Obama and Jani Bergdahl: Releasing terrorists and controlling women

If Obama wanted to quell suspicions that he is an Islamic insurgent sent to infiltrate The White House as a domestic terrorist, he certainly failed to contain his intentions with the release of the deserter Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap for five Taliban Guantanamo prisoners. The story will come out with time, and it is without question that Bergdahl identified with his captors and will for a long time be a domestic threat. When the exchanges with the father prior to the desertion are considered, and the way the father behaved at a White House press conference addressing Allah with a smiling Obama looking on—there are serious questions that must be brought up—which are being universally ignored. This prisoner swap was not so much about releasing the last American POW from a long war, but something else—something more elusive. The first hints of it were the strange way that Obama led the mother Jani to the press conference, with his arm around her in an intimate way—not the customary open hand in the center of the back the way a man should treat a woman he is not familiar with. Instead, Obama’s hand was around her waist, just above her buttocks in a way a mating partner might handle a woman—which nonverbally speaks volumes as to what was happening.

Clearly Obama and his White House staff knew what they were doing. They saw the reports, they understood the situation for what it was, and they had talked about it with the parents based on the comfort level between Obama and Bergdahl’s parents. Obama technically should find the parents repulsive since they had homeschooled the American POW—if based on the way the administration went after the German homeschooling couple who sought protection in The United States from the German education system. Obama pursued deportation of the family personally. Yet here is another home school family where the father was speaking the native language of the Taliban and paying reverence to Allah with Obama handling the man’s wife as though she were a gift.

I knew a radical Muslim once who invited me to his home where he had a very beautiful wife. Even though I disagreed with this Muslim’s religious beliefs, he was a hard worker, and we had that in common—so he invited me to his home thankful for my appreciation of his efforts. I stopped by to let the guy know that I was willing meet him informally, mostly out of politeness. I thought it would be nice to stay for an hour or so to strengthen my relationship with him as he was a generally nice guy with far more positives than negatives. He on the other hand liked me a lot and made sure I knew it when he greeted me at the door. His wife showered us with food and courtesy for well over an hour as I spoke with the man. After a while, the man instructed me that he wanted to be brothers with me and suggested that I take his wife into their bedroom to seal the deal.

This of course was not something I was going to do, so I declined, which he was greatly insulted. It ruined his evening and put a strain on our relationship that lasted for the rest of the time that I knew him. I will never forget the look on his wife’s face when he offered her up, she gazed down, never making eye contact—perfectly in submission to her husband’s directions. I couldn’t help but notice the sadness on her face and blank emotion. She seemed relieved that I declined. However, many other mutual friends took him up on his offer which was made to all his friends who came to his home. Watching football games at the Muslim friend’s home was a popular activity and many co-workers did sleep with his wife who was offered out of friendship in the same way.

The point of the story of course is to reiterate that not all cultures view things the same way—and the whole world does not see women as objects of worship, but tokens of appreciation between friends. When I saw Obama handle the wife of Bob Bergdahl I saw a similar behavior—a man treating a woman the way a man might drive the car of another man out of friendship. That doesn’t mean that there was sex between Jani Bergdahl and the President. I’m sure the mother just wanted her son back. Her dedication is obvious from the website she maintained dedicated to his release. She didn’t care if Bowe was a deserter, an assassin, or a Muslim infiltrator—or even if he was just an aloof philosopher at odds with the world—she loved her son and would do anything to see him home.


Obama on the other hand and Bob Bergdahl seem to have a different understanding. If that were my wife being handled like that by the President, with his hand just around her waist with the last few fingers of his hand upon her ass, I would have interjected and broke it up for the obvious ownership which it represented. Handling a woman in such a way shows possession in the sexual game of human beings, and there is something to it not spoken about in the deal. The President obviously needed a way to repair his reputation after the VA scandal and thought that by giving the Bergdahl family what they wanted, it would improve moral among military veterans and help them forget about his mismanagement of their health care issues. Where the Bergdahl family is traumatically, they are likely to say yes to anything, and Jani let herself be handled however the President wished because he had the power to bring home her son. They were invited to the White House to make the announcement—which backfired because Bowe Bergdahl had been in captivity for so long mostly due to his own actions. Nobody in their right mind could justify rescuing him under the conditions for which he left, leaving him in political limbo—until Obama needed a public relations card to play—which he did. But Bowe Bergdahl was not sick and dying as Obama had stated—instead, he had other problems which will be embarrassing to the President.

Now out of captivity Bergdahl has asked to be addressed as Private First Class, according to sources, as he was promoted to sergeant while in captivity. “In his mind, he’s a Pfc,” an official with knowledge of Bergdahl’s current status told CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr.

Bergdahl’s refusal to accept his new title is consistent with other updates on his status, none of which have offered any sort of timeline for him to return to the United States. Officials in Landstuhl, Germany, where Bergdahl is being treated say that he appears to be improving physically and is in stable condition; however, he is “not ready psychologically or emotionally” to return to the United States. He has told those with whom he interacts in the hospital that the Taliban kept him locked in a cage for extended periods of time.

Reports also indicate that Bergdahl has not yet spoken to his parents, with some even reporting that he has refused to speak to them when offered the opportunity.


This is strange behavior for a fugitive from Taliban custody, and it is likely that he is being kept in Germany to reduce the embarrassment of the situation when the American media gets a hold of the story. It is likely that Bergdahl was tortured and abused, but already had an inclination to Islamic faith and that the rough handling was intended to toughen him up as a potential insurgent. It looks as though these last few years were among friends in the Taliban—not enemies—and without question the White House knew the briefing reports—yet they released him anyway.

So purely from a conspiratorial point of view—for those who think that Obama is a Jihadist insurgent surgically implanted in American culture by radical terrorist to destroy North American imperialism, there is more ammunition now for their theories. Obama gained six Islamic radicals out of the deal, the five prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay and the one who converted as a deserter of the U.S. military raised by a father who told his boy to “follow your conscience.” In front of the world, Obama gained support for Islamic faith with a grieving father who did not throw stones at the captors of his son, but supported them. Obama showed his comfort of the situation by the way he handled the Bob’s wife—like a token of friendship between two men who wanted similar things. Because the Bowe Bergdahl case is so inflammatory, all other news topics have been pulled from the table, including the VA scandal—as planned, and it has positioned the Jihadist argument on center stage to be argued by different factions of civilized society. The little smile Obama gave during the speech by Bob Bergdahl comes from knowing that the Overton Window of radical acceptance of Muslim extremism has moved deeper into society. The terrorists won on all fronts, the war in Afghanistan, the release of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners, even the domestic terrorists seeking the complete destruction of American society. I saw during that interview a mother in Jani Bergdahl who like the wife of the Muslim friend, had relief on her face, and a yielding to the forces around her who are really in control of her fate.

I felt sorry for her. All the men in her life have let her down, leaving her only to yield to their power—which Obama was obviously happy to exploit. You can always tell. A man does not put a hand on another woman’s ass unless he is showing his possession of her. And that possession comes from controlling all the aspects of her life, which the President had gained in the deal which put more terrorists for the cause of Jihad into the world than there were the day before. That is the real story—of course the one that nobody wants to talk about.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com