Mitch McConnell and His “Conceal the Steal”: Caught ‘Red Handed’ selling out to communist China

With both Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell recently coming out as a way of justifying the focus of making January 6th into a big deal, when in fact, the real causes of the problem were ignored entirely, one of them is much worse than the other. With Pence, it’s quite evident that he is naïve and wants to believe in the political system, and to him, a challenge to that system is disruptive. His support of the “conceal of the steal” of the 2020 election is similar to how he might react to people questioning scenes from the Bible. He certainly doesn’t have the mind to think critically about matters of faith, and he wants to have confidence in our government. It’s beyond comprehension for him to consider just how broken our government is. But McConnell, on the other hand, started his time in the senate with a new marriage to Elaine Chao, working with her father James in a shipbuilding business that the Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation contributed directly to the family shipping business, where its fleet expanded incredibly over the next several decades. Elaine’s father had been classmates with the president of China at the time, Jiang Zemin. We are talking about a marriage of connections here, where the purpose of the union was power and control. James wanted to secure his shipping business. His daughter married an American senator, and China’s leadership wanted very much to get a foot in the door of American politics at the highest levels for their own strategic needs. The old crow, McConnell, knows how the game works and how all this Chinese business evolved over time, with him at the center of it. When Trump lost the election due specifically to political corruption allowing the steal to occur, which is now well documented, Mitch knows he’s lying when he says the “election was legally certified and fair.” No, instead, Mitch played his part in crippling America to protect the family business, which was at the center of his marriage to Elaine. They wanted to get rid of Trump as much as everyone else in Washington D.C. wanted, for all the same reasons because they had sold out their country and empowered China to take over America by selling us all out for easy cash.

Peter Schweizer’s new book is easy to get, called Red Handed. I bought my copy off a big stack at Costco, so it’s not like it’s a massive book from a fringe right-winged conspiracy.   Peter is president of the Government Accountability Institute in Washington D.C. and has a staff of researchers looking into everything he reported in that fantastic book. I’ve read all of Peter’s books over the years, many times. And I’ve already read this new one many times over now, and let me just say; it’s got the goods. Schweizer does what the First Amendment was meant to do and allows freedom of speech to keep pressure on the political class to check power at the door. The result is books like Red Handed, which goes into vast details on the level of corruption that people like Mitch McConnell, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbucks, Labron James, and the Biden crime family have conducted in direct relationship with China, our known enemy. When Mitch McConnell started his relationship with China, it was widely viewed that the communist country might become more like America. But over time, they have stated quite bluntly that they intend to destroy the West and resurrect their status in the world as the dominating global power. And they intend to bring down America by cutting off the head of what they think our leadership is and destroying the country from within. All that is documented with evidence in Peter’s book. All that and much more. There simply is no excuse for people not to know this information as easily as Schweizer has made it for people to see. It’s not like people have to go to a library somewhere to do all this research on their own. It’s available next to the eggs and milk at one of the most popular shopping destinations in the country. Read it, and yes, it will shock you. Buy one and give it to all your family and friends. Buy several copies. You might just save their lives. 

But McConnell knows everything that’s happening in Washington. He doesn’t have to read Peter’s book; he could have written the book himself. When McConnell participated in the election fraud of 2020 by trying to rush the process through, he was simply protecting what he had built over many decades of corrupt politics. He didn’t go out and marry a nice girl from Kentucky. Without question, there was plenty to choose from. No, he married Elaine, whose father just so happened to be friends with the president of China at the time and knew they wanted to use him for the family business. He was a willing participant in that corruption, and he is more than guilty of suppressing the intentions of the Chinese government at the expense of his own country. Like many in Washington and within the media have done, they have made their deals with the communists who gave away wealth easily for the partnership. Mitch married his second wife, knowing how things work in Washington; it’s about connecting people who have gained power through looted wealth. Elaine was in banking, and moving finance meant power in the Swamp, so he got into the family business fully awake, which has undoubtedly impacted the way he governs. Understandably, when Trump was in the White House, he put Mitch’s wife in his cabinet as Transportation Secretary to align the power couple to his administration. But behind the scenes, the two would plot against Trump at every turn that would make Shakespeare blush. 

When Mitch could have stood for election integrity, or even the origins of Covid, he has punted every time in obvious protection of China and its relationship with Beltway politics. Not only does he know about all the scams he’s been involved in, but he knows about all the others as well. He is fully aware of just how deep the Chinese communist party is entangled with his fellow senators, lobbyists, and media members, and he has done nothing about it. That’s because he can’t because if he did, all those ships that were built for his father-in-law would suddenly be called into question. They weren’t free; they came with a price tag. And that price tag was to put his daughter in the bed of a powerful senator, give him a little of the cheese, and shut him up for the rest of his life, which has been the case. And when McConnell had a chance to stick a knife in Trump’s back, he did so, not for political ideology, but for the protection of the system that made him rich and more powerful. In a world where that kind of power is valued, Mitch McConnell put himself at the top by selling out to China. And even if he wanted to be critical of China now, he couldn’t because he has gone too far with them and seen too much. When we want to know what corruption politics is, Mitch McConnell is the face of it. And when he said that the 2020 election was “legally certified,” what he really means is that he was in on the “steal to conceal” because what they had to protect was all this vast corruption that they had involved themselves in to sell us all out, to the enemy. China.

Rich Hoffman

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