The Insane Gender Neutrality Movement: Politics with influences 106 years in the future

The best explanation I have seen yet about why suddenly gender neutrality is such a priority comes from Erich von Daniken’s excellent and exciting book, The Gods Never Left Us. In that book, there is a very interesting opening where an older man sits in his reading chair and notices a strange holographic light that occasionally appears by his foot. He rationalizes that it is not some reflection of light but is some self-generating aperture with its own mass. It comes across as some kind of mini black hole. So he calls up his son, who works at CERN, the supercollider in Switzerland, to ask his professional opinion and to wonder if the discovery of the God particle there might be somehow connected to this strange light that is appearing in his living room. The Higgs Bosen, the God particle discovered on the LHC supercollider in 2012, The Large Hadron Collider, has faster-than-light properties and opens up all kinds of possibilities concerning the realm of quantum mechanics. As a result of some investigation into the strange light in the old man’s living room, a team from CERN shows up to measure it and chronicle its behavior. They soon discover a coded message that comes to them 106 years in the future that shows very beautiful but sexless characters who are explaining to these scientists that they are attempting to conduct some scientific experiments regarding “bridging,” which is to step over time periods and communicate beyond the dimension of time, which starts to make a lot more sense when quantum mechanics is applied to logical understanding. 

The evidence that the gods, as we term them, were never obscure religious figures from ancient texts but have been from the beginning always with us, for as long as more than 450,000 years, according to legends of kingly chronicles coming from the Middle East in Sumerian culture, Egyptian, and Indus Valley mythology. And the premise of von Daniken’s book is that earth was seeded from places around the galaxy, likely not just by one species but several. And this isn’t some fringe theory; several American astronauts believe the same thing based on their experience, notably Edgar Mitchell, who I think is very credible. Beliefs like this are not given to us at birth by our parents. They are formed over time based on our realistic interaction with the facts. And those who work in science and deal with facts find that the ancient texts controlling mankind’s view of the cosmos were a purposeful strategy to keep some of those ancient bloodlines in kingly power over the many thousands of years since. It doesn’t take long beyond all that to realize that many of our secret societies are supremely concerned with this very problem of keeping bloodlines of families in some sort of royal power, and the purpose of various religions was to keep those same people believing in that social structure, so not to threaten the power of those who had it in the form of royal lineage. This, of course, was easier to do in a less complicated time. Today people have access to a lot of information, and the more that information has been available to people in a mass form, such as in the printing press where common people could read things for themselves, this power game has been hard to control. Especially these days when the internet allows all forms of mass communication. It may have been designed to control mass populations with a kind of censored message, such as we saw regarding governments and Covid, but the opposite has happened; people are able to ask questions and get information beyond the power structures that want to rule over them.    

Then to complicate things further, once you open up all the quantum possibilities that are involved with the Higgs Boson particle, well, now all those gods and voices that appear to prophets and kings that founded kingdoms, even the claims of modern politics and the secret societies that are trying to have a relationship with all this ancient knowledge, you suddenly have ordinary, everyday people talking to other people from 106 years in the future as if they were just talking on the cell phone or sending people an email. Time didn’t matter all of a sudden as a unit of measure, just as communication with people over vast distances around the earth could be instantaneous. The only real difference was that time was measured based on the earth’s rotation compared to the sun, so other places around the world were dealing with time zones. A message sent from the east coast of America might be given at 8 AM in the morning, but it might be received in Europe at 2 PM in the afternoon. Or perhaps 13 hours later in Japan. Yet the message happens all at the same time from its point of origin. And this is the same kind of problem when you start dealing with faster-than-light neutrinos around the galaxy. We are just now beginning to learn about some of these things, and we will uncover many more mysteries in the years to come. 

Yet, as interesting as all this is, the nature of all living forms is very much the same; their base conduct is to rule over others for their own safety and security. So the warzone is often knowledge, who has it, and who can use it to the best effect. That book, The Gods Never Left Us, was published in 2018, and at that time, the gender neutrality issue was picking up political steam. It had been around from liberal communities for several years, most notably the cultural assault from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And in a very short time, the gender neutrality issue has exploded into our political discussions as a sudden priority. But why? Well, much of this acceleration has occurred since the discovery of the God particle at CERN.

We must consider how all these various characters with deep roots into our earthly past are motivated toward power and preservation for their own interests. Still, now we must consider that all those species of living forms also interact with us across multiple times as they exist in earth’s own future and past, but also around the galaxy where we know particles can respond to influences in live time. They don’t often follow the rules of our known physics, a particle here on earth might rotate one way but move in the opposite as a direct influence on the other side of the universe, instantly. And suppose communication can occur along those lines. In that case, we could be getting all sorts of crazy information that may not make sense to us from sources literally everywhere, across time, in ways we have difficulty comprehending. And it is in this kind of insanity, measured based on our terrestrial existence here on earth, where our religious parameters have kept us safe from all this intergalactic communication, that the gender neutrality movement is trying to impose itself on our species by a group of lifeforms who no longer identify themselves as a sex-based culture. And as crazy as all that might sound, it really is the only possible explanation for why gender neutrality has suddenly become a political priority. Nothing else really makes any sense. Lifeforms 106 years in the future have shown themselves, and our culture has responded by trying to copy those gods in their form as we always have attempted to do. But the results are clearly not the desire of all people in our culture, which is presenting us with this current political conflict. 

Rich Hoffman

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The White Noise Conspiracy: How terrorism and the real-life Ohio train derailment can hide attacks on America’s infrastructure

It’s the world we live in now; we have watched governments all over the world lose credibility after their massive failure in dealing with Covid, so now the aftereffect is mistrust in everything they say.  This is the root cause analysis of the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, where all kinds of mismanagement occurred at many levels, leaving the public understandably upset by the results.  The official report says that a wheel bearing overheated, causing the train carrying dangerous chemicals to derail and spill, causing massive risk to the town itself.  Then quickly, the rail company decided to burn off the hazardous chemicals by putting them into the air, supposedly hoping to keep them from contaminating the groundwater with a large concentration.  All the political figures of our day were put on the ropes because it was an unusual balance between protecting industry infrastructure and the rights and needs of voters, which were not aligned, just as things weren’t with Covid.  It was an unfortunate situation that left a lot of people unhappy and will likely be deadly with cancerous agents for many years to come.  In all reality, the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, was a complete disaster in every way a disaster could be.  Given what has been happening all over the country, with similar disasters, it looks to me like terrorism, the kind that the Weather Underground used to perform.  So the conspiracy theories have been trying to fill in the gaps from all the misstatements that have been made in the wake of the tragedy leaving many to put two and two together to see that the derailment in New Palestine was way too similar to the plot of the new Netflix movie, White Noise, which was filmed in the same area with Adam Driver as the star, and a clever cast to tell the bizarre story of a book written in 1985. 

Ironically the book White Noise which the 2022 Netflix movie was based on, is all about how crisis management in people’s lives prevents them from seeing greater realities outside their bubble of experience.  Written by Don DeLillo, the book and movie explores not just the reaction of a mass public after a train derailment, almost identical to the one that actually happened in Ohio, but the more significant problem of social stagnation in a consumer-based economy where public reaction is often measured off social sentiment and the mandates of personal schedules.  In the movie, Adam Driver did a particularly good job of showing the crises of a father, husband, and academic who has uncontrolled elements of chaos enter his life in ways that he can’t see or refuses to see because they simply don’t fit his schedule.  He has expectations about how his typical day should go, so problems with his wife becoming a drug addict, train derailments, or challenges within his academic circles, where he is a teacher of Nazi history and has a particular obsession with Hitler, keep him from solving the real problems in his life until the whole world falls apart in a catastrophe forcing him out of his comfort zone, and into the world where all the real problems are.  It is an interesting commentary on how most people live their lives and why they simply can’t see the solution to many of their problems.  I was a fan of Don DeLillo before the movie came to Netflix, and I thought the movie was good and had some interesting things to say.  And the train derailment portion of the film was just a small part of the plot; it certainly wasn’t the movie’s climax.  The tragedy was just the trigger that set off all the events that drove the plot.  But people couldn’t help but see how similar everything was to the movie, as the train derailment in real life occurred, and the public behaved precisely the same. 

As far as the government participation in the conspiracy, I don’t think the level of Mike DeWine and the political class as we know them would be involved in such a plot to make the movie come to life as a deliberate terrorist attack to punish Trump voters which are who the town of New Palestine was made up of.  Joe Biden and the White House had no desire to spend time with people who were not their target voters for the future, and that became grossly obvious as the tragedy unfolded.  But I would not be surprised to see that Deep State assets who work so maliciously in the background didn’t get terrorist ideas from the Dellilo books and hope to trigger a modern Bernadine Dorn or Bill Ayers type of terrorist roaming around in the background of liberalism in America to perform a terrorist attack.   Typically the makers of movies all have jobs to do so that they wouldn’t be involved in a mass conspiracy.  But the film’s producers and investors from Netflix might be so inspired.  Barack Obama, after all, is involved with Netflix, so the conspiracy theories spawn from that connection.  And there is no question art can inspire real life.  If a root cause analysis were really desired after many mass shootings, burnt-down warehouses, and train derailments, we would discover that popular culture, video games, books, and movies inspired terrorism.  And the Deep State’s desire for terrorism then can come from entertainment in general to inspire a silent army of terrorists who drugs and media would trigger to conduct their social warfare on an unsuspecting public.  And that could certainly be the case of White Noise inspiring terrorism in the real-life New Palestine train derailment. 

And how would they expect to get away with it, just as such acts of terrorism have been occurring all over the United States, obviously trying to destroy America’s infrastructure, and slow down its GDP, since China is struggling due to its investment in Covid?  Well, the Adam Driver character in White Noise tells us all how.  He also tells all the would-be terrorists how as well, how people won’t see what they do because the terrorist acts happen outside of the experience of the victims.  The movie, as seen by many, is a rather bizarre thing, and many people watching from the comfort of their living rooms find it hard to believe that the characters in the movie could be so asleep to the events of the world around them.  But that is because the consumer of media is used to the God view, where they get to see all the characters of a story when it is told and how they all connect.  But in our real lives, we often only see what concerns us and miss what is happening to others.  This is a kind of theme in most of Dellilo’s books, which is a valuable social commentary about how to live in an industrialized existence.  But it does give the bad guys ideas, and if they want to get away with a crime, a movie like White Noise will only give them confidence in getting away with it.  So did the movie predict what would happen in Ohio with a real-life train derailment, where reality inspired fiction or was it a warning from Netflix of things to come, just as was the case with Covid, where all the realities of the pandemic were rehearsed on Netflix before it happened in real life?  Whatever the case, we should learn something from all this: the answers to things often occur outside of the storyline, no matter who is telling it.  And terrorism these days happens everywhere, and people aren’t looking.  And it is there that we will discover our villains. 

Rich Hoffman

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More Trouble at Lakota Schools: It’s an election year–let the voters decide

Wait a minute, remember when the news networks were camped outside the Lakota administration building, reporting on every time Darbi Boddy turned her head all over a controversy involving a porn link that she accidentally posted as she was trying to bring awareness to parents about sexual grooming within the school. Everyone, including the president of the Lakota school board, Lynda O’Conner, was calling for newly elected first-year school board member Darbi to resign over the issue. Of course, Darbi meant well when she provided the information, but with porn being what it is these days, which is everywhere, it’s hard to avoid pornography when it comes to the internet. When dealing with websites of any kind, pornography, unfortunately, is always in the background, and a little mistake in any web address can lead to a porn site. When Darbi found herself in the controversy, I said the same thing I’m saying now, it’s not a big deal. It was an honest mistake and wasn’t worth her resigning over. But the teacher’s union activists and Lynda herself piled onto Darbi, and the news coverage was national. It found its way to the cover story of Yahoo News. That seemed ridiculous, and it was that Pandora’s Box and the activism of the former superintendent, Matt Miller, that opened the door for all the crazy stuff that happened thereafter, which eventually cost the superintendent his job. So it was a bit perplexing that it was discovered that Lynda O’Conner herself, over the last weekend of February was that her campaign site was linking viewers to a Japanese porn site, which shocked those who saw it. Screenshots flooded in with the information I thought was an honest mistake. But given her statements about Darbi, it was a bit shocking. 

Now I know Lynda O’Conner pretty well; I doubt she has some crazy alternative lifestyle that involves Japanese porn. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation, an accidental occurrence that would have allowed such a thing to occur. But given the way the media treated Darbi, I thought Lynda was done for in politics. If it was an apples-to-apples comparison, I know how hard that accident was for Darbi. Lynda would undoubtedly have difficulty explaining it if the same wolves jumped all over her from the radical elements. But what was strange was that immediately in the wake of this event, nobody seemed to care. It was as if it was no big deal.

There were no calls for Lynda’s resignation or signature writing campaign to remove her from office. The labor union wasn’t seeking to tear her from limb to limb. All Lynda had to do was apologize, take down the link and provide a brief statement. And everything was just fine, just like that. I kept looking for Karin Johnson from Channel 5 to camp outside of Lynda’s house for her explosive interview on the matter, or Jennifer Edwards from Fox 19 to do a 1000-word article and to post it all over Twitter. But nothing. Not even crickets. It was so mysterious. How could something be such a big deal for one school board member of equal status but not for another within a year of each other? We’re not even talking about a generational difference in values here; in this case, it was just months. Yet the outcomes were entirely different. 

I remember what it was like growing up; if you wanted to look at a Penthouse, Playboy, or Hustler magazine, they kept them on the top rack at a magazine stand, and if you were under 18 and tried to pull one down, the clerk would scold you. It was like that for “R” rated movies, too; if you tried to sneak in, usually there was always a theater employee who would find you and remove you from the theater. This happened to me several times when I saw Scarface at the theater, Conan the Barbarian, and the first Terminator film. All of those were movies where I paid for a ticket to see a “PG” rated movie but went into an “R” rated theater to see the movie I really wanted to see. And they saw me sitting there, not looking 18, and told me to leave. We aren’t living in those kinds of days anymore. I understand that.

In many cases, the kids in Lakota are watching porn at school on their phones. I’m not at all in support of pornography. I personally think it should all be outlawed completely. But my thoughts about Darbi’s honest attempts to communicate where porn came into the picture and the obvious accident by Lynda O’Conner were no big deal to me in both cases. Yet in one case, Darbi, the world came down on her to force her resignation, but in the other, the school board president, Lynda, only political rivals noticed the activity and seemed to have a problem with it. With all the talk of preserving kids from harmful porn, everyone cared when it was Darbi, but nobody cared when it came down to Lynda. That’s because Lynda benefits the radical element, and Darbi is a threat to it. This proves that the porn issue at Lakota was nothing but politics all along. It was never about kids or saving them from pornographic content. It was 100% about politics and only politics. 

When people say, “politics don’t belong in the schools” and that “we should put kids before politics,” they understand that public schools, government schools, are nothing but politics. The kids are only free babysitting services for the parents, who get the taxpayers to compensate for their career choices by hiring people to take care of their kids while they are busy doing whatever their young adult lives can dream up. There is nothing about the kids that really care for the outcome of healthy children in public schools. They are all about progressive politics that seek to undermine the American family and replace the parents with government as the new parental figure. Kids are used to advance a political cause, such as was the case with Darbi Boddy. When it served the radical left, the Joe Biden voting losers in our community, they used an accident to justify destroying a new school board member because they didn’t like her politics. But for the exact same occurrence, Lynda O’Conner, who has sold herself as a Republican, has shown useful to the radical elements which really run the school. And their hypocrisy says more than any political theater ever could. But I say, in Lynda’s case, don’t ask her to resign. Don’t campaign to remove her from the board, as has been done with Darbi Boddy. We are in an election year. Let merit decide; put these kinds of things in the voter’s hands. And let them pick the fate of the school board. Let them apply the wrath of the community. Don’t look for the media, school board, or even labor unions to show righteous indignation because they won’t. Instead, turn to the voters and let them speak with the voice that everyone really fears. People see what has been going on. And when it comes to election day, make sure they remember. 

Rich Hoffman

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Tom Farrell of Liberty Township Has it all Wrong: The silent majority is not a vocal minority

There has been a lot of talk since the superintendent of Lakota schools resigned due to pressures revealed by his wild sexual lifestyle after a messy divorce. Many in our community have been saying that a vocal minority ran him off, and they believe there is this vast support for what they think conservative values are out there who have been disenchanted in the process, and ultimately those who had strong opinions of morality and justice are very few. These are the same types of people nationally, and even members of the Deep State who have done extensive psychological analysis on the global human population, all get it wrong. This has been the position of the RINOs in politics, and it has evolved for many years, and it’s all wrong. So let me explain the truth to all those who need to hear it. I’ve explained this in person to people in politics who should know better. But this information is contrary to their belief system, and they just can’t bring themselves to realize it consciously. That is undoubtedly the case of Tom Ferrell of Liberty Township, who has been one of the most vocal political voices which the media gravitated to in the wake of the Matt Miller resignation. From his point of view, Miller, the superintendent, checked all the boxes for success; he was nationally recognized and well-connected. And he was popular in all the progressive circles. Tom calls himself a Republican. I generally support him and like him as a person. But I’ve never thought of him as conservative. And situations like this show the lines of politics people reside on.

The media gravitated to Tom’s comments about Lakota from a Republican perspective. They hoped that coming from such a person, all the other Republicans would just shut up, be quiet, get back in line, and behave. That has undoubtedly been the belief nationally with the Fox News position of anybody but Trump running for president, whether its Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Mike Pence, or anybody but Trump, so that the political order doesn’t fall apart entirely, and descend into chaos, which Trump represents. We see the same motivation at Lakota schools, where our version of Trump has become the very popular school board member Darbi Boddy. The conventional political belief is that society is more sophisticated than voting for Trump. If given a choice, they would prefer a more moderate candidate, like Haley, or in our local community, Tom Farrell. The media certainly wants to believe that because they picked up Farrell’s comments as if they actually represented reality and ran with it, presenting the comments as fact even though the truth was far from Tom’s position and all those who thought the way he did about politics in general. People do not want RINOs. They only voted for them when given no other options. And in such a culture, it makes it all too easy for liberals to mask themselves as conservatives and end up in office, which pulls the Overton Window radically to the left along the political spectrum. That is how we ended up with the problems we have had and, ultimately, why Lakota schools made the assumptions of value that they did regarding the hiring of a school superintendent. The real voters in the community want someone representing real values and ideas that reject progressive institutionalism. They want a leader who will push back against liberal politics, not bring it into our community disguised as a snake giving an apple to Eve that will destroy the entire next generation.

Since I have explained it to many people before, but this Tom Farrell position shows that many of them just don’t get it because their minds just aren’t written that way; the truth is that the silent majority is much larger than a lot of people realize. The Fox News audience isn’t that big and has never been. People across America are much more conservative than any political measure I have seen has managed to capture, and I verified this myself with several trips across America to see it for personally, visiting most states in the wake of the 2020 election where I wrote a book to figure it all out. To understand what happened to us and to propose a plan to fix it. As it turns out, most people are like those in a classroom setting where the teacher asks a question, an easy question that everyone knows the answer to. Yet, only a few hands go up to provide the answer. The rest of the class keeps their hands down until they see it’s safe to express themselves. And when the few do put up their hands to answer boldly, then great relief comes to those silent voices that they were right all along and that their representatives holding up their hands validated their knowledge. In this large classroom of modern politics, people like Trump and locally like Darbi Boddy represent most of a classroom who know the same answers and believe the same things. But the established order is only counting the hands that engaged the question, assuming that those few hands represented a few vocal voices. That it was the voice itself that represented the contents of a political movement. Fox News is betting on this for the 2024 election, which I have vastly different thoughts on, which I will break down in the coming months.   What we have seen in Lakota is just the tip of the spear. There is a lot more to come.

The truth of the matter is that those few but vocal voices trigger validation for that silent majority who do express themselves in the voting booth. And the priority over the last fifteen years or so has been to run the RINOs out of the Republican Party now that people have seen the difference for themselves.   Years ago, people would have thought of Tom Farrell as a radical right-winged Republican as measured by some wife-swapping progressive school superintendent and his Democrat friends who think teaching the values of A Brave New World is a value people will grow to like if only they were presented with no other option. Yet people, in general, are very conservative, and the hope has been that by denying them a voice or ignoring their voice through deception, where Democrats put an “R” next to their name and sell themselves as Republicans, over time, people would change and embrace this Karl Marx view of the world embodying globalism communism, Chinese style with strong central governments ran by dishonest and corrupt people. But people have rejected that in Lakota when given a choice, and Darbi Boddy has been that choice. There may have been some bumps and bruises along the way, but people are quick to forgive those because they know they have a representative who isn’t afraid to stick up their hands and ask the hard questions everyone is already thinking. But when it comes time to vote, whether by a rigged election or boots on the ground attending a rally where the true numbers of the silent majority can be seen, the honesty of politics, which all the established systems are trying to avoid noticing, is that people are much more conservative than they were taught to be through institutionalism. And that truth will shatter politics as we know it locally and nationally. This will surprise many people who thought they had this all figured out. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Island of Misfit Toys: A government built around failure can’t be successful

Before we move on from the State of the Union speech by Joe Biden for the year, we have to talk again about the vast differences between Republicans and Democrats.  It is more noticeable in business than politics because, typically, in the horse race of political campaigns, the measures of success are all wrong.  We judge the winners and losers by the popularity contest of a vote by society and not the psychology of why people vote for who they do.  And when Democrats are in office, especially where the room is divided up in such a way, and there is such a terrible president in the White House, the differences become obvious regarding political ideology.  Those who clapped for what Joe Biden was saying and those who didn’t really could be divided down a line of thought known in business called The Oz Principle, a favorite book of mine.  Some of its concepts I have taught for years, and what’s specific in this book, is the clear division between “Above the Line” thinking and “Below the Line” thinking.  The line being talked about resides along the razor’s edge of positive thinking and negative thinking.  Positive thinking people are always trying to find a way to talk about how full a glass is, for instance, while negative thinking people are looking for the glass to be less than half full and for the contents to be excuses for why things cannot be done.  When Republicans are in office, Democrats tend to be able to hide in the background and hide their general negativity about all things in the world, using Republicans as a kind of shield from reality.  But left on their own, when they are in charge, their negativity is something they can no longer hide, revealing to the world who they really are. 

Watching the people who supported Joe Biden during his speech was like watching the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer show about the misfit toys, all the broken stuff that nobody wanted to play with.  And that’s fair.  Not everyone in the world can be a blistering success.  Not everyone is a beautiful person or intelligent.  Some people are just lazy screw-ups with square wheels in life, and you can’t have a society where they find themselves thrown away and useless to the world around them.  The Democrat Party, in general, is made up of those broken toy types.  But under Joe Biden, who was obviously put in place by a corrupt and overfunded Deep State, protecting itself from the reforms of an angry public, the island of misfit toys was much more obvious.  The Democrats felt empowered to display all their negativity that is outlined in The Oz Principle, as if spending money in government could support their Below the Line thinking with dollars spent.  All the negatives in life are their utilization of articulation; the “I don’t have times” and the “I can’ts” are supported with inflated budgets and wars around the world meant to hide their lack of ability.  And it was never more obvious than in Joe Biden, a messed up old man who takes showers with his daughter, has a drug addict for a son, was put in place by illegal means to protect the crimes of the century with purposeful Covid terrorism.  And all he can hope to do to cover up his massive failures is to stoke a world war between Russia and Ukraine to hide the fingerprints of all the acts of globalism that have destroyed so many lives and are looking for a diversion from mass opinion into their many crimes against humanity. 

Putting all the broken toys in charge might be seen as an act of compassion, but it won’t result in a successful society.  And in all endeavors, we measure success by results, and the Democrats can’t show any positive results.  All they have done in the world is find a home for all the misfit toys of Below the Line thinking that often holds people back from success.  In business, such identifications are meant to be destroyed; otherwise, you cannot have a successful enterprise.  The leadership of an organization must be committed to thinking Above the Line in a positive way that resolves problems.  Not in a Below the Line way that allows problems to continue.  And that was essentially the entire political platform of the Democrat Party in 2023’s State of the Union speech.  The State of the Union was about justifying Below the Line thinking, the excuses in life for why there are misfit toys, to begin with, and building a country around all the broken stuff.  And that just isn’t the kind of message that people who live and come to America want to see.  While the Republicans sat in their seats for most of the speech, the Democrats clapped enthusiastically over very negative observations meant to be covered with massive amounts of spending, hoping in the back of their minds that the country would be destroyed before anybody figured out what a bunch of frauds they are.  The differences were clear, as they usually are in cultures where the negative Below the Line people are in charge or have too much influence in their culture.  Their lack of success and appeal often means more money wasted and less productivity utilized, whether the endeavor is for a business or a country.

The evidence is right there at the State of the Union speech for anybody looking for proof of election fraud.  The American people did not vote for that island of misfit toys, the trains with square wheels, or a “john in the box” instead of a “jack in the box.” People naturally feel sorry for the Below the Line types who have an excuse for everything in life.  But they don’t want to lose in life because all the broken toys are in charge, and thinking negatively about everything.  The Democrats were there because of a corrupt system that is protecting their own negative assumptions in the world.  Like most companies where Below the Line people are continually trying to sabotage a positive message, we have in our current government a negative message that has been inserted over a positive presidency, and the results are less than enchanting.  And the disappointment in people can’t be hidden with cable news polls sampled in Paul Ryan’s bathroom and hope that it represents American’s hopes and dreams.  What really makes the world work is the difficult task of thinking Above the Line while the rest of the world wants to be lazy and negative and think Below the Line.  And when you build an entire political party around negative Below the Line thinking, then success will be in short supply, which was obvious at the 2023 State of the Union message.  It was a clear contrast that Republicans and Democrats couldn’t be further away from each other, showing a truth that isn’t so obvious any other way.  What Joe Biden proposed was to spend trillions and trillions of dollars and to go to war with Russia in the hope of hiding all their negative positions, which they know Americans will reject, gay rights, union rules that make America less productive in a global marketplace, inflation, the Hunter Biden laptop, an FBI that is essentially an arm of the Democrat Party serving a Deep State that wants to destroy the world.  And nothing was positive about anything on the Democrats’ platform, only excuses and Below the Line thinking, which was much harder to hide when they were the only ones on the stage.


Rich Hoffman

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Nancy Nix is the New Butler County Auditor: Roger Reynolds files a Brady Motion that should prove his innocence from political theatrics and State activism of procedural misconduct

There is good news out there worth discussing, specifically that Nancy Nix is going to be sworn in on February 13th for the recently opened auditor job; she is undoubtedly the most qualified to provide a professional continuity to the great work that Roger Reynolds has done in that role for years. Nancy Nix is outstanding in her own way, which is why she was so easily picked to fill that vacancy after a recent trial against Roger Reynolds found him guilty on one of the charges, meaning he needed to step out of the job that voters had just popularly picked him for, knowing that there was a court case trying to establish that he had shown an unlawful interest in a public contract. Thinking back on the trial, which took place right before Christmas in 2022, there were seven charges in total, the seventh one came on during the summer of 2022, and that was the one that he was found guilty of, and it involved Lakota schools. Yes, the same Lakota schools that has had all the Matt Miller controversy, so there is plenty to talk about regarding that one. Once the trial started, Roger’s defense was able to get a charge waived, so this Lakota schools charge ended up being Count Six, and it specifically alleged that Roger Reynolds suggested a partnership between Lakota Schools and the Four Bridges Golf Club to expand an indoor golf training facility for the Lakota golf teams. Jenni Logan, the Lakota treasurer at the time, gave a testimony that the defense did not have adequate time to prepare for; they were caught by surprise by a number of things, which occurred because it was a late charge tossed on by the Sheriff’s office and the unique activism of the Attorney General, David Yost inspired procedural misconduct that left a one sided testimony that the jury sided with in the wake of further corresponding evidence to the contrary. 

Now I know all the characters in this story, and from my perspective, it was 100% politically inspired. You can tell by how the court case was either pushed out to accompany election results or rushed to prevent the defense from obtaining all the information they needed to argue everything in court. Of the original five counts, which were the bases of the case investigated by Sheriff Jones and his department, as reported by Channel 19 news, Roger Reynolds was found innocent on all those counts. This Count Six was added later, right before this case was set to go to court in the summer of 2022, as Jones and David Yost were trying to pressure Roger Reynolds to step down from his auditor role. Based on how things looked, and again, knowing some of the situation personally, it looks like they wanted to put overwhelming public pressure on Roger to avoid court since the system was stacked against him and open up that auditor seat for a pick more favorable to their political desires. That last part is my statement based on knowledge of the case. But it’s not hard to connect the dots; the trial was pushed back to a date after the 2022 election to see if Roger would win re-election, which he did. So the trial was used as a backstop to force him to be removed from office with one of those seven charges. And of those, only one stuck, the one that the defense had the least amount of time to prepare for, not surprisingly. 

However, after the trial, the defense obtained one of the Four Bridges emails that they indicated in a recently filed Brady Motion asking for a new trial just for Count Six that directly contradicts the testimony provided by Jenni Logan. The motion indicates that the prosecution knew of these emails, which weren’t revealed until after the trial because the State suppressed them. Not a surprise, given the political nature of this entire endeavor. I’ve read the Brady Motion filed by Roger’s defense team, which is consistent with what I thought about the case from the start. If the thousands of pages of documents and emails obtained by the State were applied, which they were fully aware of during the trial, but kept from the defense so they wouldn’t have time to prepare a proper defense, then that Count Six would have had a different resolution. One particular email referred to in the Brady Motion as the “Powell Email” directly contradicts the testimony of Jenni Logan, who was the sole witness by the State in support of Count Six. That specific email would have provoked the defense into calling testimony that would have inspired an innocence declaration based on the content, which is different from the Lakota treasurer’s memory of the case, which was quite old to begin with. As it turns out, Logan was interested in the proposal and was undoubtedly not pushed into any considerations.

The Brady Motion indicates that the State withheld material it knew to be exculpatory evidence, violating all kinds of laws. Now for context, the investigators in this trial are the same people who found Jenni Logan’s partner at Lakota schools, Superintendent Matt Miller, innocent of criminal wrongdoing when he admitted in a police report during this same period of time that the same people were prosecuting the Roger Reynolds case, that Miller’s police admission that he fantasized about “drugging, molesting, and video recording three kids from Lakota schools” was not criminal conduct. But Roger Reynolds, a respected Auditor of Butler County, abused his position by just thinking of a partnership between Lakota schools and the Four Bridges Country Club to help kids have a golf academy. To say the least, there is some procedural inconsistency, and that is being extremely polite. And both Jenni Logan and Matt Miller were offered jobs by mysterious forces to get away from the limelight at Lakota schools while things played out as a direct reaction to that Matt Miller police report. If this were not a political case, there likely would have never been a Count Six, let alone all the direct influence of the Attorney General’s office anyway. This case, from the beginning, was political and desired to abuse the control of the law to eliminate political rivals, which worked primarily regarding the suppression of evidence that looks to be intentional by the procedural renderings observed along the timeline. I think Roger has a good argument for a Brady Motion, and it would be well worth the effort and cost to ensure that a person found guilty of a felony has an opportunity at fairness. Not just for his sake but to repair the bad reputation that the court is now carrying because of this case. We want to show that the law cannot be used as a weapon, but as an arbiter of justice for everyone, no matter the political pressures.

Yet the biggest concern was that out of all this, Butler County taxpayers would lose the great work that had come out of the Auditor’s office. And now that Nancy Nix is stepping into that role, at least good government is returning to them, as Nancy has worked closely with Roger for a long time. Political turmoil is a constant hazard, especially when you do a good job and some people don’t want such a good job done. Roger Reynolds has undoubtedly been a target for political inspiration against him due to his high level of competence. And Nancy Nix as her own great person is great for that role. She will face many of the same forces, of course, but she is certainly skilled enough to navigate those dangers in her own way. But ultimately, we must make sure our courts work. In Roger’s case, if there is evidence that would find him innocent because right now he has a felony on his record that will last his entire life, and if he doesn’t deserve it, which based on the evidence suppressed by the State, appears to be the case, well then he should have a proper day in court to defend that charge, and not to be a victim of misconduct that uses the courts as a political weapon, rather than a defender of justice and honor. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Lawsuit Game in Public Schools: Don’t feed the dogs at the table, send them outside and chain them on a short leash

The word on the street is that Lakota is a soft target for lawsuits because they are all too happy to settle, so they do not reveal how little responsibility they take for anything on the school board. And that is clearly a strategy Matt Miller, the superintendent who just resigned, planned to utilize as he called the school board itself a hostile work environment attempting through the media to set up his case through his lawyer, Elizabeth Tuck. I know a bit about Elizabeth because she ostentatiously threatened to sue me. But more than that, as a small army of ground soldiers have reminded me over the last several weeks, it looks like Elizabeth Tuck is the same person who represented another big settlement case at Lakota schools for Laura Kursman, the former public relations handler. Back in those days, she went by the name of Lisa Loring. So the plot thickens considerably when the dogs start getting around the dinner table looking for some table scraps to be thrown their way by a school board without much legal experience under pressure and are prone to throw the dogs some treats just to keep them happy. And there are plenty of lawyers around the dinner table because they know this school board throws meat to the dogs to avoid the public embarrassment of actual courtroom revelations. It gets rough when people you’ve known well get up on a stand in cross-examination and start telling the public things they thought would never be heard in the light of day. Lawyers know that people would like to avoid those circumstances, so most of the time, especially when it comes to public schools, it is smarter just to settle, throw some bones to the dogs, and get on with life. When there is a lot of money involved, which is always the case with big taxpayer-funded schools with lots of liberals running them, lawyers are looking to continue the story of Matt Miller with methods that have worked in the past. There are a lot of lawyers involved in the background, and they see dollar signs because of the school board’s history of desiring to settle everything before it gets to court. But in this particular Matt Miller case, the school board should not settle because there is a lot that the public would benefit from during an actual court testimony involving the superintendent and all the reasons the public had a problem with him.

There was an interesting media report from Channel 12 about the search for a new superintendent that shows how stories are shaped in the background, which I’ll cover at a later date because of the audacity of it. There is also a story about Darbi Boddy again from the Monday, February 6th meeting too, which is for another day. But it was specific in discussing a replacement for Matt Miller and the kind of environment that the Lakota school board is for potential employment. Clearly, the minds of the board and the body of administrators at Lakota who are thinking seriously about moving away and quitting the Lakota experience want another very progressive, mask-wearing, Matt Miller type to protect everything they think public schools are, which are radical political activists for Democrat causes. But no person in their right mind who thinks like that wants to be the next Matt Miller. Suppose the school board hires another progressive-minded activist who brings with them support for LGBT sexual lifestyles, as the Channel 12 report tried to make it sound like Miller was a champion for, or in teaching kids CRT, which was another hot-button issue that actually started all the controversy to begin with. In that case, there will be continued debate from the community toward those Lakota employees. We are in a very different place here, something that hasn’t happened in the history of public education, something I have been watching develop for more than four decades of direct experience. So the tricks of the past aren’t going to work. Lawyers, public relations people, and a compliant school board aren’t going to be able to sweep this one under the rug. 

The real answer to all this is to hire better people. Recruit the next superintendent who reflects the community values and sets a high bar that shows similar scrutiny on all employees hired at Lakota. Sure, there will be some who are not willing to live up to that high bar, and they can leave. But if the school board sets a high bar, everyone will find that better applicants will want to work at the school, and in that way, the institution’s quality will improve dramatically. That’s why Lakota should not settle any future lawsuits, especially regarding Matt Miller and his attorney Elizabeth Tuck. Even though some of the court proceedings would be embarrassing for many involved, with a defeat in the courtroom, it would go a long way to stopping the kind of recklessness that is such an incursion on the public budget that taxpayers would appreciate knowing. There are good and bad lawsuits, but all of them reflect the liability of having a large school with many employees with performance problems. The way to avoid lawsuits is to hire better people who work at a much higher level of competency. 

There are several people I know who are out there who have justifiable problems with the Lakota school board procedurally over First Amendment issues, and sunshine laws, public disclosure, and all kinds of things that school boards need to be good at. The solution to holding back a mob of lawsuit-happy dogs isn’t just giving them more meat from the table. That only makes them hungrier. They need to be put outside and chained with a short leash so they don’t bite the innocent children who might happen to walk by. Meanwhile, Darbi Boddy is exposing some of the chaotic elements that cause all these problems to begin with. It might sound a bit odd without context, but Darbi’s mission is all about restoring the parental role with their children in the school to a healthy relationship where the public school forces over the years have been to separate them by default. And when things get a little wild, some lawsuits cost a lot of money that settle the matter and cause school boards to always walk on eggshells of bad legal advice that only feeds the dogs at the table and makes them hungrier. But to restore a positive relationship with the public or gain it for the first time, it is probably more appropriate to say that Lakota needs not to settle these lawsuits involving outgoing employees. Take them to court and fight it; the taxpayers will remember and appreciate it. The disclosure learned in the reports from those court trials will be extremely valuable. Throwing money at the dogs won’t make the actual problem go away. It just protects the embarrassments that were made in the process. And that is a significant number that has to be figured into the general waste in public schools. The employees already cost too much money, especially when you look back at the Laura Kursman case, which I covered extensively, with much more detail than the local media, such as Channel 12 does, or 5, 9, or 19. The real story that often never gets told needs to be said, and better employees need to be hired to avoid those contentious escapades in courtrooms. But to solve the problem, just throwing table scraps to the dogs won’t help, which is clearly the goal of the Matt Miller resignation.

Rich Hoffman

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Proof of CRT in Public Schools: Accuracy in Media has gone undercover and exposed this massive problem in schools like Lakota and many others

I don’t blame Isaac Adi for not seeing Critical Race Theory in Lakota schools. The first-year school board member ran on a platform of driving CRT out of the government school from a northern suburb of Cincinnati but found once he was in office, things were a lot harder in reality than they are on the campaign trail. People lie, and many people guilty of committing CRT with students have not been honest about what they have done, and for good people like Isaac; that is a harsh reality. His first year as a school board member has been tough. As a good, honest person, he has found his path to goodness barricaded by many deceitful characters. Because he does not stray from the truth, he believes people, even when they don’t deserve it. And for those people, it has been kind of a cat-and-mouse game to discover what they are up to. In truth, the only way to see CRT in public schools is to get up from your chair as Darbi Boddy did at Lakota and see it for yourself behind the union firewall that protects radical leftist teachers from public opinion. After all, that caused all the mess with the Matt Miller situation, the recent superintendent who just resigned due to a lot of public pressure for actions discovered in the process. Radical, purple-haired people eater types of liberal teachers who want to be the next candidates for a Sam Smith music video are not going to tell the truth about what they want to do to our kids hidden away in the classrooms. The way to catch them in their lies is to get up and go see what they are doing for yourself. You cannot take their word for anything.

But this isn’t just a Lakota thing; it’s a big problem all over the country where radical Democrat-minded activists are intent on rewriting the history of America and corrupting our young people while they feel protected from the public with heavy security put in place out of fear of school shootings. The more protected “public” schools have become, the worse the problem has evolved. Darbi gets it; she knows what the real fight is about and has been doing a good job in Lakota schools. Her former friend joining her on the board has had a tougher time. He wanted to get along with these people, and they’d been playing him for a sucker. That happens to nice people. I think it says a lot about him that he is so trusting. But when it comes to discovering the truth from many very deceitful characters, those are not traits that will help him.

On the other hand, Darbi caused a lot of stir and had many hostile elements wanting to eradicate her.   Which I would say are all the ingredients for a good school board member. Parents should be able to trust that their school board members are protecting their interests and listening to what the ill-minded are up to, and believing them, doesn’t fit that criterion.   But it’s not just Darbi who has been unraveling this not so concealed mystery. There has been a media group called Accuracy in Media, connected with Project Veritas in several ways, who have gone undercover and recorded the little game teachers and administrators have been playing against parents. And it’s in several schools in Ohio that they have recorded the evidence as discussed on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas. And Southern Ohio has been one of their biggest areas of investigation in the schools surrounding Lakota schools. And what Accuracy in Media discovered is that CRT is typical, not unique and that the teachers think it’s a game of radicalism that they are entitled to play on taxpayers out of spite for a social agenda they are far more committed to than teaching kids how to read, write, and do basic math.

To determine CRT as a reality is simple; if teachers are promoting racism among the population, if they are teaching a revision of American history, they are teaching Critical Race Theory. CRT is meant to undermine an entire generation in their belief of goodness regarding their country, and it’s dangerous on every scale. Its been around for a while, my wife and I could both tell stories from our own college days where college professors would want a report done on the Whiskey Rebellion, for instance, but the report would need to be done on the impact on slaves from the time period instead of the emphasis on the evolution of government standards in a free society. Back then, 30 years ago, they tried to disguise their efforts. But these days, it’s all out in the open, much like Sam Smith’s devil-worshipping forays in front of millions of people at the Grammy’s, sponsored by Pfizer. To continue denying what they are doing in public, they count on good people like Isaac Adi to give them the benefit of the doubt while manipulating everything behind the scenes and often bragging about it. But that’s where personal verification comes into play, such as the media group Accuracy in Media, and goes undercover to reveal what’s really going on. And what they have discovered is that the problem is even worse than I have been saying it is. 

We are not living in an honorable society; if we were, Isaac Adi would be the perfect person for it. Instead, Darbi Boddy, a young lady with a lot of experience in how the human race can fail, knows that you can’t take the word of radicals when they say they aren’t doing something like CRT. When Darbi got into a lot of trouble going into two Lakota school buildings to take pictures for herself, you would have thought she was performing an exorcism among demonic spirits demanding that they bring Christ into their lives, and their heads were spinning backward, and they were fully spitting explosive vomit. Darbi captured images of gay pride artwork that was proudly displayed where very young people would see it, and there were plenty of references to CRT, where racism was being defined in the minds of the school as a reality shaped by politics and not by real history. If you want to really teach black history in America, they will talk about the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. And how Ulysses Grant tried hard to integrate the freed slaves into American society, but Democrats were violently against it. The KKK wasn’t a bunch of Republicans; it was southern Democrats who were fighting against reformation. That’s the real history, and what they are teaching with CRT is a version of history that breeds Democrat voters by denying the past. And by corrupting the minds of millions of young people behind their parents’ backs, Democrats who run these labor unions hope to sustain themselves as a political power in the future by erasing their complicit past. And when it all comes down to the truth behind the menace, that’s all liberals care about, power at the expense of intelligence. Yes, CRT is being taught in all public schools. Thank goodness we have school board members like Darbi Boddy to expose it. And media outlets like Accuracy in Media to do the work all media should have been doing all along, and that is exposing these dangerous elements that are so corrosive to young minds. 

Rich Hoffman

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What the Spy Ballon from China Meant to America: The menace behind the curtain, the little dog has pulled back for us all to see

Early last year, I explained the sphere of influence people lived within and showed how they are manipulated along those assumptions. Most people live in their little bubbles of experience and never step beyond them. This is why lately, I have been talking more about various conspiracy theories, even some of the more outlandish ones, because there are enough facts now to demonstrate the real problem in our modern age and what needs to be done about it. We just watched a spy balloon from China float completely across our North American space, only to be shot down once it was over Atlantic Ocean airspace. Just a few years ago, such a thing would not have even made it from the Pacific into American airspace.   There is a militant attack against us all that is obvious, has been concealed behind the bubbles of reality we all live in, and the threats have hidden in the background only to provide a menace from that concealment which they feel empowered to perform. And the answer to this threat isn’t in basic politics and its analysis. Our political realities are just another level of bubbles that we all live in, and the forces that shape those bubbles continue to operate unchallenged because the human race does not have the mind to see them or deal with them. Then knowing all that, the conduct of our American government, the push, for instance, from the FBI to keep Democrats in power, to preserve at all costs the swamp of Washington D.C. and general CIA operations, the NSA, and its many tentacles into our lives, it is clear that none of them are working for the American Constitution. They are reporting to something else and to understand that we must look at the situation beyond the bubbles of influence we spend all our time residing in. Seeing how the game has been played against us all, it’s time to pop those bubbles and get control of our lives again, and avoiding complex and controversial topics is not the way to achieve success, and from my point of view, success is the only option.

The game we are dealing with, turning back to the silly spy balloon from China, is that we are meant to experience these little provocations from China and to be in awe of them. China is at war with America but not in the way we typically measure it. They are working hard to rot us from the inside out, with poison from the drug culture, from undermining our form of government with financial influence, and stripping away every aspect of our culture with woke politics meant to destabilize our basic philosophical foundations. But behind that bubble of concern is a much more sinister villain: the group of global financial investors and corporations that are the Desecrators of Davos, the members of the World Economic Forum. It has been their money that has put China on the map. Without them, China would not have the financial means to conduct war. It’s very similar to how the NAZI party was created by the Thule Society, which had a definite occult foundation. This method of building up an international bad guy has been occurring since mass communication started over a century ago. Of course, there would be powerful forces who would try to use it to their own advantage. As a human species, we have not figured out how to deal with it because the answers fall outside our sphere of influence. But at this point, we see all these secret societies working to control the world beyond the limits of national governments, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Then to deal with that threat, we have to pull back even further to the root cause of their behavior, their occult beliefs that are the foundation of their very existence. 

I personally don’t care about aliens and space travel. I’ve said it many times; I would treat them the way I’d treat anybody. I don’t care if the lifeforms I’m dealing with are from the star system Sirius or if they are from Kansas, I don’t care at all. There is nothing god-like about people from someplace else other than the fact that they likely have the technology developed along a different path of understanding from our present civilization. Now that we know that our own biblical history is just a recent human experience, it all starts to make sense. There have been intelligent lifeforms trying to make a go at it on earth for many thousands of years. Evidence in a book I have called Forbidden Archaeology shows intelligent influence on earth goes back millions of years, and much of their previous civilizations have crumbled away into dust just as the current Great Pyramids are now. A few tens of thousands of years from now, those great monuments will ultimately erode away, leaving nothing at all behind of their history. And future people will wonder where the stories of their culture came from because they will only be looking at the situation from their personal perspective and historical reference in time. Yet, what is evident among those in our world who want so much power so they can hope to influence all the unknown forces in the world is to have relationships with that past to control the future. And those types of people have infested themselves in our government not for our benefit but for their own silly insecurities. And you learn a lot about them from the unconstitutional interactions that always surround investigations into UFOs and interactions with space-fairing civilizations that are at the heart of most occult practices in the secret societies connected to our current global commerce. 

The bottom line is that our various government branches, especially the intelligence agencies, do not work for the American Constitution or us in general. They exist for other reasons that are not to the advantage of American sovereignty, and they think they know best what is suitable for a self-governing people. And they don’t have a right to do what they have been caught doing. We’ve caught them unleashing viruses that have killed massive amounts of people in the world and watched our government become drug pushers for the big pharma companies, resulting in more death. We have watched our government perform a coup of an elected president because they didn’t want him. The FBI alone has been caught in so much political insurgency with Trump that what we have learned has been horrible, beyond most people’s comprehension. And they started this abuse of power with UFO investigations, where much of it has been covered by “Above Top Secret” classifications. Once that premise was set, our governments believed they had a right and obligation to hide things from people they deemed too dangerous to know. This has opened the door to many other manipulations that have been vastly unconstitutional and subject to severe punishments for doing them. Knowing what I do about the matter, and the various secret societies and their dumb beliefs in supernatural powers, earth worship, and the foundations of civilization in general, I wouldn’t trust them to carry a bag of groceries across a parking lot, let alone decide what information is good for the public in a free society, and what isn’t. And this brings us back to China and why they have been propped up by all these incompetent government forces worldwide. Because communism keeps governments in control and allows a corporate alliance from Davos to rule in the shadows and to protect their own religious fevers based on their occult practices, which have always been a problem against self-rule. The spy balloon was meant to show how low America had fallen, how we needed a more decisive government so that we abandon our republic and join the Chinese into a communist, decisive ownership to protect our own survival. But the real menace is just out of reach, protected by our intelligence agencies, and they never had a right to that position.   And it’s time to stop giving them that kind of unchecked power.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Richest Man in Babylon’: Real wealth creation in Ohio won’t be possible until it’s a ‘Right to Work’ state

Whenever I go to Columbus, Ohio, I have a few bookstores that I go to every time. I consume a tremendous number of books, about three large books a week. If they are smaller, under 200 pages, I read five or six. It’s probably my favorite thing to do in the world, and I often read very early in the morning, between 3 AM and 6, and after the hours of 7 to 11 PM. Between those hours, I work hard, really hard. And reading settles my mind and keeps everything from fragmenting. On the weekends, I usually read for around 8 hours daily, starting around the same time and ending around noon. Then I spend the rest of the day with my family doing whatever comes up in those engagements. But it had been quite a few years since I last read The Richest Man in Babylon, published in 1926. I read it in my twenties, so I thought it was odd that while I was talking to people at the Capitol during the Governor’s State of the State speech for 2023, I was sitting in the gallery waiting for everything to start when a person made a great effort to sit next to me and ask me to sign a copy of that book. It was a nice paperback copy that  was a miniature version that could fit easily in the jacket of a nice suit. This person told me he was a fan of my blog, recognized me because of my big white hat, and wanted me to sign his copy of the old George Clason book. So I signed it, and he was very happy about it. He sat down near me, and before we all left after the speech was over, he came over to shake my hand again enthusiastically before departing back downstairs, where all the members of the Representatives and Senate were gathering in the rotunda to have lunch with Governor DeWine. 

I’ve signed many books over the years, but they are usually the ones I have written; it’s not usual to sign other people’s books. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense as I talked to various legislators at the after-event. Once I left the Ohio Statehouse later that day and visited my bookstores, I bought a modern copy of that book and reread it later that evening to connect with that enthusiastic personality. After my talk with everyone that day, it all made sense. If you have not had exposure to that very famous book, The Richest Man in Babylon, it’s typically found in the business section of a bookstore and is a foundation for how wealth is created. It takes place in Babylon to take the edge off any modern references, but the idea is that wealth is created by effort, and it is beneficial not just to the people who have the wealth but to their community as well. If we have a society of many people who have created wealth for themselves, we will have a better society. It is very much the opposite of this “tax the rich” culture that we get from the various socialists and communists embedded in our American culture these days, which has become much worse under the economic policies of Joe Biden and Democrats in general. And when you get behind the scenes, away from the cameras and newspaper reporters who never cover significant political events correctly like a Governor’s State of the State speech, wealth creation is the number 1 concern because it’s the thing that makes everything in society go. 

One of the big topics that emerged from Governor DeWine’s State of the State speech was the effort to bring businesses and jobs to Ohio and that there would be spending investments to do so. But on the checkered floor of the Statehouse were lots of discussions about how exactly to do that. And I love these kinds of discussions. Some people see lobbyists, corrupt politicians, and maniacal lunatics when they talk in those places. Yet, I generally see the kids all these adults grew up to be trying to do something good from their own perspectives with the same enthusiasm that kids build new things with Lego toys. No matter the political ideology, I find everyone eager to conduct some version of a childhood dream of saving the world one law at a time. And you don’t get that unless you get the chance to be behind the scenes and talk to people who are actually making the sausage. I usually come away from those events encouraged. But the efforts typically fall short because the real problems never get dealt with.

And regarding Governor DeWine’s efforts to bring more business to Ohio, the truth is that we can spend all the money we want. But until Ohio is a Right to Work state, the big multi-billion-dollar investors will not bring their big corporations to Ohio because of their fear of labor unions taking over the management of their facilities. Ohio will continue to lose opportunities to South Carolina and other places until we join them in becoming the Right to Work states that protect business investment from the socialist encroachment of the labor union movement, which never should have been allowed in American politics. To understand these basic economic truths, I would recommend everyone to read The Richest Man in Babylon and come to your own conclusions. But until people have a basic understanding of wealth creation, it’s a pointless debate with the kind of communist labor union advocates who think that the value of labor unions is in more sick time, the 40-hour work week, and weekends and holidays off. All those things mean less productive work, less output, and more paid time off for a company trying to make things.  

The sum of many conversations on that topic was that Right to Work was dead in Ohio until President Trump returned to the White House, and likely longer because Trump likes labor unions. In his big MAGA party, labor union members have been voting for Trump. So suddenly, we have friends in the Republican Party from the labor movement, and nobody was going to dare push those friends away at the expense of dividing voters away from Trump. And Governor DeWine, for all those reasons, had no stomach at all for Right to Work discussions. But eventually, and not decades away, but just three or four years, Ohio will have to be a Right to Work state if it wants to be the next Silicon Valley in a 21st-century economy, which I think is entirely possible. Ohio is a great place to live and work. The business corridors between Cincinnati and Columbus, and Columbus to Cleveland, especially on the east side, and even all the way up from Cincinnati and Toledo, are some of the best in the world. There is room for plenty of country living and rock-and-roll businesses that create vast wealth for everyone involved. But what’s preventing that investment isn’t a lack of input from the state to develop the infrastructure to do it; it’s the protection of investment from those looking to do so from the greedy hands of the communist labor movement. Nothing kills wealth-building faster than a labor union. It might get union members paid off days where they don’t have to work, but it doesn’t help a country be competitive while the rest of the world in Asia is working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, for a rice cake. And that is what we are competing with. Ohio needs to be a Right to Work state, and the sooner it is, the quicker real investment into Ohio can begin. Until that happens, speeches like the Governor’s State of the State are just enthusiastic dreams that are held back by reality. 

Rich Hoffman

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