The John Gray Pediphillia Case: Why decentralized citizen journalism is our only protection

You could say I know or knew John Gray very well, going back several decades now. When he was running for school board in Goshen, I helped him write positioning statements for his campaign. A long time ago. It’s been a few years, but watching his video, I see the same guy, a person I would call “honest.” I think he was so honest that when PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis and Predator Catchers Muncie caught him buying snacks for an upcoming sexual liaison with an 11-year-old girl, he rattled on and on for an hour, incriminating himself more by the minute because he knew they had caught him, and that he felt guilty about it. The guy I have known would have shaken his head at something like this two decades ago. But here he was, a respected community member, the school board president in Goshen with grown kids, a long marriage, and grandchildren who want to look up to him, standing in the middle of Indiana, caught on video trying to do the unthinkable. When I think of John Gray, I think of a church-going family man and respected community leader. But the guy I saw on the remarkable video, and the testimony he gave was John Gray too, a side of people that many don’t even know themselves. And even as he was speaking, and knowing his life was over in every way you can imagine it, he seemed aware of it and wanted to confess to getting it off his shoulders. It’s an amazing examination into what pedophiles are and how even they may not see themselves that way until they are well down the rabbit hole, as he obviously was. 

What is significant about this case is it shows just how much you might not know someone. I am a pretty good judge of character, and I would never have thought of John Gray as a pedophile. He’s someone who would have been very critical and morally outraged about such activity. But there he was trying to get an 11-year-old down to her underwear for a massage, and he was at the Dollar Store to buy snacks for her beforehand. And he didn’t deny it, so I said he was honest. At first, he lied about being on the school board when they called him on it during the tape. He lied to the camera. But the honest person I know couldn’t wait to get it out, he couldn’t hold it in, and eventually, he said everything. That was the worst testimony I can think of on record. Typically, people don’t say this much, especially out in front of a store by strangers who confronted him. Typically, they’d clam up and get in their car to drive off and hope to disappear. But the honest part of him wanted to tell on himself, and he sure did. After the video was done, the crowd seemed disappointed that he wasn’t taken to jail and had charges pressed at that time. But honestly, the worst thing that could have happened to him was that tape. His life was as a respected public servant and trusted business advisor. And that brand has now been completely destroyed just for the chance to touch in a sexual way a girl just going into puberty. Life as he knows it is over, and he knew it as they put the handcuffs on him. But he also seemed relieved to get it out in the open. It was a bizarre set of contradictions. 

So how many John Grays are out there in the world? Can we really trust anybody? I would say no. We can’t. You think you know people; you think you can trust that crazy uncle or that family friend. Or that school board president. But people have all kinds of things going on, and you really can’t trust anything. As I always say, don’t trust what people say; judge them on what they do. I would never think John Gray would have done anything like this, and I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t come out of his own mouth. But because of citizen journalism, this story was dug out of the dirt and exposed for all to see. And I’m glad it was. Not because I want to see John Gray hurt, but because we need that level of protection in a society where institutionalism can’t hide the dark side of people like him. When people get very good at maintaining a public persona, but in the dark recesses of their personality, they crave sexual contact with children, we need a mechanism in society that can uncover such things. If people can’t control themselves, which he obviously couldn’t, then the fear of that public persona being destroyed is all we have to keep bad behavior from manifesting into outright evil. When we wonder about Pizza Gate in Washington and the client list of Jeffery Epstein, keep John Gray in mind. Think of all those friendly people who might shake your hand and smile to your face who are craving sex with your daughters and grandchildren. Think of the groomer talk of Disney World and the executives who are trying to hide their own demons with mass sexualized activity that makes their miserable lives seem more normal. Think twice about that strange guy walking in your neighborhood or looking at you in the grocery store. We can come up with rules and regulations until we fill libraries with laws that nobody ever reads. All that really keeps bad behavior from happening is accountability. And in this case, a pedophile citizen journalism group created that accountability. The police weren’t going to do the work. The FBI is too busy trying to keep Republicans from winning in the next election.

The CIA is pushing drugs across the border as they always have. Nobody is looking out for our kids. Rather, I would say there is an army of John Grays out there who all want to do the same thing he did. And if you have a daughter or granddaughter, you can bet there is someone in her life looking to groom her for a naked back rub at the cost of a bag of chips purchased at the Dollar Store. If John Gray could participate in pedophilia, anybody could. And his confession comes at a valuable time. People have been wondering how and why pedophilia could occur, and many don’t want to think about it. So, they don’t. But from his own mouth, you can hear why John Gray did it and why he was willing to risk it all for an activity that is beyond sinful. And maybe this video done by these great citizen journalists will wake people up to this terrible evil in our world. Perhaps we’ll find more people willing to fight for children and to help them have an opportunity for a good life. How many people like John Gray didn’t get caught on Saturday, and who function in society as respected people? I think it’s in the many millions. And what kind of people do these abused kids grow up to become? Well, the answer is obvious, and if we want to live in a good society, it starts with each and every one of us. If you see something and think something and don’t stop the evil from happening, well, you’re complicit. So don’t be, and take this lesson for what it is. And when respected people tell you they could never do something so terrible, judge them on what they do, not what they say.

Rich Hoffman

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Review of the Book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’: A crime far worse than Helter Skelter and Charlie Manson’s band of murderers

I’ve had the book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health for a while now and read it many times.   It’s one of those books I needed to cool my jets on. I’ve been recommending that people read it, especially on topics concerning Covid and vaccines. But I honestly have been too angry to give it a critical appraisal because I had to sort my thoughts out about it. It’s a magnificent book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the kid of Bobby Kennedy, whose brother was JFK. This book could have only been written by someone with an extensive world perspective like Kennedy, whose family had been at the top of the political spectrum and could see the world from that vantage point. Because if he hadn’t been, and hadn’t had vast experience over the years with the Children’s Health Defense organization fighting Big Pharma in court, a book like this one could have never been conceived, let alone written. This global story essentially consolidates the yearning for control over the human race spanning more than 7000 years. Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and many others in government and the pharmaceutical industry essentially want what every tyrant in the history of the world has fantasized about, and that is control over the entire human population. In the case of Covid, there were vast crimes committed that were meticulously researched and shown page by page for hundreds of pages. Any given page could be a series of congressional hearings, and there is almost a snicker from Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the heads of pharma who dare anybody to try. These are madmen who have become so drunk with power that they believe they are operating outside of all laws and that no government could touch them. And that, in essence, is what the book is about, and it’s a must-read for anybody and everybody because after what we saw with Covid-19, it impacts everyone on the face of planet earth. One conclusion we can make upon reading this book is that never again can we allow any government to shut us down, lock us up in our homes, and run all affairs from the perspective of emergency powers. There were treatments for Covid that Gates and Fauci deliberately hid, along with an industry of those in the know, and they purposely killed people due to their obviously malicious actions. And this story is far from done.

Yet, what took me a while to get my mind around after reading the book once, twice, three times, and more was that if you follow my rule for judging people based on what they do, not what they say, there is something terribly sinister about the contents of The Real Anthony Fauci. When I was a kid, my dad had a copy of Helter Skelter that he tried to read. He got about a quarter of the way through it, then put it on the bookshelf, never to touch it again. The book scared him, as it did many Americans at the time because they just couldn’t get their minds wrapped around the kind of evil that committed the murders described by the Manson cult that the book was about. He grew up on a farm with a nice family in Ohio. People just didn’t do and think the kinds of things that allowed people to commit crimes like that. Well, as a young guy to overcome the classic need of conquering fear, if my dad was afraid of that book, I surely could overcome that fear and take my own steps into manhood. So I read it as a very young person, and I have studied people’s reactions to it. I didn’t find it all that scary as I grew up with a vastly different experience. For many years I openly sought out relationships with the worst kind of people to understand them. And I can say I’ve known people far worse than Charles Manson. They were more intelligent than Charlie and carried out their murders in a much less obvious way. Manson was evil, but he wasn’t a very smart kind of evil. The smart ones killed people without anybody knowing. They didn’t cut out their babies and paint the walls with their blood. They were never so obvious, which made them more dangerous. And that’s the perspective I had to reckon with to unravel the contents of Bobby Kennedy’s book. The mass murder by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci is much more malicious and cruel than those committed by Charles Manson and his small army of murderers. And if you judge Gates, Fauci in this story is just a bag man, but if you judge what they did, not what they said, you can only make one conclusion because it all adds up to one unsaid strategy for the whole Covid mess. 

Bill Gates, over several decades, as meticulously established in the book, has a maniacal obsession with vaccines. He has imposed himself and his vaccines on governments all over the world, tampering with their populations for mysteriously malicious reasons. Of course, he presents himself and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as wanting to help people fight off diseases. But what he doesn’t say and never does is that his vaccines are often more dangerous than the diseases they were meant to fight, and that was certainly the case with the Covid vaccines, which we now know from Moderna and Pfizer were experimental at best and should have never been given to anybody without more trials. To have Gates orchestrate all the world’s governments and essentially run all the mainstream media with his money and donations was a vast evil far worse than anything Charlie Manson ever did. And what’s worse is that Bill Gates knew he was doing it. He manipulated people at all corners of the world to essentially do one thing, put vaccines into every human being in the world, and force through terrorism to drive fear all the governments of the world to make it mandatory. From my own perspective, reading all this line by line for an endless stream of pages for many months, you have to ask why. What does it all add up to? Well, there is only one perspective that one could arrive at. Gates, the geek who started Microsoft as a company, viewed the entire human race as a kind of software program. He has been looking to unite all the governments under his control and make people beholden to those governments for their very lives. Bill Gates was looking to take over the world through his vaccines and, in that way, centralize the entire human race, so they had one thing in common, their basic survival.  

If you take a step back and read broadly, beyond this topic, but into the strategic aims of the Great Reset, by reading from Klaus Schwab himself from his books, the goal of centralized banking is much the same. The desire for a cashless society. The Larry Fink ESG scores. The China model, it all flows together in a very maniacal way. If Bill Gates could strip away the immune system of every human being so that they had to go to government to get a vaccine to stay alive, well, then suddenly, those ESG scores would have meaning. Because if you didn’t have a good ESG score, you might not be able to buy the vaccine that would keep you alive. But to do any of this, a centralized global government that doesn’t exist presently would have to be in place.

The story of The Real Anthony Fauci tells the story of the vaccine part. But it leaves the reader scratching their head at the evil because there is no real motive unless the broader considerations are brought into place. And these criminals are counting on nobody putting all the puzzle pieces together. Yet, that is the only way the puzzle does go together. It shows us the crime of the century, of mass murder without any remorse, all for the global aim of gaining control of the entire population of mankind and ruling them with literal fear of death. In the mind of a crazy person, it is the way to ensure that peace becomes the centerpiece of civilization. It might sound like the rationalization of a Charlie Manson, but it’s far worse than that. This madman is loose and using his vast wealth to buy up all our governments and our health care system for the aim of ultimate control. And it is the most evil thing on planet earth and the long history of humans since they first learned to walk.   And the evil is so bad that most people don’t have the heart to see it, which the criminals count on. It’s how they plan to get away with it—to be so evil that people cannot accept it and will just put the book back on the shelf and avoid thinking about it because the reality is simply too terrifying. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Desecrators of Davos Plan to Rob America and Destroy Us All: The five vectors they used to attack us all right under our noses

I keep hearing about how terrifying the World Government Forum in Dubai was. This year, people noticed the yearly event. This time, the Desecrators of Davos types, the Klaus Schwab lunatics of central bankers, and global climate terrorists seemed more confident in their attack vectors into American life. After all, they had managed to get rid of Trump with election fraud; with the help of the American intelligence agencies attracted to their power grabs, they had the dumb old fool, the compromised Joe Biden, in the White House. They had dirt on his son, so what was Joe going to do to the Desecrators of Davos? They were confident that their decades of plans for global domination would come true, and Americans noticed this, which sparked concern. But this isn’t new; they have been holding these “take over the world” conferences every year; Barack Obama used to suck up to them. And you better believe that they plan to take over the world. They have another meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho, and when they meet, they aren’t making pancakes and trying out new maple syrups. Their goal is the destruction of all national sovereignty as we know it, including Russia and China, and to have a Great Reset to a world, they control through centralized banking. And they are playing for keeps. I enjoyed their meeting this year in 2022 and the American reaction to it. I have been waiting a long time for people to wake up to these losers, and perhaps, finally, they are ready to do something about it. 

But how did we get here? Well, we’ve talked about the various attacks in a variety of ways, but until recently, we didn’t have a lot of proof. We had lots of speculation based on experience, but we couldn’t prove it. Only recently have we learned the details and followed the paper trail of everything back to the Desecrators of Davos. Essentially, there were five attack vectors that they purposely engaged in to undo America, attack our sovereignty, break our laws, assault our freedoms, plot our country’s demise, and steal all our wealth built from capitalism right out from under our noses. And they started with Bill Gates and his more than two decades of planning to put vaccines in every person on earth’s bodies. Gates helped start the Great Reset when he essentially funded Covid-19, everything we knew about it with phony studies, phony death projections, and the funding of the actual bioweapon that Dr. Fauci connected his money to Defense Department action. Dr. Fauci, for his part, was the dot connector, applying Gates’s money to all the aspects of government that were developing through gain of function various bioweapons produced in other countries like China with less regulation so that they could be used for some strategic option. Fauci and Gates had their dream scenario when the Desecrators of Davos decided 2020 was their time to unleash their plot. The populist uprising in the world had to be put down, so off they went. Fauci did with the Trump administration as he had with several previous presidents going back to Ronald Reagan; he controlled the narrative by scaring the bejesus out of the government, then used their fear to control Gates-funded policy into place. Without Bill Gates, there would never have been anything going on with Covid-19 or the disastrous two years that followed, including the theft of a presidential election to install their puppet, Joe Biden.

We all know the work of George Soros as he continued to fund the destruction of America through extremely progressive district attorneys, open border policies, and the color revolutions of ANTIFA. Notice how after Biden became president, they all went away? Soros’s money fueled all the protests and other members of the Desecrators of Davos group. Soros gets the credit, but there is a lot behind the scenes. Then, of course, there was the work of Larry Fink, who we can see his actions on all the coal plant closures in Ohio and other states, and in the current turmoil at Disney. Now that the public has discovered what kind of people Disney has been hiring as executives over the years, they can see the impact that Larry Fink and his ESG scores have had on business, all business. Fink runs BlackRock, one of the world’s largest money management asset firms. And they got that way from an incestuous relationship with the Federal Reserve, which printed fake money for Wall Street. Larry then would sell those assets to investors and then used that money to take control of all these corporate boards to install woke policies. The exact concern that President Jackson and President Thomas Jefferson had about a Federal Reserve came true in a nightmare scenario that has come unraveled in 2021. The asset bubble created by the Fed and exploited by Fink has essentially destroyed the American economy by attacking the most fundamental of our values, our corporate culture, and the essence of our economy. The Desecrators of Davos don’t care if Disney goes out of business. They are thrilled if it tears down family value and billions of dollars of revenue.

Then, of course, there is the work of Mark Zuckerberg, the propped-up Facebook kid who has always had an unholy alliance with DARPA, the shadowy government group that created the Internet. As it is now being proven in a couple of documentary films that are coming out fast, one from David Bossie called Rigged 2020 and another from Dinesh D’Souza called 2000 Mules show how Zuckerberg’s $400,000,000 investment stole the election for Joe Biden with abundant proof carefully chronicled to withstand any scrutiny. Of course, the American intelligence community helped the Tech titans run cover for the operation, but the evidence is overwhelming. The FBI and CIA have shown their clear intentions of getting rid of Trump, and if it meant working for their new bosses, the Desecrators of Davos, they were okay with it. Under the New World Order, they would get more control over the human population, which was attractive to them. So they helped Zuckerberg with the overthrow. But it was the money of the Desecrators who funded all the activity. What do billionaires care about throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars if it gives them their long-planned utopia?

Yet remember, these losers are just another modern version of a bank robber. What they want is what America has. They want to loot and rob it; they want to steal our wealth and gain power in the world by redistributing that wealth around the world. But we still have the metaphorical gun. None of those people in Dubai had control of the global market conditions and the productivity of American life. They clearly intended to rob us, but it still is up to us whether we let them. We have all the power to stop them, mainly if we stick to our constitution and gain control of our election laws. And also cut their control over our money supply. The value in seeing all this is that we can now act on what we know. These are not conspiracy theories; these are now facts. They have been caught doing everything mentioned here, which has been published not on some tin-hatted conspiracy theory websites but in America’s publishing industry with New York Times bestsellers that have stood up to the scrutiny of the accusations. The information is well known now; it’s just not all been put into such a collection of the independent vectors, all of which trace straight to the door of Klaus Schwab and his New World Order confederates, who are planning to rob America and everyone in it. We have seen all this before. It’s not too late, and we must fight them back. They started the fight, and now we must finish it. And by the reaction people had to this year’s Dubai meeting, I think people are finally ready to do so. 

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio’s Thomas Hall: The Man of Law Enforcement

It’s not hard now to know what we do about Sheriff Jones, why he dislikes the Ohio Representative of the 53rd District so much. I still tell all the people who now dislike the good Sheriff that he has done many good things over the years, and his brand has been good for the Republican Party and the first Trump term. Whether or not he continues to hold that lofty position is up to him. So far, he is turning hard left and headed for Mike DeWine country. But that’s his decision. Politics is a blood sport, and blood does get spilled. And that’s certainly the case with the feud between Thomas Hall and Sheriff Jones. Learning what I have, this problem goes far beyond just disagreements over sponsored bills or even kissing the ring by the youth to the elderly. Instead, it looks like insecurity that many older people go through when they realize a younger generation is replacing them. It can be hard to look in the mirror and acknowledge that you are no longer that guy. And for a guy with an ego the size of Sheriff Jones, of course, getting to the end of a long career in law enforcement will stir up emotions. After endorsing Thomas Hall for his next election, where Jones is trying to primary him out of contention, I stopped by the Statehouse in Columbus to see how Thomas was holding up. It’s been a rough campaign. Like many politicians, they have no idea really when the primary will happen. It’s set for May, but it might change to August. And in Thomas’s case, he doesn’t even know what district he’s running for because the Supreme Court might change it based on district mapping disputes. Yet, when I found Thomas in his natural habitat, I noticed that he was calm, cool, and sure of himself. And he quickly mentioned to me that Sheriff Jones’ labor union had endorsed him. 

Thomas told me all the measures he was taking to get re-elected, including all the door-to-door campaigns he had, regardless of how the districting broke down. We also talked strategy about the negative hits by Sheriff Jones. But now that the smoke had settled from the WLW incident back in November, where Jones went way out of his way to attempt to disparage Thomas in detrimentally belittling ways, the report from the outskirts of Butler County was that the Sheriff was losing his support. People in the rural parts of the county were always skeptical of Jones. They see him as more of a bully than a good cop, and that perception was already in place before Thomas Hall came into politics. The Sheriff is popular with the levy supporting Lakota moms and the big-government liberals, but not so much the rugged self-doers. When Jones supported Trump with them, they liked him. Now that he’s supporting Governor DeWine and is much more on the left than they are, they look at him with squinted eyes of skepticism. And in that way, most of Thomas Hall’s district falls under that category, so the attempts by Jones to disparage Hall have actually seemed to help the young congressman because he provides a protest vote to Jones.

Thomas and I spent quite a lot of time catching up, walking through the rotunda and eventually down into the atrium with the giant Greek pillars standing as testaments of law and order. We took a few pictures and continued to talk about the campaign and his goals for his second term. But along the way, the Governor was walking around in the rotunda, taking pictures with whoever wanted them, so there was a significant police presence everywhere. While we talked, Thomas Hall stopped by each one along our path, thanked them for their service, and showed them how much he appreciated them. They were highly appreciative and receptive. This went on with a frequency that stopped our conversation about every 30 seconds. My thought at the time was that Thomas was doing this for my sake, so I wondered if he did that kind of thing all the time. After taking a few pictures, he had to run off for a session, and we parted ways. But my curiosity wondered if, even in a bit of a hurry and without me around, he would continue to shake hands with all the officers on his way back to his office. 

It was a formal occasion that day, so I was dressed in a suit like everyone else. It was easy for me to hang way back and follow Thomas Hall to his office. He didn’t know I was following as I blended into the crowd. And sure enough, he stopped by every officer, not the same ones as before, of course, and shook their hand and showed them how much he appreciated them. Now Thomas Hall is the son of the old cop who stopped the shooting at Madison Schools a few years prior. Hall grew up with a love of law enforcement and public service, which is why as such a young man, he is already moving toward another term as a House Rep after a past as a trustee in his community. But this reverence for the police was not fake. He didn’t know I was watching him, yet he was very sincere about it. Like I say all the time, don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do. The police of Butler County know what kind of young man Thomas Hall is, and they like him. And that looks to be the problem Sheriff Jones has with him. It’s more a problem that Jones has than what Thomas has. And when the Sheriff’s own police union supported Thomas Hall despite of the activism of Jones, the direction of the campaign was clearly headed in a direction favorable to Hall. The police can see where the future is, and Thomas Hall is their guy. And deservedly so. 

I always enjoy learning these kinds of things about people. We live in a world full of fake people and broken promises. There are few people out there who actually exceed expectations. I already liked Thomas Hall before our meeting at the Statehouse of Ohio, in those grand chambers of intellect and the pursuit of justice. But after watching him work with people and his behavior when he didn’t know anybody was looking, I knew that there was a lot special about Thomas Hall. It’s a shame that Sheriff Jones is trying to put a rift in the Butler County Republican Party the way he is. I understand that fear of becoming irrelevant. I would even think of it as a forgivable situation. Nobody wants to see the memory of the Sheriff be like that old dog that bit some little kid at the end of its life, erasing all the good things that had occurred over its lifetime. But that is for the Sheriff to work out for himself. The police and voters where it matters were clearly happy with Thomas Hall, and he was certainly willing to do whatever it took to defend his House seat. And he was confident the way unbeaten people in life usually are. And when you are as good and sincere as Thomas Hall is, it looks clear that he will remain unbeaten for the foreseeable future. Thomas Hall is the man of law enforcement, and the police know it and will reward him accordingly.    

Rich Hoffman

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Larry Fink Says Globalism is Dead: What he doesn’t understand, the nature of all productivity in life

In his usual letter to CEOs under the BlackRock portfolio management, Larry Fink revealed some carefully guarded frustrations at the end of March 2022 that are worth noting. It’s a bit humorous for me, I have been predicting this very problem for the globalists for a long time, and right on time, they are feeling the heat. These big plans they always come up with sound great in their own minds when they talk about them with each other. But reality often tells a different story. These days, Fink and his buddies at the World Economic Forum, the Desecrators of Davos that I call them, are trying to shield themselves from as much responsibility for the mess they’ve made as possible. In Fink’s letter, he declares that globalism is dead, that the war in Ukraine has wrecked everything, and now everyone must rethink everything. And just as he said that the federal government indicated that it would start enforcing ESG standards for all publicly traded companies, fulfilling some of those same strategies that Fink said were dying. The translation of the entire matter is that Fink has been called out; several top-rated books like Woke, Inc and The Great Reset have shown people what the Desecrators of Davos have wanted for a long time, and Fink has been exposed. He’s used to hiding behind a façade of celebrity and financial talk that nobody understands. But now, people understand what he has been doing with BlackRock, to essentially force progressive politics onto every publically traded company in the world and to slide outright communism under the door and call it progress. 

I’m not freaked out about any of this; after all, everything they are doing essentially traces back to repackaged Marxism, and it always fails everywhere. It’s why I felt I needed to write a book on this very problem called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. Even though the book hasn’t at this point been out a year, it is showing itself to be very prophetic for these very times. When people saw the cover, I had a lot of feedback about the artwork while publishing it, which was sometimes hostile. People do judge a book by its cover, so I was very specific about how the cover for a book on business would be displayed, and it has confused people, which is purposeful. The question I get is, why is a book on business and management covered with a skull and smoking guns with poker-like emblems on the cover? The answer is that it is meant to articulate the actual situation at war in the world, the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to deal with. A question that needed to be answered by me from an old friend who is a prominent Lean sensei consultant for multi-billion dollar a year companies worldwide addresses the most common elephant in the room regarding the nature of productivity which has frustrated human beings for thousands of years. He asked me, “why don’t people buy into this Lean stuff, especially in America?” He continued, “I mean, I’m fine if they want to hire me over and over again every five years to come back and reteach their cultures Lean. But why don’t they get it?” That’s when I reminded him of the story of Deming after WWII and how Japan put their own spin on what he taught them, which became the Toyota model that the rest of the world has been trying to copy all this time. The problem is that it runs counterintuitive to reality. The Japanese people are hardworking but are collective in their natures. That is not how the West is, and nothing in the world will make people of western culture, where most manufacturing was invented, into becoming more collective based. 

I often tell people like that consultant that America invented a whole new way of doing things while Marx was coming up with his ridiculously lazy theories in Europe. But in the East, where they have openly embraced Marx and used him to manage their companies and their governments, they assume that it’s all part of western civilization that they have repackaged for themselves. But the proper elements of American life, which has the most extraordinary productivity on planet earth per capita and otherwise, it was the story of the Wild West, of the gunfighters, of law and order for individuals that is the secret sauce to everything economic. And virtually none of our modern education systems has figured it out. They have been teaching all the wrong things, which is why Larry Fink and the Davos gang are perplexed at the direction of the world they have been manipulating at the resistance to them that they are now seeing. I explained it to my friend like this, in the West, in America, business is viewed as a baby. We work to create an environment with our American Constitution that simulates the Natural Law of the birthing process. When tens of thousands of sperm are injected into a mating ritual, they all seek an egg to penetrate and start the process of human life. But out of all those attempts, only one will do the deed. We fight hard in life to create that opportunity for one to get the chance, which is the key to all economics. Management’s job is not to provide “equity” to all the sperm, so they can all have a chance to penetrate the egg. We look for the exceptional to do the task, and our job is to provide an environment for the exceptional to create something new. 

It was the weak and the lazy in the world who found a retreat in Marxism from the world’s pressures.   They have given up the desire to be exceptional in their lives, seeking refuge in collective salvation. And in every business environment, they look at those who are the best, who are exceptional, as a threat to their existence, so they are always trying to assassinate the characters who stand in the way of their desired complacency. So that is why the smoking guns and the skull are on my book’s cover. Because you have to expect as a productive and enterprising individual that all the collectivists out there will always be gunning for you, to shoot you down dead in the street and eliminate you from the competition of collectivism at every opportunity. It’s the greatest elephant in the room of modern civilization.   Because most people are not bold enough to be exceptional in their lives, they are quite happy to be content with little Marxists hiding behind ESG scores and overly managed centralized governments, either in their country or their corporations. But nothing comes from those types, which is why the rest of the world that has adopted Marxism struggles to produce any GDP. In America, in the chaos of individual rights, innovation, productivity, and money creation is abundant. In the Wild West, we figured out the nature of Natural Law not just in the making of life but also in making economies. And many jealous souls would do anything to destroy the exceptional. But in management, in all management, even in Lean Manufacturing, the rules still apply. The job of top management is to find the exceptional and to put them in a position to succeed. And if they do that, they will have successful results. But before any of that can happen, it has to be acknowledged that it’s the exceptional in the world who do everything, and our job is to find them and promote them. Every attempt at collective salvation, including Larry Fink’s extremely liberal finance policies, is doomed to fail every single time. Because what they all think, which was born from Marx and his lazy rationalization for all civilization, runs against the Natural Law of the universe and will never be made true, no matter how many people they recruit to their cause. 

Rich Hoffman

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My Review of ‘Putin’s Playbook’: Rebekah Koffler nails the most elusive threat in the world

Every now and then, you read a book that is just jaw-dropping good, and that is what Rebekah Koffler’s book Putin’s Playbook is. Usually, these days when I read a book, I’ve read thousands at this point, so I usually only learn three or four things per book, which isn’t much considering each one takes 10 to 20 hours to read. But this one had around 30 new things that I learned or hadn’t thought about before. I picked it up because of Steve Bannon on the Warroom podcast. Bannon usually has excellent references for books, and because of all the Russian stuff these days, I thought it might be a good idea to read Rebekah’s book. She was, after all, one of the top DIA intelligence officers who often briefed the top VIPs of our nation and often members of the White House directly. Hearing from her what kind of person Vladimir Putin was would help understand the Ukraine situation. After all, Rebekah was a native-born Russian and moved to America for all the right reasons. She was in a great position to understand the Russian view of the world, so I approached her book as one of those learn a few things books but had no expectation for it to be as good as it was. It’s so good I would recommend everyone buy it and take a week off work to read it once it comes. It will be some of the best time you will ever spend on anything. We are in an information war presently, so the more information you can consume and explain to others, the better your side is prepared to win that war. 

I was not surprised to read about a person I have talked about for a long time in Putin’s Playbook, Yuri Bezmenov, the well-known ex-KGB spy who came to America to warn us about what the Soviet Union was doing to convert America from a capitalist country to a communist one with a four-step plan. I have covered Yuri a lot, there are many YouTube videos about him, and he was even featured on one of the latest Call of Duty games. He is not science fiction or conspiracy theory. What he warned the world of was a real threat and still is. But people didn’t listen to him, and I didn’t understand why until reading Rebekah’s book. It’s a mystery I have been wondering about for four decades. And that mystery extended into the way Ayn Rand was treated. And Cleon Skousen. It’s not that people weren’t warned about communism from the Soviet Union trying to infiltrate our culture. Heck, the entire Democrat Party is a production of the Russian spy network that has been at work in the United States since 1919. Yet, our top officials never seemed to really care. Ronald Reagan cared, and many on the left hated him for it. They wanted communism in America, and they brought it into our culture in all the ways these writers warned. So why didn’t our government work harder to listen to them? Well, that is the compelling part of Rebekah’s story. The part that I didn’t know confirmed many suspicions I have had for a long time.   

It turns out that the real villain in the world is not Vladimir Putin. Sure, he wants to destroy America and everyone in it. Since he was a boy, he has wanted to do that because that’s what Russians do. They don’t have any words in their language for “fun,” so they look at the West as a decadent society of happy people that they want to destroy. It’s in their nature to do so; it’s purely cultural. One of the hardest things that the Russian spy network has always tried to figure out is how to emulate Americans while infiltrating our society. For the Russian-born working for the KGB, how do you convincingly simulate the American life of a carefree attitude about everything? In Russian culture, privation is an honor. To show how much you can endure is a measure of success. In America, they lived to have fun. They worked to have fun and buy things that were fun. Their aim in life was to be happy. How was a Russian supposed to simulate that trait when they had no point of reference for it? It’s a real problem for them and continues to be today. So, they’d love to get rid of us from the face of the earth. They have no desire to live in peace with America under any circumstances. But no, that’s not the most significant threat mentioned in Putin’s Playbook. No, the greatest threat to America by Russian attack is our American bureaucracy. 

Of course, that is a theme for me, but it was great to hear someone else say it, someone, who has worked with the top people in our government and understood the most dangerous people in the world intimately. It’s not the bad guys out there we have to worry about. Still, it’s their creations, the political left, and more specifically, the administrative state they have built from the ground up through years of communist influence starting with our education systems, then our businesses, and ultimately how our government functions. I have talked about the socialist movements in America going back to the Bellamy book Looking Backward, in 1888. But I didn’t know that Russians were trying to infiltrate the United States just two years into their Revolution in Russia under Lenin. That explains a lot. As I said, I already knew about Yuri, Cleon, and Ayn Rand. I didn’t realize just how effective their communist intentions already were within our own culture at the level of bureaucracy. Rebekah didn’t mean to expose all this; she just wanted to help her adopted homeland win the war in the world against the aggressors that were in it, like Vladimir Putin.    But it’s not Putin who we have to worry about; it’s the administrative state created by the political left in America. Now, it has made such a mess that the world terrorists who want to dominate the world no longer worry about America. Because they have built the bureaucracy in America from the ground up and know that it has paralyzed ambition to the point of ineffectiveness, this is why with Biden in the White House, Putin has made his move on Ukraine and is not worried at all about retaliation. Because he has given the West the poison they plan to fight him with; they are only entirely paralyzed to beat the Russians at a game they created over 100 years ago. Ultimately Rebekah was fired from her job, not for being incompetent. But because she was the opposite. She was too good, and the world of mediocrity, which spy agents have infiltrated America with, could not stand for exceptionalism to force their performance higher. So, they plotted at the DIA to get rid of Rebekah, and eventually, they did on some manipulated technicalities. The bureaucracy wanted to preserve its mediocrity from people like Rebekah Koffler, and ultimately that has become the policy of American politics.   They did the same thing to Trump. They intend to do it to us all. The fight isn’t over there in Ukraine; it’s down the road at the license bureau and the courthouse. It’s in our capitals, federal and state. It’s in our education institutions. And it’s on our nightly news. Everywhere, bureaucracy establishes a culture and is far more dangerous than Putin or any other modern character. And that is also why they want us to look at Ukraine while the real threat percolates right under our noses in an attempt to take over the entire world again and rule us all through mediocrity and a centralized state. 

Rich Hoffman

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These Loser Politicians Don’t Represent Me: Only preventing election fraud can fix the economy, Ukraine, border security, and the other problems in the world

This is precisely why we must have very secure elections. Obviously, all those losers who have supported open elections, elections by illegal residents, early voting, and elections with no voter ID intended to cheat to get people elected who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. After what we have seen since 2020, we must be a lot more careful about our election process. We cannot assume that people will do good things domestically and follow the rules.   Because without tight security on our elections, we have seen that malicious people will have a field day. It wasn’t just the 2020 election, but likely every election for the last two decades. I might not have believed that until I spent much of 2021 traveling all over the country. The election results reflected in our House and Senate are media creations, not actually representatives of real people. There is only one way that could have happened, through massive election fraud over a long period. A systematic acceptance of cultural election fraud by the political class knowing that there is profit in the game for them to keep the system of chaos that they currently have.

I have to say that because we are all being pushed into having an opinion about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as if we only have one of the two teams at play to pick from. Do we support the United Nations’ creation of Ukraine, or do we support the gay-hating Russians who are putting nationalism before global peace at all costs? International peace means surrendering everything to the Desecrators of Davos, you know, “you’ll own nothing and like it,” people. That’s not a good option. And Vladimir Putin has made it his reason for living to destroy the United States. That’s not a good pick either. I don’t like either option. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine caught in the crossfire of bad politics. But join the club. We are all victims of that to a large extent. I don’t support any of the dumb politicians making so many mistakes in America, that’s for sure. These losers who have run up the debt kept an out-of-control Fed that blew up our economy with unjustified trillions of unrepresented money on the fed’s balance sheet don’t deserve sympathy. The stupidity of the Biden administration is beyond rationalization; I didn’t vote for that loser. And I didn’t vote for many of those Desecrators in the House and Senate who tell us that anti-American sentiment is the wave of the future. Many of those elected representatives were only elected through fraud, blue state governors, and lax election laws that otherwise would have kept them from office. I’ve seen the American people up close, and they aren’t voting for losers like this. Only through falsified paper ballots and coordinated election fraud like Facebook was caught conducting could these people actually win an election.

We aren’t obligated to get behind these people just because we are all Americans. This isn’t a “team America” kind of thing where we have some patriotic obligation to rally behind the United Nations debacles in Ukraine. The stupidity of the politicians that we have seen in America, especially lately, can only be prevented with secure elections. And we have not had secure elections. We have been taken advantage of by the political class. They have betrayed our trust, and now they are purposely wrecking the economy, letting in a wave of invasive illegal immigrants into America through the southern border. What is going on between Mexico and America is far worse than the Russians invading Ukraine. We are supposed to care about the Ukraine border when there is no concern given at all about the border of the United States. Only stupid people would suggest anything else. Or people deliberately trying to undermine the United States.

Whatever the case, only secure elections can protect us from this kind of management malpractice. The way our politicians have handled things does not represent me.   I reject the way they have expressed America to the world as losers. Biden and Harris don’t represent me. But it’s not just Democrats and socialist-oriented progressives like Bernie Sanders and the bartender AOC. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent me. Rob Portman doesn’t represent me. The corrupt Ohio governor and United Nations spokesman Mike DeWine doesn’t represent me. I don’t have an obligation to stand behind any of those losers, especially when they show themselves as an embarrassment to the world. 

I can deal with being cordial to people I didn’t vote for if others honestly voted for them. After all, we have a republic, not just some damn flea-bitten “democracy,” as we are told all the time. If people vote for some of these liberals, so be it in a representative government. But we are not following leaders in America. We are not obligated to support losers. We elect representatives, and if the elections are not secure, how can a republic function at all. Just because a candidate is illegally put in power, it doesn’t mean that automatically people will follow that person like some invisible rules of chess where elite capture means you win the game. We elect people to do a job as our representatives on a matter. And what we are seeing nationwide, especially over these last few years with massive mistakes over Covid and now this disaster in foreign policy with Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, and China, is not reflective of America. America didn’t vote for these people. Election fraud does not count as a win. The people can possess the seats, but its quite apparent that they don’t represent real people at the ballot box, and if we can’t prove that or secure that, then we have nothing as a country.   Of course, the enemies of America will laugh and say, “that’s right, you have nothing.” Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and many others from the Desecrators of Davos want the downfall of America. They have targeted us for attack, and they are doing it now. While we look at Ukraine every day and all the sadness that a video camera can show us, where were those cameras during Covid when suicide rates spiked up to ridiculous levels? Where we destroyed trillions of dollars of global economic value? When the government attempted to supersede our American constitution with vaccine mandates that only helped the pharmaceutical companies who put money in their campaigns? Where is the justice when a scumbag lier like Jussie Smollett gets out of jail after just a few days while January 6th protestors remain in prison after more than a year and all their “due process” is ignored completely? If illegally obtained representatives are put in place, this is the kind of world it produces. Only a corrupt society could produce this much nonsense, and I would point to the lack of security of our elections that has enabled it to occur. In the future, we need poll watchers at every voting place. We must have a photo ID. We must have one day with limited hours. We cannot trust mail-in ballots. We cannot just blindly trust voting machines because we have seen there is intent from foreign actors to tamper with our elections, and we can’t put anything past anybody. We can’t have doubts on election day, ever again. We must treat our elections with the utmost seriousness in security and assume that everyone has hostile intent because often they do. And it is then and only then that we can say we are one nation. The goofball politicians we have in office presently, screwing up the economy, Ukraine, everything, are on their own. They don’t represent me at all. 

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is the Trump Candidate for Governor in Ohio: The corrupt DeWine counts on the swamp to protect him in a low turnout primary

I know it’s tough. Nobody likes Mike DeWine, the current Governor of Ohio. Even the establishment Republicans who have kissed his ring and endorsed him through the State Central Committee. Everyone I talk to would like to vote for an option, but they think the reality is defined by corruption and that DeWine’s money machine will win in the primary no matter what happens with Jim Renacci. Since the primary is near, I must remind everyone of how it was in 2016 when Trump was on the ticket. All the same, characters were backing John Kasich. He was the establishment guy, the unbeatable goliath. Trump didn’t stand a chance.

Nobody cared because Trump was just an old television celebrity who wrote a few books when I went to events and met Trump. In the political world, that’s how they saw him. What did he know about politics? I would go to VIP events and see seat reservations for all the well-known area Republicans who went unfilled. The people who ended up sitting in those seats were truck drivers, factory workers, and other pick-up truck driving, flag-waving patriots who were there for the same reason I was, to vote for a guy who most represented us, not the Deep State Swamp. Of course, after Trump beat Kasich in Ohio, the political world was shattered, and those empty seats quickly filled with supporters who were nudging in front of me to get a picture with President Trump. I didn’t care. I was happy to see it. Trump brought unity to the Republican Party in ways I had never seen before, and as for John Kasich, he disappeared from the earth quickly. Where is he today? Well, he and Dr. Fauci are likely in a hot tub together someplace hiding from the world, which would be good advice for them.

If the Trump Republicans show up to vote for Jim Renacci in the May primary, DeWine will be defeated. I know the risk is that whoever comes out against DeWine will be remembered. He’s like that. He is a powerful politician not because he is good but because he runs his place in the Republican Party like a mob boss. Get on his bad side, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the fishes. He won’t physically kill you. He’s a shrimpy little man and would be easy to swat away. But he has made up for that over the years with political command of the world around him.   There is a reason Ohio is the first state in corruption among all 50 states. It’s not just the FirstEnergy scandal driven by greenie weenie assaults on Ohio’s power grid; it’s because of how Mike DeWine runs his political circles. Nobody wants to work with Mike DeWine the day after an election where they got caught speaking out against him. It’s a huge risk to their careers. I get it. But just remember, fortune favors the bold, and the way politics is supposed to work is that these politicians work for us, not the other way around. Mike DeWine is number 1 in corruption because of this sentiment. He uses politics to gain power he doesn’t otherwise have, which we saw firsthand during Covid. Mike DeWine ran Ohio during his first term as Governor well to the political left of most Democrats. He runs as a conservative but the minute he wins an office; he legislates to the extreme left. 

I said months ago this was how it would be; all kinds of good Republicans smell the blood in the water and think they can beat DeWine because he’s so weak politically because of how terribly he destroyed people’s lives during the Covid shutdowns. Mike DeWine was just as bad as even the worse of the Blue State governors. In many ways, DeWine led all governors into the shutdown protocols, which opened the door for the massive devastation that occurred to Ohio businesses during Covid. Even more troubling, Mike DeWine asked the legislature for emergency powers a year before Covid happened in 2020.   DeWine has a history of serving the United Nations much more than he does the United States, and he seems to be involved in every Deep State scandal with his ear to the wind. We’ve seen some scary stuff from Mike DeWine during his first term as Governor of Ohio, and we have a chance to remove him and put someone much better in power. Someone much more Trump-like, or even more specifically, like Ron DeSantis of Florida. With Jim Renacci, we have a chance to have a candidate like that. If the Trump supporters show up on primary election day and vote, Mike DeWine wouldn’t have a chance. To me, it’s a low-risk endeavor. But the traditional machine politicians who have thrown themselves behind Mike DeWine know that primaries don’t have typical voters in them. They are the Central Committee types who care about politics seven days a week, not just one time a year or every four years like what we see in popular elections. So for them, voting for Renacci is a gamble many of them can’t afford to lose because it’s all about voter turnout, which they don’t think will be very robust.

Jim Renacci, who I have gotten to know a bit over the years, is the only candidate for Governor in Ohio who can call President Trump any time he wants. Blystone is a good guy in this Governor’s race. And I like Candace Keller and others who want to get involved. But in a tight race, and this is what the DeWine people know, all those challenges are going to split the rebellion vote, meaning the smart money will be left behind DeWine, and the Governor would then win a second term, even though he doesn’t come close to deserving it. DeWine has played this game before. He knows what the other establishment Republicans know, that primary elections are low voter turnout endeavors, and people likely won’t be thinking about Trump. So they will be shy to rally behind Jim Renacci and vote for him in the primary. The actual die-hards who want to see change and reform will split their votes up among the other challengers because none of them could get their act straight before the election, and chaos prevails, giving us more of Mike DeWine. That is how corruption stays in power. That is why we still have Mitch McConnell as the projected leader in the Senate. That is why more people in Congress do not fight to defend our border from illegal immigration. That is why the Swamp just gets deeper and deeper in Washington. In the end, the Swamp is deep because people keep voting for it. The fault ultimately falls on the voters for supporting it in elections like this one. People complain about how corrupt Mike DeWine is and how it would be great to get rid of him. They know that the 20 billion investments from Intel are coming to Ohio despite Mike DeWine, not because of him. Ohio is a great place. It just has had bad, bad governors, from John Kasich to now the extreme leftist from Yellow Springs hippie town, Mike DeWine. And with a perfect alternative right in front of our faces in Jim Renacci, the only Trump candidate on the ballot, the option we have is evident if only we have the guts to take it. 

There is a difference between supporting Trump and being a Trump candidate. I think most of the DeWine challengers are supportive of Trump. But when I first met Jim Renacci, for the very first time, it was coming off Air Force One with President Trump and Melania; the best First Lady America has ever had. Trump had asked Jim to run against Sherrod Brown in the Senate so that Republicans could gain a seat in the Senate. Jim almost beat the long-time progressive. He came very close. And in this case, DeWine is a very weak candidate. He is very weak with the Republican base, so if we are ever going to take down an establishment RINO, this would be the time. For those who want to vote for Trump and want an Ohio version of Ron DeSantis’s style of government, Jim Renacci is that person.   But first, people have to have the guts to show up and vote in the primary, at a time when most people are thinking about spring and summer and aren’t thinking about politics. It starts with voters. If they stay home and allow corruption to gain another term with Mike DeWine, then who is it to blame? Voters have a chance, but do they have the guts to take it? I certainly think it’s worth doing, and I will be voting for Jim Renacci no matter what, with great enthusiasm. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Fed Destroyed America’s Money: A monied aristocracy attacks from the fourth branch of unaccountable government

I was elated with the coverage by Tucker Carlson from his show on Friday, 3.11.22. He has had a series of good coverage relative to a corporate news outlet, but this one was different. He was over the target zone of an issue that has been a problem since the start of America. Enemies of America, people I call these days, the Desecrators of Davos have used this natural problem to exploit us all in what many just blankly call the “rich getting richer.” I wouldn’t say I like that term because it demonizes wealth creation.   Like many things that the Desecrators of American culture wish to do, the meaning of wealth has been confiscated by the bad guys so that the leverage is applied against the good guys, the people who actually make the wealth. This was the central problem between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was vehemently against a central bank in America because he worried that a monied aristocracy would take over the management of American politics. Hamilton, of course, was all for the centralized bank because he saw no other way to stabilize a nation’s currency. Well, all of Jefferson’s concerns were confirmed when Andrew Jackson and the Central Bank President Nicholas Biddle emerged by the 1830s when the second charter of a federal bank had to be renewed. The first was started by Hamilton but expired after a few years. The second expiring during Jackson’s term, for which he fought not to renew it. The worry was always that a class of monied aristocracy would be born from the chaos and take over the lives of the people who actually made the wealth in the first place, the farmer, the tire maker, and the glassblower. Jackson won his fight over Biddle, and for several decades before the Civil War leading up to the Gold Rush, the American economy expanded in great and patriotic ways. But the world was jealous, and they plotted their revenge from the ultimate American independence, which led to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 on Jeckle Island.

I’m not against the Fed. I tend to lean toward the Anti-Federalist policies of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson on most everything. But I understand Hamilton’s argument. Recently since I have read a whole series of books on the Fed, I learned about the real-life Kansas Fed Bank President Thomas Hoenig, who sat on the FOMC board for several years and made the frequent Fed Bank retreat to Jackson Hole to talk all matters of national and international finance. If all twelve members of the Fed were like him, I think the Federal Reserve would be a good thing and could do what America needed. But the Constitution never really dealt with this money issue in controlling a centralized bank. We have ended up with extreme, primarily left-leaning lunatics who believe in the religion of climate change and have been suckered into all these foreign attacks by people like the Desecrators of Davos to undermine our financial system and essentially steal all our wealth as a nation. One example is Larry Fink of BlackRock, who maintained a close relationship with Ben Bernanke during the 2008 financial crisis. He sits now on the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum and has been behind the push to use the Fed to print trillions of dollars to pour into Wall Street, which then created assets on the balance sheet that was then sold off to the market. Larry is a radical leftist who has political ambitions, and this has given him lots of power he would never have had. So when people say the rich get richer, this is how it’s done. Those who have control of the Fed can manipulate the system to their advantage, while the people who created the initial wealth have it stolen from them forever. BlackRock has been doing just one specific example of a Wall Street culture that has exploited emergy to give themselves more power. 

And that’s why President Jackson had to fight Nicholas Biddle. The fourth branch of government had been forming under the Central Bank, and it wasn’t accountable to voters in any way, and it had to be stopped. The result was a mess of an economic war that impacted everyone in the country at the time. Things are much worse today, and the corruption of the Federal Reserve is too far down the rabbit hole to pull back without a lot of destruction. There are a lot of Nicholas Biddles connected to today’s Fed, and they’ll have to be defeated. The inflation rate of the present is a direct result of this mismanagement at the Federal Reserve, a gross abuse of power. And as far as the dangers of a fourth branch of government gaining control that was unchecked by voters, we saw it happen in the 2020 election. Once all the smoke clears, this monied aristocracy stole the election from Trump. This group of financial people had to have Joe Biden as president. They had trillions of dollars on the balance sheet with the Fed, there was trillions in transfer payments going to China to build a middle class there, BlackRock leading the charge with stolen money from America’s own Federal Reserve, and there were trillions of dollars of investment already allocated to the religion of green energy to satisfy the World Economic Forum people such as Klaus Schwab. 

I had been thinking about this problem for a while, but all my worries were confirmed when this same group of people pushed the Covid vaccine mandates. After you read all their books, those by Klaus Schwab, the History of the Fed, I and II, The Bank War: Andrew Jackson, Nicholas Biddle, and the Fight for American Finance, and the fantastic book by Christopher Leonard called The Lords of Easy Money, it became obvious what Bill Gates and other climate activists were doing with the vaccines and corporate policy, trying to backdoor the American Constitution under emergency powers and use every company’s HR department as a weapon of compliance for what was to come—a complete transfer of the American economy to China under the guidance of the Desecrators of Davos using printed money from the Fed to perform the heist. That inflated asset bubble gave money managers like BlackRock the ability to buy massive amounts of company stock, such as Disney in entertainment and FirstEnergy in Ohio, power to control their boards and drive them toward progressive causes. Their game plan was revealed through their testbed of Covid. I tend to think that we caught it before it was too late. But the problem remains, we can’t just let the Federal Reserve serve foreign enemies to America as it has been. We can’t allow our money to feed the aims of a political party, the “uniparty,” let’s say, in ways that work against the American people. We can’t put up with stolen elections, bioweapons unleashed to drive social change, and radical maniacs from across the ocean control over all our lives through 401K plans and maniacal plans to take over the world. The money the Fed is supposed to protect belongs to the people who made it. It was not for them to sell off to political radicals like Larry Fink to conduct horrible plans against our nation in all the ways the Founding Fathers warned about. And they were absolutely correct in their concerns. Now we have this battle before us again, and it will be harder to deal with than the one Jackson was tasked to engage. But we must do it.

Rich Hoffman

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Cash Out Your 401K Plans While You Still Can: The scam of Stakeholder Capitalism

I think it’s the biggest scam in the history of the world, even a bigger scam than Covid was, which was a virus made in a Wuhan lab and released by China. Stakeholder Capitalism has been buzzing around for a few years now, and it’s a creation from the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum guys. We haven’t cared much about it because it was always kind of a foreign thing from “over there” in dirty old aristocratic Europe. But after the election take-over of 2020, where many conspired to get President Trump out of office, the imposition of Stakeholder Capitalism is very much a part of the Biden agenda. It’s a progressive trick meant to do a lot of things. Not only is it just a new way to change the name of Marxism in our culture to something that people might be more willing to accept because it has the looted word “capitalism” in it, but it has a much more sinister intention. One that will impact each and every one of us with a 401K plan. I’ve been watching this bubble building for a long time, and what I’m about to say will be painful. But at the very least, I would recommend you pull your money out of all 401K plans currently managed by Vanguard, BlackRock, Blackstone, or State Street, because they are all arms of the Desecrators of Davos Klaus Schwab gang. After their meeting this year, they are planning to go full-court press with this Stakeholder Capitalism concept and to replace the way we measure money around the world with this scam they have come up with to hide their vast crimes against humanity.  

If you are a CEO, one of the scariest parts of your job is to stand before shareholders and explain what you have done to increase a company’s profits and raise its stock portfolio. Of course, socialists and communists around the world hate this method; they hate the idea of measurements of value. That’s why they are trying to prepare us to have a no-value culture where we don’t judge anything. They see applying value as bad because their desire in life is to be lowlife slugs hiding always in the shadows. And they don’t want to be judged as lowlifes, but as equal to everyone else. So they have consistently attacked the basic premise of Adam Smith capitalism, which built the United States’ great economy. From the time they came to America from Europe, they have been trying to get us to accept their European socialism from Marx as a new way of measuring economic activity. This Stakeholder Capitalism idea is just the latest means of doing that. It proposes that we replace measuring value with what it is now as a monetary measure to replace it with social value. An ESG system, where value is placed on environmental concerns, social responsibility as defined by political progressives, and how an organization and individuals govern everything based on those ideas. This is how so many CEOs have become trapped into accepting woke thoughts into their companies. Many companies are in a kind of shareholder bubble where their stock price is inflated based on growth, which has become stagnant. This is especially true after Covid, where the social order of everything has been disrupted. CEOs have been quick to adopt woke politics even if they disagree with them politically because ESG scores get them off the hook if society starts changing what they consider value to be. If they no longer have to worry about profits and instead can worry about putting purple-haired losers on their board of directors, then maybe they can survive as a CEO. 

But it’s actually worse than all that, and Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink, and many others know what they have done. Just ask Jerome Powell at the Fed about the pinch he’s in, where there is over $8.5 trillion on the Fed’s balance sheet, made that way by quantitative easing. A Federal Reserve that Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke essentially applied Keynesian economics to since the crash of 2008 and allowed Fink and others to buy up fake assets created by the Fed policy of printing endless amounts of money, then selling those assets to all of us, so they could use that power to buy up stock in most major companies, to impose ESG scores on them to make this whole stakeholder capitalism idea stick before its too late. And by too late, that’s where that +30,000 the stock market is currently at busts because it’s all based on inflated value directly from the Federal Reserve and exploited by the Desecrators of Davos, for which Larry Fink sits on the Board of Trustees, since 2019. The game is to change the way we measure value in the world before people find out about it so that when that bubble does burst, shareholders won’t be upset because they’ll be stakeholders by that time. Their value will be changed to this new way of looking at the world. 

This is precisely why I wrote my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. I saw this trend negatively through the Lean Manufacturing movement, where everything was about nature as the East considers it. “Be like nature, and you’ll have more efficient manufacturing plants.” I have had major CEOs ask me about this stuff as they are perplexed about what to do about it. “Are we trying to make money, or are we supposed to be at one with nature. Nature doesn’t care about money.” That’s why I wrote my book, to help people like that understand what’s going on and how these Desecrators of Davos types are just the latest snake oil salesmen. They have looted our cash, spent it into oblivion with Keynesian economic theories, now they have these liberal Modern Monetary Theory ideas of endless money supply that has no value in itself attached to some gold standard. Because society’s values won’t be possessive, they’ll be social, how accepting we are of gay rights or cultural diversity. Or how many solar panels we have on the roof of our factories. And they need us to accept this snake oil before we figure out that we’ve been ripped off, that our 401K plans are actually worthless. The entire reason the stock market jumped in value so much over the last five years or so was not because of Trump. I want to say it was, but obviously, more is going on. It was all inflated money allowing money managers to buy up so much corporate stock, to get control of fossil fuel companies, entertainment companies, everything. And to get that control, the goal was to change how all companies measure value. To replace classic capitalism and to replace it with this Marxist idea of stakeholder capitalism.  In the end, it will fail, but everyone needs to understand what the problem is. The Desecrators of Davos want a one-world currency that they control. They want a one-world government which they will manage. They want to control all human behavior with ESG scores, and they have been planning it for decades. However, as I say in my book, the value of something is determined by the people playing the games of life. I like to use poker metaphors.   A poker chip is just a piece of plastic if you carry it around in your pocket. But while playing the poker game, it represents actual money and decides who wins and loses the game. Ultimately, that will always be the case; this stakeholder capitalism concept is from lazy Marxist types who don’t want to compete in the world and wish things were different for them. So they would rather destroy the game rather than play it. But fortunately for all of us,

Rich Hoffman

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