic rituals still go on today and that many Democrats participate in them.  But why?  Well, because its fun and its an excuse to do something perverted while still believing that your saving the world.  Why not?  Well, logic says that such things are stupid, but then again, as I said, people attracted to group behavior and government in general aren’t into thinking.  They just want help and if they can get aid from some invisible armies of spirits, ultraterrestrials, extraterrestrials or demons from the underworld, you can bet that they’ll sign up for it. Its important to understand this trend because it’s the only way to understand what must be done.  The belief in supernatural aid evoked from secret society worship is one of the reasons that occultists in government are so arrogant about their participation and why they hate everyone outside of their circle.  There has been much said about the Skull and Bones society that George Bush was in, as well as many key government types where some of their initiation rituals are just embarrassing and serve to break down the individual into group affiliation for the rest of their lives.  Of course, they hate self-made people like President Trump.  But that’s the same kind of behavior that comes out of every fraternity and sorority, which are more mainstream secret society organizations.  I was talking to a really smart guy the other day about hiring a new tech leader and I asked him how he knew he was the right candidate.  He said, “because he graduated from Purdue.”  I had to laugh to myself, he hired the guy because he graduated from a college, but in many ways that’s how secret societies work.  Its not the people that are valued, it’s the institution.  And the institutions are formed by secret societies that go all the way back to the origins of all society.  There is a lot of talk these days that many of America’s founding fathers were members of the Bavarian Illuminati group that had been forced underground by the Catholic Church in Europe.  I believe that’s probably the case.  Everyone has good intentions with these things, but its why they believe what they do that should always concern us.  But without question, those who prefer the rituals of occult magic instead of the wisdom of voters is working against the republic we are supposed to have in America, and are detriments to its evolution as the example the world should be following. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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There’s Something Fishy About the Tech Companies: If you want to be free of them, leave them behind

If you’ve ever spent some time around fishermen, or at bait shops, then it wouldn’t take much to understand how the tech companies have been talking about us in their cubicles of Silicone Valley.  In those bait shops you’ll hear stories about how this kind of bait will catch this kind of fish and that kind of bait will catch another kind of fish.  Companies like Facebook and Twitter with the oversight of Google put a lot of bait in the water to get us to bite on the hook with free accounts, then started to reel us in not so suddenly that the line might break, but to wear us out until we couldn’t fight it anymore to be caught as their prize in a political conquest toward communism that has long been their dreams.  Where guns and the toppling of governments failed to work in the past, this time they used social media and the relatively new invention of the Internet to fish for complete control over each one of us, which describes most of the events of the year 2020.  It was all about fishing, not actual fish, but Americans by tech companies who would then throw their captured fish into the pond of China for their use and the payday was a good one for them. 

Its not by accident that virtually at the same time all the tech companies aligned perfectly with government to pull free speech away from so many people who were part of the Trump political movement.  Its also not by accident that suddenly censorship is the leading trend of the day, as if it was a good day.  Even Etsy is in on the scam.  Those invisible terms of service agreements that most of us just sign blindly has given tyrannical authority of most online vendors to suddenly be the arbiters of free speech, and if they want to stay relevant, then they better sign up for the new cancel culture rules.  If an item doesn’t fall within the accepted political rules, such as something that might be interpreted as too violent, then its out.  The justification that they use is that after the Capitol riots, we must express ourselves as a more civil society, civility interpreted by them of course.  For many, this is all very scary.  The violation of trust that the fish feel for being snagged by some baited lure is of course for them, terrifying.  But in my mind, it is best not to bite on those lures.  Get smart and stay away from being caught all together. 

A long time ago I ran around with some very rich people and I became involved in some of their activities.  I even partnered with a few only to have one of them go bad on me, and it ended up costing me a virtual fortune.  When I sat down in that guy’s office to plead with him to not go bad, he told me simply, “he who has the gold rules.”  Meaning, he had the gold, I had only hope, ambition, and the promise of hard work.  Because he controlled the gold, he controlled the situation.  I wanted to kill him right on the spot, but he was right.  I took the lesson as a young person and learned from it.  What I learned was probably worth more than any amount of money that I could have made with that guy, so in some ways, he did me a favor that no college on earth was teaching.  And I would say the same here, the free accounts that we all had with Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook were not free.  We were simply the fish in the fish tank swimming around to look pretty for their portfolios.  When they decided to sell us, or snag us out of the tank, there was nowhere to go.  If they wanted us, they could get us any time they wanted.  They gave us the illusion of free speech the way that someone who has an aquarium for all their caught fish might decorate it to look like a natural habitat.  But in reality, its all an illusion, we belong to them so long as we use their service.      

It might sound harsh, but I would say don’t cry over the lack of free speech at the big tech companies or their unfair alliance with big government here in the United States, or the country of China or their masters the wealthy billionaires who are really trying to form their own international government that rules all the governments of all countries, they are all just out there fishing with each other.  To them we are just fish swimming around in a pond that we thought was a vast ocean, but in reality it was all just a pond that they controlled.   And the game to them is what lure they will use to catch us when they want to at will.  That is why I am harsh about not crying when the tech companies catch us with their lures.  Learn not to bite on their free stuff.  Learn to make your own stuff that they don’t control.  Be careful of anything that is free, or in the case of Parler, they were paying for their service, the web hosting that Amazon offered.  But the terms of their use were changed by a company eager to please social justice reforms and communist agenda strategies for an emerging market in China.  Don’t put yourself in a position to be a victim to being sold out.  The illusion that they are in control is only that way because you are swimming in their fish tank by their terms for the easy food they occasionally toss in for your convenience.  But they feed their fish to make you fat and docile so that when they need to, they can get you to easily bite on the bait they throw at you whenever they want. 

The next steps in the MAGA movement is to make our own social media where we control the servers.  We should also go several steps further, we need our own news, our own book publishing, our own production of music, movies, and television studios.  We should even create our own streaming service.  I know that sounds like a lot, but once Trump is free of the day-to-day activity of the White House, that is the next logical step for him and those who want to help him with these kinds of things.  Because ultimately, we don’t need to swim in the little ponds of Twitter and Facebook.  We should be swimming in that big, vast ocean.  If you really want to live free, then be free.  Don’t depend on government or their alliances with communist sympathizers and companies wanting stability at all cost to manage the masses through that means.  But more than anything, don’t cry to them or grovel.  Vote with your feet and take your business and the dollars they seek somewhere else.  Ruin them from the inside out and show them that its you who holds the real gold that they want, and make it so that at will you can take it from them leaving them in the dust, or on the hook for the next big catch.  Turn the tables on them, don’t be a victim of them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What Happens after the Capitol Attack: An underground resistance against the China communists seizing control

For context, throughout this communist insurgency I have called to anybody who is willing to listen to follow the rule of law as far as you can.  However, in the video above I spell out the case as to why attacking the Capitol building in Washington DC was a healthy thing to do.  It may save lives down the road.  It’s sad that anybody lost their life but what the people were doing who stormed the Capitol was express themselves from an obvious invasion by leftist radicals and criminals just as a coup and outright censorship was applied to disrespectfully apply force and fear to the American nation to provoke them to be ruled or destroyed.  By taking away the option to believe in an election with two obvious election thefts, the bad guys here thought they’d get away with it without anybody punching them in the face, so the Trump people with nowhere else to turn expressed themselves through violence.  Obviously, tyrannical force to bring the nation under communist law was always the plan, and the shock expressed by the politicians who call the Capitol building home was unified, and the media outlets who had just spent a year advocating for violence in mob riots all of 2020 found the shoe on the other foot, which everyone could see showing all what I’ve been saying for a very long time.  You can only push people, nice Christian people, so far until they get to the point of breaking and taking the fight to the enemy.

Even with the mass purge by Twitter and other social media platforms, and the treatment by the media, my statements are that as private companies even publicly traded its their stuff and I respect their ownership rights.  If they don’t want Trump there, that’s fine.  If they don’t want me, I’m fine to go somewhere else.  But don’t come to my house and expect to tell me what to do either.  I’ll find alternative media, or I’ll start my own thing.  I do not believe there is any chance of coexisting with liberals, so I don’t want to consume their products.  They obviously don’t want to coexist with conservatives otherwise their behavior wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been.  All these radicals and sell-out politicians think they have acquired power but this is different than when Jimmy Carter won, or Bill Clinton, or even Commie Obama.  With the crimes we have witnessed over the last four years of attempting a coup of our elected president in Trump and this terrible behavior at the end of his first term, with House Democrats looking to impeach him again with a hope of knocking him out of trying for a second term, the hostilities have been coming from illegitimate government that I will not recognize as representative.  To me, these are hostile criminals who have attacked our country by playing along at coexistence until they felt they could make their move, and now they have made it.  Trump supporters tried to play the rule and law game by voting for our representation, we turned to the judiciary to enforce rule of law, but all that was stripped away from us by these attackers leaving us nowhere to turn.  My hope was that in the attack of the Capitol building that perhaps, although its doubtful, that maybe the political left might learn a lessen before things get worse.  But putting up with this insurgency just isn’t an option. 

Also I hinted a bit into some of my foundation thoughts on the matter by discussing one of my favorite FBI agents from the communist fighting days, Cleon Skousen.  I’ve always loved Cleon, he represents my kind of America back when he warned in his books as a field agent for when the FBI had not yet been infiltrated with crazy leftists about the strategy and desires of the communists pouring into America.  Even I have held back throwing the word “communist” around as the names have been changed over the last several decades to progressives and just small “S” socialists.  Big “C” communists have generally been accepted as dying off with the fall of the Soviet Union.  However, the Chinese are communists, and it is that type of communism that they are insisting the world unite under and the tech companies are clearly on board.  I can understand not deleting your accounts right now, especially after over ten years of use.  But I plan to stop using any company as much as possible that is not friendly to freedom, because they want communism as it exists in China.  Even our politicians have compromised our nation with so much debt that China rules them, and they have accepted that with most of them already on board with their brand of communism, even republicans.  Skousen was a smart guy, a top mind and even he had to admit that free people and communists could not coexist.  So at some point there will be a fight.  The situation at the Capitol building might prevent some of that future fighting.  I would hope so, people have to stick up for themselves.  But the communists assumption that they were going to make their move in 2020 for an outright takeover, which is what the election of 2020 told me, is an act of war by a domestic enemy and at the very least this new administration has to be declared illegitimate and will not be accepted, nor any laws that they sign.  I would point everyone to read Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist” as the foundation for what must happen next. 

As a result of seeing the government reaction to the Capitol attack the MAGA movement will of course go underground to cut out the foundations of everything that this insurgent government has shown its intention to do.  Clearly they are planning on harassment and door to door intimidation as other communist insurgencies in the past have utilized.  They will want to ban books, they will go after free speech any way they can.  They will try to separate Trump supporters from each other.  They think Trump is the key to all this so that by cutting him off from his Twitter account that the MAGA movement might die.  But like all communists they are not very smart as they have built their entire philosophic strategy off the loser Karl Marx and it has within it the lack of scope and imagination that can properly interact with the world.  They do not understand Trump supporters so they either want to kill us all off, or pound us into compliance so they can have their perfect revolution.  That is what I saw on January 6th 2021.  It was surprising to see so many Republicans buckle under the pressure.  But they don’t represent Trump supporters who put the President in office in the first place.  That desire isn’t gone or wasn’t created by him.  Trump is a creation of his supporters and now that effort will go underground to cut out the foundation of the communist overthrow of America and nothing else will be tolerated.  Coming together through a lack of options on social media won’t even come close to solving the problem of what’s brewing.  And it doesn’t take me to provoke it.  If anything I’ve probably managed to stop a few other uprisings.  But the more that this insurgent government pisses off people, the worse its going to get.  The Capitol attack was really just a few broken windows and some deaths resulting from panicky reactions to the situation.  I would hope that it would never get worse than that, but because of it, maybe we can avoid more of that kind of thing in the future.  But accepting the Democrat government that seized power through lying, cheating and other criminal conduct is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.  If the ballot box isn’t a way we can manage our government, then what else is there? 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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