Collective Bargaining by the Numbers: The impact on state budgets

Here is some video from the House Floor involving Senate Bill 5.

Should these union employees be upset? No, public sector jobs have for a long time been immune to the economic pressures imposed on the communities that must pay for them. Over the last decade taxpayers have watched a majority of the public sector jobs, particularly teachers, police officers, and others outpace their own wages. And with the union contracts strain on budgets, management has their hands tied on how to deal with the issue, when it’s discovered that the contracts are too costly.   What’s happened is because nobody was able to manage the run-away increases in wages and step-increases, costs have exploded, making it very difficult for taxpayers to fund the expectations created by collective bargaining. Look at these figures below to understand the problem.

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There is no question that employees of the public sector have been promised great pay, benefits and security well into the future.  But what has happened is they were lied to by their unions that recklessly negotiated contracts then prevented any sort of management of those contracts by the taxpayer.  And this is why Senate Bill 5 is needed, to bring balance back into the equation of budget allocation.  Because what these charts show is that left to their own devices public sector unions will take everything they can get, and have become what they accused big business of being, and that’s a greedy entity seduced by power, and not caring what the impact to the tax payer is, so long as they get what they want. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Senate Bill 5 and Francis Fox Piven: Rise of the Entitlement Culture in American History

As I’m writing this article, Senate Bill 5 is making its way through the legislature of Ohio. Listen to Doc Thompson speak to Ray Warrick of the Mason Tea Party from Warren County talk about the courageous bill proposed by Senator Shannon Jones.

Senate Bill 5 will start the process of taking the shackles off the State of Ohio that confine it by collective bargaining. The rhetoric provided by the sector of the population that is “addicted” to collective bargaining which has grown in influence since 1983, so long that many of those people don’t know any other form of life, is sickening. So sickening it makes me question completely the validity of public education, because these people didn’t learn the basics of American life. Their basic premise seems to be that if you can get a job, have a union protect that job for your life-time, then they are willing to sacrifice a life-time of freedom for some mundane “average” life. I personally find their view of the world repulsive and un-American. What I see in those crowded halls of protest at the State House is a group of people protecting their right to be “average.”

It’s no question that “average” people are attracted to collective bargaining agreements negotiated by unions. I made decisions in my own life to avoid such confinements. I’ve spoke often about unions being too similar to “tribal councils” and that isn’t something that’s attractive to me at all. I’m the type of person that would never listen to some “old man” who is the “chief” of a community like Native American nomads had, or exists in many countries to this day, particularly in Africa. I’m also the type of person that would never have found peace in Europe, even to this modern day, because they have kings, and queens, nobility and all that nonsense that I have no value for.

America was founded by people that wanted to be free of that kind of thing, and the Constitution reflected their view of what America should be based on the ideas at the end of the 1700’s. The Constitution worked and America quickly became a place of prosperity. So more moderate Europeans came to America to get on the good thing that was happening here, but they brought with them a certain love for Europe, and the new ideas bouncing around involving Marxism. So around the turn of the 20th century progressivism, rooted in a European love for status symbols and ruling classes penetrated the Republican Party through Teddy Roosevelt wanting revenge on President Taft, which split the party, and through Woodrow Wilson of the democrats. It was in this progressivism that many of our ills in American Government started.

Old college professor hippies such as Francis Pivan, who has spent her entire life perpetuating progressivism is upset at the countries sudden desire to turn back to the Constitution, now that we know we’ve been scammed by people like her for decades.

Pivan is an old lady but she was around in the early days of all this change and she’s always been active in politics. And she opened herself to these name calling tirades when she said. “The strange stories that Glenn Beck creates with his chalkboard gain traction with Americans, who are made anxious by the large changes that have overtaken the United States, including the election of a black president and the increasing racial diversity of the population, deindustrialization and the decline of American power abroad, as well as cultural changes in sexual and family norms.”

Well, of course Americans are upset. Americans, because they are self-reliant or at least have a desire to be, don’t work well in groups. Collective behavior is however an innate instinct and public education goes a long way to developing that behavior, and progressivism has used public education and higher education, through professors like Pivan to apply their philosophy using the peer pressure of group acceptance. America has watched the experiments of these mad progressive social scientists and we did it with an open mind. We don’t like the Frankenstein monster they’ve created. We don’t like the breakdown of sexual and family structure, the deindustrialization and decline of American power abroad because it makes us less safe at home. We were used by the hippie movement to accomplish worse than the ravages of war right under our very noses while we watched with open eyes, but minds that refused to register the audacious lack of respect of progressives for what America is. You hear how proud she is of those accomplishments in her quote. This is a woman that associates with Bill and Hillery Clinton. Bill being the same man that had “sexual relations,” lied to a grand jury, and told us to our face that he wasn’t doing that. These are scam artists that have taken advantage of America’s good nature and preservation of freedom.

Now why are so many teachers subscribers to progressivism? Is it a conspiracy? No. It is a strategy that was implemented from the early days. Teachers need college to get their certificates and people attracted to progressivism became professors in college, so recruitment and training is that simple. Not all of them, but in general, that’s how it happens. These elitist of progressive values have a disconnect between the world in academia and the real world the rest of us live in. I’ve worked with and met many people that have gone through public education and college without become a bunch of brainless hippies. But the weak ones, the people who aren’t firm in their beliefs, or come from families that have strong moral foundations, they are seduced by people like Pivan.

Union leaders are made up of the same kind of stuff as Pivan. Many of them learned from her strategies and other left-winged pundits, and people attracted to unions tend to be happy to trade their free-will for financial security. For these people government officials are our “leaders,” because they see themselves as sheep in need of a shepherd.

So when Pivan rationalizes Glenn Beck and people like him, that have for a long time bounced around in society scratching their heads and wondering why everything is so screwed up, and says they are just paranoid, dumb people that are racist, homophobes, it makes a guy like me very, very angry, because I’ve always been one of those guys that questioned the validity of everything told to me, even religious ideology. I have lived my whole life avoiding groups, pack mentality, even jobs that were very high paying because they would limit my freedom. I recognize no person on this planet as my leader. Only myself.

That’s why it disgusts me to see groups like Progress Ohio say the same type of demeaning terms as Pivan is using to demean everyone questioning her philosophy. See, here’s the thing, people attracted to herd mentality are the ones not very intelligent. And America as independent loving people have allowed the radical left to capture the intellectual ground. But in reality, they are a simple minded group. That’s why they like to break things down to little terms that are easy to understand, like “right winged bloggers,” “cutting taxes for the rich,” “taking rights away from workers,” and that kind of elementary rhetoric. The reason is to get people moving in the direction they desire.

Ross Perot was using charts and boards on TV to show people the same kinds of things that Glenn Beck is using now. Beck isn’t the first to do it. But Beck is a guy able to think outside the box, and he’s not alone. There are millions out there that can too, but Beck has been given the opportunity to have a TV show, write books and talk on the radio. And he is on a personal crusade that exempts him from corruption. He’s had his fall, and he’s rebuilding himself. Put those things together and you have Glenn Beck, and what a great gift. He’s using his ability to see, and his good fortune to help make things better.

But when I watch Glenn Beck I’m not watching my leader. Quite the opposite. I usually am thankful that he’s saying things I’ve always wanted to say, but didn’t have a platform to speak from, because people like Pivan, left-winged radicals, sit in positions of power within the entertainment industry and keep voices like mine on the side-line and on the radical fringe because they control the radical fringe. They control the definition of what is radical because they control the media devices. Again, that’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s been a long slowly growing tendency that filtered through our education institutions and has brought us to the place we’re at today. Americans are looking around and we don’t like the poor qualities of our youth. We don’t like our complacent government. We don’t care if the president is black or yellow or blue. We don’t look at the president as our leader! And for the record, I would have voted for Alan Keys for president in less than a second, but nobody supported him when he wanted to run, because he was a conservative, not a progressive.

The things old lady Frances says are tired old commands that a cowboy might yell out at a cow that migrates away from the herd. Progress Ohio, the OEA, NEA, SEIU and thousands of other organizations want to be our shepherds, and I want them off public funding of any kind. This is America, and they have a right to speak their mind. But they don’t have a right to ANY public money funded to continue their growth. Any tax money that gets funneled directly or indirectly to progressive groups is completely unacceptable.

Sorry Frances, but getting rid of Glenn Beck won’t stop this onslaught, because he’s not the leader. There’s a reason the Tea Party doesn’t have a leader. It’s because American’s despise the term. We love individuals.

Don’t believe me. Go watch a hundred Hollywood films and study the lead characters. How many of those lead characters were “strong” individualists. Then study how many of those characters promoted “teamwork” in their rolls. You won’t find many. American’s vote at the box office and those results say a lot about what the nature of our country is. And it’s not what Frances and her gang of progressives wants America to be. If they can’t handle that fact, they need to go to a country where herd mentality is still popular.

Progressives wish very much for America to go back to sleep, because while we slept, and trusted, they manipulated our world into the mess we are living in now. The proud changes that Frances mentioned in her quote were implemented, but we won’t be fooled twice, and we’re not going back to sleep. We’re going to fix things back to how we want them, and once completed, we’ll stand guard more skeptically and be mindful of the cancer that is progressivism.

Who are these people that I’m talking about? Is it just people like me, Doc Thompson, Ray Warrick, Glenn Beck or anybody else? No. It’s people like the comment below. This comment came to me from a woman that only knows me from these epic pages. And her comment speaks volumes of who exactly those Americans are that have now been awakened and will not sleep so soundly again. She was commenting on an article I did about John Meyer.

There are people in my life that move me. I mean…REALLY move me. They are few. My father, who gave me the tools to navigate through and then as he was right when he said what I believe would waiver with experience. So right. My husband for letting me move in the direction that drives my heart and soul no matter what. Glenn Beck. Say what you may…he’s my people. He’s been saying what I’ve felt for years. Yes..I cry. All the time. And Rich, who has given strength and voice to those of us out there that share his passion and need for serious change on so many venues. We need you and those that stand by you in the fight for the simple morale and values we were taught to respect. I never thought in a million years I would be here. Last but not least…to John. Kudos to you for just handing it to them. I’m honored that you live in my county and Country. God Bless. You ARE a Warrior! Today..I am blessed.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior