Sheriff Jones, The R.A.T.: When Trump comes to town, he will have very clean shoes

Well, you could see why people would be concerned, and they are. Now that there have been whistleblowers who have pointed out things that Matt Miller has been involved in, the superintendent of Lakota schools, of extremely bad character, those whistleblowers are now worried about retaliation from the superintendent’s friend Sheriff Jones. During the transcript of the police investigation into Matt Miller’s very controversial sex life, the scraggly, overpaid, online dating addict name-dropped Sheriff Jones to the investigators to let them know about me and my role in a few recent political campaigns purely to garner favor with the police to support him in the matter. And in all likelihood, it worked. It was out of context to the rest of the investigation when Miller brought up my name in connection to the recent election of Thomas Hall over the Sheriff Jones-supported Matt King.  Sheriff Jones had paraded King around purely out of spite against Hall, and I worked to help the very good incumbent Hall as Sheriff Jones went about to utterly destroy the very nice young man, purely out of vengeance. Well, everyone knows when I support a candidate, they usually win. And Jones has found his brand to be much less influential in these post-Tea Party years. There has been a similar rift between the Sheriff and me over Roger Reynolds, the Butler County auditor. The Sheriff wants him out and to replace him with another friend of mine, Bruce Jones. Why, well, Bruce isn’t as radically transparent as Roger is with the books, and Jones wants to send a message, complete with seven indictments, including jail time. So clearly, for his defense with the police, Mat Miller was doing a little name-dropping from information he would have from behind-the-scenes activity. And people worry that now that Sheriff Jones is helping Matt Miller perceptually with his major social problems, people assume that the wrath of Sheriff Jones and the power of the Butler County Sheriff’s Department will be turned toward them for a destiny of misfortune. 

I would say, fear not. I have known Sheriff Jones for over 20 years. While he might be vengeful, he’s generally a good man, and I would vote for him again for Sheriff. I’ve had these kinds of rifts with him over that entire span of time, and my impression is that he’s been a good sheriff. We’ve worked together on things like immigration issues during the early days of the Tea Party. Then we’ve been enemies regarding public sector unions. I’m against unions altogether, while he thinks they are the greatest thing in the world. People can have disagreements without things getting out of hand. What is going on with Matt Miller has been an investigation into criminal wrongdoing. So far, the evidence points to bizarre sexual practices with adults who think about kids. And that’s for the public to figure out if they are comfortable with. But for the police to suddenly become Matt Miller’s personal hit squad led by Sheriff Jones, that’s not going to happen. People should not worry about the fear of political wrath in the aftermath of all the events of 2022.

Many people say that Sheriff Jones is the biggest RINO in Butler County. (Republican in Name Only). I wouldn’t say that. I think Sheriff Jones is a Democrat most of the time, that he plays a Republican on stage when he gives a speech or is on WLW radio with his friend Bill Cunningham, a fellow Democrat also. When there are Democrats in the White House, Sheriff Jones is a Democrat in public. But I can say that when Trump was in office, Sheriff Jones was very much a Republican. He was one of the early supporters of Trump. And from 2015, there was great harmony in the Butler County Republican Party for the first time in years because of Trump. And during that time, Sheriff Jones and I were even friendly with each other in public. I even saw him at Ace Hardware in Liberty Township and said hi.

So if Jones isn’t a RINO, then what is he? I would say he’s a R.A.T.  (Republican Around Trump). When Trump makes his announcement soon that he is running for president again, then Sheriff Jones will start acting like a Republican again. And Republicans aren’t known for abusing their authority to use the power of their office to fulfill political hits like Matt Miller is obviously hoping to cover up his bad behavior from public opinion. So even if today Sheriff Jones is acting like a vindictive Democrat with all the power of the police at his disposal, fear not, Trump will be running for president again soon, and Sheriff Jones being the very political creature that he is, will want to be on the right side of history. After all, Trump used to be a Democrat, so moderates who spend most of their lives on the fence between liberalism and conservatism find Trump very appealing. And the Republican Party of Butler County will be united again. I certainly didn’t spike the football when it came to Thomas Hall. Sheriff Jones put his personal brand all in behind Matt King. I thought Matt was a nice young man, but I supported Hall, who worked like a saint amongst sinners in Hell to redeem their very souls before an apocalypse to win that election. And Thomas won despite all the wrath of Sheriff Jones. And the same thing will happen when it comes to Roger Reynolds and any other character Jones has taken aim at for purely political reasons. Once Trump announced that he was running again, which he will do because the FBI has raided Trump’s home and gone through the personal clothes of his wife, Melania. Sheriff Jones will rediscover his Republican nature, and the world will be much better off.

And when Trump comes to Butler County the next time, he will have very clean shoes from all the bootlickers who want a picture next to him. People who today are denying that there was election fraud and have been saying that Trump is too mean to be president. I’ve seen Sheriff Jones around Trump, and when he is, the Sheriff starts glowing like a little boy. The bootlickers do line up to be near real power, and Trump has that real power that comes from inner self-confidence and a sense of purpose in life. The top of the food chain in political sentiment. It’s very interesting to watch. But by the time Trump returns to Butler County, Ohio, for future political events, many of these fears about Matt Miller will long be over. People don’t have to worry about the police following them home and harassing them to no end. Just put a Trump sticker on your car, or wear a MAGA hat, and you will be fine. Because when Trump is running for office, and when he’s in town, Sheriff Jones the R.A.T. will be a valuable ally. He will be less inclined to support scandalous characters and will quickly adapt to the Trump agenda. A lot of the trouble mentioned here has come from the power vacuum of Trump not being in office and the thought that progressive politics would be making a comeback under Joe Biden in the wake of the Covid lockdowns. But that is not the future. Trump is the future, and when he is in Butler County, Ohio, his shoes will be clean, and the personal vendettas will be directed elsewhere for the good of the Republican Party. 

Rich Hoffman

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A Different Way of Looking at the Border Problems: Turn them to red votes instead of blue ones

A different way of looking at the border challenges

The numbers are obvious and are part of the liberal panic that was part of the strategy to cheat in the 2020 elections.  When I say cheat, I am referring to voter rule changes made due to coronavirus specifically, but that is a topic of its own and there is vast evidence that it occurred.  However, liberals had to cheat to win their seats because Trump support had grown from 2016 to 2020 and it was obvious, specifically among black voters and Hispanics.  Black support, which is supposed to be fully in the column of Democrats went from 6% to 8% while Hispanics jumped up from 28% to 35%.  And its that last number that has everyone in a panic.  Hispanics like Trump and there is room to turn that number up even higher.  These voting blocs that Democrats have been counting on are not holding, which pushed them into over-the-top action to stop the bleeding and go on a massive media campaign to assist them into gaining power in all three houses of congress to hopefully get things back under control for them.  Republicans being the nice people they are of course hold the door open for their enemies because they think its going to get them into Heaven which leads us to our present circumstances on the border which is all the talk these days. It seems to be the only thing anybody can focus on which is why Trump was building a wall on the border with Mexico and 75 million Americans voting for him again in 2020, to secure the border and stand for a path to legal immigration.

I’ve been watching all this carefully and have some unique thoughts on the matter, especially after visiting the border states myself just a month or so ago and meeting so many Trump supporters who are Hispanic and very engaged in voting for him again.  Democrats know it too, but I think Republicans are missing the point.  Most of those people flooding the border trying to get into the United States do not know or understand the politics of America, they don’t know the difference between Republicans or Democrats so much as they just want to leave where they came from and get to somewhere that has running water and an opportunity to have a decent life.  I personally am pro-immigration; I have no problem with people of different skin colors or sexes in the very least.  I take it as a compliment when someone wants to leave their home and come to my country so they can have the things we do.  In my experience, such people are actually more American than most Americans, they work harder, are more respectable toward their neighbors, and strive for better things in life as opposed to the lucky few in the world who are actually born in America and take it for granted. 

I did laugh out loud when Kamala Harris stated that she wanted to commission a study to understand why people are flooding the border and want to immigrate to the United States.  I’ll tell you, because those other countries have fallen into bad management, something the handlers of the Biden administration obviously want to duplicate here, and now there are corrupt governments in those places, like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, everywhere that socialism and communism have infested themselves and ruined the countries where those philosophies are practiced.  If I were stuck in one of those crappy countries, I would be looking for ways to get into the United States too, to make a better life for myself and my family.  And in talking to many Hispanics personally while I was in New Mexico last month, I didn’t find a single one that didn’t love Trump.  Now that certainly isn’t the media narrative and that is at the heart of a massive coverup, but think about it, you work hard and make great sacrifices to get from a bad place to a good place, you want to feel good about it when you get there.  People who become legal immigrants can be proud of the value of that citizenship, and they appreciate that Trump protected that value, as opposed to the Democrat push to exploit people who are down on their luck only to take away their ambitions with a nanny state to get them addicted to government services and ruin them that way. 

I would say that instead of worrying about all those immigrants becoming future Blue voters I think the strategy should be to include them in the future, get them their path to citizenship and embrace capitalism so that all those new immigrants can have a job and not be stuck to the services of the government nanny state.  People flocking to the United States just want to live and have a chance at a good life.  But Republicans have allowed themselves to be suckered into this strawman argument of accepting the Democrat definitions for things.  Trump showed that the cycle could be broken if only we shifted the lens just a bit on the whole immigration issue.  There should always be a path of citizenship.  We can’t accept illegal immigration and chaos at the border.  We need a wall to protect the value of American citizenship, but we must understand that the people coming to the United States are hoping with everything they must be able to get their hands on that citizenship at some point in their lives.  And those who do have that citizenship value it, and they do enjoy voting for people like Trump, because he protected that value.

Where Republicans go wrong, whether the issue is gun control, illegal immigration, tax and spend policies, is that they allow Democrats to set the stage for all these confrontations.  They allow Democrats to define the definitions of moral conduct and the proper legislative battlefield.  Republicans assume that Democrats will do onto others as you would like others to do onto you.  That sounds nice, but that also makes anybody who thinks in such a way a sucker, and you can now see the cost of that way of thinking.  Democrats are hell bent on their own destruction and the destruction of everyone around them, and we are getting the full scope of that in the early days of the Biden administration.  The collapse of sanity at the southern border with Mexico of course was going to be out of control.  The Open Border Society people around the world who are behind the Biden administration—people like George Soros and he’s not alone—want to push people from bad places to good places to collapse the good places for their eventual overthrow.  Its just another military war tactic by hedge fund investors this time instead of railroad barons from the past, or oil tycoons.  The battles are all the same, power and control by any means necessary.  Yet I see a crack in their plan, a way to turn it around on them.  If only we would embrace immigration and instead of trying to fight Democrats on the morality of the issue, instead work to convert those people to Red votes.  And once that happened, we would see a different story on the border.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Tear Down the Statue of Liberty: Understanding what immigration should be and knowing real history

As a very strong advocate of President Trump and his policies I am in a good position to defend the reasons that we want to build a wall. Only stupid people thinking in a negative below the line way would think that the reason is racism. The actual cause is to inspire more above the line thinking which stupid people are terrified of, so their only defense is to accuse above the line thinkers of racism. But in all honesty the need for the wall at the American southern border is to defend the values of the nation from those who don’t share those values and it has nothing to do with racism. Even deeper than that however is the need to defend America from its domestic enemies, any below the line thinkers who seek to destroy the concept of America who are now gathered under the clear tent of Democrat politics. I’ve had the benefit of watching my son-in-law go through a naturalization ceremony where he had to swear as a new American citizen to defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, and it was quite serious when placed in that context. Well, the Democrats have positioned themselves as clear domestic enemies and they are on full assault, so its time that we make it clear what this fight is really about. Don’t negotiate with them, destroy them!

The Statue of Liberty is a part of recent American history, there is a lot more to the concept of freedom and liberty that were in place well before the French gave us that statue which resides in the harbor of New York. It was commissioned in 1886 by President Cleveland at the start of the progressive movement in New York City so any references to the Statue of Liberty and the role it plays in immigration are tainted at best. Elis Island where the Statue of Liberty resides then became the first immigration station in the United States from 1892 to 1954 where roughly 12 million immigrants passed through on their path to citizenship. This is why progressives are particularly fond of the Statue of Liberty and keep using it as a reference to illegal immigration at the southern border, because the whole concept of a processing station with the Statue of Liberty looming over the process is one born in the heart of progressive politics in America to begin with in the very recent past.

It was Emma Lazarus who wrote the famous words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty,

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

She was part of the movement that was trying to raising money for a permanent home for the Statue of Liberty as it had been touring around since the French gave it to us. She was close personal friends with the progressive economist Henry George who wrote the terrible book Progress and Poverty, which ultimately inspired Emma to write what she did. That is why progressives in our modern era are so quick to point at the Statue of Liberty and attempt to unite the entire country behind their cause. Personally, I think we should tear down the damn thing. If you want to put up a symbol of American values in the harbor in New York for the world to see, it should be someone like John Wayne who much more embodies the values of America rather than the statue of a French designer who was part of the progressive era as it was born in New York society to grow like a massive disease to attempt to destroy American civilization.

There is a reason under capitalism that people are poor, it’s because they are lazy. In a capitalist society, which is something Henry George was debating, effort is the key to earning a good living. If you have that basic approach, you can do well in America. If you don’t, then you won’t, or wouldn’t until the progressive era corrupted politics with all their social reforms that made it so that people were less inspired to work hard and more inspired to think below the line such as is common in the labor movement which is another progressive era invention. Henry George and Emma Lazarus were some of the first people in America to propose a land tax which came directly out of this quote from his 1879 book Progress and Poverty:

Take now… some hard-headed business man, who has no theories, but knows how to make money. Say to him: “Here is a little village; in ten years it will be a great city—in ten years the railroad will have taken the place of the stage-coach, the electric light of the candle; it will abound with all the machinery and improvements that so enormously multiply the effective power of labor. Will in ten years, interest be any higher?” He will tell you, “No!” “Will the wages of the common labor be any higher…?” He will tell you, “No the wages of common labor will not be any higher…” “What, then, will be higher?” “Rent, the value of land. Go, get yourself a piece of ground, and hold possession.” And if, under such circumstances, you take his advice, you need do nothing more. You may sit down and smoke your pipe; you may lie around like the lazzaroni of Naples or the leperos of Mexico; you may go up in a balloon or down a hole in the ground; and without doing one stroke of work, without adding one iota of wealth to the community, in ten years you will be rich! In the new city you may have a luxurious mansion, but among its public buildings will be an almshouse.

–Translation, Henry George is proposing that the hard-headed businessman must be compelled to donate their riches to the “community.” That the wealth they create isn’t a value of its own which makes a town into a city or electricity to replace the candle. What the Statue of Liberty represents isn’t freedom, but compulsion as proposed by early progressives who are below the line thinkers trying to hide their negative vantage point behind do-gooding.

The below the line progressives and their modern Democrats are what early Americans fled from in Europe yet they followed with immigration the efforts of those frontiersman and adventurers who came before and built New York City with ambition and capitalist yearning. Below the line thinkers like Henry George saw this wealth and wanted to tax it, and his little girl friend Emma Lazarus adopted his ideas and stuck them on the side of a statue the French gave us as if they understood American capitalism and that is how the first immigration station started in America, which was a disaster from the beginning. Immigration is a fact of life when something has value and people are leaving areas of low value to seek a better life. But Emma missed the point, her entire quote was inspired by an economic below the line thinker who wanted to tax land owners as his great contribution to thought.

Resistance to illegal immigration isn’t to protect America from a “browning” of it from people south of the border, but in ensuring that the people who do come into America want to protect its Constitution and not to overthrow it. Hidden behind their proposals are the below the line efforts of the Statue of Liberty founders who were not rugged American capitalists. The debate isn’t about preventing all people into America through immigration but in letting in the best and brightest, not the perpetual poor, lazy, and drug addicted. Some people you don’t want in your country. People lacking value are some of them, and its time to have that debate instead of retreating back to some stupid words that Emma said on the Statue of Liberty. In fact, its time that we just take that damn thing down and use some other symbol of American value that is more properly representative of our present circumstances, like a gun that is there to protect the land owner from bleeding heart progressives like Henry George from using public resources to steal money from those making it, because he thinks he’s morally inclined to do so and to distribute that wealth to below the line thinkers who didn’t earn it to begin with. The debate is really about values and who has them and who doesn’t.

Rich Hoffman

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