Rule through Peer Pressue: Understanding how our society got suckered by Covid-19

I often feel like I’m pretty well synched up with people like Rush Limbaugh. I have often felt that people like him and Glenn Beck got some of their ideas for their shows off my blog site, because usually I write things before they talk about them on their shows. Rather, reality indicates that they arrive at their own conclusions but their process toward the truth is similar to mine, and that is where the coincidences occur, in the same deductive thinking manifesting at similar times without direct contact, but through rational thought. But it did surprise me that Rush Limbaugh admitted last week that he had been trying to solve the reason that conservatives are so easily shamed through name calling, while Democrats typically stick together and are so good at defining a social narrative. Well, to me the answer is extremely obvious, and it can be traced back to the liberalized educations most of us get in public schools. As adults those foundation experiences freeze our minds into compliant action and that is the driver of most modern problems. I know Limbaugh understands the problems of modern public education, but it seems clear that the depth of that trouble is just now becoming aware for him. It seems he is having a kind of epiphany as a result of the Covid-19 virus that is finally helping him solve that long standing problem.

The question at hand was how good Republican minded people were suckered in to this whole Covid-19 scam which was a liberalized platform to use a real virus to bring about leftist platform needs. Such as President Trump being convinced by medical terrorists acting on behalf of the World Health Organization into closing down the American economy due to a fear of having massive amounts of dead people stacked on his presidency. Bill Gates was one of those terrorists, as was Dr. Doom of the CDC. Amy Acton from Ohio, attached to Governor DeWine was another, their input of doom and gloom froze Trump and DeWine and once frozen, they were paralyzed to act, as was the rest of us. Then as the efforts to reopen the economy were advanced, suddenly anybody not believing in the social distancing measures, or in wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus, anybody wanting to step away from those methods were attacked by mass groups of people in the media, in the political class, and activists on social media. Literally, the argument was made, if you leave your house until medical officials declared that it was safe, you would be responsible directly for killing people. For the first time on a mass scale, liberals were able to convince most Americans that their desire to act independently was going to cause the death of other people and that it was selfish to have such a desire. Well, of course this is absolutely absurd, yet many good people were falling for it, so the question as to how and why such a method was effective at all has been the topic of the day and nobody really seems to have a good answer, so I’m happy to explain it.

The problem isn’t in some modern context but in the roots of our learning as children. First you must understand that all public schools are set up wrong from the start. Public education was always a lofty social idea, but it has never been right in how and what it teaches. The liberal terrorist Bill Ayers understood the nature of public education always and has been very open about it. He’s important because he remains to this day as a big advocate, especially in the Chicago area for public education and teacher unions listen to his socialist style propaganda. The readers here might remember the controversy that Obama’s presidential campaign was started in Bill Ayers living room, of course we were all told this was a vast right-winged conspiracy—but as we know now 13 years later, it was all quite true. Anyway, Ayers has always said correctly that public schools were sorting machines. People say that public education is broken and that kids come out of them not very smart, well that’s because the goal of any government school is not to actually teach kids anything. Public schools are sorting machines that produce people of different classes for their adult lives and the thought processes learned in public schools literally do last a lifetime.

Public schools are very psychologically organized to herd people into various classes which are always driven by very liberal thought. For young males, the pretty, popular cheerleader types of girls are dangled out in their very short skirts to steer those youth into sports where they learn team concepts and other rules of social discourse so that they can be “popular” and date the “popular” girls. The band chicks are the second tier, they pull in the band boys and that becomes another class of people. Then there are the social outcasts who smoke cigarettes while at school and are in the various shop classes. The making fun of other students to herd them into one of these three classes isn’t punished by the administrators, its encouraged. Its part of the culture itself and as we see, children quickly develop friends to protect them in a herd-like fashion from the peer-pressure that the various classes inflict. Those patterns for friends then sets up a lifetime of such a desire which then allows governments to easily control people for their entire lives psychologically. That is why this Covid-19 thing worked so well, and why very maniacal people were audacious enough to try it. It was driven by the same peer pressure that kids in school suffer under only on this scale it was that social distancing was going to save lives once the World Health Organization told us that millions of people would die. Why didn’t we question that premise, well because we psychologically accepted that the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control were populated by smart doctors and that class was above our own—or at least above our pay grade. So, it was assumed that we would follow them because they were a superior class of intelligentsia.

I could write a book bigger than War and Peace on this topic alone, but unfortunately, nobody would read it because such a realization is just too difficult for most people to overcome. They see the results every day, but they have to admit a whole lot of things that are uncomfortable about why they believe the things they do before they can solve the problem of the present, as to what they actually believe. That fear gap is what keeps everyone’s mouth closed and allows the liberal activist always to have the upper hand. Because they don’t have such a sense of self, so they cannot be shamed into behavior, they have long ago yielded to it as the popular kids, so as long as they believe what is popular, they never worry about being on the outside looking in. They just agree and go along which is what Covid-19 exploited in our culture by global terrorists trying yet another method to destroy the American economy, even if they had to use the world as their shield in acting out the aggression. It was stunning to hear people like Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge and even in the beginning Alex Jones behave in lines with the World Health Organization and believe that Covid-19 was going to kill us all, because they had a natural respect for the classes of people who ignited the fear. That respect wasn’t placed in their minds with merit, but by their public educations as children. Under duress, they quickly moved into a default mode and made decisions based on that position. The same thing happened to President Trump and Mike DeWine certainly got suckered into it.

But to answer the question as to why, well, there you have it. We are programmed from youth to think certain ways and to trust certain people. We may have thinking minds that question things, but peer pressure often overtakes logical thought because we have accepted as a species that majority opinion is more important than the truth. The way to move up in life, which is also taught to us in public schools is to get a good grade, agree with your teacher, don’t make waves, and good things will happen to you. You get to date that pretty, popular girl. You may even get to be the homecoming king or queen if you do everything correctly as defined by the public school. And if you are a rebel, they’ll throw you out into the smoking pit and put you in shop class to ensure that you never make more than $35K per year. The way to move up in life is to do what “they” tell you, and that is why these global terrorists tried this stay at home order method and encouraged social distancing. People ostracized from their peer groups and being addicted to friendships and associates would seek a replacement, and that is why the daily reports from governors became so quickly important to us. Stuck in our homes, and removed from our peer groups we sought to trust a new peer group, government. And they became our new religion and sought to bring down the American way of life. That dear reader is how we found ourselves in this situation and why liberals feel they can dish it out, but never expect to take it. Because we are all wired to accept these social class methods as a means to control our herd mentality. Few see it for what it is, except for those who never fit in any of the classes and rejected the premise from the start of their lives and have fought it all along. Those people are rare, but they are out there, and they saw the truth from the very beginning. It was easy for them. Rush Limbaugh is one of those people, but he needs to see the bigger picture for the programming that public education played in all our lives to really see the truth—which I think he is coming to now.

Rich Hoffman

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