The Stupidity of Xi Jinping: China thinks A.I. is the future, but what they will learn is far from it

I personally think that China’s Xi Jinping is an idiot. If you haven’t yet noticed, all the bad guys in the world are trying to scare us all into behavioral change. They have picked China as their vehicle of intimidation. But they are taking advantage too of China’s desire to overcome their embarrassment from the Opium Wars a few centuries ago and to restore their dignity as the most powerful country on earth by 2050. At this year’s Davos meeting with the World Economic Forum, where the gang of Klaus and Larry Fink pulled on the strings of their political pets around the world, they put Xi Jinping on center stage to set up the narrative. Didn’t you wonder, dear reader, why Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden recently talked about how ruthless China could be, as if we were supposed to be scared of them, like some playground bully? Wasn’t that a strange position for what is supposed to be the most powerful country on earth?

Remember, don’t listen to what people say; pay attention to what they do. Some people in the world can be controlled by money. If you fill up their bank account, they will do what you tell them to for the rest of their lives. That is certainly the case with Mitch McConnel and most of the current American senate. Once they take the money, they lose objectivity toward all sense of law and order. China is willing to give away endless amounts of money to buy up what they call “elite capture” in America to fulfill their goals of global domination by the middle of this current century. They believe that if they buy up all our elected offices, or at least enough to destroy our election system, then they can become that next power, and Klaus and the gang have let them think that. They have also sold Xi as some kind of genius because the World Economic Forum wants to stabilize the world toward their investments and use Chinese communism as that stabilizing force. BlackRock is the first money management firm allowed in China, so the effort of building a middle-class there around 1.4. billion people can occur under carefully managed scrutiny. 

Yet Xi has become inflated with himself, and he has all the American tech giants eating out of his hand because they think of him as some kind of communist “chosen one.” Reading about how sold out Silicone Valley is to China in Peter Schweizer’s fantastic new book Red Handed is pathetic. It certainly paints people like Tim Cook from Apple as small-minded losers who just got lucky in their fields of endeavor. When Tim Cook had a chance to meet Xi at a Microsoft meeting, he remarked, “Did you feel the room shake?” All the big tech malcontents were there at that meeting worshipping the communism of China, so it’s certainly time for all of us to stop thinking of anybody from Silicone Valley as being smart. We should scrutinize all their products and assume everything we do online or through a computer is going directly to China, and ultimately, the Party of Davos. They are their financiers and manipulators behind the scenes. These losers want us to think of Xi as they do, which could run the world as the ultimate parent. If we step out of line, we’ll be spanked. If we do what they tell us to, they will love us and care for us, and for the Silicone Valley types, who all appear to have daddy issues, a strong central parental figure leading communism is attractive. So we should be skeptical of everything they do, including using Microsoft Teams. China has its hands in everything done by American tech executives. 

And with that knowledge, we should laugh at how these same people have put Xi on a pedestal and inflated his ego to the point where he thinks he’s some kind of mystic. Xi is saying to everyone that A.I. is the wave of the future. Whoever controls A.I. will control the world. And from what I can tell, many people believe that A.I. will take over the world and that China will be the first to harness this weapon like it will be tomorrow’s nuclear bomb, the significant threat that will put the world under the thumb of those wishing to control it. People like Xi.  Xi doesn’t care about money. What he does care about is power, and he thinks A.I. will give him that power and launch China into a reign of respect and terror for centuries once they all put an end to the “western experiment.” Clearly, there are a lot of Americans like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many other billionaires who are signed on to this Chinese communism and are acting as traitors now to our country. But never fret. Their strategy is laughable, and, in the end, they will find themselves grossly embarrassed. For all time and history, remember what I say today, that A.I. will ultimately be too stupid to take over the world. Humans will remain at the top of the food chain for the simple reason that human intelligence has many other factors besides raw brainpower calculations. All the A.I. that is being built now lacks that basic intellect that is still a mystery to those studying the brain. I think A.I. will be a valuable tool in a time when we will need much more labor for a growing economy. But it will not be all-powerful and invincible. Human imagination will prove to be the most essential ingredient and will remain that way for many centuries to come.

But never underestimate intent, what China intends to do. What the Party of Davos plans and who they control. Watch what they do, not what they say. They intend to use artificial intelligence to rule the world and all of us in it. Xi is too power-hungry to see the situation clearly. He has bought the bolstering thrown in his direction by that Party of Davos. Money isn’t the only way to inflate ego, and thus to drive someone to do something they might not otherwise do, so they can get it. Praise can be just as powerful as finance. They desperately want to be relevant in China, which is why they are opening their doors to Larry Fink, who sits on the board of the World Economic Forum. But in the end, Xi will learn all too late that he was just a pawn for a larger purpose. He’s playing his part. They will push A.I. but will discover that with all their captured data, the result will create an average intelligence at best, the average of all the people of the world they have collected information on. And that great average will still be short of the exceptional humans who live and thrive in the world and essentially make everything happen. The significant flaw will be the same as the outstanding flaw of communism, that the collective is better than the individual. The hard lesson that A.I. will learn is that it’s the other way around, and technology will still find itself inferior to the best that the human race produces with imagination and ingenuity. And Chairman Xi will see that all his hopes for a restoration of China’s power upon the world and the respect he thinks will come with it will just be another pawn in the great game of chess that has been going on for a long time. He thought he was the king, but he was only just a rook at best. And A.I. never was going to be able to put the crown on his head.

Rich Hoffman

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