Rich Hoffman Interview with Matt Clark: The eye of the IRS scandal storm

Because of all the IRS news lately, and considering that I have been in the center of the storm, Matt Clark wanted me to come on his radio show at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Unlike my friend Justin Binik Thomas who is a very nice guy whose previous interview with Matt sparked my visit seen and heard below, I do not trust the system to fix anything.  I hope that everyone in congress does what they are supposed to and defend the name of Justin and those involved in the recent IRS scandal where that government collection agency attacked Tea Party groups maliciously out of their innate desire for self-preservation.  But I have serious doubts.  I don’t like the IRS, or what it represents.  And I sure don’t like how it goes about its job, and I’ve never been shy to talk about it.  The IRS represents government statism in all the worst ways, leaving their intrinsic social debauchery to migrate unmolested into the American experience.

For my part in the IRS scandal I produced two videos for the Liberty Township Tea Party that fell under the questioning by agents harassing them for information.  The IRS wanted DVD copies of my videos because they were shown at a Tea Party event for education reasons.  The first video was one that was produced by me and a group I was working with called the State Sovereignty Committee of the LTTP.   The basic function of the group was to get together once or twice a month for several months and learn about The Tenth Amendment.  We would then present our findings to the larger group of the Liberty Township Tea Party.  As we uncovered information in our little research group I discovered that the situational abuse of the Commerce Clause was detrimental and highly scandalous.  So I suggested that our group present our findings in a nice video that made the complex topic easier to understand.  That is the video you can see below.

The other video involved the Immigration Committee of the LTTP, which was assembled and put together in much the same fashion for the same reasons.  For that video it simply made sense to sit down with one of the most vocal advocates of immigration reform in the entire United States, Sheriff Jones of Butler Country and interview him.  Both videos were then shown to the larger Liberty Township Tea Party group for purely educational reasons.   The complete expense of the videos was covered by me to keep everything easy.  The reason that I publish this website of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom without any subscription fees is to avoid having to file any IRS forms that give them regulatory power over my work.  With those videos, no money changed hands—they were simply the result of my donated time, and of those who worked on those projects with me.  I do offer my published works on my website for money, but I do not sell them direct.  The books are sold exclusively through my publisher.  This keeps an accurate record of my quarterly royalty checks which are indisputable with the IRS since the payment comes from a company that keeps sales clean and beyond refute.  Publishers like authors to sell their books directly because the profit margin is much higher instead of sharing the revenue with third-party book distributers; it also allows authors to lower the price selling more titles.  Bill O’Reilly even with all his name recognition does this better than anyone and for the same reasons.  In his case his increased profit margins go directly to charity instead of third-party distributors.  I do not use this method because of my controversial endeavors knowing that everything I do is watched closely by the IRS and the other arms of tyranny which make up the federal government.

As innocent as the videos were, which in essence were no different from any typical YouTube video, the IRS included them on their lists of questions to the Liberty Township Tea Party as though some great scandal had been committed, which was simply laughable.  But I did have to provide actual DVD copies of the videos to the IRS, which seemed ludicrous to me as there were 4000 IRS employees in Cincinnati any one of which could have downloaded their own copies from the YouTube postings.  As I spent a whole Saturday afternoon finding and creating DVDs of the videos I wondered what those IRS employees did all day—and the more I thought about it the angrier I became.  Regardless, I turned in the videos and the Liberty Township Tea Party satisfied all their questions given to them by the IRS.  About a month later this scandal broke to the level it currently is.

In a lot of ways, the 10th Amendment video inspired me to create this site because that was the moment I realized how corrupt our government truly was.  The way congress split hairs over the Commerce Clause, the 14th Amendment and any other hook they managed to get over states rights violating the Constitution in the process showed me what the game of government was really about.  The proof was overwhelming, and obvious.  I saw the same thing happening in our public schools, in the Obama administration, the United Nations, and exemplified in the statist philosophy of the IRS.  So I started this site to help educate others as to how the scam has been perpetrated upon Americans for many years.  Once I admitted to myself that the level of deceit was not just a suspicion I had, but the proof was discovered in that 10th Amendment video, I came to understand that more information had to get out to more people, more often.  I spent 4 months making that 10th Amendment video with a team of other people—and that was too slow.  The Tea Party only met once a month, and that was too slow for educational purposes, so I started this site to accelerate the process of learning.

So is the IRS right to notice that my videos have had a role in the Tea Party effort?  Yes they are right, and they understand that if people learn the truth of their intentions then more people will turn against the IRS grip on the public.  So for their own preservation, they are right to target those videos—as innocent as they are—for what the videos represent.  However, the IRS is still confined to the law—at least the perception of law.   They cannot openly violate the Constitution; they must do so with deceit and fear hoping to get others to comply out of dread instead of legal knowledge.  And it is my intention to take those weapons away from such scoundrels by re-teaching people how to think for themselves.

As usual it was fun to do Matt’s show. It is even more fun to see the IRS squirm on the chopping block for once.  However, I don’t trust what I see or feel of the situation.  There is more to the story and the sacrificial lambs of the IRS thrown upon an alter by the President of the United States indicates a deeper, darker, much more sinister problem that has yet to indicate its magnitude.  For that beast, my eyes follow the evidence trail of dismembered lives, treachery, lies, and every conceivable sham to the lair where the real trouble resides.  It is there that the head of such a monster must be removed through the preferred method of defunding—by starving it out of its hiding place.   But I do not regulate my thoughts to a peaceful end where the process will correct itself.  Logic says that before it’s over, the nasty beast of government will attack to protect its lair where many future baby monsters are laid like eggs—awaiting to be hatched.  The monster of the federal government wants to preserve its young so that they can grow up to become great monsters of their own.  It is the task of all right thinking people to prevent that from happening.  I hope Justin is right about trusting the process, but logic says that in the end it will be my methods that we’ll see first.

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”