China Can’t Even Afford iPhones: Understanding how the game has been played and will be in the future

I warned everyone, China the big communist country had nothing without the United States. They would have no leverage in trade talks and their inflating economy was purely fictional, created by global efforts to prop them up. I’ve especially pointed this out when box office talks about movie releases have studios paying more attention than they should about the communist country’s ability to make or break a movie. Back when a big movie like E.T. The Extraterrestrial came out in the 1980s nobody cared if anybody in China saw the movie and it was considered a success. So what has changed in the three decades since is purely an internal communist push through American education to give China a seat at the economic table that was entirely made up by political forces trying to change the kind of world we all live in. They wanted to say, “look, China is killing all of us, so we need to be more like them.” And that was how communism was being pushed into western culture. If everyone wanted to compete in the modern economic world, they’d have to get on board with that line of thought. But, as I said from the very beginning, it was all made up crap.

I can see why everyone believes that China is or was going to be the big world power to chase. The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis as in other places as well has a huge dedication to the new China economy tying to prepare young people on how to live in that type of world. By the time I had seen the exhibit it was already aging so it was a little easier for me to see than the millions of visitors who had been there before me. If the topic of economic power and global politics was not the topic of the average family’s dinner table, then most people wouldn’t think much of it. However, in essence, the Chinese economy was never going to be all scary and domineering of all cultures on earth. The way our school systems proposed the problem was a lie from the start, China was never going to dictate the way we live life in American and that smoky reality that they had been trying to create with our young people came to a crashing end with the rise to power of President Trump, who knew better. Anyone who understands markets and money could see the problem but often those types of people are not allowed anywhere near political policy making, that is until one of them managed to get elected into the Executive Branch, which destroyed near six decades of planning by the political insurgents working against American sovereignty in full pursuit of globalism managed by China.

Personally, I love Apple products, my wife just bought the latest iPhone from them. They are an American company that has been pushing great technically innovations. They are too liberal for me, and I don’t think Tim Cook is a very good CEO, but the company itself is a good one as it was created by Steve Jobs. And I get it, there are only so many Americans who can buy iPhones, so the billions of people in China is a lucrative market, just as movie companies have fallen into that trap, but the entire industry is built as a sand castle meant to look impressive long enough to trick the world into accepting communism before the real waves of economic power came along and washed it all away. Thank goodness that happened much earlier than projected with the election of President Trump. Due to the continuing trade war the Chinese people just aren’t riding the wave of extra money that had been fueling a fifth of all iPhone sales pushing Apple stocks down 5.1% for the week as investors had to brace for the loss in projections. When people don’t have the expendable income to buy an iPhone it is an excellent measure of their economic health so there is no way that the “state” of China can hide the problem because the sales are published by an American company.

Of course, Apple’s not happy about it, they feel they need to have a rate of growth that can continue to support their trillion-dollar evaluation and in order to do that they literally need to touch everyone on planet earth in some way or another, so it’s a tough gig. Apple can’t afford to have too many political opinions and to divide up their bases. They trust that conservatives will buy their product because what they have is the best, so they do lean left. And like Google, all the big tech companies had been thinking that China was the way the world was going so they started kissing up to them over a decade ago. But Apple should have never counted on a fifth of their entire market to come from that region of the world. Apple phones are too expensive for a country that relies on its economic power to be stolen from other places and given to them through politics, which is exactly what has happened. American companies were penalized with burdensome regulation so they fled to Asia and took those jobs to those economies. But the origin market was North America where the goods were really purchased. The only big difference was that instead of products being made in America and then being sold back to America, the products were made in other parts of the world and sold back to America. Trump fixed that problem by stopping the cause, over regulation and tax incentives which is why over 300,000 jobs were created in December with a GDP rate of nearly 4% to finish out the year. Meanwhile, China can’t even afford to buy iPhones.

There were a lot of villains in on the game but that’s not important now. China has to steal intellectual property because their communist system does not spawn creativity just as it doesn’t elsewhere in the world. Great thinkers and dreamers like to get paid for their unique visions. They don’t do it for free which is why China has a major creativity problem. All things in business come from creativity, so a society that isn’t very creative is not going to have a strong economy. China could never steal enough intellectual property to stay relevant in an economy now led by the United States again. They are going to gradually fall further and further behind because all their economic gains were created by stifling America with policy and regulation and giving that opportunity cost to China so that the chess board of the world could change. But it was all built on phony values and now Trump has played the card everyone was afraid he would, and China is falling apart.

China always depended on the American economy for its sustenance. What they had was not real value but stolen. And that’s what everyone is having a hard time coming to terms with. China was not a superior culture dominating economics, they were just a third world country artificially made first world with looted wealth from the west so that the idea of communism would be accepted by all global markets. Apple knew it, so does Google, and now they are paying the price for hedging their bets. If Tim Cook were a good CEO he would have started backing off expectations the moment that Trump entered office because anybody aware of the situation knew what was going to happen. Now its time to pay, and likely time to get a new CEO.

Rich Hoffman

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Q-Anon is Not a Conspiracy, It’s a Promise: Defending that GREAT company of Smith and Wesson

I wouldn’t say that the Q-Anon internet postings are a conspiracy theory. It may make mainstreamers uncomfortable, but that is about as conspiracy as things get. The Trump family isn’t stupid and they have a history of fighting, and there are plenty of people who support Trump that do not have surrender in their vocabulary. So it really doesn’t matter who or what Q-Anon is or what many of the criminals in power fear it will become, because their end started well before the election of Donald Trump. I have always been one of the good guys and I know I’m not the only one. That is why I found this video that a friend sent to me below refreshing, because it let me know that finally enough people were getting it to actually make a difference. The good guys for a change were poised to win, and for that I am proud. But I never really worried. I have had everything that can be done to a person thrown at me over my adult life, even before. Lucky for me I had an interesting childhood and teen period which prepared me for just that kind of war, and honestly, I never went to bed one day in my life thinking I couldn’t single handedly beat them all. The reason, well honestly, it was the great company Smith & Wesson and their products which I’ve always loved that put my mind on firm ground of understanding. So long as I had the support of Smith & Wesson in my life, nobody was going to bring harm to my life or those that I cared about. They might think about it, but it wouldn’t happen. So I feel just a little compelled to defend that great company as they were attacked last week by the latest young people inspired to protest by the same villains who are trying to keep Hilary Clinton free and Donald Trump on defense.

I could tell stories all day long of the events that pissed me off to the point where I decided to write this blog everyday to essentially prepare a movement that might become Q-Anon or the presidency of Donald Trump, that might inspire radio talk shows to contemplate the what ifs. I decided to do my part years ago when white vans followed my wife everywhere and had us under constant surveillance. And why wouldn’t they, I supported Ross Perot heavily during both of his presidential runs, I had fierce convictions against sexual perversion and drugs which came into conflict in my children’s school days. I caused trouble with several city mayors including those in Mason and Cincinnati and the word on the street was that I was trouble. But I worked three jobs most of the time just to keep ahead of all the financial burdens so that my wife and kids always had the money we needed to build a strong family, so the anti-family big government types hated me, and they let me know it. When they couldn’t get to me they went after my wife and it was very hard on her to have people always following her around, to know what we were doing and always being listened to. I got used to it, she didn’t. There wasn’t anything in her life to prepare her for that kind of pressure.

But I stayed the course, and I pushed those against me to try to suppress me after I proved that I could outwork any of them and still out think them with a hand tied behind my back. When they tried unsuccessfully after many years of frustration the psychological intimidation they came after me with threats of violence which went nowhere. After all, I’m a professional bullwhip artist. I can cut the arteries of someone’s neck with a flick of my wrist with pinpoint accuracy. Nobody threatens me with violence, it’s just not something I’ve ever put up with. As a tradeoff, I don’t go around threatening people for no reason, so there has been a kind of stalemate over the years that has occurred on a political level. I found my support system in the Tea Party, they resorted to traditional party politics and tried to use it to ostracize me. Obviously, that didn’t work either, it was the Tea Party that elected Donald Trump and changed the nature of the Republican Party to poise it for what is about to happen next.

I always knew in the back of my mind that no matter how bad things got that I had the Second Amendment to defend me against the villains, even those that had taken over law enforcement. I wrote two books predicting my own eventual arrest, one called The Symposium of Justice which was my argument for the need to defend my family against the kind of games that I had witnessed firsthand. The second was The Tail of the Dragon which was for me a legal argument supporting an insurrection against the forces of government with a kind of Donald Trump president sitting in the White House to support one side over the other for the health of the whole. As I wrote those books my main concern was to offer them as my testimony for when things did go wrong and people kicked in my door one night to make an arrest in protection of the “state.” The more I worked toward a real justice, the more I knew my efforts were a threat and in spite of many efforts to keep my thoughts from other people, nothing worked. Knowing that they’d be coming at some point in time I did go out and buy the Smith & Wesson gun that I had always wanted, the .500 Magnum for home defense against any enemy, foreign or domestic and I made it clear that was always my intention. Things looked pretty rough before Donald Trump ran for president and the moment he did, I threw my support behind him, and since he has won, the offensive efforts against my household have been much less. I noticed it right away.

I always felt that so long as I had Smith & Wesson products under my roof that I could defend right and wrong. As I said, up to this point I’ve managed to avoid such physical encounters. Being the expert bullwhip handler is a big reason for that. Fortunately, nobody ever really pushed me to the point where I had to use those skills in a lethal way, and that kept the guns in their holsters, because I tend to use that method of self-defense first, before shooting. But I always know that the big guns are there to defend the people I care about from the forces of evil, and it gave me the extra horsepower to defend goodness when it mattered most. Even as my wife was unsettled to learn that her own government had no problem following her around almost to the point of madness, the biggest part of the threat was purely psychological because they knew I’d shoot them dead if they did anything but imply violence and constant surveillance.

I can safely say that the discussion around the Q-Anon is not a conspiracy, but is very real. I learned it firsthand and the reason I’m hear today to discuss it is because of Smith & Wesson. If not for them, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as empowered to defend myself against the biggest of the big dogs. Sure you can cut open someone’s neck with a bullwhip, but when they show up with tax payer funded armored cars and big guns covered in body armor, you need the next level of punch. To be honest, before Donald Trump was elected I thought I was probably a month away from a major raid. There was real concern in my family that if Hillary Clinton won, that “they” would be coming after me. My kids were actively making plans to move to England to flee the aftermath. But I told them that night even as Sean Hannity was worried after seeing the exit polling that Trump was going to win. I said it in the days leading up to it, I was certain of it because I knew how the Deep State worked. I have written about it as openly and logically as possible and people have learned for themselves even more. I knew Trump was going to win.

I’ll then say that I know the Deep State is on the run because the eyes that used to watch me so closely have gone away. Not that we can afford to put down our defenses, but they are now the ones looking over their backs. Sure, the shadow banning is going on. If you look at my YouTube account and my Twitter you can see it for yourself. Does anybody really think that I only have a few hundred hits on my work, even some that have been up for ten years. People post videos of cats eating and they get more hits than I do. Yet I get asked all the time about my videos from hundreds of people. The same with Twitter, so many people comment to me about my Twitter account, yet I seldom have any traffic that indicates that anybody is watching. That is because they have messed with the counter, it’s a very real circumstance. But what do I care? The goal isn’t to make money off my hits, its to get information to people, and it has worked. But the difference now is that they know the momentum is shifting against them and they are now pulling out all the stops, banning Alex Jones, taking down videos from Cody Wilson and his very great “Ghost Gunner” milling machine. It doesn’t matter, because it’s over for them. It’s like the Q-Anon said, get ready for the plan. I certainly am, and have been for well over ten years now. I am sentimental to Smith & Wesson because the day I purchased the .500 Magnum from them I have never slept more soundly in my life than from that day on. And that is what a great company does for America. They don’t deserve to be protested, they should be honored, and I have a feeling that in the days to come the protestors will be a thing of the past and Smith & Wesson will be taken in regard among the great patriotic companies of our times, as more people come to know them the way I have.

Q-Anon is not a conspiracy. It’s a promise.  I have proven that I am more than willing to follow the law and to function within the Constitution.  But if the villains are bad and are in charge of our government and want to use its power against me and you, I am more than willing to take that next step.  It’s not our fault they decided to be criminals, let’s just put it that way.   I have committed a huge part of my life to this legal discussion and I feel I have made a good case that could hold up in any court–so its their move next–and after that, checkmate–or violence, whichever they select.

Rich Hoffman
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Han Solo’s New Landspeeder: The reason young men have for racing, risking their lives, and proving themselves

Institutionalism has been on my mind a lot lately. It has always bees something I was concerned with—it’s a huge part of culture building and there is need for some of it to keep an orderly society organized and effective. But all too often it is a destructive device that robs individuality from the human race which limits the output of potential available to mankind. Obviously the Comey situation with the current FBI is the most clear-cut case of institutional failure at so many levels and that is exactly what was on my mind as I went to Target as a 50-year-old man and bought the new Han Solo Landspeeder toy from Hasbro that I have been looking forward to being released. As I write often my favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo and I continue to think that the entire franchise under Disney ownership will depend on the quality of this new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie coming up on May 25th. For the movie to work, it has to tell the story of a young man who is so rebellious against institutionalism that he drives that inner need for the audience to yearn for individual freedom. It’s a tough game for Disney because they are an institution all on their own, and it has been a real challenge for the filmmakers to capture that proper “Han Solo” spirit produced by such an institutionalized production company. But they have worked hard at it and I think the selection of Ron Howard to be the final director was crucial to making this upcoming film positioned to be the best product possible. To get Han Solo right, the filmmakers must understand that he is a person fighting the mundane clutches of institutionalism which is the key to understanding what makes Star Wars different from other science fiction, and additionally makes it one of the most valuable elements for shaping modern society. It’s a very delicate balance and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that toy car so I could get up and close to it to get some questions answered.

Much to my delight it exceeded my expectations. Most young men—not girls—but boys, desire to obtain a car, customize it to some degree to represent their personalities and to apply that effort to the world so that they might come out on top. Girls typically think of wedding dresses, getting invited to prom and play with toys that lead them to domestic lives as young married women. No matter how much we tamper with that basic human yearning, those fundamental differences between boys and girls are obvious. Boys have that pressure to rebel from what they’ve known so that they can launch themselves into a position to acquire a wife, build a family, and live life on their own terms for that family—and a car is that first big step. So in a movie that deals with a younger version of Han Solo, a guy who has to acquire all the things that led him to a marriage to Princess Leia, The Millennium Falcon, his DL-44 gun, his years of experience at getting out of dangerous situations, what would his very first car look like? Getting that right would go a long way to telling me that these modern filmmakers understood the character of Han Solo well enough to not screw up the movie.

Ever since I saw the footage from the filming of the Solo movie I have been curious about this car. It’s square in design and looks pretty junkie for what you might expect from Han Solo. But then the Millennium Falcon was pretty beat up by the time the original movies were made—so this is a theme for Han Solo. He is a character not limited to the designs of the original manufacturer of his vehicles, some institutional engineer who works for a big company and rigidly gets all their drawings approved for production. Han Solo as a young man would acquire a speeder like this vehicle probably used because that’s all he could afford and he’d make it into something of his own design—to imprint his character on it. He would then use that vehicle to make a name for himself out in the world. This is very important to young men—really important. So getting Han Solo’s car right in a design tells me that they would also get it right in the movie and that this thing was going to be good.

When I was a young guy, 16 to 20 years of age I raced everyone everywhere. I seldom ever drove at speeds less than 100 MPH and I was in trouble with the police most of the time. I think it is safe to say that I was the fastest driver in the city of Cincinnati during that time frame who lived to talk about it. I know a lot of people I knew back then who died in car wrecks or ended up in jail for the rest of their lives so I can understand the background of a young Han Solo who was addicted to speed and competition. Young men must have some way to prove themselves because only the best have access to the best females. The way we all work biologically is that the most attractive females usually like the guys who are the most daring and ambitious acquiring the most wealth. Of course, the reason is so that a young female can build a family using the guy to give her children and financial resources. Having young men run around racing each other for the opportunity to make a lot of money so they can have access to the best females is a very primal sentiment. It’s not the way political progressives want things to be, and Disney has become a very progressive company so that makes the stakes of this Solo Star Wars film very high. Progressives would like to erase masculinity from the face of the earth yet Han Solo is a very masculine figure which makes him very popular among young males looking to make their mark in the world. I’ve been very skeptical especially the way The Last Jedi embraced so many progressive values. I didn’t think it hurt the value of Star Wars culturally, but it was noticeable. The same kind of anti-male sentiment won’t work in a movie starring Han Solo. I am happy to say from what I have seen by reading the latest Han Solo book Last Shot and going through some of the toy releases, I think they have nailed Han Solo in this new film. We’ll have to see how it is, but so far, the hot rod speeders are there, the souped-up star ships, the guns and the attitude are all there, so I am excited, more so than I was even a month ago.

I was in England for a good part of the Han Solo filming at Pinewood and I read all the news I could from the set as it was happening. It was exciting for me to be that close to the movie. One of my methods of stress management is to play a lot, whether it is video games, toys with my grandkids, or just roaming around at the store looking at new toys coming out. I particularly like the Star Wars section and the Lego sections of toy stores. Playing with ideas and massaging my imagination helps me solve complicated problems in real life, so there is a method I use to make those experiences productive in the real world. The Han Solo Landspeeder was very exciting for me personally because it has a lot of design in it that reflects the Han Solo character in all the ways that I enjoy. While everyone doesn’t get as excited about toys and Star Wars that as I do, the people who do are often those who advance human civilization in positive ways, engineers, creative people, and authors. Star Wars is such a major contributor to modern literature and the sciences that I get excited with each new film because of the cultural impacts that naturally spawn off them. Solo: A Star Wars Story however has more pressure on it than any movie yet has. How this one goes will determine the future of Star Wars forever, so there is a lot on the table. From what I have seen so far, I don’t think anybody will be disappointed.

Rich Hoffman
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Tomb Raider: How little things can and often do add up to big things

My daughter is still young, she’s not even thirty years of age and she’s literally already been all over the world. To say she travels a lot would be an understatement. She and her husband just returned from Banff in Canada where they went on a nice little holiday for the fun of it. She’s a professional photographer so that trip was to get some nice portfolio shots. But that for them was just a little trip. They’ve been to Europe, Iceland, New York, Chicago and out west just over the last half of a year or so and every other week it seems they are going on a new journey. But while she had a free moment she wanted to see the new Tomb Raider movie with me and her mom. Tomb Raider was something I introduced her to as a little girl. I always knew how much she loved the character but I was reminded of just how much when this new film starring Alicia Vikander as the newest Tomb Raider action star taking over for what used to be the sacred ground of Angelina Jolie, came out. Of course, the movie was fabulous, I thought it would be, but was even better than I originally considered. Even more than that it was a reminder for me just how little bitty things can really have an impact on kids which shape them into adults. My daughter in every respect as viewed by other people on the outside world has everything, and they wonder how she got that way often. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that inspires someone to step into greatness and for my daughter it was the inspiration of Lara Croft.

It’s always been my policy personally, and I passed that on to my children, that if the adults around you let you down that its good and even healthy to find fictional characters to invest in so to set the bar high on personal behavior. I always had good people around me growing up from an adult perspective, people who were positive to emulate, but they fell short of my personal goals. They didn’t reach as far as I would have like to have seen them, so I looked to big characters in movies to shape many of the personality traits I have today. And it worked, But I had an interesting challenge raising my own children, I had two girls and the world didn’t offer them much by way of cool inspirational characters who knew how to embrace their femininity yet strove to push the limits of themselves through the world in a positive way.

It was literally twenty years ago when I was working on a project for an early fulfillment center building conveyor systems. I was working second shift with a lot of other young people who were struggling with the long hard hours and trying to maintain good lives with wives and girlfriends even while we worked 12 hours a day six-day a week for well over a year. I helped a lot of people get through that tough period and when it came Christmas time, I received a lot of gifts from appreciative people who had come to depend on my encouragement. One guy actually gave me a samurai sword because I had talked him out of suicide once he found out his girlfriend had left him compounding a series of other problems in his life largely due to the long hours we were working. He listened to my advice and within six months he went from trying to kill himself to become wonderfully successful. So he presented me that Christmas with a very nice samurai sword. Another guy gave me a copy of the famous Japanese book, The Book of Five Rings because he said that I spoke like the author of that book and that he hoped I would see that and do great things with my talent. Then another guy gave me a copy of the new Tomb Raider III video game, which I had never played but had thought about trying.

My daughter told me the story while we waited for the new Tomb Raider movie to begin at Cinebistro in Liberty Township of how I came home the day I received that old Tomb Raider video game and pretended to shoot up our house with fake guns. She apparently had never forgotten the energy of that moment. I told her at the time that I thought she might like this game because the action hero in it was a girl named Lara Croft, which was like a modern Indiana Jones. She and I went to playing it over the long Holiday weekend and we had one of those daddy, daughter moments that has lasted now for two decades. My daughter liked the game so much that she has spent all that time reading every comic and novel that has been produced about Lara Croft and playing every new video game. When the previous Tomb Raider movies came out back in the 2000s with Angelina Jolie starring as Lara Croft I built those times up and we went to see them as a family together and had a great time which she soaked up. And like I said she has built her life up as her own person but it is amazing how much those influences pushed her to live a quite extraordinary life of her own.

She’s seen more of the world than most people do in an entire lifetime, she’s been married for ten years already and they have a nice house in Liberty Township with a respectable amount of land in what is one of the hottest real estate areas in the United States. And she has a child of her own now as well as a growing client list that is willing to pay her a lot of money for the unique way that she takes pictures. Yet a lot of it was born in just one weekend long ago when she was only around seven years old and we played that Tomb Raider game together during that one memorable Christmas. You just never really know what kids will latch onto as a parent so it’s good to try lots of things. But even what may seem like very small things at the time can lead to big life changing elements, for good or bad. In the case of my daughter her experience with Lara Croft was very positive and it let her set her own personal objectives very high which has led her to a wonderful life so far.

To make it even better the new Tomb Raider was a very good movie. It was not disappointing at all, which was a concern of mine going to see it. My daughter and I had a wonderful time. It’s not often that she gets to go to the movies with just me and her mom these days, because she has a life of her own now and her time is in high demand. Her client list keeps her busy almost every week so getting a window to do something together is pretty rare. I was thinking about it while we were seeing Tomb Raider. There might be four or five times like this over our entire lives so I was determined to make the best of it, and we did. But what was best for me was that I thought of all the other little girls out there who could watch this new Tomb Raider and have such a positive experience that it might inspire them the way it did my daughter. And that made it truly a special event. One that many people including myself will never forget.

Rich Hoffman

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Understanding what a “shithole” country is: Trump’s brilliant strategy ahead of a scandal much larger than Watergate


Nothing is shocking any more as we learn the true nature of our government officials and witness how the game has been working against us for years.  I told you dear reader not to worry about that meeting with Trump and the Democrats on DACA.  That was never going anywhere, but Trump had to bait them into movement so they’d reveal their positions—and that’s what he did.  Trump performed a brilliant strategy, he eased their minds that there might be a deal on live television where Trump allowed the media to have access to the entire meeting—for the record–then the Democrats proposed an outlandish proposal on DACA which blew the deal out of the water.  During a heated exchange in the Oval Office Trump said things which sounded harsh to the Democrats—and the people who were most entrapped, like Dick Durbin, heard what they wanted to hear from the President in their interpretation which lead to a massive controversy.  Durbin and a few other Senators stated that they heard the president say, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

I doubt that Trump said those exact words.  He denies it.  I think he may have said something in the spirit of that “shithole” comment, but it really doesn’t matter. It was astonishing how quickly and with so much merit that the media reported the issue and how the world reacted.  The brilliance of it is that Trump had already provided complete openness on a previous exchange so the contents of the next meeting could afford to be complete hearsay, baiting the Democrats to add lib to the reporting as they saw fit which gave Trump two things, a message he wanted to get out to the world without him actually having to do it—and to show the Democrats as being completely painted into a corner for which they’d have to lie to get out of.  When I heard it I thought it was pretty funny, and accurate.  Who with any kind of right mind doesn’t agree?  We have been told by these globalists who were all too quick to pounce on Trump for something supposedly said in private—which was exclusively reported by a political enemy in Dick Durbin—that we are all equal in the world, so the foundations for the rebuttal among the mainstream insurgents was already in place.

Not to mention that many Democrats and a lot of Deep State officials are in big trouble over this Fusion problem regarding the Russian dossier and the FBI cover-up to help Hillary Clinton stay in the running for president when she was clearly supposed to be going to jail.  The blood is in the water on both of those explosive stories which as I’ve been saying now for years will make Watergate look like a kid’s toy.  If America went through a crises that shaped a generation with Watergate—with films like All the President’s Men, then this conspiracy by the Democrats will shape centuries of behavior, because what has happened and is about to be revealed is far, far—far worse.  It is obvious to me at this point that Hillary Clinton who worked on that Watergate case as a young woman took what she learned about the levers of power and felt invincible that she was immune to prosecution and over many years built a syndicate of power extending from the media into the highest levels of the American surveillance community—and she was confident that anything she wished, she could implement.  This included winning the presidency or having people killed whom she desired to remove from her way.  In that world, Dick Durbin is just someone trying to run a diversion campaign to keep his global friends safe from one more week of scrutiny, which is coming whether they like it or not.

But for this purpose let’s study the potential or actual “shithole” comment.  The world insists that we live in an egalitarian society, where all the first world countries and the third world countries—as well as all the people in them are functioning with equal importance in the world.  That sounds fine to the lazy loser who smokes pot all day, plays video games as their primary motivation in life, and has no ambitions in life that contribute to anything productive.  But to the person next to them who works hard, saves their money to buy braces for their children and tries to stay informed on the events of the world so to navigate a safe passage through it for their family—the pot smoker is not equal—he is an impediment.  So also goes it on the world stage where a country like America pays most of the bills, contributes all the military resources, and all the help every time a hurricane comes and washes away all their huts that the people live in.  But come time for the Olympics, or in the halls of the United Nations we are supposed to view those people as equal just because they exist, no matter what their decisions were that put them into a third world country status.

To go a few steps further, what is a “shithole” for that matter?  Who wants to spend time in a place where people shit in a hole?  If you look at the reason people are looking to immigrate from some third world place to seek work in America—it’s because where they are coming from doesn’t have much to offer.  The wonderful opportunities that come from the capitalism of America are very appealing to people from African nations and Central American regions where it is considered a real luxury to have a clean glass of water.  Metaphorically speaking, the shithole comment is intended in this spirit, where people would leave one place to move to another so that the opportunities of that second place could be enjoyed.  But why aren’t those opportunities available in the home countries?  The reason, is because they are “shitholes,” places that have a lot of mess, and not much to build a productive life with.  All countries are not equal, otherwise everyone would be successful, living in one place would be just as desirable as living in another.

Trump’s supposed comments didn’t faze me in the least and it surprised me how much the media was making out of the story which was completely based on hearsay.  However, everyone I spoke to over the last few days felt the same way I did and that isn’t because I stayed in some conservative bubble where I only associated with like-minded people.  Even those with a liberal mind look at places like Haiti and think of them as “shitholes.”  Go out to dinner in Hyde Park outside of Cincinnati, or in the Rookwood shopping district in the very liberal east Norwood region and ask people what they think about visiting some of the “shithole” countries mentioned in this Trump debate and they’ll use the exact same language. Third world countries are not equal to first world countries—they could be, but because of decisions they made and how they have managed their resources, the people are not all egalitarian. Just as the pot smoker is not equal to the business executive who works 90 hours a week to be successful.  The two types of people are not equal.  They may have been born that way, but because of the destructive decisions of the pot smoker, one person lives a “shithole” life while the other may live in a half million dollar home for which they deserve due to their efforts.

Trump didn’t have to say it, because people already think it, but the president did get his political enemies to leak those sentiments which did just the same thing—it established a further entrenched justification for an “American First” policy that sent the globalists running for cover hoping to gain a little daylight between themselves and this Hillary Clinton case which threatens to destroy so many of them.  Trump likely baited Durbin into saying more than what was actually stated, but the point was made and a majority of Americans had the issue framed in their minds sorting the confusion of the news from the reality of personal feelings in a productive way.  And it was quite a brilliant strategy.

Rich Hoffman

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Al Frankenstein Must Go: He helped write the rules–now he’s had his Anthony Weiner moment

Well, Al Franken—how are you feeling?  Are you comfortable? You know, you’ve been such a pain in the ass.  As a former writer for the very progressive Saturday Night Live and massive critic of Bill O’Reilly you now have to leave the senate.  Based on the radio interview that can be heard below by Leeann Tweeden, you sexually harassed her in a major way.  The proof is all there, it’s her audio testimony and she has pictorial evidence—so based on the rules of engagement that you helped create, you have to step down immediately.  You have to give up your Minnesota senate seat. You’ve called for other people who have done much less than you have to step down, so you have no other choice.  Have a listen to this interview.

I was always surprised that Al Franken won a senate seat based on his star power off SNL.  And his little 5’ 6” ass has been a progressive monstrosity since.  The way he spoke to Jeff Sessions just a few months ago is enough to make your skin crawl, so it is ironic that he is going down the same way he went up.  What’s that saying they have………………be careful how you treat people going up because you’ll see them again on the way back down.  Well, this whole episode is born out of that statement.  What did he think Leeann Tweeden was going to do now that the flavor of the day of all women is to talk about their miserable moments with their male counterparts in the entertainment industry—which Al Franken actually encouraged?  He knew these stories were out there.  He knew the pictures were out there. And he and Tweeden were not on speaking terms after that Afghanistan trip.  So what did he think was going to happen?

When Donald Trump said last year that what happened on that Access Hollywood bus way back in 2005 was just locker room talk, this is what he meant.  People pretended to be shocked by what he said, but everyone knows that the kind of talk he was engaged in was the type of thing everyone says when they think they are alone, especially with other guys.  Women talk the same way, only from their point of view which is the constant recipient of sexual advances.  If a woman is less than 130 pounds chances are she is getting hit on with sexual advances all the time so women have their way of dealing with that constant barrage.  But among men, they are always talking about women and their potential sexual statuses.  Is it disgusting—hell yes it is.  I personally hate it.  Its small-minded talk and really stupid things to think about, but most of the human population engages in it.  Nobody should have expected anything more out of Al Franken than what they got, which was a pervert from SNL hitting on a girl who was well out of his league and using his celebrity power to attempt to bed her.  He wrote the script, he set the stage and he figured from experience that he’d get somewhere with Leeann Tweeden if he put the moves on her during their tour.

Now that the flood gates are open women like Tweeden have every right to say what they are saying.  In her case I feel sorry for her.  In the case of the accusers of Roy Moore, Donald Trump—or even Bill O’Reilly I think the women were just seeking fame.  But in Tweeden’s case she was just telling a story from the road and she has the pictures to prove it.  Should women have to sleep with producers and directors in entertainment to work in the industry?  No.  But do they, yes—it is pretty much expected. It wasn’t always that way but over the last 50 or 60 years it has been prevalent.  The question is, should women be free of this constant barrage, because that’s not how it has been.  People just didn’t talk about it.  Ironically people like Senator Franken have established that anyone who does engage in this activity should immediately step down and remove themselves from existence.  I’m good with that.  I can personally live up to that high standard.  I think Donald Trump can too.  He may have talked guy talk with the other guys, but he’s a pretty sensitive guy and he seems to have always treated women respectfully when dealing with them.  His Access Hollywood tape was more of commenting on his shock that women seem to throw themselves at celebrities which he was at that time with his new Apprentice show.  And he’s right, women do, and when they do, they really can’t come back later and claim sexual harassment—which in many of the cases we are hearing about now, it was great for them when they were young women in their 20s, like Ashley Judd—who used sex to secure roles.  Now that they are bitter bitches in their 40s that nobody wants to have sex with, of course now they can afford to have righteous indignation—because that’s the only way they can get attention.  When Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House after Trump was elected, that is the beaten up old hag talking that men used to line up to have sex with.  Back then Madonna controlled those men with just a flirt.  She can’t do that now.  Men now look at her and her long line of lovers and think—gross.

But Leeann Tweeden is different.  She seems like a nice girl who went on a tour to inspire the troops and Franken had a crush on her the way any adolescent boy might have fantasies about his chances with the best looking girl in his junior high school.  Most of what I heard on that tape was pretty innocent stuff from a biological point of view.  But if you apply the progressive standard to it which Franken himself helped mold—then he should be executed on the spot for using the power of his position to attempt to force sex on an innocent woman.  Right?  It’s only fair.  I mean you can’t have it both ways.  You can’t go after Republicans for sexual harassment and seek to get them impeached or removed from office, then get to hide behind some committee hearing when we find out that someone like Franken has been guilty of far worse.  He has officially lost his moral authority and I suspect that we’ll come to learn that many more members of congress will have similar stories being tossed onto the heap before it’s all said and done.  And if that’s the kind of world we want to live in, I’m fine with it.  I have two daughters and a wife that would love to not be sexual harassed every five minutes when they are not in my company.  I can live in that world just fine, but can everyone else?

Al Frankenstein as Donald Trump is appropriately calling him as this crisis is exploding is having his Anthony Weiner moment.  If you’ll remember dear reader when he was first in congress Weiner was a firebrand using the mask of righteousness to conceal his sexual addiction.  He used his power as a congressman to increase his access to women. He’s now in jail falling from being a phone call away from Hillary Clinton and the top movers and shakers of the Democratic Party.  Now he’s sitting in a jail cell for his sexual addictions. What we are learning particularly about Democrats is that they are guilty mostly for which they find fault in others.  They call Republicans Nazis because it is actually their ideology which nurtured along the most terrifying form of fascism and tyranny the world has ever seen. They call Republicans racist because it was southern Democrats who actually formed the KKK and stood against assimilating Africans into American culture.  And now they have been trying to paint Trump and many others with a brush of sexual misconduct for which Democrats are most guilty of themselves.  In Franken’s case, he has done far worse than anything we have heard to date, writing scripts that allow him to forcibly kiss women and groping them while they sleep where there are pictures that prove it giving us all the evidence we could ever possibly need.  If Bill O’Reilly had to lose his job at Fox News over just allegations, Franken has much worse coming to him.  And he deserves it—as do many others who will soon fall in his wake.

Rich Hoffman

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The Most Effective Argument in favor of Guns in Soceity: What everyone misses about the need for the Second Amendment–Institituions cannot be trusted

The support for an armed society is a philosophical one, not one of just emotional attachments to tradition. There is a reason the Second Amendment was inserted into the Bill of Rights and was so important to the Anti-Federalists in the 1790-time period of American history that is just as relevant today as it was then. The human race has not “progressed to a certain level where a one world government like the utopian Star Fleet Command is running everything on earth—and it never will. The reason is that there are traits to human beings that so long as they exist prevent the complete trust of individuals into all institutions created by society. To properly have a check and balance against absolute power, individuals must have the ability to overthrow their institutions before they get too big, and too power hungry to handle the affairs of civilization properly. Guns are that fine line of control which keeps our institutions in check with the fear always in the back of their minds that at any moment the population could remove them from office under armed rebellion and replace them. The issue has never been about “assault weapons” or “bump stocks.” It’s about the nature of people and what they do when they have power over other people. Those who want more power over more people obviously are those who support removing guns from society—to whatever degree. But the essence of the argument is that we would be fools to completely trust any institution created by the minds of man. The gun allows us to manage that power we give those institutions—and without that management assistance, institutions by their nature spiral out of control and become oppressive. Because at the heart of most humans who crave power is a laziness that always retreats to default mode and would rather run society as a bunch of compliant automatons rather than free thinking variables.

To put the issue in the most simplistic forms I will provide an example that I have used actually quite often. To provide a little background about myself I am a person who loves personal freedom likely more than most people, and I have always built my life around the ability to be free of institutional control. In my youth I was a martial artist and had developed the personal ability to defend myself no matter what was presented. Growing up I never had the feeling that anybody could “kick my ass” and I still feel that way. I don’t care how big the person is or how skilled, I made a point physically to be the top of the pecking order in regard to fighting in hand to hand combat and that allowed me a certain freedom to think properly about these matters of institutional control. But melee weapons are one thing, if a person approaches you with a gun physical confrontation is not the best way to deal with a threat like that. You really need a gun no matter how skilled you may be in disarming people. The best way to prevent a threat is to show them you have a gun and give them a choice as to whether or not to continue.

For a short while I was a repo man in my early years and I was shot at on occasion. That was back in the old days before there were the kind of rules that there are today. Back then the bank would let you do quite a few things to recover an asset, so I know what it feels like to be a bit of a thief sneaking up on a car to take it away from a hostile person likely armed. I even know what it feels like to break into a home knowing a person was armed to get the car keys. This wasn’t an accepted practice but it’s always better to ask for forgiveness than permission when dealing with bureaucracies and if I could get my hands on the keys, it meant doing less damage to the asset to retrieve it so breaking into a home to get the keys was forgivable—if you were successful. But people did get mad and they did shoot to kill. So in speaking about this kind of stuff I understand it from both sides very well.

I’ve also been to Europe and can report that the people there are pretty much a defeated people. Their gun laws and progressive societies have destroyed individual initiative and expectation. They live in small homes that are too expensive and do not have an expectation of personal sanctity the way that Americans do—and this really does trace back to gun ownership. In Europe the chances of being robbed in your home are much, much greater than in the United States because thieves know that nobody is armed in the home. They think nothing of breaking and entering to steal a person’s possessions even if they are there—because being shot is not on their minds. If they have managed to get a gun off the black market then they suddenly have become the strongest person around and they use that force to their advantage—because that’s what most human beings do when they acquire power—they tend to abuse it unless they are governed by a personal constitution of morality and valor. Without those elements they become tyrants quickly—whether they control a vast institution, or are just petty street criminals. It’s all the same human dysfunction on the micro or macro levels.

The person who trained me in martial arts during my teenage years was a thug. He was a lot like the karate school owner in the movie Karate Kid. His sole purpose for the school was to teach young strong males to be killers so that they’d go to tournaments and win trophies for his wall, so that he could then charge high fees to provide instruction. I thought of him as an evil person and he eventually was busted for many crimes and did jail time, but I learned a lot from the guy. I learned that it wasn’t hard to kill a person with your hands, in fact it was pretty easy and once you learned the basics you had leverage over every other human being that didn’t know that information. Most of his students went on to become terrors—and they got into nearly as much trouble as he did. Once they had the power to literally kill with their bare hands they had no fear of anybody and they began to be bullies that nobody could stop. It was the same concept as the robber with a gun who had something everyone else was missing. Outlawing a gun doesn’t change the nature of dominating others as a human predilection. Until that problem is solved, where humans wish to dominate others, whether it’s the liberal using institutionalism to control individual behavior, or a common street thug beating people over the head with a pipe to steal $25 dollars—the desire to rule over other individuals is the problem that must be solved. No institutional laws will have any effect—because the problem at its core is an institutional issue.

More times than even I can recollect I’ve used the threat of violence to keep peace. If someone is robbing you the way to handle it best is to say, “Hay man,” show them the gun under your jacket “you don’t have to die today. I won’t even call the cops. If you keep walking you can go to sleep tonight.” It’s that simple. Just say that, have the gun to show them—even if they are pointing one at you, letting them know you have a gun and are willing to use it, will most of the time cause them to leave you alone. These things don’t happen like they do in the movies. Criminals want a nice easy hit on someone. They don’t want to die or risk injury. If they have to risk that with you, they’ll move on most of the time. That also goes with hired killers. I’ve also known several of them as well, and deep down inside they are just people like anybody else. They don’t want to die. They know that just because you shoot someone they don’t die instantly. They know if you have a gun on you that you could still shoot them even if wounded. Because of guns in our country, we see much less crime than we otherwise would because nobody really knows who has guns in the house and who doesn’t. That secures our private property in the correct way and allows for Americans to think differently than other people around the world do because private property and ownership is the essence of personal responsibility—and protecting those elements makes for a much more civil discourse at the macro level.

Any person advancing gun control measures of any kind, even the “bump stock” debate after the Las Vegas massacre are avoiding the real issue in human failure in dealing with one another. Human desire to control other humans and their thoughts is the problem and until respect at a fundamental level is established for individual sanctity, violence will always be a threat. Those threats often come from institutions because responsibility for individual behavior is disguised. However, gun ownership is more than just symbolic, they are a proper check against the human tendency to inflict through force beliefs of one group against another. The gun creates a level playing field and forces people to respect each other—which is the first foundation of proper human interaction. There is a fine line between fear and respect, and the gun helps society get there better than any law that human beings could invent. And that is the key to a properly managed society. There is nothing barbaric about gun ownership. In fact, the concept is quite a sophisticated one because it takes the human race to a level of thought that has never been achieved before in the history of the world, and the United States is the evidence that it works. Not in the presence of an active gun culture, but in the type of society and options that Americans enjoy that nobody else around the world has. Guns are key to advancing our civilization in very positive ways because they take the bullies out of contention and allow average people to rule their own lives however they see fit. And if their institutions get out of control, then people have guns to retake control, and that is the most important thing of all. Just having the gun does wonders. Hopefully nobody ever needs to use them. But I can say from personal experience that guns work very well at keeping things……..peaceful. Better than anything else ever could hope to. Institutions want to believe they can, but they can’t. They can’t control individual behavior at its core. They can influence it, but they can’t manage it without the occasional madman emerging to destroy innocent people over any little thing.

When I hold a gun, or buy a new gun, I am making an investment into the kind of human freedom that only a gun can provide. And that is not a symbol of violence. It’s a declaration of independence that is philosophical and unique to our species.

Rich Hoffman

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When the Lights Go Out: The difference between “us” and “them”

Did you ever notice how when either in a school or a place of business that when a storm comes and knocks out the lights some people clap? Then there are others—usually an extreme minority who try to continue to do their work next to a flashlight or a candle?  This has always been a baffling concept to me, that people would be so happy to be relieved of their work that they could return their minds to a thoughtless existence talking about some television show, new pop song, or about some peer who isn’t present in the form of gossip.  People who clap when the lights go out are people who are essentially afraid of action and thought because they don’t want the responsibility of accomplishment.  They are essentially lazy people who struggle through life avoiding problems until the ultimate happens—all their problems catch up and destroy their life.  Then they wonder why they are unhealthy, unhappy, and why nobody wants to be around them—because they are essentially negative people.

People who clap when the lights go out are people who are looking for an excuse not to live—which essentially makes them evil—(evil is live spelled backwards). They are anti-life and are the type of people who can’t be trusted with much of anything and are always looking to make trouble.  Typically they are second-handers in life—those who live by the actions of others but usually they disguise their tendencies behind little emergencies like the lights going out, or they had a flat tire, or that it was raining.  They work harder at not doing things than actually doing things because they find the threat of responsibility much more terrifying than the work in avoiding things.

You can often tell who will clap when the lights go out by those people who complain that it’s “Monday” or utter at 4 PM on a Friday, “TGIF.” They are the same people who put “hump day” on their Facebook posting revealing that they are happy the week is half over.  These are the people in life who make it terrible for all those who enjoy life and have an optimistic view of it because it’s those who work hard even when the lights go out that carry the rest of those idiots while they hide their tendency toward inaction behind an emergency situation which they are always silently praying for.

These same people are the ones who say, “the devil is in the details,” because they hope to slow things down by getting everyone to look for that devil so they can stand to the side and avoid action. If they stall long enough maybe something will get pushed to Monday buying them a weekend to avoid the inevitable.  And on Friday night they drink to forget and to ease the pain of their life from the pressure they always feel they are under.  Those kids who grow up in school hoping the bus gets stuck in the snow, or clapping when there is a power outage are the same people who grow up drunk on the weekends because they can’t hack the pressure of living, and they don’t have the fortitude within them to always look for ways to solve problems no matter how bad things are.

People who like to work so much that they don’t let emergencies stop them are the people who make America great.  It is not the people who clap when the lights go out.  It is the people who look for a lighter in their pocket or a flashlight so they can continue reading or writing something when darkness arrives.  They don’t let the darkness stop them.  They work on weekends, they work in the middle of the week and Monday is just another day to them.  A democracy will never work in any political system so long as there are people who clap when the lights go off, and there are only one or two people who pull out their flashlights to continue working.  We are not all equal.  Some of us look for every reason to not do something while others try to squeeze every moment of life for the richest possible of goodness available.  Those who insist otherwise are those who clap when the lights go out.  Or hope for a snow day to keep them from having to attend work.

There is a reason that professional sports are so popular. Sitting in the stands while other people perform on the field is the prefect job for people who clap when the lights go out.  All they have to do is just sit there and watch other people do things—and that makes them happy.  Some of them are so arrogant that they believe all that is required of them is that they buy a jersey and attend a game and that they have somehow made an investment toward the success of that franchise.  When their team losses they get very upset and speak as if they made some grand investment that would justify their anger.  But they are just sitting in the stands waiting for the lights to go out so they can hide the fact that they are fearful of life, and always hoping that they can jump on to someone elses success at the last moment and share in the heroic efforts.  When a professional team is winning these fans say “we.”  When those teams are losing they say, “they.”

Government is filled with people who love it when the lights go out. They love it when there are funding talks and government shut downs—because they like to not work and have someone else to blame for their lack of productivity.  They hide in bureaucracy so that nobody would ever blame them for doing nothing because the invented details of muddled thinking allow them to appear majestic when they are essentially cowardly people waiting for death to ultimately take way the responsibility for living from them.  They aim to slide through life from excuse to excuse until it all ends and they can then blame God, or even the universe for their sad, pathetic existence.

That anything happens at all it is from the private sector where there are handfuls of people who still work when the lights go out, or whether its Wednesday or Saturday—every day hold the promise of something new if only they can solve this, this and this problem.  In fact solving problems is what makes them happy which is why they look for a light when they go out to continue working.  It drives them.  It is they who make the lights work in the first place.  Without those types of people there would be perpetual darkness and a string of excuses from here until the dawn of mankind.  Nothing would ever happen because always a majority of the people clap when the lights go out and only a very few look for alternatives to continue their work.

It is quite obvious what is going on with the Trump presidency—Trump and his family are a light. They always have been and the people of their core associations are of the same type.  But Washington D.C. has a culture that is nearly entirely made up of people who always have clapped when the lights went out for whatever reason.  And those people don’t like it that Trump is in the White House putting light everywhere and making people work even when the lights are turned off, and there are tornado warnings as well.  Trump won’t let those who like to hide in the dark continue doing so, so they are doing everything they can to push back at the light.  And that’s just not acceptable.  Trump was elected by people who like to work to push away the influences of those who don’t from ruining the world further.  It’s no longer fashionable to clap when the lights go out and no longer allowed to be one of those people who use chaos to hide their laziness.  Those people have been exposed and are now required to act or be run over—and that is essentially what is driving our world today.  And that’s not going to change.

Rich Hoffman

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Gun Grabber Leland Yee Going to Jail over Weapons Trafficking: Why we can’t trust government but down the barrel of a potential gun


On Monday June 20th 2016 a host of senate democrats attempted to use the Orlando shooting to pressure GOP leadership into gun control measures on Capital Hill.  Of course, thankfully because of the Republican majority and the powerful NRA their four proposals are going nowhere.  But they’ll keep trying just like their buddy Leland Yee has for years out in California.  The potential attempt had me fueled into a fired up fissure on Saturday when my friend Matt Clark brought up the topic of gun control up on his WAAM radio show.  I had to call at the 30 minute mark and join the vigorous conversation Matt was hosting.

During the call I brought up the news story shown below, where liberal Leland Yee—a gun control champion in California was busted for trafficking in “foreign firearms” on the black market.  Go ahead, read the article for yourself below from The Washington Post:

On the surface, the story of Leland Yee looks like a precipitous fall from grace.

The 67-year-old had risen steadily in the ranks of Bay Area politics since the late 80s, when he was elected to the San Francisco School Board. He then went on to sit on the city’s Board of Supervisors and in the state Assembly. The latter role saw him become the first Asian American speaker pro tem in 2004, making him the second-highest ranking Democrat in the California assembly at the time.

From 2006 onwards, Yee served as a state senator and was plotting a secretary of state campaign when his political visions were curtailed by a federal indictment in March 2014.

The arrest swept Yee and his associate Keith Jackson, 51, up in charges alongside some of the city’s most notorious characters, notable among them Chinatown gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.

Yee also discussed buying weapons overseas and bringing them to the U.S. with two associates and an undercover agent. He accepted $6,800 and a list of arms for purchase in the Philippines.

The maneuvers were not only illegal, but also in stark contrast to what he had long purported to stand for.

Yee told CBS two years before he was arrested: “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear — there is no debate, no discussion.”

As a legislator, Yee supported strict gun control laws and was named to the Brady Campaign’s Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.

The calamitous epilogue to Yee’s career, then, seems to be an abrupt about-face. During his campaigns, Yee had styled himself as an outsider removed from the corruption that plagued San Francisco governments past.

“My parents didn’t encourage me to go into politics at all,” he told Hyphen magazine in 2011. “There was a stereotype in the Chinese community that sees politics with suspicion. Politicians aren’t honorable, they’re corrupt and unsavory.”

Some members of the public have expressed disappointment over his conviction, but many more think the five-year sentence is fair (if not too light) for someone who has admitted to abusing his position.

Let me just say this much, there are no circumstances where more government equates to more prosperity.  By nature, human beings fail when they have too much power and Leland Yee is a fine example of the same type of corruption we are learning about in Brazil, Venezuela and everywhere that socialism is the political philosophy of the masses.  America must have guns—unlimited guns—so that our society can have the means to keep government from becoming all-powerful and ultimately following in the footsteps of liberals like Leland Yee.  Every gun grabbing politician speaking to federal representatives in the wake of the Orlando massacre are potential Leland Yees.  Many of them may be well-intentioned people, but all of them have the potential to become like Yee.  What makes America different is that we do have guns, and we can if there is no other option; use them to protect ourselves from an out-of-control government.  And by the sound of things now, it would seem that we are almost out of other options.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump’s Presidential Strategy: Hillary will soon be begging for it all to end

Apparently there are some out there who are worried that Hillary Clinton is up on Donald Trump in the polls and that there is a risk of her winning the presidency completing the long-held plan by progressives to destroy America from within.   I know it’s scary, after all most of the media is in the bag for Hillary, along with Hollywood, the music industry, every public education institution, and every public sector union—and by the time you add up all those numbers, conservatives like you and I are in the extreme minority.  But—Trump has a plan and he is fulfilling it.  With only Hillary and the failed Obama legacy left between him and the presidency, he won’t allow himself to lose easily.  In fact, I am sure he will do anything and everything to win and he will start with her prime weakness—which as of June 15th, 2016—he is already exploiting.  Hillary is entitled and used to having things given to her—and she has assumed that the media would give her the presidency just because she’s a woman.  Trump is about to exploit her expectations to his advantage—just watch.

I’ve had the fortune to be in a lot of fights with people over the years—and many of the times the people were bigger and stronger than I was.  But unlucky for them which has always been the case—100% of the time—I was always smarter.   When a big hulking creature wanted to fight 7 times out of 10 they smoked cigarettes—because they were young and wanted to look tough so it usually fit their overall persona—so I’d know from the start of the fight that within 30 seconds, they’d start huffing and puffing, gasping for air.  That’s when you unleash on them a fury they can’t defend and by minute 1 minute 30 seconds, they were bloody heaps begging for an end to the conflict.  That’s when you hit them hard and make it so that they never think of picking on anybody—or fighting anybody, ever again.

Trump has Hillary right where he wants her, on the defensive, responding to his every attack.  He’s in Barack Obama’s head—clearly, forcing the last days of the current POTUS begging the collective Republican Party to come to his aid.  But there is nobody who can help them—either Obama or Hillary.  Trump is a machine who will run day and night for the next four months and in the last quarter as Hillary is gasping for air, the fatal blow will drop knocking her not only out of the race, but out of politics forever—in disgrace.  That is how Trump does things.  I understand that type of thinking—it is how winners, win—even when they are outmatched by sheer size and numbers.

Trump has campaign stops all over the nation scheduled during a time when the candidates are typically resting a bit before the summer surge toward their respective conventions.   Trump is on TV every day and speaking to thousands of people all over the country literally every day and he could do that pace likely for the rest of his life.  True, Trump just turned 70 years old, but he works like young man in his twenties and he can beat that old hag Hillary with sheer force.  She thought it was difficult to keep up with Bernie Sanders who at times had Hillary sounding like a haggard old worn out woman.  She won’t be able to keep up with the pace of Trump and it won’t take long for the fatigue to set in.

If you’ve ever watched a marathon, Hillary is like those runners who jump out to an early lead sprinting along wearing herself out.  In her case she can afford to because she has been told that all she has to do to become POTUS is show up at the finish line—because everything else is all worked out.  But a quarter way through the race, fatigue starts setting in and they begin feeling that tightness in their muscles and the overwhelming desire to stop to take a break.  That’s usually when the smarter runners overtake the early sprinters. By the Fourth of July, Trump will be fresh on Hillary’s heels watching her wear down and she’ll begin struggling to keep running.  Her old saggy ass will start showing the signs, her shoulders will slump, the bags under her eyes will fill with a few more doughnuts eaten on the road to give her instant energy—fake energy to continue looking good for the cameras.  That’s when she’ll realize she doesn’t have enough gas in the tank to beat Trump and the media will begin to grudgingly admit the problem amongst themselves.  Then she’ll get hit with one of the most boisterous Republican conventions in history.   Then following that will be a major motion picture called Hillary’s America and the low information voters will then discover things about her that they didn’t know.  That’s when Trump will really get started.  Daily he will beat on Crooked Hillary and the media won’t have an answer.  Obama will get even more defensive as his days in the White House come to a close and a silent desperation will begin to set in.

By September and October, the ragged, hag Crooked Hillary will limp into the presidential debates and Trump will slaughter her with wit and his knack for speaking off the cuff of his sleeve leaving her completely off message, and script which is her vulnerability.  That is when she’ll sink like a rock.  She’ll be exhausted and begging for an end to it.  Then Trump will hit her so hard that it will end her forever.

So get ready, this is going to be a lot of fun for those of us on the conservative side who have simply had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.  Our time is coming for a change and I’m not planning to be graceful about it.

Rich Hoffman


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