A Different Way of Looking at the Border Problems: Turn them to red votes instead of blue ones

A different way of looking at the border challenges

The numbers are obvious and are part of the liberal panic that was part of the strategy to cheat in the 2020 elections.  When I say cheat, I am referring to voter rule changes made due to coronavirus specifically, but that is a topic of its own and there is vast evidence that it occurred.  However, liberals had to cheat to win their seats because Trump support had grown from 2016 to 2020 and it was obvious, specifically among black voters and Hispanics.  Black support, which is supposed to be fully in the column of Democrats went from 6% to 8% while Hispanics jumped up from 28% to 35%.  And its that last number that has everyone in a panic.  Hispanics like Trump and there is room to turn that number up even higher.  These voting blocs that Democrats have been counting on are not holding, which pushed them into over-the-top action to stop the bleeding and go on a massive media campaign to assist them into gaining power in all three houses of congress to hopefully get things back under control for them.  Republicans being the nice people they are of course hold the door open for their enemies because they think its going to get them into Heaven which leads us to our present circumstances on the border which is all the talk these days. It seems to be the only thing anybody can focus on which is why Trump was building a wall on the border with Mexico and 75 million Americans voting for him again in 2020, to secure the border and stand for a path to legal immigration.

I’ve been watching all this carefully and have some unique thoughts on the matter, especially after visiting the border states myself just a month or so ago and meeting so many Trump supporters who are Hispanic and very engaged in voting for him again.  Democrats know it too, but I think Republicans are missing the point.  Most of those people flooding the border trying to get into the United States do not know or understand the politics of America, they don’t know the difference between Republicans or Democrats so much as they just want to leave where they came from and get to somewhere that has running water and an opportunity to have a decent life.  I personally am pro-immigration; I have no problem with people of different skin colors or sexes in the very least.  I take it as a compliment when someone wants to leave their home and come to my country so they can have the things we do.  In my experience, such people are actually more American than most Americans, they work harder, are more respectable toward their neighbors, and strive for better things in life as opposed to the lucky few in the world who are actually born in America and take it for granted. 

I did laugh out loud when Kamala Harris stated that she wanted to commission a study to understand why people are flooding the border and want to immigrate to the United States.  I’ll tell you, because those other countries have fallen into bad management, something the handlers of the Biden administration obviously want to duplicate here, and now there are corrupt governments in those places, like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, everywhere that socialism and communism have infested themselves and ruined the countries where those philosophies are practiced.  If I were stuck in one of those crappy countries, I would be looking for ways to get into the United States too, to make a better life for myself and my family.  And in talking to many Hispanics personally while I was in New Mexico last month, I didn’t find a single one that didn’t love Trump.  Now that certainly isn’t the media narrative and that is at the heart of a massive coverup, but think about it, you work hard and make great sacrifices to get from a bad place to a good place, you want to feel good about it when you get there.  People who become legal immigrants can be proud of the value of that citizenship, and they appreciate that Trump protected that value, as opposed to the Democrat push to exploit people who are down on their luck only to take away their ambitions with a nanny state to get them addicted to government services and ruin them that way. 

I would say that instead of worrying about all those immigrants becoming future Blue voters I think the strategy should be to include them in the future, get them their path to citizenship and embrace capitalism so that all those new immigrants can have a job and not be stuck to the services of the government nanny state.  People flocking to the United States just want to live and have a chance at a good life.  But Republicans have allowed themselves to be suckered into this strawman argument of accepting the Democrat definitions for things.  Trump showed that the cycle could be broken if only we shifted the lens just a bit on the whole immigration issue.  There should always be a path of citizenship.  We can’t accept illegal immigration and chaos at the border.  We need a wall to protect the value of American citizenship, but we must understand that the people coming to the United States are hoping with everything they must be able to get their hands on that citizenship at some point in their lives.  And those who do have that citizenship value it, and they do enjoy voting for people like Trump, because he protected that value.

Where Republicans go wrong, whether the issue is gun control, illegal immigration, tax and spend policies, is that they allow Democrats to set the stage for all these confrontations.  They allow Democrats to define the definitions of moral conduct and the proper legislative battlefield.  Republicans assume that Democrats will do onto others as you would like others to do onto you.  That sounds nice, but that also makes anybody who thinks in such a way a sucker, and you can now see the cost of that way of thinking.  Democrats are hell bent on their own destruction and the destruction of everyone around them, and we are getting the full scope of that in the early days of the Biden administration.  The collapse of sanity at the southern border with Mexico of course was going to be out of control.  The Open Border Society people around the world who are behind the Biden administration—people like George Soros and he’s not alone—want to push people from bad places to good places to collapse the good places for their eventual overthrow.  Its just another military war tactic by hedge fund investors this time instead of railroad barons from the past, or oil tycoons.  The battles are all the same, power and control by any means necessary.  Yet I see a crack in their plan, a way to turn it around on them.  If only we would embrace immigration and instead of trying to fight Democrats on the morality of the issue, instead work to convert those people to Red votes.  And once that happened, we would see a different story on the border.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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