Union Thugs Protest S.B.5: Explore the mind of a radical union supporter

Here is footage from the testimony over Senate Bill 5 on Tuesday, February 15th.

Why can’t people understand the reason Ohio has huge budget deficits? I cover that issue in the following video. The end of the video has Scott Sloan of 700 WLW reading the teacher contract of a large Southern Ohio school. Is it any wonder collective bargaining has damaged our state budgets. Listen for yourself:

Yet explanations like what I provided in that video are just too simple for the people who have made careers for themselves out of confusing everyone and profiting off the chaos. And that’s what Union Thugs are all about.

Is a thug the right word? The definition of a thug is somebody, especially a criminal, who is brutal and violent, judge for yourself with the following information.

What is the typical union thug like? I’m not talking about good people who happen to work in a unionized organization. I’m talking about the people who organize and participate in protests, strikes and the type of lobbying that goes on in state and federal governments.

As the rhetoric escalates around the S.B 5 bill those organizations that have made a living off the tax payer dollar are obviously concerned, and they should be. It was their union leaders that did not regulate themselves and ran the costs of the public employee to an unreasonably high amount.

I’ve received a lot of nasty notes and emails, which I enjoy. But there was one that I show below which wa clean enough, and hits the important issues that I think it worthy to publish here because it displays the mentality of many involved in protests of S.B 5. This is an organized effort to attack this bill, and the people who support it. These people are being fueled by their leaders through email campaigns, and it is through this type of attempted intimidation that the operating costs were increased to the level they are currently, and the reason we need S.B 5 to help Ohio sort through this kind of rhetoric and solve some budget problems.

Doc Thompson also had a union thug campaign coming at him also. Listen to him discuss it here.

The letter that was sent to me is shown in bold print below; I left the misspellings the way the guy who wrote them sent it. Then my response to each paragraph is in parentheses and italics.  You can see the whole letter in the comment section of this article:  https://overmanwarrior.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/the-sexy-senate-seduction-s-b-5-an-introduction-to-collective-bargaining-reform-in-ohio/


I find your lies and destructive intent astounding. You display the outright greed and despicable corporate defender attitude that would make Boss Tweed very proud.

As a greed-first capitalist you are more than willing to complain that we aren’t sucking the Big Business teat enough…MORE for big business! More MORE!

(this is a common strategy for union bosses and radical members. They create an “us versus them” mentality that they are on the side of the little guy, fighting for the working class person. Then they try to paint their opponent, in this case me in a marketable and degrading way. Such as the “greed first term.” This person has no idea that I’m a greed first capitalist. I am a capitalist, but I’m certainly not greedy, never have been. And I’ve fought greedy people all my life. But this person knows that their members aren’t very smart so they have to paint the picture in duality, such as worker versus the evil corporation. And what’s my destructive intent. I think it should be illegal for public workers to unionize and I don’t want my tax dollars spent on that activity. How is that bad? You see, even questioning them makes you greedy. That is a designed strategy to make the mass of the REAL middle-class not to question them, because nobody wants to be called names.)

Oh, but teachers, those greedy bloodsuckers, THEY are ripping us off, robbing taxpayers blind. Right.

(I have been asking our local school board to live within their $160 million dollar budget and to not continue to come back to the tax payer for more and more taxes. Taxes are already so high in our district that it makes it unattractive for real estate investors. When I looked into the reason for the escalating costs it turned out to be “step increases” for teachers that were averaging $62K a year. THAT’s THE AVERAGE! And those same teachers had just threatened a strike in 2010 just before asking the community for a new levy. And in 2008 they threatened another strike and their primary issue was wages and benefits. As a result of that it was discovered that most of the school budget of $160 million was tied up almost 80% in wages. The taxes are already very high for residents of the community, so taxes should not be increased any higher. Yet the school board said its hands were tied because state laws required them to increase the budget size to fulfill the contract obligations. After the levy failed, the union made no attempt to work with the community. It was determined that the unions only care for their own interests, and not how they fit into the economics of the community. So legislation must be introduced to protect tax payers from union greed which shows no sign of ending. It is greed because when an organization expects more and more without caring where the money comes from, they are only thinking with their own needs.)

You are a sick disgusting (several extremely descriptive expletives deleted) who can’t wait to turn Ohio into a wasteland of stupid kids ripe for mindless thankless benefitless jobs that your beloved Big Business is more than happy to provide, especially when you wipe out the minimum wage (damned greedy poverty-level unskilled workers!), sick leave, and as much of the rights and benefits that workers have fought and died for over the history of this great nation as you can. You and your fellow Greed Over People party pals are well on your way.

What you advocate is nothing less than a return to sweatshops, eighty-hour workweeks, and non-existent disability or unemployment protection. You’ll do it with a thousand tiny cuts, and in the end the state of Ohio will indeed bleed. It will hemorrhage skilled educators and teachers, administrators and children in search of reasonable compensation or education beyond that needed to operate a drive-thru headset. Soon enough no one will have to worry about school levies in Ohio, because there won’t be a decent school or educator in the entire state to see it voted down.

(Here is the name calling. When someone is out of ideas and can’t argue facts they resort to name calling. And they also profess to be able to predict the future with the direst consequences, using such terms as wasteland, and sweatshops. This person also assumes I’m lock step with a political party, which I’m not. They say such things because it fits their small view of the world. The Progressive Party started in 1910 really, and then progressed in power till 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt took control of the party because Taft had won the Republican nomination. Roosevelt wanted so badly to become president again, and to beat Taft that he took on the platform of the Progressive Party which consisted of minimum wage and workplace standards, compensation for job related injuries, strengthen the pure-food law of 1906, institute a system of social insurance with medical coverage for the poor, an income-tax amendment to the Constitution, a commission to inquire into the rising cost of living, and the ability to regulate interstate industrial corporations along with the new concept of the women’s suffrage movement. Unions take credit for all those things, but it was wealthy Republican defectors that were on a religious crusade that split the party and started those ideas which 100 years later we have a report card of where it took us. Some things were good, some things weren’t. However, when unions attached themselves to the progressive platform they have made it impossible for us to go back and fix the things that were broken from that original ideology, and keep the things we find useful. And yes, religion was the centerpiece of the Progressive Party. They sung “Onward Christian Soldiers” while they had their National Convention in Chicago on August 6th 1912. Now progressives, like the author of this letter obviously is, even if they don’t realize that’s what they are, have lost the meaning of religion where it interfered with politics. They didn’t care if their policies were unconstitutional, because they were on a religious crusade to “change the world.” This author proclaims that society will go back to 80 hour week sweat shops. Such a statement is hardly worth commenting on, only most of these radicals protesting outside the State House, and pleading for the status quo actually believe that will happen, because their leaders, their shepherds tell them that distorted fact. And since they are often young, or over-paid and know they can’t make that type of money in the private sector put on the dunce cap and let others do their thinking for them. Schools will become good, and competitive at a much reduced cost. Bad teachers will be removed quickly and good ones will be inserted without a lot of fuss, which is how it needs to be. Teachers like Ryan Fahrenkemp of Lakota, and Stacy Schuler of Mason were hiding their devious acts behind the security of their very protective contract and nobody wanted to deal with it because it is too difficult. School Boards are toothless. The real teeth are in the unions. With S.B.5 teachers will be paid well because parents show they want teachers to teach their children. But the costs will be managed and not become outrageous such as the teachers that are making over 90K a year. At some point step increases must be controlled so the budgets aren’t broken by such behavior, and that is one of the greatest aspects of S.B. 5.)

I find it hysterical in a profoundly sad way that you think our (state’s) treatment of business outrageous (how can we get business if we don’t allow them to rape our state without lubrication for obscene profit?) but you think teachers should work for the sheer love of it, and the $10 a week you want to pay them. Idiot.

(Here is another common theme from these people; they don’t understand what goes on in the mind of a person that creates a job. Entrepreneurs need the ability to attempt and fail, and attempt again. When too many regulations are in front of business, they are likely to not bring business to the state in favor of a state with less regulation. For instance, OSHA is set up as a safety organization within the state. But like many such organizations the power it wields is subject to abuse. Instead of being a regulatory agency that protects the workers of the state they are known for fining companies as a way to raise revenue. A program started with good intentions ends up becoming just a troll charging to cross a bridge, it’s the cost of doing business as they see it. That’s the reputation anyway, so if you were a company wanting to locate to a Midwest location, would you pick Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio, with Ohio being known for having an extorting regulation arm of the government? High paid unionized workers are discouraging for potential employers because they don’t want to be stuck in the situation that the schools are currently in. Employers can’t go to the tax payers to bail them out, unless they’re a company like GM. So they’ll go to a state without such limits. Now the union bosses seek to impose on every state the same, so business will have no place to go. Currently, SEIU is on a campaign to bring unionized workers to every country in the world, so that companies cannot move their operations overseas. That’s how out of touch those people are. Everywhere they are strong, business looks elsewhere. That is why they are looked upon as a social disease to those that don’t directly benefit. And who’s the idiot here? I’d say it’s the fool looking o the past and clinging to the status quo)

You had better pray I never attain any level of public office, because you, Sir, are a traitor to this nation, a servant of corporate interests at the expense of our education, our health, and in fact our very survival. You would be lucky to escape being shot into the Sun on a fast rocket for your attempts to make our next generation sick, fat, stupid, and rightless.

(Now this is pretty nasty, calling me a traitor. To whom am I a traitor? And I should pray? Sounds like a threat to me. Where in the Constitution of the United States does it state I as an American am supposed to support unionized workers with tax dollars. And we are all servants to corporate interests, because without corporate interests there aren’t any jobs. Secondly, consider the mentality of this person, as the mind of a child. They are proposing that someday when they get to public office that they would be able to shoot me with a rocket into the sun? Just to construct that sentence reveals the mind of a child like presence, and this is a person to lecture ANYBODY on policy?)

You and your treasonous ilk will destroy any landscape, enslave any people, allow American citizens to die and go bankrupt and lose their house and see their entire life’s work utterly destroyed to pay your corporate masters enough filthy profit to build a solid gold garage next to their solid gold house to hold their solid gold Hummer.

(Here is more of that inflammatory rhetoric again. He is proclaiming that voting for S.B.5 will enslave American citizens. He says citizens will DIE, and lose their homes. The fear mongering is so extreme that he says people will lose their whole life’s work if S.B.5 is passed. How preposterous! I know a lot of people who don’t work for unions that are not part of the corporate machine, and do very well for themselves. These union types are so “addicted” to collective bargaining that they can’t even imagine life without it, yet life will go on. There will be more jobs, not less, ironically. Because these people don’t understand the basics of economics, they can’t understand how jobs will appear. It’s like explaining to a child why we have seasons. Children don’t have enough experience to see the difference in seasons let alone understand how they are caused by the earth rotating around the sun in an elliptical orbit. A similar principle is acknowledged in understanding economics. If the basics cannot be understood, all these union types know to do is complain and hold up signs hoping that in mass they can put peer pressure on lawmakers like a crying child screams for a candy bar in a grocery store. And why do these types of people all think rich people drive Hummer’s. I don’t know a single person that has a Hummer. This guy is just showing that he says what other people, union leaders in this case, tell him to think.)

This was not the “liberty” our founders had in mind, the ‘liberty’ to strip American citizens of basic human rights and turn this nation into a desperate, servile and defenseless labor pool much like the one China boasts. You deserve nothing less than to be stripped of your citizenship and deported forthwith for your efforts to undermine the people of the United States.
F*** Y**.

(It is interesting that this guy proposes that I lose my citizenship for not wanting to fund unions off tax dollars. This patriotic slant from unions is an attempt to diminish the influence of Tea Parties. To justify this patriotism Progress Ohio has on it’s site a letter from President Eisenhower from 1955, well before the radical issues of the 1960’s, in a hope that unions would work well with the country in establishing healthy labor policies. This letter was an attempt to reach out to union leaders of the AFL-CIO in good faith.
Dwight Eisenhower December 4th 1955
Mr. Meany, Mr. Schnitzler, members of the Executive Council,
Delegates to this Convention and ladies and gentlemen of the
AFL-CIO everywhere in America:
You of organized labor and those who have gone before you in the union movement have helped make a unique contribution to the general welfare of the Republic–the development of the American philosophy of labor. This philosophy, if adopted globally, could bring about a world, prosperous, at peace, sharing the fruits of the earth with justice to all men. It would raise to freedom and prosperity hundreds of millions of men and women–and their children–who toil in slavery behind the Curtain.
One principle of this philosophy is: the ultimate values of mankind are spiritual; these values include liberty, human dignity, opportunity and equal rights and justice.
Workers want recognition as human beings and as individuals-before everything else. They want a job that gives them a feeling of satisfaction and self-expression. Good wages, respectable working conditions, reasonable hours, protection of status and security; these constitute the necessary foundations on which you build to reach your higher aims.
Moreover, we cannot be satisfied with welfare in the aggregate; if any group or section of citizens is denied its fair place in the common prosperity, all others among us are thereby endangered.
The second principle of this American labor philosophy is this: the economic interest of employer and employee is a mutual prosperity.

Their economic future is inseparable. Together they must advance in mutual respect, in mutual understanding, toward mutual prosperity. Of course, there will be contest over the sharing of the benefits of production; and so we have the right to strike and to argue all night, when necessary, in collective bargaining sessions. But in a deeper sense, this surface struggle is subordinate to the overwhelming common interest in greater production and a better life for all to share.

The American worker strives for betterment not by destroying his employer and his employer’s business, but by understanding his employer’s problems of competition, prices, markets. And the American employer can never forget that, since mass production assumes a mass market, good wages and progressive employment practices for his employee are good business.
The Class Struggle Doctrine of Marx was the invention of a lonely refugee scribbling in a dark recess of the British Museum. He abhorred and detested the middle class. He did not foresee that, in America, labor, respected and prosperous, would constitute–with the farmer and businessman–his hated middle class. But our second principle–that mutual interest of employer and employee–is the natural outgrowth of teamwork for progress, characteristic of the American economy where the barriers of class do not exist.

The third principle is this: labor relations will be managed best when worked out in honest negotiation between employers and unions, without Government’s unwarranted interference.

This principle requires maturity in the private handling of labor matters within a framework of law, for the protection of the public interest and the rights of both labor and management. The splendid record of labor peace and unparalleled prosperity during the last 3 years demonstrates our industrial maturity.

Some of the most difficult and unprecedented negotiations in the history of collective bargaining took place during this period, against the backdrop of non-interference by Government except only to protect the public interest, in the rare cases of genuine national emergency. This third principle, relying as it does on collective bargaining, assumes that labor organizations and management will both observe the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and concern for the national welfare.

You are more than union members bound together by a common goal of better wages, better working conditions, and protection of your security. You are American citizens.

The roads you travel, the schools your children attend, the taxes you pay, the standards of integrity in Government, the conduct of the public business is your business as Americans. And while all of you, as to the public business, have a common goal–a stronger and better America–your views as to the best means of reaching that goal vary widely, just as they do in any other group of American citizens.

So in your new national organization, as well as in your many constituent organizations, you have a great opportunity of making your meetings the world’s most effective exhibit of democratic processes. In those meetings the rights of minorities holding differing social, economic, and political views must be scrupulously protected and their views accurately reflected. In this way, as American citizens you will help the Republic correct the faulty, fortify the good, build stoutly for the future, and reinforce the most cherished freedoms of each individual citizen.

This country has long understood that by helping other peoples to a better understanding and practice of representative government, we strengthen both them and ourselves. The same truth applies to the economic field. We strengthen other peoples and ourselves when we help them to understand the workings of a free economy, to improve their own standards of living, and to join with us in world trade that serves to unite us all.

In the world struggle, some of the finest weapons for all Americans are these simple tenets of free labor. They are again: mart is created in the Divine image and has spiritual aspirations that transcend the material; second, the real interests of employers and employees are mutual; third, unions and employers can and should work out their own destinies. As we preach and practice that message without cease, we will wage a triumphant crusade for prosperity, freedom, and peace among men.
To close, it is fitting that we let our hearts be filled with the earnest prayer that, with the help of a kind Providence, the world may be led out of bitterness and materialism and force into a new era of harmony and spiritual growth and self-realization for all men. Thank you very much.

Dwight Eisenhower December 4th 1955

That’s how far back unions have reached in an attempt to find a position in which to bring patriotism to their cause. They are using the words of the Republican President Eisenhower as if they used those words on their own. We know the history from that point, which has only diminished as union leaders became drunk with power morphing into the tyrants they sought to protect people from. This brings us to the modern-day, where the unions hold so much power that the public officials elected to positions to do the business of the people, cannot do that business because those contracts formed under collective bargaining are too costly and restrictive that tax payers can no longer out of their good natures, continue to fund these activities at the expense to themselves.

And this uneducated, naïve apologist for organized labor has the belief to actually articulate the words that I should lose my citizenship for questioning collective bargaining motives is completely lost to what America is and has strived to be. These are only the mutterings of a radical that attempts with verbal intimidation in this case, or physical intimidation in others, and with mass protests and strikes to coerce out of employers a job with decent wages.

I have never wished to have a union position or the wages that are associated with them, because I always wanted the freedom to think and bargain for myself. I would never trade away that freedom for some collective herd mentality. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the money can’t flow forever. Collective bargaining is really just a hot potato game and when the music stops, nobody wants to be holding the ball. Union members for years have been hoping that they can intimidate the people who have their finger on the button to keep them from stopping the music. But the music has stopped, not because anybody pushed the button, but because the song finally ran out. And the people holding the ball now are scared, angry, and ill prepared because what was promised to them isn’t coming true. And they are so mindless that they only know to lash out at the people who point out to them what should be easy for them to see.

Instead they carry signs, make phone calls and try to intimidate anyone they can hoping the music will begin again, and they can return to their life of security under the umbrella of collective-bargaining. But that song will never play again. Not because the republicans are a bunch of “big mean people.” Not because the Tea Party people are “tea baggers” or because the corporations are out to kill Americans and all their babies. But because American society has been burnt by the greed of those union minorities, and the scam they pulled over the eyes of our constitutional obligations.

If anybody should be cussing people out it should be those of us that were lied to, an manipulated by the type of rhetoric leveled at me in letters like this. Because in those words is the heart of a thug that only care for themselves at the expense of taxpayers everywhere.)