Trolley Car of Terror: Breaking the Budget of Cincinnati Soon

One of the problems with a representative government is if the per capita population is of a certain class, or political persuasion then the representatives will likely represent those people in political ideology. And if those values of the population are built on entitlements, and liberal ideas, it is no surprise that the city councils and mayors will seem to reflect that hand-out culture.

Cities for decades have lost some of their best and brightest residents to the suburbs while the percentage of the population that embraces welfare policies have migrated to the cities where protection of their entitlements are safe from public scrutiny.

The Streetcar in Cincinnati is just one such project that is supported by a clueless city council and liberal mayor. To them, the 50 million the project will cost comes from some giant government entity in the land of Obama where the money grows on trees and is handed out to needy citizens, so the streetcar cost is not of consequence.

Instead, the mayor and liberal council members are looking at old data of their favorite cities and wanting to bring the nostalgia of a streetcar to the streets of Cincinnati.

Listen to Doc Thompson discuss this issue with Chris Finney of COAST.

What these political representatives admit by endorsing this streetcar is that they have no idea of how to lure talent and corporations back to the city. They cling to silly ideas like a trolley car and think young people and companies will find it an attractive magnet to industrious behavior within the city. When the reality is it is just another example of ignorant politicians grabbing for straws while they blow their own horns of accomplishment. True reform to a city can’t happen in an election cycle, and the residents they represent may not understand good business practice. A trolley car is something that people can see, so it gives the elected officials something to take credit for.

How many projects like this trolley car project have been implemented over the years for just such a silly reason? How many bridges were built for the same reason? How many ridiculously expensive projects implemented only for the protection of a political seat.

That’s all this $50 million trolley car in Cincinnati is. It’s a waste of money. It’s an appeasement to a population with a short attention span and it is actually technically going backwards instead of forward with use of technology.

If this project was regulated to only Cincinnati and these clueless politicians end up bankrupting the city continuing to drive away companies and talented people leaving only the portion of the population desiring entitlements, then Cincinnati will become bankrupt, and will fail as a city. The problem, in the end is that the state of Ohio won’t be able to let a city fail, so the tax payers of Ohio will have to bail this city out even though the politicians have shown they don’t have fiscal understanding and can’t manage their own finances. So the Ohio tax payer will compensate for the politicians bad, foolish decisions.

That’s why I’m a huge “NO” on the trolley car in downtown Ohio. There are other forms of transportation and if the Cincinnati Reds, or the Cincinnati Bengals or the new Casino wants a way to get young people transported from Clifton to the Riverfront, well then let them pay for it. Cincinnati built to stadiums that are putting serious financial strain on the city. $50 million more for a useless form of transportation that is only attractive to the entitlement culture is not a wise use of taxpayer funds.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior