We Still Have Social Media Choices of Free Speech: Don’t let Facebook and Twitter hunt you

One of the places I always wanted to see in the world was Speaker’s Corner in the northeast section of Hyde Park in London.  I remember that day pretty well, it wasn’t very long ago, first I took my family to a nice birthday dinner for my wife at Gordon Ramsey’s signature restaurant in the world, the one he has down in Chelsea, the political district.  Then we swung by to see Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy before doing some shopping at Harrod’s.  Then by my insistence we went to Speaker’s Corner to listen to some of the crazy stuff people were espousing there, which is a unique free speech zone in England which many people think has the same type of free speech laws we have in the United States.  While England is as close to the United States as you’ll find in the world, the truth of the matter is most of that world isn’t free at all.  The fact that England has a Speaker’s Corner really tells the sad story of just how much ridiculous power and control governments around the world have of their people.  For me going from where Julian Assange was held up to avoid prosecution for free speech then watching people ramble whatever was on their mind told me of a sad story I already knew but had to see anyway for myself.  And it certainly gave context to the attempt by foreign influences into spreading communism into the United States to take away that last hope that the world has for freedom.  If you ever wondered why the governments of the world hate America so much, you’ll get a good taste of it at Speaker’s Corner in London. 

Speaker’s Corner is one of those places that the monarchy allowed to exist so they could take the temperature of the people in the city and see what they were thinking without the danger of throwing them in the Tower of London.  Even though much of London has been taken over by one of its most treasured inhabitants, Karl Marx late in the 19th century, government continued to allow Speaker’s Corner to exist for all those same reasons, it gave a good measure as to what people were really thinking, and the government found that valuable so they could manage the herd more efficiently.  There were other places around London where this kind of free speech was allowed, but this corner of Hyde Park is the longest lasting and it was Karl Marx who in 1855 was throwing gas on the fires of insurrection much the way socialists and communists are doing in America presently attempting to create an English Revolution of red flag communism.  But the truth of the matter is that around the rest of the world there is little to no free speech and where there is, we have big government types that use it to overthrow other governments in a plunge for power that cripples the world in almost every corner of it, except for the United States. 

And essentially that is what we are dealing with in regard to the big tech companies that are now trying to impose free speech restrictions on Americans using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  These tech companies sold themselves as free speech zones, until they decided they wanted to change the rules of the game during 2020 with both Covid-19 speech and the presidential election.  To complete the hoax that the same tech companies were involved in, which in both cases were willing participants in voter fraud tampering with the 2020 election, they imposed themselves on the parameters of assumption involving free speech.  And the betrayal stung.  However, we cannot afford to be on our heels over this betrayal.  It is important to understand that we must respect the right of these companies to own their companies and to come up with their rules, because it’s a property rights issue at this point.  But we do have a choice to use them or not.  We do have freedom of speech, we have freedom of our thoughts, but the platforms we want or wish to express it on is not owned by us.  Facebook, Twitter, Google platforms, all of them sold themselves as trustworthy otherwise then changed the rules on us which was their choice to violate our trust.  What we do from there is up to us.  We are not forced to use Facebook, and as I said in the video above, I never signed up for a Facebook account because I couldn’t agree to their terms of use. 

It’s tricky business these days to know who we can trust, its hard to read all the legalisms and can easily miss something malicious and let’s face it, there are many malicious characters that are involved in the tech companies.  Just considering Facebook they spend hundreds of millions of dollars tampering with the 2020 election in many more ways than Russia ever did, but they have been trying to hide their activism behind the chaos of free speech censorship.  After all, they don’t want their complicity for election fraud and government coups to come to light if they can help it.  They earned our trust so they logically will use it to defend their guilt in government activism to commit election fraud.  Does anybody think Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get Joe Biden elected, or to hide their guilt in the election conspiracy?   So, in this way our American expectation of free speech was used against us to hide the crimes.  The reality might make us angry, but still we had a choice to trust, which is how we all got caught.

What we do own is our thoughts, it is the platform that we express it that is the issue.  If we do not like the platform, then move to a place where you have more say in the matter.  The gamble by a company like Facebook is that 221 million of a potential population of 328 million use Facebook or one of the other coordinated big tech internet highway platforms, the onramps and off ramps of how we interact with the internet.  They spent many years building up that trust then when we were most vulnerable, they made their move on the endgame.  I always feel sorry for a fish, or a dear that loses their freedom to the pursuits of a hunter.  It’s the way life is, but that’s what Facebook and Twitter did to all of us starting in 2020 then continuing into 2021.  They hunted us and when we feel the life being squeezed from us, its important to remember how we ended up in this situation.  Its not enough to just declare that “its not fair.”  When the deer dies from a gunshot wound through the neck, it’s a sad thing to see as its life drips away from the running blood.  We have been hunted by our government and their boot lickers at Facebook.  But we’ll get away this time.  However, in the future, read the small print, don’t trust the social media companies, and if you don’t like their policies, give your business somewhere else.  You may not reach as many people, but Facebook started somewhere.  Sometimes starting over is the best option.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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