I Don’t Want My Money Going to a Union: End of Story!

Why is it so difficult to understand that people like me, don’t want my tax money to go to a public union? I don’t want my money spent on union activity of any kind. End of story. I’m willing to go along with what society wants, but I personally think unions as an institution are un-American, socialist fronts and I want no part of them. I’ve thought that for years, well before it became popular. So to me, S.B.5 is not nearly strong enough.

Doc Thompson covers the latest with S.B.5 as Dan Hennessey of the Lebanon Tea Party reports from Columbus with a fantastic, and fair interview.

Virtually everyone covering this story of union influence assumes that public sector unions have always existed. And those that work in those unions actually believe they have a human right to certain benefits. I’ve said it more than once; unions have a right to exist. But I don’t want to pay for that activity because I do not believe in them. Their view of the world is unproductive and naive. Listen for yourself.  This audio clip is a song endorsed by SEIU.  Gives you a great insight to their mentality. 

I’ve worked in a union establishment during the 2000 election between Al Gore and George Bush and was told by the union to vote for Al Gore. Well, I never paid any dues to the union, I had no desire to be a part of the union, and I certainly wasn’t about to vote for someone they told me to vote for.

I have told my union story in another article. Feel free to have a look. The short argument is that I, as an American citizen, should have a “right” not to feed an organization that I believe makes other Americans dependent, weak, emotionally soft, collectively oriented, psychologically off balance, and behave like a crime syndicate. I believe so strongly about it that I don’t even like to put money into the movie industry, because of the union activity. I feel the same about sports. I like both entertainment venues, but I do avoid spending money on those activities because they have large unions. I think there is a real danger of there not even being a professional football season this year because of the collective bargaining situation emerging in the NFL and it makes me sick!

It is disgusting to listen to union bosses complain that Governor Walker and Governor Kasich are rushing through legislation to bust unions, that there isn’t a place at the table for unions to negotiate. For years, the public unions have pushed politicians with EXTREME aggression. It’s always been a one way street. The union has superseded management in most every case. It doesn’t work. Union leadership has proven over the decades that they cannot self-regulate.

In Ohio only 655,000 people belong to a union both public and private. That’s 13.7 percent of the 4,787,000 people employed in the state. Yet this minority has dictated an extraordinary expense upon the tax payers through taxes improperly collected and distributed.

There are Republicans that cannot stomach their emotional attachment to the marketing tactics of firefighters, police and teachers in order to do what is right, because they are guilty in their past of pandering to these groups for their own climb to power. What those Republicans fail to understand is that what is going on in America is there is a real desire to do what’s right, even if it hurts.

The Republicans that are of that selfish ilk, they care about issues so long as their world is convenient. Those are the conservatives that have made the conservative philosophy look bad for years. They are Republicans because it makes them money. They are the first Judas’s to report to a Roman guard what goes on in the garden in order to save their own necks, and this again is a pathetic by-product of the unions which have subsequently weakened our society. Lawyers, and police heads that are Republicans, but benefit off of legal antics driven by union activity, they have difficulty thinking clearly. These people are the type of Republicans that say ending collective bargaining is a bad political move because the unions have the power to put the issue on a referendum to overturn such a law as S.B.5 proposes to do. Those Republicans are afraid that they will lose office holders in the next election if such bold legislation is created.

What those Republicans don’t take into account is that if collective bargaining is ended, and Ohio becomes a right to work state, and the economy begins to show signs of improvement by 2012, and 2014 the other 86.3% will forgive any anxiety that comes from S.B.5. If the unions attempt a referendum, the old school Republicans underestimates the ability of the Tea Party in Ohio to campaign against the referendum. They are content to allow 13.7% of the population to manipulate the rest of the state. We know there will be police, firefighters, and teachers wrapping themselves in the flag to manipulate the voting public. And we know the inner cities will vote their way. But times are changing and people are waking up. I believe a referendum against the organized crime tactics used by these unions could be turned against them if they’d try such a thing, and that is a battle I’d willingly take part in.

This battle that is taking place is more than Republicans versus Democrats, or Tea Parties versus unions, but of the establishment versus the new breed. I would contend that the soft position of some Republicans has more to do with control than anything. It has to be difficult for them to see that Shannon Jones, who is a fairly new senator has proposed such aggressive, sweeping legislation, because after all, for those that have been in the State House for years have toed the line and played the game. They desire to put their own touches to a bill like S.B.5 so they can stake their claims to the success.

I can say that I’m sick of the whole process. I don’t want my money going to unions. I don’t want to see my elected representatives playing politics either. I don’t care if that’s how it’s been done in the past. We’re talking about the future, and I don’t want to see that kind of thing going on. My position is that it should not be going on. Politics and political parties are something to be thrown out the window.

Do something bold, get rid of collective bargaining. Get rid of the money and influence built around the Democratic Party. And don’t play politics like it’s a football game where there are this many Republicans and this many Democrats and whoever has the majority wins. Take the chips off the table and the majority concerns with it. Take away the special interest of union influence and lets see what Ohioans really think politically, and we’ll have a better representation of what the state really wants from its elected officials.

I don’t want to support public unions with my tax money. Get it! Keep the firefighters, the police, and the teachers, but drop the union. Union influence is as wrong as the definition of wrong can be.

Rich Hoffman


17 thoughts on “I Don’t Want My Money Going to a Union: End of Story!

  1. I’d like to give you a deep, thought-provoking comment..but I’m at a loss for words.
    That’s all I’ve got. That’s all that’s needed.


  2. I’m taking a beating on Facebook by supporting SB5 while living in Chillicothe, OH and home to a few prisons and more than a few prison employees. I am posting what Ross County Prison employees have written and am asking/begging for ur (smarter than me) responses! Another question; Do prison employees have an option to be union or non-union??? I would really like the answer to this question, please.

    Please chime in regarding what is below;

    CEM (My Friend): So Dave(I’m Dave), why are they standing in line?(She is referring to unemployment lines) The dept. is hiring! I mean a public worker is the cream of the crop so they need to apply!…oh, thats right many prefer to do nothing except sit on their butts and cash their check and complain about others!…careful who you try to throw under the bus!…I’m sure your sister likes having a job also . . . ‎…and supports collective bargaining…!…this is simply a case of should the employer (Ohio) be a dictator or should the employee have a voice on the job…
    (My sister is a Principle at the local high school)


    1. They don’t have a choice yet, but that is one of the things being discussed. As to the rest of the comments, the tax payer is not a dictator. These people forget who they work for. It’s not some faceless politician in Columbus. It’s all of us.


  3. I agree with you 100%. The fact that Wisconsin has doubled the dollars invested in education, but that the test scores have bottomed out is proof positive that more money and better benefits is definitely not the answer. School choice is the only answer. Give the students a voucher and let the parents decide. I
    would love to invest in a “Latin School” concept that really challenges the students. I bet my stock would go through the ceiling and the students would excel academically.

    Two thirds of Wisconsin 8th graders can’t read.
    32% earned a “Proficient” rating
    2% earned an “Advanced” rating
    66% scored below “proficient”

    As Doc says, “Wisconsin teachers went on strike a long time ago.”


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