The Darkest Days in America are Behind Us: Now the hard work starts, winning and staying hungry to continue to win

The hardest part about winning is staying hungry for the next victory, precisely where I see America presently. Of course, that doesn’t discount all the bad effects we are witnessing today, the results of stacks and stacks of losses where Americans allowed themselves to be suckered by a globe full of losers. The high gas prices, the inflation numbers, the transvestites in our public schools are all signs of a dead culture if you look at face value, the results of terrible liberal management unleashed upon us all. What we see as death, destruction and mayhem are the results of losing to Democrats because we were too kind to smash their faces into the harsh reality of competency. Yet, after the Roe v. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court and many other judgments they have made, the success of the many Trump endorsements in recent primaries and how the midterms are shaping up, how the Constitution has served as the ultimate backstop to global tyranny, the darkest days are behind us in America. It might not feel that way when you go to the grocery in this disastrous Biden economy. But we are in a far better position now than we were in the winter of 2021 when Joe Biden was inaugurated and Trump pushed out of the White House. Rush Limbaugh died; by all appearances, the bad guys were winning in the world and would continue to do so forever. Covid was in full bloom, and mask mandates and authoritarian restrictions were permeating everywhere. I remember at that precise time traveling in New Mexico and staring out into the vast deserts near White Sands and contemplating the end of America. Compared to those days, we have obviously turned the corner as a nation, even though the effects of the bad management over the last two years have now caught up to us.

It’s one thing to get caught off guard by thieves and scum bags who intentionally rob us and destroy our country all along. But as I watch the follies of the January 6th trial and the disaster of the special emergency testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson shows just how thin the Democrat case really always has been.   It was a desperation shot from mid-court by a team losing 90 to 2 in a basketball game that was over before the clock even started. The only reason there is damage to our country now and all the chaos we see playing out is because we were too nice to our opponents and did not have the heart to destroy them when we should have. We fed them and hoped they wouldn’t grab hold and try to kill us. Of course, they are killers and know nothing else but death and destruction. It was our fault that we didn’t guard ourselves against their intentions. But the cat is out of the bag now. Many of the things conservatives have warned about regarding the Democrat Party, that it has its roots in Marxism, that it’s a death cult, that they intend to sell out America to globalism ultimately, are now seen by even moderate voters. They are turning away from Democrats by the millions. From my perspective, who have been warning about these very things for decades, it is good to see that people finally have a reference to draw from. It’s a shame our economy had to be wrecked to do it. But it has been good for people to live and learn through this time because there will be a way to repair it all at the end of the tunnel. Republican politics will be the answer to all the problems we are seeing, and up to this point, getting people to look at those problems has been the biggest challenge. Now that those problems have been up in everyone’s face and they have no choice but to look at them, we are finally starting to have an honest discussion about what to do about it. 

But that’s when things really get hard. Winning is hard. Losing is easy. After a victory, it’s very difficult to maintain the energy to go out and do it again. Yet that is what we must do. We can’t be satisfied with the Constitutional victories against vaccine mandates, which stopped the spread of Covid around the world. Many places around the globe that do not have constitutions like the one we have in America are still on lockdown protocols. If not for America, the tyranny would still be ruling the world. And there are no Supreme Courts in other countries that provide checks on power, as we have seen over gun rights and abortion in America. In most places in the world, power is unleashed through minority oligarchs. They don’t have Supreme Courts that can put checks on out-of-control power, which is ultimately what has saved America from the destruction that had been long-planned. It has been scary to see the ill intentions of our attackers, but the Supreme Court was always there, using the Constitution as a backstop to evil. It’s been tested like never before, and it has held, and we should all be happy about that. But we must now take what we know and fight for what’s right and win the next day and the next. To keep winning and to have the hunger to do it. It’s not enough to say that the unique American system of checks and balances worked when global tyranny was most aggressive on our doorstep for world domination. A single win is not enough; what is needed is a series of victories and embarrassing ones for the enemies of America that will destroy them ultimately. For what they did, compassion is stupidity. 

The trick will be to still be hungry for wins after the midterms and Republicans sweep their seats in the House and Senate. When Republicans get control of the out-of-control Biden White House and start to untangle the damage done by it and make that long climb out of the darkness, we have found ourselves in over the last several years. History books will remember this period as worse than the Civil War, worse than The Great Depression, worse than all the World Wars, and worse than any period America has endured over a short period of existence. We don’t think of it in real-time because we have been living it. But time will remember the fear and burden of what happened to us with Covid, election fraud, and the purposeful collapse of the American dollar by foreign attackers coming through the backdoor of finance. So we deserve our share of victory and to celebrate the defeat of our enemies. But on those days of victory, when the danger is averted, that is when the real challenges start. There is much to do, and there will be a period between 2022 and 2024 where things won’t be so tricky because Republicans will be in charge. When those days come, and the Democrats are crying for “fairness,” remember what they did when they thought we were all going to die. And work even harder for victories in those coming days and rub their faces in the smell of defeat. And make them like it, and don’t let up. Make the destruction of the Democrat Party the goal of victory and never stop. Because of what they did, they deserve complete and ultimate destruction. They do not deserve compassion or even polite consideration.

Rich Hoffman

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Rules and Regulations in Liberty Township Politics: Not the sexiest thing in the world, but certainly the most important

The word is out that the Biden administration is working with the World Health Organization to turn over American constitutional sovereignty to the Bill Gates-funded branch of the United Nations to give them control over health care decisions. Before anybody thinks of this as another conspiracy theory, I have said for many months now that the Biden administration does not plan to follow the constitution and that Democrats, in general, are hoping to erode away the founding concepts of America by the election of 2022, which is why they aren’t in a panic at the moment about the upcoming midterms. Polling shows that they will lose big in any honest election, but Democrats have not been participating in honest elections for decades. You can bet they have many tricks up their sleeve to hold on to power, and following the constitution won’t give them that power they are craving. Just watch 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Souza, and the proof of how the 2020 election was stolen with Facebook money paying ballot stuffers to commit massive overvotes will become clear. So we are dealing with open violators of the law who want power at any cost; what they want to do with the WHO is just an extension of what they have done with Agenda 21, which I was reminded of while attending a trustee meeting in my home area of Liberty Township, Ohio. 

Because of Todd Minniear, the recently elected freedom-oriented trustee of Liberty Township, I have been more interested in the trustee meetings, so I went to a recent one to hear about a new concept that was being introduced, a “constitutional township.” A nice new government building recently opened where township business is conducted, which was weird for me. It’s always weird for me to go to these kinds of things and listen to people who think they are longtime residents who have built homes 30 years ago and think of themselves as veterans. I grew up less than a mile to the south of the new township building. I’ve been all over the world, I have lived in many places, but I live in Liberty Township because it literally is the best place to live in the world, in my opinion. And I remember when I had cows right next to the yard I played in. I still see the character of my home neighborhood even though almost every last bit of green space has a house on it now, which was the topic of the evening, the big Princeton Pike Church just to the north wanted to develop some of their large parcels of land, and neighboring residents who have been there for a while were worried about it. Several people were at the meeting to protest the development. They wanted the parcels of land to have their own road access so the new residents wouldn’t have to cut through their current neighborhood making traffic even heavier where kids often literally play in the streets. I’ve heard the arguments all my life, the debate between people who already live in Liberty Township and those who want to become part of it. Most of the time, nobody is ever completely happy.

This meeting was like the many I remember from the past. The trustees made it clear that all their power was to pass the zoning approval and kick the whole effort to a bureaucratic traffic study. The residents were in a bit of a panic because the government entities who do traffic studies are not accountable to anyone where the local trustees are, so it’s always disheartening for people to be told that their local government doesn’t have any real power. We have all surrendered our local government to the Agenda 21 types in faraway lands for many years. It is precisely that trend that makes members of the WHO think they can actually run all our lives across the world through health care, just as they had attempted to do with Covid, by superseding our American constitution with rules created by the United Nations. Many of the local zoning laws that the trustees were struggling with, including all the rules of procedural conduct, were written by members and fans of the United Nations global governance plan, so it’s certainly not a conspiracy theory. The election fraud of 2020 for those people was a small price to pay for their aims at global domination. The people at that Liberty Township Trustee meeting were just seeing the pass-down effects of laws written decades ago to set up this massive global power grab we were seeing now. The trustees were right; they didn’t have much power by the rules of trustee conduct. For the residents, after the meeting, they stood in the parking lot like lost children who had just found out that their parents had no authority to protect them from anything, and it was a scary concept to hear trustees say for the millionth time, “we have no power.”

In truth, trustees have a lot of power constitutionally, as do state and federal officials; if only they followed the founding documents and stopped allowing foreign entities to tamper with our governmental affairs through ridiculous rules and bureaucratic regulations.   That was precisely why Todd’s proposal for a constitutional township was so important. He was recently involved in a perfect utilization of its use by what he did with Liberty Center, the premier shopping area in the Cincinnati region. With this leadership from the local area idea in mind, the playground at the mall had been closed during the Covid outbreak, and the mall management wasn’t sure what the rules were to reopen it. Parents wanted to use the play area because it’s great for kids to get out of the house, and it brought life to the upstairs area by the food court. Without the playground, the lights were out, and it was a constant reminder of just how terrible the government had been over Covid restrictions. And since nobody in politics was sure what authority they had, nobody thought to tell Liberty Center that they could reopen the play area to help local businesses have life again. So the mall was waiting for someone to tell them they could reopen, which nobody did until Todd Menniear started asking questions. And within a few weeks of asking those questions, Liberty Center was able to reopen its playground area, which is wonderful for so many local residents. And just like that, we could see how a local trustee could bring leadership to the community and improve things dramatically.   Because if everyone were waiting for someone at the World Health Organization to tell them that the playground could reopen, it’s likely the playground never would. 

All local government has much more power than they believe they have. Many of the rules and regulations they are forced to follow are unconstitutional and would fall apart under any legal scrutiny. And when trustees like Todd Minniear start asking those obvious questions, well, then the ruse falls apart quickly, and we learn that many of the rules we have been following we never had to listen to in the first place. We should always ask from where the rules came from and who are the people who wrote them. It’s healthy to ask those questions, and we should because we have the same exact problem with school boards. They have all kinds of flow-down rules that come to them that constrain them in ways the community who elected them doesn’t want.   And some of them could and should be challenged with simple questions because upon asking; many will learn that the authority was never granted to the rule writers in the first place. They just did what they did because nobody questioned their authority. Listening to that meeting and the proposal Todd was introducing and thinking about the successful communication between government and private business at Liberty Center, a new trend in politics was quickly emerging for the better. And as I heard the news about the World Health Organization power grab, I worried about it a lot less because I know there are many like Todd Minniear emerging into local government who won’t just blindly accept unconstitutional mandates. And for the people of Liberty Township, that is some of the best news of the century.

Rich Hoffman

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‘Unrestricted Warfare’: What’s really going on and how America’s destruction is the goal of the world

One thing we have to admit to ourselves, as Americans, is that our government does not represent us and is acting as a rogue agent in the world, creating hostilities for a New World Order, which is not in our best interest. The role our military has in the world and how our diplomatic relations have transpired are not American, as much as they serve the Desecrators of Davos. The proof is seeing America the way other countries do, specifically the Chinese. By reading the book by the People’s Liberation Army Documents titled ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ published in 1999 and based on the world at that time, it’s clear that China is at war with America. Its also clear that other countries such as Russia, Iran, and many South American and Central American countries are also at war with the United States. But they are not stupid; they all acknowledge that America is the king in technological warfare. They dare not to attack us in conventional ways and likely never will in the future. Instead, they acknowledge different methods of war that they are aggressively applying against us to eradicate us, all of which are discussed in that book. It was an assessment essentially of American performance after the Gulf War when it was written. America led a coalition of nations to fight Saddam Hussain over his aggressions in Kuwait over the protection of oil flow worldwide. Knowing what we do know about Ukraine and Russia, along with the strategic aims to create a kind of sequel to the United Nations approach to global warfare, for which the United States leads and funds, the game is obvious. It’s just too painful to admit to ourselves that we have a separation between the intentions of our government and the needs of the people of our country who desire a much different future. We are not one nation under God. We are a nation split between the Constitution of our tradition and the Desecrators of Davos who control our government against our will.

What’s worse, especially in reading Unrestricted Warfare, is that the people of America conceptually understand what needs to be done. We elected Donald Trump twice to deal with the war that is applied to us and pull back from the mob-like attitude of world-building. We get all the blame only to run cover for the globalists who want a one-world government at the expense of American sovereignty. When we tried to elect Trump again in 2020, they simply took the vote away from us. That’s the real power of a media culture with six companies who control 90% of everything we see, read and hear. In 1983 just a few years ahead of the Gulf War that was the subject of study in Unrestricted Warfare, 50 media companies dominated the media landscape. Today, only six control everything, Comcast, Disney, AT&T, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Global (formally known as ViacomCBS). We have witnessed over the last few years how much those companies are controlled by the prominent money management firms, such as BlackRock, Blackstone, State Street, and Vanguard, and are using the Desecrators of Davos measures of ESG scores to change politics completely, without any voters, or choice in the matter in how the world behaves. Of course, behind this aggression is the American military that those globalist types have used to impose their will on the world and pave the way for this massive takeover of every sovereign country. America used to be the bad cop that the Desecrators of Davos used for their global takeover. Now, because crushing the dollar is very much a modern strategic objective and the military might of the United States is no longer needed for the kind of wars we fight these days, China is the new bad guy on the world stage propped up by those same money management firms, and America is being kicked to the curb. 

The world knew not to attack America directly, but they have not been shy about their intentions to destroy us. It’s all spelled out quite clearly from the turn of the century mindset of the Chinese in Unrestricted Warfare. I picked it up to read because Steve Bannon from the WarRoom podcast spoke highly of it, and for a good reason. We tend not to get the perspective of how other countries see us because, over the last few decades, trillions of dollars in consolidations narrowed all those 1983 options down to just the six we have today. The kiss of death started in 1996 when Bill Clinton opened the door with his Telecommunications Act, which allowed large corporations already dominating the media market to further expand their control through acquisitions and mergers. By 2017 the FCC reversed a regulation that opened the floodgates on those consolidations even further. That is the warfare being applied to America, which the Chinese were quite aware of all along. Because Americans see the war through technology and might, the war that has been used against the United States has been to expose our vulnerability and attack us through our leisure, through open borders and the illegal drug trade and the absolute poisoning of our culture by any means necessary. A couple of things that really jumped out at me in Unrestricted Warfare was their identification of George Soros as a threat to the world through financial warfare, which is something to say two decades ago. Why he has been allowed to conduct his personal war against the world’s nations for all this time is astonishing. And we’ve allowed him to run his warlike affairs unmolested within the United States, which is an obvious problem. The other thing that the Chinese acknowledged was happening but has been a serious conspiracy theory in the United States has been the use of climate weapons, such as DARPA is rumored to have, where the weather can be manipulated, earthquakes created. Hurricanes stirred up to bring havoc and chaos to targets worldwide ripe for government overthrow in the aftermath. 

The main thing you learn from Unrestricted Warfare is the illusion of peace that America has been lured into believing. Hence, they continue to play along, fund all these global projects, and walk themselves to the slaughterhouse that the Desecrators of Davos have built just for them once they are done with the measly 300 million people who live in America. War in full-scale world domination has been at play for many years, and America has been used and abused in the process. We mindlessly salute our military based on wars won long ago. But our head of the snake has been captured by investments and motives from outside our country, who hide behind finance, and are working the world at war with each other, whether it be Iran, Russia, Ukraine, or China, so they can do as they have been doing to American media companies and corporations, to unite them all under just a few primary companies that were easily controlled by the liberal money management firms backdooring American politics with the strategic goals of an enemy that doesn’t even have a nation to call their own. Through the new kind of war that we are seeing right now, they are intent on our destruction in America, and we see it playing out on every front. All was not well, and when we tried to correct that situation, we were punished. They stole Trump; they put us all on vaccine mandates by using a virus they manufactured as a bioweapon of war, killing many people in the process and causing at least a million vaccine injuries to which the pharma companies have no liability to rectify. And we have been acting like all was OK in the world, that the worst thing was to accidentally call a woman a man who suddenly woke up one day and wanted to play in a woman’s sport because they couldn’t compete in the men’s category. When you read Unrestricted Warfare by two military minds of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, you get an idea of the war that we have been fighting all along and the intention for our destruction the world wishes upon us with every effort that they can muster. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Climate Change Cult of Larry Fink and his Desecrators of Davos Friends: We need a separation of church and state to protect Ohio’s powerplants

Think how ridiculous the concept is; for many years in America, we were told that we had to take the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, that we couldn’t pray in public schools, that we had to have a separation of church and state. Then, we watch the Desecrators of Davos at their World Government Forum in Dubai use climate change religion as the primary means to attach all of us to their insane view of the world. They have introduced a religious cult to the world and suddenly think it mandates a necessity for change that ties all of us to it whether or not we believe it. Climate change, by no measure, is a science; it’s a cult of earth worshipers who have a maniacal desire to return to the primitive village of global habitation. And they want it for all the same crazy religious disputes that have taken place over the history of the human race, to control those villages during human lifetimes. It’s a ridiculous proposal, yet when it comes to the global management people who spoke in Dubai with Klaus Schwab and the usual Desecrators of Davos crowd who are using climate change speculation at creating fear and anxiety to drive change, we see those changes in our local communities. This is no longer a debate for the nightly news, it is attacking the infrastructure of the United States, and it’s all built on nonsense, just as Covid science was. It’s a scam, a power grab no different than some crazed religious fanatic pointing to the rapture as a reason to sell all our worldly possessions. The essence of the climate change religion is to advance their cause without any evidence whatsoever, only fear and made-up articles paid for by billionaires who donate the funds to their own version of a mythical armageddon. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, we are losing another power plant, the Zimmer plant, which is actually up the river in Moscow from downtown Cincinnati. It was scheduled to close by 2027 purely over ridiculous environmental standards imposed on it by a government captured by the Desecrators of Davos, the Larry Finks of the world. They use ESG scores to impose changes to progressive businesses rather than political ones at the ballot box. They knew people would never vote to cut their own throats, so they attacked the boards of directors of power plants like Zimmer and gave them ridiculous standards to live up to based purely on the climate change religion. And knowing that the inevitable is happening anyway, the Zimmer people are just throwing in the towel and closing the plant early. Where is that extra power going to come from? The Desecrators of Davos intend to impose on us all wind and solar methods that may or may not work all the time. And when they don’t work, we are supposed to sacrifice our power needs to the gods of climate science and be happy about it. Their reasoning is just as crazy as some Mayan priests cutting off the heads and hearts of human sacrifices on a temple top in the Yucatan, hoping that the killing of people might help make it rain for their crops to grow. We might laugh at such notions now in the modern age, which the Mayans or Egyptians might have believed. But the climate change radicals are just as ridiculous. 

It’s one thing to look at people like the Descrecrators of Davos and laugh at their sheer stupidity in what they believe. For instance, I could have owned a condo in Florida in the 1980s and today measured the same distance from the porch to the high tide mark, and it wouldn’t have changed at all. I could also point to archaeological sites in England now covered by water across the English Channel and show that the sea level there rose several hundred feet from the last Ice Age. People could have walked then across to France without getting wet. Climate change is a condition of living on earth, and some cycles occur every 10,000 years, every 600,000 years, and every 10 million years. The climate will never stay the same whether or not humans are on it. Instead, the climate change religious lunatics have seen how well the phony science worked with Covid and have become encouraged to make their long-planned moves to control the world much more aggressively. It’s not that we can laugh at their stupidity from afar; they are in all our companies, our government, and running our country through finance, attaching all of us to their radical religion. Whether we agree with their religion of climate change or not, we are all being forced to live under their rule, just like some medieval dispute between the Catholics and Protestants. It is the dumbest thing in the world that we addressed in America upon its founding. Separation of church and state. 

Just as liberals protested that they didn’t want to see our Ten Commandments, we don’t want to see their stupidity over wind turbans and solar panels. We don’t want to be tied to their crazy cult, which isn’t any different than the fanatics of the Jim Jones massacre or the Helter Skelter murders. What the Desecrators of Davos believe is insane; their religion of climate change is the stuff of lunacy. They do not have a right to attack our infrastructure in America with it, so the same argument must apply in their direction. Climate change is not a science. There is no scientific evidence anybody can point to and show a need for any human action on it, any transfer of energy from a coal plant to a solar farm not while China is opening a new coal plant much dirtier than Zimmer every week as we allow the Descecrators of Davos through agents like Larry Fink to destroy the Ohio power grid leaving us all starving for power. What business will want to come to Ohio if they can’t get any power and have to wait for the wind to blow or the sun to come out to be able to microwave a sandwich in the breakroom? It’s insanity to allow a mindless cult to take over our energy grid in America by a bunch of religious fanatics who are just as superstitious as the many failed societies of the past who turned to sacrifice as the way to propel civilization forward. Not that a history lesson should be necessary, but it has never worked. And it won’t work this time. So it is time to call things what they are. Climate change is not science; it’s a religious cult advocated by losers who have no idea what they are talking about and expect the rest of the world to follow them toward our own destruction. When power plants in Ohio like Zimmer are shutting down over this nonsense, it’s time to call it for the good of the rest of society. The left has argued that they wanted protection from the religious founding of America with a separation of church and state. Well, we need the same to protect our businesses and our very lives from the religious cult of climate change. If they want to worship the earth, they can dress up in their stupid robes and chant to the ocean somewhere. But they need to stay out of our lives. Their insanity cannot be allowed to set policy for America or any of its people.

Rich Hoffman

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I Have Been Warning about Hillary Clinton Since the 90s: When people say, “you’d do it too,” they haven’t met my wife

Well, I’ve been saying it since the 90s. Then like now, I read every book that came out talking about the Clintons on their climbs up power, the land deals, the body bags, the stories of horror in the White House, and I warned about Hillary Clinton most of my adult life. Of course, people would say that it was too inconvenient to know the truth, that Bill and Hillary Clinton were no big deal. After all, it’s just sex, and it’s between them. If Bill Clinton wants to sleep around and Hillary wants to put up with it. Who are we to judge? If I had a dime for every time someone has told me that, I’d have all the money in the world. Well, now, finally, people are getting an idea of what I was always talking about. We have finally learned with specific confirmation coming out of the Durham Report that Hillary Clinton planted evidence on Trump both before and during his presidency, which of course, is against the law in many ways. Everything I have said here, and many others too, about Hillary Clinton, has been true, and it has taken this long for it all to catch up to her. And even that, the release of the information indeed came from the Biden administration, who see her as a threat now that she’s been poking her head up out of the ground recently, as she smells blood in the water for the Biden administration. She has been out there talking, feeling the temperature of things, and the Biden administration provided this little leak from the DOJ to get her off Biden’s heels. This report should have come out years ago, but like everything else, it’s political. Everyone knows about it, but nobody will admit to it in the light of day until there is some political motivation to get the information out. The same will be true, as I have said from the beginning, about the election fraud of 2020. The truth will come out when it’s politically to the advantage of those most guilty. Until then, there will be a cover-up literally until the day they die.

I had worked on the Ross Perot campaign back in the 90s, and I supported Bob Dole in an active way when he was running for president, even though I was in my 20s at the time. I’ve been warning about this stuff and fighting this kind of thing that Hillary is guilty of my entire adult life. And I said back then, as I continue to say, a lot of the reason we have such a messed up political system now is that we did not crack down on these bad people back when we first knew they were dirty. My wife and I have lived our lives in such a way that we’ve had lots and lots of opportunities to join some of these characters in a life of corruption. We’ve met lots of celebrities and had opportunities for many millions of dollars in our bank account just to get in the mud and not be a threat to those who craved power so they could become rich off it. A few weeks ago, I had just such an opportunity, which was a higher offer than average. Still, it was essentially a seven-figure deal to effectively go away, to stop writing the blog, to just disappear into the background, and to stop talking. I can think of dozens and dozens of similar offers over my thirty years, and for people who think I’m a ridiculously shiny penny, they haven’t met my wife. She is far, far, worse than I am. This story about Hillary and her husband Bill and many others who have enriched themselves in politics ultimately points out a contrast that I have heard all this time, “well, who could blame them? You’d do it too.” Well, “NO,” we all wouldn’t. Some people don’t and won’t, and my wife and I are certainly a couple who haven’t. It’s not that there weren’t opportunities. But when we see and hear stories about people like the Clintons, we get outraged because we see them as scum bag criminals who sold out and lived their entire lives as sellouts. And we feel the same way about anybody who sells themselves short of using politics to enrich themselves at the expense of law and order. 

Recently my wife and I were at a VIP thing, and Newt Gingrich was there. It was a private setting, and there weren’t many people around. Usually, all the participants are slick at these things; they know how to play chess and have many layers of personality where their true feelings can be hard to understand. My wife is not one of those people; she is one way, all the time. She is as pure and ideological as Snow White, and it’s not fake. She’s like that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for many, many decades now. She is the least corruptible person I have ever met, and she’s too far into it to change now. At one point, it was just Newt and I talking a bit, and I asked my wife to step over and to introduce her to the former Speaker of the House. Newt is one of those celebrity politicians known worldwide, so most people would be a bit in awe upon meeting such a person in such a personal setting, shake their hand, and have private time with them. Well, she refused to come over. Here she was just two or three feet from Gingrich, but she wouldn’t acknowledge him. He reached out his hand to shake hers, but she wouldn’t budge, which left me in an awkward position. She looked at me, not him, and said, he sold us out by not prosecuting the Clintons when he had a chance, and look what they’ve done to this country. And she walked off. That left me there to explain to Newt Gingrich that she was a purest in every form of the word, and she has not gotten over the events of the 90s. He was good about it and simply said that history is always 20/20. In many ways, she was right, Newt did have a chance with Bob Dole to crack down on the Clinton crime family, and the failure to do it then made it far worse in the future. And of course, we see that impact now, and even now, only when it’s politically convenient.

The point is, not everyone sells out to the money and the fame. Many of the characters I’ll be talking about this year as we pave the way for the next Trump run for the presidency deserve what they have coming. I have been holding back as I gather up my thoughts, but I’ll just say this. I’m not going to sit at the breakfast table with that woman and listen to her go on and on for hours about corruption that could have been fixed twenty or thirty years from now, that went on during the government removal of Trump from the White House. Those most guilty in what they did need to pay, just as the Clintons should have paid with jail time in the 90s for what they did. Because we let them stick around all this time without justice, we get what we have now, a terribly corrupt political system that is in significant need of a massive overhaul.   Personally, I do look down my nose at people who will do anything for fame and do so at any price. I haven’t lived my life that way, so when Hillary, Bill, or the Bidens make decisions that sell out our country, our Constitution just for some easy cash and hide their crimes along the way for the cover-up, I have no sympathy. Zero. But it is nice to point to something and say, “see,” you should have listened. I’m not surprised by what the Durham Report is saying with factual evidence about Hillary Clinton now. People are shocked, but I’m not. However, I am more interested in everything they haven’t told us about yet. Because in my experience, there is a lot, more than people are ready to deal with. But despite all the efforts of these political criminals, that information is getting out anyway, and it is better to act sooner rather than later.

Rich Hoffman

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Trick or Treat in February at Lakota: Darbi Boddy wants to remove masks and give parents freedom of choice, the LEA wants to impeach her over it

The Union Wants to Impeach the School Board over Mask Freedom

I watched the school board videos from January’s Lakota meetings several times, and I still think they are very good. But apparently, the mask police at Lakota is so insulted by Darbi Boddy’s proposal to remove mask mandates from the Lakota school culture and give parents the right to choose has caused the LEA union to begin proposing talk of impeaching the young school board member. During the last meeting, you would think it was trick or treat at Lakota as the mask lovers got up and left while Darbi was talking, obviously meaning to show her disrespect. But none of that is a surprise. This has been a problem for a long time at Lakota, where the inmates run the asylum. Actually, that’s how it is in most public schools, the unions run everything, and the school boards get sucked into believing their goal in life is to show uniformity. I would argue that the point of having five members on a board is to fight it out and debate to convince two other voters to either approve or deny a resolution. The goal of a school board is not to get along but to run the business of a local school the way our “republic” was designed. And to me, that’s what I see happening. This was Darbi’s second meeting, and she’s very passionate. There are a lot of high expectations behind those who went door to door for her to win, and she feels the need to get there and get something done instead of just being another bobblehead on a school board. She ran on getting rid of masks in the schools, as other schools have done around the state of Ohio. So short of getting more comfortable with the rules of school board business and not feeling like a sell-out for doing so, I am more than happy with how the Lakota school board is functioning for the first time in three decades. 

I know people are wondering, especially the sweat bees from the teacher’s union, what my relationship is with all this. Just remember what some of those same people who are all stirred up over Darbi, what they did to me about ten years ago in the parking lot of Kroger by Lakota East. Julie Shaffer played her role in that along with Joan Powell and many other tax increase supporters back then. So now is not the time to play innocent. I’ll stay mad over that forever; I will never forget. But that isn’t the fault of the current crop of kids moving through Lakota or many of the characters who are now involved that want to make the public school work for the benefit of the area’s parents. It took Lynda O’Conner more than a decade to win me over to believing that she was a Republican. I know her to be a very good one now. But I used to be so angry at the Lakota school board that everyone on it was what I thought were scum bag liberals. It took seeing Lynda at many GOP events over the last several years that I learned that Lynda was one of the good people. We have very different ideas about the worth of public education. She really believes in Lakota and is hopeful about public schools’ role in all our lives. I personally want to blow it all up, metaphorically, as a concept given to us by the significant progressive loser, John Dewey. I had been asked to run for school board many times, but that just wouldn’t be fair. We all pay taxes to the school, right or wrong; I’m happy to not get in the way if people like Lynda who want to fix it to the best of their ability. I’m also happy to offer solutions or help people who want to be part of the solution find their way to the school board by helping connect all the right dots. But for me personally, I’m all about getting rid of the Dewey system completely. 

Lynda and I usually agree to disagree on education, and when we see each other, we talk about other things besides school board business. Usually, we have a shared interest in GOP-related topics locally and nationally. If we talk about school board items for too long, I quickly blow it all up intellectually, while she desperately wants to save it. I tell that little story to those who are wondering, which are quite a few people these days. And I can also relate to the problems that new school board members like Darbi and Isaac Adi are feeling now that they are inside. It’s empowering to help be a part of the solution. The rules of the game are there to make it something of a functioning republic, and most of the time, no single person gets it their way all the way.

In Darbi’s case over this mask resolution issue, it’s her job to get two other votes on the board to support her. Many people backing her might think it’s a sell-out to work with people on the board. But they aren’t on the board. It’s tough, at best, to represent so many people and still do what you think is right. I have a policy that I do not pick up the phone, or text anybody ever, like Sheriff Jones might do, to never put my hand on the scales and threaten people to vote a certain way. I would never call up Lynda and tell her that I wouldn’t like her anymore if she didn’t vote the way I wanted her to. I believe firmly in finding people who want to do a job correctly and putting them in power to do that job. I may not always like what they do, but they should know more than me about it in a republic, which is why they are my representative there. You must trust the people you vote for to do the ultimate right thing and always keep the big picture in mind. If they don’t, then you vote them out. That’s the way the game works. 

But for the teacher’s union at Lakota, they already don’t like Darbi because they can’t imagine how they might get her under control and intimidated by their presence. That is something they have been doing for years, threatening school board candidates first with the offerings of friendship but then taking away that civility if they step out of line. That was what was implied by them walking out on Darbi in the second meeting of the year while she was speaking. I can understand not liking what Darbi was saying. It may not be their politics. But if they really wanted to understand what’s going on in the district, they would know that Darbi represents people in Lakota who think worse of public education than I do. I’m a moderate on the issue, believe me, there are lots of people who hate it far worse, and to them, Lynda might as well be Satan incarnate because she doesn’t put everyone on trial and burn them at the stake. Nobody will ever make everyone happy, but what we want is for good people to do good work on behalf of the kids and taxpayers who are stuck paying many thousands of dollars a year for this ridiculous product. And there isn’t a lot of tolerance for these teachers’ union shenanigans. As Issac and Darbi get more acquainted with the conduct of these school board meetings and the agreed rules of the game, they will get better. But so far, these meetings are what I think all school boards should look like. They may be a little bumpy. But I’ve never liked a lot of hand-holding, especially when millions of dollars are at stake and many lives are impacted. And for those who are used to bullying their way into a one-sided argument, well, those days are over.  

Rich Hoffman

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How To Make a Two-Party System Work: We are a Republic, not a flea-bitten “democracy”

We are a Republic

Every time I hear some political ignoramus say that we need to “save our democracy,” it is like someone scratching a chalkboard. All this “dagger into democracy” talk is as stupid as stupid gets. We are not a “democracy” in America; we are a “republic.” We are a government “of” the people, not “by” the people. But we are taught in every way of life imaginable that everything is a popularity contest, especially in our public schools. That majority rule, and if you are not in the majority, then you will never rule. Well, when we talk about the majority, we are talking about every drug addict, every sex-starved lunatic, every illiterate fool, ever degenerate imaginable. If we only consider popular elections by a majority, then always the dumbest will rule the smartest, and our society will indeed be equal, equally deficient. So it is no wonder that people get frustrated with politics when they see the system not working. They show up once every four years and vote for some people, and ultimately, those people let them down, then they get discouraged with the two-party system. At the same time, the media drives home the point they learned in their public educations, that democracy is all about the popular rule and that the only way to achieve fairness is to punt everything to a much more centralized government to sort out. This is especially true now where people can see that the party system isn’t working for them, Democrats are off doing the work of outright communism, and Republicans seem to be fighting Trump, a natural outgrowth of the Tea Party movement. People who don’t pay much attention to politics are obviously frustrated because, for some reason or another, they thought they could show up and vote every so often, and that would be the end of it. The world would just carry on and work.

But what I say to all those who want to disparage the two-party system, or who get upset when parts of their chosen party look bad and don’t represent a majority of the people associated with that party, is that the time to work out those elements is always in the off-year elections. For instance, right now, in the early months of a New Year, 2022 is the time for the philosophy of the Republican Party to be worked out in the trenches. The primary season is upon us, and that is when candidates battle each other for the general philosophy of the party. I would say that the system works great as a two-party system so long as people participate. You may not get everything you want in the candidates. I’m hardly ever happy with where things are, but if you don’t participate, then your point of view will never get a seat at the table.   After all, this is what’s going on in the Republican Party right now and what Democrats have continued to fail to match. The news analysts think that Trump is an extreme version of the Republican Party when he is a natural outgrowth of the Tea Party movement that has become more involved in party politics starting at the central committee levels, voting in primaries, and other off-year activities. The establishment types aren’t happy about it, but that representation grew over time from the Tea Party into MAGA and the American First Policy Institute. Democrats have incorrectly assumed that Trump was just an extreme right-winged version of the establishment, so they have tried to counter with their own version, where the Biden administration is now, representing the radical progressives, giving them a voice they have never had before. The progressives took this admission as a mandate, and as a result, they have over-extended themselves.    

To a political outsider not participating in these processes, and looking at presidential elections as the only ones that matter, they will see disfunction because the system is not working the way they were taught, through popular vote, only every so often. But in a republic, we are a nation of laws, not the mob. And those laws are created during off-year elections, not presidential elections every four years. Right now is the prime time to work out the general philosophy of a political party, and if you are not engaged in that debate, you should never be surprised when you are not represented in the final product. But even if you do participate, there are other people involved, and their minds have their inputs, so what you end up with will ultimately not be 100% you.   But at that point, you can’t just pick up all your game pieces and cry like a baby and leave. You have to continue to fight it out, to push for your ideas, and let come what may. That is what a republic looks like. Politics is not supposed to be nice. It is supposed to be contentious so that only the best ideas survive into law and policy. The whims of mankind are meant to be tempered with time and a lack of tenacity. If you want a friend, get a dog. If you’re going to be the master of your own universe, stay at home and never go outside. But if you want your republic to function, participate. When people disagree with you, strengthen your argument to win them over or have your ideas crushed under the weight of analysis. But don’t think for a second that your vote is a one-and-done kind of relationship at the ballot box. There is a lot more to it, and our republic requires people to participate all the time. Not just when it comes time to vote. 

China keeps talking about how efficient they are, and of course, big bureaucrats in Washington D.C. culture want to have the same kind of control that communism gives to those countries. They want to rule by administrative state, so they throw gas on the fires all the time about the follies of our current political process.   Of course, when the government can just tell people what to do, it’s a lot less messy for them. China’s present argument is that “American Democracy” is too messy, too slow, and does not serve the “people’s” needs. They would love to see an end to the two-party system. They love to say things like, “we’re putting daggers into our democracy.” They want to plant that seed and watch it grow into a change state from a capitalist nation into a communist one. If they can convince voters that the system doesn’t work, they may be willing to throw it all away for something that does. But it’s not our republic that is failing; it’s the people participating. Because of their lack of effort, the strength of the two-party system doesn’t get fulfilled the way it should, and the people who end up in charge are the worst because they were the only ones who showed up.   That is clearly the problem with Democrats. Republicans had the Tea Party, and the establishment is very unhappy about their continued presence, but Republicans have a much better party as a result. But punting to default and saying that none of it works is just a falsehood. The only thing not working are people who have been taught wrong from the beginning what their proper role in government always was. And how much influence they really have for the future of our “republic.”

Rich Hoffman

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The CDC is Guilty of Murder, and Economic Suicide: Japan solves Covid with Ivermectin

The Solution is in Ivermectin

Another thing I have no more tolerance for is Covid. We know how to manage it. We know how we got it. We know what to do about it. And now, we are simply going through the pain of a corrupt political system trying to cover up their missteps and deliberate crimes, which is why we continue to hear all the nonsense about Covid and a CDC that is as effective as a wet paper towel these days. Out of a seven-day workweek, I speak to brilliant people in Japan about four of those days, all hours of the day due to the time zone differences, so I know firsthand how they have dealt with Covid. When they had the Olympics, because the world’s eyes were on them, they played along with the stupid World Health Organization methods of shutdowns and social distancing methods, to significant economic cost to them.   The Olympics were supposed to be good for them, but Covid wrecked their plans, and they weren’t happy about it. They are a solution-based society, so it wouldn’t take long for them to get their arms around this problem, and I knew it was coming in real-time. Once the world took their eyes off them after the Olympics were over, on August 13th, Ivermectin was granted permission for use in Japan. Fourteen days later, case counts started to plunge to near zero. Japan stayed on a health emergency status until the end of September just to make sure they were safe in their control of the virus. Then by October, they were back to full business and not shutting down again. They needed to make up lost ground and impact on their economy, and they needed all their people healthy and back to work. So they treated the virus instead of running from it like Europe, and the rest of the world have been doing. 

In my situation, I speak with people worldwide in most of the time zones, so Covid has been a continued conversation over the last few years now, and what different people were doing about it to manage their lives. Knowing what I do because of that perspective, I don’t care how big the government is, how wealthy the billionaires are, or how powerful the tech companies may be. Everyone who has participated in the Covid game should be punished in ways that would discourage the behavior in the future. Every entity that openly has lied to us about Covid, the vaccines, and the use of therapeutics such as Ivermectin has committed crimes on many levels. What they did was purposeful. Censorship from them is just another form of admission. With Twitter and Facebook taking down therapeutic mentions, they act as the Ray Epps of tech media. They are guilty of all the damage that continues with Covid crises outbreaks, from the psychological side more than the physical. The pain of Covid has been selected, by our government, specifically by the CDC, for purely political reasons. All the lost money and lives resulting from it are their responsibility. 

To prove what I’m saying, I present here in this article, while it lasts a YouTuber doctor, a very good one, Dr. John Campbell. He studies medical statistics for fun; he’s not a Trump supporter or really even political. He just likes to look at data and talk about it medically. His report verified what I had heard from Japan on the ground, that Ivermectin was a solution that the country had embraced to deal with the Delta variant. Obviously, the Omicron variant wasn’t yet on the horizon in October when the case counts went to near zero in Japan, but what we know of Omicron is that it’s even milder and is more like a cold than anything dangerous. It certainly isn’t the message that Democrats want and need to deflect the public away from their terrible performance, their lack of new ideas and their desires to turn the United States into the model for the Great Reset with the United Nations. Japan couldn’t afford more lockdowns, just as most countries clearly know by now, so they took action, and the results are apparent. The pressure from countries like Japan will kill this Covid nonsense in the future, who have just decided to create solutions for themselves instead of following the same government science into perpetual economic depravity.

And for Twitter and Facebook to deprive people of these known solutions, it’s malicious at best. Our government has access to this same information. It’s not like Dr. Campbell is a crazy conspiracy theorist. Ivermectin worked for Japan and everywhere else in the world where they have used it. But Covid was never about solving the problem, which was created by the government purely for the purposes of government. Covid was about telling people what to do. As of the start of the new year of 2022, the CDC has issued new recommendations for isolation and quarantine for the general population.   Regardless of vaccination status, they are, what’s the point, to stay home for five days. If you have no symptoms after five days, you can leave your house. Then you should continue to wear a mask around others for an additional five days. How about that? That is the science of this ridiculous government that only wants to stay in charge as an authority in people’s lives and ignore a proactive solution that could make Covid disappear forever. And to perpetuate this bad, made-up science which has absolutely zero functional reality to it, the Big Tech companies are trying to scrub any information that might make people question the government science. Crimes on top of crimes, on top of crimes. After what we have learned by the CDC, particularly in ignoring Ivermectin and other treatments that could eradicate Covid, they are actively looking to eliminate any competing information from other sources, such as Dr. Campbell here, and to act like the Wizard of Oz and keep you from looking behind the curtain.

But when we come out of our cultural bubbles, as I often do, we can see the truth that is out there beyond our horizon. American science should have led the world toward a Covid solution with innovation and bravery. Instead, too many Americans chose to listen to the authority addicts at the CDC and surrender their lives to government authority out of sheer laziness in not wanting to think for themselves. And now that the government and Big Tech have tasted that power of manipulation, it will be harder than ever to convince them to surrender that power without a significant conflict. Yet there is no question now, as opposed to when Covid was first introduced, there are ways to treat it, to stop the spread. To contain it. But the government wants nothing to do with that kind of talk. Because they want us all to be submissive to them and to bastardize science for the sake of power. And the result has been one of the most destructive things ever done to the human race. For what they’ve all done, they must pay and spend heavily. We can’t let what they did with Covid ever happen again, and so far, there has been no action taken against them to keep them from trying in the future or even to change their behavior in the present. 

Rich Hoffman

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Ray Epps is all that Matters: January 6th was a government entrapment plot, based on the behavior of Richard Trask

Who is Ray Epps

As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t anything to talk about regarding the so-called January 6th Insurrection if the name of Ray Epps isn’t involved. The guy was everywhere in D.C. the day of the Trump rally and the night before trying to instigate people into a froth of anger and enter the Capitol building in protest of the election fraud that had so many people already disappointed. You can tell by the federal government’s behavior that there is something really wrong with this case. They have arrested people who had far less to do with inciting violence and vandalism than what Ray Epps was caught on camera doing. Yet, Ray is driving around his ranch in Arizona without a care in the world while many people rot in jail, stuck without due process by a government that has turned against them completely. If that weren’t enough, while we sift through the smoke a year later of what happened on January 6th, and establishment types try to use it to hide all the other destructive behavior that has been going on in the SWAMP, the kidnapping plot story of Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan has taken on a life of its own, thanks to a wife swapping, tattooed freak of an FBI agent, Richard Trask and the night he tried to beat his wife’s head in after a swingers party that unveiled to the world a level of entrapment that the FBI had directly been involved in. 

At this point, do I have to remind people of all the times over the last decade that the FBI has been caught tampering with crime to provoke an outcome? Because that could go on for days, I’m thinking presently of the evidence coverup from the San Bernardino Christmas terrorists; remember that one? I haven’t forgotten, that’s for sure. The Trump years in the White House have clearly shown that the culture of the FBI is in political outcomes, not a blind pursuit of justice. Also, from me, a bit of a disclaimer, I have several former employees who have left me for these kinds of aims in life, so I know quite a lot about the subculture of police work at all levels. There is currently a young man I am quite proud of who is working in the White House as a Secret Service Agent. He was there when Trump was, and he is doing just the same good job for Biden currently. Good kid. But…….I have many people I know who are just like Richard Trask, even down to the swinger’s lifestyle, who have populated local law enforcement, the FBI, and other roles. So I can say with a lot of confidence that Richard Trask as the lead FBI agent who entrapped militia groups in Michigan into plotting the kidnapping of the governor during the Covid lockdowns in retaliation for her brutal behavior, is common. Richard Trask is not unusual, even though many are shocked by the revelations of his character. 

Trask was an anti-Trumper to an extreme, leaving behind many social media posts forecasting his behavior. Ultimately, he used his power as an FBI agent to steer angry people into a direction the government wanted them to go so they could make a story about it. Left to their own devices, those militia people would have sat in their cabins complaining about the government while they cleaned their guns. But Trask and his fellow FBI agents wanted to shove them into a story by pretending to be one of them, complete with the crazy wild beard and tattooed bodies. The FBI stoked the plot to kidnap Whitmer, then once the followers in the militia started making plans, Trask turned it into a public relations incident that the media then took the handoff and broke the story in a way that made everything sound like a vast, right-winged conspiracy, especially coming from Disney owned ABC News. 

Well, while a lot of this was going on, Trask’s personal life was a strange brew of characters. He was trying to get his wife to buy into some experimental sexual escapades when they found themselves at a swinger’s party at a hotel in Michigan near Kalamazoo. Apparently, Trask drank too much or was drugged while there. Whatever the case, the couple left the party feeling like many couples do at things like that, guilt in what they were doing, exposed sexually in uncomfortable ways, and not really knowing what to do with their emotions after. Once they returned home, they got into a big fight in their bedroom where Richard Trask proceeded to beat his wife’s head against the bed while he choked her in a way that looked to intend a terminal outcome. She called the police; they picked him up. Because of the unusual behavior of a federal officer, the story got out. Over the months that followed, we learned that this was the same FBI agent who planted the story of the Whitmer kidnapping. So, there you have it all within the Trask case, a motive that it’s a cultural problem at the FBI, not just a single individual. Trask didn’t do all these things by himself, he had a lot of help, and even after he nearly killed his wife, it took the FBI a few months to officially fire him, which they had to do publicly. But just think of how many Richard Trasks are out there working as FBI agents right now who are just like him? In my experience, it’s most of them. It comes from the way they recruit, the kind of agents they hire. As I said, I know the type very well. 

Knowing all that, let’s move to January 6th. The FBI knew there would be hundreds of thousands of people coming to the Trump rally angry at election fraud. The FBI needed to do something about it because that’s what they are expected to do. Of course, just as they did with Richard Trask, they would attempt to infiltrate some of those groups to influence them into behaving in a way that the government could use as public relations against the angry Trump voters. They felt they had to put such a large group of people on their heels while the government tried to cover what they did with Covid and the election results. Such as, who told five states to stop counting ballots on election night 2020 just shortly after Vegas bet makers had called the race for Trump? What form of Ray Epps is there in that story? People had a right to be upset, and the FBI wanted to change the story. So, there was Ray Epps, doing essentially what Richard Trask did, and the only reason Ray is still out there is that he didn’t do anything stupid like go to a swinger’s party and try to swap his wife for the night for some strange sex with drug-laced losers and low life intellects. Instead, Ray did what all federal plants try to do; he is staying low keyed on his property, hoping the story will cool down at some point so he can re-emerge back into the public. But a year later, independent reporters are starting to get it. They have been going to see Ray at his home to find out why the FBI has never picked up Ray, even though many people are still in jail awaiting some sort of bogus charges for the “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Sadly, the evidence points back to a guilty government where many politicians are playing their part in the coverup, particularly Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi. The hundreds of thousands of people who came to hear Trump talk that day scared them to death. And they needed some way to take the light off them, just as Trask tried to do for his favorite political governor, Gretchen Whitmer. She was in trouble with the people for the draconian lockdowns, and Trask took it upon himself to bail her out with this entrapment plot of militia groups. Now, does anybody really think that the FBI didn’t take the same sort of extreme action against Trump supporters on January 6th? The fact that Ray Epps has not been arrested tells you everything you need to know.

Rich Hoffman

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Gavin Newsom is Wrong In California: Guns are Constitutionally protected, abortion is not

Abortion is Murder, Gun Rights is about Protecting LIfe

The best thing about the last few years in America has been that people have read and understood the Constitution more than ever.  I remember well that our local Tea Party used to have Saturday classes to teach the Constitution.  My son-in-law also took a lengthy class at Liberty University as an immigrant from the United Kingdom that he valued quite a lot.  Many in the world have understood the Constitution for a long time, the law of the land, and our country.  Without those laws, we don’t have a country.  Otherwise, there is merely a mob of power-hungry bureaucrats who live to tell other people what to do, like Dr. Fauci.  Little people like him gain a lot of power if there is no constitutional law, so there are apparent forces at play to erode our laws so that a bureaucratic expert class can take over.  For instance, if people had just followed the law from the outset of Covid, there wouldn’t be many of the problems we have now.  We don’t change our laws to solve emergencies, even government-made ones like Covid-19 and manufactured variants.  We use science to solve those kinds of problems, and while that occurs, we stay on target with a law-and-order society.  Those are the rules, and more people than ever understand those rules.  So, it didn’t take much for people to see through the problem quickly of California’s Gavin Newsom’s attempt to turn the world upside down to rally progressives to their increasingly losing cause.

Newsom and other progressives were upset about the trajectory of the Supreme Court, specifically a Texas law that allows for legal procedures against abortion clinics that enable abortions after six weeks.  They attempted to flip the script and apply the same methods to firearms in California.  The effort gained a lot of press from the communists, socialists, and soothsayers of public education who work in the media, but nobody seemed to understand the differences.  Many media types referred to the abortion law of Texas as an attack on a constitutionally protected right, whereas removing gun rights in any form was somehow validated.  This is where a decent understanding of the Constitution comes in handy.  Every American should understand it.  It should be taught in public schools when we are all little. It’s the essential thing you can learn, yet obviously, that has not been the case with most people in politics.  The Supreme Court made a mistake with Roe v. Wade that will be rectified after a few decades of analysis.  The trajectory of the law is that it will be revisited, and that decision that allowed for abortion will be reversed because it was never a constitutional right.

Meanwhile, gun rights are in the same mold in that their effectiveness has been eroded unjustly because they are a constitutionally protected right.  Thugs and losers posing as a mob threatening to destroy the lives of members of the court were how Roe v. Wade came about in the first place.  And if guns had played a more central role in the protests, preventing acts of violence from being threatened, then a more logical court decision would have transpired, and we wouldn’t be talking about all this now. 

The trajectory meanwhile of gun rights, despite the progressive controls we see all around us from the government, is that restoration of legal purity is underway.  In Ohio and many other places, we aren’t just talking about Concealed Carry; we are moving toward Constitutional Carry, where you don’t even have to let the police know you are armed if you get pulled over for a traffic stop.  Carrying a gun should be as common as carrying a wallet, and that’s where many of the mistakes progressives have made are taking our nation to a more pure appreciation for the Constitution in the first place.  I say it often; I have copies of The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers next to my reading chair, which I look at several times a week for pleasure.  I see them as works of philosophy emerging from western civilization resulting from centuries of trial and error.  They are incredible human achievement works, and I often remind myself of them by sifting through their pages during football games and other television programs.

Additionally, I have a copy of the Ohio Constitution that I do the same with.  These are law and order components of our society which has worked well for all people.  And I stand by them.  On the other hand, I don’t have tolerance or understanding among law enforcement or politicians who do not follow the rules.  What happened to General Flynn, Roger Stone, even Brad Parscall won’t happen at my house.  I will defend it the way the Constitution specifies.  The legal system doesn’t get to suspend my constitutional rights while they figure things out as a slow, dim-witted, bureaucratic society.  In their world, people like Dr. Fauci are king.  But in the world of the constitutionally protected, kings are rejected, and their powers are limited to some useless office position behind a desk somewhere.  They are not allowed to bring their nonsense into our lives. 

Now, regarding that California proposal, which is just air coming out of the mouth of Gavin Newsom, looking for revenge and intimidation meant to hurl at the Supreme Court if Roe v. Wade is overturned in the summer of 2022.  Gun rights are legal and constitutionally protected.  They are intended to protect us from overreaching authority figures like Gavin Newsom and Dr. Fauci.  And yes, that means that gunfights are expected and patriotic if a government goes bad and comes to spread their “badness” to constitutionally protected people.  Not desired, but neither is government abuse.  Gun rights are the last right of defense against an out-of-control government, and over the previous several years, we have seen just how bad it can get.  It’s one thing to warn about these things before people know for themselves how dangerous government can be and what we saw from the government over Covid should be enough to rattle the foundations of anybody.

Nobody wants to shoot people in self-defense.  But living under tyranny is worse.  So that is why there is a trend in states toward even fewer gun restrictions instead of more.   And this has all happened as the government is trying to bankrupt the NRA financially.  Like Trump, through the NRA, the government thought those were the forces behind gun rights, so they attacked them in ways to destroy them.  No, the NRA was just a collection of over 5 million people who supported gun rights.  They would continue to support gun rights whether or not there was an NRA.  One did not create the other.   There are no rights to apply to anti-gun advocates seeking to use the Texas abortion law to gun sales in California.  Guns are constitutionally protected.  Abortion is not and never was.  Only threats of intimidation allowed for abortion, and that portion of the law will soon be restored to constitutional observations of life.  Guns are meant to protect life, liberty, and happiness.  And abortion is about killing life.  Now that more people appreciate the Constitution, we see a restoration of its legal value.  And from my observation, that is a wonderful, new trait that I welcome tremendously. 

Rich Hoffman

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