Don Lemon Thinks Michelle Obama is Better Looking than Melania Trump: The Attributes of a good person

He’s said it before, and it’s come up again recently wherever he’s working these days. It used to be CNN. But Don Lemon thinks that Michelle Obama is better looking than Melania Trump, and that has reemerged as a controversial statement for whatever reason. Not to defend Don Lemon in his preference, but we all know that the controversial news personality from the extreme left is wired differently than most everyone else, and there is certainly room in the world for diverse opinions. After all, Lemon is a known gay man, and it could be understood that looking at a hairy rump and wanting to have a piece of it sexually naturally would make him more attractived to Michelle Obama. Many still think that Michelle Obama is actually a man, so that would make sense that Don Lemon would find Melania Trump, an ultra-feminine fashion model who made her way in the world as one of the most beautiful women well before she was married to Donald Trump, not attractive to an openly gay man. Don Lemon’s opinion is skewed toward an unusual, minority sexual opinion, so it’s not controversial. It just expresses that so long as there are differences like that, where liberals who are addicted to sexual deviancy can’t agree on what an attractive woman looks like, then we certainly will never agree on serious policy, such as whether or not a new road should be built, or what the debt ceiling should be. When you can put one of the most beautiful people in the world in front of someone like Don Lemon, and he wants to argue the base of the merit, then it’s evident that people like him will never agree on anything. 

I’ve had the benefit of meeting Melania Trump in person; as far as beauty goes, she is about as good as it gets. She looks even better in person, which is rare for celebrities who often benefit from makeup and camera lenses. But I’ve often said about Melania that there is more to her than just beauty, which is only skin deep. When we say a woman is beautiful, we essentially talk about them like a beautiful flower. The amount of beauty is a mutually agreed sentiment among the bees of sexual existence. Do we all agree that that flower would be worth pollinating? If yes, then we would say that it is a beautiful woman, all the sign stimuli are there to evoke such a process, and we can appreciate the opinion as a shared expression. But then there are other elements to beauty, such as the development of intellect and personal expression, and Melania Trump is probably the most beautiful in this category. She’s a woman who took a large section of her life to personally raise her son, Barron, as a traditional housewife, which had the feminist movement in quite an uproar. She does not like communism, as her family came from a communist country, and she has an almost Ayn Rand hatred for it, which was clearly reflected in her marriage to Donald Trump. I’ve often said that she brought out the best of Donald Trump. And that is true of most great women; they make people around them better, whether it’s their husbands, children, extended family, or community; their inclusion in the world makes the world better for several reasons. And that is how it has been with Melania Trump; she made everyone around her better just through her sheer personality. And when you meet her in person, that is what emerges most, which doesn’t show up so much in the pictures of her. 

President Trump has tried marriage three times, and I’ve said it before, he would not be someone I would have voted for before he married Melania. Sure, he wanted to insert himself among his competitors as the alpha male who could attract the best-looking females to mate with. This is an attribute that Democrats have been trying to remove from our society because most people aren’t that pretty to look at, and they consider it unfair that people like Melania have access to all the best things in life just because she’s a beautiful person. She could marry anybody she wanted to literally, and women who look like the bottom of a foot are obviously going to feel disadvantaged. So they beat on that drum of equality, inclusion, and all the progressive diatribes that go into skin-deep judgments. But when it comes to Trump, and I have always read his books, I watched a change in him happen in his marriage to Melania that I think made him a far superior president. I wouldn’t like President Trump if he was not married to Melania. And regarding any rumors of affairs with other women while Trump was married to Melania, I see the situation as a weaker man trying to be better but often falling short. Other women are easier to live up to, so affairs with them are tempting when a man is feeling bad about himself. 

However, the power of beauty, both inside and out, Melania has clearly had a grasp, and she has kept herself as an object to behold, almost living in a remote world of her own rather than caring one bit what lesser people think, and that has forced Trump to be a better person. That’s also why extreme leftists hate her, not just because she is beautiful, but because she knows how to use it to evoke exceptional expectations from the rest of the world to appease her in the classy way that women have been known to do. Even though she was one of the most accomplished fashion models on earth, it was not a surprise that those trying to reshape the world toward equality would want to suppress obvious exceptions from consideration. And when they are looking for ugly people that aren’t threats to the averages in society, Michelle Obama is often confused as being a guy, so women aren’t threatened by her ability to take their men to bed on a whim possibly, and she makes them feel more comfortable with their own insecurities. That’s understandable, even if it’s not factually rooted in truth. It’s a shame that Melania wasn’t first lady during a time when America would have appreciated her more, such as was the case with Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan.

Regarding first ladies, Melania Trump is unquestionably the best-looking in the young history of America. And among all similar women in the world. She is undoubtedly in the highest category of beauty when compared to anyone, anywhere in the world. And when Trump married her, he was looking for the best-looking woman to beat his rivals, which is superficial at the essence of it. But through that exchange, something good happened; Melania improved Trump. And Trump made America better. And that made millions and millions of individual lives better. Then for a political left that wants to destroy America, of course, they would resent Melania Trump for being a good person and using her gifts to make the world better because they want to destroy it.

In comparison, Don Lemon may look at Melania Trump and not see a beautiful flower like other men. The hatred of the left goes far beyond that. This makes Melania Trump one of the best-looking people on planet Earth in the history of civilization, both inside and out. And a significant character that will still do well for the world many years into the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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