We Are Not Alone: Thank goodness for Trump’s Space Force

I don’t think it’s controversial at all, the talk about exopolitics which is the political diplomacy with lifeforms from other places around the galaxy. I think it’s absurd to consider that we are alone in the universe. Instead, I think it’s a proven scientific fact that there are many civilizations in space and that they constantly interact with each other all the time and always have. The challenge that they would have would be that they might technically be on different paths of scientific development. But philosophy and art can be significant and valuable to cultures even with technical superiority. I think that is the value we have to various curious minds around our galactic neighborhood. We have had our assumptions about these topics shaped by us through corrupt early governments and religions of radicalism, and they want power for power’s sake. Yes, they want to be the mediators between earth and whatever else is out there. With that said, I think it will soon be evident why President Trump developed a Space Force for our military and why its creation caused so much consternation. He was briefed on what we are dealing with like many presidents were, and he knows what we will soon be learning. We’re going to get into space, and we’ll figure out fast what many already know; the earth has been a playground for many species of life from all over the galaxy and perhaps the universe. And we will find evidence of that life on the moon, on the moons of Mars, on Mars itself, and likely all over the various moons of planets in our solar system. It has been going on for millions of years, and we will have to come to terms with it, and yes, we will need a Space Force to deal with that reality for a whole bunch of reasons that could fill libraries with explanations. Our history is as deep as a water droplet in the ocean. There is much more to think about; we are barely getting started.

Most every night from my hot tub in my backyard, I look at the star of Sirius, which is just under the constellation of Orion. I often think about all the occult references we have in our society that hint at these things that are out in the open but hidden behind public concern about being called a “conspiracy theorist,” which prevents deep investigation into the real issues that concern us. For instance, I think of the Orion movie company that was obviously paying occult homage to a star system that the Egyptians were very interested in. And I think of Sirius radio, which is a direct reference to a star that many secret societies, especially Masons, Knights Templars, Rosicrucians, and many others, indicate were the seeds of life here on earth, the way that Mayans and Aztecs revered Quetzalcoatl, the white-bearded man who brought them culture, then disappeared. That looks to be the evidence of our own culture; living beings from likely Sirius C came to earth tens of thousands of years ago and did so regularly, bringing civilization to the humans already here. The evidence is in the many myths that predate the Greeks, and they constantly permeate in that particular region of the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia. It’s not an accident that many of the world’s religions were born out of this specific area, and the remnant of those interactions can be found in the everyday aspects of the mythologies of different cultures, from Egypt to the Greeks, then Romans, all the way over to Ur.  And those same kind of mythologies are constant in Indian cultures in both North and South America.  There is a lot for us to learn.

But they never went away and are heavily involved in our politics; presently, those same sentiments can be heard during the World Economic Forum. The people attending are not working toward terrestrial goals, they are worshiping the earth as a galactic deity, and that belief system comes from interactions through the occult and secret societies, like the Germans, unlocked with the Thule Society a continued progressive push that has gone on for over a century. In exchange, technology has flourished quickly. Elon Musk, who isn’t very concerned about aliens and UFOs, is a significant threat to these interactions. He just wants to make the earth a multi-planet species, which is a good idea considering that the earth goes through a cataclysmic event every 30,000 years or so. We are due for another one, so SpaceX is racing to get their Starship into an orbital launch soon, likely in March of 2023. And once commercial space opens up in such a way, the long-held secret will be out, and the secret societies that run most of our politics today will lose that power and it will be catastrophic for many people. 

That’s why the rumors about soft disclosure seeping into Hollywood culture have some merit to them, especially in relation to Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek creation. It’s long been known that soft disclosure of all these species interactions was flowing from military leakers into Hollywood screenwriters for television shows like Outer Limits, Battlestar Galactica, and of course, Star Trek, to prepare our mass population for the inevitable, where we won’t look toward these interactions as some mystical, religious event, but as just another species of life form interested in doing business, just like any person from some other country on earth might want. What’s the difference if those life forms come from another planet or just another country? Once you remove the fear of a War of the Worlds type of attack, it becomes evident that everyone exists everywhere for mutual benefit. But once a new, spacefaring reality replaces that place of ignorance, then there will be a need for a Space Force, and history will remember how crucial it was that Trump made it possible. The snickers behind its creation were more than just accusations of conspiracy theories. There is a real occult movement toward the primitive that fears these contemplations, and they tend to be liberal in nature. And rather than go out into space to meet those challenges, they would instead turn inward and worship the earth and hope it protects us from all things to come. If you really want to understand our politics in a contemporary way, we must deal with the beliefs and fears that people have that cause so much trouble on earth presently. And most of it traces back to these understandings of interactions with life outside of earth as the seeds of our own foundation. But, because humans are interesting and have really good minds, typically, we have things that a technically superior race might not have, imagination, rationalization, and contemplation. And that prevents mass destruction because everyone has mutual needs. But we are coming to a time quickly where such understandings are going to move from conspiracy theory to daily fact, and when that happens, we will be thankful for a Space Force. Because after tens of thousands of years of evolution in thought, religion, and politics, it’s time to take that bold next step. As we saw with Covid, those who want power over humanity will deny the medicine and the facts to keep people dependent on those powerful forces. And that same kind of thinking is behind the reluctance to admit to the history of the human race, what is really going on down in Antarctica, and what the truth is about local and galactic politics. Soon speculation will no longer be a luxury; it will be an everyday discussion that will truly advance us to the next phase of human development. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Biden Classified Document Dump: A purposeful diversion from the real problems they’d love to hide

Once you know the tricks these people use to conceal the truth or mislead the public in a direction you don’t want to go, you will find they use the same playbook for everything. Even if the truth is that President Eisenhower met with aliens on the runway of Holloman AFB in 1955 and sold-out American sovereignty into a corporate conglomerate of globalists, ultimately losing World War II and everything we thought we fought for, the diversions that are used to conceal the information from the public are all the same. And that is what I think about the sudden classified documents coming out from the Biden administration initially. Joe Biden knows he’s not a legitimate president; he was elected by China essentially through a rigged system by globalists who wanted a friendly face to implement their Great Reset. If you’ve been watching the coverage at Davos, you’d see just how crazy they all are, and that ties into the Eisenhower deal that I’ll talk about a lot more later. None of these aggressors think they can beat the United States directly, so they have methods of deception that they use to undercut us all by way of war, but by methods of dishonesty, they have become quite overconfident. They put Biden in place and thought people would be gullible enough to accept it, but it hasn’t been working. Biden has serious economic problems. He is allegiant to a phony war in Ukraine, and his boy Hunter is in all kinds of trouble with that laptop. We know that President Biden even showered with his daughter, and the FBI tried to cover that up. Biden is a disaster in every way a president could be, and the anger toward him is much worse than the mainstream polling cares to indicate. 

The Biden classified documents that we have been hearing about over the last week were a purposeful leak meant to soak up people’s minds over a couple of issues. First, it’s safe for Biden to look for a diversion to defer to classified document leaks to get people talking about what is preferable to all the disasters that Biden is enduring presently. There is a lot of really bad stuff we could be talking about in the news, especially concerning the deaths that are directly connected to the government-mandated vaccines and the people who lost their jobs because they defied Biden’s illegal executive order from September 2021. Covid was an attack, a bioweapon from China that many of the World Economic Forum people were directly involved in, and it’s one of the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to the United States. Much of it happened during Biden’s watch. Once he realized the situation, Trump tried to walk back out of the mess, but liberals would not allow it, and they made a mess of the economy and health policy that was embarrassing at the time. But now we see that it’s been killing people. The vaccine didn’t save lives; it has been taking them, and for those who have lived, it’s resulting in lower birth rates and all kinds of side effects that people are just now realizing. If you have to pick a catastrophe, a leaked classified document is much preferred to all the other news that would otherwise be discussed. 

Biden’s people know that people don’t care much about classified documents. Even though Hillary Clinton should have been disqualified from running for president because of her destroying 30,000 emails on her server, the way the FBI handled the story, people became numb to the whole issue. Then when the political left tried to use the classified document issue in revenge against President Trump by raiding his home and taking items he clearly had a right to possess because, as president, he could. People didn’t care. Anybody with half a mind can relate to a president wanting to take home some memories of their time in office. That’s how President Nixon got into so much trouble, tape recording himself for his memoirs later when he was out of office. There was no official need for him to have any recordings; he did them to remember his time in office. So this classified document game has been going on for a long time; people are numb to it and generally don’t care. When they can’t buy eggs at the grocery store, they are thinking about a lot more than what President Biden has in his garage sitting next to his corvette. So what they did, was the Biden people and lawyers purposely leaked this information to soak up the news cycle so nobody would talk about the serious problems because they know from history that Americans are forgiving about such things and really don’t care. In the end, they could throw a bone to the DOJ and let Trump off the hook just as they’ll let Biden off the hook, and much of that controversy will go away. They are admitting to these documents because it gives them cover for the other very serious things that are going on in the news that people won’t be so forgiving about. 

Now there is no question, now that the news is out, that there are people within Biden’s own party who would like to replace him with Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom for the 2024 presidential race. They would like to use this classified document dump story as a way to convince Joe to step away from the race. Of course, because the Biden presidency has been such a disaster, Democrats are looking for someone who might actually do better in an actual vote since the next election will be more difficult to cheat in. Statistically, I have my doubts that Biden obtained 60 million votes and that the election fraud was so out of control because of all the loose Covid rules that he may not have had 40 million people voting for him. Most Democrats know that or at least suspect it heavily, and they know if they are going to run against Trump, yet again, they’ll need some way to break 70 million votes, which will be hard for anybody in the Democrat Party to do. So they are hoping to do to Joe Biden what many wanted to see happen to Hillary Clinton. But it won’t work in the end because people generally don’t care about classified documents. But they do care about a whole lot of other things. I would say to everyone distracted by the classified document story they keep finding around Biden that it’s a preferred story that everyone prefers to talk about so that nobody talks about the things that really matter. The problems of the Biden crime family are much worse than having some moments from his years in politics sitting in a garage. Yet, predictably, that’s all anybody has talked about for a good part of January 2023. And that tactic is common where truly bad people conceal their actions behind a narrative that soaks up attention away from much more serious topics. And it is used heavily in our media culture to disguise many horrible things. They have been doing it for many decades, since mass media’s invention, anything more complicated than newspapers. And the human race has never entirely caught up because they are too trusting. Which is why the tactics are used the way they are. 

Rich Hoffman

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What’s Most Wrong in Politics: Consensus building and “getting along”

It was a national embarrassment to have Joe Biden come to Cincinnati and give a speech on bipartisan support to waste 1.4 billion dollars building a new bridge for the vital I-75/71 corridor, bringing with him a whole parade of RINOs and Democrats. That bridge should have been built long ago for a lot less money. The speech by the illegally elected Joe Biden was too late and about all the wrong subjects. I happen to know several of the characters who were with Biden that day in January 2023, well, so I have some perspective on what “bipartisanship” means when Biden says it. Essentially, Biden is in trouble politically. His son is a disaster. The Chinese who have put him in place through election fraud are struggling to put behind them the scam of Covid which they manufactured, distributed, and perpetuated to gain power in the world far more effectively than any military would have, and of course, there’s a new Congress controlled by Republicans who are going to have a chance to conduct many new investigations into Biden’s criminal family and all the sins of the past now that a “Trump Standard” has been set, which no Democrat will be able to live up to. Biden has no other choice but to show up in Ohio with a bunch of boot lickers and try to take the edge off things by showing something that needed to be done, finally getting done. And it was not impressive. To do it, Biden had to sign another 550-billion-dollar infrastructure bill with all kinds of progressive garbage in it. This project is projected to cost another 3.6 billion dollars in the end, likely more, as union cost overruns take a toll and the bureaucrats realize how much they left out of their projections. Instead of being something positive, it was a gross display of everything that was wrong in government. And everyone there looked just pathetic. 

I couldn’t help but think of the irony, and I’ve spoken about Rob Portman quite a lot this year, especially concerning the campaign of J.D. Vance who was just elected to be his replacement. I’ve been hard on Mike DeWine, who was there and I have said the only thing good about him is his wife’s cookies, who, upon meeting them earlier in 2022, she is hard to dislike. And Mitch McConnell from Kentucky has been shown to be a RINO anti-Trumper from the beginning. Sherrod Brown, the other senator from Ohio, is a joke, and another cover-up from the media regarding his messy divorce, which I became involved with while campaigning for Jim Renacci. I had a chance to meet Brown during that story at Miami University, which the media helped him get through, much like they have covered up so many stories with Joe Biden. And then there is Andy Beshear, governor of Kentucky, his election was so close that what we know about election fraud and the methods of his election was very similar to what happened in Arizona this year with Kari Lake. The Democrat Machine cheated to get him elected; only an eternity ago, in this very real war, we didn’t ask those kinds of questions because we didn’t know we needed to. Biden put up on that stage a collection of political misfits on the Ohio River banks across from Longworth Hall, where the popular bridge edges past, and it brought back distinct memories of my life with Rob Portman as he was starting his political career, just how far people fall in life. And knowing all the dreams of Portman from his beginnings, the only thing I could see standing with Biden were political failures using massive amounts of money to save a government that had grown too corrupt to trust. 

During the early 90s, I was very active in Ross Perot’s Reform Party, and Rob Portman was campaigning for a suddenly open congressional seat that had come up in Cincinnati. He was a little older than me at the time, but we got along well and I wanted to help him, so I set up a Sunday night debate on 700 WLW with Portman and a bunch of other candidates for people to hear, which Portman clearly won.  During that campaign, I spent a lot of time with Rob Portman talking about all the reasons he wanted to get into politics and how he wanted to emulate Ross Perot in the Republican Party. Many of our meetings and events occurred across the river from where Biden spoke at Longworth Hall. I could tell many stories about those days involving a reformed Penthouse model married to a wealthy developer and a rag-tag group of political activists who would eventually become the Tea Party 15-16 years later. Along with some of my friends, there are still people who talk about the giant American flag that we hung from the top of Longworth Hall to all who could see it traveling southbound across the Brent Spence Bridge that hung all the way to the ground from the top. Rob Portman was a part of that group of reformers, so I have had high hopes for him over the years. But to see him broken and beaten over the years was sad and pathetic. For him to end his political career essentially sucking air for Joe Biden tells you everything wrong with politics. 

And what is wrong with politics? Well, it’s consensus-building. Once people like Rob Portman accept that getting along with bad people like Joe Biden, Sharrod Brown, Andy Breshear, and China Mitch, rather than actually standing for things, is the start toward expensive political destruction. And Joe Biden, on that day, was actually supporting that flawed premise by showing off all the losers who had been politically beaten and were “working together” in wasting money that should have gone to a project twenty years earlier. The only reason they were all there on that day was that a major political storm was brewing. With all their attempts to get rid of Trump, people still loved and supported Trump, just as people loved Ross Perot many years earlier. And back then, Rob Portman at least said he understood. But once he got to congress for a few terms and then ran for the Senate, the values of Washington D.C. clearly changed Portman. He went from that bright-eyed political reformer who would hang around my rag-tag friends on many political adventures to this washed-out husk of the flesh who propped himself up to an illegal president, showing support for him because the institution of the Senate was more significant than the value of any of them, and that’s where things always go wrong. And it starts with the value of consensus building, with concessions of value where people of good value and bad value compromise with each other, and what people end up with is watered-down, expensive garbage that comes too late and not often enough. All that was on display regarding the bridge announcement in Cincinnati is how corrupt, and costly everything is that a government of criminals can provide only when people are about to throw them all out of power with pitchforks. Ironically, it all started for Rob Portman across the river from where he ended it. And in the end, he was a shell of the person he once had been, and it was very sad but revealing to see it up close, as I had. 

Rich Hoffman

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What President Trump’s Tax Returns Say About Him: He took millions and millions in losses to serve as President and to save America from looting liberals

For several years now, Democrats have promised to get a hold of President Trump’s tax returns and reveal them to the public, as if that would change how people feel about him. Well, on the last business day of 2022, they finally did, and it was like a firework dud that never went off. You know, you get one of those fancy fireworks for the Fourth of July and hype up as a great climax to a backyard firework display. Then once you light the fuse, it just never goes off. That is what happened with the tax return issue, with Democrats releasing them with great fanfare thinking that something would happen that never did. As it turned out, Trump paid the taxes he owed, and primarily through his political years, he lost many millions of dollars of losses, which allowed him to take deductions, which he deserved. With all the hype, there was no smoking gun, nothing that showed wrongdoing. The only thing that was revealed with the insanity of liberal views on tax policy, income, and the merit of wealth, was how bad the progressive policy is for American sentiment. The assumption is that everyone in society has a “fair share” that they owe to a government that is obviously out of touch and wastes too much money. Their assumption, reflected in all “progressive tax policy” since 1913, has been that the more you have, the more you owe as if the government made it so that you could have that money. That’s the attitude. They are like mobsters who want their cut for not destroying your life. 

The truth about the Trump taxes, which says a lot about him, is that he spent many years of his life building up a reasonable amount of wealth the traditional way. He’s not like these mindless tech billionaires who made a lot of money riding the wave of a new technology. Trump, the way he was in the 80s and 90s, would have had to make hundreds of billions of dollars to compete. But in those days, becoming a billionaire was a lot harder than today, so he was in unique territory. Trump was considered one of the wealthiest men in the world during those years when he had The Apprentice television show on NBC. I’ve said it for a long time when Trump met Melania, and it took a couple of things for him; he needed to get older and less interested in parading women around to show how powerful he was because that used to be a thing in the 90s. And Trump has changed while married to Melania, the supermodel wife who has obviously been very smart. I’ve met her, and I think a lot of her. She’s a sharp personality and clearly has the attention of Trump, who goes out of his way to ensure she’s happy. I don’t think Donald Trump would have ever run and won the presidency without Melania Trump. He might have talked about it as he did back in the Reform Party days, which I remember well. I was involved in the Reform Party during the Ross Perot days, so I remember precisely what was going on and why. The values for Trump changed; he was no longer concerned about making the most money in the world, but about using the money he had made to leave something behind that people would remember forever, something better than any building, any hot supermodel wife, or even a really great family. He wanted to save the country from the obvious intrusions against it that he became aware of. It looks like 9/11 was a big deal for him that changed him as a person, along with that television show, and slowly in the decade that followed, as his relationship with Melania grew, his focus changed a lot. 

That bit of backstory is significant because Trump became President without thinking of making money for the first time in his life. The combination of being married to Melania Trump, becoming the head of the Republican Party, and actually living in the White House for the first time made him a better person. I always liked Trump as a business guy, but I never liked his failed relationships with women. That was what kept me from supporting him during the Reform Party period. But like everything they do, liberals have been targeting wealthy people for years with their Karl Marx hatred of all management positions. By the time Trump ran for President, they had assumed among themselves that they had destroyed such notions among the wealthy that they had an obligation toward altruism and not the opulent showing off of that wealth. The value was in how much you could make, then give away to the needy. By the time this assumption had taken hold during the Bush administration and the first administration of Obama, the open socialist, the stage was set for Trump. Many of us from the Reform Party migrated into the Tea Party movement to protect America from the erosion of wealth that was obviously occurring as a perception of anti-America sentiment, which was always a full-scale assault on wealth creation and the nature of America in the first place. Then the Tea Party became the MAGA movement, led by Trump, bringing us to our current period.

By looking at Trump’s tax returns, it’s evident that the plan for his companies was to take a long view and to become President, give back his salary, take his losses and claim those losses in filing with the IRS to stop as much bleeding as possible. But to be in the hot seat as President with all the investigations and harassment that came with it, Trump was prepared to lose a lot of money. But it wasn’t the kind of loss that the political left had set the stage for. It was more of an Atlas Shrugged activity where Trump denied his wealthy input into the world of politics through donations and instead took up the job himself to show how easily it could all be done. Which considering the opposition, which was literally everyone in the establishment from the top down, Trump was enormously successful. His value was in actual production instead of some mindless commitment to a “fair share,” as defined by the same looting government that wanted to steal the money from all his hard work and then distribute it among themselves for the growth of more big government. I always thought it took a lot of guts for Trump to change his lifestyle, and it really took a lot for Melania to go through it with him. She could have chosen many things to do in her life as one of the most beautiful women in the world. But she has stuck with Trump, she has committed herself as a mom to her son, and she is deeply committed to the American experience, far more than many people realize. And she has Donald Trump’s heart enough to convince him to take these massive losses revealed in the tax returns to save his country from the terrors of liberalism. And that was a story that the political left didn’t want to see. But ultimately, that was shown to the world by revealing those returns, which is why nobody is discussing the story, because it didn’t do what Democrats want. Instead, it further validated Trump’s position and articulated quite well why he’s the perfect person for the job of President even more.

Rich Hoffman

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America’s Version of King Saul: Why has God forsaken us?

A lot of us didn’t know that our country was under attack the way it had been for a long time, both within our country and from outside.  Anytime something is successful, you should always expect it to be attacked.  There will always be someone trying to destroy it every time.  And now that we know what we know, what role the CIA and FBI played in election fraud during 2020 and 2022, what was revealed by the Twitter files, the attempt to destroy us cannot be avoided.  People are asking why God has forsaken America by allowing Joe Biden to be president and all the vast evil that has come from his administration and those who put him in power.  And when I hear that kind of talk, it just reminds me why I continue to point everyone toward the Bible, because that was the foundation of our philosophy for all of western civilization,  So of course, it has been under attack, of course, there have been desecrators intent to destroy it.  And for most problems regarding this subject matter, the Bible is a good reference, so I find myself turning to it for examples because there simply isn’t any other method of achieving mutual understanding.  The Bible was the foundation for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  It’s the thing we swear oaths to for office.  And we should not be surprised to see our enemies wanting to separate us from it so that they can destroy our entire society.  But before we can have that conversation, we have to admit to ourselves that the goal is American destruction by forces in the world who hate us, hate the Bible, and mean to apply every kind of vicious hatred that the human imagination can stir up. 

Concerning these topics, I am constantly reminded of the story of King Saul from the Bible and the emergence of David, who would supersede him.  We all know the Bible story; God talked to Samual about how the people of Israel had rejected him (God) and stepped away from his covenant.  The people of Israel wanted a king like everyone else had in the world.  Until then, Israel didn’t have a king; they had judges who would look over things and make sure everyone stayed within the law, but they were trying to have something of self-government in that early society, and it was a tough go.  Knowing what we do about the importance of the Bible to the Founding Fathers, this attempt at self-rule stands at the foundation of our law and order to this day.  But it was tough at the time of Saul because the people wanted him to be their first king, and God didn’t think he was worthy.  So God said to Samuel, let the people have their king.  Saul will be their king.  I’ll pick my own king, which would eventually be David picked out of the house of Jesse, not as the biggest and fastest of all the kids but as one of the youngest and smallest.  Saul turned out to be a disaster.  He did some good things in uniting Israel through some military victories, but he was a flawed person who ended up very jealous of anybody he considered to be a rival to his throne.  And God pretty much had a good laugh about it for all of Saul’s life because the people had turned away from God’s law maintained through judges and wanted a Godly representative in a king instead.  The wrath of God played out to embarrass the people because of their choice for many years thereafter. 

The most embarrassing occurrence was when Goliath from Palestine approached the army of Saul on the battlefield in the well known event.  Saul was terrified to accept the challenge of the 9’9” warrior who wanted to exchange a one-on-one fight in front of the armies so that everyone else would be spared.  Being enamored by God as his personally picked representative to make his point, David accepted the challenge, and the much larger King Saul was quick to give David his big armor to fight in.  Saul wanted no part in the fight expecting a slaughter and the destruction of his rival David.  Then, of course, we all know how the story ends, David kills Goliath easily, and Saul is embarrassed to have stood on the sidelines.  At that point, Saul spends the rest of his life in decline publicly as David’s star rises to become the king himself eventually.  But it all started because people were too lazy to rule themselves and instead wanted to be ruled by a king, so God punished them with Saul.  And God got revenge on the people by making David so much better. 

In many ways, Joe Biden is our version of King Saul.  We didn’t pick him, we all know election fraud put him in power over us, and we didn’t ask for any of this.  However, we are at fault for our society because we did not stand up to the bullies in our lives, our own versions of Goliath.  We expected our King Sauls to fight on our behalf, and when they hid from the danger from their fancy Washington DC offices, we were insulted, yet we didn’t do anything about it.  We picked President Trump when we had the opportunity, and we watched without lifting much of a hand to help him when the danger came after him.  Much like the Bible story where David so threatened King Saul that killing God’s pick and future king was all Saul could think about, really up until the end of his life when he was defeated on the battlefield and essentially committed suicide to avoid being captured.  Has God forsaken America with all these desecrators?  I’d say he hasn’t.  But he has left it to us to defend ourselves because we did not defend our covenant with the law-and-order society we had as Americans, and we allowed our lazy desire to be led by a king to rule over our decision-making.  Joe Biden was given to us by corrupt forces, and we let it happen.  We stood by while our government took our election and President Trump and let their desire to stay in power put a modern version of King Saul in the White House for the good of all that was bad in the world.  Like the Bible story, we turned away from our self-rule and allowed for centralized figures to rule over our lives unjustly because we were too lazy to do anything about it.  Like the Israelites in the times of Saul, who was too lazy and corrupted themselves to rule their own society without a king, God gave them the blundering King Saul to punish them.  And we find ourselves precisely in that same situation now.  We have a blundering idiot in the White House, but we allowed it to happen by trusting too much in institutions riddled with corruption, and we expected everything to work out fine.  Of course, things aren’t okay, and now we turn to God for help.  But the message to us all is that we don’t need to turn to God.  We should have turned to ourselves, which is the lesson of the moment we all must consider if we hope to save our nation from the vast evils that are before us.

Rich Hoffman

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My Gift to You: How to beat the left and destroy them for the preservation of America

Don’t ever say I never gave you anything for Christmas, for today, Christmas 2022, I will provide you with the keys to victory in all things, especially how to defeat your enemies. It’s kind of a standard thing in my life, there is a secret to the political left that is easy to exploit, and I do it all the time. Once you understand that there is an occult aspect to their attack zone and that, as Saul Alinsky says in the guidebook of liberalism, Rules for Radicals, they are dedicated to Lucifer, an old god that the Bible rails against in the justification of destroying the land of Canaan and surrendering the entire land to the invading Israelites. The religion of the Israelites is historical logic and self-profession. In contrast, the religions that had been shown all over the world at that time were a sacrifice to the forces of nature. And that still holds true today, which is why Saul Alinsky, the guy who arrived at the Democratic playbook by hanging out with the Al Capone mobsters, dedicated that book and the movement to Lucifer himself, and from there, opened the doors to all liberalism to occult sacrifice to their gods of nature. And that book has seeped into just about every corner of Washington DC culture over a long period of time. But Hillary Clinton was a particular student of Saul Alinsky, she was very fond of him as an impressionable young woman, and it is through the Clintons that much of the evil we see today has been unleashed upon our government, specifically through that book. The methods of that book are precisely how they managed to keep George W. Bush handcuffed and how they managed to elect Barack Obama, then ultimately Joe Biden, and is why things are so wrecked presently. But the solution to it all, believe it or not, is very easy to utilize, and I’m going to tell you how.

I have mob experience myself; I worked for several organized crime groups when I was younger. The money was good, and I always had a lot of nerve, so I was exposed to a lot of interesting things. This was back when various organized crime elements ran Chester Road in Cincinnati, and Newport across the river, which was the predecessor to Las Vegas. You might say I experienced a lot of conflicts and became very proficient in dealing with them. And as bad as everything is out there these days, I don’t feel there is a person, or people, in the world I can’t win a debate against. And when it comes to physical altercations, there is no situation I can’t deal with. Hurting me just isn’t going to happen. When you take that away from these political radicals, they are left completely defenseless. They have only one real page in the playbook of Saul Alinsky, and that is intimidation, like the mobsters used to do. They will call you names, looking for a weakness to exploit, and once they find it, they will push those buttons all the time to destroy you. And yes, they mean to destroy you utterly and completely, and this is all written down in that Saul Alinsky book. They figure the Christian conservatives are too nice to fight back and that they usually won’t, so they are entirely unprepared for it when someone does. That’s when they start to panic; when you don’t show any fear of them, they really don’t know what to do. If you take away the threat of physical violence from them or the threat of social castigation, they are entirely lost and easy to beat.

Since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and is making a point of free speech on it, I have seen an instant change in my account, which I have had since before 2010. It used to be that people could find something from me if I put it on there, but generally, the liberals had a severe wet blanket around everything I did. I couldn’t even leave a comment on someone’s page without it being put into Twitter jail. I kept it open, but I didn’t expect anything from it at all. But under Musk, suddenly everyone can see everything, and I have been able to comment on extreme leftists sites like Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich in ways I could never do before. And I have been having fun doing it, as anybody who follows me can clearly see. Then to prove my point over this past week, I have engaged in some debates on those high-profile sites, and nobody there can dispute what I say. Of course, they go straight to the name-calling, but once they see that it doesn’t bother you, you can outwit them every time panic sets in quickly, and it’s funny to watch. My point is not to waste my time but to show others how to confront these people and beat them 100% of the time. And it doesn’t matter who it is. I have lived my life in such a way that nothing rattles me, no matter how the political left presents it. But their strategy is always to use force or intimidation to shut down political opposition. And once you take that away from them, they fall apart quickly. That is why they are so scared of Trump because he has shown this Saul Alinsky killer on a big stage. I’ve been doing it for a long time. And it works now just as well as it worked when I was a younger person who had a get-out-of-jail-free card in Sharonville, Ohio, and used it often. The bad guys are lost if you take the fear away from their strategy. So if you make yourself as invincible as possible, with the Second Amendment, because that’s what it’s for, carry a gun everywhere and know how to use it under pressure, you will rob them of the potential for physical violence, which terrifies them. But if you can debate facts with them, which I do all the time and can do it until the end of time, they lose it even faster and will run away and hide most of the time. In my experience in doing this with many thousands of people over the years, I’ve never met a single leftist who can defend their position beyond a few retorts because they never expect to have to and are unprepared when they must.

2023 will be a tough year politically; many of the norms we have become used to will be shattered, and polite discourse is not the right way to go. These are people who must be defeated if you want to save our country. But the good news is that it’s easy to beat them. If you can overcome their tendency to bully, you can eradicate them. Saul Alinsky has told them that the political right and the American family would allow themselves to be bullied into preserving their comforts, and that is exploited all the time to their apparent victories. Hillary Clinton was a master of it, and the Biden administration continues it. But when it comes time to push back against them, they can’t debate, they can’t scare off, and they lose every time. And if conservatives stopped being so timid and would let these losers know what you think of them, you could turn the tide of this war. And we are at war; we can’t hide behind the military to fight some far-off battle. This one is in our backyard. But the enemy is not nearly as threatening as they sell themselves. In truth, they fall apart like wet paper when challenged just a little bit in the pouring rain. Quote them a few Bible verses and watch their faces melt. If you show that you are resolute in your belief system, you will find every time that they panic and will run from you and hide at every opportunity. Remember, they are liberals because they are lazy and are fighting for the right to be below-the-line people. And when they are forced to face value and effort, they fold every time. They do not have anything in their playbook that allows them to counter such a position, and the panic in them is that they know it and are fearful conservatives are starting to figure it out, which we are. Remember, they are backed by Lucifer and other demons of liberalism, and we are perfectly justified in destroying them. They deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Fake Prosecution of Trump: Hiding the complicity of the 4th branch of government

The criminal referrals by the January 6th Committee were astonishing in many ways, by essentially an out-of-control government that was effectively fighting for its very existence with the fake prosecution of President Trump. What January 6th was from the outset, including the riots that took place on that day, was a massive cover-up of the election fraud that took place, that American intelligence agencies caught through Twitter and Facebook to have conducted massive tampering in the election results. Ultimately Trump only lost to Biden by 45,000 votes across five different states, and the work alone by the FBI and CIA would have easily altered those results. Biden was put in place by American intelligence, and the January 6th Committee was created and did its work as a cover for the crimes they did, in much the way that the CIA tampers with elections in other countries. Why wouldn’t they do it in America? Especially to protect themselves from a SWAMP. As it turned out, the January 6th Committee was every bit the political hacks that they were accused of being, and all they had, in the end, was a phony report trying to blame the riots at the Capitol on Trump because of the kind of language he used, like “fight like hell.” What this corrupt government wants, which feeds this fourth branch of government under the table like some deficient dog, is a complete collaboration by the public to empower them to a rule they never deserved to have. And through mass deception, they had that rule until Trump came along and showed them what people really wanted, which they underestimated in 2016. So in 2020, even if they were caught red-handed, they would alter the election results and put a sock puppet in the White House that they could easily control, which is how we ended up with Biden. And the entire purpose of the January 6th Committee was an attempt to completely desecrate the evidence of their behavior that caused the protests. 

There is a history of this: America’s intelligence agencies interfering with our elections; what happened to Trump isn’t the first time. Now there is plenty of evidence to show that the Kennedy assassination points in that direction. Why, well, everyone is sealing up the release of the documents explaining why they killed Kennedy. Even Mike Pompeo, a Trump head of the CIA, voted to sit on the documents, which the Biden people just continued. And what happened to Nixon just a few years later was, in many cases, worse. Instead of blowing off a president’s head in public, they destroyed him slowly and painfully in courts they controlled and in front of the entire nation to live with for the rest of his life. Knowing now what we do about the case, discussed in several books reporting on the incident now that many of the characters involved have died off, Nixon was perfectly innocent. Watergate was nothing but an excuse to create controversy that a genuinely good man would react to. All Nixon did regarding Watergate was be a good person who was way too honest for a dishonest, corrupt government too big and out of control for its own good. There was doubt in Nixon about his role in the break-in of the DNC, so prosecutors working with judges in completely illegal ways got Nixon to blink even though, at the time, he didn’t have all the facts. Nixon didn’t want to scrutinize the president’s office with controversy, so he stepped down, even though he didn’t need to. And shouldn’t have looking at the issue in hindsight. 

Once Ronald Reagan came along, he was much less boisterous after his assassination attempt. And after those first two years in office, Reagan declined quickly and showed the intelligence agencies that he wasn’t much of a threat. Reagan showed that he could play ball with big government, so they left him alone to ride off into the sunset. And what they managed to get with Bush was a partner, who was one of their own. And from there, things went downhill. Through Clinton, then Obama, up to Trump, the American intelligence agencies were picking our presidents for their own survival. The Washington D.C. culture thrived under those controlled conditions playing by rules that the intelligence agencies constructed. And everyone knew what lanes to stay in to survive. And if anybody stepped out of line, they were dealt with. Seth Rich comes to mind, as do many others. By the time Trump came along in 2015, many like me were fed up with the shaky system and wanted a change. The intelligence agency laughed; they had their pick in Hillary Clinton, someone they knew they could control and was too stupid and power-hungry to fight back, so they thought the usual games would work in destroying Trump. They made the Russian Dossier up out of thin air and tried to use that to keep Trump from running. But they didn’t know what to do with a truly self-made man who didn’t need the donor class. So the intelligence agencies overplayed their hand and were caught along the way.

By the time we got to the election fraud of 2020, the tampering of the FBI and CIA were so apparent that nobody was even trying to hide it anymore. And that’s ultimately what the January 6th Committee was created to do, is hide the complicity of big government and the intelligence agencies who wanted to continue to rule as the 4th branch of a shadow government. They had a track record of killing people and destroying lives, and that’s how they managed to have so many conspirators on the January 6th Committee. Many politicians have benefited from that corrupt system, and the intelligence agencies know who has been doing what and where the money came from. So if that information ever got out, their lives would also be destroyed. And that’s how this 4th branch of unaccountable government has managed to rule for such a long time, out of fear. Fear they inflict on innocent people they are supposed to be protecting. But with Trump, all this was exposed, and now they are exposed for the corrupt branch of unelected government that they always were. And they are fighting to stay relevant with that phony Committee that never had cross-examination from Republicans on it and then went on to harass everyone in Trump’s circle of power to hopefully destroy the president from running for a second term. And when I say only Trump could be president at this time in history, it’s because he is uniquely qualified to counter that invisible 4th branch of government that has always been the real problem. He’s rich and can afford to. He has a healthy ego that keeps him from being scared off the task. He’s charismatic in ways that rallies people to his cause. And over time, I think he has genuinely come to love America. He’s not the same guy driving around New York in his Lamborgini, flaunting his wealth. This is now a guy who really cares, and he has the resources to fight back. And people see that and understand that he and only he can fight back against this government monster peacefully, without riots.   And if we don’t support him now, we may never get another chance to beat that SWAMP again. That is what the January 6th Committee fears most and their intelligence agencies who run in the background and pull their strings. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trump and the Constitution: The way lawyers have made it possible for politicians to cheat in elections, through “controlled” speech

Orwell said it long ago, control the language, control the world. And it is by that means that these latest intruders, progressives, seek to ravage the earth as just the latest power grab of the human race. And that was never clearer than when the RINO GOP and Democrats tried to paint Trump as an anti-Constitution insurgent who sits down with racists and neo-Nazis for dinner. In reference to Trump’s interaction with people like Kanye West and white nationals Nick Fuentes, Trump’s political enemies sought to use their definitions of language and terminology to hold the President to some invisible world they control through such mechanisms. And Trump was wise to brush it off and not react to it much. One of the first primary strategies for dealing with people like that is never to let your enemy define you. You can never let them decide the ground for strategic engagement. In Trump’s case, he’s a businessperson, and for him, everyone is a potential friend. That’s how he sat down with Kim Jong-un from North Korea where all other presidents had previously failed. In truth, all the other presidents failed in North Korea because they allowed “others” to decide what language they could use and couldn’t and what the definitions of a hostile actor on the world stage were. It’s the precise strategy being used by the Biden administration against Russia. Russia having a small economy is easy to pick on, so they have been a convenient catch-all for all the crimes of the Democrat party, the gain of function labs, the money laundering in Ukraine, and the push of the World Economic Forum to advance a Great Reset of the world’s economy to their whims and wishes. Trump didn’t play by any of those rules, and they are still trying to catch him on it with their definitions of who is off-limits to talk to and who isn’t. 

But the most concerning ruse is that of election fraud, which took place in 2022 in Arizona and was most obviously noticed in 2020 when the election was stolen from Trump and given on a silver platter to Joe Biden, essentially by the Chinese and their masters at the World Economic Forum who control through finance much of the world. The crime of election fraud was being played by a typical lawyer trick of reading the words of the Constitution and using some loopholes of terminology to commit the crime. When the Constitution was written, both federal and state constitutions, there was always an assumption in honesty that society would have some basic ground rules of understanding they would be working with. Lawyers who now advise political figures who want to stay in power that the most important part of an election is the certification date, not the quality of the count. So with that being known, the priority in all elections was the peaceful transfer of power, not necessarily the will of the voters. And in that way, in 2020, and then much more obviously in 2022, so long as a state certified its election by the deadline, everything was considered correct and accurate. So when Trump indicated upon learning the vast amount of election fraud committed by Katie Hobbs in Arizona to steal the election away from MAGA challengers with reckless counting, and obviously dragging their feet to run out the clock on disputes of the election results before the certification deadlines hit, the President suggested that there be some kind of cooling off period to get the results corrected before certification. And that caused quite an outrage by the same people who knew full well what they were doing, a strategy of running out the clock of election fraud by prioritizing an election’s ongoing certification, no matter what people thought of the method of concluding. All that mattered to the cheating mechanism was a determination made by a Secretary of State, even if they certified the results themselves.

Right after the 2020 election, when I started my Rumble video channel, I told the viewers then that part of the election fraud mechanism was that no matter what methods of counting occurred, the cheating was outpacing a resolution with the courts. The courts run much slower than the election process, and so long as a peaceful transfer of power was set as the priority in elections, then all mechanisms of fraud would continue to be a problem. And that was Trump’s point after the apparent voter irregularities in 2022. It has taken two years for courts to make decisions on things that happened in 2020 finally; in many ways, we are just now learning some of them. But because the criminals got away with election fraud in 2020, they were much less careful about hiding it, with the world watching closely this time in 2022. They got caught committing fraud, but they didn’t care. Because legally, they knew that by the time the courts caught up to the process, years from now, that office holders would be well into their term, and the lawyers have advised their clients that nobody would have the stomach to undermine an election once an office holder was well into their term. Their lack of fear of that happening is why the election fraud occurred in the first place. And Trump is supposed to understand those rules established by those already in power, and those rules exist to keep people in power. 

And it was those same rules that were used against Trump to get him out of power and to keep him out of power. We learned about our elections over the last several years and that the rules are designed to keep people in office, despite what voters might think of them. And to fight off any challengers who may rise up to remove them through an honest vote. There is nothing honest about our election system when the priority is on keeping the timeline of the certification process rather than the quality of the voting itself. As is expected, the certification process is just a rubber stamp, not an opportunity to question the results and then to seek an honest resolution. Instead, the lawyers, in this case, have advised politics in general that there is no recourse for questioning election results. There is within the constitutions, of course, but not defined by the way popular culture has allowed for the definitions of words. And that is where the real cheat has occurred, in the control of speech, what people can or cannot say, who they can meet with, and how the political game is played in general. What Trump has been found guilty of over this constitution issue and his dinner guests is not playing by the rules of those who desire to stay in charge through controlled speech and the definitions they have set for the world. Yet, that is precisely where the crimes were committed and where the election fraud occurred most noticeably. It’s why nobody cares if they get caught committing election fraud because, as most lawyers will say, what is any court going to do about it once an officeholder is sworn in? Nothing.    

Rich Hoffman

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Why I Support S.B. 178: Education needs reform, and the Department of Education is in the way

To answer the reasons I support the Ohio Senate Bill 178, the logic of supporting bigger government to get to smaller government has to be understood. What S.B. 178 proposed by the Ohio Senate will do is essentially remove many of the current Ohio Department of Education Board’s existing powers and put them in the hands of a new director-level cabinet position appointed directly by the governor. The point of the matter is that the current Ohio Board of Education is a worthless body of government that spends most of its time debating diversity and transexual issues and does not have a track record in providing proper education to the future kids of Ohio. And there is no prospect of solving that problem soon, or ever. By design, the Board of Education is a flawed concept that should never have been implemented in 1953. In my view, all the Departments of Education, from the state to the federal level, should be eradicated. Education needs leadership to reflect performance, and the most obvious way to do that is to attach the responsibility directly to governors, who are then better controlled by state legislatures. I see this Bill as a step toward removing power from bureaucratic Boards of Education and replacing them with leadership opportunities. What the Senate in Ohio wants to do is a great thing. I know some of the people involved and understand their intent. Granted, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, and to many critics, this S.B. 178 can look like just another path to get to Hell. But I would say that public education is already in Hell, and at this point, any path made can only take it out or fail altogether. But an attempt at reform is better than not trying at all. And suppose Ohio is prosperous in this endeavor. In that case, it could pave the way for real education reform and the complete removal of all Departments of Education and replace it with more leadership-directed accountability. 

As many are aware, I am weary of giving the governor of Ohio any more power. The Director position of Health run by Amy Acton directly for Governor DeWine was an unmitigated disaster during the Covid nonsense. So putting that same level of attention into the field of education might look insane. But the way these Department of Education Boards run is far worse. Even during Covid, if I needed to get a hold of someone in the governor’s office, I could. I made my voice known and knew what doors to knock on. And that’s what I’m looking for with this S.B. 178 Bill; I want accountability and a door that I can knock on and get results. I don’t expect the door knocks to be friendly, actually quite contentious. A dispute-free world is not what I think S.B. 178 will do. But with the current Department of Education in Ohio, we have zero accountability. If you talk to one person, they will blame someone else. And when you speak to someone else, they will blame the original person you were talking to. Dealing with the Ohio Department of Education is an insane level of progressive nonsense in which I see no value. It certainly doesn’t help children; it has taken education and made an advanced mess of it. And there are so many problems with education; with the way the teacher unions ultimately control the Departments of Education all over the country, there is no desire for reform from their point of view because they have things set up the way they want them. 

I see S.B. 178 as an opportunity to give a strong governor a chance to make significant reforms in education. I wouldn’t say that Mike DeWine is a strong governor, but the example provided by Ohio could give great governors like DeSantis in Florida, or Noem in South Dakota, and other strong states a blueprint that would eventually pave the way for a new way of dealing with education needs in each state, and provide a competitive atmosphere that is desperately needed. For anything to improve in education, competition and high expectations have to be a priority, as the ability to survive the radical labor elements which will be against anything, and everything must be part of the plan. I come from a business background and understand that good leadership does not come from group consensus building. It comes from solitary leadership that is accountable for success and failure. Otherwise, failure, such as what we have seen in my home district of Lakota, will be absorbed into a culture of complacency. I have tried to reform the group consensus model in my home district by helping to get conservatives elected to the school board there, but the results have been that no matter what is done, the system itself protects itself from any reform, and failure is guaranteed from the outset. Nothing can save Boards of Education anywhere because they are designed to fail by the premise of their existence. I have been saying for a long time that the concept of public education has to be scrapped completely. But many aren’t ready for that conversation. So scrapping the way that decisions are made for education would be an obvious next best step. Many of the names who have spoken out for S.B. 178, which I have put here for the convenience of understanding, I like and think are sincere in their efforts.   I also am very supportive of the several names who have sponsored the 2000-page Bill, which at this point, I have read. It took me a while, there is a lot there, but the gist of it is an opportunity to replace a Department of Education with a door I can knock on and get results. And I’m all for that.

So for the small government critic who says that this S.B. 178 is just another big government solution that takes away voting accountability from the Department of Education, I would say that for many people, the reality is that most people don’t just jump into a swimming pool. They will dip their toes in the water and get in ever so slowly, getting mad at those who do jump in and splash them with water. S.B. 178 is like a handrail that those types of people can hang on to while they ease themselves into the water, the water being education reform. I would like to jump in and pull the plug draining the whole thing at once. Then, fill the pool with fresh water in which everyone hasn’t used the restroom in. Because from my point of view, there is no way to clear that water now that years of corruption and progressive intention have dirtied it up to the point of no return. But to pull the plug, you have to get in the water, and S.B. 178 provides those who still believe in a government solution to education something to hang on to. In this case, leadership is directly attached to the state governor.  Ohio looks to have opportunities beyond the next four years of DeWine to have strong, conservative governors, so I think there are better opportunities for S.B. 178, knowing some of these legislators personally, to have success than in just continuing to do what we have now, which is just a liberal extension of the Biden administration and their further destruction of children’s minds. I think we need action faster than later and more profound and bold rather than timid and safe because the clock is ticking. And at this point, I am willing to give a bold option a chance, not for the adults who are thriving off a corrupt system, but for the kids who need real leadership and an opportunity for a better tomorrow. 

Rich Hoffman

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China’s Control Over American Elections and Plan for World Domination: Covid was their weapon of choice, and they intend to use it again

I say it all the time, and I’ll repeat it, China is a creation of the Desecrators of Davos, the world’s radical political billionaires who are looking at every opportunity to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. And the China Model is their weapon of war, and part of that weapon is the ability to control the elections. The way China has spent so much money buying up media opinions and politicians, it’s not a question of how much China has had over American elections. But the guilt runs right to the door of the Desecrators of Davos, who have worked so hard to prop up China and give them that ability. Without the Desecrators of Davos from the World Economic Forum, China would just be another third-world country selling rice to the west. It’s only through the actions of economic warfare that China gained the power to do in the world what they have been doing to show complete domination. Giving China money was like providing a mass murderer a gun to kill with. And they have used it to attempt to destroy America at every opportunity, most specifically by showing control over our elections. The protests from Arizona over the certification of the phony election there reveal the many plots that flow out of China to control who they have to deal with as opponents. Of course, China wants to deal with soft politicians that they can easily manipulate with stolen money. And if there was ever doubt about the 2020 election fraud, those doubts disappeared during 2022 when the theft was performed right out in the open, and Katie Hobbs and her crew could care less what anybody thought about it. They have no respect for American law and order because they all believe that China is the new model for the world and that the new rules apply to keep them in power, despite what voters think.

The protests that have erupted across China, specifically Shanghai, over Covid lockdowns show just to what extent the communist country is willing to go to hide its own complicity. In the United States, several important books are coming out in January of 2023 that will tell the real story of Covid. One is from Bobby Kennedy Jr., as a sequel to his first one, The Real Anthony Fauci, that will tell the story of how the virus was created in a Wuhan lab in China, and who knew what and went about unleashing the virus to the world. It is no longer speculation China worked with various American officials and members of the World Economic Forum to unleash a deadly disease to tamper with the American election of President Trump essentially, but even more sinister than that, to implement the China Model of complete control over the human race as the “new normal” that has been at the center of propping China up from the beginning. China was always intended to be the bad guy on the world stage that the rest of the world would fear. And they would determine the rules of conduct going into the future. They had enough compromised politicians, like the Biden crime family, even weak Republicans like Mitch McConnell, to allow China to manipulate America from behind the scenes maliciously. Even to control who gets into office and who doesn’t. The China-created Covid virus allowed so many states to implement lax voting laws that would allow for early voting by unverified mail, opening the door for massive cheating. It has been proven abundantly that digital machines, if not monitored carefully, could be hacked by a third party and that China has been doing just that in close races in the United States. So yes, there has been massive amounts of election fraud in America, and China has been the manipulator. Ultimately all the strings run to the Desecrators of Davos, but the hostile agent has been China.

What has been revealed by Twitter is clearly the China Model of complete censorship of speech by authoritarian liberals, assuming, as Katie Hobbs did in Arizona, that the world will become China. All the rules of the American Constitution were going to go away anyway. With its threat of world domination, China has given this illusion to manipulators in the United States, such as our intelligence agencies, who have become seduced by the power of centralized government. And that collaboration with “big tech” was shown to work in China, and that model was then duplicated at Google, YouTube, Facebook, and of course, Twitter. These were never free speech platforms but devices of communist rule over the minds of the many, and they learned to behave in such despicable ways because of the example China showed the world. The belief that everyone in the world needed to bend their knee to this new communist power is the justification for law-breaking that has allowed for election fraud to occur massively. The pressure exerted by China forced the rest of the world, especially the American courts, to adopt changes to traditional thinking out of their own need to preserve themselves. That is part of the election fraud machine, to convince good people to do nothing while the malicious attack our system of government with the intent to destroy it from the inside out. 

Yet the protests from the people in China are what we could become if we allow this system to spiral out of control, as clearly has happened in the communist country. China has had to remove those protests from their state-controlled media with force, and the people there have no chance to stand up to the dictatorship of the corporate alliances that have propped China up to be such a threat to the world on purpose. The poor people there are being crushed while the world’s board of directors watches gleefully. The corporate and government alliances are just the latest attempt in the world to suppress the people that governments are supposed to work for. And in China, it has gotten away from them. They have no choice but to submit to mock Covid lockdowns meant to sell the latest coronavirus as a threat to the world to hide all the malicious deeds conducted by the global takeover of the entire economy. Only, in the United States, it’s not too late. It’s not easy to tell people what they are seeing; they aren’t seeing. Or to send tanks into a neighborhood to root out the rebels. In America, people are ultimately still in control. The media isn’t trusted, and neither is the government. And even when the elections are stolen, people do not just automatically submit to authority. Capturing authority figures alone doesn’t work in America; people are always looking for a choice. They don’t accept limits. That is not the American way, which is where we find ourselves now, feeling sorry for the poor people of China controlled by a ruthless government in league with the Desecrators of Davos and their plans for world domination. In America, people still intend to fight back, even when their elections are stolen. Because people don’t worship power for power’s sake, they expect results and do judge the good from the bad, which is why the election fraud isn’t sticking in Arizona or elsewhere. The China Model is failing, and unlike what they are doing to suppress the information in China, those methods won’t work in the United States. 

Rich Hoffman

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