How to Fix America: Glenn Beck’s Epic Speech and Pink Floyd’s The Wall

The first people to see that something has been terribly wrong in our country are naturally those who either intentionally or unintentionally refused the static patterns of social behavior introduced to them or people who have been there and seen it for what it was, and left that dark place with warnings. Glenn Beck, refused the static indoctrination and left college which he shares with me. I would say that to this very day, this is why he can see and think outside the invisible box of social behavioral thinking. He has not allowed himself to be taught to ignore the chains about his soul. He sees clearly what is holding America back and he has attempted to share that vision with others who are beginning to see for themselves that what Beck has been saying is true. Anyone who listens to this next video clip and wishes to continue to believe that all is right in America, and that we should continue on as we have been, are nothing short of shape-shifting devils hell-bent on the destruction of our country and wish to remain blissfully ignorant of their treachery. Because any sane individual will take pause at the recordings Beck unleashed on his radio program and will feel compelled in some way to take action to restore a sense of value and pride in the American name.

To understand what I mean by static and dynamic patterns click on this link for review:

I have known for my entire life the contents of Beck’s recording above. I have seen it up close, it has always been clear to me. Unfortunately, it was not so clear to the rest of the country. I tried to warn them in the years past, and the collective “they” told me that I was just a rebel, too much so to stay in college, too much so to just take a job within the system and get paid well to do it, too much so to just close my eyes and play along. I lost many friends along the way, and even members of my own family, because they did not want to hear what I was telling them. Well, Glenn Beck has succeeded where I haven’t. I’ve been outside the castle walls of this established thinking and attacked those walls many times completely alone. So it was refreshing when Glenn Beck penetrated those walls and began broadcasting from within the establishment. And I learned that there were others out there fighting the same fight I had been all along, and now one of us was on the inside broadcasting on the radio and TV. And finally someone broke through into the publishing industry and began to put out the kind of books I had always dreamed about. For everything that has been said about Glenn Beck by those who control the power structure, his success in publishing cannot be ignored. Glenn Beck books sell, because the public wants what he is writing about, which says a lot about the true state of our country. If you want to see the future, look at what is selling in your local book store.

Because of his success within the walls of the established thinking Beck was invited to speak at an event hosted by David Horowitz, another reformer who has been fighting those castle walls for decades now. David Horowitz has a different background. He is of the latter in my initial description. He was once in the darkest of places along with people like Bill Ayers, and he left them to join the few who attacked the castle walls to release our freedom which was held hostage within that kingdom of intellectual socialism being brewed from within.

He’s is right about the “drowning man” syndrome. Those who have been in control of what goes on within the power structures are drowning with their own failed policies, and they have been for years stealing from all of us by way of taxes to compensate for their epic failures. Glenn Beck has been pointing this out from within the castle walls for quite a while now and his books have been very successful. This is where Beck has succeeded where others have failed. There have been many books, but most of them stayed within the parameter of established thought, and did not become New York Times Bestsellers. Beck’s long list of literary successes far exceeds anything he’s done on the radio or television, because it is books that can change the static patterns of society with a dynamic that is introduced slowly. Books are the primary way in communicating a change in a static pattern, because they have to be absorbed differently than other media. Among Beck’s books are The Real America, An Inconvenient Book, The Christmas Sweater, America’s March to Socialism, Common Sense, Arguing with Idiots, The Overton Window, Broke, and The Original Argument. Over the last 5 or 6 years Beck has put out at least two books a year. He just released a new one about George Washington and looks to continue on that pace. Being firmly involved in the publishing industry now, Beck is a force that cannot be ignored by the powers that have been active in controlling our civilization for many generations now.

Beck has been able to articulate what those of us with a mind have known for years, that those in power, the looters of government have built careers on telling us that lies are the truth and the truth are lies. I learned this many years ago. Anyone who knows me understands that I love pirate stories and mythology, because in the back of my mind I used to be one and know I can survive very well in that type of world. I have dealt with some of the worst and most ruthless people on this earth, and I know what is in their souls. When I met my wife, I was selling cars which put me in contact with many of those ruthless people and had just closed a deal where I sent an old man across the street from the dealership to his bank to take out what was left his retirement and give it to me to pay cash for a truck I was selling to him $5000 dollars over invoice. I did it because I was dating my wife at the time and wanted the money to take her to a 5 star restaurant downtown. So I figured my plunder of the old man would give us a great night on the town. My take from the $5K would have been $1,500 for that one sale, so it would give us a great night out. After all, I was in heavy competition for her attention. My wife was a fashion model at the time and had many rivals for my affection, so I thought that spending a lot of money on her would impress her. Most of my rivals were men twice my age, I was only 18 at the time, and many older men already successful had their eye on her.

Well……it didn’t impress her. When she heard about my deal with the old man she was angry. She told me she’d rather go to McDonalds than to eat at the Masonette on blood money. She made me feel really bad about the deal which surprised me, because the world I was living in said that my $5000 over invoice deal would make me the hero of the dealership for months, maybe years to come. In fact, I knew at the time hit men who worked for organized crime who actually put their mothers in the hospital for indiscretions unbecoming. So this language my girlfriend, (future wife) was speaking to me was very foreign and would persist for many years to come, much to my frustration. Because of her, I have had to always play every business deal straight, with no looting of my own involved, and because of that, I found that I was always on the outside looking in regarding the little classes of power that evolve around legalized plunder, otherwise known as tax money. This has infuriated me at times, but has also shown me how wrong the rest of the world truly is, because I was removed from the smoke and mirrors to see clearly how evil and distorted human beings in their dealings with one another had become.
Over the years I have been an inventor, only to have the deals crushed by corruption. I have been a gunsmith, only to find I could not do business because of the regulations involved, I wasn’t not willing to jump through federal hoops to perform the task. I have started businesses, several of them to find myself in court defending lawsuits because I did not pad the pockets of a politician. (Yes it is a corrupt game, I know many politicians in town some of them current including state senators and county commissioners of Hamilton Country who directly played the extortion game with former mayors and council people.) I have been a part of the creative community and have witnessed firsthand the inbreeding that goes on there. I have done a lifetime worth of work and experience in just 25 years. I had no idea that I was like Hank Reardon until I read Atlas Shrugged and decided once and for all that I would not even attempt any longer to feed the monster that is government and involved in virtually everything. Instead, I turned to creative endeavors, tasks that I could perform that could not be robbed and pillaged from my effort. In fact, I write so much on this blog site because what I give away for free cannot be stolen, looted, mooched, or otherwise confiscated. I am officially on STRIKE, until the world changes, and I can invent, create, and contribute without being robbed and soaked for everything I’m worth along the way. In this way my son-in-law who has read Atlas Shrugged and loves the book says I remind him most of John Galt. From his perspective, I can see how he’d say such a thing. But as for making the world a better place, I will only contribute to the destruction of this education class, these Victorians who brought progressivism to the United States. When they stop looting, then I’ll start really contributing, beyond words on a page, or computer screen, because as much as I put up here is but a fraction of what I’m holding back. Glenn Beck is made of the same stuff. This is why he is able to do 3 hours of radio every day, 2 hours of television, write 2 books a year, run a company , maintain at least 2 web sites and still have time for his family, and still read a few books a week…….because he’s functioning from that deep well that drives America and is unique to freedom lovers all over the world, and that energy is not the property of any looter of government for them to scoop up and use to their benefit—and evil devices.

What cannot be disputed is that the “system” is broken and corrupted. America cannot function if looters run the asylum. I spent 15 years fighting them on their terms because my wife held me to an oath to be good and honest and in my occasional anger from wasting my days in court, in pursuing permits for construction, for being told that “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES” and to learn that the politicians sought office to control that “GOLD” and that was their primary objective, so if I did not play the game my family could be sued, I would be smeared in the court of public opinion and the mechanisms of the system would be turned against me. I would say to my wife, “Why can’t I just cut off their heads and place them on a pike at the end of our driveway! If this were 400 years ago I could without any trouble! Every single one of them should be scooped up with a giant shovel and tossed into a burning pit and covered from the eyes of humanity, for these are evil, evil men and women, and if the God I learned about in church had any justice about him, he’d strike these bastards down in a fiery fury! Where is my GOD Yahweh, who would burn cities of sin to ashes, who would part the Red Sea for Moses, who would collapse the city walls of Jericho! WHERE IS HE!!!!!! If he will not do it then I WILL!!!!!!!!!”

And she would tell me, “Now honey, calm down. Here is a nice dinner, relax in your hot tub and watch the stars pass by in the night sky. If you want to beat them, do it with your wit. Do it with your mind. Don’t stoop to their level.”

That is why I say that the world is lucky that I am married to her. Because unlike the character of John Galt in Atlas Shrugged who uses the system itself to crush the looters, my first inclination without my wife is to go to war with them all and conquer them one by one till they are all eradicated, and to HELL WITH THE LAW! But I am on strike, make no mistake about it, for all the reasons Glenn Beck has discussed and concludes here.

So as Beck does what he does for Israel, for the presidential and congressional politics, from inside the castle walls, I turn my attention to the education machine that has corrupted our society with this massive dumbing down process that brick by brick built these walls, the wall that Pink Floyd the musical group described in their album The Wall.

When I was younger, and a functioning pirate of the modern type, I used to look down on my fellows who sat listening to that album, drinking and smoking pot in college proclaiming “Why Rich, why should we fight it? Why should we be so inclined to violence like you are? We are all just bricks in the wall.” This would set my mind into a fury. I remember well when my friend and I got into a fight with the football team of Miami University in a bar on campus over the rights to a pool table. It was the whole team against us, and the fight evolved into the back alley until the police came and took everyone away but me which I never understood because I was in the heart of it. One of the football player’s girlfriends was on hand to watch her boyfriend be wrestled away into a squad car, as my friend was and a dozen other hot-blooded drunk men, who just saw themselves as bricks in the wall and wanted to fight somebody before the mortar dried imprisoning them forever. “The police don’t want any part of you.” She said. “You scare them.”

I thought about that for years thereafter and placed it against what I had learned since. It was because I refused to be just another brick in the wall of progress, of this castle fortress that I have been committed to tearing down, that caused the fight in the first place and the girl saw it, and the police saw it. Most people accepted their role in “The Wall” as that Pink Floyd song suggested, smoking a joint, getting drunk and understanding that you are just another brick in the wall. Well, no! I do not, have never, and will never accept that my life is simply just another brick in the wall of tyranny! That is not what being an American is supposed to be, even if I cannot see any resemblance of that America in contemporary culture. I am proud that Glenn Beck now on the inside where the wall is weakest is clawing away at that wall of institutional protection as I and many thousands of others are now doing from the outside. So even though it may feel desperate, and like the world is coming to an end, the world already ended years ago. What we are doing now is taking it back and rebuilding it step by step.

And when Glenn Beck talks about Israel, and this recent hatred of the Jews, which is oddly reminiscent of other fascist governments from years past, and if our education systems actually worked, kids would understand how, but now the anti-Israel movement is in full swing from the same factions that are attempting to bring socialism to America. And it is being done on the backs of the elite, “education” class. To show you how history repeats itself before I let you go dear reader, let me share with you a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time, a Clint Eastwood film called White Hunter Black Heart where he explains to a woman of society what she really is to him, even though his goal of the evening is to seduce her for sex.

Doing the right thing requires being true to yourself even when it’s inconvenient and there are a lot of Margret’s in the world who need to be scolded exactly the way that woman was. I can say from experience that my wife was right; it is far more fun to beat our enemies by turning their game on themselves, by exposing them for the cheats and looters they are than simply blasting them into oblivion with violence. Because if the culture is not changed, then the bad and corrupt among us will breed like insects and will always outnumber those of us with a mind and the goodness to use it. The way to beat them is with the light, to force them to scramble and hide in every crack they ever thought to inhabit, while we tear away at the castle walls they have built when we weren’t looking. While they hide they cannot defend their walls, and then we can tear away at them brick by brick. For the greatest weapon known to mankind is not the fist, the gun, the whip, the cannon, although I enjoy the discharge of the violence from those weapons, the greatest weapon is the truth and it will crush your enemy flat when exposed to it.

To win this war, all you have to do is find the truth yourself, and to hold it firm in your grasp and the rest will take care of itself. Use that truth to beat away at the walls of institutionalism and political control and tear down the castle that our enemies have built with our lives that make up those walls. And do not allow your own children to become just bricks in the wall, as they currently are being used for the Wall Street Protests. The cycle is predictable, and you know where they will end up, 20 years down the road, they will be just where you are now, looking at the world and wondering where America went, and why the house with the picket fence is no longer an attainable aspiration. And guilt will rot their souls when they realize that they helped destroy America one brick at a time, and their personal lives are crushed under the weight of its foundation. It’s not too late to save yourselves, and give your children a lifetime of freedom which awaits them where the castle of power once stood, and liberty can once again thrive without imposition to innovation from those best equipped to perform the tasks. The bricks are already crumbling away, so fret not. The process has already started.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Avast There Matey: Birthday, Pirates, and Freedom at all costs

Avast there matey’s. As my daughter returned to her abode after a full night of retail work, a 22nd birthday awaited her and it is the duty of her family to usher in these festivities with the kind of rhythmic tempo demanded by her upbringing. To understand what follows for those of timid nature, please refer to these past articles.

It was her husband who carried on a tradition that has become a part of our very souls…….savvy. For my daughter has been raised to think as a good and just person, as her sister has been as well, by my wife who is as good and just a person to ever breath air. However, I had my hand in their upbringing also and presented to them a firm distrust of the law, and a wit to survive no matter what the social conditions or government circumstance and that if injustice befalls my children at any point in their lives, that the pirate life would be the only life for them. And so the most treasured prize she desired on this birthday of hers was the recently released Blue Ray edition of Pirates of the Caribbean’s 4 film treasure chest that her husband bought for her, and hid in her home to be found with the aid of a treasure map seen in the video below.

But our love of pirates goes far deeper than Pirates of the Caribbean, for we have spent many nights and days indulging in pirate lore as I taught all my kids the valiant efforts of Henry Morgan and a host of real and unreal mythical pirates which have populated the dreams of my daughter and reside deep in her soul which will overlook her through a life time on earth and a life which will extend into the ever after. It is without doubt, these figures of my stories passed through my daughters exhausted 22-year-old mind as her fingers gripped her steering wheel on her journey home after 12 hours straight of work and no sleep until her final destination and the treasure hunt that found her at the day’s conclusion.
My daughter might say that in her recollections of my stories she sees me most in the spirit of Captain Montana Mays. May’s military commanders disliked his wild and reckless ways: he lost seven ships chasing sea monsters and other cursed ilk. But they admit that he always finds a new ship to sail, even if she doesn’t meet Navy specs. His crew and the American press love him, and extol his exploits every chance they get.

Her mother, my wife emits the essence of Calico Cat, being too successful in the Atlantic; the “Cat” became a target of every nation that sailed there. But it was treachery by her own crew that nearly led her to the gallows. Disguised as a widowed Puritan she escaped to the Pacific, where she has but one goal: to amass enough power to return for her revenge.

Her own husband the heroic Jack Hawkins at the wheel of the Dauntless! Her sister Bonny Peel, mentored by Calico Cat, she saw her opportunity to command when the Cat mysteriously disappeared. Tough on her crew she’s rumored to be kind to those she captures sometimes even ransoming them back for nothing more than the right to dock at their ports.

But that’s not all, Duque Marcus Vaccaro, also known as the “Golden Tongue,” is Spain’s most important negotiator. He alone can interrupt the king at any hour, and his imperatives often become reality. He has been dispatched to the Italian city-states, the Knights of Malta, and even to England and France. Devereaux, the French privateer, has lost his sanity to his obsession with finding the Dragon’s Eye, a gem that legend says grants the owner immortality. The beautiful Lady Baptiste, considered both a hero and a scourge, she has even been asked by Madame LaFontaine to be one of her girls. Her allegiance remains true to her ship and crew. Madame LaFontaine is the proprietress of Chateau Fontainebleu, a burlesque house in New Orleans. Her girls report everything they hear to her which she can then sell to the highest bidder. Guy LaPlante born in New Orleans has never seen the France he defends. Both Madame LaFontaine and Vicomtesse Richelieu covert his new-world attitude, but he desires only one treasure: Lady Baptiste. Luc Savard watched Canada become a pawn and forgotten territory while the upstart United States thrived, Savard grew increasingly dissatisfied. Starting life as a pirate preying on U.S. ships was a start, but when he was outlawed by Canada, he vowed to fight on his own until he controlled the entire hemisphere. Tabatha McWarren was run out of Providence. Two months later she arrived in New Orleans with a crew devoted to her life. To join her crew, a sailor must drink a mug of her home-brew of cursed blood. Geoffery Flores signaled his resignation from the French Navy with the dead body of his superior officer, who referred to him as a half-breed. Captain Flores is ruthless to his prey but generous to his crew. Gaston de St. Croix might have damned his soul, but Crimson Angel has shown him the gates of heaven. Jonas Richman knows the seduction of evil only too well. The loss of his family to violent predators left him with a single motivation: the destruction of any servant of evil! Brent Rice has always been signed on with the American Navy; he’s just always been there. Although he has no rank, his stories of ship engagements are so exact, and his knowledge of naval strategy so advanced, he is sought after by every military commander. And finally, Sammy the Skull! While Sammy Skulow was alive, he was considered one of the most brutal and insane captains. It is only fitting then, that his hatred for everyone damned him to living even after his flesh rotted away upon his death as his body roams the seas with his sails set for destruction as a phantom ghost and recruiter for the gates of hell!

These are but a few of the characters which populate the childhood mythologies of my children and my oldest daughter is particularly deeply embedded in this lore which gives me great comfort in the knowledge that her survival is not dependent upon the souls of mankind. So to celebrate her 22nd birthday it is appropriate for all of her family to recreate the mythology of her youth so the spirit does not die as her age advances. For it is a rule we all established long ago, that so long as the rules of man could provide a reasonable living, that we would be kind to our enemies and live by a justice generally agreed upon by the collective minds of man. However, should the looters of living continue to rob and pillage our existence to the point where our own lives no longer have any quality, then plan B is already on our minds. I’ll crush ye barnacles matey…..savvy……….for there are far more things to fear than the spirit of those who are willing to leave the static patterns of society and the rules that come with them to defeat the enemies of freedom…… matter what the cost. Shiver me timbers the sweet trade is what comes next when all else fails. And birthdays are a not only a celebration of what years have passed, but what the years have yet to show.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Super Committee isn’t so Super: Complete failure across the political spectrum

On Monday November 21, 2011 the Super Committee of the United States Congress declared that it wasn’t quite so “super” when it acknowledged that they could not, or would not come to any decision on where cuts to the federal budget could be implemented as the total deficit climbed over $15 trillion. To understand exactly what all this deficit talk means, and to translate the decision of the Super Committee to proclaim it’s stalemate just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, Doc Thompson of 700 WLW had on Nathan Bachrach to put it in perspective. You can hear that discussion at the video below.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Super Committee was unable to do ANYTHING productive in the two months they have been meeting. Consider for a moment how much a congressman in the capital makes, which is $174,000 a year for rank and file members plus other benefits that can be seen in more detail at the below link:

Imagine the dysfunction of politicians making six figure incomes, which is a healthy sum for anybody, sitting around doing nothing but making noise. The Super Committee worked for two months on a task of reducing the national debt and made no ground at all, and to my mind that means they should all lose their jobs for their epic failure. But how can we expect things to work at the federal level when it doesn’t work at the local level? As this news was breaking about the Super Committee the Lakota School District like virtually all school districts in Ohio are trying to figure out how to balance their budgets to the same results.

Lakota is looking for $12 million dollars to cover their deficit spending that we’ve demonstrated is caused by their very inflated wages which average over $63K per year for over 2000 employees. And with all that supposed talent hired for managing our education dollars, not a single one of them is capable of making any kind of hard decisions on how much to cut from the budget or where to cut it. Why?

Well, the answer is because the entire governmental system from the local schools all the way up to the federal government is built around a looter mentality where the participants have rigged the system to extort legalized plunder from the tax payer for spectral services that actually amount to nothing. For perspective, what government is doing for us is similar to what bottled water companies are doing. They are collecting water, putting it in a plastic container, and selling it to us like they are doing us a favor. But in reality we can get our own water easily, and don’t need a bottling company at all. The bottling companies have created the “perception” that their water is better than water that falls from the sky. Government is doing the same thing with education; they are teaching our kids in an old archaic fashion that is grossly too expensive when a computer could do a much better job for most of the topics. Homeschooled kids outperform public educated kids in virtually every category, so if the goal was to improve the actual education of children, schools would explore the answer as to why. But that is not what is desired, because government education is a “make work” program that is similar to the bottled water company. Government does the same thing with housing, with social security, with medicine, with transportation, with food production, they have their hand in everything and in reality they are simply making it seem that they are working on your behalf when all they are really doing is just selling a service you could get easily on your own. They only exist to “create” jobs, not results.

The weakness in government skill level however is exposed when they are actually required to “manage” costs, instead of simply asking for more money. During the discussed Lakota school board meeting, my family and I spoke about if I should go or to continue with our plans to take my son-in-law out to dinner for his birthday. I decided to take him out for his birthday because my time is worth more than sitting with a bunch of dysfunctional, unskilled, malcontents for an hour and a half and listen to the administrators bungle around the hard decisions in a comical display of ill-equipped politicians who are attempting to cover up the fact that they have no courage, no fortitude, and no idea how to make a proper decision. Because they know that they are part of a system designed to loot from the public treasury, and they’ve benefited from that system so are not equipped to point out the flaws. Your local school board knows it. Your local superintendent knows it. And your local congressman knows it. Every member of the Super Committee knows it. It’s all a scam designed to loot money from the public. For more information and video on how this works, check out this article:

It is a sad state that we have so many government employees who are not paid based on performance but just to sit in a chair and wear a suit. We have allowed them to cruise along making excessive amounts of money for doing virtually nothing. They are exposed when they are required to actually do something, and the problem is epidemic, it’s across the entire political spectrum from top to bottom.

It is in these losers that we place our trust to eliminate a 15 trillion-dollar deficit, to educate our children, to care for our elderly. If the lack of effort on their behalf does not spell out for you the magnitude of our country’s severe failure in virtually every category, nothing will.

America is due for a complete, philosophic identity calibration. It is time for our nation to figure out once and for all what it is. Are we going to continue to be the home of the free, and land of the brave…….or are we just simply a society of looters, which our politicians reflect regarding our general society?

The answer to that question will determine the fate of the United States of America, and that decision will happen on your watch dear reader. You and you alone will decide what is to become of our country. So you better chose correctly.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Legalized Plunder: You have been SCAMMED at every level!

The letter seen here was sent to one of the supporters of the No Lakota Levy effort in the fall of 2011. The names and email addresses have been removed to protect those involved. However, it is the intent of the letter that is actually quite sinister and can be seen quite clearly if read analytically. This is a boycott threat from a pro tax levy advocate to the owner of a business who supported No Lakota Levy in the recent fight over higher taxes in a local public school. For those who don’t know it, No Lakota Levy has been on the front lines of forcing the local school system to reduce dramatically their cost to the public instead of just raising taxes to feed the public schools inflated budgets.

Notice the pretentious nature of the letter, the assumption that this business owner has an obligation to pay higher taxes just because they are doing business in the community or might employee a student who happens to attend the local high school. This is a fine example of LEGAL PLUNDER from a local public education establishment who uses many extortive measures to soak the public for everything they can in order to gain for themselves vast sums of wealth.

In speaking about situations like this business owner and their support of No Lakota Levy, the taxes paid are already extraordinarily high, and if the levy had passed, this same place of business would have had to pay at least two employees worth of yearly salary in additional taxes, so even if this radical protestor threatening a boycott and all her friends and family refused to dine at this place of business, the taxes from a levy passage would have still been more than the loss of business from the boycotters, and that is a reality the pretentious protestor does not fathom. Yet the local school, like most in government believes they are “entitled” to legally plunder the wealth of the community for their use at will.

To understand what Legalized Plunder is, have a look at this short, but very good video.

Many people forget that public school is an arm of government and functions from the same arrogant disregard for the public as the federal government does. As I write this, the leaders of the above mentioned school instead of approaching their unionized workers about providing a discount in service are instead trying very hard to find someone who can combat me in a campaign, so they can at some point win a tax increase at the ballot box. The school district is functioning like all government does, they are never satisfied with what they get, they simply loot, pillage, and plunder all the resources around them so that they can have what we have, who are the actual producers of the community. They employ every method mentioned in the video, particularly “The Magic of Legislation.”

A sample of such legislative magic is the ability of a school system’s board of education to take away transportation from school districts residents so to inconvenience them if a school levy should fail. This is simply a form of legalized extortion and it’s taught by the OSBA in Columbus Ohio at a class called Levy University (all this is paid for by the tax payers, directly and indirectly). Many parents will simply vote in the next election for an increase in taxes so they can get their school buses back, which is less than 5% of the total education budget to begin with, but that’s irrelevant. The goal is not legitimized budget concerns and cost reduction. The goal is extortion to satisfy radical teacher union contracts. The same strategy is done by cutting school electives, sports and other items of passion as a way to torture the community into seeing things in the schools way, just like an organized crime element. Wages and benefits of the school employees are never considered, even though they are over 70% of the cost most of the time, and often make 30 to 40% more than the rest of the community who must disperse the taxes to pay these plunderers. It is in legislation that the thieves write laws to make this plunder possible and it’s so embedded as a reality that none of the thieves want to change.

In the levy problem of my local school district, the leader of the last pro levy effort threatened through media reports that the school superintendent whom we just hired at over quarter million dollars in yearly compensation and benefits will take an active role in the next levy attempt. You see, instead of acting like a company CEO, which we are all told is the reason superintendents are paid so much money, more in fact than the governor of Ohio, and actually cutting costs, renegotiating union contracts and other real measures that any CEO would engage in, the superintendent at this school is at least a double dipper, maybe even a triple dipper, meaning she’s retired from other school districts and is receiving retirement income from all those schools also while working for the school in my district. This makes her very wealthy purely on tax payer money. In reality she in no way engages in any management of the real costs. In the end, the district hired her to pass a school levy, like a hired gun in a Wild West town to gun down opposition to the tax increases the public school plans to implement (LOOT). And when she and I meet in the next campaign she’ll get paid over $250,000 a year to do what I do in the media during my spare time for free. This whole scam of superintendents being bought and paid for by the unions with this double-dipping retirement ability, and internal hiring practices etc. were created in the Ohio legislature by union lobbyists, so they would also know they have a friend on the other side of the negotiating table. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS. WATCH THE VIDEOS AND LISTEN TO THE BROADCASTS. IT MAY BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU EVER COME TO REALIZE. It is a direct example of LEGALIZED PLUNDER

I use this local school issue as an example of how this occurs on the microcosm, because most everyone has a public school in their neighborhood who is engaging in this type of plunder openly, for all to see. That’s why the arrow on the wheel in the video silently stopped on the Public Education section. Because public education is disguised as a tremendous community benefit, but in reality is quite an elaborate scam designed by some of the most prolific looters in the business. But this isn’t just happening in our schools. NO! The schools are an easy target because they sell themselves one way, and in reality are something else. Since they are in our communities, it’s easy for anyone with eyes to see. But when it comes to congress, either at the state level, or the federal, the looters, thieves, and legal plunderers are making an absolute killing on our tax money and they could care less how much the actual public suffers, so long as they get their loot.

Glenn Beck had on Peter Schweitzer to discuss the new book Throw Them All Out, which created the controversial 60 Minutes investigation that has ignited the nation into examining this situation for all it’s worth. For the record, my good buddy Darryl Parks of 700 WLW covered this story in great detail during this past August, well ahead of this recent revelation exposed in Schweitzer’s new book. Check these links out too. You’ll be glad you did!

August 1st through the 3rd 2011

Who profits and how much:

If you have any doubt, any question, any concern what-so-ever about what you heard Beck talk about, or Darryl Parks, or me then meet some of those government looters for yourself below. The same people who are calling for higher taxes, the type of people who expose the neurosis of the PTA moms to lobby business owners for HIGHER taxes, listen to them here when questioned if they would desire to pay higher taxes into a direct account when the reporter provides an iPad for direct payment.

It is no surprise when the looters are confronted directly that they’d behave in the fashion shown, because they are exposed for what they are, Legalized Plunderers who think they are entitled to the wealth we have worked for. They believe they OWN what you make with your hands, or with your mind. They believe they are privy to your property and are fully intent to continue this behavior for as long as they can get away with it. From your local school to the highest level of our government we have in place simple looters who care not one authentic thought as to the outcome of your existence so long as they get your money in their pocket.

And if you doubt it at all, even one iota go listen to the Darryl Parks broadcast at the link provided above. He breaks it down in very specific detail at the various levels.

You Dear Reader have been scammed in the worst way possible, and for every mad lunatic PTA mom out there who write letters of extortion on behalf of their slave masters, they are as bad as the looters they work for. The system is irrefutably broken well beyond repair, and reform will never be possible so long as there is money to plunder from the masses.

The only way to stop it, to expose the thieves and looters of our society in their legalized plunder scams is to cut off the money supply to these scallywags and let them dry up exposed to the light of day, because as long as you give them money, they will continue to find new ways to plunder it from you using the law as their weapon.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Cuts, Cuts, and More Cuts: Protesting “Target” for trying to open on Thanksgiving

Doc Thompson on 700 WLW covered a topic which demonstrates the epic clash of ideas in our modern-day. There is a man who is circulating a petition to prevent Target, the department store, from opening on Thanksgiving Day; because he’s concerned that it will interfere with his Thanksgiving dinner, since he will have to head in to work early to prepare for the late night opening. My first thought about the man is that he can choose to work for Target or not to. Those are choices within his control. But he does not have a right to alter the business strategy of Target to suit his Thanksgiving dinner. It is his job to alter his schedule around his employment. For Target to open on Thanksgiving is a market driven need. Target’s existence is not employee driven its market driven. That is the key discrepancy of our modern problems. Listen to that broadcast at the video below:

This discussion about Target’s Thanksgiving plans comes as the smoke cleared from the Middletown City Council 4-3 decision to lay-off nine of their firefighters. The money just isn’t there. So the decision was to cut those jobs. What makes the decision worse and more impactful to the community of Middletown is because of Issue 2 being repealed, city council must lay-off the last hired, who also happens to be the cheapest. If Issue 2 would have held, the fire department could have let go of an employee who is just milking their way to retirement, who has obviously declined in performance over the years who might make 80K per year and must instead let go of two firefighters who only make 40K to attack the budget deficit goal. It’s nothing against the older employee, but they are simply too expensive, and if they are not performing at a 80K a year level, they should be let go so the fire department can keep the two firefighters who only make 40K. So Middletown had to cut 9 firefighters to meet their budget demands.

Of course there are more costs associated with these public employees besides just raw wages. At the Lakota School District the No Lakota Levy group figured out that the average employee at Lakota makes over $67 per hour of employment or $130,000 per year by the time all their benefits are factored in, and that is how a savings is made when lay-offs are implemented. The front end salary makes up a huge difference and when that is applied across a workforce of 20 to 200 it adds up to a very large number. Have a look at the math in calculating the public employee costs at Lakota here:

Yes the firefighters showed up like all those other crazy public employees usually do and protested the lay-offs, but they forget that they are not management. They do not have a right to manipulate the management structure. They do have a right to find another job if they don’t like the conditions of employment, but they don’t have a right to scream like a bunch of little children to keep their job, just like the protestor at Target does not have a right to dictate when Target opens for business. Of course members of management hate to do it, nobody likes to lay off a worker, and nobody likes to fire employees, but it’s a reality of any management when the budget dictates. I’ve had to do it more times than I can remember and they all hurt. But when the money isn’t there, that is the grim reality. Check out video and the story from Channel 19 here:

But Middletown isn’t the only city going through this kind of thing. Monroe City Schools is having public meetings to try to figure out what they can do to close a $2.7 million dollar deficit. Monroe is looking to their southern neighbors in Lakota and Mason and seeing the tremendous tax increase resistance going on in those districts and is trying to avoid that same controversy.

Of course the clueless public worker who believes that all the jobs in society were created for their convenience will simply propose that taxes be increased to meet the budget deficits. This is the response at Lakota where the superintendent who is supposed to manage the finances of the district simply stated after the third levy defeat, “But the teachers have already taken a pay freeze.” Well………so much for management letting the employees know how hard-nosed the superintendent will be in reducing costs. Instead of exploring possibilities of approaching the teachers union to reduce their employee costs on the district, which are currently ridiculously high the superintendent says the teachers have accepted a “wage freeze,” as if that were enough! I’ve shown you at the link above how much those Lakota employees cost the taxpayers, and the obvious next step would be to reduce those costs to balance the budget approved by the community. That would be the next step if public workers thought the way the rest of the world does. No, instead, they only know how to lay-off workers or ask for more taxes to pay for their distorted view of reality. Management is virtually non-existent in public service and that’s how everything got out-of-control in the first place to deliver us upon this current crises.

But that’s not all; Cincinnati City Council which is now largely liberal because of the protest vote against supporters of Issue 2 will have to solve a much larger budget gap than they did a year ago. Here’s how it went exactly one year ago when the previous city council attempted to solve their budget problems. Council never solved their problems from then till now. Check out this link!

Postal workers are now protesting the closing down of a sorting station in Cincinnati, because the Postal Service is also broke! They think somehow by their chanting money will magically appear in their budget. They like the Target worker in Doc Thompson’s radio broadcast think that their jobs exist for their livelihoods, not the public they are supposed to serve. It seems beyond their reasoning to conclude that higher taxes to pay for their extraordinary benefits are not an option. Somewhere at some time someone told them that government creates jobs and since they now worked for the government, then they’d be cared for all their lives. Nobody told them that the utopia would collapse on itself when the money ran out and the pension payments were due. The politicians who made those promises are most likely in the Bahamas drinking pina coladas through a straw, living out their lives of looting off the public sector in relative security and comfort. Now all the promises that were made by those thieves are expected to be kept, and that means that some people will have to lose their jobs to fulfill those promises.

I think back to all the commercials that aired during the Issue 2 campaign when it was said that if we wanted to keep our firefighters, our police and our teachers then we needed to repeal Issue 2. People like me declared such statements as an outright lie.

Now, unfortunately people are learning who was telling the truth and who wasn’t, and they’ll come to regret what they’ve done to themselves. Chants, protests, and magic wands will not place money in your pockets and solve the problems. Only good management and strategic thinking will, and those who cling to the old ways will undoubtedly perish in the aftermath.

Things are about to get very, very ugly.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Right-to-Work Announcement in Ohio: This is Rich Hoffman Speaking

“On Tuesday, Senate Bill 5 was rejected throughout Ohio as draconian overreach. Now they are trying to reach into the private sector,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of Ohio Democratic Party. “They’re inviting a challenge.”

Source article:

This comment came on the announcement that a group not associated with Governor Kasich, not associated with the Koch Brothers, not even associated with the Republican Party is seeking to place on the ballot the ability for Ohio to become a right-to-work state. See the press conference for yourself here.

Now, I know those guys pretty well, and they are a group of fair and balanced guys. They truly desire to give to the state of Ohio a level of freedom that has been uttered from the silent parties within these unions for quite a long time. These union members who are tired of having their union dues translated into funding for the Democratic Party want out of their imprisonment, which is but one of the issues addressed in Issue 2. When opponents of Issue 2 said that the law was too “far reaching” people like Chris and Mike listened. So they are seeking just one small little measure that was in Issue 2, originally designated for the public union employee. The proposed constitutional amendment does not go after employee wages, does not ask them to pay more for their health care, and does not affect seniority or any of the union concerns debated in Issue 2. All the right-to-work amendment proposes to do in the above press conference is give people the option to be in a union or not to. It’s that simple.

But wait……………………..the unions are already upset? I thought they said they could “compromise” and be reasonable. Listen to Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio.

“Just two days ago, Ohioans spoke with one clear and emphatic voice, and voted by an overwhelming margin to support our everyday heroes and their right to collectively bargain. Yet, today their voices are already being ignored, even after Gov. (John R.) Kasich and legislative leaders have promised to listen and reflect on Tuesday’s vote.”

Well, this statement requires comment since it is obvious that the opponents of Issue 2 seem confused as to what is happening in the world around them. And that comment will not come from the good people who are proposing this constitutional amendment, or any other group. They are a fair-minded assemblage who truly wants what is fair and good for the majority in Ohio. Instead the comments made below are exclusively mine and they are addressed specifically to the public and private sector unions. This is Rich Hoffman Speaking.

People who are not in a union do not take their marching orders from politicians like you in the unions do. John Kasich is not our commander as Richard Trumka and Barack Obama are yours. We do not bow down to an authority figure that takes money from us and gives it to progressive politics. We are a people who desire freedom, even if we are in the minority.

My take on the Issue 2 debate is that only 39% were able to comprehend the contents of that very good bill, the rest were simply too stupid to wrap their little minds around the idea. I would say the same if it was only 1% who voted, because I read the bill and thought it was fair, and believe it or not, I did so completely on my own. No union steward told me to read it. I did it on my own. That’s called self-responsibility. I witnessed the union machine, which I am forced to help fund, scare Ohioans into voting the union way. I watched money pour in from out-of-state and saw the influence all the way up to the White House taking part in being a gear for that machine. And even with all your efforts 39% still voted against you.

I said all along that the Yes vote would need 2 million voters to win at the polls and only 1,321,494 showed up. During a presidential election 5 million voters usually turn out, so a lot of people stayed home and watched TV, so by no means the 2 million who voted to repeal Issue 2 represent Ohio’s wishes. It represented the 350,000 public workers their moms and dads and wives, girlfriends and children, grandmas and grandpa’s, and the rest are people scared of their own shadows. This landslide is not what you think it is. All it means is that Issue 2 was too hard to understand, so those who might have voted against you stayed home and ordered pizza.

I have watched school levy after school levy get voted down on Tuesday, and go right back on the ballot on Wednesday. That is the union way, if you don’t get what you want the first time through, then push it through again and again until it passes, till the opposition is so worn out they no longer have the will to fight. Why then should not the same tactic be applied to the unions? Did you think that those of us who want to be free of you would just go away? Why would people like me not wish to drive the measure back down your throats, once, twice, or twenty-five more times? It would be my hope that instead of Issue 2 being passed in one large bill as it was that it will be passed as 15 separate bills and that the unions will spend themselves into oblivion defending each and every one of them. Did you think that this would all just go away on the day after the election? No, welcome to our world where taxes are constantly proposed to fuel your tyranny! Those of us who have defeated our tax levies know the fight will never end till the unions are out of the business of government. You did it to yourselves. I do not hate you because of your two legs, two arms and one head; I hate you because you are an instrument of tyranny and your higher taxes are an imposition to my freedom. You ask more of me so that you my live and I demand of you to do for yourself and to leave me alone.

Your nature is revealed in your opposition to becoming a right-to-work state. You wish simply to hold the paychecks of your member’s hostage so they will turn out and vote your way. You want the membership numbers for reasons of extortion, and force. You care not that some of your members seek freedom from your clutches. You only care that they send you a check! THAT IS YOUR NATURE! You are parasites who consume the world around you. You will do anything to win no different from a sleazy thief picking pockets in a Las Vegas casino. I watched you hide behind the firefighters to gain support among the mushy minded masses. Do you think you will be so successful if the firefighters and police were not involved? You should be thankful that the Republicans at least attempted to be honest and fair from their stand point. Me………I would have attacked each union separately, starting with the teachers and severed the flow of money from the NEA into our state politics. Then I would have reformed the FOP and their connection to the AFL-CIO, then maybe the firefighters and their connection to the Trumka gang. I would have also have done so with 20 different bills and forced those groups to fight on every front! Spend 30 million dollars fighting the ability to strike. Spend 30 million dollars fighting the right to collectively bargain. Spend 30 million fighting the insurance premiums. Spend 30 million fighting the right-to-work. Spend 30 million fighting the issue of step increases. Yes unions, you were right, Issue 2 was too sweeping for one swallow. Only 39% of the voters were able to swallow, and the rest sat on their hands in indecision. My plan would have emptied the 1 billion dollars that Obama is sitting on in his election bid and forced him to save his union brothers and sisters in an attempt to win Ohio leaving him with no money to win any other state. You should be thankful that John Kasich and his Republican friends did not attempt to be so malicious. I would have.

Fair? I heard that term over and over during the campaign. Is it fair that one dollar of my money goes to support an organization that I consider detrimental to America? I don’t want my money sent to my local school to pay a teacher to then be converted by union dues and used by the teachers union to fund candidates who are progressive and out to rob my country of its freedom loving nature. Look at the child with a helmet on his bicycle riding 5 MPH as his frightened mother looks on afraid that her little one will splat his brains all over the sidewalk. This is the result of your unions and their attempts to justify their existence by overreaching their authority in the class-room and among the police authority. Look at the fat-fingered politician who creates legislation due to the union lobby in trade for campaign contributions that find themselves in the G-strings of a local stripper, the politician and his comb-over slicked over with French fry oil is using campaign money so his wife doesn’t find out about it. Look at the cops on a Saturday night setting up DUI checkpoints to “rid” society of drunk drivers. What they are really doing is showing that they are overstaffed and need something for those officers to do. The MAD mothers who created much of that “drinking” legislation played right into the hands of the union lobby, and gave them an excuse to mandate insurance, which gave cops something to do, mandate drunk driving laws, which gave cops something to do, and revenue to generate, and gave police the right to pull people over even if they were only on their way to the video store, to take away freedoms of the citizens using safety as the guise. Is it fair that your existence is eroding away my freedoms?

Is it fair that my quality of life is diminished because your mind is like a rock; it absorbs nothing, gradually becomes smaller over time with erosion, and sinks to the bottom of anything it’s tossed in to. Is my life to be attached to yours out of some altruistic fantasy? Am I chained to your lack of ambition for life? Is that what you think?

If I were to bring a company to Ohio, I would not want some parasite union attempting to corrupt my workforce with socialism. I would locate in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and other right-to-work states. In those places, if someone wants to organize a union, they can. But the members aren’t forced to join. Unions are a form of cronyism that involves fathers employing their sons, and uncles employing their nephews. It does not guarantee the best employee for the job and performance on that occupation. I have traveled extensively, and I have toured many manufacturing plants, and common to the union facilities are employees who watch TV during their shift. Cross-training is nearly extinct, and there is always a fear that the whole workforce will walk off the job if they become unhappy. Why would Boeing want to locate to South Carolina? TO AVOID LABOR STOPPAGES THAT AFFECTS THEIR ORDERS!

I have never met an enemy of the American system that is as clueless as the typical union worker. And I want no part of them. I will gladly support workers who are not part of a union. If there is a right-to-work option I could see who I can trust and who I can’t. I should have that option! And so should the employee! The only reason a union would be against an employee right-to-work option is to force them into a marriage they can control. What happens to the man who attempts to control his wife by forcing her into a marriage with intimidation and control? The woman may play along for the benefit of her family, but secretly she is scheming against the husband. Secretly she is looking for lovers. Secretly she plays the husband’s friends against him. Secretly she spits in his food when she prepares it, and she denies him sex except when he forces himself on her in a drunken splendor. That is what your employees who want out of the union are doing to you behind your back. Believe me, I know, I hear from them! They are praying that someone come and help them, to break the chains which shackle them to tyranny so that they may spring free!

Unions, you are not as strong as you think you are. Yes, you have many members who are selfish activists to suit your cause. You have built a system constructed on extortion and your members are addicted to the income you’ve stolen on their behalf. But people are waking up. You spent over $30 million dollars and could only get 2 million voters to the ballot box. That is not a task I’d be slapping any back about. It is hardly a mandate to your existence. You could have obtained 2 million votes with only one dollar spent, because it was your internal network that showed up. Not one person more!

So I think it is more than fair to put an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that allows every employee the option to decide if they want to join a union or not. The option should be there for them to make, which is a form of transparency that is much-needed. For all the reason above and many, many more Ohio is a state in need of options. And I personally want to be free of the radicalism of the unions, and I want to support employees who elect to also be free of those tyrannical organizations.

Making Ohio a right-to-work state is a long, long way from what I want, but it is a reasonable concession for the other 99.9% of the state who might not feel as strongly as I do. I would think that all parties involved, unions and non-union would at least honor the right to American freedom, unless I am right about the union intentions, which is to be a dictatorship of socialism that is anti-capitalist in their nature. Because that would be the only reason they’d stand against Ohio becoming a right-to-work state.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Next Day Part 2: LAKOTA LEVY DEFEATED by 18,788 VOTERS!

(To see The Next Day Part 1 from last year click here):Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and I talked about the election results as the smoke cleared on the “Day After” the Election of 2011.

Many of the reporters I spoke with on Election Day wanted to know what I was going to do to “celebrate” on that very contentious night. “I’m going to play Wii Golf with my wife,” I told them, which garnered some strange looks.

While we did just that I did watch the numbers come in off The Butler County Board of Elections web site, so my mind was on other matters. Issue 2 failing demonstrates how the public unions have managed to garner 43.4% higher wages than the rest of us. They are an organization of deep radicalism that is prepared to yell, march, and even mislead to protect their hive just like a swarm of insects. I’ll have much more on that later, because my focus as the smoke is clearing upon the rising sun of Wednesday, November 09, 2011 was on the school levies.

Issue 2 was the fix to the school levy problem, and I saw that as the results came in, that the same “machine” of the public unions that we saw in the Issue 2 debate had taken its toll on the school levies. Little Miami on the ninth time passed its levy and Lebanon did also, both by margins of less than 200 votes. Both of those schools are on their second attempt within the same calendar year, and show clearly how school systems controlled by radical union elements seek to beat down the tax payer until the taxpayer just says yes.

To see coverage from Channel 5, Click the link:

I was also dismayed to hear that Fairfield passed their levy. Fairfield like Lebanon has the very unfortunate situation where they have many apartment dwellers that do not pay taxes, but can vote. So they are prone to vote for school levies because by the time their landlord raises their rent, they’ll most likely move on to a new residence. But out of all the public schools in Southern Ohio, it was Lakota that was the focus and it was the third time that the No Lakota Levy group had organized to shoot that levy down. As the evening closed and I was on the 15th hole our Wii Golf game, it was apparent that Lakota’s Levy wasn’t just going down to defeat, but was going down soundly 54 to 46 percent. That means from the last levy attempt to this one, even after the district cut busing, cut electives, made sports pay-to-play, and even lowered the levy amount that the defeat margin actually gained 1% to spread the margin of victory from 6% one year ago to 7% now. Even with all the dirty tricks that get played, especially the massive sign theft and vandalism that went on during this campaign, voters saw through it. You can listen to Doc Thompson and me discussing this very issue right after I returned home from voting on Election Day.

Gaining a whole percentage point said a lot from a community who had seen all the dirty tricks in the OEA/NEA handbook, the same dirty tricks that are being applied to all the other schools, especially Little Miami. The goal is to wear down the opposition gradually by attempting levy after levy after levy until the people standing up against the measure just give up. That is the way the unions operate, and is exactly why Issue 2 should go right back through the legislature, for a relentless pursuit to jam it down their throats till they run out of money and energy. That’s what the unions have done to the public after all. Make the unions defend against it next spring and summer, like we have to defend against tax levies every 6 months, and let’s see how long they last. They taught us this game! But in the case of Lakota, with a new superintendent, nearly $30,000 spent to shove another tax initiative down the community throats, Lakota lost ground. $12K of that $30K was spent just on consultants who advised Lakota how to garner positive public reaction to their message, which even as the closing minutes of the election ticked down, Sandy Wheatley pictured here laying on the ground at a party for the Move Forward Campaign was having to celebrate their efforts…………?????????????……….stated, “We said all along this was the community’s choice and it appears that the community said it is not ready to move forward.”

That wasn’t the worst comment. Here’s another, “I just don’t think people, who don’t have children in school, think about what the ramifications really are. They just don’t want to pay more money. Trust me, I don’t want to pay more money, but I have to make a commitment to the community I live in,” said Felice Fishman parent of two children in the Lakota school district.

“It is very frustrating,” said Chiqui Aull, who is a parent of two in the Lakota school district. “It doesn’t make sense to vote against it because everyone who owns property in West Chester just had their property go down.

“It is sad because people moved to West Chester for Lakota because of the school system and they could end up choosing Mason or Fairfield, who just passed a levy.”


I find it absolutely amazing that all those statements from people who seem intelligent are all taken straight out of the union playbook of prepared emotional statements intended to manipulate the public, just like the unions did with Issue 2. As my wife and I finished up our golf game I wondered if those people even knew that they were “programmed” to believe such things. Probably not, their static patterns are so intrinsic to their state of consciousness that they utter things from their mouths which are not their own, which they’ve simply heard from someone else. They are unknowing foot soldiers to tyranny, a system that uses our kids, and our community in service of a larger system, an organism onto itself called unionized labor.

By gaining the extra point this time it disrupts this union plan created by the OEA and maintained by the OSBA in Columbus, with smiles of course, which uses incremental cuts to services in order to extort more tax money from property owners, and the residents of Lakota stood up for themselves, and that is good to see. To the parents who are in fact the selfish ones in this matter because they allow union radicalism to cloud their thinking, and have their entire focus on their little child within the bubble of public education, they fail to see the bigger picture. They forget that there are other elements to a community that make it great, with Lakota just being one element.

To paint the picture let me direct your attention to the spread sheet shown here which will give you some idea what a good friend of mine who owns nine local businesses ranging in value from $1 million each to $1.5 million pays in taxes. On Election Day he is already paying a substantial amount of money in taxes not only for his personal residence, but for his business properties listed in the spreadsheet. If the Lakota Levy had passed, he would owe roughly an additional $72,413.79 in taxes because commercial property is assessed at the same amount as residential property. Many of the parents, teachers and administrators who have large sums of money dumped in their lap because they work in the public sector and are accustomed to making 43.4% more than the rest of us, simply don’t fathom what that means, because they live in a bubble of their own reality. They would be inclined to say that my friend is wealthy, so he should “pay his fair share.” I can tell you what my friend says, “Why should I locate a business in Butler County if they are just going steal my money.” Short-sighted parents who only care for their little children don’t understand that it is the excellent commercial development along with the residential development that makes a community great, and the Lakota District is a reflection of that balance, not the creation of it.

People move to Lakota for the schools as one factor, but other factors include highway proximity, job creation, entertainment options, and tax rates. When tax rates are high, commercial property moves elsewhere and parents who have their kids raised sell their homes and leave to avoid the high taxes. That is the essence of the problem that all those people pictured in that party picture simply don’t comprehend. Those Move Forward supporters don’t see it because they are in an education bubble that we fund, and have lost touch with reality.

That is why the No Lakota Levy says that before there is ever another levy attempt that the administration at Lakota should sit down with the teachers union (LEA) and require them to bring their compensation costs into the range of the approved budget. That’s what the election was all about, what is the “approved budget.” This community is not in the mood for the silly union games of extortion, of inconvenience in order to force higher taxes. It is the responsibility of the employees of the Lakota School District to maintain the high level of service we expect. And we expect our management to control the costs. Not for the costs to control management! If there are members of the LEA who don’t want to comply with this fact, then look for a job in a different district and see if they are willing to pay for the bloated salaries. Those employees could be replaced easily with more affordable and eager young professionals.

So Lakota drop the union radicalism and play ball, or we will do this again, and if you think this effort was more aggressive than last time, I’m sitting on information that will make the next time even worse. So be smart, understand your role in the community, and don’t be ridiculous in your compensation. What you do next will determine much.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

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Robert the Bruce of Issue 2: Looking for WARRIOR POETS in Ohio

When I hear Bill Cunningham anymore I can’t help but think of Robert the Bruce, the noble who left William Wallace on the battlefield in the film Braveheart. In that film Robert the Bruce made a deal with the political establishment to leave William Wallace in the middle of the battle, an act intended to defeat Wallace. Robert the Bruce, who was a wealthy land owner wasn’t ready to give everything up in an alliance with Wallace, so he took the deal and left Wallace to die. You can see here where Bill Cunningham knows he’s doing the wrong thing turning against his friend John Kasich when he speaks with Ed Schultz. Cunningham, as a wealthy lawyer himself is not ready to speak out against a system he helped build. Pay close attention to the words Cunningham speaks. It’s scripted and you will hear it again later in this post.

While Cunningham and Schultz were talking on MSNBC an epic debate was underway in Ohio between, Sen. Keith Faber and former Ohio Congressman Dennis Eckart over Issue 2. Faber without question won the debate. He answered every question thoroughly, and as completely as possible. Eckart used the position of the unions which is all emotion to answer virtually every question. You can see the complete debate for yourself here. Part one is the first video, part two, is the second video. Watch it and make the decision for yourself.

It’s interesting that Eckert used exactly the same metaphor regarding the mother-in-law as Cunningham did. That means that both men are reading the talking points created by the union interests that runs deep in our culture, and is responsible for much of the corruption that goes on in politics. Remove the union influence, and aspects of government that are corrupt would be greatly illustrated. The unions are spending upwards of $60 million dollars on manipulating the citizens of Ohio into a moment of self-doubt, to preserve their empire.

This morning an employee came up to me and said, “You’re for Issue 2, right?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’m a tremendous supporter of Issue 2.”

“Well, I think it’s just terrible. They want to take away our collective bargaining rights.”

I said to them, “Nobody has a right to collective bargaining. What makes you think it’s a right?”

“It’s in the constitution!” They were very angry when they said this.

I took a breath. “No, it’s not in any constitution either federal, or state wide. Collective bargaining for public employees was created by corrupt, progressive politicians to ‘purchase’ voting blocks for themselves. It has nothing to do with actual rights. FDR started this discussion and Kennedy finished it off as a favor to the mobs in 1962 with Executive Order 10988. That’s when public unions were allowed to form and it was a mistake. Unions have NO natural rights to anything I have. They do not have a right to collectively bargain for the tax money I toss in the pot to spend on our government services.”

“But they pay taxes too!” They said.

“Yes, but the difference is for the public employee, they pass the hat around, they all contribute and at the end, they divide up among themselves what they put in, because their wages come out of the hat. I put money in the hat and it never comes back to me. I don’t get money back out of the hat. It goes around, I contribute, and I get back an employee for public service, and I have a limit on what I’m willing to pay for those services. Collective bargaining in my opinion should have been abolished in Issue 2, along with the idea that public employees should be in a union. It doesn’t go far enough in my opinion! I see Issue 2 as a very fair reform that is ESSENTIAL to the future of Ohio.”


Here’s the deal, Governor Kasich did balance his budget which was $8 billion in the hole at the start of 2011. Issue 2 will not affect his budget. But Kasich turned off the bleeding money that came out of Columbus so there isn’t any money to lobby from the State. That means that the money for all school districts and community services will have to come from higher taxes in those regions. So as the unions are looking to loot state and federal money to cover their budget needs, that money is gone, leaving it to the communities to cover the difference.  (SOURCE ARTICLE FOR PICTURE)

Now I support the move by Kasich, because all that state money is also my money, and I like to see that he’s getting his hands around it. And it’s a lot easier for me to help cover costs in my local community away from the union lobby in Columbus, so I have no problem with what Kasich has done. But without Issue 2 as a tool, tax increases will be an epic demand right out of the gate in 2012 and the money isn’t there. So all these people protesting against it, like Cunningham and Eckert political progressives in function, the money isn’t there to satisfy the “fairness” they are looking for.

The unions claim they have “given back” a billion dollars. Well, it wasn’t enough because the budget demands have not went away. So maybe they need to give back another billion dollars in order to balance our community budgets. And if they don’t want to do that, then find another job. It’s a choice. But under their definition of “giveback” it is equivalent to a ship of pirates considering on whether or not to plunder a town. If the value of a town is $1 billion dollars and the pirates decide not to attack the town, this is how the unions define a “give back.”

I can’t think of a single reason to vote no on Issue 2. I wish it was more aggressive, but as it is, I think it’s fair from the perspective of society. It took a lot of courage to vote for Issue 2, the question is, do you have the courage to keep it? The unions are betting that you don’t, because they are spending millions and millions and millions of dollars on making you feel afraid, and to vote with those fears in mind on November 8th 2011. So do you have the courage to keep it, because as of now, you have it Ohio? This is an issue you cannot leave to other people; you must show up and protect it with your vote. Because the unions will all be there to protect the status quo and ability to take our money without regulation. All you have to do to stop that kind of looting is VOTE YES on ISSUE 2, and have a little backbone in the silent isolation of the voting booth.

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The Next Civil War: Unions versus Right to Work is happening now!

I recently did an article about Issue 2 where I compared the details of that very good bill to the aerospace company Boeing, building its new manufacturing plant in South Carolina. To see that article click the link:

Issue 2 is not about firefighter safety, or police ability to do their jobs. It’s not about teachers instructing our children. Issue 2 for Ohio is about keeping jobs in the state because to the south, the Right to Work States is soaking up all the manufacturing jobs. For the unions, repealing Issue 2 is about keeping control of the states that aren’t yet Right to Work states. As you can see by observing the map below, the states in Blue are Right to Work states, with South Carolina being part of the southern culture of maintaining independence from organized labor efforts.

We are in the midst of a Civil War of a different kind, where the goal of the war is the unions struggling to maintain their power base. They fear that more companies will do as Boeing is doing, and that’s locating their business in the southern states, so that those companies do not have to worry about radicalized labor practices.

Unions in the private sector share much with the public sector but as with the circumstances around Boeing, there is nowhere to hide from a public sector union. They embed themselves in our communities and force tax increases upon demand. There is no competitive edge in public unions and we cannot escape by moving the enterprise to another country. Unions in the public sector are unconscionable in that they force employees to take part in them whether or not the employee wishes to, and the public is forced to support them with increased taxes without choice in service. In Ohio by law if a teacher wants to teach, they must join a union. Does that seem right? Why should any public employee be required to join a union as a condition of employment? The fight over Issue 2 is the radicalized portions of these public unions who are hiding their true intentions behind their members, who simply want to be employed. The union leaders are seeking to control the spread of Right to Work States and if Issue 2 holds, Ohio will go a long way to moving in that direction. This leaves the militants desperate to act.

All the history shown in that video is true. The map tells the whole story. In the north where militant unions took control, they have embedded themselves in our political process and driven up taxes. That video shows how we have arrived to this point in time involving Issue 2. Notice that the bill talked about in 1981 never had any impact, because the union lobby prevented the reforms, just as they are doing with Issue 2. Ohio cannot begin to attract business to Ohio if the public unions are bankrupting our communities. And militant union behavior is not something large companies want to be a part of. They would much prefer to establish themselves in the south where the people there enjoy their independence. And if operating in the south is too expensive, then the companies will just take their operations to another country completely, leaving the union thugs of the north jobless and desperate, seeking a government job so they can have a safe-haven for their beliefs, because unions have destroyed virtually every industry they’ve penetrated. It would seem only the entertainment unions have been able to survive because the public has been willing to support the increases in ticket costs to support those inflated expectations.

I can see belonging to a public union as an option, but I cannot see being told that I was under legal obligation to join one. I have no tolerance for the militant behavior that comes from public unions, the over exaggerations they employee to manipulate the public. Every time I hear cops proclaim that they are willing to take a bullet to keep me safe I shudder in anger. I would happily become deputized by my local Sheriff and run into a building under gunfire. Heck, I might even pay to do it, because danger of this kind is a privilege to a man. I wouldn’t think of charging for such a thing, because the danger is the payment! Or to the firefighter, let me become a volunteer and I would gladly run into a burning building to save a gold-fish, not to mention a human being. And I’d do it for the thrill of feeling the heat and smelling the smoke. And I’d do it without expecting a dime because I might save a life and bring ease to someone’s mind who is my neighbor.

It can be noticed that much of this union trouble comes from these northern states, because in the south, they won’t put up with it. In the south they have a strong tendency toward self-reliance, and tend to look down their noses at organized labor. And this is why they are experiencing economic growth in the south. They do have their share of public unions, but the people who live in those states seem to much less tolerant of the kind of extortion they employee upon the public. You don’t see protests like we’ve seen in Wisconsin and Ohio in places like Nashville and Dallas, or even Charleston.

Ohio is trying to compete with the south for future business. Issue 2 is not about hurting public workers, as they’d have you believe. They are a group that is in denial, and they believe their union leaders who think that they can hold these unions together when economic circumstances are pulling them apart. The unions are failing because they allow for a level of selfishness that can only be supplemented with militant behavior.

The firefighters and police of today who are running the face of a repeal attempt of Issue 2 have changed their militant behavior from what was seen in the video above, where firefighters took illegal strikes and actually started fires burning down homes and businesses, then preventing citizens from trying to put those fires out. In fact, at a recent debate over Issue 2 a labor attorney Steve Lazarus informed us that the reason for the collective bargaining law of 1982, which Issue 2 seeks to reform, is because police went on strike in militant behavior similar to the firefighters. The claim was that too many officers were being killed or injured, but my feeling is that officers were using the deaths of their union brothers to drive up wages for themselves by declaring unsafe working conditions which no witless politician had an answer to. So the politicians did what they do, they threw laws and money at the squeaky wheels of the labor unions.

The militant behavior of the modern age is not much different. The public unions are threatening the violence of the past if they don’t get their way. When they gather, there is a pretense of violence in their behavior. Their collective mass is meant to threaten us. They are using the threat of “safety” or the lack of it to pave the way for behavior yet undefined. They leave it to the imagination of their targeted ads. They implication is clear.

What they are all in denial over is that if the private sector has lost their jobs to foreign manufactures, because the labor costs are much lower in places like China, India or Brazil, and when companies like Boeing needing a stable work force knowing that they can’t get it in Washington because of union radicalism Boeing is attempting to move to a southern Right to Work state, and now find themselves in trouble with the Federal Government because of it. There is no quick remedy to solve this debacle. The unions and their radicalism have brought this situation upon themselves. The private sector is making 43.4% less now than the public sector because the private sector has to make financial adjustments competitive to the world marketplace. The public unions don’t want to change and they certainly don’t want to see what they’ve done to community budgets, and they are threatening various forms of militant behavior if they don’t get it. The union militants want higher taxes to fund their uncompetitive wage demands no matter what the cost to society. (WHO DO YOU THINK IS BEHIND THESE OCCUPY MOVEMENTS) CLICK THIS LINK TO LEARN WHO THE UNIONS ARE BEHIND THOSE PROTESTS AS WELL; IT’S JUST ANOTHER FORM OF MILITANT.

For the unions the battle is about the map shown on this article. The unions want to remove the blue from those states that have Right to Work options for their workers, because union leadership is out for political conquest. Meanwhile states like Ohio are pushing back, so that they can be just as competitive as the southern states and the unions are set to do anything to prevent that from happening.

That leaves the fate of Ohio in the hands of you, the voter. Are you going to cave in to the union militants who will drive up your taxes and reduce the number of public employees you can have, because the current budgets cannot support the number of employees we currently carry, because wages in the private sector are not what they used to be? And there are not enough wealthy people to loot in order to rescue these despots from their own greed which creates a chain reaction of failure of which they are solely responsible for. Ohio is trying to fix this discrepancy in Ohio with Issue 2, which among many reforms; the most powerful one is in returning the “option” of belonging to a union to the employee. If you do not support Issue 2 by voting YES you will be responsible for what follows, because Issue 2 was created to fix the problems coming on multiple fronts, and becoming more competitive on the map between states that are Right to Work and those that aren’t.

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The Typical School Levy Advocate: A fat woman in a dress….(A METAPHOR)

If your wife asks you, “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?” Then you, the husband answer as you can see the skin dimples pushing through the fine surface of the dress as it hugs her hips, “No, no, you look beautiful.” The husband has committed a sin. You told her she was beautiful when you know in your mind that the correct answer was, “Hell, no, you’re fat. You have let yourself go over the last ten years and I’m embarrassed to be seen in public with you.” The husband answers the way he does out of a duty to his wife that goes beyond truth. He is forced to put on blinders to the truth in order to share a life with this woman, who has gained 40 extra pounds, wants the ability to eat, and eat and eat, but still expects her husband to lust after her for sex. The man, to avoid fighting with his over-weight wife will tell her anything to shut her up and get her off his back, so he tells her, “No, the dress looks great………..dear.”

I see the same kind of behavior coming from these people who support school levies. They have the same level of truth behind their eyes as the man who lies to his wife to avoid a conflict. Case in point, witness the testimony from this woman in Lakota who is supporting the most recent school levy.

Parents who have kids in those delicate years of childhood, who are in their school years, are an insecure lot. They of course want what’s best for their children, and desire every opportunity for them. So they tend to trust the opinions of others over their own knowledge because after all, being a good parent takes experience, and how do you get experience but by raising kids. So during that process, parents tend to believe they can throw money at a “professional” to give them the added security that those professionals will be there to pick-up whatever they miss as parents.

The trend ends up making a voting adult who will believe anything these professionals say in hopes that they can achieve their aim at raising good children. To the parent who believes that by spending money on security, they are more than willing to put on blinders to the actual truth to achieve that security even if it’s false.

The truth is that the “professionals” the teachers, the administrators are actually quite fat and when they ask for a school levy they say, “Look how lean we are? Look how much money we saved? At Lakota, we are operating at less per pupil than other districts, so pay us more money. We are caring for your kids! Give us more money!”

The parents both working jobs and paying a lot of money for a house they bought just so they could send their child to Lakota is no different from the husband who is just trying to keep the peace with his wife. “Yes, you look good to me. How much do you need to do your job better?”

The obese professionals caring for our children then take that money given by the enabler and buy more junk food so they can become even more obese. And when the food runs out, they will come back and say, “I need more! I am a ‘big boned’ entity and I need to maintain this large body. I’m hungry. We need a new levy.” The enabler, the typical tax advocate will then say as the woman in the video said, “We need to pass this levy so we can have good schools, so we can maintain our excellence.” But the eyes don’t lie. The public can witness the dishonesty which resides there seemingly hidden. They can see what the enabler is really thinking. “Wouldn’t it be better if the school system wasn’t so obese? Wouldn’t the school be better if it was much thinner?” The enabler is just as guilty as the husband who tells his wife, “Yes honey, you look good. You’re not fat at all.” The husband knows that if he doesn’t tell his wife something to that effect then sex will come with difficulty, and it will be a pain-in-the ass to pass his wife in the bathroom or in the hallways of his home. And thus the levy advocates are in the same boat. They must pass these inflated professionals in the halls of the school their children attend and communicate with others in social events, so they put on the blinders so that they can endure the experience with some resemblance of sanity.

If I knew the husband and he introduced me to his wife at a dinner party and the wife wanting praise from me upon introductions would say in a flirtatious social banter, “Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” The husband knowing my reaction would cup his hand over his face and brace himself for the anger his wife would soon feel. “Please Rich Hoffman, do not say what I know you are about to say. Please for the sake of my life, don’t piss her off.”

I would look at the woman with her body attempting to bust out of her dress and ask, “Do you really want to know?”

The woman expecting praise as she fans her hands down her thighs to straighten out her dress doing her best to look sexy, “Of course, darling.”

I would then say, “My dear, your ass is fat and you are a pain to all the eyes of this room for you should have worn a potato sack rather than do that dress injustice by asking it to hide your blob-like body. There isn’t any amount of perfume, make-up, or cosmetic accessories that can hide the fact that you have visited the potato chip bag about 100 times too many!”

The husband would be breathing through his hands knowing that the hours and hours ahead of him would be spent repairing his wife’s fractured psyche. The wife would of course be upset and would storm off in anger. And I’d have to say as she was leaving, “You wanted the truth.”

It is customary in our culture to avoid hurting people’s feelings even if in doing so we might actually help the person. And this is the case of our current education system, where they collectively believe they are more important, more powerful and ultimately influential on a child’s life. The success of a child’s life comes from the static patterns the parent provides for the child. Education is a part of it, but so are the parents themselves and the grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. The teachers themselves are just a fraction of the potential success of a child.

But the mentality of the parent who believes that education will fill all the voids that they as parents lack are the same as the obese woman who drinks diet soda, and then eats whatever she wants expecting to lose weight. It doesn’t work, and telling those people that they are better or more important than they really are doesn’t do them any good in life by feeding their minds with a false sense of worth, of which they then expect us all to pay with increases in taxes.

It’s not against the law, or even wrong to be overweight. But when one is indeed fat, but expects to be lied to in order to further their own waistline without the guilt of public ridicule, then crimes are committed when society must decide between the harsh reality of the truth, or maintaining the status quo in order to avoid conflict.

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