“Our Universe Explained by the God Rich Hoffman”: The anger of those grounded by stupidity and arrogance

When I first started this blog, it was just prior to a planned visit to a popular radio station where it was intended for me to release the salaries of the local school administration pay rates causing a tax levy increase request.  I knew the type of people working in education, and understood the people who ran the labor unions controlling those “educators” anticipating clearly that I would be a target of their antagonism.  So I started this blog as a way to attack those pretentious people and to educate those kept in ignorance by tyrannical antics.  For an example of this behavior click here see a bit of what I am referring to.   What many didn’t know was that I knew exactly what I was getting in to, and that by criticizing a local school wanting to raise taxes I was putting a target on my back which would extend right into the White House—so I had to be willing to take on virtually anyone and everyone all at the same time who attempted to use democratic intelligentsia to intimidate critical thinking of their diabolical schemes—because up until this blog in 2010—people outside of the education industry, and progressive politics behaved as though they lacked the intelligence to question these con artists of public education.

I have a long history of dealing with people who believe that they are the smartest people in the room—people who work very hard to be masters of a specific field of endeavor—no matter what it is.  I have dealt with some of the worst people imaginable—from actual killers of men hired for the task so to suppress competition—and those who just believe that they are smarter than everyone else hiding their true intentions behind a veil of confident mastery over specific fields of endeavor.  However, I have always had since the age of a very small child the unique ability to see through any level of bullshit into the soul of the perpetrator and know exactly what they are up to and why.  Some might call it a gift from God—my unique skill which sets me aside from virtually everyone.  Some people can run fast, some can calculate complicated mathematics without a calculator, some can read pages and pages of legal documentation and actually retain the knowledge—etc, but almost nobody who I’ve ever met had the ability to see into, and through people the way I do.  Some might think it a curse—but I wouldn’t trade that ability for all the gold in the world and a life of ease and immortality on a paradise island with only pleasure in the forecast—I enjoy my ability that much.

So I started this blog as a way to address the crimes that I was seeing and challenge the premise that those same crimes were committed under—specifically by a class of people who sincerely believed they could get away with harming intellectually others while hiding their maliciousness behind a superior intellect.  They can’t.  To demonstrate my effectiveness, I have now written millions of words in this blog, virtually every article is over 1200 words each, and I’ve done it every day since 2010.  It has changed the lives of many people for the better and shattered the once confident hiding places of those most vile in our society—who hope to perpetrate their ill will toward mankind in obscurity.  They have tried every trick imaginable—but have failed utterly to shake me off their scent—which to me was never in question.

The good thing about the blog is that with all those words and the public forum of it—where anybody can answer my comments and pick holes in my theories, to date they have not been able to do so.  They can certainly insult—but they cannot answer or refute my claims and they’ll never be able to—and they hate it.  The proof is in the vast swath of articles I have produced in such a short time—relatively speaking.    At this point in this blog’s history I could take all the books of Ayn Rand and Leo Tolstoy and combine them—and I have written more than they have specifically targeting the crimes of our modern age.  I will certainly not proclaim that these works are as well edited—most of the articles are raw, and from the heart, the way a writer’s notes would be when formulating an idea for refinement—but that doesn’t take away the results which are enormous, and likely only rivaled over the entire Internet by a few outlets.

I mostly deal with excessively smart people who universally believe they are the smartest people around at any given time.  It is my task to show them that they are not—so that their efforts do not become a detriment to an enterprise—but a contributor and this often causes resentment.  This has been my task for four decades now, so I knew that by taking on the established thinking especially in regard to politics and education, what I was getting into.  That is the history of this blog to this point.  It has evolved away from the more specific task of identifying education industry crime—and has evolved more into a philosophic analysis of mythology and how it impacts the static patterns of the human race.    Because it is within that phrase that my special gift shines most brightly—when I go into long tirades about Star Wars, or some new game, literary work, or musical effort, it is because I see the impact of those achievements well before the rest of society does.  What I say today, will become the standard of thought approximately 15 years from now.  I am so confident in my assertions that I write these things audaciously for free on the Internet for future testimony without revisionist deflection.  People may not always understand why or what I’m doing, but if they did—they’d be the ones writing about them instead of me—but they aren’t, and they can’t.

Because they can’t, this leaves critics bitterly resentful, and constantly plotting and scheming so that they can return to the safety of their cloaked behavior within society.  Most people from the perpetrators of injustice currently sitting in The White House to the local labor union leaders within the education industry spend large amounts of their time trying to stay hidden—and they despise anyone who can see what they are really about—so they plot, scheme, and manipulate any way possible to return to that status.  But in regards to this blog, it makes it impossible for them.  Readers here have taken my words and used them as tools to change behavior and flush out the pretentious thugs of their localities in much the same way and embolden their efforts at justice—which is all I want.  But those motives still elude the most dastardly terrorists of the mind and within their circles of self-imposed exile have begun spreading reference to me in the following fashion:

“Our universe explained by the god Rich  Hoffman”

On my blog I can see the site stats hour by hour of the kind of terms people use to find it online—and that phrase has been coming up more often by different origin IP addresses lately.  This is an indication of the temperament of the critics out there and how they view this blog.  It is unfathomable to them that any individual would attempt to declare that they unshakably know facts, and can see into their hearts unless those individuals were supernatural.  So this is their new derogatory term used to confront the light which shines into their lives grudgingly preventing them from hiding in plain sight.  We live in a time where information is easier to get than ever before in human history—yet people are expected to be dumber than at virtually any point since the dawn of man.  People are expected to remain stupid so to prevent inquiry into the nature of crimes that those who think they are smarter than everyone else, wish to commit upon the innocent—and genuinely good-hearted.

Referring to me as a “god” in their context is not a compliment—but I take it that way—because it shows me more about them than they wish for me to see.  At the start of this blog I knew I was challenging people who thought they were the smartest people in existence, and the shattering impact that they were not has often proven too much for them to handle—which serves them right.  It is ultimately best for them to learn that they cannot use their intelligence for evil—but should utilize it for good, productive ends—and they’ll only do that if they are not allowed to hide behind an industry that does not question their merit for what it is.

A “God” is universally accepted as one who can see everything at all times—they are omnipotent.  Does that accurately describe me?  That is for me to know, and nobody else.  But my enemies do see me that way—and that is because they have been unable to match my assertions which leaves them metaphorically stripped naked for all to witness—and the sight is not a pleasant one.  But it is one that makes society and all endeavor better—which makes me sleep better at night knowing that I did the work that was required—and if some see that as the work of a “god” well—so be it.  I may be a lot of things to a lot of people depending on the context—but one thing I am not is humble.  Humbleness is a waste of time when the only goal of it is to make others feel better about their life decisions and ultimate fall from grace.  And that is not a business I want to be a part of.

Rich Hoffman