Attack of the Billionaires: It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer

Like the sons of the queen from the great Shakespeare play Titus, the sons of George Soros intend malice and destruction for America by many of the same manipulations expressed in a microcosm within that famous play. With these frequent visits to the White House under the mask of a Biden presidency, illegally secured by globalist forces through massive election fraud brought on by Covid regulations, by the sons of George Soros give a window into what Americans have discovered about their government. They aren’t in charge of it, and we have allowed these billionaires to get in behind the scenes and shape policy in ways that voters have lost control of. And if Trump had never become president, we would likely have never discovered it. And as bad as George Soros and his sons have been, the reach of their ill intent goes much further than just them. When we look at a wide selection of billionaires, such as Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and many others, it is quickly realized that we have a lot of whores in our government who will do anything for easy money and these billionaire types have been caught using their excessive power through finance to essentially destroy the concept of America through a lot of easy money. In some cases, like with Peter Theil and Elon Musk, their activism has been beneficial toward restoring the Constitutional Republic, which America was designed to be. But then, in the case of Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Bloomberg, and many others, the plan by them has been to secure their political position in the world by using their finance as a weapon of war to change the country into their vision, not the one represented by popular vote. 

The 2024 election was never going to be about policy, as the RINOs want, the Never Trumper types who keep trying to throw these soft-shelled Republicans into the field to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. It’s almost funny to watch their childish attempts. Who in their right mind thinks that Asa Hutchinson is going to do anything positive for Republicans? It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer. Only one Republican is offering himself into the presidential race with any serious chance of beating the kinds of menaces that are actually controlling America, and that is President Trump because he’s a billionaire and can afford to play the game the way the other billionaires are playing it against our country. We’re not talking about easy Republican positions such as cutting taxes and having a firm stance on abortion. We are dealing with a kind of evil in politics that far extends into the kind of manipulations only explored most effectively in our lives through the art of Willian Shakespeare. It’s not a surprise that Alexander Soros, one of the most active sons of George Soros and his globalists friends, has visited the White House so much. They have been caught in more ways than one and likely wouldn’t even be talked about if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016. But they have been caught, and people see what the problem is, and Trump is their champion to get it back under control.    So no matter what the news has stated on the matter, no matter what the influences have been against President Trump, people know that at this point in history, Trump offering himself to the White House is the best way to beat this influence of the billionaires from their purposeful destruction of America. 

Do Ray Dalio and people like Larry Fink intend the destruction of America? I’ve read all their books, especially Ray’s, and the literature of Larry Fink’s friends in the World Economic Forum, and I would say they have an insane view of the future that does not incorporate the United States and capitalism in any way. They want a micromanaged future where governments they control through finance manage the entire global population. And that they don’t see what they are doing as destructive. They view themselves as helpful, as an insane person might view “help.” They don’t like the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations; they want the centralized authority of Karl Marx, which is how so many corporations have been scammed into globalism.   It’s hard for them to trust that innate nature of people, as has been the case in America. So the attacks toward the moral premise of the country’s foundation have been to erode away that “invisible hand” with financial influence in a way that destroys the way a Republic is supposed to function. And these billionaires continue to throw wood on that fire with a scam that is perpetuated by the media because many people in the media are the same kind of whores as is common on a K-Street corner. They perform different tasks to get it, but whoring out integrity for the exchange of easy money is the primary driver of much of this evil and deceit that we have witnessed over a long period of time, and the Republicans have failed to meet that evil until President Trump came along late in his life with all his power of brand to fight it. And people gravitated to him, understanding what the real problem was. We didn’t have enough mean tweets in our culture to fight the real villains because the billionaires were spreading around too much money to the donors, and all the regular politicians who were struggling to raise enough money to even run for office weren’t free enough as people to have their own opinions on things. 

I know I am glad that President Trump is willing to even put himself out there at this stage of his life. That he’s a fighter and is so well revered when he shows up at cage fighting exhibitions to thunderous applause shows that the folks out there get it. They understand what this fight is all about. But the billionaire class out there thinks falsely that the world of globalism will be a new version of aristocracy, which they will be in charge of because of their wealth. They may have had success in life that made them very rich, but they have lost their minds on how they could or would use that wealth to control others. In America, there is an expectation that government would get out of the way of ordinary people, and work in the background, whereas European socialism takes center stage. And that is the vision of these billionaire influencers. They want the China model, which they have helped prop up. China didn’t get all its power from being the smartest on the planet; they have the finance from the World Economic Forum to spread parental communism to all the nations of the world like some overly concerned parent might not let a child ride a bicycle without a helmet. The kid just wants to ride the bike, but the neurotic parent is afraid of every scratch and dent that might occur along the way. So it is the neurosis of the billionaires that is the real problem, their insecurity in protecting what they think makes them so unique, which is their wealth. In an aristocracy, they have more meaning because of it. In a free society, they are only as important as the next person. They may be able to buy more toys, but their influence is just the same as the beer-drinking MMA fighter, and they find that appalling. But Trump supporters get it and are looking to him as a billionaire to fight off those corrupt influences. And the political world should be glad that Trump is their champion. Because if people didn’t have that hope, they would turn to more aggressive methods, and the billionaires wouldn’t like those. And no trips to the White House would be able to do anything to prevent the inevitability. 

Rich Hoffman

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‘Unrestricted Warfare’: What’s really going on and how America’s destruction is the goal of the world

One thing we have to admit to ourselves, as Americans, is that our government does not represent us and is acting as a rogue agent in the world, creating hostilities for a New World Order, which is not in our best interest. The role our military has in the world and how our diplomatic relations have transpired are not American, as much as they serve the Desecrators of Davos. The proof is seeing America the way other countries do, specifically the Chinese. By reading the book by the People’s Liberation Army Documents titled ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ published in 1999 and based on the world at that time, it’s clear that China is at war with America. Its also clear that other countries such as Russia, Iran, and many South American and Central American countries are also at war with the United States. But they are not stupid; they all acknowledge that America is the king in technological warfare. They dare not to attack us in conventional ways and likely never will in the future. Instead, they acknowledge different methods of war that they are aggressively applying against us to eradicate us, all of which are discussed in that book. It was an assessment essentially of American performance after the Gulf War when it was written. America led a coalition of nations to fight Saddam Hussain over his aggressions in Kuwait over the protection of oil flow worldwide. Knowing what we do know about Ukraine and Russia, along with the strategic aims to create a kind of sequel to the United Nations approach to global warfare, for which the United States leads and funds, the game is obvious. It’s just too painful to admit to ourselves that we have a separation between the intentions of our government and the needs of the people of our country who desire a much different future. We are not one nation under God. We are a nation split between the Constitution of our tradition and the Desecrators of Davos who control our government against our will.

What’s worse, especially in reading Unrestricted Warfare, is that the people of America conceptually understand what needs to be done. We elected Donald Trump twice to deal with the war that is applied to us and pull back from the mob-like attitude of world-building. We get all the blame only to run cover for the globalists who want a one-world government at the expense of American sovereignty. When we tried to elect Trump again in 2020, they simply took the vote away from us. That’s the real power of a media culture with six companies who control 90% of everything we see, read and hear. In 1983 just a few years ahead of the Gulf War that was the subject of study in Unrestricted Warfare, 50 media companies dominated the media landscape. Today, only six control everything, Comcast, Disney, AT&T, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Global (formally known as ViacomCBS). We have witnessed over the last few years how much those companies are controlled by the prominent money management firms, such as BlackRock, Blackstone, State Street, and Vanguard, and are using the Desecrators of Davos measures of ESG scores to change politics completely, without any voters, or choice in the matter in how the world behaves. Of course, behind this aggression is the American military that those globalist types have used to impose their will on the world and pave the way for this massive takeover of every sovereign country. America used to be the bad cop that the Desecrators of Davos used for their global takeover. Now, because crushing the dollar is very much a modern strategic objective and the military might of the United States is no longer needed for the kind of wars we fight these days, China is the new bad guy on the world stage propped up by those same money management firms, and America is being kicked to the curb. 

The world knew not to attack America directly, but they have not been shy about their intentions to destroy us. It’s all spelled out quite clearly from the turn of the century mindset of the Chinese in Unrestricted Warfare. I picked it up to read because Steve Bannon from the WarRoom podcast spoke highly of it, and for a good reason. We tend not to get the perspective of how other countries see us because, over the last few decades, trillions of dollars in consolidations narrowed all those 1983 options down to just the six we have today. The kiss of death started in 1996 when Bill Clinton opened the door with his Telecommunications Act, which allowed large corporations already dominating the media market to further expand their control through acquisitions and mergers. By 2017 the FCC reversed a regulation that opened the floodgates on those consolidations even further. That is the warfare being applied to America, which the Chinese were quite aware of all along. Because Americans see the war through technology and might, the war that has been used against the United States has been to expose our vulnerability and attack us through our leisure, through open borders and the illegal drug trade and the absolute poisoning of our culture by any means necessary. A couple of things that really jumped out at me in Unrestricted Warfare was their identification of George Soros as a threat to the world through financial warfare, which is something to say two decades ago. Why he has been allowed to conduct his personal war against the world’s nations for all this time is astonishing. And we’ve allowed him to run his warlike affairs unmolested within the United States, which is an obvious problem. The other thing that the Chinese acknowledged was happening but has been a serious conspiracy theory in the United States has been the use of climate weapons, such as DARPA is rumored to have, where the weather can be manipulated, earthquakes created. Hurricanes stirred up to bring havoc and chaos to targets worldwide ripe for government overthrow in the aftermath. 

The main thing you learn from Unrestricted Warfare is the illusion of peace that America has been lured into believing. Hence, they continue to play along, fund all these global projects, and walk themselves to the slaughterhouse that the Desecrators of Davos have built just for them once they are done with the measly 300 million people who live in America. War in full-scale world domination has been at play for many years, and America has been used and abused in the process. We mindlessly salute our military based on wars won long ago. But our head of the snake has been captured by investments and motives from outside our country, who hide behind finance, and are working the world at war with each other, whether it be Iran, Russia, Ukraine, or China, so they can do as they have been doing to American media companies and corporations, to unite them all under just a few primary companies that were easily controlled by the liberal money management firms backdooring American politics with the strategic goals of an enemy that doesn’t even have a nation to call their own. Through the new kind of war that we are seeing right now, they are intent on our destruction in America, and we see it playing out on every front. All was not well, and when we tried to correct that situation, we were punished. They stole Trump; they put us all on vaccine mandates by using a virus they manufactured as a bioweapon of war, killing many people in the process and causing at least a million vaccine injuries to which the pharma companies have no liability to rectify. And we have been acting like all was OK in the world, that the worst thing was to accidentally call a woman a man who suddenly woke up one day and wanted to play in a woman’s sport because they couldn’t compete in the men’s category. When you read Unrestricted Warfare by two military minds of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, you get an idea of the war that we have been fighting all along and the intention for our destruction the world wishes upon us with every effort that they can muster. 

Rich Hoffman

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Vigilante Justice is Better than No Justice: If the government fails to do its job, order can’t be the casualty

Justice is Valuable

The word so far is that the Milwaukee County district attorney John Chisolm had set the bail for the Waukesha mass murderer, James Brooks, artificially low—at only $1000, because of financial contributions from George Soros.  Soros has been doing a lot of that, spending money on district attorneys to shape law enforcement policy toward his goal of destroying the United States through internal turmoil.  No need to send troops to the border to fight invaders like in the movie Red Dawn.  The new villains of the world are billionaires who have had their money go to their heads and drive them to world domination.  They seek to undermine our system of law and order to overthrow our nation and rule us all in place of the values of our republic. It’s a fast-moving story, and if you add that incursion onto the millions of dollars other billionaires have used to buy off the media, it’s not an accident that in the wake of the tragedy of Brooks driving his car through a Christmas parade, killing children and adults alike, that we didn’t see a vigil for all the names of the dead.  They did have a vigil, just not the usual wall-to-wall media coverage that usually happens in tragedies like this one.  Unlike a mass school shooting that drives a political narrative, the political left put Brooks on the streets to commit this crime.  It was part of their strategy, and they wanted nothing more than to move on from the story and get back to talking about how they felt about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict that freed him in his self-defense case.  These attackers from the political left, from international criminals like George Soros to the Milwaukee rapper James Brooks all want the same thing, the destruction of America and all of us who make the nation great.  And they’ll do anything to make it happen, frequently breaking the law as they do it.  And they don’t care. 

This has brought up the concept of vigilante justice in the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where the political left felt the young man should have gone to jail for murder for the rest of his life for defending Kenosha from thugs, scum bags, and thieves with a rifle.  Yet, they support the bail and release of known criminals like James Brooks totally based on skin color and social status. It’s a concept based on insanity, which is a symptom of the Democrat party as a whole.  Liberalism is an insane concept that should be psychologically treated, not supported by philosophic debate for its own value.  I happen to have some extensive experience in vigilante justice; I wrote a book on it called The Symposium of Justice way back in 2004, which was based on experience I had with mayors, law enforcement, and the FBI over drugs that were being sold across the street from my home.  I wasn’t about to put up with that kind of thing, drugs were always something I fought against, and I couldn’t have them sold across the street by a bunch of punk kids.  But the police were in on it, and so were the many levels of government I turned to for exposure and justice.  In the end, if there weren’t vigilante justice, there wouldn’t have been any justice, and I will say all the time that vigilante justice is always better than no justice. 

But it’s no justice that the political left is after in this modern invasion of our country.  George Soros is just one of the many billionaires who have global intentions and see America as in the way of his plans.  So he is willing to throw vast sums of money to bring us all no justice, frustration, and an eventual collapse of our legal system for their tactical objectives.  But one thing they can’t stand is when people insist on justice anyway and take to the streets as Kyle Rittenhouse did with his Second Amendment rights fully intact.  Kyle wasn’t a vigilante; he was a young kid who wanted nothing more in the world than to be a cop.  But, if you are someone like George Soros, getting rid of cops is the goal, just as in my old case of the drug dealers; getting them hooked on the extra income made them less effective.  In whatever case, the goal is to erode law and order in favor of chaos and overthrow.  The political left wants people like Kyle Rittenhouse locked up while criminals like James Brooks are free on the streets to rape, pillage, and destroy American society.  The thugs of society are the army of the elite, as they see themselves, and they expect us to put up with it. 

I learned a lot from my vigilante days, and I don’t mind saying it.  The FBI knows all about it, but they let it happen, so there isn’t much they can do about any of it.  They broke the law by allowing it all to happen.  But I will say this, the wisdom of age is a much better tool than the antics of vigilante justice.  When I was younger, nobody wanted to listen to a young kid.  But as an older person now, I have quite a lot of influential people who listen carefully and value the input. I will always say that the best thing to do is try to make the system work by putting yourself in the middle of it.  You may not always get what you want, but you will find that your action will make it better.  Debate is the way to keep the kind of corruption I mentioned in my case in check.  If someone had been there to debate the mayors involved, the city council people, and many others, corruption could have been reduced.  The head of police who couldn’t pay his cops what they thought they were worth allowed for this side activity openly.  If someone had been there to debate with them, they might not have gone along with so much crime.  And in the case of John Chisolm, someone should have been going to lunch with this radical progressive.  Maybe then he wouldn’t have been so tempted by George Soros’s money if he had a few more friends.  The best way to have justice is to be part of the system, take responsibility for asking the hard questions, and work to make it as fair as possible.  Sitting around waiting for a crime to happen is the worst idea, but you don’t necessarily need to roam the streets as Batman.  I might suggest doing that if you are in your 20s and 30s, but the better way is to develop intelligence and reputation so you can fix it before it becomes a problem.  Corruption happens when good people are not part of the process. 

When Justice by Government Fails

Yet, for anybody to assume that vigilante justice won’t happen due to some liberal rule, they are smoking crack.  By nature, all humans seek justice, and if their society lets them down, they don’t have much recourse otherwise.  Demanding that people put up with bad government performance is simply unrealistic, and the Soros plan counts on that very concept.  People have a sense of justice, right and wrong, and if the government fails to uphold that standard, people will turn to vigilante justice. It’s the correct and moral thing to do.  But it is all of our responsibility to make sure the government doesn’t fail because we are the government.  These days I know lots of judges, lots of politicians, I know lots of law enforcement.   I would say that I have a pretty cut and dry sense of law and order, and they all know that.  And it helps them have a reference point just through relationship building.  We should all try to be more involved before we turn to vigilante justice.  But if all else fails, then we must have justice of some kind.  Putting up with criminal conduct and the media that has prostituted itself to billionaire money meant to attack us all should not be a hindrance.  In the end, no matter what method it is obtained, we will have justice, and we will have justice for all. 

Rich Hoffman

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A “Coat of Many Colors” at The Big Texan: Perspective in an unusual place

I thought this little video was worth a little more comment than just for personal use.  We were at The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas which was a place I really wanted to visit while we were in that part of the world.  I would have liked to have said that I enjoyed it more than I did.  In truth, it was a tough day.  We had come into town with our RV just one day after the second major snowstorm had ravaged the area and I had our rig wedged into our campsite in a way that I wasn’t sure I would ever get it out of until the snow melted.  We had picked the RV park next to The Big Texan because they offered free limo rides to the restaurant and they had a nice indoor heated pool.  I was hoping to get really refreshed during our stay there but as it turned out the pool was broken, the limos were all snowed in, and I spent most of the day digging a path for our RV to park in 6 inches of snow.  By the time we arrived at The Big Texan to eat I had just had an important oversea call that went on for nearly 2 hours and with everything else, I was pretty stressed out, worried that we might end up stuck in Amarillo for several days.  The food was great, the atmosphere was wonderful, and these guys came to our table to sing whatever song we wanted.  My wife picked Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” and for a moment, we were really touched by these guys.  It was a tough day but during that song, I was reminded of several good things that are worth a mention. 

I’ll never be the one who will say that vacations are meant for relaxing.  For me, they are opportunities to push yourself and to come out of our comfort zone a bit.  And we certainly did that during an RV trip through the American Southwest.  We are new to the RV life so when my wife wanted to go to the desert for this particular trip, we had no idea that it was going to be zero degrees every day we were traveling and that we would only see temperatures above freezing a few times.  But we survived and figured things out as we went along.  Our RV did really well in the snow and extreme cold and I was proud of our trip as we headed north back toward Texas.  But we were also very tired by that point and the snowstorm that had just hit there was a bit too much.  We had no choice but to have a good attitude about it, because we had a long way to get home and letting down our vigilance just wasn’t an option.  But to say the least, I was on pins and needles.  Coming into that campground we were literally driving on a sheet of ice.  Nobody in Amarillo was doing much of anything so leaving our campground for The Big Texan was tough.  It would have been easier to just stay at the RV and cook some dinner, go to bed and get up early hoping to get out of our site.  Getting into the site was tough, getting out would be worse.  But I’m glad we did end up going to The Big Texan.  If for no other reason but to hear that song played at our table. 

My wife has always liked that Dolly Parton song, but given all that has been going on, it had more meaning this time for me.  It was cool to see so many cowboy hats moving around in the background.  It was such a great American atmosphere and the content of the song reminded me how resilient Americans are.  With all the victimhood that is behind progressive politics, the real solution to our future was in the contents of that song, where if you have a good family and some love in the people around you, then you are one of the richest people in the world.  With progressives being so anti-family this song was a reminder that no matter what they tried to do in order to change the nature of America, people would always be people.  People would always love a coat of many colors just because their mamma made it.  Hearing that song in such a cool place after such a terribly hard day, it just rang home.  It reminded me that was precisely why were traveled so far, was to change our perspective in such a way that a treasured old song like that would take on new meaning.  Over the years, some of my best ideas have come from such pressure extremes, which is why I’m always so eager to do things out of the box so often.  But they don’t often come out so positively.  

We went home from The Big Texan that night feeling pretty good about things.  We went to bed at a reasonable hour, even though it was -2 below outside we had the temp inside the RV at 80 degrees.  We had our TV running to help us sleep and once 5 AM came around I watched The Weather Channel to see how our day’s drive would be and started working to hook up the rig to leave.  It took quite a lot of work to get out of that spot, but after a while, we eventually made it out to the sheet of ice and were able to spin our wheels enough to inch our way to some decent traction.  We checked out before daybreak and were headed back down the highway within a few minutes, never to look back.  For the next 500 miles travel was rough, the water lines were burst everywhere, especially around Oklahoma City.  There was nowhere to use the restroom.  We were at least able to get fuel, but our trip all the way to Springfield Missouri as I have said in a previous post was pretty rough.  That was the second day in a row where we had white knuckled the driving and we needed a decent night’s sleep.  That is why our trip to Bass Pro Shops in Missouri was so wonderful. 

However, the difficulty under which we heard that song at The Big Texan is an evening I will never forget.  It was far from the best night of my life, but under the tenuous conditions, that song sounded like a little bit of heaven with some fresh perspective that I found very useful.   My wife of course loved hearing the song, but even beyond that, it had an otherworldly kind of feel to it, as if everything we had done during the trip culminated into that little message.  It wouldn’t have felt that way if we just heard the song on the radio.  I think we needed all the trouble to go with it.  And I’m glad we did.  Days later after we were home and back to our normal comforts, I think we both reflected on that night with some reverence that we otherwise wouldn’t have had.  Certainly, we were much richer from the experience, just like that Coat of Many Colors. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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We Still Have Social Media Choices of Free Speech: Don’t let Facebook and Twitter hunt you

One of the places I always wanted to see in the world was Speaker’s Corner in the northeast section of Hyde Park in London.  I remember that day pretty well, it wasn’t very long ago, first I took my family to a nice birthday dinner for my wife at Gordon Ramsey’s signature restaurant in the world, the one he has down in Chelsea, the political district.  Then we swung by to see Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy before doing some shopping at Harrod’s.  Then by my insistence we went to Speaker’s Corner to listen to some of the crazy stuff people were espousing there, which is a unique free speech zone in England which many people think has the same type of free speech laws we have in the United States.  While England is as close to the United States as you’ll find in the world, the truth of the matter is most of that world isn’t free at all.  The fact that England has a Speaker’s Corner really tells the sad story of just how much ridiculous power and control governments around the world have of their people.  For me going from where Julian Assange was held up to avoid prosecution for free speech then watching people ramble whatever was on their mind told me of a sad story I already knew but had to see anyway for myself.  And it certainly gave context to the attempt by foreign influences into spreading communism into the United States to take away that last hope that the world has for freedom.  If you ever wondered why the governments of the world hate America so much, you’ll get a good taste of it at Speaker’s Corner in London. 

Speaker’s Corner is one of those places that the monarchy allowed to exist so they could take the temperature of the people in the city and see what they were thinking without the danger of throwing them in the Tower of London.  Even though much of London has been taken over by one of its most treasured inhabitants, Karl Marx late in the 19th century, government continued to allow Speaker’s Corner to exist for all those same reasons, it gave a good measure as to what people were really thinking, and the government found that valuable so they could manage the herd more efficiently.  There were other places around London where this kind of free speech was allowed, but this corner of Hyde Park is the longest lasting and it was Karl Marx who in 1855 was throwing gas on the fires of insurrection much the way socialists and communists are doing in America presently attempting to create an English Revolution of red flag communism.  But the truth of the matter is that around the rest of the world there is little to no free speech and where there is, we have big government types that use it to overthrow other governments in a plunge for power that cripples the world in almost every corner of it, except for the United States. 

And essentially that is what we are dealing with in regard to the big tech companies that are now trying to impose free speech restrictions on Americans using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  These tech companies sold themselves as free speech zones, until they decided they wanted to change the rules of the game during 2020 with both Covid-19 speech and the presidential election.  To complete the hoax that the same tech companies were involved in, which in both cases were willing participants in voter fraud tampering with the 2020 election, they imposed themselves on the parameters of assumption involving free speech.  And the betrayal stung.  However, we cannot afford to be on our heels over this betrayal.  It is important to understand that we must respect the right of these companies to own their companies and to come up with their rules, because it’s a property rights issue at this point.  But we do have a choice to use them or not.  We do have freedom of speech, we have freedom of our thoughts, but the platforms we want or wish to express it on is not owned by us.  Facebook, Twitter, Google platforms, all of them sold themselves as trustworthy otherwise then changed the rules on us which was their choice to violate our trust.  What we do from there is up to us.  We are not forced to use Facebook, and as I said in the video above, I never signed up for a Facebook account because I couldn’t agree to their terms of use. 

It’s tricky business these days to know who we can trust, its hard to read all the legalisms and can easily miss something malicious and let’s face it, there are many malicious characters that are involved in the tech companies.  Just considering Facebook they spend hundreds of millions of dollars tampering with the 2020 election in many more ways than Russia ever did, but they have been trying to hide their activism behind the chaos of free speech censorship.  After all, they don’t want their complicity for election fraud and government coups to come to light if they can help it.  They earned our trust so they logically will use it to defend their guilt in government activism to commit election fraud.  Does anybody think Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get Joe Biden elected, or to hide their guilt in the election conspiracy?   So, in this way our American expectation of free speech was used against us to hide the crimes.  The reality might make us angry, but still we had a choice to trust, which is how we all got caught.

What we do own is our thoughts, it is the platform that we express it that is the issue.  If we do not like the platform, then move to a place where you have more say in the matter.  The gamble by a company like Facebook is that 221 million of a potential population of 328 million use Facebook or one of the other coordinated big tech internet highway platforms, the onramps and off ramps of how we interact with the internet.  They spent many years building up that trust then when we were most vulnerable, they made their move on the endgame.  I always feel sorry for a fish, or a dear that loses their freedom to the pursuits of a hunter.  It’s the way life is, but that’s what Facebook and Twitter did to all of us starting in 2020 then continuing into 2021.  They hunted us and when we feel the life being squeezed from us, its important to remember how we ended up in this situation.  Its not enough to just declare that “its not fair.”  When the deer dies from a gunshot wound through the neck, it’s a sad thing to see as its life drips away from the running blood.  We have been hunted by our government and their boot lickers at Facebook.  But we’ll get away this time.  However, in the future, read the small print, don’t trust the social media companies, and if you don’t like their policies, give your business somewhere else.  You may not reach as many people, but Facebook started somewhere.  Sometimes starting over is the best option.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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‘Absolute Proof’ of Election Fraud: We know it happened, so what are we going to do about it?

Surely by now you’ve seen the video by Mike Lindell called Absolute Proof.  There is enough evidence presented to have a court case anywhere in the country of the United States at any level.  There is even enough evidence to get a conviction in any kangaroo court infested by corruption.  Its irrefutable really, lucky on election night as presented by the video there were people capturing the election cheat who anticipated that it would occur, and the footprint left behind is obvious. Below is the voter registration nationally as it was known on October 24th 2020.  Obviously, there is a math problem, we know President Trump had around 75 million votes in the 2020 election, and to beat him you must believe that Biden had roughly 80 million votes.  Obviously, you can see there is a problem, there were many more people who voted than there were registered voters.  Ooops.  Just a slight oversight on behalf of the cheaters who obviously control much of our government and our corporations to the level of a conspiracy theorists’ wildest fantasies.  Yet this isn’t a conspiracy theory.  I’m so sure of it that I went all the way to Roswell New Mexico to research the matter because the last time we know the government flubbed up a major conspiracy, it was in the UFO incident there.  I promise I will get into the weeds of what I learned, but for this exercise, we know through Mike Lindell’s video that there was Absolute Proof of election fraud that was captured by patriots who have the evidence.  And if you don’t believe that, just this simple math of voter registration should present the problem correctly.  With those two things under consideration, now you know what the Russian hoax was all about, so let’s reflect a bit.

Democratic: 47,106,084
Republican: 35,041,482
ind & misc: 33,696,700
Libertarian: 652,261
Green: 240,222
Constitution: 129,556
Wk Families: 49,758
Reform: 9,004
other parties 1,814,973

I mentioned that we were in New Mexico researching election fraud and the various groups who might have the kind of control that would make it so that no federal court of law would even consider a case proving election tampering in the 2020 election by our government and media.  Well, that was during the week of the great storm of a century there where there was six inches of snow in Amarillo Texas, one of the places where we traveled, and temperatures were at zero in the middle of the desert.  My wife and I had Mike Lindell My Pillows in our RV that allowed us to sleep like babies for our journey every night under such harsh conditions, so I can provide testimony that they work as advertised.  And speaking of testimony, think of the recent news of the Supreme Court allowing New York prosecutors to go through Trump’s financial records on more witch hunts, knowing that the Russian Hoax of election fraud allegations that were paid for by the Democratic Party and assisted by our Justice Department and specifically the FBI has now been revealed while all the massive evidence of our own government in an alliance with China occurred in 2020 right in front of our faces and everyone thinks we are too stupid to do basic math to prove that it happened.  Just think about all that for a moment. 

It is obvious now in hindsight that Democrats and other big government types working with China always intended to cheat in the election of 2020 and they wore down everyone on the idea for the previous three years on purpose, so that when the real cheat happened, everyone would be so wore out on the topic that they wouldn’t have the will to even ask the questions.  The whole process has turned out to be a form of psychological torture.  The fake cheat was of course by blaming everything on Russia, an innocent country too weak on the world stage to defend itself while the real villain was China making a move for global Chinese communism by interfering with our election to the extent that nobody cared anymore because they were so tired of hearing about election fraud that they would be able to commit the crime in the light of day right in front of our faces.  And since the media is largely controlled by billionaires who are rivals of President Trump and a country who wants to buy everything in the world and control it through communism, and was in a trade war with Trump, any discussion about election fraud connecting it to China has been prohibited.  This means that China also now controls our courts, which isn’t surprising, after all we know George Soros put money into prosecutors in such remote places and at a local level as St. Louis to control the judicial process even there.  Judges can see where the political winds are blowing and where the money comes from that drives it, so justice has been hijacked in the process, paving the way for one of the biggest crimes in the history of the world, the 2020 election fraud case. 

Of course, I have been blacklisted, the algorithms that control internet traffic are hard at work trying to keep you from getting this information.  I changed my header picture on this site this morning and it threw off the guards for a bit allowing me to see hundreds of hits within a few minutes early in the morning.  But the system corrected itself and put the clamps back down very quickly.  However, the information does get out and to the right people so if you are reading this, consider yourself not only lucky, but obliged to act on this knowledge.   The crime committed was too big to be believed and the criminals in government behind this farce count on it to continue the ruse and to keep them out of trouble.  But from where would that trouble come if not from the government or the courts?  Well, that’s why they are so confident that they won’t get caught because the solution to the problem is so big and scary, they figure they will never have to answer for it. Its so audacious that the cheat is hidden not behind a lack of facts, but in the consideration of the evil it took to commit the act.  We are just too good of people to think that anybody or any government would be that evil to commit fraud at that level. 

Its not that they plan to defend this case in court, what they plan to do is if you even ask about it, or question the reality of it, is to destroy your life and ability to make a living.  That’s why I went to Roswell to study the case there, because its essentially the same approach.  Only this isn’t some conspiracy about space people crashed in the desert and the military covering it up, this is much, much bigger and will be talked about for even more years than that old case.  This is about a long planned and complicated attempt to have a government coup of our presidential elections and they were caught in the act.  Only they control the courts and all government interactions, and even our ability to talk about it, except underground where Mike Lindell is using his fortune to do the good work of getting the message out there.  For myself I’m absolutely sure of the election fraud, I’ve seen enough.  The only question that remains in my mind is what we do about it.  Its obvious that our government isn’t working for us, but for other countries with other ideas about what America is or should be. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Little Marco Plays the Democrat Game: Why Republicans lose so often to Saul Alinsky, until Trump

It was embarrassing to watch Little Marco Rubio make the rounds on cable television talking about the Capitol riots.  But in so doing, he brought up something that he clearly wasn’t aware of but is guilty of freezing just about every conservative in the world when pressed by the enemy.  I’ve been through it and have never given that other side the acknowledgment that they seek so aggressively.  And when Trump came along, he understood the rules for the first time in an official Republican Party perspective.  Don’t give the other side an admission of guilt for which they always seek.  The secret weapon of Democrats as exploited by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has been for years to never admit to an evil themselves, but to always cast blame on the good Christian Republicans who still remember their childhoods of being scolded by their parents for misbehaving or their God for committing a sin.  Because the Republican typically has a value system, shaming them into admissions of guilt was weaponized by Democrats thanks to Saul Alinsky and it was obvious that Marco Rubio had fallen for the same trick once Democrats framed the Capitol riots as Trump’s fault. 

It was equally shameful to hear that Mitch the Bitch McConnell was entertaining impeachment of Trump following the lead of Little Marco in apologizing to the political left for the sins that the Democrats had been guilty of.  There is nothing new about this, Republicans have been doing this for decades, most notably in apologizing for racism when being Republican is the party of Lincoln and Grant, the people who ended slavery and started to put people of color into positions of power.  Once Saul Alinsky came along with his theories, Democrats in the 1960s and 70s started to erase their mistakes with the Civil Rights movement and paint them on to dumb founded Republicans who simply didn’t know how to defeat the freeze thrown on them.  For conservatives by the mind of Saul Alinsky, once they accepted the original sin that mankind was born in sin and that they had to have Jesus Christ in their hearts to redeem them of it, then it was easy for Democrats to paint any sin they committed and apply it right onto Republicans to carry the burden of the cross, and they’d do it willingly, time and time again until their deaths.  It was a great scam for Democrats, but a nail in the coffin for Republicans time and time again, until Trump came along. 

Whenever the political left can’t beat you on ideas, they dust off that playbook and it works most of the time until they run into someone who refuses to acknowledge their sins.  Such as in this case, it was the Democrats who caused insurrection in America all during 2020, from the riots in the streets, to the defund the cops movement, to the sins committed under Covid-19 lockdowns, to the theft of the 2020 presidential election and likely the senate runoff seats in Georgia.  (Oh, did you forget about those dear reader?  Notice how nobody has been talking about that theft.)  Instead, all the stories have been about Trump inciting a riot at the Capitol hiding all the other crimes they committed behind Republican guilt.  They were laughing to themselves and Saul Alinsky along with all of China was laughing at how stupid Republicans were to accept the guilt of the Democrats with simple name calling.  For them, it was unbelievable that they could get away with it.  And once that story wore thin, Nancy and her band of thugs, goons and outright criminals moved to impeach Trump over a mere accusation once they had tricked enough Republicans into admitting to some level of guilt.  And Mitch McConnell’s anger toward Trump, was that the President refused to join them in accepting guilt—so his first instinct was to get rid of him out of the Party altogether.  A stupid idea considering how popular Trump is in the party, but like an idiot, Mitch the Bitch fell for the Democrat playbook and have us fighting each other while the Democrats spend and sin like it’s the last day on earth. 

Obviously, the future of the Republican Party and of the sustainability of conservative values is to abandon this game.  At the core of the MAGA movement is the rebellion of accepting sins that were not committed by the conservative side of things, such as being called racists, Nazis, or even far-right.  The names we have been called over the years are reprehensible.  So much so that after all we have been through over the last year, nobody should even bat an eye at the riots at the Capitol.  Conservatives don’t typically advocate for violence, but our government has been so mismanaged outside of Trump’s efforts that the government deserves to feel some heat from it all.  If anybody is to blame for the riots at the Capitol, it’s the government.  Where were they when Antifa was throwing eggs at Trump supporters coming back from rallies, or where was the FBI when its agents were plotting a coup against an incoming president that we elected?  People have a right to be upset.  The burden is not for conservatives to take it, as they have for such a long time, its to push it back on the plate of the liberal and to make them eat it. 

If there should have been a lesson to come out of all this, the way Trump entered office and overcame so many established Republicans in 2016 and unified the party so resolutely no matter what was going on in the world should say everything.  It broke the Saul Alinsky trick that Democrats always played on Republicans and gave people something worth fighting for.  And that’s why they hate Trump, Mitch and the gang.  They are the ultimate looters who would sell out Jesus Christ himself just as Judas did if it meant they’d get to keep their seat at the table, even if it was a losing table.  They sold themselves out a long time ago and accepted the burdens of guilt that Democrats gave them, just as Marco Rubio showed in the wake of the Capitol riots.  He played his part in taking guilt from the Democrats instead of all of them looking at the anger and its origin and dealing with the real problem.  They simply played the blame game and used it to attempt to retake their power and pretend that nothing ever happened, that the four years of Trump was just a blip on the radar.  They forgot about Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and even Ronald Reagan.  Democrats want communism.  Republicans want to accept the sins of the fallen in hopes of getting into Heaven.  And they’ll sell us all out in the meantime.  If the Romans want to send Republicans to the lions, Mitch the Bitch, Little Marco and fat boy Christie will be the first to say some prayers and castigate themselves on the temple floor of bureaucracy giving unearned power to the Democrats while they stiff arm Trump supporters whom they always hated leaving us with no real representatives in our republic.  But they’ll learn all too late that things won’t go back to how they were.  Actually, Trump was just the start and will always be in the future.   

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What Happens after the Capitol Attack: An underground resistance against the China communists seizing control

For context, throughout this communist insurgency I have called to anybody who is willing to listen to follow the rule of law as far as you can.  However, in the video above I spell out the case as to why attacking the Capitol building in Washington DC was a healthy thing to do.  It may save lives down the road.  It’s sad that anybody lost their life but what the people were doing who stormed the Capitol was express themselves from an obvious invasion by leftist radicals and criminals just as a coup and outright censorship was applied to disrespectfully apply force and fear to the American nation to provoke them to be ruled or destroyed.  By taking away the option to believe in an election with two obvious election thefts, the bad guys here thought they’d get away with it without anybody punching them in the face, so the Trump people with nowhere else to turn expressed themselves through violence.  Obviously, tyrannical force to bring the nation under communist law was always the plan, and the shock expressed by the politicians who call the Capitol building home was unified, and the media outlets who had just spent a year advocating for violence in mob riots all of 2020 found the shoe on the other foot, which everyone could see showing all what I’ve been saying for a very long time.  You can only push people, nice Christian people, so far until they get to the point of breaking and taking the fight to the enemy.

Even with the mass purge by Twitter and other social media platforms, and the treatment by the media, my statements are that as private companies even publicly traded its their stuff and I respect their ownership rights.  If they don’t want Trump there, that’s fine.  If they don’t want me, I’m fine to go somewhere else.  But don’t come to my house and expect to tell me what to do either.  I’ll find alternative media, or I’ll start my own thing.  I do not believe there is any chance of coexisting with liberals, so I don’t want to consume their products.  They obviously don’t want to coexist with conservatives otherwise their behavior wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been.  All these radicals and sell-out politicians think they have acquired power but this is different than when Jimmy Carter won, or Bill Clinton, or even Commie Obama.  With the crimes we have witnessed over the last four years of attempting a coup of our elected president in Trump and this terrible behavior at the end of his first term, with House Democrats looking to impeach him again with a hope of knocking him out of trying for a second term, the hostilities have been coming from illegitimate government that I will not recognize as representative.  To me, these are hostile criminals who have attacked our country by playing along at coexistence until they felt they could make their move, and now they have made it.  Trump supporters tried to play the rule and law game by voting for our representation, we turned to the judiciary to enforce rule of law, but all that was stripped away from us by these attackers leaving us nowhere to turn.  My hope was that in the attack of the Capitol building that perhaps, although its doubtful, that maybe the political left might learn a lessen before things get worse.  But putting up with this insurgency just isn’t an option. 

Also I hinted a bit into some of my foundation thoughts on the matter by discussing one of my favorite FBI agents from the communist fighting days, Cleon Skousen.  I’ve always loved Cleon, he represents my kind of America back when he warned in his books as a field agent for when the FBI had not yet been infiltrated with crazy leftists about the strategy and desires of the communists pouring into America.  Even I have held back throwing the word “communist” around as the names have been changed over the last several decades to progressives and just small “S” socialists.  Big “C” communists have generally been accepted as dying off with the fall of the Soviet Union.  However, the Chinese are communists, and it is that type of communism that they are insisting the world unite under and the tech companies are clearly on board.  I can understand not deleting your accounts right now, especially after over ten years of use.  But I plan to stop using any company as much as possible that is not friendly to freedom, because they want communism as it exists in China.  Even our politicians have compromised our nation with so much debt that China rules them, and they have accepted that with most of them already on board with their brand of communism, even republicans.  Skousen was a smart guy, a top mind and even he had to admit that free people and communists could not coexist.  So at some point there will be a fight.  The situation at the Capitol building might prevent some of that future fighting.  I would hope so, people have to stick up for themselves.  But the communists assumption that they were going to make their move in 2020 for an outright takeover, which is what the election of 2020 told me, is an act of war by a domestic enemy and at the very least this new administration has to be declared illegitimate and will not be accepted, nor any laws that they sign.  I would point everyone to read Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist” as the foundation for what must happen next. 

As a result of seeing the government reaction to the Capitol attack the MAGA movement will of course go underground to cut out the foundations of everything that this insurgent government has shown its intention to do.  Clearly they are planning on harassment and door to door intimidation as other communist insurgencies in the past have utilized.  They will want to ban books, they will go after free speech any way they can.  They will try to separate Trump supporters from each other.  They think Trump is the key to all this so that by cutting him off from his Twitter account that the MAGA movement might die.  But like all communists they are not very smart as they have built their entire philosophic strategy off the loser Karl Marx and it has within it the lack of scope and imagination that can properly interact with the world.  They do not understand Trump supporters so they either want to kill us all off, or pound us into compliance so they can have their perfect revolution.  That is what I saw on January 6th 2021.  It was surprising to see so many Republicans buckle under the pressure.  But they don’t represent Trump supporters who put the President in office in the first place.  That desire isn’t gone or wasn’t created by him.  Trump is a creation of his supporters and now that effort will go underground to cut out the foundation of the communist overthrow of America and nothing else will be tolerated.  Coming together through a lack of options on social media won’t even come close to solving the problem of what’s brewing.  And it doesn’t take me to provoke it.  If anything I’ve probably managed to stop a few other uprisings.  But the more that this insurgent government pisses off people, the worse its going to get.  The Capitol attack was really just a few broken windows and some deaths resulting from panicky reactions to the situation.  I would hope that it would never get worse than that, but because of it, maybe we can avoid more of that kind of thing in the future.  But accepting the Democrat government that seized power through lying, cheating and other criminal conduct is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.  If the ballot box isn’t a way we can manage our government, then what else is there? 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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CIVIL WAR: The United States of America versus The Socialist States of America

I’ve been a Lin Wood fan for a long time, the big time attorney in Georgia who most recently has been known for the massive law suit against CNN for Nick Sandman of Covington Catholic.  His position on this Election 2020 is something I share as he told Hugh Hewitt what he thought about what he has learned as he is now defending President Trump from the massive levels of fraud that has been uncovered giving Joe Biden a fake victory.  Its much more than being a sore loser, that would mean we accept the results were fair and square and that we agree to the circumstances of the election.  Lin Wood has made his position quite clear, he thinks there will be massive arrests and punishments based on what he knows now.  I have my doubts because the government isn’t going to put itself in jail.  I hope the bad guys go to jail, but I think we’ll have to fight them in the streets, perhaps even kill them.  I’m much less of a turn the other cheek kind of guy than Lin Wood is and there are many Christian members of the MEGA movement who would much prefer a prayer to God rather than grabbing guns and fists to seek a good thumping of the evil that is on full display.  But what we have in common is that we accept that a vast evil just attempted to invade our country through our government and media and that we consider the perpetrators “domestic enemies” as established by the U.S. Constitution.  There is no way to unify under these conditions, and yes, we do have a war on our hands.

The proof of cheating that is obvious to me is that President Trump won a tremendous amount of support, much more than any GOP president in history and we’re supposed to believe that Biden obtained millions more in addition.  That is what we would call in any business of analytics, a “statistical anomaly.”  Statistical anomalies do occur but not often in a predictable way and to get the amount of statistical anomalies that Joe Biden had to get to win this election is just outrageous, and nowhere near the realm of reality.  Most of this should be flushed out in the recounts, and in the Supreme Court.  But regardless of the outcome, both sides of a very divided country are ready to hit the streets and mean to conduct violence. 

As is obvious from the Trump MEGA response over the weekend to the “Stop the Steal” rallies in Washington D.C. and other places, they are certainly the less deadly of the two groups.  The forces that cheated in this recent election do mean to kill people if needed to protect the criminal class that make up that party. As is clear now the forces behind Joe Biden are outright big time white collar crime criminals attempting to supplant communism directly from China into our country.  It was an invasion, and the fight will likely go beyond the courts.  Accepting that invasion is not in my vocabulary, or many other people from the MEGA movement so things are likely to get very nasty.

As many know, I used to do a lot of media and talk radio.  I haven’t for a while partly because of the election of President Trump.  I figured I had my representative in the Executive Branch of our government and that I could largely do other things letting the Republic do its work.  To do media you had to deal with the wishy washy types who helped make this invasion of our country possible, those “we all need to come together types.”  The people who said that Democrats had a point of view too and that we should give them the time of day. That we should go to lunch with them, make friends with them, that we should value our relationships with them.  Well, now we know how dangerous that kind of thinking has been.  Why would we do that if we are going to have to beat the crap out of them or even kill them to save our country.  That’s what we are talking about here.  The political left isn’t the only side who can make lists intending to destroy people’s lives whether they mean to dox you and bring great harm to you or your family, or wreck your career and use the “PARTY” in power as a means to overcome your life in every way. 

I have a list of my own and there are a lot of people on it.  This Civil War isn’t the kind where General Grant sits on his horse on a big hill and calls out commands on a battlefield for troop movement.  This Civil War literally is everywhere and anywhere.  Right now its nonviolent.  But it could turn that way quickly.  Either way, its here.  It’s the United States of America against the Socialist States of America.  Its sovereignty against foreign invasion and it will take a long time to play out.  Its nationalism against globalism and those viewpoints won’t easily be reconciled, but they must be fought, yet only one side can win.  The two mentalities can’t live together as many have suggested over the years.  A Republican capitalist and a Democrat socialist cannot live and play together in the same government and that’s where we are at.

Speaking of troop movement for a moment, there is a lot to be happy about for Republicans.  Holding the Senate has already occurred for the most part and the recovery in the House has been so far very good and looks to get better before all is said and done. Without the cheating that went on in the Presidential election Republicans would be commanding all three houses of congress and Nancy Pelosi is poised to be a thing of the past.  But even if judicially the election fraud is not resolved quickly enough to keep Trump in the White House this year, he will begin running for president again and the MEGA movement will be quite strong to put tremendous pressure on the Democrats that taking a long view of things will likely end the war faster. 

We will have an opportunity to body slam in the media everything Commie Harris does, we’ll make fun of her daily slamming her Avon Lady looks and phony communication, and lying.  Biden won’t be able to open his mouth without having torrents of criticism leveled at him.  The other side did it to Trump, we’re planning to give it back many times over.  We’ll make it hard for them to get up in the morning and do anything.  Everyone involved in this invasion of our country is going to be scrutinized deeply and the crimes that have been left undone that have occurred against Trump over the last four years will continue to be untangled from the mess of Swamp politics.  There will be no “unity.”  The invaders figured out how to steal an election.  But they didn’t figure out what to do on the day after, or how to keep the power they stole.

Anybody who thought the very peaceful Tea Party movement was the limit of defense in America was sadly miscalculating.  I among many see the writing on the wall, the Democrats are losing power fast, and it showed in this election even with all the cheating they have openly participated in.  They can’t win unless they threaten violence and cheat.  But now, people are done being threatened by them.  If they go to the streets to fight and threaten us, then there will be blood spilled.  Given how things are going, Republicans will retake back the House in 2022 and in 2024 another Trump will likely be running. It may be President Trump again or a member of his family.  Either way, the socialism that is coming out of Joe Biden and the media culture is going to be rejected and fought openly.  The networks and corporate media are going to feel the financial hit.  Facebook and Twitter will be dealt with and the landscape will change politically very dramatically now that we know what we are dealing with. But accepting Democrats as equals or at the seat of power intent to overturn America from a capitalist country to a communist one, well that’s just not going to happen without lots of people getting hurt.  And that’s where things are at.  The bad guys in this plot are going to either be destroyed, or they are going to jail and will be prosecuted by justice.  But we aren’t going to share a country with them, and we sure as hell won’t be joining them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Media is Running for President, Not Joe Biden: Its all poker folks

I always think well in mountain air, and that is what I did recently on a trip to the Smokey Mountains.  After all, I’ve told everyone what Covid-19 was from the beginning and I’ve answered the question personally to hundreds and hundreds of people over the last month worried that Trump isn’t going to win this election, because they believe the media.  They believed the media when they said Covid-19 was dangerous and they believe the polling the media has been using to measure election validity.  But you must understand dear reader that everything regarding polling and Covid-19 in 2020 was to for the first time in history have the media exclusively build and run a candidate so they could be in control of our government.  And when the smoke clears it will be shown that they lost.  And when they do lose, we must ensure that they are completely destroyed for what they have tried to do.  They went for the jugular of America and they must pay the consequences.  That’s true for Twitter Jack and most certainly for that little alien geek, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  The losers at Google, the losers at ABC and the parent company Disney.  For NBC, CBS, NPR, The New York Times, Bezos and his Washington Post—they all have it coming, and coming they will.  I’m sure of it.  But first it is obvious that there needs to be perspective which I’m happy to share from my journey into the mountains.  Its not that I needed to clear my head, I think I was fine before that trip.  But watching the dew drip off the mountaintops of North Carolina does help make things more obvious.

I wouldn’t say its always been fake news, and its not because President Trump has been saying so, but this year especially, most of what we have seen and heard from the media in 2020 has been scripted nonsense.  Covid-19 has been completely fake—they turned a common cold into a plague working with the communists of China from the beginning to invoke a change state in a free nation.  Then of course they want you to believe that the loser, and very corrupt Joe Biden is going to win the presidency.  The forces behind Biden believe they can do a combination of shaping public opinion a lot more than they really have the ability to do, and that they can cheat with early voting and mail-in ballots.  But the dead giveaway to the scam, just as it was with the Covid-19 mortality rate is the incredible 70 million early voting numbers.  Let me tell you something folks, there are not that many people excited to vote for Joe Biden.  And there aren’t that many people who hate President Trump.  What that 70 million number is, which Google is figuring out a week from the election is that they are a much higher percentage of Trump voters energized by their outrage at the lies and deceit sold to them not just by the Biden campaign, but by the media they have trusted for years themselves.  The media is on the ballot, not so much President Trump.  And that is a story nobody is talking about.

I have watched for years, especially these last few where major movies would come out and the “media” critics would work to either shape public opinion or yield to it.  If the movie had lots of progressive messages in it, then the critics loved it.  If the movie didn’t the media would hate it and in this way they could shape the kind of movies that Hollywood would bankroll.  But I have watched Disney especially even going back to The Lone Ranger back in 2013 where they spent huge amounts of money advertising and the movie flops anyway.  The same thing happened to 2018’s Star Wars movie Solo.  The public killed the box office with online campaigns against the critics and it destroyed the money the studio spent making and distributing the film.  That’s a micro comparison of course but the same macro analysis could be applied.  The media hasn’t admitted to themselves how powerless they really are.  When China started buying up Hollywood studios like they have Legendary Studios, and others, they incorrectly thought that media shapes culture instead of media needing to reflect culture.  This problem has gone on for more than a century but its always been a chicken before the egg thing.  And most people don’t understand that the egg comes before the chicken.  The chicken doesn’t just lay an egg and off starts a species.  An egg has to metamorphosis into an idea that becomes a chicken. And that is the way of things.  The media is there to serve society, it doesn’t create society.  The reason Trump will win the 2020 election is because he understands that.  He makes the news.  The media as a culture run by all kinds of globalists forces think they can make the news, and that is of course absurd.  Its absurd today, and will be looked back on even more so on November 4th.

Covid was invented by the media to win this election this year for Democrats and many of the big billionaires out there have thrown all their effort into that outcome.  Just because they are billionaires it doesn’t mean they are smart.  For those of you who don’t play poker this may look confusing, but for people like me who play the game every day, its easy.  I have a poker table set up in my office and I run through a few rounds as a daily exercise, its easy to see especially after the perspective of the misty mountains.  The Trump hand is a full house and we know the odds of winning.  It’s not perfect but its on the very high probability scale.  The media has a couple of 2s.  Sure, they can win with that hand, but not up against a full house. If you’ve ever played against people who didn’t really understand the game, but are great liars who can bluff every hand to look like the best hand in the world, then you have a bit of understanding at what the media as a collective agency has been doing.  Let’s just call them the “globalists” for the sake of ease here.  They are bluffing their silly little hand hoping to cause us to fold, because it’s the only way they can win this election.  They have to use Covid to scare people away from voting, to force more early voting where they can cheat, and they have to hope that they can keep the Trump voters home on election night.  That’s why they have assumed that all this early voting was for Biden.  But the numbers don’t match and Google has been watching what people are talking about, and they are worried at what they are seeing.

I’ve been confident that Trump would win from the beginning, if he could survive the Covid media attack.  So trust me when I tell you that the election is Trump’s to lose only if you are convinced by the media that there is no hope in winning.   The media as a collective body is bluffing.  They have already lost and they know it just as any riverboat gambler tries to take a losing hand and convince the winning hand to fold.  The mountain air made it much easier for me to see just as its easier to see these kinds of things from the stands as opposed to when you are betting with your own money.  But take it to the bank, the media is losing and when they do, we will have to collect all that they’ve bet.  And they won’t want to give it up—but they won’t have a choice.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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