Even Presidents Break the Law: The cost of not having value.

It never ceases to amaze me that the immigration issue isn’t a clear-cut issue. The Arizona law SB1070 was an attempt by Arizona to get its problems under control. Yet, when it was enacted the violent reaction to it by portions of our demographic society was alarmingly coordinated.

For all the advocates of “open borders” they are quick to call people like the man in the video below as a “conspiracy theorist” or a “radical” because that man sees that it’s wrong to not have a border that is enforced with some authority. And he is angry that the federal government had the audacity to initiate legal action against a state, just for trying to protect its border from another country.

Anyone that has went to an exclusive nightclub, or a restaurant or even the latest and greatest ride at your local amusement park understands that good things often have a line. Good things come to those that wait. When someone works hard for something they often appreciated it.

Let me use another example. Sex used to have more value when women made men work for it. We live in a society that has cheapened everything, so it is difficult for people to see clearly the issue of border enforcement.

It is also difficult for people to understand that the Federal Government has no right to “sue” Arizona for even writing such a law as SB1070. Doing such a thing is a clear violation of the 10th Amendment. Look at this video that I did with some friends of mine to explain the Tenth Amendment. I’ve put this video on another blog, but felt I should repeat it here in the context of the Federal Government imposing itself upon Arizona.

Over the summer of 2010 I interviewed Sheriff Jones of Butler County, Ohio who has been trying to convince Ohio to enact similar legislation as Arizona’s SB1070. He has gone so far to explore the possibility of suing the entire country of Mexico for the terrible cost it imposes on the United States. Why? Well, I’ll let the Sheriff explain it himself.

The ideology of the more liberal of America’s population want the border issue cheapened, which is why they are so upset that people like Sheriff Jones, and states like Arizona that are trying to bring value back to what being an American Citizen is.

If only all people would see that being an American should have continued value, and advocating a one world “Open Society” is a foolish enterprise. Making something less valuable so that other places won’t seem so bad is a terribly naive strategy.
And it’s not only bad policy, but it’s technically illegal. The danger is the parties involved in forcing Arizona to back off SB1070 are doing so with the assumption that they can actually bend the will of law to their philosophy through the coercion of imposed case-law.

What brought all this to my mind is that Ohio is about to implement S.B.5 which will end collective bargaining in Ohio, and the behavior of “progressive groups” are already attempting to apply pressure in order to maintain the years of coercion they have imposed on the state through legislation, which is bankrupting the state. And now that the state is trying to get things under control, the forces of power are showing themselves.

It’s important that Americans understand what their rights are and how things are supposed to work. Because there are groups that will manipulate the truth to suit their own selfish needs, or political ideology and they’ll do it without any regard for the law.

SB1070 proves that not even the President of the United States is immune to such an act. And for that we should all be extremely cautious.

Rich Hoffman