Send in the Clowns: Hillary Clinton’s coughing secret revealed–a coded message to her base supporters

I honestly don’t think things are as close as the media wants to believe things to be in the 2016 presidential race.  That doesn’t mean that we can all take things for granted, the forces against us are tremendous, but the bottom line of the Hillary Clinton run for POTUS is that she is damaged beyond repair—no matter how much you like her or don’t.  She lost her moral authority a long time ago to serve in that position whereas Donald Trump is at least a fresh face worthy of a chance.  In the end, people will rationalize their vote accordingly—but take nothing for granted—because “The System” will do whatever it has to do to protect itself.  That was the premise of a rather comedy driven hour of radio on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan on September 10th just 60 days out from the upcoming election in November. Matt Clark brought me on to provide color commentary as we covered a number of topics and actually took several calls.  But even more importantly, we broke a story that may be the biggest of the entire election season—that Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits—which were a huge part of our show—is actually a coded plea to her progressive followers.  Her coughing message is one that only radical insurgents like Barbra Streisand and George Soros understand.  Listen for yourself and pass it along to a friend who needs to hear it.  If you translate her coughing message it says—“HELP ME OR I WILL GO TO JAIL.”

With what we knew about Hillary Clinton before the DNC convention it would have still been hard for the old Washington insider to be president of the United States—because people on my side of the political aisle would reject her by default.  Clinton is too divisive of a figure to represent most of America and there would be a continuation of the hatred that seeps out of the progressive left which would further erode away the stability of our country—culturally.  But after, after the resignations at the DNC and the evidence provided from the hacked emails regarding Hillary’s private server, her conduct with the FBI—the FBI’s role in assisting with her cover-up—the Iranian payoff—the inability to think on her feet during debates or press conferences because as a candidate, she is so carefully scripted that her campaign can’t afford to have her any other way—her candidacy is doomed.  It would be impossible for Clinton at this point to be POTUS even if the political left and the media that supports them managed to push her over the top at the Electoral College.  These same dirty tricks put Barack Obama in office and in a lot of ways there is more hatred of him by the politically conservative right after eight years of his efforts because the evidence of our suspicions actually came to fruition.  Many have been counting down the days until his exit—which has kept the peace.  But with Hillary—who is the only selection of the Democratic Party—the evidence is quite clear before the election that she actually committed crimes to be there and those same people simply won’t stand for the potential of another eight years of Democratic presidential rule—because they’ve reached their limit.

I’ve never had much faith in our institutions—like the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security and those associated government branches—but many were willing to give them the benefit of doubt for the security of the county.  Those people willing to turn the other cheek are much like the caller Sheri who appeared on our radio show to give Matt a piece of her mind regarding the fun we were making of Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental health.  They have been happy to pray for the political left and hope that God would show them the light.  But others like me increasingly have been taking matters into our own hands—like the song “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War” suggests.  There is a reason we have the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and it is for when government ultimately fails us—like it is presently—most notably when the FBI dumps important case documents about Hillary Clinton to the media on the Friday before Labor Day—a trick that would have worked just a few years ago. But now, with the 24-hour news cycles and the 7 day a week coverage of talk radio—things like that don’t get buried anymore.  The fact that they tried to bury the story is the worst evidence yet—it’s actually a bigger story than when the IRS personally targeted conservative groups a few years back—and that story still makes conservatives extremely angry.  There is no way that people will forgive the FBI or Hillary Clinton within the possible eight years of her presidency. Rather, more and more people will use the Bill of Rights to stand up to an obviously corrupt government to change it—and that level of anger was never covered by Saul Alinsky in his leftist guide to tyranny and control, Rules for Radicals.  His book on strategy was aimed at nice people like Sheri, but when they stop praying for people like Hillary Clinton and join the Rich Hoffmans and Matt Clarks of the world with a sword in hand “marching as to war”—Saul Alinsky’s methods disintegrate—which is exactly what is currently happening to the entire progressive movement globally.  Hey, even Al Capone went to jail—which is the figure Saul Alinsky modeled his strategy on.  Like Capone—who had the media, the legal system, and the public eating out of his hand—Hillary has been caught and she knows it.  Everyone around her knows it, and they hope that their old tricks will work one more time to at least get her in office so she can earn the power of the pardon.  But even if she did manage such an act—there are too many people ready for action that won’t put up with it.  If the political left thought the Tea Party movement was hard to deal with—wait until they have to deal with what comes next.

The media needs this election season to appear close; they need the campaign money spent with traditional advertising, because that revenue is actually part of their budgets.  They have to make this race look close for their own survival.  They can’t afford to say at CNN that the race was over before Labor Day and that only the Republicans have a viable candidate running at this point—so essentially the election is over.  They can’t allow the news cycles to move on to football coverage and the upcoming Holiday Season—because they need the candidates themselves to continue injecting millions and millions of dollars into advertising and commentary into copy for newspapers, television, and talk radio for their own sustainability.  But I’m telling you dear reader that the election is over one way or the other.  Like or hate Donald Trump—he’s the only one running and with him there is a hope that something might change—because he’s a different kind of candidate. But Hillary will be rejected regardless of what happens during the election—and things could get very ugly.

I continue to be proud that I’ve had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump a few times now—and that I was with his campaign from the start.  I am excited that he might actually bring competition to the public school system through School Choice and take the shackles off our economy.  If he did just those two things he’d be a success in my book—and he’s the best shot we have at fixing those two problems.  I’ve had a Trump sign in front of my house for a while now, and just last week I saw a change among my neighbors.  Now they too have Trump signs in their yards.  At the end of my street is a medium-sized manufacturing business and it now has its entire frontage displaying Trump signs eager for his upcoming election.  What has changed over these last few weeks is that normal people have made their decision.  They can’t vote for an obvious criminal, so they will vote for Trump—likely in higher numbers than we’ve seen in any recent election.  And for one last time—we’ll trust the system to get it right.  People like Sheri will vote and pray one more time—and if at the end of that process Hillary Clinton is in the White House, then open insurrection will slowly come to a boil.  Because what Saul Alinsky and his liberal followers never learned about the political Christian right is that their behavior of kindness is rooted in belief that things will at some point get better.  If that hope is taken away from them, then they will fight—and they’ll fight with a desperation that few on planet earth understand—especially George Soros.  People born free and relatively happy know the difference when they are being openly scammed through a massive government insurrection.  There is a reason that committed leftists like Barbra Streisand don’t make movies like The Main Event anymore—because people like my mom wouldn’t go to see her, or buy her albums, because of her political beliefs—which has been destroying Hollywood since the Clintons were first in office during the 90s.

For so many years people like Barbra Streisand on the far left have made fun of us on the right essentially because each time nice women like Sheri heard conservatives like Matt and I giving it back to the left—we listened, and those on the left continued because they didn’t believe in anything.  They have mischaracterized our behavior to believe they have some almighty power of philosophy that entitled them to impose themselves on everyone else.

Yet Streisand even with all her Hollywood friends couldn’t get a movie made today if she wanted to—because she is box office toxic—due to her politics.  And regardless of what Hillary Clinton does or says in the next 60 days, she will not be able to convince any more than half the nation that she has the authority to be in the White House.  And when you take away people’s power of the vote—they will resort to other measures.  As I look at the battlefield, I don’t see that America is quite ready for that—and I believe that when the smoke clears, Donald Trump will be the president and we’ll see what happens—and I don’t think it will be close.  However, if Hillary wins, that anxiety on the political right will increase to a level nobody has yet seen in the history of America.  When law and order no longer matter, and agencies like the FBI actively assist in committing crimes—then bad things will happen—and nobody is ready for that.  George Soros certainly didn’t plan for that, and his kids have no idea.  Streisand has lost touch with the everyday people.

She can sing songs from Hollywood about Trump, but she doesn’t understand what is behind the movement that fuels him.  And neither does Hillary when she made a break from trying to appeal to Trump voters last week to calling them “deplorable” this week—the real fear was revealed.  We are in new territory and nobody knows what to do about it.  But I can tell you this dear reader—Hillary Clinton will never be accepted as president—even if the system names her in such a way.  She’s a criminal at best and she was caught—and we all see it.  She lost the election before the DNC convention when the emails were released—and its only gotten worse since then.  What’s even scarier for her—is that the worst of the evidence has yet to be released.  The only clowns in this issue are the Barbra Streisand types who are so out of touch that they don’t even understand the pulse of mainstream America any more.  They look in the mirror and think they are the righteous ones—when in fact they are part of a criminal class born on the philosophies of a mobster—and their day of reckoning is coming one way or the other—through a vote, or through the violence that follows injustice.  Bring on the clowns—we’re ready for them if they steal this election by inserting a criminal in a position of power—knowingly.

Rich Hoffman


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If You Vote for Hillary Clinton, You’re Stupid: Listen to the best news coverage anywhere of a very important 2016 week

image1 (3)I watched a lot of news over the last week, mostly by choice.  To me we are at war and I want to know the intelligence of the battlefield movements.  This war we are fighting so far hasn’t turned to guns too much, but it is along ideological elements.  It hasn’t turned grossly violent yet.  It was a big news week around the 4th of July of 2016 and my life has been busy.  I am grateful to the very nice people—and they know who they are—who gave my wife a chance to meet Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich this past week.  She isn’t the type of person who gets glowy eyes for celebrity.  If a star musician stepped up next to her at a shopping mall, she wouldn’t even blink in excitement, but when Trump told her that she was “beautiful,” it made her year (I caught the picture a little late as Donald was moving away from my wife heading to the next person)—so thank you to the people responsible for putting us in that unique position.  I’d also like to thank Linda Hughes at 1600 WAAM radio for all the times she has allowed Matt Clark to have me on during his monumental Saturday afternoon broadcasts.  The broadcast we did on 7-9-2016 I think beat any hour-long news broadcast in the entire country during the entire previous week—and that includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and all the big radio guys.  Not even Bill O’Reilly nailed down the Hillary Clinton email scandal or the Dallas domestic terrorist issue better than Matt and I did in the following broadcast.  I would recommend that you listen to it dear reader and pass this along to a friend.  Its information critical to the failures of our times by the political left and addresses the necessary steps it will take to correct our path in America for the future.

Because of those frequent broadcasts on WAAM I have a radio studio set up at my house, which I am showing for the first time in pictures taken on July 9th.  For me it is Mt. Olympus, a place of divine philosophy that can reach the far edges of the globe—so I put a little effort into what gets said at that table.  I’ve been to quite a few radio studios over the years, and the one at my house is by far the best—for me.  Everything is clearer from my seat at that table in front of that particular microphone.image1 (2)

As I said on the air, I was watching Barack Obama further embarrass America while giving a speech from Warsaw, Poland.  I had the sound turned down so it wouldn’t get picked up on our WAAM broadcast, but I could read the captions, and the President’s body language.  Obama had his right shoulder pointed toward the audience most of the time with his head cocked slightly to the right in a way that gave away a lot of guilt he was obviously concealing.  That stance is reminiscent of many statues of important people and is a learned behavior that a guilty person falls back on while trying to sell something to others that the perpetrator themselves are trying to buy into.  Essentially, Obama was trying to get himself to buy into what he was selling to the world as he spoke.  He proposed that local police were insufficient, that they needed to be federalized—he proposed gun control measures—and he failed to identify the role he played in the creation of domestic terrorism between the races—which obviously climaxed in Dallas, Texas.image2

What was hilarious if the situation were even funny, was that Obama and his political left proposed more gun control and more federal control when the story they were happy to conceal—which was that Hillary Clinton is in big trouble because she perjured herself in front of congress—revealed during the FBI testimony—and that the government at all levels had proven itself to be completely incompetent.  The political left has their fingerprints all over these issues because they have not allowed Republicans to be a part of the decision-making process.  The only role Republicans have played in all these issues is that they have went along with many of the proposals so not to be called silly names like “racists,” “Nazis,” or “angry white guys.”  Fear of the name calling has forced Republicans to cave on almost every issue the political left has proposed and this is what we get as a government—a mess with various factions in open war with one another and a former Secretary of State who can’t tell the truth about the position of the sun in the sky.  She seems to be willing to lie about anything—and she clearly can’t be trusted even at a minor level of security—yet she’s running for the most secure position in the entire world.image2 (1)

Matt and I gave what turned out to be one of the most balanced broadcasts in media and I’d attribute it to a couple of things.  Neither Matt nor I make our living off his radio show—so we do it out of passion—purely.  We are doing it because we want to and Linda doesn’t really put pressure on the ratings for that afternoon timeslot—not in the way that larger outlets might be concerned with.  That frees up our minds a lot to be as straight as the truth allows—which we fully utilized.  The second is that I get the opportunity to do things like shake hands with Donald Trump and others—so I can know them on a more personable level which gives me an objectivity that other outlets don’t have.  Like my wife, I am not enamored by celebrity.  Debbie Boehner was standing right next to me the other day, as was Newt Gingrich and the head of the Butler County Republican Party, and to me we are all just people doing our best to do what’s right.  That allows me to listen to them without the tapestry of celebrity which puts what they say in a different realm of communication.  It allows me to then report to a radio audience information in a unique way—where Linda gives Matt a lot of freedom to report on her airwaves and I have life experiences that color the discussion with large doses of reality that is hard to come by.  When those two things come together some good work is done and I am particularly proud of our broadcast on July 9th.  In the long history of me doing radio broadcasts over the years, that show will go down as one of my favorites.image3

I propose working through problems with the First Amendment before resorting to the 2nd.  That kid in Dallas let the hate of race baiters heckle him into action against white police officers and he was wrong.  The media were wrong for stoking the flames which caused that kid to act and Obama set the table for everyone way back when he declared that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.  To hide his guilt in feeding the frenzy that is causing all the racial anxiety, Barack Obama suggested more gun control and insisted that the answer was in more federal control of people’s lives.  Yet just days prior, Hillary Clinton–who is running for president of the United States, was revealed to be grossly incompetent in her handling of her email situation—which was revealed as a result of the Benghazi hearings of a few years before.  During the FBI revelation of their findings it was discovered that Clinton had perjured herself during those same Benghazi hearings—so the revelation was that Hillary was not only stupid, but she was in fact a criminal who will be certainly facing jail time because of that crime alone—not to mention all the crimes she has not been caught yet with.   And those are the facts which Matt and I weaved into a simple hour-long broadcast.  I dare anybody in media anywhere to do better.  I bet they can’t.image4

Now, about some of the Trump rally pictures above, which were taken during the Cincinnati rally on July 6th.  At the end Newt came up to my wife specifically, it was just the two of them alone for a moment, and she shook his hand politely but quickly turned away from him leaving it to me to do a little clean up.  We watch Gingrich almost every night on Fox News so he certainly has celebrity appeal, and most people would be proud to have their picture standing next to such a person.  Well, my wife and I don’t do that.  In truth, my wife isn’t sold on Gingrich as she does not like the way he has handled his personal life on a few occasions.  She felt the same way about Donald Trump for a long time.  If not for the quality of Melania Trump and Trump’s daughter Ivanka, my wife would not be on the Trump train.  So she needs some time to get used to Newt Gingrich being with Donald Trump.  She almost turned down a V.I.P. invite just because she didn’t want to see Newt Gingrich or our local celebrity Sheriff Jones in person.  (She feels Jones doesn’t do enough to rid Butler County of drugs which is her issue with him).  Newt obviously felt strange when my wife shook his hand then turned away quickly leaving him standing there all by himself.  I was laughing because I knew what she was thinking and I also knew how Newt took it so I snapped a quick picture which is the closest thing to posing with a celebrity that you’ll get from my wife—or I for that matter.   I quickly stepped up to Newt and shook his hand to take away the awkwardness and get him back on track—because for him it was tough to work a V.I.P. line and have the first person you stepped up to reject you with a cold fish handshake.  I think that perspective is one of the reasons that Matt and I do so well together.  We can’t do it all the time, because we are both very busy people professionally.  But we do it often enough to make a difference.  And the audience of his radio broadcasts is the direct benefactor.  So use them accordingly and with a nod of appreciation.  They are truly unique broadcasts.

Rich Hoffman


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Gun Grabber Leland Yee Going to Jail over Weapons Trafficking: Why we can’t trust government but down the barrel of a potential gun


On Monday June 20th 2016 a host of senate democrats attempted to use the Orlando shooting to pressure GOP leadership into gun control measures on Capital Hill.  Of course, thankfully because of the Republican majority and the powerful NRA their four proposals are going nowhere.  But they’ll keep trying just like their buddy Leland Yee has for years out in California.  The potential attempt had me fueled into a fired up fissure on Saturday when my friend Matt Clark brought up the topic of gun control up on his WAAM radio show.  I had to call at the 30 minute mark and join the vigorous conversation Matt was hosting.

During the call I brought up the news story shown below, where liberal Leland Yee—a gun control champion in California was busted for trafficking in “foreign firearms” on the black market.  Go ahead, read the article for yourself below from The Washington Post:

On the surface, the story of Leland Yee looks like a precipitous fall from grace.

The 67-year-old had risen steadily in the ranks of Bay Area politics since the late 80s, when he was elected to the San Francisco School Board. He then went on to sit on the city’s Board of Supervisors and in the state Assembly. The latter role saw him become the first Asian American speaker pro tem in 2004, making him the second-highest ranking Democrat in the California assembly at the time.

From 2006 onwards, Yee served as a state senator and was plotting a secretary of state campaign when his political visions were curtailed by a federal indictment in March 2014.

The arrest swept Yee and his associate Keith Jackson, 51, up in charges alongside some of the city’s most notorious characters, notable among them Chinatown gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.

Yee also discussed buying weapons overseas and bringing them to the U.S. with two associates and an undercover agent. He accepted $6,800 and a list of arms for purchase in the Philippines.

The maneuvers were not only illegal, but also in stark contrast to what he had long purported to stand for.

Yee told CBS two years before he was arrested: “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear — there is no debate, no discussion.”

As a legislator, Yee supported strict gun control laws and was named to the Brady Campaign’s Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.

The calamitous epilogue to Yee’s career, then, seems to be an abrupt about-face. During his campaigns, Yee had styled himself as an outsider removed from the corruption that plagued San Francisco governments past.

“My parents didn’t encourage me to go into politics at all,” he told Hyphen magazine in 2011. “There was a stereotype in the Chinese community that sees politics with suspicion. Politicians aren’t honorable, they’re corrupt and unsavory.”

Some members of the public have expressed disappointment over his conviction, but many more think the five-year sentence is fair (if not too light) for someone who has admitted to abusing his position.

Let me just say this much, there are no circumstances where more government equates to more prosperity.  By nature, human beings fail when they have too much power and Leland Yee is a fine example of the same type of corruption we are learning about in Brazil, Venezuela and everywhere that socialism is the political philosophy of the masses.  America must have guns—unlimited guns—so that our society can have the means to keep government from becoming all-powerful and ultimately following in the footsteps of liberals like Leland Yee.  Every gun grabbing politician speaking to federal representatives in the wake of the Orlando massacre are potential Leland Yees.  Many of them may be well-intentioned people, but all of them have the potential to become like Yee.  What makes America different is that we do have guns, and we can if there is no other option; use them to protect ourselves from an out-of-control government.  And by the sound of things now, it would seem that we are almost out of other options.

Rich Hoffman


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Matt Clark HAS HAD IT: Slowing the demise of the Republic one broadcast at a time.


As you can see from the picture Matt used on his Saturday May 7th 2016 broadcast he’s a little concerned about the direction of our country.  About three-quarters into the hour-long show which he does each week on WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan I came on to add a little color.  For your own sanity dear reader, you should listen to it now, then pass it along to a friend.  It may well just save your life with a small dose of sanity at a key time in our American history.

Matt and I are doing an entire hour together this upcoming Saturday and it will be live, so if you’d like to listen or call in, you can catch the show at 1 PM at this link.

Just click on the live link and listen.

Rich Hoffman


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The Deliberate Destruction of Millennial Minds: One of the greatest abuses on planet earth

The thought process of a Millennial is one of the most tragic examples of abuse that we have in the world today, and that includes sex trafficking, Islamic abuse of women, and the sexual abuse of children.  If you didn’t hear it Matt Clark at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan did a show on this tragic topic with a guest that was just sad—because of the truth of it. He featured the now famous clip of the young Millennial woman who demanded on the Neal Cavuto show during a student march the relief of student debt, free college education, and a $15 dollar minimum wage.  Neal was gracious enough not to destroy the poor girl when he asked flatly—“who’s going to pay for it.”  The girl didn’t know just as Millennials everywhere don’t know.  Through their educations over their entire lives, those poor kids have been deliberately reduced intellectually—which is technically abuse.  Before moving on to the next paragraph listen to this Matt Clark broadcast.  It starts off by reminding people of the impending Al Gore crises which was predicted in the Academy Award winning movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  Well, he was wrong, and Matt had a little fun with that.  But after that segment is a truly sad story that really concerns us all because we have now an entire generation that has been raised in day cares, radicalized leftist public schools and weak American presidents with failed foreign policies.  Then they went to college because everyone told them to, to further destroy their minds into liberalism mounting tremendous student debts that start them out in life owned essentially by the federal government—and they don’t know any better—which was abusive.  They were deliberately abused by liberalized society for political purposes and this has robbed them of healthy adult lives and it’s a situation that should deserve prosecutions and jail time for all invovled.

If you listen to women’s rights advocates they will tell stories of the previous generation where men wouldn’t let their wives drive cars intentionally keeping them barefoot and pregnant to prevent them from having the mobility to cheat on them with other men.  We all know parents who abuse their children by spoiling them to the extent that they have deliberately sheltered the children from the realities of the world and they do so not out of love but their own selfish desire to control the child and prevent them from straying too far away.  By keeping the children overly dependent, they ensure themselves that they won’t have to endure the crises of having that child grow up and move away.  Then of course there are the civil rights abuses where people of a different color skin couldn’t drink and eat with southern whites.  Most sane people can agree that all those horrors are tragic and that many have worked hard to eradicate that kind of behavior from our society.  So it should enrage everyone that we’ve given public schools our children ran by teacher unions only to have those institutions openly destroy the mind of our youth—knowingly—to achieve a target demographic voter base committed to a new interpretation of socialism so to spread that ideology against American capitalism.

This is a topic I have covered for a long time.  When Matt’s guest on WAAM radio was only a teenager, I was in fact writing articles about the impending tragedy and doing a lot of radio to put a light on the potential problem.  Well, the problem isn’t just a potential any longer—it’s here.  The Millennials have arrived.  Now we are seeing these poor kids hit the marketplace and they don’t have a leg to stand on intellectually.  What has happened reminds me of primitive tribes such as the Nazca and many others who deliberately wrap their baby’s growing skulls with leather to elongate their heads into monstrosities of deformity to pay tribute to a culture rooted in mythology—not logic.  Kids in public schools and colleges have deliberately had their minds destroyed and now they are functioning adults screaming for socialism because that’s all they have been taught.  They were born during the Bill Clinton years, were children during the very low intellectual presidency of George W. Bush and they have been reassured by President Obama that socialism is the means for their future.  I can think of a few young people in my family who have fallen for this scheme—and I have had to watch these poor kids lose their entire futures to the promises of these intellectually damaging presidential platforms.

But the fault isn’t just on modern politics—it goes all the way back to strategies uttered during the beginning of the Department of Education where communism was on the agenda of the few at the top in the know.  The DOE was implemented in 1979.  Ronald Reagan was supposed to eradicate it at the start of his presidency, but after his assassination attempt, he lost his backbone for that kind of thing.   It was too rooted into the teacher unions and Kremlin conspiracies of that time and Reagan had his mind on outspending Russia as a means to defeat communism.   The KGB on the other hand was willing to play the slow game.  They planned to show the destruction of communism while at the same time spreading it to a world that had let its guard down.  By the time Reagan left office it was too late.  Public schools were essentially socialist training centers intent to implement several generations that would accept collectivist based management of resources.  Meanwhile Russia repackaged their message and progressivism took over Europe.  Two decades later a former leader of the KGB is president of Russia and they command from that massive country one of the only remaining superpower status countries with the exception of communist China.  Only the United States is left to face the wrath of Socialist International which has a firm foot in every country on earth.  Only in America where capitalism has been king is socialism still a bad word.  But, after two decades of training our youth with tax payer funded reprogramming, the KGB has implemented their strategy and here we are. (If you’d like to fact check me, just click on any hotlink within this article.  You will discover dear reader that what I’m saying is quite truthful, sadly.  I’d love to be wrong—but I’m not)

Now we are left with an entire society of these young people and they have no other option intellectually in a free society but to demand socialism as a cure to their woes—which has been done to them deliberately.  Every teacher who participated is guilty and they know who they are.  They were highly paid by tax payers negotiated through socialist based collective bargaining agreements to shut their mouths and teach what the state told them to.  Meanwhile the Department of Education from day one in 1979 was fully intent to teach communism to students within the public education system.  In a lot of ways President Obama is the first of these young people to hit the scene—when he was hanging out with other Marxists at the University of Chicago they weren’t trying to figure out how to extract wealth out of a new product launched to market—they were trying to figure out how to redistribute the wealth already created under the premise of communism as defined by Karl Marx.  They called it progressivism to take the edge off and hid the effort behind the mask of civil rights.

This abusive relationship is equivalent to the insecure man who will not let his wife learn to drive a car from days long past.  The man may tell the wife that he’s afraid for her life and to keep her safe he doesn’t want her to drive a car.  But what he really wants is to keep her home and out of the bed of some other man—or to give her the ability to check up on him while he sleeps around town.  Bad politicians have embraced communism for a long time as the KGB floated it into America during the 70s and 80s, and the effects are noticeable today.  You can hear it in the voice of Millennials who should know better, but they don’t.  All they know is they were promised something.  Their parents have been stripped away from them nearly at birth.  They were mostly raised in day care and public schools and they were told that the nanny state would care for them all their lives.  All they had to do is cry and someone would bring them some food.  They were deliberately kept in a stupid state for political reasons and now the impact of that tragedy is beginning to reveal itself.

So now these kids are crying and nobody has any money to give them.  The government has bankrupted our system—on purpose.  And the kids are looking for someone with answers—like Bernie Sanders.  They have not been taught math properly, so they don’t add up the facts in their minds and are defenseless toward critical thinking.  Like the poor little Nazca kids, their parents and society in general made decisions for them that ruined them for their adulthoods and now they have to deal with the ramifications of it.  It’s all a very sad story and for the purpose of this article, the point is to simply identify the problem in its enormity.  I hate to say it, but those Millennials are ruined for the rest of their lives.  We have to begin working on that follow-up generation with the right kind of thinking and we’ll have to endure the rough road ahead, which will likely last for the next 70 years.  The people who did this to all these kids should all be punished for their abuse.  They are now crippled for life to advance a political ideology, not through debate, but through ignorance.  That is the only way the KGB working through the United States government was able to spread global socialism.  And the abuse has happened right under our noses.  I’ve been pointing it out for years.  Some people have listened, but not enough.  Now, the facts are obvious, and we as a society have to figure out what we are going to do about it.  The problem is very real and it demands an answer.  Time is ticking away and the debts are mounting and the Millennials don’t understand why when they cry nobody comes.  Because they weren’t taught the reason.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Ann Becker’s Stand Against Ohio’s Central Committee: How John Kasich became an idiot–understanding Kantian philosophy

I remember doing a radio show several years ago with Matt Clark about how communists planned to take over both political parties in America and how they were going to infiltrate the media as far back as the late 1950s.  Obviously we have seen that happen in regard to the Democrats and the major media sources.  They call them progressives, but essentially they are communist leaning sympathizers by the nature of their philosophy.  But Matt and I also talked about the same thing happening to the Republican Party.  To many of us, the behavior of the GOP since as far back as 9-11 caused questioning minds to scratch their heads in bewilderment.  When John McCain lashed out at Bill Cunningham for being “divisive” during a campaign stop in Cincinnati during 2008 for which the WLW host was the emcee further preponderance of the evidence was presented.  These Republicans were not conservatives—but rather were something else and their strategic aims were much more centrist in their nature.  That by itself would not be alarming, but they seemed to be working with Democrats to pull that central position over time radically to the left.  Today’s “centrist” used to be yesterday’s socialist and yesterdays neutral supporter along the political spectrum is now openly communist—(progressive).  I dare one person to describe to me how progressivism differs from the communists of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1919.  (I’m waiting.)

Obviously I have known about this for a long time to even be able to talk about it in hindsight on Matt Clark’s show.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  But the rest of the country really hasn’t noticed because of all the noise of modern society.  The evidence gets drowned out by the furious pace of our lives.  A lot of times the participants themselves don’t even realize the role they play—because they don’t know enough about history to understand.  One such example is the governor of my state John Kasich, who started off wonderfully six years ago, but is now an openly progressive loser who has evoked “god” as an excuse for expanding government reach and balancing the Ohio budget with more federal money through Obamacare exchanges.  If you want to know how deep this corruption has spread then look at the radicalism of the Ohio State Central Committee in supporting Kasich for the upcoming primaries when it is clearly evident that he doesn’t stand a chance at winning the popular vote.  Like trained drones the Ohio State Central Committee is sticking by the plan hashed out long ago—that Kasich the “moderate” would be elected president making it easy for the radical leftists to run over our nation without resistance.  Even though polling of prospective primary voters favor Trump and Cruz, the State Central Committee is doing what they planned all along.  They don’t listen to voters, they listen to the party bosses as to how and who to elect—and that plan was never in the favor of the American population.

This little trick is never talked about literally.  Every State Central Committee person is not part of some vast conspiracy—not knowingly.  It wasn’t that long ago that people like my friend Ann Becker from the Cincinnati Tea Party encouraged me to run for a Central Committee spot in my district.  Ann and her people are doing the good work of knocking moderate leftists out of the Central Committee to put more reasonable traditionalists on in their place.  To my eyes the functioning philosophy of the whole enterprise was noticeably Kantian and I knew that the basic philosophy for which they were functioning had to be changed before truly effective management of the Central Committee system could fully be implemented.  However, that doesn’t stop the good work of people inclined to suffer the daily abuse it takes to make micro changes along the way from doing so.  My role in all this has to be “different” so we all do what we are best at.  Ann is one of those people who likes to fight it out on the inside and she issued the following statement in regard to John Kasich.

I heard you! You do not support Governor Kasich for President – even if the Ohio GOP State Central Committee does. 

You reenergized my faith in the Constitutional people of Ohio! Yesterday I sent out an email about the Ohio Republican State Central Committee’s endorsement of Governor Kasich. An endorsement by a party means the members of that party are expected to support the candidate.

I received over 200 emails in two hours yesterday telling me ‘Hell No.’ The stories about Governor Kasich and the disdain for the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee’s endorsement of Kasich was incredible. I could feel the anger coming out of my computer. 

Governor Kasich says he balanced Ohio’s budget – all Governors have to balance Ohio’s budget, it’s in the Ohio Constitution. He says he created jobs in Ohio – his term started after the crash in 2008. Yes, there were more jobs created in Ohio after 2008 but was it Kasich that created the jobs or the free market starting to improve? He takes credit for the jobs that our small business owners work hard and create – you didn’t build that Governor Kasich. 

Governor Kasich’s support of Common Core, his expanding Medicaid using Obamacare, his increase of spending in Ohio by 30%, his standing in the way of Right to Work, his raising taxes – all of these things and more are reasons that he is not the best choice for President.

I think we all agree that we want a President that will stand by the Constitution and give America a plan to move this country forward, not backward, toward freedom. Whoever that candidate is for you, vote for him or her. No one has the right to expect you to vote a certain way, party or not.

We want political parties that stand on principle, not on who they can get elected. Shame on the State Central Committee. They are up for reelection this March; we must watch those races. 

Your mission over the next eight weeks is to make sure everyone you know is ready to vote on March 15, or early vote at your county Board of Elections, starting February 17th. This is the most important primary in the history of the United States of America. Everyone who cares about the future of this country needs to get out and vote!

One of the biggest issues I heard about regarding Governor Kasich was his support of Common Core. I really thought he would flip-flop on this by now, but he is standing strong with Common Core. 

A horrible choice for our kids and Ohio Governor Kasich!

I had the privilege of hearing Heidi Huber give an update on Common Core last night. The video is below. We must stand together to make the change we want to see. 

Heidi Huber Common Core Update


Yours in Liberty,

Ann Becker

Kasich has been a disaster.  New York pundits like Bill O’Reilly on Fox News think that Kasich has done a fantastic job as governor.  But that’s because Kasich used to host his show and that Bill doesn’t live in Ohio.  Also, compared to New York, Ohio seems like a bastion of conservatism.  To Bill’s eyes, I’m sure Kasich looks like a conservative, but that’s only because the noise of modern politics drowns out the truth.    Kasich is broken at the level of his foundation philosophies.  He and the establishment types in the GOP have been taught to think incorrectly and now they are leading the party toward aims that were always intended to be noticeably communist.  Here is the evidence, first a definition of Kantian ethics followed by a nice little quote from the blogspot “Marxist Update.”

Kantian ethics refers to a deontological ethical theory ascribed to the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. The theory, developed as a result of Enlightenment rationalism, is based on the view that the only intrinsically good thing is a good will; an action can only be good if its maxim – the principle behind it – is duty to the moral law. Central to Kant’s construction of the moral law is the categorical imperative, which acts on all people, regardless of their interests or desires. Kant formulated the categorical imperative in various ways. His principle of universalisability requires that, for an action to be permissible, it must be possible to apply it to all people without a contradiction occurring. His formulation of humanity as an end in itself requires that humans are never treated merely as a means to an end, but always also as ends in themselves. The formulation of autonomy concludes that rational agents are bound to the moral law by their own will, while Kant’s concept of the Kingdom of Ends requires that people act as if the principles of their actions establish a law for a hypothetical kingdom. Kant also distinguished between perfect and imperfect duties. A perfect duty, such as the duty not to lie, always holds true; an imperfect duty, such as the duty to give to charity, can be made flexible and applied in particular time and place.  (Sound like Kasich?)

In political philosophy, Kant has had wide and increasing influence with the major political philosopher of the late twentieth century, John Rawls, drawing heavily on his inspiration in setting out the basis for a liberal view of political institutions. The nature of Rawls’ use of Kant has engendered serious controversy but has demonstrated the vitality of Kantian considerations across a wider range of questions than was once thought plausible.

The poet Heine, who was a friend of Marx and upon whom the latter at one time had a great influence, depicted very vividly Kant’s motives for treading the two paths. Kant had an old and faithful servant, Lampe, who had lived with, and attended to, his master for forty years. For Kant this Lampe was the personification of the average man who could not live without religion. After a brilliant exposition of the revolutionary import of the Critique of Pure Reason in the struggle with theology and with the belief in a Divine Principle, Heine explained why Kant found it necessary to write the Critique of Practical Reason in which the philosopher re-established everything he had torn down before. Here is what Heine wrote:

“After the tragedy comes the farce. Immanuel Kant has hitherto appeared as the grim, inexorable philosopher; he has stormed heaven, put all the garrison to the sword; the ruler of the world swims senseless in his blood; there is no more any mercy, or fatherly goodness, or future reward for present privations; the immortality of the soul is in its last agonies — death rattles and groans. And old Lampe stands by with his umbrella under his arm as a sorrowing spectator, and the sweat of anguish and tears run down his cheeks. Then Immanuel Kant is moved to pity, and shows himself not only a great philosopher, but a good man. He reconsiders, and half good-naturedly and half ironically says, ‘Old Lampe must have a God, or else the poor man cannot be happy, and people really ought to be happy in this world. Practical common sense declares that. Well, meinet wegen, for all I care, let practical reason guarantee the existence of a God.'” [Heinrich Heine, Collected Works. W. Heineman, London, 1906. Vol. 5, pp. 150-151.]

That’s how the political left has been able to implement and enact a communist strategy while at the same time convincing people who think they are hard-core conservative Central Committee members that they are doing the work established by Immanuel Kant.  What they don’t know is that Kant put down the foundations of Marxism which would evolve into open communism to essentially destroy the economy of Russia allowing Europe to rise to power after World War I.  It’s all German philosophy people.  But eventually Kant would influence John Rawls who nearly singlehandedly brought detrimental liberalism to most political institutions academic and social.  His magnum opusA Theory of Justice (1971), was said at the time of its publication to be “the most important work in moral philosophy since the end of World War II[4]and is now regarded as “one of the primary texts in political philosophy”.[5] His work in political philosophy, dubbed Rawlsianism,[6] takes as its starting point the argument that “the most reasonable principles of justice are those everyone would accept and agree to from a fair position”.[5] Rawls attempts to determine the principles of social justice by employing a number of thought experiments such as the famous original position in which everyone is impartially situated as equals behind a veil of ignorance.[5] He is one of the major thinkers in the tradition of liberal political philosophy. According to English philosopher Jonathan Wolff, while there could be a “dispute about the second most important political philosopher of the 20th century, there could be no dispute about the most important: John Rawls”.[4]

It is because of Kant then Rawls that Governor Kasich and the Ohio State Central Committee is a bunch of idiots.  It is their foundation philosophy that Ann Becker and her purists are fighting against.  Of course Kasich and his gang don’t understand what Ann is talking about just as they can’t understand why Trump and Cruz are doing so well nationally in the 2016 presidential race—they continue to function based on the beliefs they have been taught by education institutions following the philosophy of John Rawls.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  They don’t understand because their thinking is wrong and out of touch with the rest of the world.  So I suggest dear reader that you do as Ann has asked, over the next eight weeks you need to register to vote in the primary and you need to defy the Ohio State Central Committee leadership and vote for anybody but John Kasich.  He is a failed person not because he’s bad—but because he was taught to be an idiot who follows Kant instead of some American philosopher with proper foundation thoughts, such as Thomas Jefferson or Ayn Rand.  Send the German philosophy back to Europe the way they sent it to Russia to destroy that nation.  Keep that stuff out of America and especially the state of Ohio.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Quick Cal Eilrich on WAAM 1600: Rich Hoffman hosting January 9th 2016


In a capitalist society it was always supposed to be like this, the best and most competitive are supposed to be free to perform at their maximum potential without being restricted by inferior minds.  The Internet may have been invented as a means for population control by government influence, but it has turned out to be one of the best aspects of laissez-faire capitalism to emerge essentially since Adam Smith wrote An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776).  And in the United States, it has been one of the finest examples of free speech.  It allows someone like me, who can run circles around most people with sheer effort to by-pass the gate keepers of the “professional” media to get a message out that would otherwise not be heard.  I have known a lot of reporters over the years and I can’t think of any who live the way I do, where they may work 12 hours, read about two hours each day, then turn around and do 2 hours of live radio on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   Typically, they only do about a quarter of that work per day, and that’s why their reports often are terrible, and lazy. In that regard, largely because of the power of competition, new media, and the productive acquisition of massive amounts of information, I have the opportunity to be on WAAM radio with Matt Clark for three weekends in a row.  Matt and I did a live radio show on Wednesday December 23rd which was used for the next two Saturday shows on WAAM 1600. Then on January 9th while Matt is in Disney World for his annual marathon run, I am hosting in his place with a very special guest.  If you missed the Wednesday live shown, broadcast around the world, here it is—along with a few sample video clips as teasers of the content.  As usual, we covered a lot of ground.

Regarding that special guest, of course when given the opportunity I’m going to give listeners at WAAM exactly what they want.  I’ve done plenty of radio in my life, and I’ve listened to talk radio for longer than I’ve participated on the air.  As a kid who grew up in sight of The Voice of America radio station towers in Mason, Ohio I understand the power of a voice over the airwaves.  I also understand how wonderful it is to work on a car during Saturday afternoon in a well-lit garage next to a double stacked Craftsman tool box full of gadgets and gizmos accumulated over twenty previous Christmas seasons and to listen to the soothing sound of logic from talk radio.  Both of my grandparents had farms and constantly had WLW radio on in their barns—it was for them a kind of verbal newspaper that they could listen to as they milked cows or prepped equipment for bailing hay.  So to thank the WAAM audience and the technical crew at that fine “independent” radio station which is a rarity these days in the marketplace, I’m going to give listeners a special treat on January 9th at 1 PM.  Click the following link to listen live at that time.

If there is trouble at that link for whatever reason, then try this one.

As readers here know, I work very hard—as I always have.  I also push myself often by stepping out of my comfort zone.  My name is typically equitable with bullwhip work as I am one of the few in the world who have mastered that particular weapon.   Bullwhip artists are a very small minority of the global population and I am among the best of them in competency—but—that’s not enough for me.  I’m entirely too young to be satisfied with just that on my résumé.  It would be safe to do so, and to point at my record of personal successes, my public speaking, my family and a half-dozen other hobbies and say that all those things were enough.  But they aren’t.  There is something I’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time or resources to apply to it, so it’s always been on the back burner for me, and that is Cowboy Fast Draw.  In a lot of ways, I became good at the bullwhips because it was a western art that I could practice in my backyard, or in the neighborhoods I lived in without scaring all the people who lived around me—too much.  But I have always loved guns as I have seen them as natural extensions of Adam Smth’s invention of capitalism.  While the rest of the world wanted to maintain an aristocracy on production, capitalism freed the best and brightest to conduct their efforts free of restriction, and the gun ensured that personal protection from third-party authoritarian intentions.   Much of the anxiety that the world outside the United States has toward capitalism and guns can be traced back to this basic relationship between the two.  So I’ve always had a love for guns and wanted to make them a larger part of my daily life.

I recently conquered a project that I had been working very hard on—a business enterprise that was very difficult—and I promised myself that if I got through it to a successful conclusion that I was going to purchase a Ruger Vaquero and take up the skill of Cowboy Fast Draw.  I could have done it a few years sooner, but I had to complete one major task before beginning another, so I waited to force myself to complete the targeted intention—which took several years to punch through.  I knew some of the shooters from the Ohio Fast Draw Association as they competed next to me at the annual Annie Oakley Western Showcase in Greenville, Ohio each year while I performed with bullwhips.  But I wasn’t sure how to get started.  The very day that I completed the business task, I purchased my Vaquero.  Then I contacted the organization that my guest runs, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and I joined as a member.  Then I purchased a practice shooting lane system, and ordered a custom-made holster from Bob Mernickle. 

I was quite impressed by Cal Eilrich, a.k.a Quick Cal who is the executive director of CFDA not just because he is a very accomplished professional shooter, but because he is running Cowboy Fast Draw as an expanding sport that is very organized and well-equipped.  As my packages began to arrive from CFDA I was impressed that everything I needed, the .45 casings, the wax bullets, the timers and targets, virtually everything was able to be obtained from CFDA—and everything worked.  The quality of the products had the markings of a man who was very meticulous and polished at a field of endeavor and that elevated my interest greatly.  Cowboy Fast Draw wasn’t any longer just something I wanted to drive myself into a new skill set, but it was a way of thinking that I considered important to the American way of life.  I found out months later that Quick Cal was also a fan of the novel Atlas Shrugged, so I have been able to plunge myself into this new sport with a voracious hunger knowing that the end result falls within my overall philosophy.  It wasn’t just another skill to learn, it was a way of life.

Quick Cal has been a competitive shooter since joining the Chicago Colts FDC in 1968, at age 15.  He won his first World Championship in 1972 and in 1973 hosted his first contest. He went on to be the Match Director of two National Championships and three World Championships during the 1970s at the Hacienda Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas along with several state and regional tournaments.  He served as an officer in the Mid-Western Fast Draw Association, Western Fast Draw Association and served as Chairman of the World Fast Draw Association.

In the 1980s he became very active in Practical Pistol Shooting.  While competing at the top-level of the sport he built the largest IPSC club in the country and founded and served 9 years as Match Director of the Western States IPSC Championship in Reno. He was an original Range Master and Instructor for USPSA, while also being a top competitor and earning a spot on the National Team in 1990.  He has been a firearms instructor for law enforcement and security companies and still teaches defensive shooting and is a NRA Instructor.

In the late 90s he started getting very involved in SASS and won a national championship as a top shooter.  In 1999, he created the original SASS RO Program and served as Chairman of the RO Committee for 9 years, he was inducted into the SASS Hall of Fame in 2011.  He also founded a SASS club, The High Plains Drifters, and built a shooting range that is still in use and created and served as Match Director of the Western States CAS Championship for 10 years.

In 2002, Brad Hemmah called Quick Cal for advice on guns and holsters in setting up what was to become CFDA.  In 2004, Quick Cal attended the National Championship in Meridian, ID and won the event, and recognized the potential that Cowboy Fast Draw had.  Fast Draw had been Quick Cal’s first love in shooting sports, he dreamed as a young man that the sport could somehow become much bigger than it was if only given the chance.

Quick Cal has always believed in giving back to the shooting sports because they have added so much to his life.  He now serves as the Director of CFDA and is determined to give the Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw a chance to build itself into an organization that can last for future generations to enjoy.

To learn more about him, here are his résumés in greater detail. 

  1. Shooting Accomplishments

  2. Sport Administration & Firearms Instructor

As a fan of talk radio, I know what I like and don’t like on a Saturday afternoon, and likely, you feel the same way.  So I promise that this radio show featuring Quick Cal will be entertaining, and informative—and it will be my intention to make it so exciting that you’ll want to join CFDA after our broadcast.  I am thankful to Quick Cal because in essence what he gave me which I wasn’t sure about when I got started, was a way to shoot my .45 Vaquero at my home in a pretty suburban setting.  The wax bullets and the 209 shotgun primers that are used in Cowboy Fast Draw along with the targeting system utilized make it so I can practice target shooting right in my garage without disturbing my neighbors.  I built a special backdrop to keep the bullets contained in a safe way, but the wax bullets do not shoot through plywood, so there is no danger to anybody outside my home.  And the noise is about as loud as a well charged cap gun.  This makes shooting at home an entirely new reality that everyone can enjoy.  A shooting range could be easily set up in a basement or garage so long as practice distances of 15’ to 21’ can be maintained.  Where shooting radio shows often get boring is that often the talk is about things that most of the audience can’t participate in.  Getting out to a shooting range for a lot of people is difficult.  But shooting at your home is something anybody can do, and it’s a wonderful way to expand the usefulness, and participation in the Second Amendment.  People tend to value something more if they can participate, and Cowboy Fast Draw allows shooters to partake within the comfort of their own homes and that expansion of utilization is largely an invention of Cowboy Fast Draw under the direction of Quick Cal.

So be sure to tune in on January 9th 2016 at 1 PM on WAAM.  If you want to call in during the show dial (734) 971-1600 and we’ll get you on the air.  It will be a fun show, and educational, but more than anything, it will make working in the garage, or wherever that much more enjoyable.  It’s the kind of show that comes straight out of competition, you won’t get this kind of thing on CNN or Fox, but because of deregulation and the marketplace of the imaginative, you can get it on WAAM and more specifically, the Clarkcast and Matt Clark’s mini, media empire.  It is good to push yourself in a free society, and the first step toward that monumental endeavor is to turn on WAAM and listen to an enlightening interview with Quick Cal of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and enjoy something you won’t get anywhere else.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Best Thing About ‘The Force Awakens’: John Williams

Matt Clark and I over the weekend did a rather important show about the new Star Wars picture and the radicalism of Disney from its employees based on an article I wrote several weeks ago. You will be able to listen to that broadcast on WAAM radio soon. However, Matt had on a guest that was late to the call at the bottom of the hour and needed to fill some time while his producer got him on the phone. So we had to come up with a bit of off-script content to bridge the gap. I brought up something I had been thinking about a lot in anticipation of the new Force Awakens Star Wars film based on persistent fears that the expectations were just so high. There was a real danger of walking away disappointed. I realized after a lot of thought that the primary reason I was looking forward to the new Star Wars film was for one simple reason—I want to hear new Star Wars music from John Williams. Everything else is literally secondary. To understand why, watch this old 20/20 segment about John Williams from 1983.

I was a strange kid—which should have been assumed based on a casual reading of my millions and millions of words. There are a lot of people who get paid decent amounts of money for writing far less than I do about far, far fewer topics. Yet I know that I have to write otherwise my head would explode with too many thoughts. I have too many hobbies, too many passions, too many philosophical quandaries that reside at the root of politics that if I don’t get them out and onto some kind of page to look at I may well explode with enthusiasm. So I have to write because I opened the door to something when I was very young that I have never closed. I only wanted to be one thing when I grew up—but I was caught between two worlds really. There was no other job that I wanted to be involved with than a director of movies. The trouble was I also had a pretty powerful physical aptitude. Creative types tend to enjoy escaping from reality and creating what they do in a vacuum of contemplation—whereas I didn’t. I wanted to be in the thick of reality at all times, which flew in the face of the film industry. But at age 13 in 1983 when that 20/20 episode came out on John Williams I wanted to be a film director so that I could work with people like him. What I learned eventually, and much later that there really isn’t anyone like John Williams, the great composer and conductor for some of the most powerful and important movies our American culture has ever produced. So that 20/20 episode was very important to me—I watched it over and over again on a new device called a VHS video tape. I had recorded it and showed it to every member of my family whenever there was some gathering trying to share with them the passion I felt for John Williams music. Most of them didn’t understand.

John Williams is the most important musical personality of the millennia—more so than Beethoven, Mozart, Bach or anybody else. Many years later as I worked at Cincinnati Milicron in Oakley, just north of downtown Cincinnati I listened to all those composers religiously on NPR radio while I worked as a tear-down person for rebuilt machine lathes. The other workers had a typical unionized approach to work, they watched the break clock closely—paced out their day making sure not to produce too much too quickly, and they listened to a lot of classic rock. I wasn’t adverse to rock and roll—there is a certain magic to it blaring from a radio in a machine shop—a freedom that is healthy and defiant in all the right ways—but its not very intellectual. Rock music is very linier—which has never been something I was interested in—rock music equals a can of beer resulting in unstable personal relationships. I enjoyed it for its ambiance, not for the lifestyles that draped off it—the limited vision of the world and lack-luster ambition typical of its fans. So I listened to my radio tuned to NPR’s classical station in Cincinnati and listened to the greats for hours on end while I worked. I was the only one who did this within the entire facility which eventually was dismantled and is now covered by the upgraded development occurring around the Rockwood shopping complex. I have always thought that if more people listened to that classical station with me that the employees would have been smart enough to see the writing on the wall years ago, and Cincinnati Milicron would not have eventually closed down their Oakley facility—but that’s a story we’ve covered before. For this purpose, I considered classical music to be the supreme type of music a human being can listen to—and among them at the very top is John Williams. There is nobody better—and I’ve listened to them all.

Most classical composers wrote their music for some play centuries before they ever appeared on NPR radio. So to me it was not deficient to look at John Williams as one who will eventually surpass the memory of all the obvious musical minds in the future. Movies are modern plays, so a film score is tomorrow’s classical music that will play on NPR radio in the future, all the time. These days however if anybody happened to look at my iPod they would only see two primary names on the entire 10G device, John Williams and Hans Zimmer. There are a few others, but 95% of my iPod is filled with those two musical film composers. Of those two, Hans Zimmer is clearly the student of the master, John Williams. I don’t see them as comparable in any way—other than they both make music. Nobody writes music like John Williams—I listen to him nearly every day in some fashion or another and I never get tired of the way he strings together compositions.

As we were sitting at the bottom of the hour trying to get Matt’s guest on the air, I thought about why I was eager for The Force Awakens by thinking about what I liked most about the recently released trailer—the final one before the film opens on December 18th. It was the scene from a series of clips where the Millennium Falcon was entering hyperspace from the inverted direction speeding into blue light accompanied musically by an upgrade from the previous Han and Leia theme. That was fresh music made just for this trailer and it was stunning in how it helped invoke curiosity. John Williams understands just the right notes to put on a page for what is happening on the screen. The way he tells stories through music is extraordinary, and it was his music that I wanted to hear most regarding the new film.

I meant it when I said it on the air, the Disney Company could put hand puppets on the screen for The Force Awakens and I wouldn’t care so long as I had yet another opportunity to listen to a film score by the great John Williams. He enjoys making swashbuckler type of compositions and really thrives in the type of story that Star Wars is, so it typically brings out the best in him. If the story is not something I can get into, I will at least enjoy the John Williams music—which is what I am looking forward to most. It’s not often that the entire world will attend a musical concert that is classical in nature. Literally the entire planet will be attending a John Williams concert when The Force Awakens opens just ahead of Christmas 2015. And there is nothing negative about that.

Music doesn’t need language—it transcends social limitations and reaches for the pit of our very souls for understanding. Based on that 20/20 clip, it was obvious then that John Williams was on a crash course with destiny as the greatest composer of all time—at least over the last 1000 years—because there has been nobody like him ever. He’s just the right mix of everything musical. No matter how much I listened to Bach, or Mozart on NPR radio, when they would occasionally put on some John Williams music—from any movie—it was clear that a master had assembled the notes. With that in mind there isn’t much Disney can do to ruin Star Wars so long as John Williams is the man behind the music. Star Wars will always be good so long as the music from those movies are made by the 83-year-old composer who was always ahead of his time and is the best that ever occupied nostalgia. Film music is considered low-brow entertainment among the art critics of our day—but that’s because they’re in the back of the train. Eventually those art analyzers will catch up to what I’m saying today—that John Williams is the primary reason that millions will love the new film and it will be the largest and most diverse opening to an orchestral concert in the history of earth—and that is enough to give anyone goose bumps because the impact it will have on shaping our future generations will be paramount. I suspect that The Force Awakens score will be the grand fortissimo to a long and prosperous career.   But more than that, it will be the last act of a brilliant mind, who would rather write alone all day behind a piano than do anything else—which is why he has been and will always be the greatest.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Rich Hoffman Hosting WAAM Radio: Matt Clark’s Honeymoon and Hillary’s destruction of evidence

The news is fresh; my friend Matt Clark at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan is getting married in June 2015, and has asked me to cover for his show while he’s on his honeymoon. Of course I said yes, because I like the station and what they are doing in a part of the country that is typically a blue state. Matt’s show is a shout in the darkness toward entrenched liberalism with their hand firmly on the light switch. Yet Matt does his show each week even though he doesn’t need to financially, just as I do with my blog. The show is an extension of himself in the perpetual fight for freedom. We always have a good time on Matt’s show, which was obvious from the clip shown below where we discussed Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

Several years ago I was offered a similar deal at 700 WLW with Doc Thompson just prior to his own honeymoon, which eventually cost him his job. Not because he asked me to fill in for him, but because the station was preparing behind the scenes to get rid of him. After Doc’s termination I more or less cut my ties to WLW and Clear Channel in Cincinnati including 55 KRC. Some of that led to the controversy the following month—they were as eager to part ways with Doc’s memory as I was of them. The other person I was loyal to at WLW was Darryl Parks, and he was not far behind Doc as far as a termination—the station obviously wanted to go into a different, more moderate direction, which did not fit the scope of my concerns. So I drug my feet with Doc because instinct told me something was wrong. I wasn’t sure what, but it was obvious that something was brewing, so I knew to stay away. I turned out to be more than right—as usual.

I have no such concerns at WAAM and have no problem making a commitment to the station even this far out. It will be fun to fill in for Matt, and I’m sure it will make his honeymoon just a bit sweeter knowing that someone of like mind is taking care of his show while he’s traveling. Like me, Matt does quite well for himself so his radio show is mostly a labor of love for the republic that is America. It means more to him to have the show do what he wants it to do while he embarks on one of life’s great adventures—marriage.

As far as the content of the show we did together about the Hillary emails, his take on it comparing her to The Office was spot on. Obviously she is obstructing justice by destroying evidence and covering up her involvement in the death of people who lost their lives because of her actions—or inaction. Her management of the situation in Benghazi led to the death of people and empowered the terrorists in the region on her watch to grow into the threat it is today. We had some fun with it on talk radio because the only other option is to grow depressed about how far we’ve fallen as a nation where the expectations of people in positions like Secretary of State have become simply a stepping stone to the presidency. The message behind the Hillary emails is that no evidence of incompetence would be allowed to be seen to derail that objective of obtaining the Oval Office. Hillary is the ultimate case of why institutionalism is nearly always a failure when individual responsibility is not nurtured.

Hillary Clinton is such a bad person that she will literally stop at nothing to obtain her personal quest for power and prestige—which is gained from collective enterprise and social acceptance. She’s a disgusting person, and is the reason that people like Matt Clark does a radio show every week. There are bad people in the world, and somebody has to call them out on their treachery and on Matt’s show, it’s a way to do that even if the task might seem like a drop in an ocean of corruption. Calling out the actions of one bad act, or even five during the airtime on WAAM is better than allowing them to go unanswered.

So yes, I’ll enjoy hosting Matt’s show. I’m sure we’ll light some fireworks and fire them off in a way that might be a little different. But I know that Matt wants what I do—and that is to save the Republic one broadcast at a time, one blog post at a time, one speech, or sometimes a whip crack all in the name of justice. The books I write and activities of enterprise I embark on are not necessarily for the immediate gratification of financial security—as I am a productive person, and already have those bases covered. They are for a functioning philosophy for the 22nd century. It will take that long to turn back the wheels of progressivism and get people thinking of a new and better way of maintaining and preserving a free republic with an intellectual aptitude that is required to sustain it for subsequent centuries. America has not yet come to those terms—and neither has mankind for that matter. But it never will so long as people like Hillary hide evidence of their incompetence to fulfill personal ambitions rooted in collectivism. The inept and treacherous find it too easy to hide under the covers of collectivism—which is why they support such things, and are often the loudest voices in favor of progressivism, socialism, and communism.

I will promise one thing, and those who read here every day know full well, I will make it count on the airwaves. It may be for a short time, but I will promise to give people something they haven’t received before—just because that’s my tendency when doing things like this. Otherwise, anybody could fill in for such a spot. Since Matt asked me, I will give him what he’s looking for. And for the listeners of WAAM, they will enjoy it immensely.

Rich Hoffman


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Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman Blast The IRS: What ‘Les Misérables’ and a -2.9 GDP drop really mean

The other day when I told the story of Attila and the Witch Doctor, which has been around for quite a long time now as a metaphorical reference to the corrosive tendency contained in governments—and currently polluting the American government, it was the only way to explain the current IRS situation ( CLICK TO REVIEW).  I realized during one of my visits with Matt Clark on WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan that the only real way to explain the crimes of the IRS was with that Attila comparison, but before I espoused on live radio about aspects of deep-seated philosophy which many AM radio listeners during the day time hours are not interested in—I had to introduce the concept in a way that modern readers and listeners would understand.  This left Matt and I to recollect the previous week’s events in a gear that radio audiences understand which was pecking around the surface of the IRS controversy.  Those broadcasts can be heard below, we did a full hour for his Saturday show which of course captivated audiences with a truth they get few other places.  We recorded it with a video feed from my end, but Matt was having technical issues but made the whole thing work anyway the best he could.

The IRS is guilty of several crimes and they are stuffing the information behind a veil of social masks designed to conceal their actions.  During our talk it hit me that the only way to explain this IRS situation is through the proper context of the history of Attila which was actually a concept Nathaniel Branden provided to Ayn Rand.  Those two archetypes, Attila and the Witch Doctor were constructed during a period of American history where near pure capitalism was seen being snuffed out by regulation and the events which would create The Great Society were being implemented.  The book discussing Branden’s archetypes was For The New Intellectual published by Ayn Rand in 1961 well before any of the current troubles occurred—but the signs were clearly present.  The temperament of talk radio which requires a lot of back and forth as a fluid discussion would not allow for the introduction of the Attila concept without all the back story—so it wouldn’t fit during our one hour talk radio show.  But as Matt played several clips from the IRS hearings—things I had heard, but not in the condensed order that he played them—it was obvious where America was going wrong and how it had to be fixed.

The IRS clearly has become the modern Attila—an entity which rules by force and is controlled by the Witch Doctors in the White House and Supreme Court.  They were hiding their obvious crimes against the American Constitution which was created specifically to protect citizens from future Attila types so that the protection of the Constitution would be eroded away before America realized a crime had taken place.  All of America had been trained to support either Attila or the Witch Doctor through their education systems—provided of course by the government and their metaphorical Witch Doctor lawyers.   That is a mouthful to say on live radio but it was dashing through my mind as Matt and I spoke.  This leaves Americans defenseless to deal with a corrupt IRS because most citizens have either already submitted to Attila the ultimate dominatrix or a committed alliance to a Witch Doctor following the philosophy of Immanuel Kant essentially declaring that reality is anything that the mass collection of people in a democratic government believe it to be.  So if the masses believe that the IRS is innocent of a crime—then this is to be the projected fact in the news media and legal briefs for all time.  When the IRS commissioner revealed to Trey Gowdy—which Matt and I spoke of—that the commissioner did not believe the IRS did anything wrong he was playing the Witch Doctor role.  His assertion was that the government was spending considerable time and money convincing the masses through public relation tricks that a crime at the IRS had not been committed, that evidence had not been destroyed and that there was nothing to see for the inquisitive eye.   The arrogance found on the face of the commissioner was the knowledge that if the government through the Witch Doctor antics of Obama could sway enough American support to believe in their innocence—that the reality of their innocence would follow—therefore leaving the IRS free of conviction.

This obviously was not the case; The IRS is guilty of using its power to harass citizens into a particularly desired political direction—good for the Attila regime represented by the IRS.  The IRS is not serving the needs of the people, and government certainly isn’t serving the tax payers of The United States—they were falsely believing that they were part of an exclusive culture of aristocrats and that the IRS were their personal minions to force compliance protecting that aristocracy.  I blame much of this trouble on the philosophers of the past, people such as Kant, Marx, Descartes, Hume, Hegel—basically the Rationalists, and the Empiricists—or put more simply those who abandoned reality and those who clung to it by abandoning their mind.  Those philosophers shaped the modern world to fit the mold of old world Europe.  Marx was so backward he had no answer for capitalism which he sought to destroy after watching the two primary revolutions in France, particularly the Revolution of 1848.  The workers of the world unite slogan was built up against the Attila aristocracy so affiliated with Europe at the time.  Capitalism freed the minds of man—especially in America.  But for anyone who has seen the play Les Misérables it is clear that it was the Attila of aristocracy that was suppressing the people of France.  Capitalism would have freed them, but Marx had arrived first to their radical minds in the form of the Witch Doctor who wanted to rule over Attila—so the young communists used Attila tactics to overthrow the aristocracy thus catapulting them all not toward freedom, but to continued oppression because they didn’t understand what they were doing—philosophically.  That is why there is a red flag in the play—and the movie—it represents the blank red flag of socialism as proposed by Karl Marx—a fellow Witch Doctor from the philosophic school of Kant.

In America roughly 50 year later the IRS formalized itself in 1918 after first being created during the Civil War in 1862 to raise funds for the effort.  Once the government received a taste of the revenue collection system they became addicted and continued to collect taxes long after the war was over passing law after law not because they needed to—but because they could—the Witch Doctors had the power of Attila and they intended to use it—and did.  As that same European socialism came to America through its universities by way of Marx and Kant the IRS gained more and more Attila like tendencies becoming essentially Javert from Les Misérables the mindless functioning Attila with a terminator like persistence to recapture Valjean at any cost—in spite of him becoming a successful factory owner and caretaker of Cosette.  This was a classic case of cutting off one’s nose to spite its face—but being a non thinking servant of the Witch Doctor aristocracy Javert mindlessly served that order and in the end when he had failed could only commit suicide in self sacrificial obedience to the Witch Doctor oriented “law” which he enforced with brute force and conviction.  The IRS as a government organization became this “Valjean”—the Attila by default and would spend the next hundred years destroying capitalism in America until as Matt and I pointed out during the broadcast America only had a -2.9% GDP in the first quarter of 2014—which apparently shocked everyone—except me.  I’ve only been saying it for four years now.  That drop is a direct result of too many Attila types in American government imposing force upon job makers instead of freeing them up to create jobs and products.  (Why is this so damn hard for people to understand, the hero in Les Misérables was a factory owner.  Fantine suffered because she lost her job at the factory–had to sell her hair, teeth and her body to care for her child—but why—because not enough people built factories for god’s sake.  She was poor because there weren’t enough jobs.  There needed to be more people like Valjean, not less and only capitalism provides such things)  The IRS has spent a century destroying capitalism and now they have been caught as law breakers—and the government instead entrenched itself to protect its Witch Doctors.  Obama got on a plane and flew to the Midwest to rally support seeking protection from a congress that wants to sue him over Executive Order malpractice.  Again, the philosophy Obama exhibits is the one of Immanuel Kant—that if enough people believe something—the reality is subjugated toward that majority belief.  So the facts of the IRS case are ignored in preservation of Attila and the Witch Doctors in Washington.

Matt Clark and I had a great talk as usual—and it was very productive.  Many people who avoid reading, thinking, or taking responsibility for the state of the world were not aware of the Branden/Rand metaphor developed in 1961 because universities are teaching Kant and Marx, not the new philosophies born in America by minds defending capitalism. Instead, the goal has been to return America back into the European fold of Attila and the Witch Doctor through art, like Les Misérables and the persistence of the IRS who is the metaphorical Javert protecting the aristocratic system of government with mindless commitment.  Too much to discuss on AM radio, but it was the essence of the problems covered on Matt’s show.  It is because of Attila and the Witch Doctor that the IRS has been committing so many crimes in the light of day and getting away with it—and why the government itself is powerless to do anything about it—even though justice is crying out for attention—and revenge.

Rich Hoffman