Lois Lerner Pleads the Fifth: Tea Party protests the IRS all across America

When I was on the radio with Matt Clark earlier in the week he played a clip from MSNBC where an interviewee declared that the Tea Party movement was equivalent to American politics as a terrorist organization.  I had not heard the comment before Matt played it for me.  It enraged me deeply to hear such a thing!  After I calmed down I came to realize what MSNBC defined as terrorism, and from their point of view, the actions of the Tea Party does stand against everything progressives dream of—which is a statist government, and the Tea Party is undermining their imaginings of a big government utopia—and they are angry about it.  The Tea Party showed what they stood for when they recently protested the IRS building in downtown Cincinnati.  They informed the IRS that “they” worked for them, and they sang “God Bless America” and other acts of vile treachery from the viewpoint of the typical progressive and other godless heathens.  Many of the participants were my personal friends, the type of people who cut their grass regularly, work 45 to 60 hours a week, attend church regularly, say prayers before eating, avoid using curse words, and love their country, their families, and themselves.  The Tea Party protestors at the IRS were in essence the complete opposite of a typical progressive radical.  Progressives fear the Tea Party in the same way that insects fear an exterminator.

The day after the protests of the IRS Lois Lerner director of the IRS division of exempt organizations plead the Fifth in testimony to the congressional Oversight Hearing exploring gross incompetence and possible criminal action by the hated tax collecting organization.  Lerner was given on many occasions an opportunity to defend her previous congressional statements where she advanced the planted question that the targeting of conservative organizations was taking place in the IRS.  She declined to answer any further questions regarding any investigation into her management behavior, or knowledge of IRS corruption that is obviously evident in the recent discoveries.  Lerner opened her testimony with a statement declaring her innocence, and then plead the Fifth so that no questions could be asked in cross-examination.  Even if her actions did not violate the law under Constitutional terms, she showed an arrogance that is bred into all thirty-plus year government employees—including school teachers, cops, firefighters, congressional employees, senators, and ESPECIALLY IRS employees.  They feel entitled to make up the rules as they go since they work for an entity that makes the rules.  They behave with knowledge that if something isn’t legal or illegal today, that with the pull of a lever, they can make it so to their desire at a whim as long as their actions preserve the institutional needs of the systems which employ them.

The National Treasury Employees Union has denied claims that the union’s president was in contact with President Obama shortly before Internal Revenue Service employees began targeting conservative groups.

In a statement emailed to The Daily Caller, the NTEU explained just what NTEU president Colleen Kelley was doing at the White House on March 31, 2010 — shortly before the IRS Determinations Unit began targeting tea party groups.   “On March 31, 2010, NTEU president Colleen M. Kelley attended the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility at the Old Executive Office Building,” an NTEU spokesperson wrote in an email. “The forum was attended by approximately 200 attendees including business leaders, workers, policy experts and labor representatives discussing telework and worklife balance issues. Attendees were broken into five groups to discuss workplace issues.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/05/20/irs-union-denies-smoking-gun-meeting-with-obama/#ixzz2U2UsmCwq

Yet just a few days after Kelley visited the White House attending the Delphi Technique oriented White House Forum, the message spread through the IRS community to target the Tea Party and make life difficult for them leading up to the 2012 election disrupting their political ground game—so that president Obama could win a second term.

Anyone who has dealt with public school unions understand how government labor unions work and how the culture of corruption is inherit in their mere existence.  With a wink and a nod, radical activists are ready to pounce on the collective aims of the government organization as all the participants are paid so extraordinarily that they go along to get along, even if they disagree with the ideology.   Until a few days ago I didn’t even know that the IRS had a labor union, and this knowledge points to a big problem.  Labor unions for any government employee should be illegal.  President Kennedy in 1962 was in serious error when he made public sector unions legal through Executive Order—probably to appease the mob at the time.  He should have never done such a thing as the corruption of labor unions made the corruption of government much worse by sheer apathy, ignorance, and scope.  As a result, there is no management present in government.  The inmates run the asylum, and the case with the IRS is beginning to show just how terribly corrupt the entire system is.

Obviously Kelley took with her from The White House a subtle directive that was so obscure that all parties could have plausible deniability.  But because of the nature of labor unions, and their collective hive-like behavior patterns, all that was needed for the IRS to target conservative groups was a wink and a nod.  The culture of corruption was already built by the labor union—always ready to implement the directions of their superiors so that they can maintain their outrageous payrolls, and lucrative retirement packages.  All they needed was a wink and a nod, and administrators like Lois Lerner would take it from there.

When fighting school levies, I have learned that the first defense failing administrators provide for why they cannot manage their costs is that they are legally obligated to fulfill certain parameters which drive up the cost to the community.  What they fail to acknowledge is that the legal means to those funding needs were created through legislation by their public sector unions. In government the chaos is always created by the same people who declare their management is always needed, and only they can solve the problem because everything is too complex for average people to understand.  But the complexity is created as camouflage to hide their ineptness, and their profit margins.

There are over 4000 IRS employees in Cincinnati, and they all want to be well paid, and cared for during the remainder of their lives, and they will sacrifice much of their personal credibility to preserve that system which has become the heart-beat of their very souls.  Lois Lerner caught in lies from her previous testimony decided not to make her treachery any worse for herself by offering conflicting testimony.  Like all government employees, she hoped to stall, belittle, and use Saul Alisnky’s Delphi Technique any way possible to wiggle out of the jaws of justice.  Like a typical government employee Lerner is willing to take the fall for her superiors, in much the way that Stacy Schuler, the Mason teacher caught having sex with 5 of her high school students and going to jail for the crimes, sacrificed herself for the good of the system and her peers at the institution—many who were more guilty than she was.  Lois Lerner is doing the same on a much bigger scale, only the game is clear to all who are watching.  She’s not fooling anybody.

It is for these reasons that the Tea Party protested the IRS.  We are the boss of the IRS, not the other way around and they answer to us, not some stupid labor union.  And the labor unions have no right to “organize” on behalf of the political aims of the President of The United States, where the President might have said to NTEU president Colleen Kelley, “I need some help during the next election, Colleen.  I don’t know if I can win this on my own—in fact I know I can’t.”  An enthralled Colleen Kelley might state in return, “You’re not alone Mr. President.”  Wink and a nod as both parties smile knowingly–no laws broken.  Later Kelley contacts Lerner by phone where she might have said, “I had a wonderful day at the White House yesterday.  It was very productive.”  Lerner might then ask, “How is the president these days?”  Kelley might then have responded, “Oh, he’s worried that some of these Tea Party organizations are actually fronts for the Republican fundraising machine, and they could hurt him in 2012.”  Lerner would then respond with a bit of glee in her voice learned from over thirty years as a government employee, “Well, we might just have to take a little closer look into their finances.”  Again, Lerner didn’t lie, cheat or steal…………and she didn’t break the law.  But in pleading the Fifth, she allows doubt to hide the connection between Kelley and herself leaving plausible deniability as a perpetual option.  The game of government is infected with many hundreds of thousands of similar situations, and they all cost money and lead to vast amounts of corruption.  It is that game that the Tea Party protested, and will continue to fight against and if progressives wish to believe such a thing is terrorism, then the accusation is from the perspective of those who wish to bring harm to America, by destroying what is good about it in preservation of their ever-growing statism.

Rich Hoffman

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