The Meaning of the Pride Flag: It’s a religious debate, not about fairness

It’s time to stop arguing obvious progressive intrusions as unfair. When Lakota school board member Darbi Boddy took pictures of obvious sexual grooming in the halls of Lakota, and the defense was that the evidence was the result of political tolerance of sexual lifestyles, the reality was much more severe. The rainbows that were being taught to young children in the schools of public school were not just symbols of sexual alternative lifestyles; they were the roots of a cult that was religious in its nature which actually goes back many thousands of years to the worship of the goddess Ishtar from the Mesopotamian region. In essence, the rainbows in the halls of Lakota schools were the same religious symbols with precise meanings, as though there were images of the Christian Cross hanging on the walls with the Ten Commandments. And when the issue of transsexual rights came up at Lakota schools in April of 2023 regarding the bathrooms, the nature of the discussion was not one of fairness but of a religious cult that is actually behind the trans movement, which exploded into American culture late in June 1969, just a few months before the Woodstock music festival and a month before the Moon landing. Many things were happening to America to sabotage the space program from NASA, and the KGB was hard at work to backdoor communism to an unsuspecting public through its young people, which is what happened at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City.

The examination into the root cause of the Stonewall Inn riots was that many of the participants were worshipers of the Cult of Ishtar and were using its sentiments to undermine the Christian nature of America through alternative sex practices, such as gay rights, trans rights, and the ritual practices of drunkenness and ostentatious pornography. Since that time in 1969, since the rest of the world was not landing on the moon, and there were lots of hostilities toward America that wanted to sabotage the effort, the same kinds of religious cults that destroyed previous civilizations, such as those from Sumer were introduced to do essentially the same in the United States. And for the diligent lawyers out there, the foundation argument for all this is in the excellent book by Jonathan Cahn called The Return of the Gods. In that book, he presents lots of evidence regarding the Cult of Ishtar that argues that the Trans movement is not about fairness or tolerance but is strictly a religion that should have the same rules applied to it that have been used to any Christian reference. If we cannot hang the Ten Commandments on the walls of our public schools and court houses, then we can’t put any rainbow references toward the Goddess Ishtar either. Because that is what the rainbow symbols refer to, Ishtar and her cult of followers. The rainbow was the battle flag of Ishtar, and the colors have particular meanings. So the argument that we have had regarding the use of rainbows in the halls of public schools and the evidence that America is a tolerant nation that will show compassion for people who are confused about how they feel inside and what biology they were given at birth, and the desire to desecrate their sexual rolls socially, the real issue was that of competing religions, the desire of one religion, the Cult of Ishtar and the Cross of Christ. If we had to accept Trans rights and activism, then public places had to tolerate prayer in the classroom and reference to the cross as the symbol of Christ’s crucifixion to die for the sins of mankind.  

The rainbow flag dedicated to the Goddess Ishtar was designed by Gilbert Baker, a drag queen and very openly gay man, on June 25th, 1978, just nine years after the riots at Stonewall. By 1994 that rainbow symbol was adopted as the official symbol of gay Pride and became recognized worldwide for that effort. Now the goddess Ishtar was a symbol of sex; she was a prostitute who was very promiscuous sexually. Whether she evoked in mankind the primary traits of sexual conduct and their perversion to satisfy the whims of a perverted deity or whether her reverence was purposely promiscuous intent on the downfall of whatever civilization adopted her practices as a priority, the results cannot be ignored. A worship of her by occult practitioners is why we have such a desire for drunkenness and sexual misconduct in our public schools and colleges to this very day. As stated, the KGB, which very much wanted to destroy the kind of culture from within that could put a man on the moon, was dusting off whatever aspects of ancient occult that might ruin America. And we are seeing the wheels set in motion then clearly in our present times because nobody has made an honest attempt to stop the madness. We instead have reacted by answering the argument posed, are we a tolerant nation? The answer obviously is yes, and we have been putting all our effort into fighting that accusation rather than the actual merits of the case that a religious ideology has been purposely trying to alter our country and destroy it at the foundations of its Christian belief. 

In the rainbow flag of Ishtar are definite meanings to the eight primary colors, with pink representing sex, red representing life, orange representing healing, yellow representing the sun (sun worship as a deity, turning the culture to worship of solar gods, solar power, reverence to the forces of the sun) green representing nature, (climate change, ESG measures) turquoise representing magic, (dark art, occult practices) indigo representing serenity, and the last color violet represented the spirit of sexuality, in whatever form it manifested, gayness, lesbianism, transsexuality, all the alphabet sex practices that are being shoved at us today as a value system. The purpose of the priority is to desecrate our traditionally Christian nation and replace it with the flag of domination by the Goddess Ishtar. It truly has nothing to do with sexual tolerance and social inclusion but desecration and undermining of our culture from its roots by hiding behind the concept of Church and State. I do not doubt among my readers that some very clever lawyers can see these implications. Once case law is established that the rainbow symbols are references the same as the Cross of Christ and prayer in public places, we have a whole new way of looking at this vast evil that has been cast upon our culture. Darbi Boddy at Lakota schools has had the right instincts about this issue from the start of her term. And the anger at her for pointing it out goes back to the kind of social activism that was evident at the breakout of the transexual movement beginning at Stonewall in New York City in 1969. These things didn’t happen by accident and aren’t about fairness. They were always attacks on American culture meant to corrupt our youth, and now many of those corrupted youth are running our country from a political position and are embedded in our media and other places of authority. And they worship the Cult of Ishtar, and their reverences, such as the rainbow flags of the Pride movement, are religious. Not symbols of inclusion but the battle flag of cultural domination and social destruction purposely invoked from ancient history to destroy America and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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