The Latest on School Choice: And Death Threats to Scott Walker

For the latest on what’s happening regarding School Choice up at the capital, here is some testimony from Representative Matt Huffman from Lima, Ohio given on February 16th, 2011. There are plans to expand the voucher program which is an encouraging sign for those of us that are pushing for 100% eligibility in the state.

Here are some testimonies from parents speaking for the merit of the School Choice program.

This program will go a long way to solving many of the education funding issues we have in the State of Ohio by introducing competition to the mix. I’ll post more as I get it. There’s a long way to go, but this is a big first step.

Now, for those who are on the fence with this issue have a look at these students and what they put on Twitter during the Wisconsin protests.  We need to pull our kids back into reason.  We need to bring competition to education so radical educators will lose their voice in the free market system.  It’s of utmost importance.   

If we just let this whole system go without serious reforms it will just get worse.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Warrior of the Week: Governor John Kasich

There comes a chance only a few times in a century for people of a state, or nation to define themselves through their actions in a great epic battle of some age-long warfare. Battles and wars are not always fought with bullets, knives, aircraft or missiles. Some of the most violent battles in the history of the planet never directly shed a drop of human blood, but created ideology that steered the course of the human race through ideas. Those battles take place in courthouses, statehouses, and Capital Hill where the warriors dress in business apparel wielding pens across paper with destructive effect.

Such activity is not what many in mainstream America consider to be war however, and that is why organized labor and other progressive platforms have migrated like a sickness into our legislative process to the point where it threatens our very existence. Collective bargaining has been for Ohio a kind of Trojan Horse where on the outside it’s an appealing device, but hidden within is an army intent to devour everything in its path once behind the walls of their enemy.

Ohioans are now aware that something is wrong behind our walls, from within our state borders, and they elected a governor in John Kasich to deal with that threat directly, and swiftly. That threat is nothing short of our economic vitality and future survival. So it is with great honor that I name Governor John Kasich as the “Warrior of the Week” while he must look out across the lawns of the statehouse in Columbus and see the mass of people intent on further destruction of our state economy and hold steadfast to the ideas for which he believes.

Such boldness as exhibited by Governor Kasich is rare in people, as the intent of these protests that will intensify at the start of Februarys last week, is to rattle his mind. Listen to Kasich behind the scenes here.

Those protestors, many of which are good people caught up in a bad system, just as soldiers on a battlefield are not evil taken by themselves, yet the minds behind the movement represent much of what’s wrong with our State and Nation. The architects of these protests reveal their malicious intent behind protest signs and chants. Sadly the majority of the state that stands behind the Governor is busy at their work, contributing to their families, and communities. While the protesters hope to erode away the resolve of our elected representatives with mass, the truth of their strategy will soon collapse the protestor’s objective.

As seen in Wisconsin, doctors have been on hand to pass out “false” doctors excuses so those teachers protesting can still retain their jobs. As groups like SEIU and the Huffington Post have put their resources to work in an attempt to apply “mass” bringing in people from out of the state to make the movement appear larger than it is, the reality is that hotel rooms and local economies are seeing business that they otherwise wouldn’t have experienced, and that is good for the cities of these protests. The protesters do not have the financial resources to maintain crowds of 70K or more for long. They will run out of sick days and vacation time in the not too distant future. The shock factor and media blitz will wear off and the reality of the situation will become obvious quickly. The true majority will finally have its voice heard over these loud chants from the minorities that pack these state houses. For the way to beat the protestors is to take away their quick emotional victory and spend them into their own destruction, which is what, will happen.

Governor Kasich in Ohio is the kind of man that sees through the chaos to the end result, and that makes him unique. I personally hope that SEIU and the President’s Organizing for America groups send a lot of people to Columbus. Ohio’s hotel chains and downtown businesses will enjoy the increase in business. But the intimidation that is intended will fall on deaf ears, because Governor Kasich is not governor of Ohio to be a career politician. Kasich is Governor of Ohio to do a specific job, and that’s what he’s doing.

I can say that I know many thousands of people in Southern Ohio that are behind his efforts and the efforts of Shannon Jones, along with all the bold legislators that are taking the big steps to do truly good things in the face of attempted coercion.

There isn’t any walking the plank alone this time for this Governor. Ohio has over a decade of frustration that is ready to be unleashed at the voting booth. Governor Kasich is just the first of these reformers. So after the protestors in Columbus run out of their own sick days, and money, once the hotel rooms are back to regular occupancy, Kasich will have a passed Senate Bill 5 in front of him to sign. And he has an entire state hungry for his signature. And for a change, Ohio has a governor with the guts, and fortitude to put a signature on a document like S.B.5 and to win a victory on this battlefield for the fate of Ohio’s future that will live on for generations.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior