The Biden Trap: It’s not about money, its about communism

I’m going to call it a trap, the whole discussion about Biden’s infrastructure plan, the multitrillion-dollar monstrosity that only feeds the DC culture’s swamp creatures.  As I said in the video above, I don’t think any Democrats care about infrastructure.  They want to help sell Chinese communism by showing how gridlocked our government is compared to how China operates.  They don’t like democratic processes, and China intends to control those they have paid off. According to the Biden laptop, the Biden family certainly belongs to China to show how slow and ineffective the American government is.  Biden and the Democrats knew there would be a fight in Congress; they hoped there would be.  They counted on it because it’s not the budget they want to be passed.  It’s to convince weak-kneed Americans to give up on our current representative government and to accept Chinese communism.  It was always the plan, and China has it worked out, so they win no matter what happens.  Except if it is shown that Biden isn’t the president.  Now that, that is something nobody is prepared for.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Mike DeWine Million Dollar Giveaway: Covid was a government driven disaster

Mike DeWine’s Million Dollar Giveaway

I’m having a little fun with this whole Covid thing because I called this one a long time ago, as readers here know.  Now that states are opening, masks are coming off, and life is going back to normal whether or not the government agrees, there is a panic from the politicians to maintain what they think is control.  Specifically, my governor in Ohio, Mike DeWine, whom I often call “dummy DeWine is being forced to walk back all his Covid restrictions now, and he hates it.  It’s essential to keep in mind that Mike DeWine started much of the Covid mess, he was one of the first to force mandated shutdowns of our economy, and he is only giving up those powers on June 2nd because the Ohio Senate and House are forcing him to.  He has no choice.  DeWine abused his emergency powers grossly from March of 2020 until the present, and he has made many enemies.  And to take the edge off the way people feel about him, he wants to give away 1 million dollars a week for the next five weeks to get the Covid vaccination.  Right now, the vaccination rate in Ohio is at 43%.  DeWine is looking to increase that percentage by 10% to 20% more before a full Ohio open on June 2nd.  There is a whole lot wrong with this plan, but more than anything, it’s another fine example of a dumb politician spending other people’s money to cover problems they created for themselves. 

There is no compelling evidence that anything we did as a society to combat Covid did any good.  The case counts are dropping now because, as I said many, many months ago, sunlight kills the virus in minutes.  The worst thing anybody could do is walk around with a stupid mask all day, day after day, saturated with snot, bodily water droplets, and shading the mouth and nose from direct sunlight while staying indoors way too much.  Most of everything that the CDC came up with was stupid, unscientific, and in many ways could be said to be outright terrorism.  I love President Trump, but if he wants to argue with me about it, I’ll be happy to tell him how stupid everything was from day one and that America should have never done any of the things we did.  I know he was talked into it by the “experts.” The experts were wrong and even malicious in what they did and then seeking to use Covid protocols to hide their many, many crimes.  The first of those crimes was acting against constitutional limits on the government over our society, knowingly.  Mike DeWine was one of the worst of all the governors of America because many followed him into what became a nightmare for us.

Cases are dropping now because it’s spring, the sun is out longer, and people are getting outside.  Covid-19, after all statistically, wasn’t much different than an average virus as far as its debilitating effects.  The cost of our protocols is in the trillions, and everyone who supported the actions knowingly or unknowingly gave China a head start in economic activity, which was a crime all its own.  I am happy to argue any stat anybody wants to come up with, death counts, case counts, spread mechanisms, anything.  The bottom line is the government got it wrong then sought to cover up what they didn’t know.  They gave us even more dumb rules hoping to bury the mistakes under CDC protocols, that the teacher’s unions were writing for them so their lazy employees could sit home and eat potato chips all day.  And climate change advocates are upset about cows producing too much methane.  Take a methane measure outside the house of some obese public-school teacher sitting home getting paid during Covid.  The cow is doing far less damage.  The whole event would have been comical if it hadn’t been confirmed.

People were slow to ask these kinds of questions and eventually got the courage to ignore the government rules, which they should have done during the first week.  But now, the government has lost the trust of most of the people.  The situation is so bad that Governor DeWine feels he needs to give people a million dollars to get the vaccination rates up over 50%.  This is what happens when a politician like DeWine listens to the phony suppression polls.  Actual voters tell the real story.  Otherwise, people won’t get the vaccine, which is not about solving coronavirus; as I explained in the video above, it’s about telling the government that you believe what they say about the virus.  Notice how there hasn’t been any mention about people who have had Covid who shouldn’t get it again?  Now it’s all about getting the vaccine because that is a measure that the government can use to say, “see, they still listen to us.” But people aren’t listening to them.  People are going about their lives and showing great courage in pushing back now, which is essential.  These overreaching governors need to feel the sting of what they did to us.  The lives they destroyed by tampering with our lives.  The money they took from us.  The sheer misery of their stupidity.  It’s one thing to watch a politician on television and talk about how dumb they are.  It’s quite another when they chain their stupidity to our lives as they did with Covid and sink us all with their dumb actions. 

Getting the vaccination says to all those idiots that we forgive them, and that we believe that their intentions were good, that we still trust what they say.  And roughly 60% of all Ohioans who haven’t yet taken the vaccine tell everything about this matter.  Even with DeWine’s million-dollar give-a-ways, there aren’t precisely lines around the block to get the vaccine.  Getting the vaccine is to trust that the government knows what it is doing, and more people like me are willing to say no.  I wouldn’t take a government vaccine at this point if they paid me a trillion dollars. I’m certainly not against medicine, but in this current time, which is more like a Mad Max movie than a civil enterprise of a tomorrow reaching government, I have lost trust in all those elected people.  They are either too stupid to function where they need to in a hostile world, or they are part of what makes the world hostile.  Until we fix that basic premise, I’m not taking their vaccine.  And any bullying they try to employ to do so is unconstitutional in a court of law and would be a worthless gesture.  They burnt us once; we gave them the benefit of the doubt.  But we’ve learned, and the next time won’t be so easy. 

Mike DeWine hopes not to get primaried next year where the GOP is already positioning candidates to knock him out of the governor seat after one term.  Through Covid, he showed himself to be a Liz Cheney type of Republican—much more of a Democrat than anything. DeWine’s biggest mistake was in listening to his girlfriend Amy Acton, a pro-abortion Obamanite he put in charge of the Health Department.  Then he listened to her without question, which pretty much destroyed Ohio for the last 14 months.  The money wasted in opportunity cost is in the trillions.  If Ohio was already an unfriendly environment for business, it is even more so after one short term under DeWine.  I will vote for a dog before I ever vote for Mike DeWine again for anything.  Yet the politician in DeWine wants desperately to run again. He hopes that this million-dollar taxpayer giveaway will let him do it without the embarrassment of a complete social rejection in the aftermath of Covid-19. 

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The Grand Fortissimo of Star Wars: Episode 7, Expanded Universe, and the Abeloth

What does Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart, and Seth McFarlane all have in common even though they are all political commentators and satirists from polar opposites—a rather intense love of Star Wars that often comes out in their work.  Star Wars as I have said many times has the ability to reach beyond the rhetoric of modern politics and perspective and speak to the heart of very complicated matters.  I have never known of anything like it and have enjoyed the constant DAILY musings about the new film, Episode 7 coming out in 2015.  Every single day there is a new story on the internet speculating about the making of that film and I have really enjoyed the debates about whether or not the Expanded Universe will be included into the new films.  There is much wonderment about how much Disney and J.J. Abrams will want to make their imprint on the new saga.  The belief as of now is that these new creative interests would pick and chose from the many comics, novels, and other material created before them constituting the “expanded universe” and would change names and places to suit their own input.  Well, I think people who believe those kinds of things are intensely wrong as there is a cool dude who is the current protector of the intellectual Star Wars universe named Pablo Hidalgo working with Abrams and Disney as he has for years with dozens of writers and game designers to keep the story continuity of the massive Star Wars saga consistent.

My intent with this article is not to give away spoilers for the next film, or to give away details of the massive volume of books from the last thirty Star Wars novels, many of which were New York Times Best Sellers.  We are not talking about a silly bit of escapist fantasy, but many of these novels are very series explorations into political science, philosophy, and psychology.  For instance in the book Ascension written by Christie Golden an ancient being 100,000 years old named Abeloth seeks to make a power play against the entire galaxy while a group of political strategist look to resurrect the Empire of old by provoking a slavery revolt to create a crises for the Republic overwhelming their resources allowing the Empire to make a move.  Meanwhile a group of ancient Sith are teaming up with the Abeloth to return their dominance against the long hated Jedi.  The story reads like something out of a Saul Alinsky manual, but what’s different is that there is context in a story to apply the meanings too, which makes the concept of such betrayal digestible.  When Ascension was released a few years ago it was #7 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

When the novel Lockdown, which came out this past week hit the shelves at our local book store my wife rushed out to snag up her copy.  The book was not nestled in the distant corner hidden shamefully where nobody would see it—it was right out in front next to the front door so it was the first thing customers would see when they arrived.  Stacks of them were there right next to Glenn Beck’s newest book Miracles and Massacres.  My wife consumes these Star Wars books in about 3 to 4 days on average devouring them with great intensity—and she’s certainly not alone.  In our house, we have well over 200 Star Wars novels, some of them junior readers, but at least 160 of them were written for adult audiences and feature a very complicated and intricate history from the Star Wars universe.

I feel extremely confident that Disney and Abrams with all their prudence would be foolish to ruin what Lucasfilm has spent decades building—but rather would tap into this vast mythology from the business side preserving the creative input by hundreds of individual minds guided to the same spot by George Lucas.  Lucas provided the canvas for which many, many people painted a very elaborate picture of a vast story that explores the nature of politics, life after death, and the fundamentals of human interaction.  I do not believe for a second that Disney would be so foolish as to disrupt this process.  Rather, I believe with the same deductive reasoning that I have predicted many actual truths in the world here at this site of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, that it is the many speculations of established thought that are wrong.  The new Star Wars films will pick up shortly after the novel Crucible just over 45 years after the original Star Wars film A New Hope.   I believe that the villains will not be a resurrection of Darth Vader, or even the Emperor this time, but will center on instead on the story of Abeloth, the void in the galaxy left by the destruction of a place called Center Point Station, and events that took nearly 70 years prior when Anakin Skywalker refused to play his role in becoming a Keeper of the Balance upon solicitation by the Ones.

Disney has an opportunity through the intense work of Lucasfilm to create perhaps the most potent mythology ever fashioned by human minds dwarfing all the Greek myths, the symposiums of oriental culture, Hindu legacies, and Andes folktales.  If Disney taps into fully the work done by the Expanded Universe there will be a tremendous wave of culture that will hit the current empty vessels of civilization with the force of a tsunami, only it won’t be a destructive force—but a positive, creative one.  There will be nothing like it in the works of mankind.  I’m as sure of it as the sun shines during the day and the stars can be seen at night.  It is a certainty.  The story of Abeloth is one that has the potential to eclipse the threat of the Emperor from the previous films and ties all these Star Wars stories into a giant complex tapestry of interwoven stories that make bold attempts to dig at the heart of evil and will sufficiently wrap up the entire point into a unifying principle worthy of all the hard work done for so many years by so many people.  Only a villain of such an epic—timeless scope has the ability to justify more Star Wars films.  Disney will then be free to make television adaption’s of all the novels bringing all the story lines leading into Episode 7 providing content for decades further that will plaster itself to the minds of millions.  Disney will obtain a very needed revenue stream from the Expanded Universe—thousands of additional Star Wars figures instead of just hundreds, and merchandising that will eclipse the sales of all their current efforts.  This will make Star Wars the most massive, and valuable cultural phenomena ever known.  Finally, the Jedi and the Sith will have to decide how to unite after many thousands of years of war bringing the force into sharp focus for the first time in anyone’s memory fulfilling the attempt by the Ones to have that balance restored by Luke’s father Anakin.

I have not been shy, I am a raving lunatic when it comes to the latest Star Wars X-Wing Minatures game and the announcement of the Rebel Transport.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS THING!  Keith Ryan Kappel is a writer and employee at Fantasy Flight Games who makes X-Wing Miniatures and he recently had a posting at the official Star Wars website telling the complicated history of Centerpoint Station which was destroyed by Jacen Solo.  That act by Jacen caused the rise of the Abeloth which I believe will be the focus of the new Star Wars films as the premier villain.  Keith from his perspective is in a position to know things—and this article on Centerpoint Station and the Abeloth has some importance that should put things to rest and ease the minds of millions of Star Wars fans.  Episode 7 and beyond won’t be about Darth Vader, the Emperor, or even a bunch of Stormtroopers. It will be about transcendence beyond pairs of opposites and will be extremely powerful philosophically.  It will accomplish what no religion in the world has ever thought possible, it will unite the minds of mankind on planet earth in a way nothing else has ever been able to—and it will be very important, as well as entertaining.  So enjoy Keith’s insight and history shown below and use the link at the end to visit the original article.

Throughout galactic history, Centerpoint Station has been many things to many beings. For the Killik hives, it was a religious duty. To cosmic threats, it was a prison. Colonists called it home, while criminals called it good for business. Governments have viewed it as a doomsday device, while Jedi thought it as a threat to galactic peace. For the Corellians, its power represented true independence. Centerpoint has been all of these things and more.

Centerpoint Station, the most powerful force in the galaxy, second only to the power of the Force itself, was created in February 1995 by legendary science fiction author Roger Macbride Allen for his Corellian trilogy series of novels for Bantam Spectra. The station’s power dwarfed that of previous superweapons and left an impression on fans, paving the way for the station’s return as both a setting and superweapon in future novels and role-playing games. This is its story.

(Note, there are SPOILERS ahead if you have not yet read the Fate of the Jedi book series.)

Centerpoint Station is a massive 100 kilometer sphere with a pair of thick 125 kilometer poles at either end. The station is situated in the Corellian System, and sits at the exact barycenter between the planets Talus and Tralus. Xenoarcheologists have dated parts of the station at over 100,000 years old, making it four times older than the earliest known incarnation of the Galactic Republic. The purpose and mystery behind its construction has only recently been uncovered.

The Killik hives that constructed Centerpoint Station called it Qolaraloq, or The World Puller. However, the Killiks did not design the station, they were working on behalf of two Celestial architects known as the Son and Daughter of Mortis. The purpose of the station was to create a tractor beam analogue powerful enough to move planets, stars, and even black holes from across the galaxy. To accomplish this feat, the Killiks first constructed Centerpoint Station in orbit around Corel, a star with only two outlier planets.

At the same time, other Killik hives built planetary repulsors on habitable worlds. When construction was complete, Centerpoint dragged these worlds through hyperspace with its advanced tractor beam to create the Corellian System. Centerpoint itself, amplified by the additional planetary repulsors, had enough raw power enough to move black holes throughout the galaxy.

The architects had a stepmother of sorts named Abeloth, a being similar, but not quite as powerful as the Celestials. Unfortunately, Abeloth had been driven mad in a bid for power, and for the good of the galaxy, would have to be imprisoned. Since no known prison could hold beings of the architects’ power, the Son and Daughter were forced to construct one. Centerpoint Station was to be the tool that built the prison.

Centerpoint dragged dozens of black holes into a precise formation known today as the Maw Cluster near Kessel. The black holes blockaded Abeloth in exile, where she remained imprisoned for tens of thousands of years as the Architects faded from power and civilizations rose and fell.

Over millennia, the function and importance of Centerpoint Station became lost to history. By the time of the Clone Wars, any information regarding the station’s origins or function were unknown, except that the station itself was approximately 100,000 years old. While many researchers and locals had theories, most of the galaxy gave Centerpoint no thought at all. During the fledgling Republic, Centerpoint became a staging area for colonists boarding generation ships. Later, those supporting the colonization industry simply stayed.

Centerpoint itself is a part of the Federation of Double Worlds of Talus and Tralus, and is subject to their laws and taxes. The station gets by largely on trade and tourism, with additional funds generated from scientific research. Due to the station’s immense size, only a fraction is mapped or even explored, and countless orphans, homeless, and undocumented beings eke out a meager existence on Centerpoint.

The biggest area on Centerpoint Station is Hollowtown, a massive, 60-kilometer-wide spherical void at the center of the station. Hollowtown contains tourist attractions, lavish estates, and countless farms and ranches to feed the station. It is also home to two artificial mountain ranges known as the Northern and Southern Conical Mountains. Between the two mountain ranges lies the mysterious Glowpoint, a small artificial sun that lights Hollowtown at all times.

The remaining decks in the spherical portion of the station are known as the Shells, because of the way each layer outward from Hollowtown encases the next like an eggshell. These decks contain a number of living quarters, but are largely unexplored. The space where the spherical center joins either pole contains massive docking bays where most trade occurs. The northern pole contains most administrative offices and a number of university and private led research projects, while the southern pole is believed abandoned, but occupied by a growing criminal element.

The power of Centerpoint Station was rediscovered in 18 ABY by a distant cousin of Han Solo, Thrackan Sal-Solo, who was working with the Sacorrian Triad. In a scheme known as the Starbuster Plot, the Triad, after a test-firing in a vacant system to ensure the station worked, held the galaxy ransom. An unfortunate side effect of the test-firing was the unexpected consequences to Hollowtown. When the weapon switched on, the Glowpoint swelled in size, incinerating all Hollowtown’s inhabitants instantly. The entire void was actually a combustion chamber to power the hyperspace tractor beam. Centerpoint Security immediately evacuated the rest of the station, leaving the station under the control of the Triad.

The Starbuster Plot was eventually foiled by Han Solo and Princess Leia’s children, particularly Anakin Solo, who bonded with Centerpoint Station’s command center, and locked everyone else out of the system. The station was firmly under the control of the new Corellian government, which was allied with the New Republic. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, it was proposed that Centerpoint be used as a weapon against the invaders. Thrackan Sal-Solo was brought in by the Corellian government to get the weapon operational. Eventually, after enlisting the help of Anakin Solo’s help, he did just that. However, firing the weapon during the Battle of Fondor ensured the young Jedi would never help him again, as the shot destroyed as many Hapan ships as it did Vong.

Following Anakin Solo’s death a short time later, Sal-Solo set himself to the task of rearming the station’s hyperspace tractor beam by creating an advanced droid using Anakin’s genetic material. Over a decade of work paid off, and Sal-Solo once again held the trigger to the galaxy’s most lethal weapon. With Centerpoint Station firmly within its control, the Corellian System declared its independence.”

Reactivating the most dangerous artifact in the known galaxy sparked a new galactic civil war, as the Republic sought to once again remove Centerpoint Station from being the ultimate power in the universe. The Jedi decided enough was enough, and sent a strike team, who were able to sabotage the targeting computer so Centerpoint would always target itself if fired. The slicing subroutines worked, and moments later, while trying to destroy Coruscant, the station imploded in on itself, ending the threat posed by Celestial power in mortal hands forever.

Abeloth was a being created as a servant by the three Celestials: the Father, the Daughter, and the Son. In time, Abeloth won the Father’s heart, and became known as the Mother. Nowhere near as powerful as the other members of her new family, and destined to die in what would be an eyeblink for them, Abeloth drank from the Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge — both forbidden acts — in hopes it would make her a Celestial.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

While Abeloth did become a long-lived creature of immense power, it also corrupted her, changing her into something dark and covetous. When she was found out, the Celestials contracted the Killiks of Alderaan to construct a specialized prison of their own design for Abeloth. This prison, known as the Maw, was built by Centerpoint Station. For 100,000 years she languished in her prison, angry, terrified, and worst of all, alone.

When Centerpoint Station was destroyed in 40 ABY, it created a fissure in the Maw that allowed Abeloth to reach out into the galaxy through the Force. This led to her escape and subsequent rise to control the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds. Abeloth encountered Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker a number of times during her escape and rise to power, and she bested him handily each time. Finally, they fought on Sinkhole Station on a mental plane of the Force, where she was ultimately defeated. However, with no way to truly kill or imprison her, it is only a matter of time before she returns.

A distant cousin to famous smuggler Han Solo, Thrackan Sal-Solo was born on Tralus, and raised believing he was of an ancient royal Corellian bloodline. The two lived together a short time, cultivating a murderous hatred of each other before Thrackan betrayed Han, selling him back into slavery with pirates. Thrackan believed he was better than Han, or anyone, thanks to his privileged upbringing. This sense of entitlement would time and time again prove his undoing.

Two years after the Battle of Yavin, Sal-Solo achieved the position of Deputy to the Diktat as an Imperial administrator, but still felt he walked in the shadow of his now infamous cousin. Thrackan disappeared after the Empire was dealt a crippling blow at Endor, and formed a terrorist organization allied with criminal syndicates. By 18 ABY Thrackan gained control of Centerpoint Station, with full knowledge of its potential destructive power. Thrackan saw his chance and declared himself Diktat, but was foiled by Han Solo and his children. Thrackan was arrested, tried, and incarcerated.

After eight years in prison, Sal-Solo was released and put in charge of Centerpoint Station to use it against the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. When he used the station against the Vong, despite the massive friendly casualties, he became an overnight hero, which led to his election as Governor-General of the Corellian System a year later. Thrackan finally had everything he had ever wanted, but he didn’t get to enjoy it long. He was tried for treason after the war, but after winning his freedom, he manipulated his way into being Corellia’s Head of State.

It wasn’t long before Sal-Solo’s double-dealing and obsession with a free and powerful Corellia under the protection of an active Centerpoint Station drove the galaxy to civil war. Just after allying himself with Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya, Thrackan was assassinated by bounty hunters Mirta Gev, Boba Fett, and Han Solo.

Special thanks to Ed Erdelac, Ryan Brooks, and Sam Stewart.

Want more Centerpoint Station? Pick up Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: Suns of Fortune, with contributing author Keith Ryan Kappel. Available now at your friendly local game store!


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Keith Ryan Kappel is a freelance writer working for Fantasy Flight Games’Star Wars line of role playing games, and was a credited playtester on the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars RPG line. As a Star Wars fan, Keith co-founded, wrote, and edited for from 2005-2012, where he has written hundreds of pages of Star Wars fan comic and RPG material. A long time ago, Keith was also an intelligence specialist at Naval Space Command for the United States Navy. Keith can be found at, Facebook, and Twitter.

I make a point to identify things to you dear Reader that is way out ahead of the curve.  In four years you will read this and wonder how I knew all these things.  Even though they may seem to be irrelevant trivia from fantasy, this article is far from that.  The people who are shaping our society currently love Star Wars.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart or the creator of the Family Guy cartoon on Fox—Star Wars has power and that power will shape the political and economic landscape of tomorrow.  Trust me……… will.  Dear Reader, take this information and prepare yourself for that point in time, and be ready.  Most of the speculation from modern-day commentators who work for entertainment are not aware of what is about to happen.  They cannot see the big picture that has been taking place at Skywalker Ranch in California since the early 1980s.  There is a power here that can shatter the way everything is viewed today—especially politically—and when that happens, good minds will need to be available to provide guidance to the millions upon millions who find themselves discombobulated and disenfranchised in need to rebuild their minds properly.  The key is not so much how things were done in the past, but in how those events point to the future and come together in a grand fortissimo.  And when that fortissimo reaches our senses, we must conduct ourselves accordingly—and without hesitation.

How do I know all this……………..I have read all the books, but more than that, I have intensely studied Joseph Campbell, who also taught George Lucas.  I know exactly where this is going.  And I am excited about getting there!  Disney will make a lot of money, and they will do good things with that money.  But more than that, society will receive insight where before there was only confusion and darkness—except for those who have taken the time to read all those fantastic Star Wars novels.  They already know, and soon—so will everyone else.

Rich Hoffman


I am Han Solo: The ‘Star Wars’ personality test

I’m Han Solo—at least that’s what the new Star Wars personality test told me when I took it.  A friend of mine told me that The Blaze did a story on a new Star Wars personality test by which was actually more sophisticated than I thought it would be.  The questions are involved and pretty good about bringing to the surface the raw nature of a person’s personality as related to the Star Wars film series.  For instance, while taking the test I thought I’d come out as Obi-Wan Kenobi—whom I personally admire for his love of wisdom and the philosophic chess matches he tends to play on a galactic scale.  But Han Solo has always been my favorite character and that trait emerged during the test even though I was consciously aware of avoiding it.  So it was a pretty neat test.  At the end of The Blaze article linked below it was revealed that most of the staff at The Blaze including Glenn Beck, Doc Thompson and Skip LeCombe had taken the test and were enthusiastic about their results which they promised to cover on air.  I thought this remarkable because it provides insight to all that I have been saying lately about the cultural impact of Star Wars and the future of our society.  There are few things which can unite minds quicker than Star Wars does in discussions with other people and it’s not just nerds anymore—but mainstream acceptance.  NFL football used to be that topic item breaker that anybody could discuss with any other person in business or other affairs, but quickly Star Wars is overtaking it.  It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about Star Wars who is under 55 years old and doesn’t have an opinion about the film series.

I took the test while on the road at my sister-in-law’s house with many family members present so we all took the test and had a good time with the results.  I was surprised how many of them came back as Yoda, and the young men who took it mostly came back as Boba Fett—which was remarkably accurate.  There were no Darth Vader’s in our group which says a lot about the quality of our family.  That much didn’t surprise me—but the number of Yodas did—my wife included.  It could not be ignored how many of our family members instantly understood what the test was and the intent which reflected the response of The Blaze staff.  Star Wars is something that touches just about everyone as good memories of their childhoods flood back to them upon the mention of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia.

I remember what it was like to be a kid in the late 70s and early 80s.  Star Wars was everywhere—it was on the radio, it was at the stores, it was on television, it was in comics, magazines—it defined popular culture from about 1977 to 1985 when it began to subside just a bit.  Even popular films like Back to the Future and ET the Extra Terrestrial made frequent Star Wars references—so it was a huge part of that 8 year period and anybody who was a child during that period knows what I’m talking about.  That doesn’t mean that everyone was an open Star Wars fan.  Many of the kids in my school made fun of kids who openly loved Star Wars—kids like me who had Star Wars notebooks, wore Star Wars t-shirts, and drew pictures on my homework papers of Star Wars space ships.  I didn’t care what other kids said, once I got past the 7th grade, I was never picked on for Star Wars again because I had so many fights at school that kids stopped trying.  The more they made fun of me the more I rubbed it in their face.  I had a Star Wars shirt for every day of the week—my favorite was a Han Solo shirt that I never got tired of wearing.  I wore it so much that it fell apart.  I developed a rivalry with another kid in Junior High school at Lakota who was a Star Trek fan and hated Star Wars.  We actually had fist fights over Star Wars and which movie was better.  It got so bad that I shoved the kid right into the principles office as he was trying to escape me after I was waiting outside his bus in the morning to catch him with a confrontation before class started.  He had previously declared during lunch period that Captain Kirk would beat Han Solo any day of the week—so I was going to teach him otherwise. I’d give him some real life Han Solo through me—and as he was running away from he thought he’d get safety inside the principles office—which he didn’t.  I took the fight straight there shocking all the other kids in the hallway and the adults alike when I grabbed hold of the Star Trek lover by the back of his shirt and threw him right into the front door with the principle and secretary standing right there.  Nobody had been so audacious before—and nobody knew what to make of it.  Nobody understood that I loved Han Solo that much because the character represented everything I wanted to become when I grew up—and calling him names was the same as calling me names—and I wasn’t going to stand for it.

My brother and I had so many Star Wars figures that we set up our basement with elaborate hand-made models featuring Star Wars toys. Every Christmas and birthday was an opportunity to increase our holdings for these gigantic Star Wars set-ups.  On Friday and Saturday nights our friends would come over and we’d build new Star Wars buildings and ships late into the night staying up until 3 and 4 AM in a world of our own making inspired by Star Wars.  My parents couldn’t afford to give me a Millennium Falcon like many of my friends had, so I built my own out of a cardboard box.  That creation was destroyed during my late teens—and I never got over it.  During the Christmas of 1995 my wife finally bought me a Millennium Falcon when Kenner re-released the old toys with minor updates in anticipation of the Special Editions to the films which occurred in 1997.  The world we created in that basement had so much reverence for me that I wanted to do little else but create my own world in the context of that one.  We had entire areas around our set-ups in the basement sectioned off with black felt to simulate the darkness of space and on the ceiling was white felt to simulate clouds.  We had our own power supply, there were floating asteroids, and epic worlds re-created to model scale.  It was the happiest place for me on earth.

I was never shy about my admissions.  Star Wars represented limitless possibilities and an escape from oppression and Han Solo was the kind of guy who was full of confidence and a never say die attitude.  He was the model of a man who I would grow up and become.  Many other kids one-on-one loved my enthusiasm, but would never admit it in the light of day.  But privately most of them felt as strongly as I did, they just didn’t show it publicly.  I carried this love into my adulthood and it never really subsided.  With my children I raised them on Star Wars, and now with the Disney acquisition of Star Wars, my grand children will benefit—and with everything I just described, the cultural impact under Disney’s guidance will far eclipse my experience.  There will be more toys, more clothing, more music, video games, posters, magazine articles-virtually everything in our society will be touched by Star Wars and a whole new generation will find solace within the story lines.  Unlike me—who had good parents who really cared and behaved in a traditional sense–kids today have broken families, step parents and lack structure as a result of progressive social engineering policies.  The strongest thing to a real family a lot of modern kids will have is the characters of Star Wars—which as sad as that may sound—is absolutely true.

The character of Han Solo was never intended to be a hero in the way he turned out.  Fans of the films were supposed to yearn for Luke Skywalker, not Han Solo, but I could never relate to Luke’s naïveté.  I wanted to grow up and become the space pirate Solo who is more like a character out of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged than any other creation ever put on-screen.  A lot of people thought this was destructive, but it has made me into an interesting adult—one who thought I’d be more like Obi-Wan Kenobi than Han Solo as more mature years are now upon me. But upon seeing the test results I was actually relieved to see that many of my core values are still intact after all these years and I can honestly say that I’ve lived my own Han Solo type of life and behaved in a very similar way when pressed.  The difference between being a young person and an old person is the experience.  People are drawn to certain types of things based on their core personality—something this Star Wars test is attempting to uncover.  When I was a kid I hoped that when faced with perilous situations that I would behave with the same valor and skill that Han Solo did in Star Wars.  Now as an adult, I no longer have any doubt.  With a string of car chases, crashes, narrow escapes, and perilous follies of virtually every type now behind me, I can rest easily now knowing I measure up to the highest hopes I had as a child.

It is for that reason that this Star Wars test is flooding office buildings and places of business with a fury.  Most of the adult population had similar hopes for themselves, and they want to know how they measure up after all these years.  Now with some of the social stigma of fandom removed, people want to know how far they have fallen from their childhood dreams.  For me—not far at all.  I would have considered Obi-Wan Kenobi to be a concession—an honorable one—but a concession.  Han Solo, out of all the characters in Star Wars was my target, and now as a grown man who has grandchildren of his own—I have hit the bull’s-eye, and for that I am very, very proud.  Setting those high standards actually made me a better grown-up than Han Solo—considerably.  But under pressure—and when it really counts—it is good to know I’m still more like Han Solo than Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And I was there……………….Han shot first!

Take the Star Wars Test for yourself and see who you are most like.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

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The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit: ‘Avengers’ save the day in Wilmington

Some of the hidden improvements in the Ohio economy are from sectors most often statistically ignored, but are actually quite important. Many wondered why Glenn Beck came to Wilmington, Ohio during Christmas of 2010 when the town was on the decline after the DHL facility left taking most of the town’s jobs with it. CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW. When Glenn Beck put Wilmington on prime time television with his popular television show he knew what many didn’t, that was inadvertently people who were movers and shakers in the world would learn of the resources available in such a small town and would be tempted to make investments in the community. A few years ago, quietly Republican Senator Tom Patton and Mike Dovilla introduced the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit to the legislature hoping to lure more motion picture development to Ohio, and sure enough film scouts for The Avengers gave the DHL facility in Wilmington a look finding the location ideal for filming the upcoming blockbuster in August of 2011.

Now in hind sight The Avengers is one of the most successful movies of all time. It has generated over one and a half billion dollars in worldwide sales with a production budget of well over $200 million and an additional quarter million dollars in advertising. In total The Avengers as a film production cost a half a billion dollars to create, but it made more than double that in profits which is a wonderful business venture. It would seem unlikely that such a large production would come to little old Wilmington, Ohio, but when film scouts learned that the DHL facility had it’s own airport, a fenced in area great for security, huge buildings that could be converted over into film sets easily all set in a community where hotel rates were not through the roof, plenty of restaurants for the cast and crew to eat at, and the locals were polite and easy to work with, Wilmington, Ohio was suddenly a very attractive option. But even more attractive were the tax rates in Ohio which caused the production company of The Avengers to pull from their previous locations in Michigan and to replace them with sites in downtown Cleveland, the NASA facility in Sandusky, and of course Wilmington. The deal closer was tax rates, and because Ohio has one of the most attractive tax packages in the whole country currently thanks to the two Republican senators, Ohio is winning film development projects. The Avengers production alone poured over $2 million dollars into the local economy during their three-month lease of the largest DHL building and their stay in Wilmington.

Now, progressive leaning people will utter that The Avengers has made over a billion dollars in ticket sales and it hasn’t even been released to home video yet. The Disney Company who owns Marvel Comic Motion Picture division and the distributors in Paramount Pictures will make well over $2 billion dollars on just this one movie, so why was the production company of The Avengers worried about a few percentage points of tax shelter? Well, because you never know what will happen and when investors are required to spend over $200 million up front to produce a movie, it is important to keep the budget tight in case the film goes bust and nobody shows up to see the film. Not all movies make as much money as The Avengers which has decades of built up fan base to tap into in order to recover their investment.

When local Cincinnati native George Clooney brought his film Eyes of March to Ohio and filmed around Cincinnati and Miami University he did so not just because it was in his home town, but because he wanted to take advantage of the Ohio Tax Credit. Clooney politically is a progressive stuck to President Obama’s hip, but when it comes time to produce a film, he knows how to think like a businessman, so he brought his film to Ohio to keep the production costs down because films like that do not make billions of dollars. Most of the time production companies are happy if they break even on the initial investment. Just because a movie is made does not guarantee that it will be profitable.

The gigantic epic John Carter made by the Disney Company just a few months before the release of The Avengers cost well over $250 million to make but American audiences completely rejected it. The film only made $73 million domestically. Many people lost their jobs over that production, you can bet on that. Disney was not happy, and they had every right to be. Lucky for them foreign audiences liked the film giving it an additional world-wide take of $200 million, which just barely put Disney over the top on their front end investment. Disney needed desperately for The Avengers to do well, to make up for their profit forecasts in 2012 and John Carter did not get them anywhere close. Just because a film makes nearly half a billion dollars, that does not mean much. When you watch a movie, look at the credits that usually go on for over six minutes and contain tens of thousands of names. All those people were employed by the film and they all get paid from the money generated at the box office. When a studio like Disney makes a profit, it allows them to take chances on movies that are risky on their investment, and that really helps producers create films that benefit the unique tapestry of American culture that we broadcast to the rest of the world.

When The Avengers came to Ohio they spent $25 million dollars and employed 3,800 residents on the economy. If during the filming of the movie a stunt man died, or a law suit came up over intellectual rights, the production would be put on hold and the investment money spent would end up in limbo. In many cases the money for a film is financed two years before a film ever ends up on the big screen, so the invested money is tied up for a long time leaving investors on pins and needles until the box office receipts begin to roll in. So tax rates are a big deal in film production.

California has priced themselves right out of the film business. Production companies used to love to leave their homes in the morning work all day then go home at night. But due to the tax rates around Hollywood, it’s cheaper to leave town to make a film in a place like Ohio than to make it at the traditional sound stages in California. Dark Knight Rises is another 1 billion dollar world-wide moneymaker and was filmed in Pittsburg. In fact, Heinz Field was the football stadium that was blown up in that movie. The Midwest is learning that by lowering their tax rates, they are able to lure Hollywood to the Midwest which is great for the economy of the fly over states. Not good for California that has one of the largest economies in the world, due in part to the movie business.

But it is taxes that drive the economy, or rather the lack of them. As much as advocates on the political left beat on their chest for tax increases, businessmen who run the movie business are not willing to toss money into a black hole that will cost thousands of people their jobs. So they take the path of least resistance just like every businessman with any sense. The higher the taxes the lower the business activity, it’s a very simple formula.

The formula has worked so well in Ohio that legislators have now DOUBLED their tax incentive in the wake of the overwhelming success of The Avengers. Click the article below to read more.

Because of this movie The Avengers filmed in Ohio, there will be more high-profile films that will come and spend hundreds of millions of dollars they won’t be spending in high tax states and cities. That is a wonderful thing for places like the DHL facility in Wilmington who is likely to see a major increase in activity at their small, sleepy town. The DHL facility could easily become the new Elstree Studios in England where the remote location, tax rates and facility usage are heads and shoulders above other locations. Not many film studios have their own airport, and the DHL facility does, which is unprecedented. Wilmington, Ohio could easily become the new Hollywood because of the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, which would be far more valuable than the type of business that left the DHL facility in the first place and would restore to that town a greatness it has never known.

It was for reasons like that which drew Glenn Beck to Wilmington over two years ago, hoping that people who move money would take notice of the great attributes the small town in Ohio offered. What the production company making The Avengers was able to do within a week of filming at the DHL facility word will get out and many more films will follow. And that is the name of the game, where competition drives down the costs while productivity increases. Ohio is the example of how it’s done right, and the task for the rest of the world is to follow to the benefit of everyone else. And it all started with two Republican Senators who thought forward enough to offer the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit to an industry in Hollywood that is desperate to reform its costs for a changing marketplace.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

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The Muslim Brotherhood Goes to Washington: Speaker Boehner needs to stop sleeping

I found it surprising that my congressman Speaker Boehner is not up to speed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government. He along with others appear to be in denial that Muslim extremists are tied very close to progressive politics and are determined to destroy America from within. So to bring Speaker Boehner and many others up to speed on information they may not have had time, or the political stomach to comprehend I am offering a series of radio interviews to watch below. The first is from my personal friend Matt Clark in Ann Arbor, Michigan on WAAM radio where he begins to peel back the layers of just how serious the situation really is.

Speaker Boehner and Senator John McCain has threatened Representative Michelle Bachman that they will remover he seat on the Intelligence Committee if she does not apologize to Anthony Wiener’s wife for a letter Bachman wrote questioning Huma Abedin’s parents ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Anthony Wiener was the former combative progressive congressman who had to leave his seat because he got caught tweeting pictures of his actual wiener to women on the internet. His wife is a Muslim who is a direct aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Below, Glenn Beck sets the stage on how much of a storm was created by Michelle Bachman’s simple letter.

Where there is much anger over seemingly trivial issues, there is fire that nobody knew was burning. Whatever deals have been made between network heads and politics are not deals that are conducive to the American population if radicals wish to sing our nation to sleep with siren songs of peace while sharpening their swords on our chins. I would find it hard to believe that Speaker Boehner is on the direct call list of the Muslim Brotherhood. Rather, I would think that he believes he’s playing by the rules of politics. Unfortunately, those rules have been quietly established by those same Muslim infiltrators.

Playing nice politics will not lead America to victory which is what I think politicians like Boehner and McCain believe they are doing. They believe they should take the high road and not subscribe to wild theories. I believe they are simply naïve. But Michelle Bachman as a member of the Intelligence Committee has an obligation to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, and she is up in arms that known terrorists have been flown to The White House on the tax payer dime to meet directly with the President while she is being attacked from members of her own party for calling attention to the issue.

It is difficult to look at aspects of our friendships and political connections and assess the true value. Not the value we wish it to be, but the actual value. When a man wishes to sleep with a woman just for the sex of it, he might tell her he loves her, he might wine and dine her, he might buy her nice jewelry, but once the man has obtained his sex, the true nature of the relationship will be revealed. The woman may wish to believe the man loved her, but the reality is all he wanted was sex. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are very pleasant and say all the right things to the people they come into contact with. Members of the American government have been seduced by the charming Muslim Brotherhood radicals.

To people on the outside we can see clearly what’s happening. We don’t care if Weiner’s wife is the friend of John McCain. John may be letting his desire to believe his dear friend is completely clean and wants to be his friend because she genuinely likes him, taint his judgment. Other politicians who have similar friendships with Muslim Brotherhood members no doubt believe they are dealing with friends. But remember the story about the man who only wants to get a woman in bed, and once he does, the relationship goes downhill, and the woman will often find herself on the outside looking in used and abused. The Muslim Brotherhood wants an end to the American way of life and they don’t care how they bring it about. Like the man who simply wants sex, the Muslim Brotherhood will say and do anything to achieve their objective. It is the politicians who find themselves the targets of affection as their social simplicity leaves them defenseless against such charms.

I would suggest that Speaker Boehner not take for granted the evidence that is all around him. And he should not side himself against Bachman who is simply trying to do the right thing which her seat mandates. Playing politics plays into the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood. They count on such predictable behavior to launch their agenda against a sleepy society. But not everyone is asleep. And Speaker Boehner, it’s time to wake up and see things for what they are. These are not peaceful times conducted by peaceful people. And the Muslim Brotherhood is not your friend. All they want from you is your head on a pike, and they will do it the moment they get a turned back, and an open moment.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Moving “Forward” at Lakota, and Moving “Forward” with Obama: Communist propaganda from Chicago

You might have noticed dear reader that the Obama campaign slogan of “FORWARD” is precisely the same campaign slogans used in many public school tax campaigns, most notably in the last Lakota Levy attempts of 2011. The word FORWARD, for those who study marketing and the meanings of non-verbal communication are designed to click in the human subconscious predictable behavior patterns that are induced upon civilization from our collective education in public school.

What many do not know is that through labor unions communist propaganda has been alive in The United States since the mid 1800’s. In the Mary Day Editorial from the “Alarm,” 1886 it states, “Bravely forward! Workmen, let your watchword be: no compromise! The first of May, whose historical significance will be understood and appreciated only in later years, is here.” This was communist propaganda well before the Russian revolution as Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto swept across Europe. In the United States it came behind the curtain of capitalism through the labor movement, and in Chicago it was Frank Marshall Davis who started a communist newspaper called The Chicago Star in the 1940’s advancing the communist agenda in America. Davis was the personal mentor of Barack Obama and was so close to the modern day president that many speculate that Davis is actually Obama’s real father. Frank Marshall Davis was a die hard communist that openly embraced hard core Soviet propaganda during the height of the Cold War. In 1948 David Canter purchased The Chicago Star from Davis. Canter was the mentor to the modern day David Axelrod who is one of the closest Obama advisors to this very day. Axelrod is the man responsible for many of the modern progressive slogans that are tested to invoke controlled responses among voters, and “FORWARD” is one of the most powerful communist key words used in political campaigns.

The Chicago Star used often the word “FORWARD” in its communist articles which labor unions read and copied for their own terrorism activity openly undermining capitalism. The idea of moving “forward” has become over the years to be the term most favorable to the progressive political philosophy which subtly indicates that the silly old concepts that built our county should be advanced forward away from the “old” in favor of the “new.”

Since labor unions were reading publications like The Chicago Star they used the word “forward” to push contract negotiations beyond rational analysis coupled with the threats of labor strikes to win their extortion racket against employers. It was the communist Frank Marshall Davis who resurrected the communist propaganda from pre Soviet Union days to invoke the same type of revolution in The United States as occurred in Russia in 1919. Teachers unions in particular would adapt these tactics to advance public education as the primary teaching method in America so that once the government was primarily influenced by communist thinking, the next generation of children would be taught communist propaganda by a dedicated government endorsed workforce, the public school teacher.

In 1979 The Department of Education was created to solidify this long term plan of the gradual socialization of education, and bringing all the bright eyed teachers under the umbrella of communist thought by disguising it as progressive liberalism. Many of the radical union leaders were openly Marxist thinkers utilizing communist propaganda that was coming out of Cuba, and from the papers of Frank Marshall Davis. Common among these communists are ideas that businesses are bad, taxes should increase progressively, and property is community owned. Once the national teachers unions had control of the newly created Department of Education, they could set the communist agenda and fulfill all the points created in the book The Naked Communist (CLICK HERE TO SEE MUCH MORE). To this day, a majority of the American population has been exposed to communism through their public school to such an extent that communism controls the message completely from the media of people’s televisions to the individual doorways of virtually every home in every school district in the entire country.

When my school district of Lakota paid over $12,000 on a consulting firm to tell them how to pass a school levy in spite of the resistance the group I was working with placed in front of them, the progressive think tanks they hired gave them the campaign slogan “Move Forward” which was stupid. The Lakota Pro Tax people because of their decision would have to replace all their previous signs from their other tax increase attempts, which seemed like a waste of money. But the progressive groups that have studied the work of David Axelrod, and the writing of Saul Alisnsky to run political campaigns in a local school district came up with the term “Move Forward.”

Anytime the word “FORWARD” is used that’s the key declaration indicating your local school is connected to large progressive politics that has its roots in open communist propaganda. When you hear the word “FORWARD” in national campaign, like President Obama, it is used to tap into the communism that has been taught to us in public school.

For proof, Obama and the many public schools that he regards in such high esteem will not deny communism. They will say that accusations like the ones I have made are ridiculous, but they cannot defend their position, since it is communism that they have always advocated. When my home school district of Lakota hired a new superintendent, and that employee advocated her education agenda would be a “global” one, she was uttering her intentions to spread communism. She wouldn’t call her teaching communism, she would most likely consider it progressive, and politically, she may even think she’s a Republican, but her belief system in public education has been shaped by the system of communism which thrives in virtually every labor union in America. Labor unions were not built on patriotism in America, but on the utterances of communism such as the statement from 1886 mentioned above.

The giveaway is in the use of communist key words such as “Forward,” in any campaign literature. Behind every campaign specialists are very aware of every word used to frame their position. With Mitt Romney the slogan is “Believe in America” because they must tap into the revelations that our current president is a passive member of Communist Party USA inspired by his hero Frank Marshall Davis. Romney’s campaign is tapping into the subtle knowledge that “Moving Forward” takes America toward socialist Europe. It would be unlikely that any candidate that is not an extreme progressive with communist sympathies would use the word “Forward” in their campaign. Anytime it is seen, it should be understood that the term “FORWARD” is intended to unmake America into something else. That’s the intention, and the seeds for that transformation were given to every member of society that attended public education. That grim knowledge is a difficult reality to come to terms with, but the facts and history are easy to see for those who do not find it inconvenient to see the world with open eyes.

For more on the term “Forward” check out this Washington Post article:


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Called to Greatness: The wonderful work of Josh Charles–Project Freedom Phoenix–coming soon

Continue reading “Called to Greatness: The wonderful work of Josh Charles–Project Freedom Phoenix–coming soon”

The Heart of Freedom: How to avoid being a slave

It is sad to see a man wither under the ominous storm clouds of his occupation. In between breaks, he migrates, half-asleep, with one eye fixed on the clock that will liberate him. No longer selling his time, he claims his freedom from the shackles of employment only after the bell rings. Upon such sleepy minds grow the roots of tyranny.

That paragraph is very first lines of exhibition from my new novel Tail of the Dragon. I do not include it here as just a promo for that new book but to articulate an issue that means a great deal to me. In fact, this book is the next logical step in my arguments over why high taxation is irresponsible, encroaching government is dangerous, and the need for human beings to function from their own accord is of paramount importance. Because the crucial issue of our day that is at the crux of the school levy problems, the expansion of government, politicians making deals with other countries in Rio over Agenda 21, Duke Energy and their “smart meters,” a failing economy, racism, and virtually every other modern problem is the idea of modern slavery. In that regard, there is only one other person besides me that I know of who feels virtually the same way about the impact of modern slavery and what the definition of it is as Glenn Beck, seen in the video below.

The purpose of my new book is to put on the table what many people suspect about themselves, but can’t quite get their minds around, the idea that they are modern slaves. In America we have allowed skin color to define the idea of slavery, and that is simply one barbaric form of slavery. The rest of America is enslaved by monetary debt, social expectation, and personal addictions which goes beyond the accepted definitions but are ultimately proper. With so many Americans victims of modern slavery, the idea of freedom is a far-fetched concept so they don’t know how to defend it.

Most people I know do not think they are so far in debt that they can’t even fathom real freedom, but they are. Most of them rely on a spouse for 40 to 50% of their household income which is cutting things too close, because many Americans find they cannot distinguish their inability to make plans for their own lives because they must have their jobs just to provide the basics in living requirements. To compensate for their lack of freedom, most people purchase material items to balance out their lack of options with the illusion of financial purchasing power. But it is just an illusion. The ability to buy a new purse, or go out to eat cannot compensate for the freedoms lost in providing a primary, or secondary income. Unfortunately, these days most Americans have accepted this as a reality.

In my new book the word freedom is used 23 times and I place many scenarios on the table to display how important it is to our every day lives and to what extent people are willing to fight for it. In my book, the characters are already close to freedom in their own lives, so they easily recognize encroachments on it, so they know when it’s time to fight. Most people however are so in debt morally and financially that they view new debt as just one more link in their personal chains, and they don’t take it too seriously.

This is why most people vote in favor of new taxes for schools, or for street cars—or police and fire levies, because people strapped for resources often can be made to feel that voting for tax increases are something they control in their lives, and they feel good to give money away to causes that exist outside of their meager lives. But the situation is the trick of parasites in government, because they are simply taking advantage of people already enslaved who have a tendency out of habit to say, “Yes sir, yes master. I will pay the new tax if it pleases you.” The taxpayer simply puts the new tax on their credit card because they put everything else there. They are already so far in debt morally and physically that one more link in the chain means nothing to them.

This is also why politicians in Rio, Brazil thought nothing of negotiating in favor of regulations in the fulfillment of United Nations Agenda 21 requiring Americans to pawn away more of their freedoms to make it happen. Such things are just a few more links in the chains of slavery and people already enslaved will not have the mental capacity to even comprehend how these impositions into their freedoms will alter their lives, and their children’s lives. It’s very hard for most people to admit that they are modern-day slaves when they have expendable income to go to a baseball game and eat a hot dog, or to visit a strip joint and pay for a lap dance. Most Americans would consider a trip to Las Vegas to be a wonderful vacation, but Vegas is a town of slavery. It requires gamblers to spend $2000 to $10,000 on a chance to break free of their daily slave driven routines in hopes of winning a jackpot. It requires thousands of employees to sell themselves cheaply as entertainers and servers. And it requires prostitution to one degree or another particularly from women. Las Vegas is the home of the modern showgirl, whether she’s a topless dancer, or an escort, sex is a form of human slavery. It’s what a woman who wishes to use the basic primal instinct of men needing physical sex as a way to fund the woman’s life that she selects as her chain. The allure of Vegas is the chance to be superior to other slaves for a change, and a chance to become free by luck—even if it’s just for a few hours. Vegas would not be such a popular destination if most Americans did not see themselves slaves in their own lives. Vegas and gambling in general are symptoms of modern-day slavery.

Slavery is so common today that nobody even considers it as abnormal. Instead, they look jealously at others who demand freedom and they become angry with them. The views in my book are of course the same as my own in relation to what a man’s relationship to his wife should be. In Tail of the Dragon there is a lot of talk about the main characters decision to make it so his wife does not have to work for a living. I have always viewed forcing a wife to work as a weakness of the modern man. If women want to work for their own identities, that’s one thing. But to force a woman to work because the family is too far in debt or because their cell phone packages are expensive, cable bills, dining expectations, and other material needs are ridiculously high, because most women would prefer not to be a part of the rat race. Most people view their jobs as an unhappy daily endeavor, so to compel two parents to such a life is foolish—then to ask public education to cover the emotional gaps that children require is like asking the slave master to raise the child of the slave. Most families make the choice openly, because they don’t know how to say no to family members, to neighbors, to friends, or to politicians.

I have never required my wife to work. She has at a few times in the past, but I never expected her to. I always viewed her as a part of me, so it was always an act of rebellion to know that at least she could wake up in the morning on her own terms, go to the store whenever she wanted and pretty much design her daily schedule anyway she desired. Anyone who raises a family knows how tough it can be to pay a mortgage, car payments, weekly food expenses and the enormous amounts of insurance that are required these days. But it was always my gift to her to keep her as free of that burden as possible.

Of course family members and friends never understood. They always felt they needed to inject themselves into our lives to explain that we were doing it all wrong, and as a woman she needed to have her “own thing.” I would tell them they were dead wrong and out of their minds and often these arguments would cause rifts that would last forever. I was always willing to bend and put on the shackles for the sake of my family, but I was never willing to put my wife through the same ordeal. The basic argument against my wife and my decisions were that the rest of society were doing things a certain way, and as progressive politics intended the destruction of the American family, they wanted the mothers out of the house and busy with chains of their own they could have unfettered access to the children through public education.

If that sounds like a sinister plot from a James Bond movie, that’s because it is—it’s the result of a philosophy that embraces collectivism. No one person comes up with the plan, but in the case of collectivism, it is an unconscious commitment to the destruction of the American family and the indoctrination of the youth into service of the collective whole, much the way oriental cultures are structured that is the real villain. Destruction of the individual for the sake of the collective whole is the goal, and in such a society slavery is not a big deal—because individuals are not important so long as the collective lives. In collectivist societies it is not called slavery, it is called an occupation. The occupation serves the collective society, not the individual performing the task. This is an important distinction.

Most Americans know and feel what I’m saying, but they cannot come to grips with it. They have no definitions in their daily dialogue that articulates their feelings about it. So they go through the motions and do pretty much what they are told—even though they suspect that it’s wrong somehow.

I have always questioned the rationality of this behavior. To me, a government bureaucrat does not have a right to manage my life for me by approving taxes with this collectivist’s mentality. They do not have a right to put a “smart meter” on my home so they can track my energy usage and sell that information to others interested in watching me. They do not have a right to tell me how to educate my children; they do not have a right to approve a new deck I might want to build. They do not have a right to decide from a far away land what I should do to care for the earth. They do not have a right to decide that I should buy insurance of any kind. They do not have a right to pull me over to see if I’m wearing a seat belt. They do not have a right to demand I enslave myself more to pay for the debts they incur with their reckless diatribes. To me I see the slavery clearly because I work every day to not be a slave. I do not spend any of my time trying to figure out what others might think of my behavior, because my entire being is all about not acting as a slave to anyone else. So it’s obvious.

I see the understanding of living free and being a slave as the most important distinction in front of America today. Accepting the $15 trillion-dollar deficit is accepting slavery. Not accepting the debt is to do as I do and that is to write and pick on those who make decisions which attempt to put more shackles on my freedom through their ignorance. Without that basic understanding Americans are just deer in the headlights of the oncoming crash that will pummel them at some point in their lives through their own inaction. To decide to avoid responsibility for one’s own freedom and to willingly put on the shackles of slavery because of laziness is irresponsible and quite tragic. Such types do not have the right to impose upon me or my family their laziness by accepting slavery through collectivism then demanding my participation into their evil acts.

To know if you are a slave or not, think how you feel when you get up in the morning and who decides what you will do and when you will do it. Then look at all those influences in your life that plan entire weekends for you without your input. If the answer is that most of the times you do what others tell you, then you are a modern slave. Asking such people to sympathize and appreciate freedom is a far-fetched stretch that is beyond their comprehension. That is why the concept of freedom is so important to me, and why I discussed it so intensely in my new novel. It’s also why Glenn Beck is one of the only modern commentators who deal with the issue directly—because it’s an obscure concept—freedom. We all talk about it, but few of us actually have it, mostly due to self-imposed tragedies where the chains were put on our legs out of fear and a desire for safety—then we wonder why the government is so big, and arrogant, because we made them that way out of laziness—without defending freedom.

Freedom isn’t about firing off fireworks, or having the option of going shopping whenever one wants. It’s much more complicated, and all-encompassing than that. Freedom is about responsibility, and courage which are required to feed such a mythical creature. Without those two ingredients, freedom dies through neglect and the chains of slavery are attached to its body out of fearful superstition that the individual would ever stop supporting the collective without a sense of guilt, and desire to be removed from the body of unified entities under the umbrella of utopian socialism.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Larry Schweikart’s Opinion: The first blurb for “Tail of the Dragon”

One of my favorite books is A Patriot’s History of the United States published in 2004 by Larry Schweikart co-written with Mike Allen which became the #1 bestseller for not only the New York Times, but also It is my very strong belief that Larry’s Patriot’s History should be the official textbook of history taught in every school in America. Most American’s thought the same thing, which is why it is still easy to find in the history section of most bookstores. That book by itself has done much to undo many of the progressive myths imposed on American culture with the intention of eradicating the concept of exceptionalism from our dialogue. It took a while for American’s to discover the book, but once they did, there were stacks of these large blue books piled upon the entrance to my local bookstore that delighted me immensely.

My youngest daughter bought it for me on my 41st birthday as I had been dropping hints that it was all I wanted. Once I received it, I spent a month devouring it, and it still sits on a bookshelf within reach for my constant reference. Larry has went on to author several other books, What would the Founders Say?: A Patriot’s Answers to America’s Most Pressing problems, Seven Events That Made America America: And Proved That the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along, and 48 Liberal Lies About American History.

Eight days ago my publisher sent me a couple comp copies of my newest book Tail of the Dragon ahead of the usual galley’s upon my request. As part of my contract with American Book, they send upon completion of all the pre-production tasks an official copy of the book as galleys are then sent out for reviews and blurbs obtained since books typically sell based on opinion. The galleys aren’t due to arrive till after the Fourth of July and it looks like the official release date is set to be September 4th. During this process a book is then registered with all the book distributers so book stores know how to access it for their stock. Being a fan of Larry’s I had contacted him months ago to see if he would be willing to give me a blurb, which he gracefully accepted. But he also warned me that he was very picky, and that if he did not like the book, he would not give me a blurb.

So of course sending him my book was risky since if he told me he didn’t like it, it would not only be disappointing from marketing standpoint since he is a bestselling author, but he’s also someone I respect, so a rejection from him would have been even more difficult. When the books arrived, I sent one immediately to Larry and braced myself.

Before leaving town with my wife on Friday June 22, 2012 Larry wrote me to say that he had made it through the first part and that so far so good, which meant a lot since he didn’t have to assure me of anything. I spent every minute of my trip out-of-town thinking about whether or not Larry was going to continue enjoying Tail of the Dragon once he got into the really intense stuff which happens about halfway through the book. Everyone who had read Tail of the Dragon so far had loved the book, but Larry is a history professor and has been there and done much in publishing and media relations. My ending to Tail of the Dragon is very severe which is a delicate balance that can be tricky to walk, so I spent the whole weekend worried.

When I arrived home and sat down to check my email, I saw I had a note from Larry. I was relieved to open it and see that Larry enjoyed the book and gave me a nice blurb that can be seen below. This is officially the first of my blurbs, and it won’t be the last. But it is one that I wanted for more than one reason. I was delighted with Larry’s impression of the novel since Tail of the Dragon goes into deep analysts on life and the roles of freedom, but at the same time is light-hearted and fun. For the majority of people who don’t care as deeply about those topics as I do, they will most likely read the book for entertainment first, introspection second, and Larry hit perfectly the kind of impression I had been trying to create, which means that most readers will come away with a similar impression.

With Tale of the Dragon, Rich Hoffman combines NASCAR, Rebel Without a Cause, and Smokey and the Bandit. If you like fast cars, and hate speed traps, this is the book for you. And just every once in a while, any real American wishes he had a Firebird like the one in Tale of the Dragon.

Larry Schweikart Co-author, A Patriot’s History of the United States

The setup to the storyline in Tail of the Dragon involves a history of progressive politics and the way it functions. It also involves a back story involving Andrew Jackson which obviously Larry is an expert, so there were things that if I got them wrong, he could have easily rejected. So the blurb he gave me is one that I treasure immensely. It’s much easier to do these kinds of things when you don’t care what somebody thinks, and most of the time I don’t. For me the risk is when I deal with other writers whose work I admire greatly because you want to come away from such correspondence with good footing, otherwise the rejection will resonate every time you read a future book of theirs, and books are as important to me as breathing. So getting a blurb from Larry was a bit of personal risk for me.

So thank you Larry for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give Tail of the Dragon a read, and for the very nice comments. I wrote what I liked, and the hope is that others will share in that passion. The risk is that the fine line between intensity, entertainment and ridiculousness does not get jeopardized along the way which violates the connection a reader has to the world you try to build for them. Larry’s blurb summarized for me what others not familiar with the book will feel when they read it as well. I intentionally did not tell Larry much in advance so not even knowing upon receipt if it’s just another political science entry, or some fantasy epic, he came away with the basic impressions I was trying to create, and lent his valuable name to Tail of the Dragon.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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