Attila and the Witch Doctor: A new education system needed ‘For The New Intellectual’

We know better—America was formed as a philosophy not just another country and it was a direct response to many years of human failure. It was a flash in the pan relatively speaking and is now threatening to fade away back into history because of two primary forces always present in the nations of mankind—Attila and the Witch Doctor. Way back in 1961 Ayn Rand put her finger on these two types of characters in her book, For The New Intellectual. It was and continues to be a revolutionary mode of thinking that is the only path forward—which she identified as the forces of the brute Attila in perpetual conflict with the Witch Doctor—the man of spirit always with a gaze to the ever-after. America was a rejection of the Witch Doctor and a protection against the Attila types which allowed for a new kind of person—the “thinker”–to invent and create a new nation.

However, governments always desire to spring back into the mode of Attila—no matter what type of government it is and they use the Witch Doctor types as their crutches for aggressive action. The Witch Doctor type as well use the Attila types for their ascension and left unchecked will revert back into the old European mode of compete rule of Attila and the Witch Doctor over all of humanity. Presently the fault of this reversion is in the government sponsored education institutions specifically the public school system—capped off by the college system. Those education institutions specifically teach the systems of Attila and the Witch Doctor making them completely useless in the modern world. But before explaining why, please review the excerpts from the Ayn Rand classic below explaining firsthand what these two types of terrible characters are.

  For the New Intellectual

(By Ayn Rand, the foremost philosopher for Capitalism) “When… an entire society is approaching bankruptcy, there are two courses that those involved can follow: they can evade the reality of their situation and act on a frantic, blind, range-of-the-moment expediency—not daring to look ahead, wishing no one would name the truth, yet desperately hoping that something will save them somehow—or they can identify the situation, check their premises, discover their hidden assets and start rebuilding.

“…America’s intellectual leadership has collapsed… America is a country without a voice or defense—a country sold out and abandoned by her intellectual bodyguards.

“The professional businessman and the professional intellectual came into existence together, as brothers born of the same industrial revolution. Both are the sons of capitalism—and if they perish, they will perish together…”

“…with very rare and brief exceptions, pre-capitalist societies had no place for the creative power of man’s mind, neither in the creation of power nor in the creation of wealth… Such societies were ruled by faith and its practical expression: force…”

“…the man of faith and the man of force… they are the actual leaders of most of mankind’s societies, who rise to power whenever men abandon reason…”

“…Attila, the man who rules by brute force… respects nothing but man’s muscles, and regards a fist, a club or a gun as the only answer to any problem—and the Witch Doctor… escapes into his emotions, into visions of some mystic realm where his wishes enjoy supernatural power unlimited by the absolute of nature.

“…Attila feels no need to understand, to explain nor even to ponder, how men manage to produce things he covets—‘somehow’ is a fully satisfactory answer… His view of the universe does not include the power of production. The power of destruction, of brute force, is to him, metaphysically omnipotent. Attila never thinks of creating, only of taking over.

“The Witch Doctor’s method… is the conquest of those who conquer those who conquer nature… With the Witch Doctor, emotions are tools of cognition, and wishes take precedence over facts. …knowledge of the universe will be granted to him by blind, unfocused stare of his eyes turned inward, contemplating the sensations, the feelings, the urgings, the muggy associational twistings projected by the rudderless mechanism of his undirected consciousness. Whatever his mechanism produces is an absolute not to be questioned; and whenever it clashes with reality, it is reality he ignores… The only validation of his consciousness he can obtain on earth is the belief and the obedience of others, when they accept his ‘truth’ as superior to their own perception of reality. While Attila extorts their obedience by means of a club, the Witch Doctor obtains it by means of a much more powerful weapon: he pre-empts the field of morality.

“…they come to need each other. Attila feels that the Witch Doctor can give him what he lacks: a long-range view, and insurance against the dark unknown of tomorrow or next week or next year, a code of moral values to sanction his actions and disarm his victims. The Witch Doctor feels that Attila can give him the material means of survival, can protect him from physical reality, can spare him the necessity of practical action, can enforce his mystic edicts on any recalcitrant who may choose to challenge his authority. Both of them are incomplete parts of a human being, who seek completion in each other…

“…The power of ideas has no reality for either of them, and neither cares to learn that the proof of their power lies in his own chronic sense of guilt and terror.

“Thus Attila and the Witch Doctor form an alliance and divide their respective domains. Attila rules the realm of men’s physical existence—the Witch Doctor rules the realm of men’s consciousness. Attila herds men into armies—the Witch Doctor sets the armies’ goals. Attila conquers empires—the Witch Doctor writes the laws. Attila loots and plunders—the Witch Doctor exhorts the victims to surpass their selfish concern with material property. Attila slaughters—the Witch Doctor proclaims to the survivors that scourges are a retribution for their sins. Attila rules by fear, by keeping men under a constant threat of destruction—the Witch Doctor rules by means of guilt, by keeping men convinced of their innate depravity, impotence and insignificance.

“Against whom is this alliance formed? Against those men whose existence and character both Attila and the Witch Doctor refuse to admit into their view of the universe; the men who produce. In any age or society, there are men who think and work, who discover how to deal with existence, how to produce the intellectual and material values it requires. These are the men who produce the means of survival for the parasites of all varieties: The Attilas and the Witch Doctors and the human ballast. The ballast consists of those who go through life in a state of unfocused stupor, merely repeating the words and the motions they learned from others. But the men from whom they learn, the men who discover any scrap of knowledge, are the men who deal with reality, with the task of conquering nature, and exercising their rational facility.

“A Producer is any man who works and knows what he is doing. He may function on a fully human, conceptual level of awareness only some part of this time, but, to that extent, he is the Atlas who supports the existence of mankind…” (Excerpts from Ayn Rand’s “For the New Intellectual,” copyright 1961.)

When a public school hosts a pep rally for their football team to beat a cross town rival, what is being taught to the students is the mode of Attila—that conquest, force and might rule under the Friday Night Lights and that the entire community—like the nations of the world—will get behind their school sponsoring the team stepping out onto the battlefield. Students at the school must learn where they fit into the pecking order of society in such a system because the power is on full display. Of course the players of the game are at the top of such food chains with school administrators joining their ranks among the socially powerful—because they decide who plays in the battle and who doesn’t. From there society tiers off downward by order of importance—but within those class rooms when the lights are not on for football games, the way of the Witch Doctor is being taught. This would be the climate terrorism that is so prevalent—the avocation of religious tolerance such as the current insurgency of the Muslim faith. Other aspects of the Witch Doctor are the labor unions themselves who control the teachers in these schools—their position is a combination of force and mysticism. They have no idea where the money comes from or where it goes, they just want it—so they take it by force with strikes, public slander, and sheer intimidation. The byproduct of this activity has been an education system ruled by Attila and the Witch Doctors creating several generations of Americans who only understand those two modes of thinking.

There is a third class—for which I am proud to be a part—those are the thinkers. When the thinkers of the world wonder why so many American citizens are so apathetic toward the current scandals in the White House, or seem paralyzed to act against the bizarre notions of the green movement—it is because the modes of thinking that are committing the crimes are due to Attila and the Witch Doctors who are in control of politics, art and entertainment, and the entire intellectual class as it is currently understood. Because most people are taught to be Attila or the Witch Doctor, they are paralyzed to act on what they see is a crime committed right in front of their face. Intellectually, they have been paralyzed into inaction by their education systems leaving them defenseless to make any judgments against.

Saul Alinsky who taught Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the methods of eroding away power from those who had it understood this whole Attila and the Witch Doctor mentality and his methods of activism were designed to exploit it—which Obama has done to hide his many crimes. Read below a few excerpts from his “masterpiece” Rules for Radicals which came out ten years after Ayn Rand’s For The New Intellectual to gain an understanding of the way that crimes are committed by radicals but are pardoned by a public respectful of the Attila types who rule over them with force—and are often stuck between the Witch Doctor types who seem to have all the answers. The system that Alinsky is talking about in the following quotes was created by the public education system giving vast numbers of American citizens a complete paralysis in the face of such forces because intellectually they are not equipped to deal with the assault. Modern Americans functioning from respect of Attila have lost the ability to think leaving them vulnerable to Alinsky’s methods of attack—which is destroying the nation presently—and purposely.

Rules for Radicals

by Saul D. Alinsky

“Today’s generation is desperately trying to make some sense out of their lives and out of the world. Most of them are products of the middle class. They have rejected their materialistic backgrounds, the goal of a well-paid job, suburban home, automobile, country club membership, first-class travel, status, security, and everything that meant success to their parents. They have had it. They watched it lead their parents to tranquilizers, alcohol, long-term-endurance marriages, or divorces, high blood pressure, ulcers, frustration and the disillusionment of the “good life,” They have seen the almost unbelievable idiocy of our political leadership – in the past political leaders, ranging from the mayors to governors to the White House, were regarded with respect and almost reverence; today they are viewed with contempt. This negativism now extends to all institutions, from the police and the courts to “the system” itself. We are living in a world of mass media which daily exposes society’s innate hypocrisy, its contradictions and the apparent failure of almost every facet of our social and political life. The young have seen their “activist” participatory democracy turn into its antithesis – nihilistic bombing and murder. The political panaceas of the past, such as the revolutions in Russia and China, have become the same old stuff under a different name. The search for freedom does not seem to have any road or destination. The young are inundated with a barrage of information and facts so overwhelming that the world has come to seem an utter bedlam, which has them spinning in a frenzy, looking for what man has always looked for from the beginning of time, a way of life that has some meaning or sense. A way of life means a certain degree of order where things have some relationship and can be pieced together into a system that at least provides some clues to what life is about. Men have always yearned for and sought direction by setting up religions, inventing political philosophies, creating scientific systems like Newton’s, or formulating ideologies of various kinds. This is what is behind the common cliché, “getting it all together” – despite the realization that all values and factors are relative, fluid, and changing, and that it will be possible to “get it all together” only relatively. The elements will shift and move together just like the changing pattern in a turning kaleidoscope.

For the real radical, doing “his thing” is to do the social thing, for and with people. In a world where everything is so interrelated that one fells helpless to know where or how to grab hold and act, defeat sets in’ for years there have been people who’ve found society too overwhelming and have withdrawn, concentrated on “doing their own thing.” Generally we have put them into mental hospitals and diagnosed them as schizophrenics. If the real radical finds that having long hair sets up psychological barriers to communication and organization, he cuts his hair. If I were organizing in a orthodox Jewish community I would not walk in there eating a ham sandwich, unless I wanted to be rejected so I could have an excuse to cop out. My “thing,” if I want to organize, is solid communication with the people in the community. Lacking communication I am in reality silent; throughout history silence has been regarded as assent – in this case assent to the system.

As an organizer I start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be. That we accept the world as it is does not in any sense weaken our desire to change it into what we believe it should be – it is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system.”

Alinsky here has set himself up as the Witch Doctor and Obama and Clinton have come to suckle from his nectar and are presently using it to destroy the world in much the way that the same Witch Doctors destroyed the world after the fall of the Roman Empire and ushered in the Dark Ages. During that period in human history, it was religion that held down the minds of man. Today, it is another religion—this time worship of Mother Earth as the deity of highlight. Society must then fall in behind the Witch Doctor because they are intellectually incapable to reason through the problem because their efforts have been placed into the role of Attila—the conqueror.

The way out of this whole scandal literally and intellectually is to discard Attila and eradicate the Witch Doctor from the language of human activity. It is those two forces which destroy advancement of civilizations and currently brings much misery to the world. And it is specifically those two ways of thinking that are the primary topics taught in modern education no matter where in the world things are taught. And for the human mind—there really isn’t anything worse than learning to be like Attila or the Witch Doctor. Both are ancient evils meant to be surpassed and leave the lives of mankind vulnerable to real threats such as Saul Alinsky who wish to build empires on the backs of human slaves shackled not with literal chains, but intellectual ineptitude.

In this way the education systems of present must be completely dismantled and rebuilt to create thinkers. The focus should be on that brief moment in human history where America invented The New Intellectual and gave birth to a nation that ended slavery, invented new economical means, and freed the minds of mankind wherever the philosophy of America touched. Those who hate America hate it because they wish to be either Attila or the Witch Doctor. Their cries against imperialism are not the rule of Attila which typically belongs to a brute force, but in the ability to stand up against such force—and they don’t like it. This is why so many in the world who wish to rule by either force or religious mystics desire to see American dismantled and destroyed. Because the Attila types in the world wish to rule over mankind and the Witch Doctors wish to rule over Attila. They can only do that if Attila first conquers the world. This is why those who hate America desire the brute force of Islam to have their caliphate—because then Attila will have won leaving the Witch Doctors open to place shackles on the minds of the entire world. All this begins so innocently in the public education institutions sponsored by government desiring not to build minds, but compliant servants to Attila and the Witch Doctor.image

Rich Hoffman


6 thoughts on “Attila and the Witch Doctor: A new education system needed ‘For The New Intellectual’

  1. If you mean Attila the Hungarian, you may want to look a little further. He was educated in Rome and decided they were a bunch of phony psychophants. So he organized the common people against Rome and showed the Romans no mercy.
    Today if your offspring are sent to a Western Empire (Roman) School they will of course be taught the propaganda about Rome’s adversary Attila the Hun. Today they say the same thing about the Tea Party and Libertarians, they call us “Terrorists”.
    Well it is the People behind today’s Roman Empire and its descendants that are the terrorists, not the Huns descendants living in Indiana peacefully farming.

    Your allegory is good however.
    There is a deal between Rome and the Anglo Saxon Kings going back a thousand years. The peace Treaty is that The Priests of Rome will control the Law and the Anglo Saxon Lineage of Kings will control the land.
    They will trap the people between the two of them.
    Your slave I.D. card has this contract on it! (Social Security)
    The left pillar is the law, the right pillar is the land. The arch over the top is Annun.
    By this contract they control everything and everyone under the sun.
    In the end times when the world is to be consolidated under one ruler the two houses of the Anglo Saxon line and the Priests of Rome will merge into one. A new temple will rise in Jarusalem from where this King will rule. The temple is in fact rising. It is a replica of the Anglo Saxon Kings Castle from a thousand years ago. You need only look at the tabloids in the supermarket checkout to see photos of your new rulers.
    There I saw today the Anglo Saxon King and the Jewess Priestess with their newly blended offspring.
    So you are on the right track. Rule by force and rule by sorcery/deception have been the “apparent two ways of rule”. When in fact the deceivers and brutes joined forces long ago. And now that their conquest of the Earth is nearly complete, they have merged their two houses per the ancient contract in preparation for the one ruler who will bring both deception and violence together under one house.


  2. Wow! You really tied this all together beautifully. Ayn Rand and Saul Alinsky – a real great comparison.


      1. The facts are right in front of our faces. Too bad so many refuse to open their eyes.


      2. You are carrying around the I.D. for a dead person!
        It can’t get anymore “in your face” than that.
        Next time you pass a cemetery, pull in, hold that State I.D. up in front of any tombstone.
        Notice that the names of the dead have the same format as the name on THAT I.D.?
        If you are using that I.D. then you are admitting to being dead!
        The Priests have cast spells on you to make you “appear” dead. Pretty soon the enforcers will make your dead person’s I.D. match up with reality by actually making you dead.
        You are already dead on paper.
        If you don’t fix that in the next few months the priests and enforcers will “find” a body to match the dead persons I.D. (by killing you of course which is legal because on paper you are already dead.)
        Don’t delay, the truth is staring you in the face, the Priests already killed you on paper.
        The State will reconcile the obvious problem that reality doesn’t match up with their paperwork by making you dead so then your papers will be in order!
        The Priest of Adonis and Bael planned your Ritual Sacrifice and murder over 150 years ago.
        You are already on the altar. The Priests knife is coming down to cut your heart out.
        He has a berth certificate and State I.D. card lying next to your head. The berth certificate is a death pledge of your Estate and body to their church.
        You fools gave these priests of Babylon permission to murder your offspring!
        You have only a few months left before the glorious sacrifice!
        Millions of you will die because you bowed down to Lies.
        And I doubt even one of you who read this blog will get off your tush and revoke the Priests’ permission to sacrifice you and your offspring.
        You are already dead on paper.
        The bodies are already piling up all over the priests domain.
        And yet you do not revoke their permission to sacrifice you and your offspring so that the Priests can inherit your Estates?
        Like cattle to slaughter, the end of your line should be no surprise. You were told right here.
        And yet you still do nothing to change your fate?
        No, guns will not save you. Nor will appeals to God.
        You signed a contract with the devil. (the State) You belong to Lucifers Kingdom, the State. He is coming soon to collect his prizes.
        The Priests of Adonis and Bael will feast on your Estate and deliver up your soul to Lucifer.
        Within the next 18 months.

        How’s that for staring you in the face?

        What ya gonna do?
        Continue to Moo?


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