Why Public Education is Dangerous to the Human Race: The meaning behind Ohio school scores

It is an unpopular position to state that the American education system is disgraceful, and that the labor unions are destroying the minds of American youth.  My position against public education has caused many uncomfortable engagements with people who obviously do not know the facts, or are willingly ignoring them. I have associated with entertainment professionals, science foundations, business leaders, and just casual everyday people and due to my positions, they are not sure whether they like me, or hate me.  Yet I am unconcerned by these appraisals, because to my eyes, the worst thing any society can do is destroy the mind of young people.  In the 1930’s the United States had the best school system in the world.    Now we are ranked at 32 – below Cyprus.   More money thrown at teacher unions has not helped American schools.   The curriculum taught in these schools have destroyed them and the kids in attendance.  The situation has become notably worse in just the few years I have spent covering these issues and making my disapproval so vocal.  I know that sooner rather than later, my opinions about public education will be mainstream—so any current resistance to my evaluation will dissolve with time.

Honestly, I can’t think of a more pleasurable event than watching the minds of children coming on.  Our society puts a lot of effort into these young people from ages 3 to 5, and it is wonderful to see children learning to talk and interact with the world in a completely open manner—not fearful of failing, no resistance to adventure—just open books looking or good material to imprint upon their brains. Conversely, the saddest is when those minds are turned off.  Some of the saddest moments of my life were not the death of loved ones, or the occasional tragedies that happen, but in watching people I have known deliberately turn off their minds through intoxication or deliberate stupidity.  A room full of college kids getting “high” in a small fraternity room at Miami University, a passed out girl nude and gang raped by everyone at a party covered with beer, spit and semen, or a former reading advocate who gave up books for cocaine and found themselves a twisted mess within months of making the perilous decision are examples of what I consider the worst examples of human detriment.  The young girl I am thinking of saddened me because I thought at the time that once not that long ago she was somebody’s pride and joy.  She was a wide-eyed child figuring out that circles and squares were different and she was learning how to string together words to make sentences.   The world was alive with adventure and thought and within a decade of that behavior she was robbed of her dignity and abused by others in the same state to be forever tarnished and lowered in her own mind never again to reach for the stars of opportunity.  After a few of these events, the young mind always reaches for less, and less until they are unhappy grey hairs on a collision course with their own death only to live fruitless, uneventful lives as a malcontent.  Those paths to destruction begin young, and are planted in their minds at public schools—and for that reason—I hate those places.

Children before they attend public schools are alive and curious.  After they are numbed and destroyed.  By the grades of 3 to 5, most children are so turned off to the world they no longer function properly.  By the grade of 6 to 8, children are pulled nearly exclusively into the didactic world of puberty—the public schools are not palaces of adventure and learning—but of sexual pursuits or the option of it through peer group development.  Peer groups form and sexual pairings occur along the lines of those boundaries.  The appeal of gang raping an intoxicated female once grades 9 through 12 are reached are that alcohol and drugs break down those peer boundaries and inter-pollination of sexual advancement can take place through thoughtless exchange.  By the time these tarnished youth arrive in college, the peer groups further devolve into complete social neurosis paving the way for democratic unity.  With peer groups stripped away, these minds are now ready to accept their role in the “middleclass” under of course the political upper-class who makes the law and substitutes the teacher role as an object of authority.  Once jobs are obtained, and children are born, the public educated victim becomes more “conservative” and may even vote for a Republican.  This they hope gives them redeeming value for all the mistakes they made in their past.  Two decades later, they are in physical decline and willing to yield to the youth of the next generation not departing wisdom but in worshipping them with a lust not felt in 40 years.  Regret fills their minds, corrupts their hearts, and destroys their families.  By the time they are in a coffin and visitors come to see their vacant bodies, there are a few good things that are remembered by those left behind, but mostly it is sadness.  The sadness is not in missing the person who has died, but in all the potential they had, which was not developed, or lost during their lives by thinking wrongly about things.  This pattern of living is getting worse, and is the fault of our public education system.

To measure just how bad the situation is the below statistics come from a friend of mine who used to be a school board member.  The information she provides is startlingly illuminating as to the real contents of the public education problem.  Public schools are not teaching children, they are simply performing a scam selling an elixir—a cure all to life’s problems—but once consumed the student discovers there is nothing there.   I am willing to call the situation what it is—after the scam that it is because of the way it is destroying minds and sending young people into lives of unhappy adulthood where the magic of youth has been destroyed.  The confirmation of such an assertion can be seen in the college readiness scores shown below of a number of area schools.  More information can be found at my friend’s site linked below.

The college readiness statistic is based on a score of 100%.   That means 100% of the senior students in a school took the test and 100% passed the test. Every student had to take and pass at least one AP class.  Few schools reach the 100% mark. The math and reading scores are based on the number of seniors that took and the number that passed the Ohio State Exit exam.  Listed below are some examples of the scores.

WALNUT HILLS – Rank: Ohio 1  National 77  College Readiness Score 81.3

College Readiness:  92% tested   78% passed

Math – 100% proficient  0% not proficient   scored at 4.8

Reading – 100% proficient 0% not proficient scored at 4.4

WYOMING – Rank:    Ohio 2   National 110  College Readiness Score 74.4

College Readiness:  83% tested   71% passed

Math – 98% proficient 2% not proficient   scored at 4.6

Reading – 97% proficient 3% not proficient  scored at 4.4

SYCAMORE H. S. – Rank: Ohio 23 National 514   College Readiness 46.6

College Readiness:  51% tested  45% passed

Math – 96% proficient 4% not proficient  scored at 4.5

Reading – 97% proficient  3% not proficient  scored at 4.3

KINGS – Rank:   Ohio 31   National 666   College Readiness  42.2

College Readiness:   52% tested   39% passed

Math – 94% proficient  6% not proficient  scored at 4.2

Reading – 94% proficient 6% not proficient scored at 3.9

MILFORD – Rank:   Ohio 32   National 707  College Readiness 41.4

College Readiness:   54% tested 37% passed

Math – 91% proficient  9% not proficient   scored at 4.2

Reading – 94% proficient 6% not proficient   scored at 3.9

MASON H. S. – Rank:  Ohio 34    National 720  College Readiness 40.9

College Readiness:   44% tested   40% passed

Math – 96% proficient    4% not proficient   scored at 4.6

Reading –  97% proficient  3% not proficient   scored at 4.2

LAKOTA EAST  –  Rank:  Ohio 36   National 750  College Readiness 40.4

College Readiness:  44% tested  39% passed

Math – 96% proficient  4% not proficient   scored at 4.4

Reading – 97% proficient 3% not proficient  scored at 4.1

LOVELAND  –  Rank:  Ohio 43  National 955  College Readiness 35.7

College Readiness:  42% tested  34% passed

Math – 94% proficient  6% not proficient scored at 4.3

Reading – 96% proficient  4% not proficient scored at 4.1

LEBANON – Rank:   Ohio 51  National 1119  College Readiness 32.6

College Readiness:  41% tested  30% passed  (approximately 60 students)

Math – 92% proficient  8% not proficient   scored at 4.1

Reading – 94% proficient 6% not proficient scored at 3.9 (near OH Average)

LAKOTA WEST –  Rank:  Ohio 53  National 1178  College Readiness 31.3

College Readiness:   34% tested 31% passed

Math – 96% proficient  4% not proficient  scored at 4.4

Reading – 95% proficient 5% not proficient  Scored at 4.1 (above OH average)

CENTERVILLE –  Rank:   Ohio 70   National 1436  College Readiness 27.0

College Readiness:   32% tested  25% passed

Math – 94% proficient  6% not proficient   scored at 4.4 (above OH average)

Reading – 96% proficient  4% not proficient  scored at 4.2 (above OH average)

SPRINGBORO – Rank:   Ohio 84   National 1629 College Readiness 23.5

College Readiness:   29% tested 22% passed

Math – 97% proficient  3% not proficient scored at 4.5 (above OH average)

Reading – 98% proficient  2% not proficient  scored at 4.1 (above OH average)

MONROE – Rank:  Ohio 93  National 1698  College Readiness 22.5

College Readiness:   38% tested 17% passed

Math – 89% proficient  11% not proficient scored at 4.0 (near OH average)

Reading – 96% proficient  4% not proficient scored at 3.8 (above OH average)

VALLEY H. S.(297 students)  Not ranked  College Readiness 18.3

College Readiness:   30% tested 14% passed

Math – 92% proficient  8% not proficient scored at 4.2 (above OH average)

Reading – 90% proficient 10% not proficient scored at 3.7 (near OH average)

The reason I am going to all this effort to post these scores is so that a valid comparison can be made.   Note that Walnut Hills has a college readiness score of 81.3 and that 92% of their senior class took the test.  Compare that to Lebanon where only 41% were tested and 30% of those passed the test. If you calculate that out you will find that only 60 AP students passed the test. That is 60 out of approximately 500 students.


The test is pure propaganda meant to disguise what is really going on, and the schools and law makers are all openly participating in the deception.  The entire purpose of the test is not to ensure that children are learning, but to keep the money flowing into their incompetent jobs of the labor union employees and tax funded colleges.  It is a scam designed to feed off the minds of people only to discard them like dirty laundry in search of the next victim.  Ultimately once children learn to read, and think and they see what is really going on, they take on a kind of prison inmate position to the school experience and they make their moves to survive in that culture.  They pair up with a peer group to protect them and hope to get out alive.  This starts them on a life of bad decisions that lead one into another for the rest of their lives and is caused by the public education experience.

I feel very passionate about those houses of horror.  I despise them more now than ever—because I know that the testing, and school scoring have no basis in reality, but are designed with one intention in mind—to convince tax payers to continue funding the insane behavior.  They are lies because the real statistic is that Cyprus is now ahead of The United States in educational aptitude.  To truly understand how bad the situation really is read the below report, which refers to a 1983 document titled A Nation At Risk.  The situation is dire!  And remember this; the Department of Education was formed in 1979.  The 1983 report was only 4 years into the DOE existence.  We are now three decades of destruction into its incompetency now.


So I offer no apologies to the insanity that is public education.  It is a failure and should be massively defunded—abandoned, and rebuilt around competitive models.  The labor unions should be outlawed, and the curriculum must be totally overhauled.  It is the number one problem facing the modern United States because public education is breeding stupidity—not saving the world from it.  And for that, I have strong feelings that are quite rational—if the facts are understood in context.

Rich Hoffman www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com