Woke Disney’s Glaring Problem: The negative impact of Showing the New Indiana Jones Movie at the Cannes Film Festival

I always get excited about new Indiana Jones movies, and I know enough about this upcoming one, the fifth movie in the series over a 40-year period of time, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, to say I think it’s going to be a pretty good movie, and that I’ll like it. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I see Indiana Jones’s impact on publishing. Most of the top ten books sold in publishing have some kind of Indiana Jones influence. That character was a wonderful creation of George Lucas, a guy who wanted to be either a drag racer or an anthropologist; instead, he became a filmmaker. And what he did was much better for many industries, especially history; he made it fun through the character of Indiana Jones. I see Indiana Jones all over each copy I receive of Biblical Archaeology Review, which I have been getting for over 40 years now. It’s undoubtedly my favorite topic. Because of my very popular blog that, I operate like a newspaper, many people think I am obsessed with politics. And I am very interested in politics. But mythology, comparative religion, and history, in general, are what I put most of my efforts into. I spend about 70 hours a week professionally. I spend about 30 hours a week on political “things.” And the rest of the time, I spend reading, exploring, and contemplating. It is not uncommon, as many people with hostile intent have learned, that I am up often at 2 AM walking around my yard or going up and down my street thinking about things I have read. I don’t sleep much because I love history topics so intensely, and I am always in some sort of study of those topics. Indiana Jones made history as an industry that made normally boring topics, fun, and I think this new film will do much as the previous films have done for the study of history, bring joy and adventure to it, and the human consciousness will grow in healthy ways. 

And because I’m interested in this subject, I watched the coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, which played in the middle part of May in France, where Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was shown to a large audience. The Disney people, especially Bob Iger, the CEO, think they have a good movie in the new Indiana Jones film, and they decided to rush it out to reviewers to get some positive buzz going on the film. And they need it; as I have been talking about, Disney is in big trouble on multiple fronts. They have invested too much in ESG scores, BlackRock political values, and their company’s commitments have been slowly destroying them. They are not the same company they were ten years ago, and ten years from now, I think we will perhaps not see them in entertainment as an influencer at all. It is that bad for Disney. And I’m not a fan of Bob Iger, a big-time liberal who has committed to the global citizen movement, gambling that globalism would be the new transition economic force, so he has steered his company in that direction. But globalism is failing across the world. People want American nationalism, and even in broken-up countries on the other side of the globe, people want to think about the idea of America, not a bunch of bureaucrats in the European Union who the Administrative State so paralyzes they can’t even tie their shoes or a China approach with centrally managed communism that completely steamrolls the individuals of society into mashed potatoes who serve corrupt oligarchs like some top-heavy aristocracy. 

But I don’t think Bob Iger is an idiot. I think he did a pretty good job as the Disney CEO over the previous decade. However, it was a house of cards that was eventually going to fall, so I think it was a horrendous idea for him to return to attempt to save Disney because he was just going to sink himself in the process. He knows he needed a hit with Indiana Jones, so he stepped in and encouraged the filmmakers to make a film that people would want to see, to take out some of the Kathy Kennedy from Lucasfilm’s wokeness that was showing itself to be very unpopular with Bud Light, Target, and essentially the rise of the MAGA movement in politics. Bob and the gang made a pretty good movie that they thought would serve fans enough and not compromise their commitment to ESG measures, and they were in a rush to show it to the public. And, of course, the results were devastating. It was the worst thing they could have done. It would have been better in this media climate to surprise everyone at the release date instead of trying to create positive buzz for the film a month early. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny comes out on June 30th, so that’s a lot of time to have people who now hate Disney because of its commitment to woke policies to criticize everything that they do, from The Little Mermaid to the destruction of Pixar, the ruin of Star Wars, and now another Indiana Jones film that many of the critics who saw the film are saying is worse than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 

I personally liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It injected into publishing hundreds and hundreds of interesting books that I spent many thousands of hours reading over the last decade, so I was very happy with it. And I think that will certainly happen with this new movie, The Dial of Destiny, with the plot point being that of the Greek mathematician Archimedes. I think the concept for this film is much more interesting than a time travel movie like Back to the Future. This one deals with quantum entanglement, which people know is something I spend a lot of time considering and the nature of dimensional reality outside our four dimensions. But Disney underestimated the negative power of new media, so once their critics like Variety and the BBC came out negatively against the new Indiana Jones film, the new media types on YouTube, who have become the new influencers, pounced. It didn’t matter how good or bad the new Indiana Jones film was because it’s a Disney project, and as a company that has been committed to woke policies, they have made themselves open season for intense criticism, which will impact the opening of the new film. Iger should have held his cards and just let the film tell its own story when it was released. I’m sure I’ll find things I like about the new film, and I’m sure that the wokeisms will be there and I won’t like those. But I do think that Disney realized that Indiana Jones required some fan service and that they attempted to give that to this new film as a peace offering to their audiences. But it has had the opposite effect, and in some ways, I feel sorry for everyone involved in the film. They are feeling the pain of using their movies to sell political messages that the world doesn’t want. And when they thought they had surrendered to the fans a bit, they have only been slapped harder, which is the story coming out of the Cannes Film Festival. No matter how good the movie is, because of any connection to woke Disney, people are going to hate it because that is the political climate we are all in now. Globalism is the enemy; people know it and express themselves accordingly. 

Rich Hoffman

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What We Learned From the Durham Report: The worst punishment is that the people will never trust the government again

You have probably heard from many people wondering what the Durham Report says and why nobody has gone to jail over its contents. Well, that’s because, essentially, the government investigated itself and decided not to send itself to jail. Because what we did learn, much of which we already knew, is far, far, far worse than anything a civil society is prepared to deal with, and the villainy of it is simply off the charts of acceptability. There is a belief in the perpetrators of the contents of the Durham Report that if enough people commit a vast evil, everything is suddenly good because it’s too bad to prosecute. That is essentially the defense of the actions shown clearly in the Durham Report. It says that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for the Russian Dossier that has been much talked about for over seven years. This is another aspect of the amount of evil that is shown here; everybody knows that the government is slow, except when it wants something, so by dragging out investigations, nothing ever happens to the perpetrators. There is no swift justice when it comes to the government. The SWAMP protects itself even from its own investigations, like John Durham. But the attempt to connect President Trump to some Russian scandal was a made-up piece of fiction from the start, and everyone at the top of intelligence knew about it. Yet they played along knowingly, which is the worst information. What we have learned, which is all the “what ifs,” was structurally bad. That the Obama White House was in on the scam because the head of the CIA, John Brennan, advised them that it was bad enough. But for the number of people to knowingly commit so many falsehoods, we are dealing with a dire situation here, which undoubtedly contributes to all the scandals that followed.

Essentially, what’s wrong with the Durham Report is that everything is so bad that it flows off the scale of acceptable criticism. It’s like Aaron the Moor from the great Shakespeare play Titus; the evil is so great that all anybody could do at the end when they went to execute him could only let their mouths drop open of the sheer magnitude of it all. The Durham Report shows us that our intelligence agencies, the FBI, the CIA, and Homeland Security, all of them are rotten to the core and filled with unprincipled government workers who will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to stay in power and protect their government pensions which are all too lucrative. These are looters of the worst kind, criminals far worse than villains like Jesse James, Al Capone, or Bonnie and Clyde. This is institutional evil that goes far beyond any measure of acceptance known to the human race. And the portrayal of evil was so arrogantly displayed that they knew they’d get away with the crimes simply because the scale was beyond the reach of justice. They purposely planned, the government in essence, that the way to get away with the crime was to have so many people involved, as a global effort, that justice could never wrap its mind around it. So they arrogantly broke many laws feeling that they could simply override the Constitution through consensus and dare anybody to say anything about it. So from the start, when Hillary Clinton’s campaign funded opposition research that then became a justification for illegal FISA warrants and weaponizing the intelligence agencies in ways that nobody thought was previously possible, the intention was to break the law and never to get caught because the scale of the crime was so vast, that nobody would dare ever to prosecute anybody. 

And it all went to the Obama White House; President Obama knew about all this even as he shook the hand of President Trump on that first day when the Trump’s reported to the White House for a first term. Remember when Melania gave Michelle that gift from Tiffanies, and there were a lot of awkward exchanges? Donald Trump had been popularly elected president despite all the Deep State efforts to prevent it, and the Obamas were furious about it. And they weren’t done. The activism from the FBI and CIA would continue into color revolutions over the next four years. And we would see everything, including the kitchen sink, thrown at Trump for daring to challenge the SWAMP in any form. Those forces declared an all-out war against the American people who had voted to put Trump in the White House. This forced all the bad characters of that Beltway culture to reveal themselves for the evil they represented. It was a system that was rigged against the American voter, and these arrogant people felt they had an inwardly protected aristocracy where the peasants would never challenge a king. And they carried that arrogance over into our modern elections and current problems. We thought there was at least an illusion of honesty in that Washington D.C. culture, but we learned from the Durham Report that everything was so corrupt that there simply wasn’t any prosecution possible to resolve the matter. The entire report then came out as merely a shrug, “What are you going to do about any of it? They run everything.” 

Now we are getting ready for another election, the 2024 presidential race. And lucky for us, President Trump wants to run again because the game is now obvious to more people than it was back in those innocent days of 2016 when the Durham Report showed just how radical and dishonest our American intelligence agencies actually are. We have since learned through declassification that the CIA was involved in the Kennedy assassination, so a lot of innocence has been lost over just the last several years, and by the sounds of many, that was also part of the plan. What kind of America would we have if we couldn’t trust our government? Just as the woke strategy is for us not to trust our corporations born from capitalism. Ultimately behind all this is a vast evil bigger than anything the human race has had to deal with, and it’s so arrogant about its intentions that it feels vindicated and endorsed to perform its villainy before it even commits the crime. Government prosecutors are coming to the defense of the SWAMP since nothing else has stopped President Trump from running again. And that’s beneficial because it removes any doubt anybody had about the level of corruption we are dealing with here. All this has exposed what many have believed about the government for a long time, and it’s far worse than even the craziest-eyed conspiracy theory could have ever come up with previously. That’s what we learned from the Durham Report. It doesn’t matter that nobody is being prosecuted and going to jail. This punishment is actually worse. They have lost the American people’s trust, and our country will never return to the Fox News days of controlled opposition. People have been taken advantage of, and the government got caught doing it. And now they will have to live with the consequences, a nation that knows how bad they are and suddenly doesn’t support anything they want to do. Then, in the end, that will be the most painful revelation that comes from all this, and the punishment will be much more severe than jail. And with all that in mind, the Durham Report will be one of the most important documents in history because of what we learned about institutionalized corruption and the evil it is capable of involving so many people, to the detriment of a republic form of government and the best example of civil government so far in human history. 

Rich Hoffman

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Judgment Day: A review of ‘The Harbinger II–The Return’ and the vast evil that worked behind Government involvement with Covid

We are well into a diabolical scheme to ruin the world under the pressures of many ideologies coalescing under the banner of globalism for the ruin of all our lives. And any innocence the hostile insurgents played to is long gone. It’s ugly, but I don’t know that it’s uglier than at any other point in history when social collapse was imminent. I continue to tell people that the American Constitution, which was founded on Christian ideas, is the key to the future because it limits out-of-control governments that many of these hostile forces never thought would be possible. It certainly wasn’t in their plans, which was most extraordinarily exploited during Covid in people like Bill Gates, who had spent a lot of time thinking about how to take over the world only to find out that the President of the United States wasn’t a king, and that states rights had more power than the federal government. In America, regional government is most accountable to the people who ruled in court cases, and that was a perplexing development to the world domination schemers. In the end, the American Constitution was meant to do what it is doing: to fight off the evil intentions of vile agents of chaos and destruction. We are not promised a life of comfort without challenges. But we can have the freedom to fight for our continued independence from those globalist forces and the schemes they have been employing for thousands of years. 

I recently did something of a review of the great Jonathan Cahn book The Harbinger, and in it, I went even further than the book, published in 2011, in talking about how BlackRock was connected in several ways to the same hostile forces that were behind the 9/11 attack. If The Harbinger was about the scriptural warnings of a country that had fallen from God and that if they wanted to avoid Israel’s fate, that they would get right again with God, because the signs were everywhere. Further, it is my opinion, based on a vast amount of reading, that the religion of Islam is built off the hostile intentions of the old Baal worship from that same region. Once Christianity was put into a biblical form under the Roman Empire, the Arab forces put forth the Quran as an answer to the Bible, using many of the same characters but putting their own stamp on it. And within that context is the ancient Kaaba Stone in Mecca, where the same Abraham from the Bible rebuilt the temple, which is the focus of many pilgrimages for Muslims. And what was worshipped there before Abraham’s time, Baal. And that the purpose of the Quran was to put a mask on that ancient deity worship, give Allah a broad definition to seduce many to their religion, much the way the Israelites were convinced to step away from God in the first place, and that the religious squabbles of the Palestinians and the Jewish people was more of a military strategy hidden behind a spiritual crisis. And to further complicate things, the black stone of worship at Mecca is the same rock that the modern company of BlackRock references in their desire to take over all the boardrooms of America and implement woke policies as a new kind of terrorism. 

The Harbinger is a very popular book, so it should come as no surprise that its sequel, produced in 2020 during the Covid lockdowns, would also get a lot of attention, and it, of course, did. The Harbinger II—The Return is still one of the feature books in Christian books stores that is a best-seller, and it continues on with the Harbinger message, which is that biblical scripture is foretelling of events of our modern times that involve terrorist activity and the hostilities of governments not rooted to God, but have been seduced back into Baal worship behind the many masks of contemporary preponderance. What is so spectacularly interesting in this book is that it was written and published during the Covid lockdowns, for which it plays right into the narrative of the vast evil at work behind the politeness of modern culture. Where Jonathan Cahn, at the time, attributed Covid to a plague unleashed by God to punish a society that had turned away from him, the reality is that Covid was created in a Chinese lab by hostile forces as a kind of military attack. And that in that context, it was like the armies of Nebuchadnezzar attacking Israel and destroying the temple as an agent of God’s wrath. Whether scripture predicted human events or that people wanted prophecy to be truth and sought ways to fulfill them, the matter is beyond doubt that maniacal forces were at work to destroy the world, and the Bible is all about dealing with that problem in a past, present, and future tense. In the space of one year, with Covid and the realization that elections were not representative of the voting public with evidence of massive corruption being displayed right in front of our faces, it was a punishing revelation on part with the destruction of Israel from the Assyrian forces. And it all started with the 9/11 attacks and the events of the first Harbinger book. America was under attack, and people did not just feel death and misery. And the level of evil that we were dealing with on a global scale was hard to believe. The only way to comprehend it was to read about it in the context of scripture. 

In the end, that will fix many of our modern problems, and like Israel and other crises throughout history, we will come out of it. The American Constitution will play a significant role in that revival. But so again will Christian book sections and a reconnection with the Bible. American society was founded on Biblical concepts, and our rule of law was tethered to the idea of God from the beginning. And when I go to the bookstore, it is obvious that books like Jonathan Cahn’s continue to sell the most. One of my favorite bookstores is the Books A Million in Dayton at The Greene. There is an entire second floor of a very large store that is nearly dedicated to the Christian religion and the selling of various Bibles. So the warnings in the Harbinger books are well stated, but they do not come without solutions.

The evil of terrorism is a very real thing, not just with 9/11 but in what we saw in Covid, which was much worse. And when we see how God punished Israel for its worship of Baal and other Mesopotamian gods, we have modern context that is on par with that level of suffering. But we’ve also seen this story before. We know how it ends. We are living in the days of Judgement, which is OK. We are living history now, but when we made our Constitution, we built it with these days in mind and many others in the future. We may be unable to stop evil’s intentions and their schemes. But we can fight off their effects, which is the process we are going through now. It’s certainly not hopeless. There are harbingers of goodness as well, and you can find them in the resurgence of Christian bookstores that are safe harbors from woke policies intent on destroying our culture from the inside out. And they continue to be a handhold to sanity as the most diabolical menaces in human history make their moves right before our faces for a judgment day that isn’t far off in the future but is before us now, in our own lifetimes. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trickle-down Economics is the Only Kind: Joe Biden should be impeached just over his connection to China

How bad is it? The proof is out about the Biden family and their connections to China. Joe Biden should be impeached just over this issue. By far, I am not anti-government. I understand the need for a government to manage the people’s affairs. The biggest challenge, to prevent corruption is to have the smallest possible government that can accomplish that task before you get diminishing marginal returns. This comes up now because of the obvious debt ceiling talks, with I think Speaker McCarthy is handling as well as can be expected for this culture of thieves. You can’t just turn off the money addiction cold turkey without destroying your entire society. You must have an intelligent debate and work backward, hoping that your pace of change doesn’t destroy everything with such a cumbersome approach. After all, big government has grown without care for entirely too long, and for all the dumb reasons that you hear in a typical Joe Biden speech, when he talks about trickle-down economics not working, but that it’s the middle class that makes all jobs possible. That is why revenue is down the third year of his presidency, because the government has placed too many fingers in the cookie jar, and people have just stopped making cookies because of it. What the Keynesian losers of advanced economic studies in all the universities have never admitted to themselves was that Karl Marx had no idea what he was talking about regarding centralized government serving the power of the people. It doesn’t work that way and never has. People on their own don’t generate anything. Jobs just don’t happen because people exist. It takes thought to make a job and risk to implement it. Nothing happens in life without risk, and that is always the element that is missing from Joe Biden’s talks about economics. When he says bad things about trickle-down economics, the standard complaints by Democrats regarding Reaganomics, he essentially declares that he has no idea what makes economic activity happen.

This alone should impeach Joe Biden. The Biden family took money from China and is compromised.

But there is a form of trickle-down that Joe Biden knows well, as do most politicians, and this has led to the mess of government expansion that we see now, with multi-trillion-dollar deficits and out-of-control spending to hope to buy votes and stay in power essentially. It’s the trickle-down effect of obtaining high political offices and then selling access to influence, such as what has made Joe Biden rich over the years. And Mitch McConnell. These politicians didn’t get wealthy because they were in politics. Those political positions, even up to the president of the United States, don’t make that much money. They only get a few hundred thousand dollars annually for most high-ranking positions. So how in the world do they end up with enormous mansions and several estates like Joe Biden? Well, that’s the real trickle-down economics that they are talking about, where wealth pours into their banking account because they have sold access to their elected positions to foreign investment of domestic terrorists (those who knowingly plot and scheme against the American Constitution). The ultimate insult is that such an economic system is essentially built on whoredom, where value is given away for something that the politician never really possessed. An office elected that was given to them through a vote, an office that was never theirs to sell in the first place. Then they are selling a perceived value of deception, manifesting in flimsy definitions of trickle-down politics and the economics that fuel it. 

In truth, the only kind of economics that matters is one where there is a need for a service or good, the human mind comes up with a satisfactory solution to that need, and then risk is applied to serve that market need. Without thought, there is no action; without risk, there is no fulfillment of market needs. This union nonsense created by Karl Marx and embraced by tyrannical governments everywhere from the bottom out indicates that the people saying such dumb things have no idea how economics works. I majored in economics in college, and I learned really quickly that none of the teachers on the U.C. campus of Cincinnati understood the true concepts of the economy and its cycles. And I have learned over the years that politicians like Joe Biden understand even less because they were all taught by the same dumb people. All Keynesian economists have it all wrong from their very foundations of understanding. Reaganomics is the only kind of economics that works, where people are freed to take risks and create jobs that the middle class can then enjoy and fill. There is a big difference between a job filled and one created. And the government has tried to pretend this rule of risk doesn’t exist because they are naturally timid people. So they have created jobs off taxpayer-funded risk-taking which was the scary part, then have expanded government office to cover up the illusion. And that essentially is what makes up the massive deficit spending. The government jobs created then get filled with low-risk personalities who simply take money created by the value of those who manage risk to generate wealth. And it becomes a cycle of doom that politicians sustain with outside investment from places like China. Ask Biden about where most of his money came from, and it will trace back to China’s investments in him as a political whore. And Mitch McConnell couldn’t say otherwise. Many books have chronicled this problem explicitly, so what’s going on is well known. It’s just too inconvenient for anybody to do anything about it because they keep listening to this bottom-up mentality regarding economics, which is essentially a scam of looted money spent to hide the open theft and whoredom of modern politics as we have allowed it to manifest. 

Trickle-down economics is the only kind of economics, and countries and businesses that have utilized it best are the most successful. America is the wealthiest country in the world because it has empowered thoughtful enterprises and risk-takers to gain opportunity through action, and that generates wealth and jobs. There is no other method of job creation or of generating economic value. It all flows down from a risk taker who created wealth and the people from the middle out who then fill the jobs of that economic creation. The trickle-down politics Joe Biden only understands is the one where you get elected to an important office that you can then sell to foreign investment to enrich yourself. Then to hide the scam, you pretend to be some Keynesian economist built on a fake middle class that owns all private property, including the means of production. The truth is that the mind of a risk taker only creates production, and everything else is stolen from someone who did the hard work first. In the case of nations who invest in American politicians with money stolen from their own people, that is certainly the case with China, the real trickle-down effect is looted wealth. Financial tyrants have invested and propped them up. They want global control of all politics. So they use countries like China to buy up politicians like Joe Biden, to make it easy for them to rule the world from the shadows. And Joe Biden then distracts everyone from the real problem by talking about bottom-up economic policies built by a middle class who, like millions of hungry little birds, are waiting for the big mama of government to drop a worm in their desperate mouths. And the gap between reality and our American deficit reports is represented in actual dollars of value, which is obvious to all now. 

Rich Hoffman

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Does Anybody Love Joe Biden: It would be terrible to live his life

Taking a step back from politics for a moment and considering the life of Joe Biden, I wouldn’t say that I have sympathy for him. On many levels, I have a distinct hatred for people like Joe Biden for many reasons that we’ll get into here. But I do feel sorry for him, sorry for such a disastrous life lived, for who he has become. For the kids he has. The life he has led. I feel sorry for him that he can’t look in the mirror and be proud of what looks back at him. I think I would feel sorry for anybody in that condition, especially at the end of their life after many years of living it and not deciding to become a person that people love. Because the real problem with Joe Biden the most obvious question is, does anybody in his life really love him? Has Joe Biden ever known love or what it feels like to be loved? Has he ever sat at the dinner table and enjoyed being loved for who he is, rather than people telling him that because they wanted something from him? Joe Biden certainly isn’t unique to this problem, but since he is President of the United States, we get to watch him every day, and his life is an open book to the degree that we know even small details about his life which then provoke the question, is there anybody who really loves him. And I say that because I saw a nice note yesterday from Yuna Lee, the television anchor who was married to my friend Doc Thompson. She’s a very beautiful young lady, and I remember when they married because he was fired from Clear Channel while they were on their honeymoon over political wokeness on many levels. Doc has been dead for a number of years now; he was hit by a train while jogging. He had been working for Glenn Beck at the time. Well, it was his birthday, and Yuna put up a sweet tribute to him, wishing him a nice birthday in heaven. I would say that what they had was real love, something that even transcends death. But is there anybody in Joe Biden’s life like that? I think the obvious answer is no.

Sure, many people would say, but he’s the most powerful politician in the world. He’s been in politics for a long time and was the VP under President Obama. And he has a Corvette right next to all the classified documents that he had in his garage. For a lot of people, they would consider that a successful life. But, and this became very obvious during the Democrat primary in South Carolina, where Biden suddenly jumped out in the lead over the other rivals, Joe has always sold himself as the “yes man.” As a simple whore who would sell his integrity for a pack of gum, and when things were tough during that primary, and nobody was stepping out, it’s evident that the Deep State types saw that there needed to be a front-runner. A deal was made with the rivals to step out, and Biden found himself propped up and ahead for many reasons, none of them good. A decision was made to put compromised Joe into the White House to stave off the populist movement that was developing in America. So Joe was the guy with his hand up, and with his family history and all the compromises a life lived poorly has over him, he made himself a great target for the powerful to use to impose their authority controls over American society as a kind of Trojan Horse. 

With all that known, Biden didn’t earn the White House through merit. And much of his life has been that way, including his marriage to Jill. Looking at Joe Biden’s life, there aren’t many moments where he earned something good because he was the better person. Instead, he was given titles because he was willing to be a compromised asset. And then, by acquiring that power, he could sell it to outside influence. So the game became, achieve the highest offices you can, then selling that access would then grant him more personal wealth. You don’t get to acquire the kind of wealth Joe Biden did as a public servant all his life by not selling out. Joe Biden didn’t have vast private sector experience making much money before running for public office. Instead, he has spent his whole life selling his titles to contributors who wanted access, and that is the role his son, Hunter Biden, played in setting up that access, which is quite evident in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that was suppressed before the election to contain the narrative. The same kind of intelligence influence that suddenly propped him up in that South Carolina primary. It’s a phony game that he allows himself to be the face of, and he gets financial power in return. 

Then it becomes evident that the people in his life only cared about his financial power gained as a looting politician. Choice, love, and respect are attributes that are missing from Joe Biden’s life, all his life. Now he’s a rambling old man who has told so many lies over the years that he doesn’t know which one he is talking about. And the people around him are there for the power he has acquired as a sell-out, not because they love him. People happy with those kinds of choices tend to be not very good people themselves, as is obvious from Hunter Biden and the stories of Joe’s daughter who wrote in her diary that she took showers with her dad. The FBI stepped in and tried to suppress that information to preserve the narrative. So when you look at Joe Biden’s life, he is surrounded by people who want to use his power and position for their own purposes. For what they can get out of the relationship. They don’t have a relationship with Joe Biden because they love him. They only care about Joe Biden because of what they can get from him, including the globalists, the Democrat Party, his children, his wife, and the labor unions. They only like him because he has acquired power. And Joe apparently knew this early in his life, so he worked to compromise himself to acquire more power so that people would like him. He has obviously never had a life where people liked him because he was likable. And to fill the void, he has had to make up all this fake backstory about his life. It would be a terrible way to live. It certainly isn’t the kind of love Yuna had for my friend Doc Thompson. And that certainly isn’t the only example. But when Joe does move into the realm of death, will anybody remember him for who he was? Or will they simply move on to the next sell-out? Well, the answer to that is in their behavior while he’s alive. He’s obviously struggling as an elderly person, and everyone around him is letting him because his power and position is the only thing they value about him. And if he makes a fool out of himself while doing it, they’re fine with that. Because they only care about what they get from Joe Biden. They don’t care about the guy himself, which is a very sad condition. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Way to Have Honest Elections: Just call Frank LaRose in Ohio, and he can show you how

How could anybody not think that election fraud is a real problem? After all, look at the amount of money that is at stake, the enemy countries out there who want to put people sympathetic to their cause in our government for leverage. Likely, election fraud has been a significant problem the entire time that mass media has been involved in the conduct of our election cycles. We should be looking for cheating everywhere, all the time. And to maintain secure elections, we must take the process seriously, and that just hasn’t been happening. The election fraud of 2020 goes way beyond hurt feelings that Donald Trump didn’t win and that Republicans didn’t maintain control of the White House. The fraud was so ostentatious that it was no longer speculation of election fraud but a grim reality and to what extent it was occurring. Obviously, there were political class members on both sides who wanted to see election fraud happen to maintain their control over the government institutions themselves. Mitch McConnell comes to mind, as do people like Bill Barr: the FBI, the corporate boards of major media companies. What we had once suspected was now a confirmed reality, and now in the wake of all that a few years ago now, there are still those who want to deny that it did happen so that they can continue to benefit from the rigged system and allow global influences to manipulate American interests for the goals of insurgents hostile to the American idea.

Yet the solution is relatively simple now that we know what we know, and rather than argue with people about election fraud and deal with all the many court cases that are required to fix it, there is no hope of such a thing happening by the time of the 2024 election. So what is anybody supposed to do? With such a massive election fraud machine that literally has millions and millions of greedy hands in it to manipulate toward controlled advantage, what options can a government that is supposed to be ruled by the people utter to save its election system from the barbarous pirates of finance and political discourse? Well, I happen to know Frank LaRose, the Ohio Secretary of State, a bit, and I would gladly put you in touch with him to learn what he has done in Ohio to secure elections. I would say that what Frank has done in Ohio toward the goal of election integrity should be the standard for the rest of the nation to follow, and it’s all very simple. Of course, the bad guys are suing him left and right because they know how good his policies are for secure elections, and they are hoping to see his methods overturned in court by the 2024 presidential election because, in the game of “lawfare” the way liberals like to fight, they have no chance of winning any Democrat seats in Ohio without election fraud. So they are in a bit of a panic. The two best things that Frank LaRose has done to secure elections is to mandate a photo ID that is government issued. That can be a driver’s license or just a card issued for free by the BMV. Very easy to get and is the basic way to ensure that the person voting is who they are. The second thing that is done in Ohio is probably the most important, which is a real problem in this modern age of early voting, is that vote counts need to be counted by election day, not many days after. 

The way the game works, and it’s a well-thought-out scam that Democrats and some Republicans have fully endorsed over the years under the banner of “fairness,” is that mail-in ballots were ripe for fraud because they could be added or subtracted depending on what the final vote count margin actually was. In Ohio, there is early voting, but the general rule is that everyone must put their pencils down by election night, and the vote counts are due. Ohio achieves this by inputting those votes into the system as they come in so that by election night, they can be part of the vote. States like Pennsylvania don’t start counting those votes until election day, which is how this mess of counting votes days after the election began, and election results were not known on election day but days later. States that continue counting after the election, which was the case in several state races involving congressional seats, already know the margin they need to put their favorite person over the top, so they keep counting mail-in ballots until they reach their target. And if they don’t have enough actual mail-in ballots, they make them up until they do. That’s simply no way to manage any accurate election, and it has purposely opened the door to rampant election fraud. Remember when Pennsylvania, over the weeks after the election came up with a million extra votes to put Joe Biden over President Trump? And the courts didn’t want to touch the case because it would open up the entire system to a complete lashing, and nobody had the stomach for it. Frank LaRose was brought in to testify how Ohio managed, and many in the process know this little trade secret. But admitting to it would essentially commit thousands of well-respected people to a guilty plea of sedition against our country. Election fraud is serious, and many people went way too far and got caught doing it. The most recent example is the monstrosity in Arizona with Katie Hobbs, who essentially managed her own election. Good election security essentially comes down to having a good secretary of state. If you don’t have one, you can forget about it. It’s that serious.

But rather than cry about it, just fix it. If everyone wants to prove they have honest elections, then at least ensure that early ballots are counted by election day, like in Ohio. And that will stop this trend of counting votes after election day, as we have seen becoming a major problem over the last two elections. Democrats knew what they were planning to do to cheat the 2020 election; they warned us ahead of time that Trump would appear to win in a landslide and that over the following weeks, Joe Biden would pull out the win. Well, they did that because they knew what the voting margin was that they had to come up with regarding fake votes. And that was their strategy all along, and why they allow their candidates to run their campaigns in their basement because they really think people are so stupid that they won’t see what they are up to. The best thing is to remove the temptation to cheat by ensuring that results are counted by election day and not after the results are known. The gap was so significant in Pennsylvania that this problem became apparent. So in the future, for those who want honest elections, just let me know, and I can put you in contact with Frank LaRose, and he can help your state run a fair election. And you better do it before 2024 because Democrats are planning to cheat again wherever they can. It’s part of their campaign strategy disguised as some “get out the vote” effort. But in reality, it’s just planned fraud, and the way to keep them from doing it is with some simple ground rules. And by doing as Ohio has, voter integrity will become much better. And the election results will be noticeably improved. 

Rich Hoffman

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Fox News Cutting Tucker Carlson: Corporate structures failing everywhere and trying to hide why

It was no surprise to me that Tucker Carlson was removed from Fox News, even as the number one guy. I’ve been saying it for weeks; it’s almost as if Tucker was trying to get them to fire him so that he could be free of that corporate structure. We are all getting ready to go through a highly unusual period in world history that was a long time coming. There is a belief, especially among the communist-minded, that they could be as rulers, the center of all thought and activity. And that if only they captured the corporate structure, they would always capture economic flow. But the truth was that corporations existed to fulfill market needs and that invention was only part of that discovery. The condition always existed; people needed food, recreation, security, and social and intellectual advancement, so it was the problem of corporate structure to fulfill those market needs as they presented themselves through the measurements of money. Money, particularly capitalism, was the best measure of this incentive-based economy, so corporations would rise to meet those needs and attempt to make a profit from those efforts. Since America had the capitalist system, it obviously made more money than the rest of the world, leaving other economies struggling to figure it all out. But there was a problem; it was getting harder and more complicated year by year for CEOs to stand before shareholders and explain a lack of quarter-to-quarter increases. Because if an economy doesn’t continue to expand, such as in America, where our 19 trillion dollar GDP continues along an upward spike, then CEOs can’t tell shareholders where those subsequent profits will come from. 

Over the last several years, CEOs and corporations, in general, have turned toward globalism to reach new global markets and continue to expand that upward trajectory of profit-based reporting. But the problem was, the rest of the world didn’t think like America. They were struggling with some balance between outright communism, complete centralized control of their governments, and socialism, where the “state,” a collection of mindless bureaucrats who have yet to prove anywhere in the world that they can do anything right, is going to control the means of all production. So there has been a collision that most in America haven’t noticed too much because they only really care that they can get a Happy Meal from McDonald’s at will when they want it. So long as they could do that, they didn’t care much about globalism, communism, the World Economic Forum, or what John Kerry said latest about worshipping his long lost mother, Earth, with a sacrifice of our capitalist economy to the gods of communism. And along this process grew the belief among corporate circles that they controlled social fulfillment and not the other way around, where market forces were determined by social need. Communists have always gotten it wrong. Yet more and more, our colleges, our board rooms, and our CEOs have read all the wrong books, listened to all the wrong people, and have turned more and more inward to share the belief that it was corporations that decided the fate of economies. Not something they had to work with to find their place in it. And that’s what has happened to Fox News. They started their organization as an alternative to corporate media, dominated by CNN and the mainstream outlets that leaned politically left at the time. Fox offered a center-right option that Americans were hungry for. They put on some attractive news anchors and turned loose a market need that was much in demand, and they had success until they tried to change that formula. 

That formula really began to change when Glenn Beck was removed from his 5-6 slot over ten years ago, mainly because the billionaire tycoon George Soros was tired of Beck doing stories that showed what he was trying to do to America through finance. Fellow billionaire and progressive pal Rupert Murdoch listened to Soros and the New York Society of upset progressives sent Beck packing. A few years later, they would do the same to Bill O’Reilly, another number one talent that they removed essentially because they felt that Bill legitimized Donald Trump by allowing him to announce his presidential campaign on his show. Then from there, the ball really started rolling, whether it was Dan Bongino, Rudi Guiliani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ed Henry, the list goes on and on. The more effective the MAGA movement was, the more desperate progressive radicals who always intended to spread communism worldwide and into corporate structures became. Like self-centered children who believe the world centers around them, they thought that Fox News had created Donald Trump, and it was Trump’s sales of capitalism that were interrupting the plans of globalism most, and they had to destroy that means of communication. 

That government beast serving globalism is very attractive to the American intelligence agencies who were caught allowing election fraud in the 2020 election, so they had to do something to attempt to bury their complicity in that massive crime, so they blew on the mind of Ray Epps to provoke an insurrection on January 6th. But people saw it for what it was, and Epps has been well hidden from the public since that January 6th event in 2021. After Tucker Carlson did some excellent reporting on Ray Epps and the general condition of government activism around January 6th, it was evident that Fox News would cut him too. They didn’t care if he had the number one show. They had fallen into the belief that they “Fox News” had made Tucker Carlson. Not that Tucker—and those like him—made Fox News as is usually the case of market-driving influencers. Then Fox News had to settle the Dominion lawsuit because they were actually all complicit in the election narrative, which would have been exposed in court, so they settled a massive payout to keep the case private and not released under the lens of public exposure. Remember when Fox News called Arizona for Biden when people were still in line voting for Trump in 2020? Yeah, there’s that and much more. So 60 Minutes doing the work of the Deep State, globalists who are terrified that Trump will win the Republican nomination played their part in resurrecting the Ray Epps story so to set up the next lawsuit against Fox News, which showed itself to be willing to settle lawsuits making it a prime target for everyone who has an ax to grind to get a little money in their pockets, so the rest was history.

The next day after the 60 Minutes story, Tucker was released, and the political left cheered, thinking they had done something substantial. They had eliminated the voice of the MAGA movement, and now they would be one step closer to keeping Donald Trump from winning the nomination. But that only shows how stupid they all really are. I’ve said it and said it over and over for many months now; Fox News was holding back Tucker Carlson. Tucker would be better off away from Fox. Fox was lucky to have a guy like that. But Murdoch knows he’s not going to live very much longer. His kids are radical New York lefties who will destroy Fox anyway. So now is a chance to sell off Fox News before they screw it all up. Likely Murdoch has in mind Larry Fink’s group at BlackRock because through Fed activism, BlackRock, Vanguard, and StateStreet own most of all the corporate boards that are out there, and they are all equally failing to meet market trends versus the imposed ESG measures. So Fox is ripe for buying, primarily if they can protect themselves from another lawsuit, this one coming from Ray Epps, and sell the company while it still has value before the kids destroy it anyway. And the progressive radicals, like Larry Fink, can hang the head of Fox News over their fireplace. And they all think they will have then stopped the MAGA movement. Yet, in reality, all they will have done is decentralize that MAGA movement, which will then make it much more powerful and less restricted. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Anti-Christ is Among Us: A Guide to Saving the World from the Villain of Evil, with America leading the way

By all indicators, the Anti-Christ, in whatever form your religion has defined it, is among us now, and it is in our current time we must deal with that maniacal evil. The mistake many make in dealing with the Anti-Christ is that they are looking for an individual person, a creature of some unique personality with horns, red skin, cleft feet, and a pointy tail wearing a tee-shirt, “Jesus, I’m Coming for You.” We have a cinematic idea of the Anti-Christ from years of mythology and children’s stories, so we are looking for those signs in society in some way that makes sense to us. But I would argue that the Anti-Christ has more than made itself known and that quantum mechanics explains how it works more than observable science by our five senses. Meaning a spiritual lifeform outside our four-dimensional reality is much more likely to be a single personality with maniacal, evil intentions that embodies many people as their avatars worldwide. Traditionally we call that kind of movement the actions of a “Holy Ghost,” or angelic interference, or even demonic possession. But the Anti-Christ, a character working toward the opposite goals of the Jesus Christ personality, would easily be missed if people were looking for a terrestrial being. Such an evil being would likely be interpreted or masked by a god from Earth’s pagan past, such as Baal, Ishtar, or Moloch from ancient Sumerian society. Such names mean nothing to such an Anti-Christ. They don’t care how people interpret their behavior so long as they listen and do as they command. I would go as far as to say that the reason we have so much drunkenness and intoxication through drugs in our present culture, sponsored by our governments, is to make it easier for these Anti-Christ characters, plural as we observe them, but singular under the rules of quantum mechanics, is to provide more empty minds for the manifestation of demonic energy in the world to most facilitate their destructive intentions. 

But fear not; I don’t do what I do to scare you. Fearful of stuff is not what I do, nor will it ever be. I see many terrified people these days who are shaken to their roots. Even President Trump was having a moment of hopelessness while he was interviewing with Mark Levin recently. It’s safe to say we are dealing with a level of evil that goes way beyond politics here, and what is terrifying is that we see that our governments are under the rule of these evil forces, so we have not taught ourselves how to deal with such a thing. Typically, we would turn to the Bible for our reference, as Western civilization would offer as an option, and the Book of Revelations would tell us about the judgment of the living and the dead. But if it comes to that, it’s all over, right? After all, Mother’s Day is coming up; we have to plan birthday parties, care for our sick and elderly parents, and pay our mortgages. Who has time to fight the Anti-Christ and toss away everything we care for to wait in line for judgment day and to be carried away to heaven if we’ve done well in the world or to Hell if we have been evil? For Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, or even the Earth-worshipping losers from the World Economic Forum, everyone has their own scriptural interpretation of what such a judgment day might entail, and you better believe it, the Anti-Christ figure understands that and is playing on our fears to give itself power. That is part of the script it uses to make its way in our world and bypass our laws, social norms, and most profound intellect to apply suffering and evil strategy against us on a very personal level. But there is a way to beat the Anti-Christ. We don’t have to take a passive stance on this combat challenge. And the Anti-Christ’s defeat is much easier than people imagine it to be. Out of all the religious texts in the world, I think The Book of Mormon best captured its essence, which is my suggestion for this present challenge. 

One of my favorite possessions in the world is a leather-bound copy of the original 1830 Book of Mormon. I love all my books, but this one is very unique, and within that book, my favorite part is the Book of Alma, specifically Chapter 30. Now the story of the Mormon people is very controversial; after all, the story has them settling into South America, large parts of the Caribbean Sea at a time when the water level was much lower than it is now, then migrating up into North America. These were the lost tribes of Israel, and they came from the Holy Land about 100 years before the destruction of Jerusalem as Nebuchadnezzar attacked and destroyed Solomon’s Temple the first time. Over the years, I have tended to view the Book of Mormon as a work of fiction by Bible enthusiasts written during a unique period in America’s creation, specifically Western expansion. But, what we have learned from Archaeology is pointing to this likelihood of trans-Atlantic travel before Christ was born and that Indian cultures were actually part of the Vico Cycle of the original descendants of Lehi and Nephi, one of his sons who landed around where the Panama Canal is today around 589 BC. This is very consistent with Archaeology we know about in that specific region, what we are calling the pre-Mayan culture that had very advanced roads and temples as described in the Book of Mormon, and that Mayan, Aztec, Incan and much of the North American Indians were declining factions of these cultures that fell to their own versions of Anti-Christ time and time again as the Vico Cycle shows us occurs in every civilization since recorded history.

Further, as these people migrated into North America over the next 1000 years, they actually occupied the same kind of areas as we saw the Hopewell and Shawnee Indians perform under historical records. So these days, I think there is a lot more to these stories than fan fiction from Bible fans who wanted a sequel to the stories coming out of the Holy Land, collected in the Bible by the Council of Nicaea under the tutelage of the Romans who wanted to keep their empire together which was falling apart, around 325 A.D.  Ironically, the eventual destruction of the Nephites from the Book of Mormon was a hundred years later in around 421 A.D. It would be in 1830 that Joseph Smith supposedly found the record of these events in New York and started the Mormon religion around much controversy by interpreting that record from some lost hidden plates. 

So the point of that little backstory is that around 74 B.C., there was an Anti-Christ by the name of Korihor who was brought before Judge Alma, this was a society trying not to rule as kings but as a kind of representative government that America would try many years later, and the Anti-Christ was put on trial. This was obviously many years before the birth of Christ, but these people knew through prophecy that Christ was coming, so this Korihor character was tormenting the people with ridicule, trying to poison the thoughts of the youth against the traditions of their parents. He stated during his trial, “Why do ye look for a Christ? For no man can know of anything which is to come. Behold, these things which ye call prophecies, which ye say are handed down by the holy prophets, behold, they are foolish traditions of your fathers. How do ye know of their surety? Behold, ye cannot know of the things which ye do not see; therefore, ye cannot know that there shall be a Christ.” The trial goes on for many pages beyond this, but we could see this kind of talk from many Anti-Christ sources today, nearly word for word. And the goal is to undo our founding beliefs, our cascade training of our youth by the wise elders, and to undermine society with such tampering. And this is precisely what we are observing now. As the trial continued, and the conviction of Alma was resolute, Korihor began to fall apart and undo himself. And in the end, it was with such confidence and intolerance of evil that did Korihor in. He was sent to a hostile people, the people of Zoramites, where he was run over by horses and killed. The moral to the story is that under pressure, the devil will not support his children and his followers on the last day when they need his help. But he will certainly speedily drag them back to Hell. This is precisely how any modern version of Korihor can be defeated, and the menace of evil defeated spectacularly. Our American laws, our Constitution, and our persistent characters who refuse to be tricked by the forked tongue of evil, they know the recipe for defeating evil, and that is law and order, a tradition that passes on stability from generation to generation and stops the tricks of devils everywhere with a firm culture that destroys the narrative of evil. And causes them to self-destruct under their own pressure, only to be destroyed in the end. That is precisely what I see happening now and how this current work of the Anti-Christ ends. I see it happening as we speak, so don’t be so terrified of the Anti-Christ. Take the lesson of Korihor and send these modern versions to a similar fate. And everything will turn out fine in the end. History has shown us the way; we must learn from it and apply it to the future.

Rich Hoffman

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Don Lemon Thinks Michelle Obama is Better Looking than Melania Trump: The Attributes of a good person

He’s said it before, and it’s come up again recently wherever he’s working these days. It used to be CNN. But Don Lemon thinks that Michelle Obama is better looking than Melania Trump, and that has reemerged as a controversial statement for whatever reason. Not to defend Don Lemon in his preference, but we all know that the controversial news personality from the extreme left is wired differently than most everyone else, and there is certainly room in the world for diverse opinions. After all, Lemon is a known gay man, and it could be understood that looking at a hairy rump and wanting to have a piece of it sexually naturally would make him more attractived to Michelle Obama. Many still think that Michelle Obama is actually a man, so that would make sense that Don Lemon would find Melania Trump, an ultra-feminine fashion model who made her way in the world as one of the most beautiful women well before she was married to Donald Trump, not attractive to an openly gay man. Don Lemon’s opinion is skewed toward an unusual, minority sexual opinion, so it’s not controversial. It just expresses that so long as there are differences like that, where liberals who are addicted to sexual deviancy can’t agree on what an attractive woman looks like, then we certainly will never agree on serious policy, such as whether or not a new road should be built, or what the debt ceiling should be. When you can put one of the most beautiful people in the world in front of someone like Don Lemon, and he wants to argue the base of the merit, then it’s evident that people like him will never agree on anything. 

I’ve had the benefit of meeting Melania Trump in person; as far as beauty goes, she is about as good as it gets. She looks even better in person, which is rare for celebrities who often benefit from makeup and camera lenses. But I’ve often said about Melania that there is more to her than just beauty, which is only skin deep. When we say a woman is beautiful, we essentially talk about them like a beautiful flower. The amount of beauty is a mutually agreed sentiment among the bees of sexual existence. Do we all agree that that flower would be worth pollinating? If yes, then we would say that it is a beautiful woman, all the sign stimuli are there to evoke such a process, and we can appreciate the opinion as a shared expression. But then there are other elements to beauty, such as the development of intellect and personal expression, and Melania Trump is probably the most beautiful in this category. She’s a woman who took a large section of her life to personally raise her son, Barron, as a traditional housewife, which had the feminist movement in quite an uproar. She does not like communism, as her family came from a communist country, and she has an almost Ayn Rand hatred for it, which was clearly reflected in her marriage to Donald Trump. I’ve often said that she brought out the best of Donald Trump. And that is true of most great women; they make people around them better, whether it’s their husbands, children, extended family, or community; their inclusion in the world makes the world better for several reasons. And that is how it has been with Melania Trump; she made everyone around her better just through her sheer personality. And when you meet her in person, that is what emerges most, which doesn’t show up so much in the pictures of her. 

President Trump has tried marriage three times, and I’ve said it before, he would not be someone I would have voted for before he married Melania. Sure, he wanted to insert himself among his competitors as the alpha male who could attract the best-looking females to mate with. This is an attribute that Democrats have been trying to remove from our society because most people aren’t that pretty to look at, and they consider it unfair that people like Melania have access to all the best things in life just because she’s a beautiful person. She could marry anybody she wanted to literally, and women who look like the bottom of a foot are obviously going to feel disadvantaged. So they beat on that drum of equality, inclusion, and all the progressive diatribes that go into skin-deep judgments. But when it comes to Trump, and I have always read his books, I watched a change in him happen in his marriage to Melania that I think made him a far superior president. I wouldn’t like President Trump if he was not married to Melania. And regarding any rumors of affairs with other women while Trump was married to Melania, I see the situation as a weaker man trying to be better but often falling short. Other women are easier to live up to, so affairs with them are tempting when a man is feeling bad about himself. 

However, the power of beauty, both inside and out, Melania has clearly had a grasp, and she has kept herself as an object to behold, almost living in a remote world of her own rather than caring one bit what lesser people think, and that has forced Trump to be a better person. That’s also why extreme leftists hate her, not just because she is beautiful, but because she knows how to use it to evoke exceptional expectations from the rest of the world to appease her in the classy way that women have been known to do. Even though she was one of the most accomplished fashion models on earth, it was not a surprise that those trying to reshape the world toward equality would want to suppress obvious exceptions from consideration. And when they are looking for ugly people that aren’t threats to the averages in society, Michelle Obama is often confused as being a guy, so women aren’t threatened by her ability to take their men to bed on a whim possibly, and she makes them feel more comfortable with their own insecurities. That’s understandable, even if it’s not factually rooted in truth. It’s a shame that Melania wasn’t first lady during a time when America would have appreciated her more, such as was the case with Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan.

Regarding first ladies, Melania Trump is unquestionably the best-looking in the young history of America. And among all similar women in the world. She is undoubtedly in the highest category of beauty when compared to anyone, anywhere in the world. And when Trump married her, he was looking for the best-looking woman to beat his rivals, which is superficial at the essence of it. But through that exchange, something good happened; Melania improved Trump. And Trump made America better. And that made millions and millions of individual lives better. Then for a political left that wants to destroy America, of course, they would resent Melania Trump for being a good person and using her gifts to make the world better because they want to destroy it.

In comparison, Don Lemon may look at Melania Trump and not see a beautiful flower like other men. The hatred of the left goes far beyond that. This makes Melania Trump one of the best-looking people on planet Earth in the history of civilization, both inside and out. And a significant character that will still do well for the world many years into the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Cult of Moloch: Why Government, and specifically Democrats, think the Killing of Children is Beneficial

A lot of people do not make the connection that the ancient Gods of Mesopotamia are emerging again in our current culture or that through quantum entanglement, they never went away, but they have only become increasingly evident the more that Americans have allowed Christianity to be pushed out of our culture. Forget for a moment that the communists that have inserted themselves in our government since the 90s, and even earlier, are godless heathens. I’m old enough to have a reference point; I remember when the PG13 rating system for movies was implemented and when it was hard to see naked pictures of women for teenagers wanting to see them. We are seeing nothing more than a return to pagan God worship, just as cultures have done for tens of thousands of years. That is the theme of a Jonathan Cahn book called The Return of the Gods that is very much worth great attention because his premise is good. That many of the evils we are currently seeing are the results of the same spiritual energy that the people of Babylon and ancient Canaan were experiencing in the classic struggle between Yahweh and the God Baal as expressed in the Bible, and one of those gods was the controversial God Marduk, or otherwise referred to by Cahn as Moloch as the ancient Canaanites called him. Anti-Bible, anti-Christian crusaders even up until this current day in the disputes over Israel and its creation after World War II have argued that the people of Israel never had a right to invade the land of Canaan and take it over as the promised land. But to Yahweh’s hot temper against the immoral behavior of the ancient Canaanites, the people there were practicing human sacrifice, specifically of their children to the God of destruction himself, Molock, and that justified their destruction by the invading Israelites and the domination of the chosen people of the region out of the sheer morality of the action. 

The people of the time would sacrifice their first-born child, or whatever offspring they had to the ancient gods of the Middle East, for which there was a very long history well before Moses rescued his people from enslavement in Egypt. Archaeology and institutionalism by governments have not done a very good job of discovering much beyond the relics of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley bordering India and the Middle East in the current war-torn region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq. I would go so far as to propose that the purpose of those wars by governments is to keep hidden this deep and dark past from the eyes of modern intellect. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was sacred long before Abraham went there to sacrifice his son Isaac to Yahweh, as was the custom in that region long before, to Moloch. We think of ourselves as sophisticated and enjoying the benefits of modern approaches to ancient problems, but still in the back of our minds is the need or temptation to take the easy way out and sacrifice our children to these same gods. That level of evil never went away; it’s wired into us, and the less we recognize ourselves as a Christian nation, the more we push God out of our lives as the shining city on a hill, and the more the ancient gods from Mesopotamia who the morality of Yahweh had drowned out, re-emerge back into our culture. That those sacrifices of children occurred is no doubt, the deaths were common. And the hope was that by killing the children, the gods would benefit the killers in some way, whether by career choice, good luck, fertile fields as farmers, or even more vile and evil purposes. The practice was far from unusual. 

The disbelief comes from analysis today, where we have hidden these kinds of sacrifices to Moloch through the lens of polite society. The alters of sacrifice have moved from a public venue where the children would be killed in full view to the abortion clinics of Planned Parenthood where the undoing of the American family, the Christian invader of the pagan gods could be kept out, and the work of evil could thrive behind closed doors and government funding. But a cult of death it is, the same reasons for the sacrifice are provided. A woman who doesn’t want to be encumbered as she commits her life to her career, to the ultimate service of the God of government, and service to the state. She has no time to be pregnant, tied down to one man for the rest of her life, and build a family. So she kills her baby after a sexual union made not through love but drunken play to the ancient goddess Ishtar. And the result was a pregnancy that was not allowed to alter the mother’s life; she had better things to do than raise a family. This is the same kind of mentality that provoked Yahweh in the Bible to go to war with the land of Canaan and the justification for their destruction because they were an evil people. Evil because they sacrificed their own children to the God Moloch and hoped to prosper from that destructive and terminal act. 

Once that is understood, then the current culture of Epstein Island by some of our top social celebrities starts to make a lot more sense. The cult of sex with underage children and their eventual destruction through the death or psychological abuse is common, not unique. And our government is protecting this evil so that it can grow stronger because the government is pushing God away and opening the door to the same old Sumerian gods who have always been with us. We tend to think of the Biblical period as a long time ago, but in truth, it’s only a very recent past, and since the creation of Western Civilization, society has prospered the more we moved away from the godless heathens of ancient pagan god worship. But the ancient jealousies are still there, and so is the hunger for the death of children. And we see it now on the nightly news by some of our modern richest and most popular personalities. Sex with children is an endorsed act that we see in our public schools, a full endorsement by even our law enforcement personalities. The appeasement of the Cult of Moloch is everywhere. Mass sacrifice to those ancient gods is part of our lifestyle. It was never about separation of church and state with these vile characters of ancient evil; it was always to push out God, the invading Yahweh, and to restore the power and might of Moloch, Ishtar, Baal, and the entire pantheon of ancient figures from a society that has risen and fallen many times under the weight of its own stupidity. Because their rise to power was never understood because not enough from mass society has yet detected the evidence with their historical mythology, which goes back many hundreds of thousands of years. Without the Christian influence of Western Civilization, the world plunges like a rubber band back into darkness, as it always has. And the cult of killing children is very much a part of that past, as it is our present future. It’s the Cult of Moloch that is behind the vast evil, and the people who should be protecting children are the very same that are sacrificing them for the same stupid reasons as the ancient killers did, for their own benefit and hopeful appeasement of bloodthirsty gods who consumed death like potato chips over a cold beer. 

Rich Hoffman

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