The Ultimate Latté Sipping Prostitute: Michelle Obama too ignorant to feed her children

It was an astonishing revelation when Michelle Obama admitted that she was a bad parent prior to gaining access to the White House and receiving the vast resources available to government workers who become president. She stated:

“Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and I didn’t get it right,” she explained, sharing a story about her children’s doctor who pulled her aside to talk about her family diet.

“I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard-educated professional woman doesn’t know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who don’t have access to the information I have?”

That explains a lot and sounds like most of the levy supporters in my neighborhood—the kind of people I’ve termed as “latté-sipping prostitutes”—as they lack common sense, are overly dependent on government services, and spend much of their spare time sipping lattes and complaining about their spouses. These are a new breed of people invented by the big government socialist policies born of the Great Depression—and the result is these parents unwise about child rearing and deeply insecure about their roles as parents. Government services have made them lazy and dependent not feeling qualified to even make decisions about what their children should eat—let along much more complex social issues. These are not the days of Leave it to Beaver where the parents were wise and had all the answers a child could possibly need to ask. These are the days of Oprah where parents were taught to ask a professional and surrender their children’s sovereignty to the care of public schools. Michelle Obama represents this new age parent who can’t even answer simple questions without professional assistance in whatever topic is in question.

So it comes as no wonder that Michelle Obama thinks that the rest of America is as dim-witted as she has been, and needs vast government services to support their lives, and robust cabooses. I often term these types of people as latte sipping prostitutes because they tend to be drastically out-of-touch regarding world affairs primarily getting their news, and ultimately their philosophy from day time television. There is nothing against places like Starbuck’s, but often their dinning rooms are filled with these types of people, the kind of people who Michelle Obama is—social climbing neurotic, dependent personalities. When I refer to them as prostitutes it is because often these types of parents put their careers before their children and somehow expect everything to come out wonderfully in their families. Prostitutes often are willing to do anything for money. They most of the time sell various degrees of sexual interaction with male clients, but usually their obligation is not sexually related at all—only on the surface. Men who use the services of prostitutes are often looking for company—someone to spend time with. So the prostitute must be ready to sell her body for sex, or just for company—which isn’t any different from most jobs in most careers where time is sold in exchange for money. The only real difference is that time is sold instead of a physical body.

Michelle Obama complained that she was in a relationship with a man who traveled a lot, and she was an attorney with a Harvard law degree who made a decision to serve others by selling her time instead of giving that time to her children. Thus, it was her conclusion that she needed help feeding her children correctly—because she didn’t have time or knowledge to perform the task. But it was her decisions in life that prevented her from obtaining that knowledge—she chose instead to whore herself out to a legal profession full of radical social advocates—such as Bernadine Dorn from the Weather Underground and similar reformers instead of pouring that same energy into learning what foods are good for her children, or what they should be doing and thinking about. Typical school levy supporters are of the same type—they whore themselves to occupations with the sole intention of making money—and wonder why their children are faulty—lacking parental input. It’s not always the case, but generally you can easily tell children who have a full-time parent in the home and children who are raised through baby sitters, public schools, and empty homes owned by parents too busy with careers to care for them. The parents are doing essentially the same thing that prostitutes are doing—selling their time for money and what gets deprived are the children who need that sold away time.

This is the heart of why Michelle Obama was lost on how to feed her children. She was raised to be a prostitute. Instead of selling her body, she has sold her time to a law firm and legal career. Her mind was not on raising children; it was on the concerns of the Weather Underground as she worked at the same Chicago law firm that the former American terrorist worked at. Before her husband became a big time public looter, she worked the streets sipping lattés at lunch while looking over legal briefs for judges interpreting the law of corrupt politicians whose only productive enterprise was creating more paperwork. And she felt sophisticated, and accomplished as most progressives established value. Michelle Obama by her own admission was so deficient as a parent that she didn’t even know how or what to feed her children without professional input. That was because she was too busy whoring herself to society that she didn’t have anything left for her children—that is why she is a latté sipping prostitute.

When I called the levy supporters in my home district of Lakota schools latté sipping prostitutes, they wanted to assume that the statement was derogatory toward women—again as progressives have defined the value. But it wasn’t meant toward women—but at their neglectful behavior as parents who were too busy raising future attention starved children instead of productive members of society—which becomes my business when they become hapless adults like Michelle Obama—unable to even know how to feed themselves without professional help. They expect to cover up their mistakes with increased tax money to wave a magic wand and “puff” make their children scholars and successful adults—and that wand is waved in public education classrooms. But the results are often as accurate as newspaper horoscopes and just as factually based. They are a destructive species who are pretentious and corrosive to the human race—and it starts in lunch time cafes among cackling, unhappy parents who attempt to justify the guilt they feel in selling their time for money while others do the jobs of raising their children. That is why they are latté sipping prostitutes.

Occasionally, these whores strike it rich. They marry someone who could sell the pants off a priest, lying their way from one social circle to another until they are in the White House. When they arrive at such a place, they are still unequipped to be parents, because their background as whores has not prepared them for such things—but they can now command vast resources supplied by the tax payers to attempt to cover their deficiencies. In this way, Michelle Obama is no different from a typical school levy supporter. But the fault is not common to everyone, only to people like the Obama family—who have sold themselves for years to everyone in trade for power, money, and political power. Yet, that power can’t even help them feed their children on their own—they still have to hire help to cover their ignorance. And that is the fault and fate of every latté sipping prostitute in existence—which means that their children will tragically suffer under their care.

Rich Hoffman