Explorer and Investigator Rich Hoffman Writes: Theories on mankind’s secret past

Some of my readers here have been collecting some of my articles on archeology and history to surmise the article shown below.  The complete article can be seen at the link at the conclusion of the text.  Lately, my mind has been rather obsessed with the waters in and around the Bimini Islands, so knowledge of this article contained well-timed articulations of lingering thoughts that span decades.  The latest information on the discussed crystal pyramids that are resting on the ocean floor Dr. Meyer Verlag is providing exact coordinates for verification of his claims. With the use of sonar, oceanographer Dr. Meyer Verlag has discovered giant glass pyramids at a depth of two-thousand meters.  The use of other devices have allowed scientists to determine that these glass giants are both made of a crystal-like substance, and are nearly 3 times bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.  Read more about Verlag here:


As is typical of these types of stories, they are ignored by the media not because they are hokey, or inaccurate, but because they jeopardize the scholastic claims of many professions who have built careers on the hasty assumptions of mankind’s origin which now fills history books.  So exploring further information is interesting, and healthy.  In a story that is unfolding in my mind rapidly, the giant pyramids are but one of two underwater investigations that need to occur in the waters off of the Bimini Islands, yet science is afraid to ponder.  The other are the large wrecks of ships which sit off the waters of the Bimini Road nearby, which will undoubtedly prove that America was discovered by the Chinese, and not Christopher Columbus.  But until there is a will to investigate these mysteries with reputable science not afraid of the results, speculation will dominate discussion.

Now enjoy an article inspired by my material!

Reporting on some of Williamson’s amazing findings, Rich Hoffman, explorer and investigator, writes: “There are 40 stone temples on Malden Island that are described as similar in design to the buildings of Nan Madol on Pohnpei, some 3,400 miles (5,475 km) away. In fact, there is a basalt road that runs along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which connects these islands under hundreds of feet of water.

“This suggests a culture that is more than 50,000 years old and that this entire land mass was once above water supporting a civilization that had no trouble moving around tremendous stones to build very large, complicated societies which we know absolutely nothing about, other than the fact that someone built them and they are older than biblical history.

“Yet, nobody discusses them because they don’t fit into our understanding of the human race and their origins. Scientists have their diffusion theories of how migrants arrived in North America using the land bridge of the Bering Strait and they are sticking with it.”

The same can be said of the scattered ruins of the Caribbean that suggest a very large civilization extending from the coastal waters off the Florida Keys, toward the Bahamian waters, crossing near Bimini, and east into the Atlantic.

Cuba too has underwater ruins off its coast that may have been part of the same city-state complex.

Hoffman also mentions, almost in passing, the incredible report of explorer Tony Benik who made the momentous discovery of yet another huge pyramid under 10,000 feet of water in the middle of the Atlantic.

The pyramid, Benik claims, is capped with a huge crystal.

And if that’s not enough, Hoffman shares the discovery of the Ari Marshall expedition in 1977. The team discovered a smaller pyramid off Cay Sal in the Bahamas. Marshall snapped underwater photos of the pyramid that’s submerged beneath 150 feet of water.


Rich Hoffman

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CineBistro Coming to Liberty Center: Why Tri-County Mall is failing–not understanding good quality from bad

I had a conversation with a political mover in the Butler County area who did not share my excitement over the upcoming Liberty Center development in Butler County, Ohio which is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic shopping/entertainment destinations in the country.  My enthusiasm was due to the recent announcement that the Cobb Theater chain of CinaBistro had just signed on to bring their 8th movie theater complex to the Liberty Center development which is unique in its concept.  CinaBistro offers fine dining and other upscale options while watching movies.  That includes serving bottles of wine and mixed drinks to the seat of movie goers and full course gourmet meals.  CinaBistro is a fashionable experience that will prove very successful in the Liberty Township complex if for no other reason than I might be there with my wife every single day.  I love movies and since CinaBistro will offer all the other entertainment options within the movie theater experience that I enjoy I will be a constant fan.  What’s even better is the theater has restrictions on children under the age of 21, which means that unpleasant, pubescent, smelly, greasy adolescents won’t be able to attend without being present with adults.  The way it appears to work at CinaBistro is that I can take my grandson to see the new Star Wars films there and we can eat a couple of New York Strip Steaks together in luxury.  But my grandson won’t be able to go by himself to the theater with a bunch of his friends unsupervised even as a teenager.  That is a GOOD thing!

The reason the political mover didn’t share my excitement is that Tri County Mall is being foreclosed upon in a sheriffs auction in July and the Cincinnati Mall down the road in Forest Park continues to struggle to find lease commitments, leaving one of the largest shopping malls in the world mostly empty.  Tri County Mall has found itself in the hole by about $272 million, and is losing lease commitments rapidly.  Even the long-standing Spencer Gifts finally pulled out along with Chick-fil-A recently.  That is the sign of a dying mall.  The city of Springdale hopes that the new owners of the mall will have the opportunity and money to restore Tri-County Mall to greatness—and personally I hope so too.  I love the Tri-County Mall.  I grew up with it, and it has always been an important part of my life.  But when my own mother told me that she didn’t like to shop there any more, I knew it was doomed to failure because she isn’t alone.

When Tri County Mall allowed public busing to bring despots and welfare recipients from the inner city to the shopping experience of West Chester, they doomed themselves.  And to no fault of Tri County Mall social policies in the surrounding area from Sharonville to Fairfield of higher property taxes and commitments to public housing have destroyed their communities in many areas.  Those with money and value have consistently moved north over the years to run away from these destructive social policies which fail to understand that there are differences in human behavior, and some of those behaviors are not conductive to economic growth.  Tri County is the latest victim of this progressive ignorance in failing to fathom that the working poor, the down-and-out, and the members of society on government assistance are that way for a reason.

I have known people who have lost everything in life, and have rebounded back on their feet within a few years.  Businesses fail, tragedies happen, and life circumstances change.  But good people find a way to bounce back and become prosperous once again.  Then of course there are people who run across hard times and they never get back up.  These people tend to surrender the responsibility of their lives to public assistance, whether it is public transportation, housing, food or whatever program that the government supplies to help them.  The problem is that the two types of people do not mix well.  People who fight every day of their lives to improve themselves and do good things for themselves and others do not have anything in common with the person on public assistance.  If the government forces two men—one on public assistance and a “rich” man from the suburbs to sit down together and talk while in line at Tri County Mall, the later will not speak to the former and vice versa—because the two men have nothing in common beyond possibly support behind the local sports team.  Their lives and philosophies are radically different, and they are not compatible as two human beings.

When Tri Country Mall allowed the Orange bus line to come to the shopping complex, it allowed a slow influence of people from neighborhoods where drugs, crime, and public welfare are common to interact with well-to-do, upper middle-class shoppers who are uncomfortable associating with people who act as though they might try to rob them at any moment.  Teenage boys walking about with their pants down around their knees are not appealing.  No woman wants to shop at a high-class venue only to see packs of teenagers hooting and hollering unsupervised and looking dangerous.  Progressives have called these suburbanite women “snobs” for not wanting to share their shopping experience with such people.  They have also been called “racists” for participating in some mythical class warfare.   Instead of being called names the shoppers of Tri County Mall and Cincinnati Mills have stayed home or went else ware—such as to Kenwood Mall.  The two types of people are simply not compatible in the same setting.  Their quality of life is just too radically different, and quality is something that progressives always ignore in their social projects, which is why all their projects fail.

The feeling is that when Liberty Center opens that Tri County will sink, and that the Liberty Township development should be stopped because in addition to the amount of retail space it will suck away from complexes like Tri-County Mall, the movie theater isn’t needed.  The political mover speaking to me used the AMC Theater down the road in West Chester and the Springdale Showcase Cinema near Tri-County Mall as evidence that the area is over-saturated with movie theaters.  I pointed out that the AMC theater at The Streets of West Chester are havens for kids under the age of 21 and nobody wants to go there because of all the stupid kids.  The new Cobb Theater at Liberty Center will solve that problem, allowing me to take my wife to a movie without having to interact with pubescent majorities who are only five minutes out of their mother’s wombs.

The real issue is one of value, and failing to understand that value.  Value is determined by quality, and without some measure of quality, you get failure in any endeavor.  If the assumption is that all human beings are equal—well they are if only arms, legs and heads define a human being.  But if the kind of thoughts a person has is considered, and what they do with those thoughts, then quality becomes more than basic human function, and evolves into something much more complex.  That complexity is why Tri-County is failing and why new developments like Liberty Center are being pursued.

I personally am willing to go to the worst areas of any city at any time and do whatever I need to do.  In the past when I’ve needed a tire for a car I was selling, instead of getting one from the local tire store and paying $40 to $60, I would go down to Liberty Street in Over-the-Rhine and get a tire from the guys who operate a used tire refurbishing business for $5.  They change the tires right in the street mounted, balanced and everything in about 15 minutes.  I’ve walked the length of Vine Street from the University of Cincinnati to the river at 3 AM and managed just fine, so it doesn’t bother me to see a gang of thugs in the hallways of Tri-County Mall.  But I do find I can’t relax as I am always on the look-out for some little pick-pocket or despot to cat-call in my wife’s direction.  If I want to shop, I want to enjoy the experience.  If I want to fight, I’ll go where fights are common.  But it is unreasonable to expect suburban moms and dads to desire shopping in a hostile environment with people who are barely hanging on to life by their bad choices and a solid commitment to ignorance.

The Liberty Center project is a result of capitalism.  There is a market desire and the economic viability is present for such a thing to offer upscale options to a shopping public.  The Steiner Group has picked the location for demographic reasons.  It has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with the quality of the people in that demographic region.  There is no way on earth that such a project like Liberty Center would be proposed in Over-the-Rhine because the type of demographic group that could financially support such a project is not present.  The type who are, no longer wish to go to Tri-County Mall not because the mall is a bad one, but because the social interaction has changed the economic viability forever leaving Tri-County to rot in the same way that progressives destroy everything they put their hands and minds to.  The decisions one makes in their life has a major impact on the level of quality they offer the world.

The situation is so bad now in the Tri-County area that I no longer enjoy seeing movies at the Showcase Cinema which I have went to for nearly 40 years.  It is impossible to go there any more without seeing gangs of kids making out, walking around with disheveled appearances, and worrying about my car in the parking lot.  It is hard to relax and watch a movie because the type of people Springdale has allowed to take over their community does not respect private property, ownership, or personal value.  The result is that I tend to now see movies at the Regal in Mason, where I don’t have to worry about those kinds of things.  There are kids at that theater, but they are much better behaved as most of them come from complete families who live in the Deerfield Township area, where there is a mom and a dad living under the same roof.  But when the CineBistro comes to Liberty Center I will be there often and with much delight.  I will also thank capitalism for providing such options freeing my time and money from the social failures of progressive governments who wish to mix types of people together like a cook mixing ingredients that just don’t mix.  People of value do not enjoy spending time with people who value very little.  Those are the facts of life and the real meaning behind success and failure in business endeavors.  Tri-County Mall is not failing because it’s a bad mall; it’s the same mall that it always was.  But the people have changed, and that is a truly sad story for everyone involved.

Preventing Liberty Center from being constructed will not force the residents of Liberty Township and West Chester which number over 100,000 people to continue shopping at Tri-County, and going to see movies at the AMC Theater taken over by teen-aged kids, or Showcase surrounded by declining communities and broken family units.  It will simply halt economic activity.  Government manipulation of restrictive zoning will not force people like herds of cattle to destinations of desire by statist governments.  The independent nature of people with value will simply cause them to rebel in some other way and spend their money elsewhere.  The Orange bus line as a result will be dropping off despots to an empty mall at Tri-County because the social experiment of mixing “rich” and “poor” has failed—because the cause of wealth and lack of value was never identified.  And the heart of that difference is why CineBistro will be an astonishing success at Liberty Center even though they do not allow unsupervised children under the age of 21 to attend and will serve Moët Imperial  for $79 a bottle to each seat while Die Hard 10 starring a 75-year-old Bruce Willis kicks the crap out of bad guys on the silver screen……………….

………………………do you smell that………………………ahhhhhhh…………………………….CAPITALISM!

I can’t wait for the CineBistro at Liberty Center!

Rich Hoffman

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