Philanthropy in Public Schools: More Tax Money Needed to save the WORLD!


These days as our kids run about for decades as lost souls trying to achieve escape velocity from their upbringing, to establish themselves as individuals, all too often they end up doing all the same things in an attempt to be “unique.” 

Each and every one of them believes “they” are on a path nobody else has ever been on as they get tattoos, color their hair, spike their hair in the latest European fashions and spend their weekends pursuing binge drinking……………why? 

Because they all learn from the same place, public education, television, and music. 

Public education is the maestro of the three primary influences and has embedded itself between the modern parent and the child in such a way that they have exacerbated the difficulties of raising a child by infusing a lot of needless “social” commentary into the process of education.  Taken from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s writing, many teachers have sought to advance social agenda’s they received in college, and attached them to the natural rebelliousness of youth to propagate a vast social movement funded entirely by tax dollars. 

Most every youthful person says the same things when asked about social causes, in spite what their parents might believe, because public education has created that wedge using the parent’s tax dollars as the platform.  See my article about Chick-Fil-A here for more on this topic:

To those who wish to argue with me and proclaim that I’m being too far-reaching with this topic examine the case below, where Roger Grein under the guise of goodness has overstepped the fine line of what public education is supposed to teach, and what is the parent’s responsibility.  Roger thinks he should use high schools to launch young people on a quest for philanthropy, which is a desire to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities.  In other words, the proposal is that schools should teach altruism.    

Altruism is an attitude or way of behaving that is marked by unselfish concern for the welfare of others.  This is a concept that has been tried through religion and politics for over 4000 years and is built upon the ruined foundations of western philosophy.  All cultures who embrace altruism end up extinct or hiding in some mountain passage someplace avoiding a more aggressive culture, so the merits of altruism are debatable.  Altruism is explored explicitly in the book Atlas Shrugged, which I’m beginning to think should be required reading in 8th grade English class along with Alan Eckert’s The Frontiersman and until Ayn Rand put those thoughts down on paper for the world to study along with Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, and the works of writers like Sir Thomas More, the evils of altruism had not been properly explored, only recklessly promoted.

This brings us to this ridiculous notion that philanthropy should be taught in a local high school by teachers over-stepping their boundary, on a quest to save the world by some hippie definition established by kooks and drug addicts who only studied the versions of philosophy that they agreed with.  According to the article below, Roger Grein believes it to be a wonderful thing to teach compassion, and high moral principles to the ripe young minds of public education.  Check it out: 


Source article:

Program teaches philanthropy to high school, college students

Youth decide how to make charitable donations to groups.

By James Sprague, Staff Writer Updated 9:56 AM Friday, July 29, 2011

CINCINNATI — An area non-profit organization is assisting high school students throughout the Tri-State in not only giving to charity, but learning more about the spirit of philanthropy and social causes.

Magnified Giving, a non-profit organization based in the Cincinnati suburb of Reading, enters its fourth year of teaching students to become philanthropists through placing the decision of what charities to donate funds to upon the shoulders of students.

The program, originally conceived 10 years ago at the college level by Roger Grein, a Reading accountant, allows students and teachers in 15 area high schools to form Youth Grantmaking Councils charged with dispersing a grant of at least $1,000 to area charities.

Seeing success with the program at area universities — including Miami University — is what instigated Grein to take it to area high schools.

“I thought ‘My God, what a wonderful idea to educate and get young people involved,’ ” Grein said. “Look at the lives it could touch.”

The charity the council decides to donate the funds to is determined by students researching area non-profits, examining proposals, visiting organizations and meeting with boards of directors, said Jen Senett, director of marketing and communications for Mount Notre Dame.

“Students break up into teams and take on a different social cause, such as children, the elderly or teen issues,” Senett said. “Each team pitches it to the group why the nonprofit organization deserves the grant money and chooses the one that will make the biggest impact.”


Reading the comments of Mr. Grein, I would propose that he is functioning from a level of immaturity as a human being, and has no right to teach any child anything about life.  He may be qualified to teach a child about arithmetic, or English, but not on the philosophy of social welfare.

Any military drill sergeant knows that the best way to create a good soldier is to break down the individual identity of the candidate right off the bus.  Cut their hair, give them a uniform, and make them just like everyone else in their group.  Insult them aggressively, driving their individual ego’s from their youthful bodies so they will function as a collective unit on the battlefield, without a sense of self preservation.     But in society a sense of self is needed. 

Is it any accident that millions of our young people are missing a sense of self confidence which would prevent them from drug abuse, binge drinking, sexual mis-adventures, financial misconduct, altering their bodies with piercings and tattoos, or even suicidal behavior if they were taught that they must love themselves before they can love another? 

Often behind these teachers of altruism you find a person who has trouble with relationships in their own lives, where they’ve been divorced one or more times, or they don’t get along with family members, or neighbors because they believe only they are right and are on some ideological crusade to “teach” the world to love under the hippie sign of “peace.”  I know many of these people, I’ve met them at all levels, especially in education and I personally would not trust these idiots to watch my dog while I go on a weekend trip, let alone pour a bunch of half-baked nonsense into a child I’m raising. 

But worse yet, school systems are openly embracing these ideas such as what Mr. Grein has proposed.  The article above was written in our community paper after all as if it were a great benefit to all tax payers that their children would be taught to give to others before they gave to themselves.  And these are the type of programs that schools believe are “preparing” our youth for their college years, that place of social engineering who charges parents 50K to 100K to teach their children to not trust their parents.  Schools teach these social programs as justification for the enormous sums of money they are asking for in public education from property owners.

When a young man sits across from a young woman over dinner and says “I love you,” what does the word “I” mean?  If the young man has no concept of self, then what merit does the word “I” have in that statement?  What is a young woman supposed to build her life around if she agrees to marry the boy who thinks he’s going to tackle the world and start a family with her under the profession of the word “LOVE” defined by the qualifier “I.”  For the love has no meaning if there is no value in the word “I.”  This is why marriages are failing more and more often, and this is why more people than ever are making a mess of their lives, because they have lost a sense of self worth.  And they try to fill that lack of self-worth with social causes, which never really do the trick, but leave the participants on a lifelong quest for world peace to give their meaningless lives justification.   And the people they provided philanthropy to become addicts, dependent on the services of philanthropy instead of building in themselves a sense of value to propel them into their own lives of freedom, valor, and personal conviction.

And all the while, our human race paid for our own demise yet again by pouring money into the pockets of people like Mr. Grien, who because they lack personal worth seek to live through others as our tax money fuels the enterprise of our social undoing, all because society did not understand the philosophy of their age and listened to all the wrong people who advocated all the wrong approaches to human relationships.  Because there are other works of philosophy that should be looked at also, and one of those is the second most looked at book in the Library of Congress behind the Holy Bible, and that is Atlas Shrugged

It’s all in the book Atlas Shrugged, the rise and fall of civilization built upon altruism.  It is far easier to read it than to waste your life in the pursuit of philosophic failure advocated by a radical few, yet funded by all of us, because the value of the proclamation wasn’t fully understood by the tax payer. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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