Why Common Core is Bad for Children: Learn everything you need to know from Bill Gates funding to state law violations

Government schools, politicians, union leaders, and busy parents too wrapped up in their own lives to raise their children attempt to justify why they should surrender education to their local government-run school district, will declare that Common Core standards will help all children reach a level of excellence within the public school system.  Yet such an idea is only good from the perspective of the statist school designed by The United States Department of Education.  For any other freedom loving individual Common Core is a gross tyranny that attempts to break down the primary family influence in a child’s life and claim children as property of the state.  Common Core seeks to un-educate instead of create dynamic individuals who are free thinking and diverse in their thoughts and opinions.  Common Core is essentially the first step which leads to Aldous Huxley’s novel A Brave New World, yet for busy, young neurotic parents and politicians who would gladly sell their soul to an airport baggage handler in exchange for a strip tease lap dance, Common Core in education is their children’s salvation, because it promises to make their children into good people and repair their short-comings as parents.  Common Core was the brainchild of a former genius who was told by a statist society that they need to “give back” some of the vast wealth they’ve earned.  Years of guilt and family tradition have turned Bill Gates and his wife to education philanthropy to prove they are not terribly greedy, rich people—but caring contributors to ideas greater than themselves starting with children, even though Bill Gates dropped out of college to start Microsoft—a company that is leading the charge for Common Core.  These complicated dynamics were the subject of the May meeting at the West Chester Tea Party where Heidi Huber, one of the leaders of Ohioans Against Common Core, passionately explained the who, what, why, when, and where Common Core is targeting  young minds to destroy for the benefit of statist government intentions.  This group is leading the charge of taking Common Core out of our schools in Ohio.

I learned during my school levy fights at the Lakota school district that what Heidi stated in her speech was true.  Education is not designed for the children; it is designed for the adults who support a statist view of government.  This is why I moved my position from just a reformer of public education cost, to an advocate against public education completely—and instead favor competitive alternatives to drive the market cheaper with better results based on performance.  The biggest problem with Common Core is it’s far from competitive.  But don’t just take my word for it on this, feel free to watch ALL the videos provided here, and learn for yourself the severity of Common Core on children’s lives, and the future impact it will have on establishing a working philosophy for American society.  I reject the effectiveness of modern education based on the results it has currently provided, children who would rather participate in evasion rather than think—so public education is a dismal failure before the implementation of Common Core.  More of the same is simply not acceptable.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are being sold as a state led initiative that will bring quality education standards to our schools.  CCSS is an illegal overreach by the US Department of Education into local education.  CCSS are national standards which the federal government is forbidden by law from creating, which were developed by a group of progressive education “reformers” in D.C. and released under the auspices of two Washington trade groups.  Because those groups have members from the states, the creators claim this effort was ‘state-led.’  But state representatives had little or no meaningful input to the development process.

The states were coerced into accepting Common Core Standards as a requirement to apply for Race to the Top grant money and in order to receive a waiver from No Child Left Behind mandates.  Ohio’s State Board of Education along with former State Superintendent, De Delisle and Gov. Strickland signed onto this federal intrusion with the RTTT application on January 19, 2010.  Seeing this activity it was then that I decided to start the No Lakota Levy effort at my local school, to pick a large pristine school in Ohio that would get the attention of Columbus and let them know that they would get resistance to their far-reaching attempts to possess the minds of children with new impositions.  During that January 2010 RTTT application there was no legislative involvement.  Even today, legislators are in the dark about Common Core.  Deb Delisle was nominated by Pres. Obama and is currently an Asst. Secretary at the US Department of Education.  Small world……………..

The Ohio Constitution requires a State School Board to obtain legislative approval to change the state’s curriculum.  Common Core radicals in Columbus did not obtain this approval prior to or after signing on to CCSS.  Two consortia, SMARTER Balanced and PARCC, which are paid by the Department of Education with stimulus funds, have developed on-line assessments that are slated to replace the OGT test, but at a greater cost.  Estimates put that cost at more than two times the OGT test costs.  Because they are on-line tests, they will require school district to massively ramp up their technology inventory, at a time when school districts are already struggling to meet their existing operating costs because of their collective bargaining agreements with overly paid labor unions.  This will cause more school levy requests which fulfills the long stated goal of all statist government, to tax private property even more so to discourage property ownership—surrendering those rights to the state in exchange for cheaper lease rates from renting.  So Common Core for the statist government achieves two objectives, it attacks private property ownership, and placates the minds of generations of children with statist government philosophy breaking down the traditional family and replacing parental influence with “community ownership,” of children.

Home Schoolers and private schools cannot escape Common Core through self-instruction.  The Ohio Department of Education will only confer a high school diploma to students passing the new PARCC national standards assessment.  Lead author of Common Core, David Coleman, is now the president of the College Board, the developer of the SAT exam.  They have made it impossible for families to control their child’s education, which should enrage every American with a child.  The Feds, progressive “philanthropists” like Bill Gates and his wife, and the crony capitalists have taken over education.  If CCSS proponents have their way, all standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc) will align with CCSS forcing private schools and home school families to teach to the test or risk being unfairly evaluated for college and scholarship opportunities.  Personally, I think that if a parent sends their children to a modern college with unfocused goals and spends $50,000 to $100,000 on their college education to be turned into a liberalized buffoon, that parent is an idiot.  If the college taught conservative, or otherwise traditional values, that would be a different story, but they don’t.  They currently instruct students to be agents of a statist system, and the results to our country are quite obvious.

CCSS is part of a broader federal effort to collect huge amounts of personal student and family data (P-20 longitudinal data system).  This data, like that collected through the new health care mandate, will be shared among federal departments) e.g. HHS, Labor, Corrections) and private entities who claim a need to know for education purposes.  Ohio’s LSDS system was a Senate added amendment (post-committee) to HB290 and done under “emergency” measure in the last hours of the December 2009 session to meet the RTTT application compliance.  It is now law as ORC 3301.0712.

CCSS proponents said only English and Math standards were being crafted.  They said Social Studies and Science standards development might be far down the road.  With the consortia assessment structure in place, tests for these standards are almost a certainty.  Both these subjects have the potential to contain ideology with which local school districts may not agree.  States/local districts will not be able to change the standards, but our teachers and students will be evaluated based on them nonetheless.

Some contended that we need these standards because US students do not do as well as their foreign counterparts on national tests and that CCSS would be internationally benchmarked to help our students be more globally competitive.  This contention conveniently ignores the differences in how other countries administer these tests which skews their results.  Those other countries are also not “FREE” countries with a system of government that is unique to America.  Additionally, CCSS standards have not been internationally benchmarked as promised.  If Common Core Standards are so great, why did states have to be bribed with stimulus dollars and NCLB wavers?  Why is Governor Kasich so willing to advance this federal intrusion?  Well, for the same reason that Kasich is supporting Medicaid expansion—for federal dollars to help balance his budget.  It shows no respect for state sovereignty, citizen representation, or limited government.  It supports infinitely statist government perpetually with its implementation.

Common Core is evil, and parents who support it are stupid beyond definition.  They are surrendering the lives of their children to the doom of a statist government.  In political sciencestatism as defined by Wikipedia (Frenchétatisme) is the belief that a government should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree.[1][2][3][4] Statism is effectively the opposite of libertarianism.[1][2][3][4] Statism can take many forms. Minarchists prefer a minimal or night-watchman state to protect people from aggressiontheft, breach of contract, and fraud with militarypolice, and courts.[5][6][7][8] Some may also include fire departmentsprisons, and other functions.[5][6][7][8] Totalitarians prefer a maximum or all-encompassing state.[9][10][11][12][13] Big Governmentwelfare state, and other options make up the middle territory of the scale of statism.[14][15]

Some analyses [who?][16] use a dichotomy between state and market, viewing the state as a homogeneous institution capable of using political power to force policy on the market which is the sum of peaceful human action. Such an analysis depends on an elitist theory of power rather than a pluralist theory of power; that power is exercised by individuals and competing organizations within society.[17]

Authoritarianism, on the other hand, views a strong, authoritative state as required to legislate or enforce morality and cultural practices.[citation needed] The ideology of statism espoused by fascism holds that sovereignty is not vested in the people but in the nation-state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, prestige and well-being of the state. It repudiates individualism and the family and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by the Supreme Leader and nurtured by unity, force, and discipline.[citation needed] Fascism and some forms of corporatism extol the moral position that the corporate group, usually the state, is greater than the sum of its parts and that individuals have a moral obligation to serve the state.[citation needed]

The term statism is sometimes used to refer to market economies with large amounts of government intervention, regulation or influence over a market or mixed-market economyEconomic interventionism asserts that the state has a legitimate or necessary role within the framework of a capitalist economy by intervening in markets, attempting to promote economic growth and trying to enhance employment levels. Although this intervention may be undertaken in the name of the public interest, in many instances unintended consequences may ensue, to the opposite of those good intentions. For example, in one interpretation, the USA promoted the Federal National Mortgage Administration (FNMA) as a cure for widespread home ownership; however, coercion of banks to lend to multitudes of unqualified buyers, accentuated with unintended trading of the financial derivatives of these mortgages, led to a dramatic collapse of the housing market in the USA in the period 2008 to 2012.[19]

When career politicians are involved, what form of government would they logically pick?  Is it any wonder that their philosophy of statism is imprinted all over Common Core?  Failure to stop Common Core is the failure to exist as The United States of America.  It infringes upon everything Americans think of themselves, and it is happening right under everyone’s nose because parents refuse out of inconvenience to admit that they have a problem.  Over a year ago when I called out the PTA moms in my district and the parents who support school levies by essentially calling them prostitutes, I meant to insult them so that they might investigate my accusations and save themselves and their children from the course they are currently on.  Their blind acceptance of statism policies is allowing tyrannical concepts like Common Core to migrate into the minds of our children, which is unfathomably foolish.  They are too busy to pay attention the way people like me do to the status of public education and the conditions of society in general, and without their psychological investment into the world of government, statist policies will continue to favor people like Barack Obama, De Delisle, and David Coleman.

When kids picked on Bill Gates in elementary school for being a super geek, and his school teaching mother could not help him overcome those terrible bullies, Gates decided to place his fate in his own hands.  He dropped out of Harvard and started Microsoft.  But always in the back of his mind are those bullies, leaving Gates forever traumatized to the abuses of other bullies for the rest of his life no matter how many billions of dollars he has been able to ascertain to protect himself.  When Microsoft met the bully of the federal government who took Gates to court over monopoly accusations, the old sentiments for his mother probably kicked in and with the same determination that built Microsoft into a giant corporation of incalculable human benefit, Gates dedicated his life forever forward with evidence that he was not a greedy, heartless, “capitalist,” but a bleeding heart progressive like the rest of the government bullies hell-bent on global statism.   So he helped start a new cable television news channel called MSNBC and has spent around $30 billion dollars on philanthropy, to prove to those government bullies and statist leaning media outlets that he was not a bad person.  Gates might be a genius at computer code and forward thinking applications, but the money that he made off his inventions does not make him qualified to continue the teachings of his school teacher mother by supporting Common Core with a social philosophy that he does not understand.  Like most geek types, they are book smart, but socially awkward until they gain the kind of incredible wealth that Bill Gates has achieved where looters and moochers are constantly eating out of his hand giving him an illusion of power that he does not possess.  Only people willing to sell themselves cheaply treat people like Gates as an authority on all manner of life.  Gates is at a financial level where he has lost touch with reality, which is reflected in his advocacy of Common Core.  Bill Gates earns $250 every second; that’s about $20 million a day and $7.8 billion a year!  If Bill Gates drops a thousand-dollar bill, he needn’t even bother to pick it up, because it would take him 4 seconds to pick it up, he would’ve already earned it back.  Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ house worth of $150 million and annual taxes is over $1 million.  Bill Gates is worth enough money to send every 18-year-old in the country to a 4-year college.  If you change all of Bill Gate’s money to US $1 notes, you could make a road from earth to moon, 14 times back and forth. However, you have to make that road non-stop for 1,400 years, and use a total of 713 BOEING 747 planes to transport all the money.  Bill Gates can donate US $15 to everyone on earth and still be left with US $5 million for his pocket-money.  Yet with so much money, which he rightfully earned, statist bullies have taken his past torments and used them to their advantage—launching Gates on a progressive course that has ushered in Common Core as the single greatest threat launched against The United States.  The attack is not with physical weapons, but with the destruction of the human mind, and they performed the feat by using one of the richest men in the world to do it.


I know many very wealthy people, and they all share this symptom that is seen in Bill Gates, the social pressure to prove that they are not bad people because of their wealth.  But such a negative philosophy of wealth was created by statist governments so that they could find ways to get their hands on that money through altruistic practice.  And this is how Common Core has found its way into our schools, seeking to eradicate the minds of children everywhere to non-thinking commitment to a Brave New World right out of the novel written so long ago, yet coming true in 2013.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Common Core is illegal, especially in Ohio and it can be stopped.  To find out how, Visit the great web site at www.ohioansagainstcommoncore.com and find out how you can save children from the intrusive influence of Common Core before their minds are consumed by the evil mechanisms of statist government forever destroying families in the process by design for tactical aims that are more sinister than the most vivid imagination can conger.

Rich Hoffman

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