Greenon Schools Want More Money: Employee Debra Mauer arrested for embezzling $40,000

I provided the other day an example of the school system Springboro that finally has proper management of its financial resources and is establishing a relationship with its unionized teachers that is beginning to be beneficial to the children.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  I consider Springboro a success story that is the example that all else mentioned below should be measured against.  I also recently covered the superintendent of Franklin and how he complained with great spectacle about how rich communities like Springboro were stealing tax money from poor districts like his in Governor Kasich’s new budget.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Creep teacherThe Franklin superintendent of course had the situation backwards, which is quite common with smaller schools with less checks and balances in the media, especially those surrounding Springboro and other Dayton suburbs.  I even covered the case in Steubenville, Ohio where many in the town refused to pay justice to a rape victim because treasured members of the football team were involved.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Even with all the bad behavior that I have pointed out in large public schools like Lakota, Mason, and Fairfield in Southern Ohio which are considered the best of the best from the teachers and staff, much of the labor from these schools have thought that it was unfair to judge them in relation to stories that only education insiders know about. To them, they are exceptional when compared to the antics from smaller schools with a much lower profiles that garner much less public attention.  The bar of justice has been set mighty low in public education so to the self-assessment of teachers who work in public education seeking to justify salaries that exceed the taxpaying public by almost double, they consider the job they are doing good if they are not abusing special needs kids  like Amanda Kitcho is accused of at Kings school system.  Teachers these days think they are doing good just because they showed up for work and run a clean classroom.  But more reporters than ever are showing courage in covering these terrible stories, some of which can be seen below in the videos that follow.  Amanda left her position as a teacher and is now a bridal consultant while a trial proceeds over the Kings scandal, but following the trend of smaller schools, the more that an investigator digs, the more crimes they typically find occurring in broad daylight in public education like cheating on test scores, abuse of students, and even embezzlement—because their small town nature keeps critics and other prying eyes from their activities.  Such an ideal example of extreme corruption and characters of low quality in public education would be the Greenon Local School District which is just to the north of Springboro.

On January 17th following a three-month sheriff’s investigation by detectives of one of the leading school levy supporters of the recent Greenon tax increase from November police converged on a home at 150 S. Harrison Street and arrested Debra Mauer confiscating computers, papers and mail before being charged with theft by embezzling $40,000 from the village and altering their financial records as Enon’s fiscal agent between 2008 and 2012.  She was also charged with tampering with evidence.  Mauer was elected to the office in November of 2003 and ran for re-election for a second term ending in March of 2012.  Mauer also served as interim fiscal agent for Mad River Township. Mauer was employed full-time at Greenon Local Schools as a High School Social Studies Unit Leader receiving a contract stipend for $609 at a June 21st 2012 meeting just prior the last levy attempt.

Greenon Local Schools placed on the ballot for November 6 2012 a combined 6 mill bond issue and 0.75 percent earned income tax for voter approval. Passage of this issue would have provided the matching funds required by the Ohio School Facilities Commission to leverage $22.5 million in state money to build two new schools and provide long-term operating dollars. The ballot issue was defeated by a vote of 3,000 “for” vs. 3,689 “against” votes. In the wake of that defeat of which Debra Mauer engaged in a rather colorful levy campaign against the only NO voter campaign in the area, who happen to have lived across the street from Mauer, superintendent Dan Bennett is seeking to place on the May ballot of 2013 another levy following the same pattern that most schools do after a levy defeat, and that is to come back with a smaller request and hope the numbers fall in their favor.  This next attempt will be a 4.95 mills levy which is a bit less than the November attempt.

While Debra Mauer’s antics as a fiscal officer in an elected position may seem bizarre and corrupt beyond measure, her employer Dan Bennett at Greenon has had a track record that is less than stellar.  Bennett moved to Greenon to take a job that superintendents understand internally as equivalent to being sent to Russia’s Siberia.  It’s his last chance at success as he was the former superintendent at Little Miami where voters turned down eight consecutive levies before Bennett had to leave the district in a fiscal emergency to take the Greenon job.  The stories left in his wake lends credibility as to how Debra Mauer in the tiny district of Greenon could have conducted her alleged crimes without detection as school employees placed their focus on passing levies and gaining more tax money rather than managing their employees properly and controlling their costs.  You can read more about Bennett at the link below.

The Debra Mauer case points to the tip of an ice berg which resides just below the surface of the small Wright Patterson Air Force community of workers with a total student population that is less than what Lakota schools will lose each year for the next 10 years in declining enrollment.  The community is small and everyone knows each other, but to show the emotional remoteness of Greenon Local Schools where most of their community is in fear of the sequestration cuts coming from Congress, the announcement of another tax increase from Bennett without any consideration to the community’s ability to pay even $12 more dollars a month in taxes, has not stopped the school’s arrogant agenda.  They, like their employee Debra Mauer do not care about those around them as can be easily affirmed by their actions.  They only want to prove that they can pass a levy which is all superintendents are really tasked with under the guidelines established by the OSBA (Ohio School Board Association.)  If a superintendent cannot pass a levy for their district, they will be passed around from job to job until they can, or be forced into early retirement.

The only people in the community of Greenon who opposed the last levy, watched the antics of Debra Mauer from across the street.  When police cars came to take away Mauer for her accused crimes after spending most of the previous fall looking at the campaign propaganda coming from the pro levy home on Harrison Street, it wasn’t much of a surprise.  After dealing with the Greenon administrators for some time and asking many questions the reality gradually fell on the founders of Vote No on Greenon School Levies that they were dealing with people whose actions belong in the back of a police car, instead of tampering with the lives of children.  Greenon School employees like Debra Mauer seemed to capitalize off voter naiveté at every turn and every opportunity for their own selfish gain.

You can visit the Vote No for Greenon Facebook page at the link below to provide them with assistance and wisdom.  They have a heck of a fight on their hands because they dared to question more of the iceberg than what everyone could see.  Unfortunately for children attending Greenon, by the time a teacher like Debra Mauer is arrested and processed by the court system, it’s often too late.  Without people like Chris Finney at Kings Local or the couple at the Facebook site below, there is no defense for the children, because school employees and the legal system in general work in favor of modern public education and have shown where their passion is, and it isn’t in children.  Their actions speak for themselves, and can be found in virtually every school district–especially ones in small towns, where the superintendents are spill over’s from larger districts.   Public schools then reflect more accurately a crime syndicate than an institution of learning that places before the children the highest priority of moral stewardship over the personal failures of teachers like Amanda Kitcho and Debra Mauer.   Like the mob, the harm that comes to those who stand in the way of the school making money off tax increases will not be tolerated, and harassment of every kind is on the table.  If one wishes to stand in their way of a new levy, then destruction of those barriers will be pursued with every measure the law and the cohorts of organized crime can muster for the perceived greater good of failed superintendents or alleged embezzlers like Debra Mauer—former advocate of Issue 21 and teacher of children in the school district of Greenon.

For more about the Kings story CLICK HERE for the Channel 19 Exclusive. 

And to understand how law enforcement often tag teams with their labor union comrades in the teaching profession CLICK HERE for a story where the police were caught trying to defend their own wrongs even when great video of the actions were on hand.  Just because law enforcement investigates a matter in education it does not mean that justice will be done.  Someone has to watch the watchers.  

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

30 thoughts on “Greenon Schools Want More Money: Employee Debra Mauer arrested for embezzling $40,000

  1. Buck up Bennett! Bet you’re not so snarky now!
    You can move from little miami on but you’re days of threats are over. So Over!


  2. Greenon…
    Your suck hook (FACEHOOK) is lame. More taxes for your bone-headed oh our school flooded…is servitude we wont allow.
    Anything else? Yep…
    They can’t afford your new buildings, pensions and healthcare. The tax base is over.
    But go ahead. It’s your job …so says Little Miami. Well done What’s your salary now??? Hmmm?
    Don’t bother. We’ll post it in your community.
    And I’m the nice one. Good luck dirt bag.


  3. Also, let’s take the situation of the computer guy at Greenon, sending a virus to another teacher, causing the shut down of all the computers in the district. FBI is investigating. And while the FBI is investigating the hard drives and the emails, they found some pretty interesting information in them.
    Also, amazingly, at one time, GLSD had enough money to pay for a $400000.00 outdoor facility for weight training, baseball and softball. Air conditioning, comfy couches and a big screen tv. And then the boosters wanting the district to give them $250000.00 to build a new concession stand. Show the voters where you have been financially responsible and we might think about passing a new levy.


  4. Interesting turn of events for Dan Bennett. He fell back to our area when he hired Fallon Associates. It is interesting that on his web site he lists a fine endorsement by Karen Mantia, the current Lakota superintendent. Does he perform her public relations newscopy in return for her endorsement? Does he find gigs for her so she can earn even more money? Readers might like to know that Ms. Mantia is one of those double dipping school employees. Her contract also gives her time to earn even more cash by consulting and spreading the government school clap trap around the country. All the while, she has to have a high paid public relations person. I did think, at one time, that the school superintendents main job was to see that the schools were run efficiently and effectively. The “effectiveness” does depend on what one considers effective. In my mind, it should be that children have a reasonable comprehension of math, history, science and especially the Constitution of the United States of America. No, no, no! Today the children are indoctrinated by an agenda that includes Marxism (better), multiculturalism (America bad, all others good) and sex K-12. Teachers have tenure so the bad and extremely malevolent ones cannot be gotten out of the sytem and so are quietly passed on to other unsuspecting districts.. Usually, lthe district hides any hint of bad behavior and so parents are not alerted to possible harm to their own children. I just finished a book by Steve Baldwin and Karen Hollgate, “From Crayons to Condoms.” I learned some things that I hadn’t known and found no need to know that are taught to our children. Do some research and you will find that the sex ed taught in our schools is pretty much designed by people with a homosexual agenda. This kind of information is mostly the kind that most of us have no desire and no need to know. Especially offensive is the fact the graphic information (that I consider pornography) is taught in a co-ed classroom. Is it any wonder that kids volunteer to accommodate some of those awful teachers?

    The Greenon School District parents do have their work cut out for them. Dan Bennett will do everything possible (and more) to get that levy passed. He will use the same tactics taught at the OSBA and Buckeye School Administrators groups. These people all have the same agenda and it is not quality. It is more money for their union cohorts.


    1. How did I know you were going to throw Mantia’s hat in the ring? But you should know being a former school board member. I know many reading what you said will think it sounds extreme, but it really isn’t. The truth is just too outrageous for many to believe. And when you are paid as much as these education employees are, the money is really just appeasement to keep everyone fat, dumb, and happy…………..and not asking too many questions that were established in From Crayons to Condoms.

      For those with doubts about what is written above, watch the videos at this link and make up your own mind.

      Usually if you smell a rat, there is one that is caught dead in a trap. And in public education, there are a lot of dead rats.


      1. General Charlotte. Her series is bind-mending and a good place for truth. You did a piece on her I can’t find. I ran across Jim Jones and got caught up in old essays that are more relevant than the day you wrote them. Pure genius.
        Did you hear Drunken Joe yesterday? According to that mouthpiece…things are fine and dandy in broke land. Until these servants live as we do, under the laws they enforce upon us, including their affordable hitler act…nothing will change. We’re funding our own tyrany. And public pensions? Look no further that the usps that funds them 74 years in advance. Talk about idiocy. There’s the poster child for gubbermint edumacation.

        And TKR… I am being passive and calm. This is it. You see angry and you’ll be talking to me from the pokey.

        Queen. Stunning info. No new levy. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until they go to the re-education camps to learn the meaning of budget…Not one more thin dime! If you lose your way…whip out your tax bill. Go to the grocery. Put gas in your car to fund more servitude. That aughta do it. They don’t play by your rules and that must end. Hopefully the electorate will stop being so freaking squishy everytime they hear..”It’s for the children.”
        That scare tactic is old and tiring. They’re gonna need to wake up far earlier to be effective to families in foreclosure. Tell them you can fund this by cutting out that cup of coffee a day!
        Wait til Odumbocare kicks in. The pain is just getting started.


  5. Also Ryan Jenkins, GLSD treasurer, just announced that he is resigning in April. When the water line broke in the high school, the no voters were to blame. If we had new schools this wouldn’t have happened, didn’t know there were so many people on the yes side that have plumbing experience, I guess next time I have plumbing problems I will know who to go to.
    And as for the GLSD board members, I don’t see alot of creditbility for the positions that they hold.
    The board and higher ups of the community disagreed with the last superindentant, she didn’t go along with what they wanted. She stood her ground and they pushed her out. Only to pay $800. a day to find the luchy one we have now(NOT!)


  6. Another tidbit, then I have to get back to work, the Athletic Director went to the boosters wanting them to donate $22000.00 to put in a new basketball court. Why would you waste $22000.00 to rebuild a court when you are pushing so hard to get a new school built? Can we say reckless spending??? The district has the money, they just choose to hide it and discretely spend it on foolish things.


    1. Geesh….and the treasurer leaving right before the levy is telling. Kinda hard to push a multi-million tax when your finacial guys hits the skids the month before. Defies logic and reaks of a lack of confidence.

      Good work Queen.


    2. Yes, good to hear from you. Putting this stuff out so people can read it is far better than talking in private. Information like this should be shared so voters know what they are dealing with. That’s why there is supposed to be a free press, not press that eats out of the hand of government schools because most of their advertising comes from schools.


  7. Queen, you are so well informed. Keep us informed. Usually the Treasurer resigns because he doesn’t want to have his name aligned with the administration (superintendent and boards). Maybe things are much worse than anyone else knows. I suggest you do some research on the connections of board members.


  8. LOL! keep you informed? I would need my own blog page! And I don’t think Rich wants me taking over his site.
    First I have a question that I would love to have an answer to. How do the board members get elected? credentials? popularity? The answer would be the latter. Out of our 5 board members, only 2 are remotely qualified to make the decisions of the financing of the district and the education the children receive. One has a degree in business management, the other is a PHD. Now the other three- two work for utilities companies and one is a business owner but not one that does his own accounting. So how can these 5 people sitting on the board possibly know or have experience on what is good for our district, financially and education wise?


  9. The whole plan when Bennett was hired was to get a levy passed and get new schools. There is no other motive for Bennett coming here. He has plans for these advanced classes to be offered to more students but he does not have an answer to how he is going to do that when there are not enough teachers qualified to fill those positions. The board got rid of a GREAT superindent. The board and higher ups forced her out because 1) she was an outsider 2) she did not do as the board or higher up residents wanted her to do 3)and she wasn’t coming into the district with a levy on her mind.
    Ryan Jenkins, from my belief, is leaving because he is going to have to take the heat. He is already getting the heat from the No side. I ask questions to him, he answers, I rebute him. He has to blow the smoke because none of the board members are qualified to answer them. In the August 2012 school board meeting, he openly said the district is in the deficit. I asked him if they were going to have to come back for the renewal of the 5 mil and 2 mil levy that was passed and renewed, he said it was inevitable.
    Bennett is a very slimy individual. He hates me but so does the rest of the board members and yes voters. He will eat you up to your face but when board time comes, he has all of his little pep crew there to help defend him. I raise my hand to ask question, he laughs and tells me I am not allowed to ask questions and goes on to the next person. SO, after the meeting, I go after him and corner him. Tell him why the levy is not a good idea, he laughs sarcastically and says “Cmon now”. That kind of behavior is not very professional especially when trying to win over a vote.


  10. This is a small town. There all kinds of cliques. If you are not one of them, you are out. I am very vocal against the levy. I am looked at in the community as a selfish person who doesn’t care about the kids. Sure I care about the kids. I care about the families in the district who are living dime to dime each week. I worry about the struggling families who, if this levy passes, could put them into foreclosure or bankruptcy. I worry about the senior citizens who are living paycheck to paycheck and have numerous health problems and their prescriptions eat up their money.
    At the January board meeting, I asked Ryan Jenkins- how can you think about passing a levy in these hard economic times? is it fair to pass a levy that the majority of district cannot afford? Is it fair to pass a levy with Obamacare set to increase 85% in the next two years in Ohio? Is it fair to pass a levy when Obama didn’t renew the Bush tax cuts that is going to ultimately cost Ohio tax payers roughly $2300.00-$2500.00 a year less bring home pay? And how can you pass a levy when Wright Patt Air Force Base is being forced to put 13000 jobs on furlough? also some positions are going to be lost at WPAFB. They are going to make cuts at the Springfield Guard base also. How is that going to affect the district when a large portion of our district is supported by them and also going to accept the small businesses?
    I also said to Jenkins that $50.00 more came out of my paycheck. It has already started. Nobody is going to feel the real crunch until March/ April. He said that he doesn’t know why more money was taken out of my check because unless we are making more than $450000.00 as a couple or making $250000.00 is the only way it is going affect me. I rebuted him. Explained that the since the Bush tax cuts were not renewed, the middle class’ tax bracket went from 25% to 29%. Any other income that is taxable(dividends, interest, anything that you have to report as an income to the IRS) went from being taxed at 7% to 9%.


  11. You have a district that more than 70% of the income coming in goes to the employees. Jenkins, in January, said that they were going to have to give the teachers a raise. He justifies that it is fair because they have been on a pay freeze for 3 years and it is going to be less than 1%. AGAIN- I commented, there are alot of people that have not had a raise longer than that and they are just happy to have a job in these high unemployment times.


  12. Dear Queen, Everything and I mean everything that you posted above is characteristic of every school district that I know anything about or have heard about. First of all the union and the superintendent do not want any interference by the board members. Just people who will genuflect to the almighty superintendent and his very special assistants. So they hand pick people to run for the office. Anyone can be on a school board. There are few requirements. They really don’t want them to know anything about school finance and thus the books are kept in a manner that is hard to decipher. Even the taxing system is difficult to understand. That works for them when they are going after more money. Usually 75% to 85% of the General Fund goes toward salaries and benefits. There is also a Permanent Improvement Fund that they can vote to transfer in and out of the General Fund.

    They even lie about the contracts they hand out to the administrators. Do they reveal the income given in the form of insurance, education, time off, vacation pay and the large bonus. The papers usually print the ‘Base” salary given.

    They want people on the board that are teachers in another district, retired teachers from their district, people that have higher political asperations ( that won’t rock the boat) and PTA mommies that will jump at the snap of their fingers. They especially love those cooperative mommies. They’re usually enthralled with just being in shadow of the superintendent. Sometimes it is sickening. Some of them are so sickening that they openly oggle the superintendent in full view of the people at the board meeting. Even some of them have affairs or receive special treatment for their children. This is common. Their kids get full ride scholarships, playing positions on the sports teams of their choice, become class officers, receive inflated grades etc. I knew of a case where a member’s child was offered 10 scholarships and the kid wasn’t qualified to graduate. Amazing! You play the game with them and you win the lottery. In some cases the member will even obtain a high paying position with a company that highly supports the district in one way or another. Believe me, it happens frequently. I have seen spouses get paid positions for which they were not qualified. I know of board member that received highly paid positions and titles and didn’t even have to report. One supenintendent told me he had no choice, but to place a board member at a desk with a title and the guy didn’t even have to report to work. His wife also had a nice job with the district.
    The fact of the matter is that the board member bragged about not having to read the board agenda because he trusted the super. True loyalty, but that loyalty did cost a pretty penny of tax dollars.

    There is also the inside and outside millage that they bounce around. When asking for more money they will rearrange those amounts to make it look like they are hurting financially. The inside is allowed to be
    20 mills. Often they will not take the full amount until they want another levy and then send the amounts to the inside and advertise “your taxes will not go up.” In fact they will. They can also move money from
    Permanent Improvement to the General Fund back and forth. Your district is playing that game. Your district also has declining enrollment. (100 since 2007) I bet that they don’t mention that fact.

    The audit says that they are allowing a 5.5 mill levy to expire. In actuality that levy is collecting 1.67 mills of real estate collections and about .60 mills of commercial millage.. I suggest you read the most recent audit to see for yourself the games these people play. More later


  13. Funny you mention all of that information. I am aware of their scams,if only the YES devotees could see the path of destruction the district and the agenda is wanting to take us down.
    We have the double dippers in our system also, I think every district does.
    I love to refer people to the site:
    Every public worker’s salary is on there. it is a great site. I love to see how much these teachers make working 7 hour days for 158 days out of the year. Wish I could get paid $43.00 an hour.
    I am amused that so many teachers and administrators pushing these levies aren’t even residents of the district.
    And a great topic came up in a previous post, I think you are the one that talked about the Fallon group. The Fallon group(that the people aren’t supposed to know it was them) was calling during election time. They were asking the voters in the district how they were going to vote, when the voter said No, they asked why. After the election, this same group called the voters who said no to the levy and asked what it would take for them to pass a levy.
    The YES side wants to claim they did surveys on the levy in November. The YES side says that residents agreed to the levy that was put on the ballot. Funny thing is that only one person received one of those surveys.
    At the YES forum meetings, you could fill out an index card and ask a question. GUESS WHAT! The questions they didn’t want to answer, they put in a separate pile. Only the appropriate questions could be asked and the majority of the questions were written in the same handwriting. .
    And those oh so great supporters, gotta love them. I think they would lay in the road when a semi was coming if they were told to by the board. I go round and round with them. I am so hated in this community. Does it bother me to be hated? no. I love walking into those board meetings, especially the first one after the levy failed. It was great. I walked in, one board member’s vein about popped out of his neck, like it usually does when I speak or ask a question. One other board member drops his head and just shakes it. It is great to make them feel so disgusted and put them on the spot. I just smile at them. Listen for a little bit. Write down their agenda and then fire the questions. I just keep on and keep on until you can just hear the tirednesss in their answers. Then after the meeting, I go to Bennett. He is trying to get away from me and I am just following him asking questions. Sometimes having to actually corner him so he doesn’t walk away to avoid answering my questions.
    And you should see the hostility towards the verbal no voters. Unbelievable. These are people that I went to school with who are name calling and just so mad at us no voters. Like I said, they want to play the antics of “you don’t care about the kids, the school is falling apart, you can afford this but you don’t want to provide a better education for the kids” WELL first of all, I do care about the kids. Our district rates pretty well in the state even in the crumbling schools, and in order to provide a better education, we are going to have to have better educators. Kids can learn in an outhouse, it is the teacher that makes the difference. One yes voter told me that I know so much about running a school that I should run for a board position. I told her no. Board members are like car salesmen. They lie to get the deal and once the papers are signed, all of the bad, hidden fine print is exploited. She is also the one that told me and the other no voters to suck it up. lol! that is just great, normal opposition behavior.


      1. I am so glad that finally somebody is exposing all of this to the public. Most people will shy away because they are afraid of being heckled, name called, etc. BUT by showing, in this article, the breakdown of how the educational system works is a very powerful tool. Keep up the great work. Maybe some day all of our proof and facts will be seen and understood by the Kool Aid drinkers of this country! Have a great night! have to get up early to get my kids to the dangerous schools they attend to be educated in a government formatted socialistic agenda then off to work to pay the teachers and the leaches of the system. 🙂


  14. This district also likes to bully, adults and kids. The YES committee makes shirts and enforces the athletes and cheerleaders to wear them, if not, the consequence is being banned from the team/squad. The students are expected to go door to door passing out flyers promoting the levy. If not, the same reprecussions for the athletes and the non athletes are treated unfairly in the classrooms.
    Now, it is the YES committee purchasing these items to promote the passage BUT the coaches, teachers, and other employees of the district that force these students to such activities are employees of the district and the district is the responsible party. When I confronted this issue, I consulted with my lawyer first, I did make a post that it is illegal to force the students and athletes to promote the levy, if they are going to do this, they need to show legal documents. VIOLA! that door to door promotion was cancelled.
    The kids, who have been brainwashed by their parents and the district, like to make insults towards their fellow classmates on whose parents are not voting for the levy. The teachers do/ say nothing. They let this behavior repeat itself. And the teachers make all sorts of comments to the students about how if they don’t get this levy passed, the schools are going to fall apart with them in it. Great teaching. But what can we expect when the majority of the teachers are democrats with democrat logic. The teachers are nothing but pawns in the system to put money in the government’s pockets at the taxpayer’s expense. They have the Unions to back them, to meet their demands and to guarantee that they never have to pay 100% of their insurance or pension. The taxpayers will take care of all of that.


  15. I think that in these hard economic times, that government workers should have to pay for their fair share, that means insurance and pensions. I know, I know. I am so cruel to demand such extreme measures. But any public employee has to pay 100% of their own so what is good for the goose that is paying for the gander’s living and future should have to do the same. EQUALITY! love that word. The Democrat party loves that word also. So let’s put it across the board for everyone, not just a select group.
    Why are some entitled to such benefits of free rides and others not? Because we don’t want to work for the government and become part of that percentage that hails the government for giving us what we DESERVE! Why not try to be an individual and support your ownself? It is scary to some people to have to think about providing for yourself and family but the ones that have not ever been pulled into the muck of government dependence(and I am targeting any government employee and welfare recipient) is chugging along and we are making it. It is hard times right now but hopefully we have a strong group in Washington that is going to fight for us middle classers so we are not ram rodded by taxes on everything we do.


  16. And now for the juicy part of this whole Greenon Levy. Two ladies and myself are being sued by two lawyers from the YES side. The allegations? We have ruined their reputation in the community, we have defamed their character and we have cost them potential business. There is a $200000.00 price tag on each of our heads. Their arrogance, although I believe there is another alterior motive in ths, got the best of them. Us three ladies were banned from the YES site for asking questions, correcting their statements, and posting facts and sources on the site. We made a No site. We put information out there. We posted links, sources, and other facts to back our reasoning for not voting for this levy. The YES side would come on the NO site and wreak havoc on us. One had the nerve to say that all we do is post negative comments. WELL, if you don’t agree with something, you are not going to be positive or show support for it. These two lawyers would like to think that when we posted “they”, we were referring to them. There are no posts EVER mentioning their names or hints of who is who. So the day before the election, they filed a lawsuit against us. Now, the one lawyer appointed himself as the head of the committee, making him naturally a public figure. These two lawyers are making baseless allegations against us, none of the accusations have a leg to stand on. They have no concrete evidence of their accusations. If we apologize, they will drop the charges. When hell freezes over they will get an apology. And very doubtful then. They are playing games with the system. BUT I truly believe the whole purpose of these lawsuits is to keep the three of us mum for the next election. We are pressing on. We have not laid down. We are still fighting this levy and we will continue to do so until the district gives up. You cannot sue somebody for free speech(I think we still have that right in this country) in a personal, public or social media network. We are allowed to say what we want. We have the 2nd amendment and are protected by the Federal and State law. Even if we did say their name on the No site, it is still our right to speak our minds and opinions.
    So this goes to show how dirty people will get to be rid of any problems or people standing in their way and informing the public the truth of what is going to be the reality if this levy passes.


  17. Dear Queen, You are a gem and you do give me hope for the future of our nation. Keep up the great work. You are opening eyes and ears and more will join you. We do not live in Soviet Russia. We are a free country. We do have the Constitution of the United States of America to stand on. Don’t let these bullies have their way. I know you are not. Union thugs are just that. I bet there are lots of teachers that support you. They are afraid of the thugs too.


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