“Timmy” Ryan from Ohio: The only real vote is for J.D. Vance

Tim Ryan has been a House of Representatives member from Ohio before now running for senate. He is taking on J.D. Vance for that old Rob Portman seat and is attempting to make himself look as moderate as possible to bleed away votes from the MAGA Republicans. But outside his liberal incubator, as he has been trying to appeal to voters across the state, his efforts have increasingly looked foolish and even desperate. And after a barrage of commercials trying hard to look better than J.D. Vance, Tim Ryan has instead made himself look like the popular character from the animated series South Park, the little handicapped kid Timmy. The funny thing about Timmy from South Park is that he is so audaciously over the top because he’s too handicapped to know where the limit is. And people let him be because they figure he’s handicapped, and it would be politically incorrect to say anything to him. So they just let him go, which is the root of all the comedy. And that is the same thing for the Tim Ryan campaign; someone should have told him that he’s being ridiculous. But like the handicapped kid from South Park of the same name, Timmy, who wants to run for the Ohio senate seat based on the handicap of his own progressive politics, is making a fool of himself, but nobody will tell him because they fear it might be politically incorrect. Not even the media will do it; who is saying that the race is essentially tied and that J.D. Vance is fighting for his life with this one? Based on watching the many Tim Ryan campaign ads, I don’t think J.D. Vance has anything to worry about. 

The polling likely has more to do with the need of the media to keep the drama of the horse race in politics interesting rather than being reflective of any actual voters. It’s a common problem with polling, liberals pick up the phone, and Republicans, especially MAGA Republicans, don’t answer unless their smartphone tells them who is calling. Whoever is running the poll takes down the samplings of whoever picks up the phone, and that’s how the poll results are created. Meanwhile, there are a lot of unrepresented voters out there that nobody knows about on election day who show up and vote quietly, keeping their intentions to themselves. By then, it doesn’t matter to the media sources because they have sold a close race to the public for as long in the election cycle as they could have. And that means good ratings because people watch their programming keeping ad revenue up during the election cycle. When they are surprised with the election results, and someone like J.D. Vance turns out with a six to eight-point victory, they get some additional media interest in talking about the surprise for a few weeks after the election so that ad investment doesn’t just bleed off. That is the name of the game and clearly what is going on in Ohio with the Senate race. Tim Ryan is a big-time liberal, to the left of Karl Marx in a lot of measures. And Ohio voters aren’t that far left. 

That reality has pushed Tim Ryan to come across as overly enthusiastic about his chances leaving rational minds to giggle to themselves over the matter. But Timmy is like that handicapped kid from South Park. Nobody wants to do the politically incorrect thing and tell him what a fool he is making of himself. Nobody wants to tell him how ridiculous he sounds. And how stupid it is that they think enough people will forget how liberal he has been in Congress and that he is suddenly like a MAGA Republican on trade policy. Or that he’s some kind of tough guy. He can throw footballs at televisions, including images of J.D. Vance himself, and knock them down with a coy smirk on his face as if that subtle message was going to convey strength instead of a reminder of just how hostile the modern political left is. Then when you add up the efforts of Tim Ryan and compare them to the other losers running in this election as well, such as Fetterman in Pennsylvania, we are getting a collection of some of the most handicapped people ever to run in an American election, who have made their entire platform based on feeling sorry for them. It’s one thing to feel sorry for them and their intellectual handicaps in life. It’s quite another to let them run our lives, which is their proposal. They really think that voters are as handicapped as they are, and they are functioning along with that assumption, which has a comedic element to it. 

I would say that pressure from the MAGA Republicans has caused this handicap among progressives to become so obvious. Tim Ryan is trying so hard to overcome it that his efforts end up looking distinctly phony. And they are all desperate; in most campaign years, no political party would attempt to put up a guy like Fetterman with his hoody and tattoos, not to mention his lack of speech in the wake of his recent stroke. Add the Georgia race to the mix along with others, and the Democrat Party under the old fool Joe Biden looks like a demolition derby of handicapped underachievers from misfit island, and that’s the best that they can do. Democrats have no platform, they have lost their victimization positions, and their track record is abysmal. The first priority for all voters is economic well-being; on Biden’s watch, he has wrecked the economy. It took a few months into his first term after the controversy of a stolen election to destroy the economy, but we are now going into many consecutive quarters of negative growth and are headed for a depression. People feel it even if the media isn’t wanting to talk about it, to prop up the horse race to make things look closer than they really are. But because of the media involvement in making things look better than they really are, we now have all these handicapped politicians like Timmy Ryan who really think they have a chance to win. I would remind voters that cheating is still part of the strategy of all Democrats, and there will be cheating in this election, especially in places like Philadelphia, where there will likely be more voters voting for Fetterman than there are actual, registered voters. Democrats are going all in on this election because they know they are a party that is being completely rejected by the American public, especially after that stolen election in 2020 and their anger at the Biden administration destroying their 401K plans. Republicans still can’t take anything for granted. They have to go and actually vote, especially on election day itself. But understanding all that, Timmy Ryan in Ohio doesn’t have a chance, and it’s almost cruel to let him continue to make a fool of himself for the purpose of ad ratings on cable news. Intellectually he doesn’t measure up to J.D. Vance, the Trump-endorsed candidate in the Ohio Senate race and the only person who can do anything to Make America Great Again.  Tim Ryan, well, he’s just always going to be “Timmy.” 

Rich Hoffman

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“Walk Like an Egyptian”: Why Alex Jones is the king of populism and the secret of all secret societies

As vicious as it is and has been, I think the silver lining of all these assaults against Alex Jones will prove his life work to be worth the effort. With his Great Reset book coming out, which is very, very good, by the way, and a movie about him, and Steve Bannon’s Warroom putting its arms around him in new and unique ways, the efforts to prosecute him in the court of public opinion is only going to make Alex Jones more accessible to people who might otherwise be resistant to his message. I’ve always enjoyed Alex Jones, but it’s not enough to just talk about the surface conditions of things; I like to know the superstructure underneath. I don’t get much new information from Alex Jones, so I don’t talk about him often. For me, the role he plays in populism is critical, but it’s for the masses. As for my personal inclinations, I am much more interested in the more esoteric aspects of things. But those approaches aren’t readily accessible to a mass audience. Yet, perhaps now that more people know who Alex Jones is outside his regular Infowars audience, they may be ready to open their eyes and see what has always been there.

Regarding that, we are in a time when more people than ever are asking questions that only the Alex Jones side of populism can answer. Still, more profound than that, to understand a deep scandal that has essentially been with us since the start of all civilization, going back to even before the Egyptians and occupants of the Indus Valley, the plot for world control has always been with us. Then to understand, as I propose in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, for the first time in all that history, America has it right with a new philosophy that has emerged that is part of a natural evolution, tens of thousands of years in the making. And that the struggles to contain people like Alex Jones and Steve Bannon have failed, and something very wonderful will come of it all. But first, we see a lot of ugliness, and we must understand it before comprehending where all this is going. 

To grasp much of what Alex Jones has covered over the years, you must first understand who the enemy is and why they want to control mass civilization to the extent they do. Who are the “globalists,” and why do they want to rule the world so badly? I’ve never liked to use the term “globalists” personally. It’s a Carroll Quigley thing, and I personally have always found people like that guy revolting. I’ve read the books and studied their nonsense, and the term globalist just makes me sick and makes me think of losers like Bill Clinton and George Bush types. I’ve hated these people even when the world was good, in the pre-Covid days, before the Administrative State went after Trump with everything they had from 2015 on. I would go so far as to say that even when life was at its best, Top 40 musical artists were coming out on the radio weekly, and video games were coin-operated at an arcade when American life looked most prosperous. Everyone who wanted a job had one; I read the books of globalists like Quigley and the gang, hated them with every essence of my being, and watched everything they did with great scrutiny. Alex Jones did too and built an entire media empire out of that hatred called Infowars. A small percentage of the population felt similar about the goals of globalism. Over the years, Alex Jones continued expanding his media reach to the point where the globalists decided he needed to go. He was targeted for destruction in much the same way that Inquisitors from Europe destroyed rivals to their churches at the time, to protect their true intentions for religion, which is to control mass society with a common belief. The way they meant to control people was to control what you believed, and from that threat, Alex Jones created Infowars. Now that the cat is out of the bag on globalism, the modern Inquisition from global progressives cannot hide their disdain for the populist movement any longer. Trump’s administration gave them too much of a scare, and now they are out for blood, fangs out. What used to be considered a conspiracy theory is no longer a theory. Its fact.

Of course, that has unsettled people, and now there is a great hunger to understand all the various secret societies behind the globalist movement. And for many people, they are bewildered by all the options; there is talk about the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Masons, devilish blood cults that feed off of young people and participate in mass public orgies that are disgraceful. Who were the Knights Templars in the world, and why are they relevant? And if all these groups have their roots in serving Christ, why are they dancing around campfires in the woods and worshiping goat heads and pentagrams? Well, as it turns out, considering all the secret societies that there are and have always been and the nature of all the major religions, it all comes down to two points of view, no matter where in the world you might find yourself. There are the “dualists” and the “materialists.” And once you understand that, it all makes a lot more sense. Dualists are the foundation of all religions from the emergence of the city-state and go back to the times of Egyptians, even further and believe that the purpose of life is to shake off the body’s prison and be reborn as a spirit. It’s very much an oriental concept and still persists in the earth worship movement. When we talk about climate change, we are simply talking about people who want to put the latest mask on the dualist movement. Then, the materialists evolved out of the Roman Catholic acquisition of Christianity and emerged to keep their empire intact. Because of their power and force over governments they pushed anybody with any other beliefs to go underground and start secret societies. Secret societies survived thousands of years of persecution by putting on the mask of Christianity and then revealing to the highest initiates much later their true intentions for an oriental religion that shakes off all materialism and works toward spirit alignment to everlasting life. If you want proof of such a thing, just look at the giant obelisk we have right next to the White House in Washington D.C. It doesn’t get much more Egyptian than that. Or think about the old Bangles song, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” The influences on our culture are literally everywhere. But they are hidden and work in the background to guide all of society toward their ancient aims of mass sacrifice to the same old stupid gods of destruction and mayhem. 

The conflict in the United States may have always intended to free those secret societies from the Roman Catholic Church’s purges and create a utopia in America that recreates paradise lost in the New World. There is a lot of talk these days that North America is where Atlantis resided and was destroyed by the Younger Dryas calamity and that Egypt emerged from the ashes of Atlantis. So the creation of America was always meant to get back to the roots of what was great before, or at least by the measure of the duelists. The American Constitution was written to prevent European governments from imposing religious persecution on the freed minds of American inhabitants. Meanwhile, the push toward globalism was a long-planned creation to spread the dualist religion all over the world, putting China as the model for the future, communism, anti-materialist socialism with lots of centralized planning to manage society back to Egypt as it was, it would be again. But the American experiment had gone wrong for the globalist types. By trying to defeat the Roman Catholic inquisitions, they had created a new kind of person, a free person with the will not to be controlled by anybody. And now they have a problem they can’t put back into the bottle and erase. Americans were created, and people like Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, President Trump, and many others are the spokespeople for a new form of populism that is a new kind of religion, not of the original two that have caused all the wars known to history. But something else. And for that something else to live and grow, we are living history moment by moment, and something truly remarkable is being born, for which the entire populist movement around the world is creating as we speak. And it’s nothing like what we’ve seen in the past, but something radically and wonderfully new. 

Rich Hoffman

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Eric Greitens for Senate: Get your RINO Hunting card, there are no limits!

There seems to be some controversy about Eric Greitens’ new ad in Missouri, where he is running for Senate on an “anti-RINO” platform. In his ad, he uses real firearms to storm a home in a very military way to imply metaphorically that if elected, he promises to go “rino hunting” and that if you elect him, he will issue voters a “rino hunting license.” For that ad, the mainstreamers are apocalyptic; they are calling it an open invitation to fascism, where force is used to impose democratic order. Well, all this discussion merits some understanding because the political establishment continues to be perplexed about what the MAGA movement is and why there continue to be aggressive candidates running for office like Eric Greitens. They are winning primaries and setting up a general election that will not just destroy Democrat majorities in the House and Senate but knock off RINO Republicans as well. The entire media system is set up to appeal to RINOs and Democrats, and it’s been that way for many years. But slowly, since the election fraud of 2020, a decision was made by the voting public to vote for a different kind of politician, and Eric Greitens represents the standard for the new MAGA candidates. What voters want when they talk about “hunting RINOs” is revenge for selling out America over the years. In the minds of many, the behavior of Republicans in Name Only is worse than Democrats because they pretended to be something they weren’t and sought to deceive us, which deserves punishment. 

Fascism is what the Democrats have been doing: artificially raising gas prices to force the public to buy dumb electric cars. It’s about lying about birth certificates so they could run a radical as president to avoid questions of basic qualifications. It’s weaponizing the FBI to knock out political rivals. Using other countries as an excuse for bogus investigations. It’s deliberately collapsing our economy to fulfill the religious zealots advocating climate change through our Federal Reserve. Its riots in the streets over every little social issue. It’s gun control and attempting at every tragedy caused by liberal politics to erode away the constitution at every opportunity. We’ve watched fascism come into America through the Democrat Party, and we are sick of getting punched in the face over it. And we are sick of Republicans letting them do it. We elected Republicans to fight Democrats and protect our country’s constitution, but they haven’t done it. So there is justifiable anger at RINOs for talking tough but letting themselves get beat up by the bullies in the Democrat Party for many years and losing every time. What must be made clear is that Trump did not create this movement. The RINO hunting concept is not specific to President Trump. He was created out of a need to hunt RINOs. That’s why in 2015, when all the top Republicans were running for office, including people like Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and even Rand Paul, nobody was biting on them so long as Donald Trump was on stage. People wanted a real fighter, someone from the outside to shake things up. They wanted revenge for how the political machine had sold us all out and opened the door for globalism to destroy our country. And they weren’t playing games. They voted for Trump and were happy they did. They liked the way their country ran under Trump, and now they want much more of it.

What we are seeing now is something many of us were trying to figure out how to make happen over ten years ago when the Tea Party began purging RINOs from the Republican Party at the level of central committees. Many Republicans had their feelings hurt as they were being called RINOs for just working with the other side, for reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats bipartisanly. After all, that’s what politics was, right? Nobody ever gets what they want entirely, so they have to give and take and work with people with different opinions. Going back to the Ross Perot campaign of 1992, after eight years of Reagan and four years of his successor, George Bush, a significant part of the population on the Republican side was sick of all the happy talk and compromise that was going on. Even Newt Gingrich, who organized the takeover in congress in 1994, didn’t go far enough because he and Bob Dole talked tough, but Clinton beat them in the media every time. They were like the Washington Generals playing games against the Harlem Globetrotters. The Generals never win and always end up losing in comedic ways to the Globetrotters. That’s not what we wanted in politicians. We wanted winners, and many people have worked their entire adult lives to build a platform where that could happen, where winners on the conservative side would actually occupy offices. What the political establishment did to Trump before, during, and after the presidential office has been disgraceful because they are mad that we gave them politicians as voters who refused to lose. Trump expected to win, and that’s essentially what the MAGA movement is in politics. We want revenge for all the losses Republicans have given up without a fight over the years, and we want a House and Senate that thinks the same way, so that is what we have been building now for several years culminating in the kind of campaign that Eric Greitens is running in Missouri for Senate. 

The Greitens campaign is not unusual, not the way the mainstreamers wish it were. And Trump is the vehicle to make a MAGA platform happen, which he’s been doing through this primary season. The goal is not to just win the presidency, which should be obvious. It has been a multi-year plan going all the way back into the 90s to replace all three branches of government with MAGA-type candidates. We have seen how well that has been working at the Supreme Court. Now we need that kind of representation in the House and Senate, and we are getting them. Eric Greitens is just one of many who will be joining the government at the federal level and represents a new kind of politician that more reflects what the voting public actually wants. If we had been talking about fascism, then we would have just taken our guns and taken over the government at gunpoint, which is still an option if the other side tosses out our constitution, as all progressives seem inclined to do.

No, we have been doing all this work through voting, which is why we’re so upset about the obvious election fraud in 2020. Progressive globalists knew they couldn’t beat President Trump, so they stole the election to get rid of him, hoping that all this MAGA populism would just go away and they’d get Karl Rove back running the Republican Party. But no, those loser Republicans are not coming back. We have been working within the Republican Party for a long time to change how Republicans play the game.   And we want revenge against the RINOs who have sold America out, people like Mitch McConnell. And we want Republicans who go to Washington D.C. and expect to win. Not who expects to “compromise” with evil and expect the country to survive. Democrats have shown they don’t like America, so compromising with them is not a good idea. And when a candidate like Greitens comes along and talks about RINO hunting, he’s speaking the language of most American voters. And there is nothing that the establishment can do to hide that fact. They’ve done enough damage already.

Rich Hoffman

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The Important Lesson of Adam Black: All crime is worth fighting against, even if its a pack of gum

Police on the scene said that when a couple of good Samaritans stepped in to stop the criminal Anthony Brown from shoplifting at the Butler County Walmart in Fairfield Township, material goods were not worth dying for. That police officer was wrong, and it sends the wrong message to the criminal elements that are out there that shoplifting and crimes, in general, are acceptable in society. Two people were shot that day, and one died. But it is because of people like Adam Black, who was moving into the community from Columbus to be with his fiancé and usher in the birth of a baby, that makes the world we all live in better. It wasn’t just keeping the criminal from stealing items from the electronics department at that Walmart that made Adam Black step in to stop Brown; it was in stopping crime with a general policy of right and wrong that had the value. I hate to see anybody lose their life, but I am glad that there are people like Adam Black in the world and that during this particular attempted theft, two people engaged the target to stop it, which is a great thing. After the shootings, Anthony Brown was picked up down the road in Middletown and put in jail with a bond that would keep him there. And just a note to the gun grabbers out there, they may be surprised to learn that Brown was violating a weapons law by possessing the firearm he used to kill with while under a disability. How about that? A criminal wasn’t following the rules. Who would have figured? 

I can understand Adam Black’s motives. It’s a shame he was killed in the act of justice he participated in, but it was worth doing. The police were wrong. It doesn’t matter if the theft was just a pack of gum, the need to stop a shoplifter is more important than the actual value of what is being stolen. The police position obviously is to play into the Black Lives Matter position of social Marxism, where they advocate the complete destruction of western civilization and have been promoting shoplifting as a form of reparations for slavery, which is absurd. But it is for that reason crime is escalating under the current Biden administration because they have a permissive attitude toward the various socialist and Marxist groups that have been fueling the deranged minds of the criminal underclass like Anthony Brown. The police, when they say such things, only feed the problem. They may think they are saving lives and cutting down on the paperwork they have to fill out over incident reports. Still, by making such statements, they are just letting many other Anthony Brown types who are hiding in the cracks of society know that if they want to steal items in Butler County, they won’t be prosecuted.   That they could expect to get away with it. And that day at Walmart, where my wife and I often shop, Brown hoped to leave with the goods without being apprehended. When security didn’t confront him, and regular people did, he wasn’t sure what to do, so he panicked and had then fled the scene. 

Watching the poor policing in San Fransisco on the news, there is no question many criminals are getting ideas. And Democrats have been advocating for this behavior. That gave Brown the notion that he could steal from a local Walmart without getting in trouble. And once word gets out that crime is ripe in Butler County, then there will be hundreds of other criminals like Brown who will copycat the criminal enterprise. So, if the police could have done the worst thing after the shooting in Butler County was to say that material items could be replaced and that nothing was worth losing a life over; they did it. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not the value of the goods that matters; it’s what people are supposed to do in society to get those goods. You can’t send a message that theft is alright, even over some minor little thing that could be replaced with spare change in your pocket. Standing up for what’s right and wrong does matter.   A life lived by accepting bad things is not a good life. That is how we end up with pockets of social degeneration. That is why we have accepted the massive amount of violence in Chicago because we have accepted as a culture that certain levels of crime are something we can accept, just so Democrats who run that city can hide their past as slave owners by bringing down the capitalist system that ultimately freed the slaves. Once you accept one bad thing, then a parade of bad things follows. And while the police may have accepted the limits of modern woke politics and institutionalized solutions to complicated social challenges, it was quite clear to good Samaritans like Adam Black what needed to be done when he saw the theft of something in a local Walmart. He had an obligation to stop it, even if it meant the ultimate cost. I’m sure his family has mixed emotions on the matter, but I would say a life lost defending honor and justice is a life well-lived, and I’m glad Adam Black did what he did. 

And I would expect there are many Adam Blacks out there who would do the same thing today and tomorrow. Crime is not acceptable, even small amounts of it. If a criminal breaks into our cars, the value of our property is worth defending with deadly force. Theft in stores is unacceptable and should be met with law and order in every case. Criminals should not be on the streets with low bonds just because of a person’s skin color, and that the legal system is afraid of race riots. We cannot accept the premise of reparations, as the Black Lives Matters has advocated for, as punishment for slavery which conservatives were not a part of. It was America that freed the slaves, and specifically, Republicans. Blue states and cities that are most guilty of the crime in the race wars show that guilt by the way they manage their communities.

In the suburbs, we will not accept that same bad behavior. Is it right to stop a criminal over a pack of gum or minor car theft? Well, of course. It’s worth defending the process of capitalism from a lazy criminal element that wants to hide their desire not to work behind some political or social cause, which the Butler County Police were advocating for. And it was that belief that Butler County would be weak on crime that let Anthony Brown believe that he’d get away with theft at Walmart on that tragic day. But thankfully, some people stepped in to bring justice to the criminal. Of course, it shouldn’t have ended a person’s life and injured another. But a lot more was saved that day; it was the reputation of life in the suburbs. That even if the police fail, the people will step in to bring justice to the criminals, unlike what has been happening in liberal areas around the country like the cities of Chicago and San Francisco. Accepting that kind of bad behavior isn’t going to work in Butler County. And it is because of good people like Adam Black that our communities stay safe. Not accepting crime in the first place is the first step, and defending law and order with life itself is well worth it. 

Rich Hoffman

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The World Economic Forum Must Control Elections Worldwide to Implement their Plan for Global Domination: The lessons learned from Hillary Clinton

If you search my site here of Hillary Clinton’s name, you will see that I have written hundreds of articles about her guilt and corruption, all of which have turned out to be true. It has taken, in some cases, six years to uncover some of the crimes. Some of her crimes, especially regarding Benghazi, have not been adequately investigated, but time will prove them all to be true. While I enjoy the Glenn Beck’s of the world and Alex Jones’s work, I would distinguish what I have done for over a decade to be much different. I purposely work to keep theater out of my statements, even though the things I say may sound like radical conspiracy theories. How they sound is only relevant to the experience of the consumer of the information. The relevancy of what I say obviously is something I consider essential. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mention it. From my perspective, if I’m talking about it, it’s something you should be concerned about. When I talked about Obama and his illegal presidency, or the crimes of the Clinton family, or the crimes of the current Biden family, election fraud, manufactured viruses like Covid was and distributed by our own people to help the Desecrators of Davos change the world to global communism, I have no plans to say in the future, “oh, my bad. That never came true.” Instead, I expect everything to be proven true, just as this Hillary Clinton case has proven concerning the Sussman trial, which revealed that Hillary Clinton actively promoted the Russian conspiracy with the Trump campaign and many millions of dollars wasted with four years of Hell that followed a properly elected presidency. All because she wanted power and was throwing a fit because she didn’t get it. Never underestimate the evil people will perform to gain power over others. 

So when I say that everyone should expect the World Economic Forum supporters to attempt to use the Monkey Pox or some other virus as a way to try Coronavirus shutdowns 2.0 before the Midterm elections in 2022, I say it with the meaning to take it seriously. I watched all the coverage from this year’s World Economic Forum from Davos this year, and they are clearly delusional. They are not paying attention to global trends toward populism, and it’s not hard to read between the lines as to why. I’ve said it for a while now, the Democrats in America, and the progressives around the world, have no plans for America ever to have a fair election again. They got caught stealing the 2022 election, as the evidence from the movie 2000 Mules shows clearly. For anybody who wants to debate that fact, just interview those 2000 Mules and trace where their money came from to harvest ballots to put Joe Biden into the White House. With the same confidence that I’ve said everything about Hillary Clinton that has come true, Facebook will turn out to be the bank that paid the cash to all the election fraud mules, and they should all go to jail for what they did to our country. If we had a law enforcement system that wasn’t beyond corruption, the next step for 2000 Mules would be massive investigations and trials in congress. It might take a decade for everyone to admit to it finally, but eventually, they will. But ultimately, it wasn’t just Zuckerberg who stole the 2020 election, it was the entire group of the Desecrators of Davos who did, and for that, we must focus our anger.

The World Economic Forum spent much of the last week of May 2022 talking about its elaborate plans for global domination. But what they didn’t talk about was their need to control all elections worldwide to make it happen. There is no way for them to get votes from the world to support their efforts. There is an assumption in their meeting that voters won’t have a say in their efforts. And it is that aspect of their candor that we should be most alarmed about. At local and state levels, I would caution all public officials to role-play what the next pandemic will be. There is no question that this is why the Biden administration is flirting with giving over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization so that they can manage lockdowns from a centralized United Nations source. They watched how Americans reacted to Covid and the vaccine mandates. That is why the WHO is being tasked with managing future pandemics, taking constitutional law out of the hands of American courts, and placing them into global governance. That means that it will take local officials to challenge their state governors in the future with constitutional challenges, especially those that come from the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The apparent plan is to use another manufactured crisis, just as Covid-19 was manufactured and released by communist China with the help of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, as proven in the book, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jr., to change election laws and prevent a free and open election in the fall of 2022. The World Economic Forum characters are counting on that to save them from a wave of populism that will destroy all their plans. 

Knowing what the plan is and learning from the past, not to just dismiss something that seems outrageous only to turn out to be true, America at every local level needs to consider the lessons of the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates to challenge any legal assumptions that might come from the direction of the World Health Organization and ultimately, the World Economic Forum. Their plans are obvious, they already have our CDC and Biden administration in their corner, and none of them can afford a real election in America this coming November. So now is the time to role-play just as they do for implementing viruses, as they have just done with the Monkey Pox. We must role-play our counteraction against their methods with legal challenges of our own. Instead of accepting an Executive Order health emergency to shut down our economy this coming fall to hide the terrible inflation numbers and the impact of actual in-person voting, we must have a legal challenge ready before the executive orders are even written or before a blue state governor like Ohio has in DeWine attempts to use emergency power to take control of everything, all in an effort to manipulate the election results that might put a wet blanket over the World Economic Forum’s plans for global communism and dominion of all national sovereignties. The lessons we have learned from the past have been costly. So this time, lets put them to good use; let’s learn from history and be ready for them when they do attack through the back door of emergency powers because they have no choice but to try. We are not dealing with honest people; these are international criminals who seek protection from justice by world domination, so let’s not take them lightly, as many did with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a product of these criminals; she’s small potatoes. The big cats are in this Desecrators of Davos group, and they are out for blood. They have told us so, so take them at their word and take nothing for granted. 

Rich Hoffman

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Justin Trudeau Runs and Hides: Socialists are easy to beat, all you have to do is confront them

I don’t know that it was a big secret, but if there was any doubt about how to defeat socialists in general, what has been going on in Canada is the recipe that will work everywhere. Truckers protesting the vaccine mandates of Justin Trudeau, the socialist prime minister there, gathered outside his home. It scared him so bad that he suddenly came down with Covid and fled to an undisclosed location to avoid the mob. At times, it had the feel of the French Revolution, even though it never descended into actual violence or even the January 6th incident in Washington D.C. One true thing about all socialists is that they became that way out of their timid natures. As liberals, they seek the protection of what they think of, like a big, parental government. And from behind the leg of that parent, they lash out at their siblings as if suddenly empowered with strength. But when they realize that the parental government can’t protect them, it is the scariest thing in the world to them. That is how American politicians reacted when they realized that President Trump was not the leader of the MAGA movement, he was the result of it, and that the people who protested their corrupt government on January 6th, 2021, were not shackled to the rules of society when angered, it was terrifying to them. That is the same kind of fear that Justin Trudeau was reacting to when a mob of protestors took their action to his front door. The Prime Minister got into politics as a form of protection from the real world, and this was not how the script was supposed to read. So he retreated and lashed out in predictable ways, which showed the world, just how little power these little tyrants really have when things start getting tough. Only through deceit can socialists have power; once people are on to them, the house of cards falls apart rather quickly.

I warned everyone about Justin Trudeau back in 2015 when he was first elected as Prime Minister of Canada. I told everyone here and everywhere that I spoke that the kid was a socialist and was part of this global script to remake the world into a socialist one, as indicated by Socialist International at the time. Over the years, of course, that group of globalists who have that script written in the Carroll Quiggly book Tragedy and Hope so blatantly has changed their names many times. These days that whole effort has migrated over into the World Economic Forum, which meets in Davos each year to plot the destruction of the world by controlling governments like Wild West train robbers from beyond a country of their own, all to bring them down into the control of the United Nations, which they manipulate through banking. At the time, Barack Obama was their guy in America, and Justin Trudeau was the outright member of the socialist party in Canada who was put there to do their deeds. I pointed it out; many thought it was a vast conspiracy unrooted in reality. But of course, it turned out to be all true.

Additionally, most of the similar leadership positions in all of Europe were like the socialist Justin Trudeau. Justin’s hook was that he was a nice-looking young man who made women feel safe supporting him. Men had to go along if they didn’t want to alienate their women, and in that way, Canada adopted socialism ever so subtly. I immediately noticed the turn toward authoritarian government behind the smiling face at the border at Niagra Falls, which I like to visit every so often. Suddenly the border went from a popular tourist spot to a pretty cold check of authoritarian control, a preview of what was to come when the United Nations and the Great Reset crowd unleashed Covid to the world for the purpose of a complete socialist takeover of the world behind the shared threat of a virus outbreak, hatched by Dr. Fauci through the Department of Defense in direct partnership with the Chinese government. 

Yet, you won’t hear me talking about how scary any of these losers are. Socialists become socialists because they are weak. They are timid people, which is why they were so quick to adopt mask mandates from out-of-control governments. As liberals, they are conflict-averse and always look for that big parental leg to shield them from their actions in the world. And it’s straightforward to defeat them. Just confront them and watch them wither away like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. The real secret to stopping socialism and communism in the world is to confront the bullies hiding behind those parental legs of government. Once socialists like Justin Trudeau realize that government can’t protect them from bad decisions and people angry at authority, they can do nothing. There will come the point where the Chinese people figure this out about their communist government, the overly parental figures there where the few rule the many quite tyrannically. It is not like the Chinese to think for themselves. Still, once unemployment can’t overcome the nanny state problems of an economy built entirely on looted wealth, people will be mad, just as they were in Canada, Washington D.C. and many other places in the world erupting in anger over an authoritarian government more interested in telling people what to do than actually solving problems. When people realize this, the socialists and communists always fall. Because that delicate balance between fear and lack of opportunity quickly takes over reason, social collapse is always imminent. 

What is happening in Canada can and will happen everywhere. I wish people would have listened to me six or seven years ago about Trudeau. It was about that time that I put my support behind Trump because I could see how things were stacking up. Many people like me saw what the socialists and communists in the world were doing, and we wanted to make our own declaration in defense of capitalism; what better way to do it than to elect a guy who fully embraced capitalism and lived in a golden tower that he built in New York City with a beautiful supermodel wife. That was who we wanted to run our government; we didn’t want these Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau socialists that the world wanted to give us. Looking back on it now, isn’t it obvious why they had to get rid of President Trump? He wasn’t part of their script. The world didn’t recognize the American concept of self-government. They had it in their mind that they’d give us someone, and we would like it, just as they did in Canada. But when things don’t go well, and people want recourse for the injustice done to them, like the vaccine mandates in Canada, then when people do rise up, and Trudeau doesn’t have a script that tells him how to solve that problem, the great fear emerges for everyone involved. Socialists and communists do not know what to do. And it is there that they always fail, time and time again, and always will. People always have leverage over the administrative masses, and when the socialists realize that there is no parental leg to hide behind, it is the worst thing in the world. 

Rich Hoffman

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Ocasio-Cortez and Republican Sex: What’s at the heart of all communist activity

Sex and Ocasio-Cortez

It’s not just because Ocasio-Cortez looks like the donkey from Hee Haw, but the suggestion that the socialist advocate had regarding her belief that Republicans were frustrated with her because they wanted to date her and ultimately wanted to have sex with her said a lot that was laughable. It goes well beyond the suggestions of sex lifestyles in general, but more to the mass psychosis that tends to follow liberalism ultimately. And it reminded me of the excellent book about communism from Ayn Rand called We the Living, which I’ve said for years, should be required reading for every school child as a fundamental background of education in America. Without meaning to, Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known as AOC, put her finger on a significant problem in liberal politics, the assumption that Democrats have better sex than Republicans and that the value of that endeavor is far greater among socialists and communists than in capitalist building Republicans. As a young person in her early thirties, the former bartender and waitress have had plenty of people who wanted to pollinate her young body, ignoring the face, of course. Luckily for biology, men were built to engage in sex with a knothole in a fence if needed to procreate our species. Men can at times not be very discerning about where they plant themselves in sexual engagement. They are wired that way because not everyone can be pretty, and not everyone can get the best-looking mate to provide DNA to the next generation. And when a young woman like Ocasio-Cortez has spent time around men twice her age who have wives at home that are well past their prime and are withering away in front of their faces leaving beauty a distant memory, young women like the socialist from New York and her young body and smooth skin can seem appealing. AOC has obviously confused this condition with reality and tried to make it fit her worldview. It comes from being young, and the great apprehension women have at that age because they realize that their female gifts are going away, and a world without those things is scary. 

Democrats, by nature, are too focused on sex because they never really develop themselves emotionally beyond their teenage years. People like Ocasio-Cortez, who aren’t very smart, naturally turn to the biological observations as the center of their mentality, leaving them to think that a night out in pursuit of sex is worthwhile. Sex is a shared practice; it takes cooperation to engage in it. And as long as the rules of sex are understood and prioritized, it makes it easy to control mass populations. It was never an accident that the internet made it possible to have so much access to sex and that online dating was such a centralized feature. Liberals, and their communist roots, as articulated well in that Ayn Rand book, have always intended the destruction of the American family by removing the kids from their parents, promoting divorce among the adults so that the state could manage their affairs, and that a lifestyle of sex obsession would dominate the minds of the masses in every way possible. Communism loves sex because it’s the ultimate communal activity, and sex with more than one partner is the ultimate expression of abandonment of the concept of private property. When Ocasio-Cortez sees that Republicans are moving away from Democrats in a way that she can’t control as part of the progressive caucus, her instinct is suitable to attempt to reel them back in with sex talk. It has likely always worked for her as a young woman needing tips in the service business, and those same rules generally apply in politics where favors are a currency equally desired. 

But Republicans are different; they think about more than just sex. They find joy in starting businesses, building houses, families, acquiring new cars. They enjoy making things, not so much the wasted time ritual of pursuing sex for an evening. Sex, of course, can always be enjoyed, but so can other things, like building a business and providing jobs to lots of people. Many people who are Republicans or who become Republicans learn that there is much more to life than sex and they handle aging much better because life doesn’t end at 30 when everyone’s bodies start to rot away back into dust. In many ways, the trajectory of the Republicans is a natural order that is consistent with all life. Hopefully, before it’s too late, people realize what a waste of time sex is before they get too old to have the choice taken from them in an undesirable body, kind of where people like Ocasio-Cortez are now. Once women like her have wasted their lives sleeping with everyone they can out of some infantile need for a shared experience, they hit a wall they can never come back from. The crises won’t be so bad for them if they have other things going on in their minds because people won’t want to sleep with them once they lose their sex appeal. In the Ayn Rand book, it is there that I learned that the term “Let’s Party” came from way back in the 1920s. The intent was to empower the youth, out with the old, in with the new, so that communal politics could take hold and rule the day with Karl Marx’s philosophy. That same trait is in our current culture, where older people are cast aside, and everything is catered to young, new-bodied people craving sex at every moment. 

However, such small-minded pursuits are creepy, and when compared to the many other options that a person finds in a capitalist culture, sex is easily avoided. There are many other things besides sex, and Republicans figure that out, even if biologically they still feel the tug. In a capitalist culture where it’s much more fun to develop a mind and build something new is an option, then temptations like those suggested by Ocasio-Cortez are much easier to ignore. And for her, that is a significant crisis because she has built her entire political platform in selling communism and socialism to the world through her young, flowering body, which she took for granted would always serve her. But now the panic is the same with all feminists who waste their early lives running around topless and having reckless sex with every degenerate that suits their fancy. The government does not make a very good husband, and older people don’t want to waste their time with someone everyone in the world has had sex with. It becomes a gross reminder of young bad decisions when other things become more attractive to a developing mind. And that is a little secret that most progressives nurture at the most fundamental level. Sex is a very primal thing. It’s a big deal to teenagers for biological reasons, but as humans, we do best when we find other things to do with our time than spending it on such a wasted effort. But socialists have built their entire political philosophy around such wasted efforts, and when they see people not joining them, it is the scariest thing in the world to them. This is where Ocasio-Cortez finds herself early in 2022. There is no nice man to settle down with. There is no future. And her body is aging, and all she has is a history of socialism, of dedication to the parental state to offer to someone who might want to share a life with her. Which, of course, is unappealing to any sane person with a developed intellect. At that point, relationships become a private property argument; nobody will invest in something that everyone can have for free, whereas liberalism always fails. Conservatives prosper, and ultimately that significant gulf between them can never be brought together.

Rich Hoffman

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UC Davis Makes First Move For Gun Confiscation: Why buying guns is the best vote that they can’t steal to save the republic

Buying More Guns is Great

It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming, but here is the case established by a liberal from the University of California Davis setting the story for anti-gun legislation under the Biden administration.  This is how the game goes, as I explain in the video above.  Garen Wintermute published a report in the Journal Injury Epidemiology stating that “upward trends in firearm purchasing, violence, and political extremism are converging to put the USA at risk for disaster in the months ahead.  We have no time to waste if we are to prevent the loss of thousands of lives and emerge with our democracy intact.” So this was one of the goals of Covid-19 was to establish the relationship between mass public health emergencies and the rights government could or should have under them.  When the government says something is a public health emergency, you see, that is the trigger for a suspension of constitutional rights. That’s the way they are playing this game.  And this professor at the liberal University of UC Davis is playing his role as an “expert” with an informed opinion that then demands legislative action by the political class.  (Yes, this is why I’m one of the most banned people on the internet.  All my IP addresses are shadow-banned, but the information gets out anyway, even in drips.  The bad guys don’t want you to know these kinds of things)  But the game is there for all to see.

Of course, what is never discussed is why tensions are so high in our country and so divided.  Well, that’s simple; it’s the political left who has attempted to drag right-minded people to their side of things with coercion and violence, or else.  That tends to make people angry, so angry that they are looking for some retaliation.  Some people do bend the knee and cave to the political pressure socially.  But there are many, around half the nation, who just won’t. I’d say the “absolutely won’t” is about 30% of the country with approximately 30% who are what they call “independent,” people who are indifferent to politics until it hits them in their homes.  They stay out of all conversations about political topics and positions of morality until the price of gas or milk goes up, then they become engaged.  But the political left has attempted to drag people kicking and screaming toward socialism and communism that has caused the reaction of buying more guns to defend themselves, which is the subject of this concerned political hit piece by the professor from UC Davis. 

With more than 300 million guns in America, there are very few shootings, statistically.  Those that do happen don’t usually occur by NRA types. It’s the drug users and sellers, the gang bangers, the lost pot smoking liberals who shoot up schools.  People from the radical left, not from the conservative right, use guns to kill people.  So this article has no basis in actual reality, only in building up a perception so the Biden administration can entertain the basis for gun confiscation.

In contrast, they still have the power to try it.  With the poll numbers being what they are and a change of party in the House and Senate coming, the Biden administration knows it doesn’t have much time to act on its radical gun-grabbing plan.  So that is the function of this liberal loser, writing this article as a “gun expert” about the possible public health emergency that gun violence could cause due to the rough waters ahead in a divided country.  The political left, after all, will be losing lots of seats, and to defend their loss of political power, they will attempt to create riots in the streets and harm people for it because—well, that’s all they know how to do.  They use violence and the threat of it to get power.  And when they lose power, they use violence and the threat of it to get it back.  That is why people have rushed out to buy so many guns because it gives them some political insulation from this insanity.   It makes people feel safer to have a home full of guns because they can’t trust their government. 

This has been the story of Covid-19, to establish an epidemiology case, to argue not on the merits of the Second Amendment, but on the grounds of public health, a new way to approach the issue of communism, that the public good outweighs the rights of individuals.  Did you see that coming, dear reader?  Pretty slick legal trick they are trying, but that’s the playbook.  Notice how the mass shooter from Las Vegas was never heard from again?  Or the many mass shooters in public schools were revealed to be marijuana-smoking liberals?  Or how the FBI tampered with evidence in the San Bernadino case during the Christmas season a few years back where they allowed the media into the killer’s apartment a few days after the shooting disguising it as “being transparent” when the real goal was to “destroy evidence at the scene of the crime.” That’s how these liberals get away with their crimes; they provoke the problem, then attempt to erase their footprints in the process.  What we have here with the professor from UC Davis is a radical in the crime approach, setting up the story before the crises could be announced to the world by the Biden administration.  It’s all so fascinating. 

Of course, Americans are correct to buy lots of guns, as many as they can afford. It’s the exact reason that we have not yet lost our country to the criminal attempts of the climate change United Nations insurgents who are controlling the Biden administration.  Imagine if we didn’t have guns?  How far they would have gone during Covid at stealing away our rights as a free people?  These attackers were behind the Great Reset targets that started gain of function research at the Wuhan lab sponsored by the American government’s Dr. Fauci, all to set up this legal merit to using public health issues to destroy constitutional protections.  If there were no guns, what would give them pause in their aggressive actions—the law, which they have shown they are willing to break openly?  Many Americans see what the political left is up to.

I certainly do, and my many readers here do, too, even with all the shadow banning.  In many cases, people are only getting this information at sites like this one.  Even the most alternative media out there doesn’t go far enough to explain these processes as they occur.  But enough of us see the writing on the wall, and we have responded with a healthy protest of buying guns to protect ourselves from this out-of-control, criminal government.  Knowing people who buy lots of guns and use them often, I can say that they haven’t given up on the ability to vote these losers out of office.  I certainly haven’t given up on our republic.  But before we turn to a socialist or communist government under the United Nations, we need to know that we have insulation from the attacks of our government against us.  And that is why gun sales and ammunition are so much higher than they have been in the past.  There is no shame in it. I’m not worried about any of my many neighbors and friends who have enough guns to fight off an army from their homes.  It’s not them who are the threat. It’s the intentions of this Biden government who has no problem stealing elections, selling us out to the United Nations, and creating Covid-19 under gain-of-function behind Trump’s back in 2017 under Dr. Fauci to create a bioweapon dedicated to the Great Reset goals of the United Nations.  Guns are our last line of defense from being sold out to other sovereignties, and I encourage people to go out and buy more, more and more.  In many ways, it’s the most honest vote we can have, one they can’t steal. 

Rich Hoffman

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Socialist Antonio Guterres Thinks He’s President of the World: The United Nations guilt in trying to topple America

The Leader of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, is a Socialist from Portugal

To add to what I have said about election fraud and what we learned from the Maricopa County audit in Arizona, all roads for much of what is wrong in America can be traced back to United Nations tampering with our sovereignty using China as the strawman.  Just as China uses North Korea as a strawman, the United Nations, filled with socialists and communists, are using global crises they manage to overthrow America with Cloward and Piven’s tactics meant to undo everything for their Great Reset.  I explained the whole process in a previous video, but I needed to provide readers with proof.  We don’t talk about him in the daily news, especially in the media of the United States.  But if you attend the Davos World Economic Forum or one of these Climate Summits, you’ll see clearly where the trouble in the world is.  China is now in trouble in the United States for its role in unleashing Covid-19.  Now we have their tampering in the American election and many other problems.  This has turned up the heat of talk of a new Cold War between the United States and China.  China has been caught in some bad stuff against the United States, and there will have to be some payback.  This set Antonio Guterres in a bit of a panic as he interviewed a few outlets expressing his frustration about the challenges presented with this new potential Cold War.  For many reasons, to see this kind of stuff, you’d have to pay attention to news that occurs outside of the American markets, which I watch like a hawk.  And it’s the way that the United Nations thinks of itself which should worry everyone.

The United Nations has been operating in the background for many decades in The United States.  Every time I see a god damn roundabout being built or some fresh out of college bootlicking socialist on a zoning commission wanting to put in a new sidewalk, it reminds me of how deep the United Nations Agenda 21 infected our culture.  Everything from Smart Meters, which were put into place around 2010 to record our energy consumption, and eventually tax us on our carbon footprint, to the alternative forms of energy through Green New Deals.  With just a little research, you can see that the United Nations is doing what Europe failed to do in the War of 1812, the American Revolution, and two World Wars.  Again, not a conspiracy theory but something that becomes very obvious when studying history. The purpose of the two world wars was to use Hitler as a strawman to provoke the world to join together against a common enemy.  That is why there was so much support for Hitler in Europe before him going crazy.  He was propped up to create a war.  European leaders were guided to both World Wars by using Germany as the launch point for change.  They wanted first to form the League of Nations, which the United States rejected, then start the United Nations after World War II.  Which of course, FDR wanted to become a leading force.  Just as the war with Japan was meant to pull communism into the region of China and all of Southeast Asia, these tamperings of what many call the Global Elite have been going on since communication around the world became so much easier.  Of course, the media would be used for such advancements.   Nobody needed tanks and guns anymore; those types of wars were only propagated to satisfy the human need to see the kinds of conflict they understood.  Meanwhile, the actual attackers were working behind the scenes pitting countries against each other so they could fill the power vacuum in their wakes as they fell. 

Antonio Guterres Thinks he’s President of the World

The United Nations is embedded all over American policy, and it shouldn’t be.  It lost power under Trump, which is precisely why they had no problem supporting a change state that broke American law repeatedly.  They had no problem pushing China’s will for global domination into attacking America through election fraud to put Biden in power and to unleash the Covid bioweapon to stop our economy and force us into socialism.  It was a classic Cloward and Piven strategy used by the socialists running the United Nations.  People in America assume that everyone in the world is like us, but they are far from it.  Step away from the American media for just a few hours, and the differences will become evident quickly.  The world is filled with jealous old-world socialists who do not want America to succeed, and they think they can topple the American spirit the way they have all over the world. They’ve managed to tie us all together with global trade making a messy divorce with any country nearly impossible.

Meanwhile, they would profit off the misery with power grabs as the rest of us fought it out.  What gave it all away to me this past week, as America was struggling with the Biden administration’s disastrous policies on the border, over Covid, over the economy, and many other things, it all moved from suspicion to fact.  Antonio Guterres’s interviews about America and China relations showed how troubled he was that things weren’t going as planned.  Americans were not just following Joe Biden over a cliff.  They were fighting back and pushing for a Cold War with China, which was not supposed to happen.  China was supposed to be the antagonizer and successor to America.  America was supposed to fall due to Covid and the regime change.  And that hasn’t happened.  Instead, America is getting angrier and more obstinate, and for the socialists and communists playing this game, things were now getting dangerous.

You can always tell the truth by what people do or don’t do, and in the case of Joe Biden’s speech to the United Nations this past week, he didn’t talk about China, because essentially we know from many sources China has its hand up Biden’s caboose.  That by itself is bad enough, but for the puppet masters in the United Nations. They knew that the World Health Organization was trying to impose global socialism with Covid and knew China had manufactured the virus as a bioweapon.  They also knew they had to get rid of Trump to bring America into the socialist fold of the world.  He was making fools of them, so yes, they were all aware of the need to steal the election of 2020.  What did they care about breaking American election laws?  They planned to destroy America with Joe Biden as president, so big deal.  What was America going to do, put them in jail for tampering with our election machines by hacks conducted on the other side of the world?  Were we going to go to war with China and risk not getting cyber chips for our PlayStation 5s?  Of course not, they had us all by the balls, and we were forced to take it.  They controlled the media, so nobody was talking about these things, except in markets in other places worldwide.  By watching them, you will see what’s been going on.  The United Nations was making their move to take over the world and regulate all of us in it, just like Glenn Beck’s book Agenda 21 did many years ago.  Read that book again, and you’ll see that it doesn’t sound so far-fetched today.  Because what has been going on with Covid-19 comes straight off those pages.  The playbook is now open for us to see, and that is when people like Antonio Guterres, the socialist leader of the United Nations, out of Portugal are revealed to be what they really are. 

Rich Hoffman

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Hillary For Prison: Communists outside of the RNC and the media who support them

For the recorded the communists in the following video calling Alex Jones and his entourage “nazi scum” need a history lesson.  Hitler and his Nazis were socialist offshoots of a secret society called Vril based on the book The Coming Race.  Nothing about the Nazi has any relevance to American life other than the fact that many of those Vril inspired Nazis were recruited into NASA’s space program because of what they were working on under the SS during World War II.  Yet, Jones was correct in what he was asserting and a clash erupted between his group and the communist supporters protesting outside of the Republican National Convention.  What you are about to see is what’s happening outside the mainstream news outlet coverage and defines quite well the massive void that currently takes place along political lines.  The obvious determination that is so evident in this exchange is that communist insurgents really can’t assimilate into American culture.  We can’t all live together in one country under the umbrella of two parties.  It’s just not possible.

It is unlikely that the main press outlets will show all the chants inside and outside the convention for Hillary Clinton to go to prison.  This is certainly a first for any presidential candidate to evoke so much passion before they have ever taken an oath of official office.  It is truly astonishing how determined the mainstream press is at avoiding the coverage of such legal demands for someone who is obviously a known criminal running for the highest office in the world.  Currently there are just enough communist sympathizers to give someone like Hillary Clinton a platform that is fundamentally anti-American—but it is truly bothersome to see that many of those sympathizers are in our national media.  Those media personalities are just as ignorant, and activist minded toward communist sympathies as the losers in the video attacking Alex Jones.

Rich Hoffman


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