How To Make a Two-Party System Work: We are a Republic, not a flea-bitten “democracy”

We are a Republic

Every time I hear some political ignoramus say that we need to “save our democracy,” it is like someone scratching a chalkboard. All this “dagger into democracy” talk is as stupid as stupid gets. We are not a “democracy” in America; we are a “republic.” We are a government “of” the people, not “by” the people. But we are taught in every way of life imaginable that everything is a popularity contest, especially in our public schools. That majority rule, and if you are not in the majority, then you will never rule. Well, when we talk about the majority, we are talking about every drug addict, every sex-starved lunatic, every illiterate fool, ever degenerate imaginable. If we only consider popular elections by a majority, then always the dumbest will rule the smartest, and our society will indeed be equal, equally deficient. So it is no wonder that people get frustrated with politics when they see the system not working. They show up once every four years and vote for some people, and ultimately, those people let them down, then they get discouraged with the two-party system. At the same time, the media drives home the point they learned in their public educations, that democracy is all about the popular rule and that the only way to achieve fairness is to punt everything to a much more centralized government to sort out. This is especially true now where people can see that the party system isn’t working for them, Democrats are off doing the work of outright communism, and Republicans seem to be fighting Trump, a natural outgrowth of the Tea Party movement. People who don’t pay much attention to politics are obviously frustrated because, for some reason or another, they thought they could show up and vote every so often, and that would be the end of it. The world would just carry on and work.

But what I say to all those who want to disparage the two-party system, or who get upset when parts of their chosen party look bad and don’t represent a majority of the people associated with that party, is that the time to work out those elements is always in the off-year elections. For instance, right now, in the early months of a New Year, 2022 is the time for the philosophy of the Republican Party to be worked out in the trenches. The primary season is upon us, and that is when candidates battle each other for the general philosophy of the party. I would say that the system works great as a two-party system so long as people participate. You may not get everything you want in the candidates. I’m hardly ever happy with where things are, but if you don’t participate, then your point of view will never get a seat at the table.   After all, this is what’s going on in the Republican Party right now and what Democrats have continued to fail to match. The news analysts think that Trump is an extreme version of the Republican Party when he is a natural outgrowth of the Tea Party movement that has become more involved in party politics starting at the central committee levels, voting in primaries, and other off-year activities. The establishment types aren’t happy about it, but that representation grew over time from the Tea Party into MAGA and the American First Policy Institute. Democrats have incorrectly assumed that Trump was just an extreme right-winged version of the establishment, so they have tried to counter with their own version, where the Biden administration is now, representing the radical progressives, giving them a voice they have never had before. The progressives took this admission as a mandate, and as a result, they have over-extended themselves.    

To a political outsider not participating in these processes, and looking at presidential elections as the only ones that matter, they will see disfunction because the system is not working the way they were taught, through popular vote, only every so often. But in a republic, we are a nation of laws, not the mob. And those laws are created during off-year elections, not presidential elections every four years. Right now is the prime time to work out the general philosophy of a political party, and if you are not engaged in that debate, you should never be surprised when you are not represented in the final product. But even if you do participate, there are other people involved, and their minds have their inputs, so what you end up with will ultimately not be 100% you.   But at that point, you can’t just pick up all your game pieces and cry like a baby and leave. You have to continue to fight it out, to push for your ideas, and let come what may. That is what a republic looks like. Politics is not supposed to be nice. It is supposed to be contentious so that only the best ideas survive into law and policy. The whims of mankind are meant to be tempered with time and a lack of tenacity. If you want a friend, get a dog. If you’re going to be the master of your own universe, stay at home and never go outside. But if you want your republic to function, participate. When people disagree with you, strengthen your argument to win them over or have your ideas crushed under the weight of analysis. But don’t think for a second that your vote is a one-and-done kind of relationship at the ballot box. There is a lot more to it, and our republic requires people to participate all the time. Not just when it comes time to vote. 

China keeps talking about how efficient they are, and of course, big bureaucrats in Washington D.C. culture want to have the same kind of control that communism gives to those countries. They want to rule by administrative state, so they throw gas on the fires all the time about the follies of our current political process.   Of course, when the government can just tell people what to do, it’s a lot less messy for them. China’s present argument is that “American Democracy” is too messy, too slow, and does not serve the “people’s” needs. They would love to see an end to the two-party system. They love to say things like, “we’re putting daggers into our democracy.” They want to plant that seed and watch it grow into a change state from a capitalist nation into a communist one. If they can convince voters that the system doesn’t work, they may be willing to throw it all away for something that does. But it’s not our republic that is failing; it’s the people participating. Because of their lack of effort, the strength of the two-party system doesn’t get fulfilled the way it should, and the people who end up in charge are the worst because they were the only ones who showed up.   That is clearly the problem with Democrats. Republicans had the Tea Party, and the establishment is very unhappy about their continued presence, but Republicans have a much better party as a result. But punting to default and saying that none of it works is just a falsehood. The only thing not working are people who have been taught wrong from the beginning what their proper role in government always was. And how much influence they really have for the future of our “republic.”

Rich Hoffman

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The CDC is Guilty of Murder, and Economic Suicide: Japan solves Covid with Ivermectin

The Solution is in Ivermectin

Another thing I have no more tolerance for is Covid. We know how to manage it. We know how we got it. We know what to do about it. And now, we are simply going through the pain of a corrupt political system trying to cover up their missteps and deliberate crimes, which is why we continue to hear all the nonsense about Covid and a CDC that is as effective as a wet paper towel these days. Out of a seven-day workweek, I speak to brilliant people in Japan about four of those days, all hours of the day due to the time zone differences, so I know firsthand how they have dealt with Covid. When they had the Olympics, because the world’s eyes were on them, they played along with the stupid World Health Organization methods of shutdowns and social distancing methods, to significant economic cost to them.   The Olympics were supposed to be good for them, but Covid wrecked their plans, and they weren’t happy about it. They are a solution-based society, so it wouldn’t take long for them to get their arms around this problem, and I knew it was coming in real-time. Once the world took their eyes off them after the Olympics were over, on August 13th, Ivermectin was granted permission for use in Japan. Fourteen days later, case counts started to plunge to near zero. Japan stayed on a health emergency status until the end of September just to make sure they were safe in their control of the virus. Then by October, they were back to full business and not shutting down again. They needed to make up lost ground and impact on their economy, and they needed all their people healthy and back to work. So they treated the virus instead of running from it like Europe, and the rest of the world have been doing. 

In my situation, I speak with people worldwide in most of the time zones, so Covid has been a continued conversation over the last few years now, and what different people were doing about it to manage their lives. Knowing what I do because of that perspective, I don’t care how big the government is, how wealthy the billionaires are, or how powerful the tech companies may be. Everyone who has participated in the Covid game should be punished in ways that would discourage the behavior in the future. Every entity that openly has lied to us about Covid, the vaccines, and the use of therapeutics such as Ivermectin has committed crimes on many levels. What they did was purposeful. Censorship from them is just another form of admission. With Twitter and Facebook taking down therapeutic mentions, they act as the Ray Epps of tech media. They are guilty of all the damage that continues with Covid crises outbreaks, from the psychological side more than the physical. The pain of Covid has been selected, by our government, specifically by the CDC, for purely political reasons. All the lost money and lives resulting from it are their responsibility. 

To prove what I’m saying, I present here in this article, while it lasts a YouTuber doctor, a very good one, Dr. John Campbell. He studies medical statistics for fun; he’s not a Trump supporter or really even political. He just likes to look at data and talk about it medically. His report verified what I had heard from Japan on the ground, that Ivermectin was a solution that the country had embraced to deal with the Delta variant. Obviously, the Omicron variant wasn’t yet on the horizon in October when the case counts went to near zero in Japan, but what we know of Omicron is that it’s even milder and is more like a cold than anything dangerous. It certainly isn’t the message that Democrats want and need to deflect the public away from their terrible performance, their lack of new ideas and their desires to turn the United States into the model for the Great Reset with the United Nations. Japan couldn’t afford more lockdowns, just as most countries clearly know by now, so they took action, and the results are apparent. The pressure from countries like Japan will kill this Covid nonsense in the future, who have just decided to create solutions for themselves instead of following the same government science into perpetual economic depravity.

And for Twitter and Facebook to deprive people of these known solutions, it’s malicious at best. Our government has access to this same information. It’s not like Dr. Campbell is a crazy conspiracy theorist. Ivermectin worked for Japan and everywhere else in the world where they have used it. But Covid was never about solving the problem, which was created by the government purely for the purposes of government. Covid was about telling people what to do. As of the start of the new year of 2022, the CDC has issued new recommendations for isolation and quarantine for the general population.   Regardless of vaccination status, they are, what’s the point, to stay home for five days. If you have no symptoms after five days, you can leave your house. Then you should continue to wear a mask around others for an additional five days. How about that? That is the science of this ridiculous government that only wants to stay in charge as an authority in people’s lives and ignore a proactive solution that could make Covid disappear forever. And to perpetuate this bad, made-up science which has absolutely zero functional reality to it, the Big Tech companies are trying to scrub any information that might make people question the government science. Crimes on top of crimes, on top of crimes. After what we have learned by the CDC, particularly in ignoring Ivermectin and other treatments that could eradicate Covid, they are actively looking to eliminate any competing information from other sources, such as Dr. Campbell here, and to act like the Wizard of Oz and keep you from looking behind the curtain.

But when we come out of our cultural bubbles, as I often do, we can see the truth that is out there beyond our horizon. American science should have led the world toward a Covid solution with innovation and bravery. Instead, too many Americans chose to listen to the authority addicts at the CDC and surrender their lives to government authority out of sheer laziness in not wanting to think for themselves. And now that the government and Big Tech have tasted that power of manipulation, it will be harder than ever to convince them to surrender that power without a significant conflict. Yet there is no question now, as opposed to when Covid was first introduced, there are ways to treat it, to stop the spread. To contain it. But the government wants nothing to do with that kind of talk. Because they want us all to be submissive to them and to bastardize science for the sake of power. And the result has been one of the most destructive things ever done to the human race. For what they’ve all done, they must pay and spend heavily. We can’t let what they did with Covid ever happen again, and so far, there has been no action taken against them to keep them from trying in the future or even to change their behavior in the present. 

Rich Hoffman

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Ray Epps is all that Matters: January 6th was a government entrapment plot, based on the behavior of Richard Trask

Who is Ray Epps

As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t anything to talk about regarding the so-called January 6th Insurrection if the name of Ray Epps isn’t involved. The guy was everywhere in D.C. the day of the Trump rally and the night before trying to instigate people into a froth of anger and enter the Capitol building in protest of the election fraud that had so many people already disappointed. You can tell by the federal government’s behavior that there is something really wrong with this case. They have arrested people who had far less to do with inciting violence and vandalism than what Ray Epps was caught on camera doing. Yet, Ray is driving around his ranch in Arizona without a care in the world while many people rot in jail, stuck without due process by a government that has turned against them completely. If that weren’t enough, while we sift through the smoke a year later of what happened on January 6th, and establishment types try to use it to hide all the other destructive behavior that has been going on in the SWAMP, the kidnapping plot story of Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan has taken on a life of its own, thanks to a wife swapping, tattooed freak of an FBI agent, Richard Trask and the night he tried to beat his wife’s head in after a swingers party that unveiled to the world a level of entrapment that the FBI had directly been involved in. 

At this point, do I have to remind people of all the times over the last decade that the FBI has been caught tampering with crime to provoke an outcome? Because that could go on for days, I’m thinking presently of the evidence coverup from the San Bernardino Christmas terrorists; remember that one? I haven’t forgotten, that’s for sure. The Trump years in the White House have clearly shown that the culture of the FBI is in political outcomes, not a blind pursuit of justice. Also, from me, a bit of a disclaimer, I have several former employees who have left me for these kinds of aims in life, so I know quite a lot about the subculture of police work at all levels. There is currently a young man I am quite proud of who is working in the White House as a Secret Service Agent. He was there when Trump was, and he is doing just the same good job for Biden currently. Good kid. But…….I have many people I know who are just like Richard Trask, even down to the swinger’s lifestyle, who have populated local law enforcement, the FBI, and other roles. So I can say with a lot of confidence that Richard Trask as the lead FBI agent who entrapped militia groups in Michigan into plotting the kidnapping of the governor during the Covid lockdowns in retaliation for her brutal behavior, is common. Richard Trask is not unusual, even though many are shocked by the revelations of his character. 

Trask was an anti-Trumper to an extreme, leaving behind many social media posts forecasting his behavior. Ultimately, he used his power as an FBI agent to steer angry people into a direction the government wanted them to go so they could make a story about it. Left to their own devices, those militia people would have sat in their cabins complaining about the government while they cleaned their guns. But Trask and his fellow FBI agents wanted to shove them into a story by pretending to be one of them, complete with the crazy wild beard and tattooed bodies. The FBI stoked the plot to kidnap Whitmer, then once the followers in the militia started making plans, Trask turned it into a public relations incident that the media then took the handoff and broke the story in a way that made everything sound like a vast, right-winged conspiracy, especially coming from Disney owned ABC News. 

Well, while a lot of this was going on, Trask’s personal life was a strange brew of characters. He was trying to get his wife to buy into some experimental sexual escapades when they found themselves at a swinger’s party at a hotel in Michigan near Kalamazoo. Apparently, Trask drank too much or was drugged while there. Whatever the case, the couple left the party feeling like many couples do at things like that, guilt in what they were doing, exposed sexually in uncomfortable ways, and not really knowing what to do with their emotions after. Once they returned home, they got into a big fight in their bedroom where Richard Trask proceeded to beat his wife’s head against the bed while he choked her in a way that looked to intend a terminal outcome. She called the police; they picked him up. Because of the unusual behavior of a federal officer, the story got out. Over the months that followed, we learned that this was the same FBI agent who planted the story of the Whitmer kidnapping. So, there you have it all within the Trask case, a motive that it’s a cultural problem at the FBI, not just a single individual. Trask didn’t do all these things by himself, he had a lot of help, and even after he nearly killed his wife, it took the FBI a few months to officially fire him, which they had to do publicly. But just think of how many Richard Trasks are out there working as FBI agents right now who are just like him? In my experience, it’s most of them. It comes from the way they recruit, the kind of agents they hire. As I said, I know the type very well. 

Knowing all that, let’s move to January 6th. The FBI knew there would be hundreds of thousands of people coming to the Trump rally angry at election fraud. The FBI needed to do something about it because that’s what they are expected to do. Of course, just as they did with Richard Trask, they would attempt to infiltrate some of those groups to influence them into behaving in a way that the government could use as public relations against the angry Trump voters. They felt they had to put such a large group of people on their heels while the government tried to cover what they did with Covid and the election results. Such as, who told five states to stop counting ballots on election night 2020 just shortly after Vegas bet makers had called the race for Trump? What form of Ray Epps is there in that story? People had a right to be upset, and the FBI wanted to change the story. So, there was Ray Epps, doing essentially what Richard Trask did, and the only reason Ray is still out there is that he didn’t do anything stupid like go to a swinger’s party and try to swap his wife for the night for some strange sex with drug-laced losers and low life intellects. Instead, Ray did what all federal plants try to do; he is staying low keyed on his property, hoping the story will cool down at some point so he can re-emerge back into the public. But a year later, independent reporters are starting to get it. They have been going to see Ray at his home to find out why the FBI has never picked up Ray, even though many people are still in jail awaiting some sort of bogus charges for the “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Sadly, the evidence points back to a guilty government where many politicians are playing their part in the coverup, particularly Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi. The hundreds of thousands of people who came to hear Trump talk that day scared them to death. And they needed some way to take the light off them, just as Trask tried to do for his favorite political governor, Gretchen Whitmer. She was in trouble with the people for the draconian lockdowns, and Trask took it upon himself to bail her out with this entrapment plot of militia groups. Now, does anybody really think that the FBI didn’t take the same sort of extreme action against Trump supporters on January 6th? The fact that Ray Epps has not been arrested tells you everything you need to know.

Rich Hoffman

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Gavin Newsom is Wrong In California: Guns are Constitutionally protected, abortion is not

Abortion is Murder, Gun Rights is about Protecting LIfe

The best thing about the last few years in America has been that people have read and understood the Constitution more than ever.  I remember well that our local Tea Party used to have Saturday classes to teach the Constitution.  My son-in-law also took a lengthy class at Liberty University as an immigrant from the United Kingdom that he valued quite a lot.  Many in the world have understood the Constitution for a long time, the law of the land, and our country.  Without those laws, we don’t have a country.  Otherwise, there is merely a mob of power-hungry bureaucrats who live to tell other people what to do, like Dr. Fauci.  Little people like him gain a lot of power if there is no constitutional law, so there are apparent forces at play to erode our laws so that a bureaucratic expert class can take over.  For instance, if people had just followed the law from the outset of Covid, there wouldn’t be many of the problems we have now.  We don’t change our laws to solve emergencies, even government-made ones like Covid-19 and manufactured variants.  We use science to solve those kinds of problems, and while that occurs, we stay on target with a law-and-order society.  Those are the rules, and more people than ever understand those rules.  So, it didn’t take much for people to see through the problem quickly of California’s Gavin Newsom’s attempt to turn the world upside down to rally progressives to their increasingly losing cause.

Newsom and other progressives were upset about the trajectory of the Supreme Court, specifically a Texas law that allows for legal procedures against abortion clinics that enable abortions after six weeks.  They attempted to flip the script and apply the same methods to firearms in California.  The effort gained a lot of press from the communists, socialists, and soothsayers of public education who work in the media, but nobody seemed to understand the differences.  Many media types referred to the abortion law of Texas as an attack on a constitutionally protected right, whereas removing gun rights in any form was somehow validated.  This is where a decent understanding of the Constitution comes in handy.  Every American should understand it.  It should be taught in public schools when we are all little. It’s the essential thing you can learn, yet obviously, that has not been the case with most people in politics.  The Supreme Court made a mistake with Roe v. Wade that will be rectified after a few decades of analysis.  The trajectory of the law is that it will be revisited, and that decision that allowed for abortion will be reversed because it was never a constitutional right.

Meanwhile, gun rights are in the same mold in that their effectiveness has been eroded unjustly because they are a constitutionally protected right.  Thugs and losers posing as a mob threatening to destroy the lives of members of the court were how Roe v. Wade came about in the first place.  And if guns had played a more central role in the protests, preventing acts of violence from being threatened, then a more logical court decision would have transpired, and we wouldn’t be talking about all this now. 

The trajectory meanwhile of gun rights, despite the progressive controls we see all around us from the government, is that restoration of legal purity is underway.  In Ohio and many other places, we aren’t just talking about Concealed Carry; we are moving toward Constitutional Carry, where you don’t even have to let the police know you are armed if you get pulled over for a traffic stop.  Carrying a gun should be as common as carrying a wallet, and that’s where many of the mistakes progressives have made are taking our nation to a more pure appreciation for the Constitution in the first place.  I say it often; I have copies of The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers next to my reading chair, which I look at several times a week for pleasure.  I see them as works of philosophy emerging from western civilization resulting from centuries of trial and error.  They are incredible human achievement works, and I often remind myself of them by sifting through their pages during football games and other television programs.

Additionally, I have a copy of the Ohio Constitution that I do the same with.  These are law and order components of our society which has worked well for all people.  And I stand by them.  On the other hand, I don’t have tolerance or understanding among law enforcement or politicians who do not follow the rules.  What happened to General Flynn, Roger Stone, even Brad Parscall won’t happen at my house.  I will defend it the way the Constitution specifies.  The legal system doesn’t get to suspend my constitutional rights while they figure things out as a slow, dim-witted, bureaucratic society.  In their world, people like Dr. Fauci are king.  But in the world of the constitutionally protected, kings are rejected, and their powers are limited to some useless office position behind a desk somewhere.  They are not allowed to bring their nonsense into our lives. 

Now, regarding that California proposal, which is just air coming out of the mouth of Gavin Newsom, looking for revenge and intimidation meant to hurl at the Supreme Court if Roe v. Wade is overturned in the summer of 2022.  Gun rights are legal and constitutionally protected.  They are intended to protect us from overreaching authority figures like Gavin Newsom and Dr. Fauci.  And yes, that means that gunfights are expected and patriotic if a government goes bad and comes to spread their “badness” to constitutionally protected people.  Not desired, but neither is government abuse.  Gun rights are the last right of defense against an out-of-control government, and over the previous several years, we have seen just how bad it can get.  It’s one thing to warn about these things before people know for themselves how dangerous government can be and what we saw from the government over Covid should be enough to rattle the foundations of anybody.

Nobody wants to shoot people in self-defense.  But living under tyranny is worse.  So that is why there is a trend in states toward even fewer gun restrictions instead of more.   And this has all happened as the government is trying to bankrupt the NRA financially.  Like Trump, through the NRA, the government thought those were the forces behind gun rights, so they attacked them in ways to destroy them.  No, the NRA was just a collection of over 5 million people who supported gun rights.  They would continue to support gun rights whether or not there was an NRA.  One did not create the other.   There are no rights to apply to anti-gun advocates seeking to use the Texas abortion law to gun sales in California.  Guns are constitutionally protected.  Abortion is not and never was.  Only threats of intimidation allowed for abortion, and that portion of the law will soon be restored to constitutional observations of life.  Guns are meant to protect life, liberty, and happiness.  And abortion is about killing life.  Now that more people appreciate the Constitution, we see a restoration of its legal value.  And from my observation, that is a wonderful, new trait that I welcome tremendously. 

Rich Hoffman

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How to Defeat the Administrative State: Why being free is profitable

How to Defeat the Administrative State

I wrote my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business because of the necessity in business and life in general to defeat the administrative state.  One of the most significant objectives in business cultures is to decentralize their operations and break down the silos that various departments often isolate themselves with tall walls of bureaucracy.  Most of the world is suffering under some form of administrative state.  When governments want communism, for instance, they want an expansion of the administrative state.   When people say they want to be freer, they want to have less restriction in their lives of an administrative state.  So it was my goal in that book to teach people to break down their limitations without destroying their organization by learning how to deal with decentralized administration and value the input of individual effort.  It will remain for quite a long time; the most significant problem humans have is their desire to create administrative states. Yet, their personal needs to function without them is what all life strives for.  The defining problem of Lean Manufacturing is to decentralize business operations with de-siloed methods.  But it never works well in America because, in Asia, people need less of an administrative state due to the nature of the people to submit to an authority figure, since they have always been accustomed to worshiping a king or emporer throughout their societal development.  That is why communism might appear to work in China, whereas it would never work in America because people will not follow directions from a centralized planner.  They might pay lip service to such instructional flow down. Still, Americans will always sabotage their central planners where in Asia, they individually accept their place in the scheme of things and follow directions in a decentralized way.

Decentralization, therefore, is the goal and the trend of all future societies.  How successful can an organization be if the administrative state is small and without teeth of authority?  I explain in my book why embracing decentralization of authority, there are more opportunities for success than in the slow, terrestrial administrative state filled with mind-numbing bureaucrats.  For instance, I like to use football metaphors, and the best teams on the field are those most decentralized.  If players have to look to the sideline for instruction from their coaches after each play, then coordinating all that activity in the face of constantly changing circumstances moment to moment while confronting the variables of an opponent, the chances for error are much greater. Instead, what the coaches should do is prepare each player between games for every circumstance, then once on the field, they can adapt through their onfield leadership on how to deal with the challenges they are dealing with.  For instance, coaching becomes much easier when a team has a great quarterback because you have leadership representation in the huddle, and audibles can be made much faster depending on the kind of defense presented.  That is the same in all things in life; if we wait for a centralized planner to tell us what to do, the opportunities for success in life, whether for the individual or a social group, are minimized and perhaps lost altogether.  When innovation and productivity are significantly reduced, people tend to be much unhappier, including people who function as members of the administrative state. 

One of my most common sayings is that I’ll trade my Black Belt for a gunbelt all the time.  In Lean Manufacturing, which uses terminology from oriental martial arts, the American perception of gunfighting is much more effective.  Where the martial arts of Asia are mostly a defensive fighting mode, not usually displayed for an attack on an opponent, such as a centralized authority, the American gunfighter showed traits where they could function as agents of justice even when the legal system was decentralized from the backing of a big government.  The frontier sheriffs such as Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp were able to bring a sense of justice to developing towns in the Wild West through gunfighting that was unique in the world.  Never before in modern history, modern being the city-state’s development, did a nation form under the blank slate of natural human autonomy.  This is why to this very day, the political left, communists, socialists, even major corporations tend to seek sympathy for the American Indian, as they were soundly defeated during Westward Expansion.  They like the tribal Indian with all their administrative state, adherence to the gods of nature, the village chief, and social hierarchy formed in communal life.  When really, what we learned during Westward Expansion was the alignment of individual goals to the task of necessity.  For instance, President Grant made it known that there was personal wealth to be obtained in the Black Hills, which inspired many hungry individuals to risk it all in pursuit of opportunity.  When a great leader can align the needs of a business, or a nation toward an objective without imposing an administrative state in the way to slow everything down, great things can happen and did.  The centralized administrative state, the Indians, could not fight the decentralized frontier settler.  One was motivated by preserving a centralized authority. The other was driven by individual gain.  This is precisely the problem of our modern times with centralized authority for all kinds of reasons trying to pin down a society with the fear porn of Covid.  Americans pay lip service to authority but do what they want.  Other cultures where Covid was designed are quick to adhere to centralized planning, which ultimately fails because the administrative state is too insulated from reality to make the proper decisions in crisis management. 

When people look at the events happening to them right now and fear a global takeover of the “elite” of the “Davos Crowd,” I tell them not to worry.  The fight is not about force or even intelligence.  The administrative state will always have the same problems; they will always be too slow to solve issues in real-time as problems arise.  Yet, due to their desire for the safety of group affiliation, most human society seeks to create an administrative state as their first primal instinct. We’ve built our entire education system, our political system, our businesses, just about everything we do around the maintenance of an administrative state.  America was formed by people trying to get away from the overregulation of an administrative state. At the same time, the rest of the world suffers under much less personal wealth because they have been slowed down too much by an administrative state and its massive, slow-moving bureaucracy.  When centralizing order, such as visiting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, regulation gains are at the expense of freedom and innovation.  That is why we all hate going to the BMV.  They are slow and uncompetitive.  Yet to drive, we all have to go to them and wait in the long lines because the government does what government does to their time frame.  That is always why our public education system designed by people like John Dewey doesn’t work, and it will never work.  We are teaching people to be members of the administrative state when the trend of the world is to be more decentralized.  So what people most crave in the world, even if they aren’t consciously aware of it, is to function successfully in a decentralized state, whether in their places of business, their neighborhoods or even within their families.  And it is our modern task to teach them how to let go of the burdens of the administrative state and function more as individuals, making nations great, businesses profitable, and lives much, much better off.

Rich Hoffman

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Why People Don’t Crash Into Each Other All The Time: Adam Smith’s ‘Wealth of Nations’ and the “Invisible Hand”

The Invisible Hand, Why People Don’t Crash Into Each Other With Their Cars

To me, there is no question.  But the Biden administration and the Obama administration before it was all about Keynesian economics, which was a disaster from the outset of the Red Decade when the socialist John Maynard Keynes implemented it in England.  When you hear Biden or any Davos billionaire talk up Keynesian economics, what you are hearing is utter destruction by macroeconomic socialists and students of Karl Marx intending to give government entirely too much power, which is why the most power-hungry of our society like it so much.  Billionaires want this system because they can always control politicians with their money, which ultimately lets them rule the world from the shadows.  It was a disaster from day one.  When Keynes first spoke about it, failure was already percolating, and it is even more so today.  The only reason people don’t have a stronger opinion about Keynesian economics is that it’s the only kind of economics they teach in college, really, and all the colleges of the world, for that matter. It’s the only thing Joe Biden knows, and when he says the world’s top minds all agree with is infrastructure plan, he’s essentially saying they all studied Keynesian economics at the same schools by the same loser teachers, for all the same reasons.  And they never figured it out, and they continue to stand by their Keynesian economics in the way that they promote vaccines for Covid when we all know that they do nothing for treatment.  Only methods like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin effectively treat Covid.  Yet, the government insists on failed methods to cover up their sheer stupidity from the outset.  The government never wants to admit that they were wrong on economics or disease control.  That is why they can’t be trusted and must be heavily managed by the public.  Because government always tends to go astray. 

Of course, my position is not one that I reject everything.  But I reject much of what the progressive era has produced, including the work of Sigmond Freud, Carl Jung, the positions of the media and politics over that span, and most of what people have been taught in university.  It’s not all garbage, but we used to know better.  And the answers are there. The progressive era was essentially the creation of Karl Marks and Edward Bellamy, where they made a global move to micromanage people with centralized control, and it’s been a disaster.  To this day, many still cling to it, but that’s because they are stupid and have forgotten how things really work in the world. When it comes to economics, and America was essentially its creation, the book I most treasure and have read countless times is The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.  It’s what all economic theories should be based on. We can see the benefits of American culture as it relates to the rest of the world. It has been the undisputed champion of the great economic theories of our times, including Greek, Roman, and Egyptian societies.  Never did something work so well as the ideas of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  Progressives didn’t like it because they wanted central control. Smith’s invisible hand is a repulsive concept to those who want to micromanage others for all kinds of psychologically wrong reasons. 

When I explain The Wealth of Nations to people and the concept of the “invisible hand,” I often talk about America’s car culture.  I tell the story in the video above of me driving my family through the Smokey Mountains with our RV in the fast lane of I-40.  Next to us is a logging truck.  In front of us was a dump truck.  All around them are numerous cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes winding through the mountains and tunnels at 70 MPH.

In many cases, there are only a few feet between us and the next car.  Next to us on the left side is a concrete wall, and beyond that is the opposite lane of traffic going the other way at the same speed.  The whole journey is perilous if looking at how the government looks at things or the Keynesian economic theory.  If anyone person makes the slightest mistake, there could be a 50 car pile up and hundreds of people killed.  But truly, seldom do crashes ever happen, and statistically, we might go through our whole lives with many hours of opportunity for errors to occur and only have a few crashes.  As a society, we have accepted the risk and enjoy the rewards.  If you leave in the morning with your car, you are most of the time going to come home safe and sound at the end of the day because it is in everyone’s self-interest to preserve their property.  So crashes seldom occur—that is the nature of the “Invisible Hand.” Self-interest governs behavior for the benefit of all—the key to understanding The Wealth of Nations and the general success of America as a global superpower. 

Keynesian economics is like the subway, public bus, or the public toilet with people making a mess and never cleaning it up.  When people don’t own the property, they don’t take care of it because it replaces self-interest with shared benefit.  And that means that the lowest value always wins.  If the person dressed in a nice suit is sitting next to some barely surviving bum who hasn’t washed their clothes in weeks, the nicely dressed person has everything to lose in the investment while the bum loses nothing.  They can only gain from such an exchange.  So the net result is that public transportation is dirty, uncomfortable, too expensive, and it never gets you where you want to go because other people determine your travel route.  Everything is centrally planned, so the net result is that everyone is just a bit unhappy with the shared experience.  It’s not by accident that liberals like public transportation for the same reasons, and conservatives love their cars.  They want independence to decide where they want to go and when they will get there.  And they don’t like to share their space with people who aren’t equally invested in their appearance. 

When people are free to come and go as they please and have a stake in getting there, they tend not to run into each other, which might damage their property or their life.  When you look at a highway at 3 AM and wonder where all those people are going at all hours of the day, all days of the week, no central government could provide instruction for all those little details.  Only self-interest could drive such ambition, and out of that activity comes a tremendous economic benefit. I’ve driven all over the United States at all hours of the day, and seldom, even in the most remote section of the country, was I ever alone on the road for long.   That is the essence of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  It is the economic means of American life, it should be studied exclusively in high school, starting in the fifth grade, and nothing else matters.  I will never say that Adam Smith was the final word on economic theory. I’m sure future improvements will be made as necessity dictates.  But Keynesian economics was not that improvement.  It was an attack on the free market by centralized planners who wanted an administrative state.  Not people who wish to support or understand why any country is better when people are turned loose to act on behalf of their own self-interest freely.  But we see the magic every day, in our cars, on our roads, anywhere where people travel freely with an extension of themselves with private transportation.  Any trace of Keynesian economics in American society or any society for that matter should be eradicated from our minds forever and remembered for its stupidity and malice for which it was constructed.  We need to stick with what works and has worked.  Not what only gives power to the most insecure and unintelligent among us, the modern progressives. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Support Josh Mandel for the Ohio Senate: It’s all about making elevator rides uncomfortable

I Support Josh Mandel for Ohio Senate

The upcoming senate race for Ohio to replace the Rob Portman seat is coming up fast.  There were some good elections in 2021, but that’s all behind us now.  It’s time to go or get off the pot for endorsing someone for the Ohio Senate Race of 2022.  I like many of the candidates; I think they all have some great attributes.  The key to something like this, which still has many months of campaigning, is to pick the person who will best serve that seat a few years from now, not necessarily where politics is presently.  And I think, especially after reading The Nixon Conspiracy by Geoff Shepard and The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., that the political world of tomorrow will be much different than what it has been over the past decade.  Picking candidates for the climate we are coming into is essential because the political terrain will be robust with political stunts, media hype, and the ability to shame candidates on the senate floor and still ride the elevator back to the parking garage after.  It’s not going to be for the political lite but rather those who can most withstand betrayal and scandal and support the Trump America First Agenda without hesitation. And my pick to be that guy is Josh Mandel. 

I like Jane Timken a lot, but after meeting with her a few times and watching her campaigning now for several months, she’s too conventional. She’s a bridge-builder, and we’re talking about a senate that needs to get rid of people like Mitch McConnell in the leadership and who will instantly harass Chuck Schumer right out of the gate.  Even sitting in the bathroom stall, they need to shame all the comfortable senate members like Lindsey Graham.  Retaking the Senate as a Republican majority is a war, including even the RINOs who are there now who have not been protecting the American Constitution the way they need to.  Jane talks about herself being a fighter, and I think she is, perhaps for some time in the past or the future.  But not for the 2022 race extending past 2025. She’s just too nice for that environment, for what has to be done.  I have nothing against her, she has done an excellent job with the Republican Party in Ohio, and I think she can work the Trump endorsement that she no doubt would get once the primary is over. Still, she’s just too conventional to excite people into action.  

The other guy I had been rooting for whom I was happy to meet is J.D. Vance.  His problem is that he was a Never Trumper, and in a Trump-heavy election, that is coming back to bite him.  He has a lot of money pouring in to support him, a lot of the big conventional money would rather have a Trump hater than a Trump copy, so J.D. Vance is raising a lot of money and has a shot to keep things close.  But what it comes down to is he’s too nice of a guy.  Like Jane, he might make a great senator in a different time when people played nicely together, and a legislative agenda was more important.  But these are not those times; what matters is America First and nothing else, and the ability to fight with peers on the senate floor the way Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are in the House.  Radicals have overtaken the Democrat Party, I would say for the last 40 or 50 years. 

The masks of communism are off now, but the radicalism is deep in their culture, especially as it extends into the media and global investment brokers.  To undo all that, it will take a lot of political theater and members on the Hill who will write legislation endorsed by the Trump White House and fight for it on the floor, perhaps even physically.  It’s not what you see on TV that anybody must worry about; it’s what happens in the halls, the offices, and during the commute that requires aggression and boisterousness.  The Democrats are the enemy, and the fight has to be taken to them.  J.D. Vance is a nice guy who does pretty well on Tucker Carlson and can come up with some one-liners.  But when it comes to fighting, he’s not the guy for the battlefield.  Like I said, maybe during a different time.    

The rest of them in the field, such as Mike Gibbons, are to the left of J.D. and Jane, and I don’t consider them relevant in this race.  They may make some noise, but they don’t have what it takes for this Senate seat that essentially needs to pressure Sharrod Brown’s supporters to fall off the earth.  None of this hand-holding that Rob Portman has started with the Brown camp is what Ohio voters have been wanting.  Democrat progressives need to be destroyed.  There were three things that Josh Mandel did that solidified my opinion about him.  He worked with Darby Boddi at Lakota in gaining the support of the growing number of angry moms there, and he did a fantastic job on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas to talk about it. I personally spoke to Josh at a Republican event privately and on stage in front of a really big audience with big-time Republican members in the audience such as Jim Jordan and Frank LaRose, about his commitment to the election fraud that robbed Trump of the Executive Branch in 2020.  And the third thing was an event at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe where he had the Tea Party religious right showing great support.  He appeared on stage with Jena Ellis from the Trump legal team and was very evangelical.  Now, that particular assemblage of the electorate is only about 30% of the total conservative vote, but they are passionate, and when they are winning, they are contagious.  When Trump gives out endorsements in the summer of 2022 after this primary race is over, it’s going to be Trump for Renacci for governor and Mandel for Senate, and these people will be the ground troops who fill the crowds. 

When people wonder if Josh Mandel can win the general election, as he obviously can win the primary, the answer to that will be yes.  Even though he will come across as weak and vulnerable in a general election to Democrats and media members, the people who actually vote will put everything on the table for a hard-core Trump supporter, especially as Trump does many campaign stops in Ohio during that election season.  Any scandal that follows Josh Mandel around, as he is a little on the wild side, won’t matter just as it hasn’t for Trump.  Mandel will have the evangelicals, and they will be his foot soldiers to success.  People in Ohio will vote for someone attached to Trump’s hip, and none of the candidates in this race has more openly embraced Trump than Josh Mandel by sticking to the election fraud issue more.  Trump will reward Josh with an open endorsement as he will be campaigning for Renacci anyway.  At that point in the race, the other candidates would be nowhere near as exciting to Ohio voters as someone who isn’t afraid of political stunts and sticking to them when the pressure is most significant.  And when it comes to taking the fight to the Senate floor in Washington D.C. I asked Josh the same thing. I asked the other candidates how prepared they were for the battle to come.  Only Josh Mandel gave me the correct answer about actually showing light in his eyes when the talk of fighting liberals personally and directly came up.  And I’m convinced that with Josh Mandel, there will be many uncomfortable elevator rides for the opposition in the years to come.     

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Fight On Ground The Enemy Chooses: The sunbathing wife, never forget, government made Covid-19

Don’t Die on the Hill They Choose for You

Notice how we don’t talk about the minimum wage being $15 an hour anymore?  You could hear how Biden spun the news of the jobs report on the first Friday of November 2021, when 500,000 jobs were added. Many of them at higher wage rates because the government first destroyed those jobs with Covid protocols, then paid people to stay home, forcing employers to throw money at new hires to get them back out of the house and into the workplace.  All the aspects of the jobs report were the effect of government tampering.  Those jobs had been there before, they weren’t new, but government activism created all the elements they reported. That’s the game we are playing with these characters, and it’s essential to understand because essentially, the root of all this evil was the creation of Covid-19 by Dr. Fauci in a Wuhan lab in China to destroy our economy to cause the Great Reset we see the United  Nations pushing for.  It’s hard for most people to understand this game, so these authoritarian governments keep doing it.  They attack us on the ground they establish then force us to defend our position while attacking from a different direction.  Progressives in government have been pushing for a $15 minimum wage for a long time, but they couldn’t get the politics and public behind it.  So they attacked from a different direction using this United Nations Great Reset as the platform.  They simply took away the workers using Covid, forcing companies trying to stay alive to throw money at the situation just to try to get back to normal.  Nothing changed in the marketplace, but the government tampered with the employer/employee relationship to drive up prices so that Biden could take credit for the wage increases at some future time when he needed a political boost after the embarrassments of the Virginia election.

It’s like the poor sap of a husband who wants to watch football on a Saturday afternoon. He’s tired and has been looking forward to just sitting on the couch watching several big college games.  But his wife has other ideas.  She wants to be noticed by the next-door neighbors as she suns herself under a September sun.  She doesn’t necessarily want to have an affair with her neighbor, but she wants to make his wife jealous because the two women have a rivalry, and she likes to be noticed.  After all, her husband doesn’t seem to notice her anymore because he just wants to watch football all the time.  But she can’t lay out in the sun if the grass looks all scraggly.  So she tells her husband to go out and mow it.  He, of course, doesn’t want to.  So to get him to move off his position, she says to him, “don’t you love me anymore?  Are you cheating on me?” Well, this gets his attention.  Of course, he’s not cheating on her, but now he has to prove that he’s not, so he immediately gets defensive and feels he has to prove it to her.  Thus, shortly after some tense exchanges of denial, he goes out into the garage and starts up the lawnmower, and proceeds to cut the lawn.  The wife smiles and puts on her bikini and some sunscreen.  That, in many ways, is what the government did to us over the minimum wage. 

What the Other Hand

I tell that story because there is more to it.  Remember, our government, funded by NIH, created Covid, and our government is currently covering it up.  Dr. Fauci is just the bag man.  Covid-19 was designed to usher in the Great Reset, which the United Nations has planned for years.  How else were they going to shut down all the economies of the world so they could then gain control of them all at the same time?  Covid was their created crisis to make it happen.  You could tell it was a phony deal from the start because all the Covid protocols they wanted us to implement were the same ones that climate change lunatics wanted.

Bill Gates wants a zero-emission world, so people like him came up with the Great Reset scheme.  We know the rest of the history, and we understand this bizarre push for government-sanctioned vaccines and connecting them to our jobs.  But be careful here; there is an ulterior motive that goes well beyond the logic of what we see.  The government, represented by Biden here, understands what they are up to while the rest of us do not.  We assume that they want us to work at our jobs and be productive.  But honestly, they will make up jobs numbers all day long, just as they did on the one in November.  What they want is to make the United Nations happy with wealth redistribution.  If they can piss people off and force those who refuse to get the Covid vaccine for a virus they created in a Wuhan lab (never forget that), they can attack businesses and force them to relocate in regions of the world where people won’t walk off the job.  Remember, the wife wants the grass cut so she can flirt with the neighbor.  She could care less what her husband thought. 

The government provoking a fight between the employer and the employees is just what they want as they make deals with the United Nations to redistribute the wealth of America to places they think is better.  That is undoubtedly what Biden wants, and his administration is committed to the Open Society George Soros ideas at every level.  All these climate radicals have the United States targeted for destruction.  If they can shut down jobs over the Covid vaccine mandate, they surely will, and they’ll laugh while they are doing it.  It’s what they want.  Our mistake is in answering the wife who is accusing you of what she is actually up to.  But we are the ones mowing the grass while she is putting on the suntan oil and shaving her legs for max appeal on her sunbathing fantasies.  The government has positioned itself to win on the vaccine mandate issue either way it goes.  So don’t take the bait and fight them where they attack.  For instance, learn from history, from what they have done with the minimum wage, and hit them where you see fit.  Challenge these losers in court, attack them where they are weakest. Don’t play their game; make them play the one you demand. 

The husband should tell the wife that he’ll mow the grass after the game or even tomorrow.  When she accuses him of cheating, he should turn it around on her by letting her wonder if maybe he is.  He should know what kind of game she is playing and play it better than her. Perhaps he should say, “how did you find out?” That would turn things around on her quickly.  Then instead of putting on her bikini and suntan lotion, she’d be digging through the trash looking for unusual receipts and rummaging through his phone for unknown phone numbers.

Meanwhile, he would still get to watch the game.  Of course, she would find nothing, but he would get his game in, then he could mow the grass, and by then, the sun would be down over the horizon denying his wife the noonday sun and the lustful gaze of their neighbor.  Never let anybody, not a spouse nor a government, fight you on the ground they choose if you can help it.  Also, turn it around on them and force them to fight where you decide. It’s the foundation of the Art of War, it’s indeed the game we are all playing with China, but our government is crooked, deceitful, and out for blood.  Be sure not to walk into their buzz saw and to die on the hill they decide.  Hit them where they are vulnerable, and don’t be a sucker. Remember what we aren’t talking about when it comes to vaccine requirements, that government made the virus, Dr. Fauci knew about it, he lied to congress and the President, and a lot of people knew about it before January 28th 2020.

Rich Hoffman

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Peter Navarro’s ‘In Trump Time’: Dr. Fauci must pay for his criminal conduct with Covid and his part in the Great Reset

Peter Navarro’s Book Has the Goods

I’m sure the plan by the characters of globalism articulated in the Quigley book Tragedy & Hope thought they had all the bases covered for a communist takeover of the world during the 2020 election season.  They had Dr. Fauci on board, a sponsor, Bill Gates, and many other billionaire types committed to the cause of complete insurrection of sovereignty into global compliance.  They worked with China to hatch the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab to ruin the world’s economies and use election fraud created by the chaos to destroy the Trump presidency.  The plan was to usher in the Great Reset that the Davos crowd was heavily invested in.  They had control of the corporate media, they had most of the corporate culture on board with wokeism, and they certainly had complete censorship by the Big Tech companies to control the message.  They were all in on the worst military attack known to the human race in 2020 when Covid-19 was created by people in a lab and allowed to leave China to start a chain reaction of destruction that we are still suffering from.  But one thing they didn’t count on was that the plan would get out despite their tight media controls.  Books from Trump administration officials like Peter Navarro would get out and be unleashed to the public.  For instance, Molly Hemmingway’s book Rigged was recently released, articulating how election fraud occurred in the 2020 election.  But the behind-the-scenes decisions about how everything transpired were eloquently told with great bravado in Peter’s book, In Trump Time, just released.  And what an injection of truth and fortune it was demanding action toward the criminal conviction of Dr. Fauci himself. 

By the end of the book, I arrived at two main conclusions, which any sane reader would also reach, the election of 2020 was rigged at many levels, not just at the presidential level, but all the down-ticket races as well.  By all practical accounts, the Democrats do not have actual majorities in the House or Senate.  The American people support nothing they are doing presently, and many Democrats feel that pressure.  What occurred in the election was a party coup, and the Trump administration knew it.  But they were up against the clock and didn’t know how to get the information out as fast as it needed to because they needed time to assemble all the pieces.  I understood that and reported as much along the way.  I knew it would take years to prove the election fraud, so it was challenging and frustrating for people like President Trump and Peter Navarro.  They knew from the inside out that there was fraud, but the system was built against them.  The Davos crowd bet on the clock to run out on the legal issues and planned for everyone just to shut up and comply halfway into the Biden administration, so they could have cared less what Trump or any of his supporters thought about it.  But they didn’t account for a free press of alternative media such as books and new social sights like Gettr to bypass their controls on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 

I remember how it was, so it was nice to hear how the insiders at the Trump White House were dealing with it.  I had said early in the process, March 16th, 2020, that Covid-19 was like a terrorist attack, more like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor than an accidental viral outbreak.  The globalists, the Davos people, the characters of Quigley telegraphed all their movements with Event 201 in New York just months before, so nothing about Covid surprised me.  But what I did learn from Navarro’s book was how right I had been from the start, even before Rush Limbaugh had caught up to where I was.  At that time, I think I was the only one to figure out what was happening.  Other commentators like Candice Owens came to things faster than Rush did, but at the time, most everyone thought Dr. Fauci was some saint from the NIH who was a god to the CDC, and our lives were all linked to every decision he made without question.  I knew from the very first day that Fauci was a fraud.  I said it here.  I said it everywhere.  And Peter Navarro knew it too as early as January 28th, 2020, when they had a meeting at the White House to discuss travel bans from China to contain the effects of the virus. 

Well, now we know that on that very same day, January 28th, Fauci received an email letting him know in writing that Covid-19 was created in a lab and was unleashed out of China.  So, he knew that a travel ban would have been wise in the meeting with Navarro and Trump.  But he wanted the virus to get out of China.  And he continued to withhold that information for many months after, lying to the American people, to the president, perjuring himself before Congress, Fauci committed many crimes. Because of it, many people died and suffered trillions of dollars of losses in the process.  Those who didn’t die were ruined in other ways.  Dr. Fauci, the highest-paid government employee who just received a raise and was promoted within the Biden administration for a job well done, is the perpetrator of the worst crime of death and misery ever conducted upon the human race.  And he must be held accountable.  That is what is most apparent about Peter Navarro’s book, In Trump Time.

I often call Covid-19 a scamdemic.  Or a “plandemic.” It’s obvious who the villains were; Google was in on it, much of our government was, many other nations recently at the G20 Summit were.  Anyone attached to the United Nations idea of a “Great Reset” was part of it.  Anybody who talks about “Build Back Better” was in on it.  It’s not like it was a secret.  The apparent giveaway was that they didn’t want to talk about treatments to Covid, like hydroxychloroquine.  All they wanted was to use the virus to alter election law and to sell vaccinations, or the concept of centralized government control of viral outbreaks, which in this case, they created so they’d have a reason to advance the crises.  It was a fake crisis, but the virus was real.  I still have not recovered my sense of taste after two years of likely having Covid several times.  I have never thought of Covid as anything more than a cold, but some people have experienced severe reactions because it was not meant for humans.  It was meant for a bat.  They engineered it using gain of function funding from our own NIH to attack humans and create this crisis, which we are still dealing with.  The damage that followed in the wake is not just economically, which is a massive number, but in millions of people’s health and well-being.  And ostentatiously criminal.  Many people need to be punished for what they did, and Peter’s book only provides more proof to my previous opinions.  What is different with this book is that it comes from someone on the front line of the crises, and now he gets to tell his story.  And it’s a story that was not part of the plan for the Great Reset.  Thank goodness we still have a free market press, where there are publishers who will give people like Navarro a chance to tell such a story that demands justice before we do anything in the future.  We must deal with Dr. Fauci and his criminal class of bureaucrats and global cutthroats for what they did to all of us.

Rich Hoffman

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Where Did “Build Back Better” Come From: How the United Nations is using Biden to rule the world

Build Back Better and the United Nations

Yes, the United Nations are at the heart of the Biden administration, behind election fraud, behind Covid-19.  The United Nations aren’t a bunch of scary bond villains; they are somewhat more like passive-aggressive sissy socialists from armpit countries worldwide who want to assert themselves as powerful but only dare to do it through more rules and regulations.  They infiltrated long ago our education system with a jealous lust for the yesteryear of aristocracy in Europe, where they much prefer to talk about the names of wines rather than the content of philosophy.  I heard their work just the other day at a zoning meeting in my community of Liberty Township.  When people say that the United Nations isn’t that powerful to be wrapped up in our local zoning, they don’t understand global politics’ history and the intentions.   A resident of my community had just bought a house that had some property.  He had some four-wheelers and some boats that he wanted to house under a new pole barn.  So he was seeking a deviation from current zoning laws, which are dripping wet in Agenda 2030 United Nations sustainability recommendations.  He was then lectured by the board of trustees of Liberty Township into how it was not “their” responsibility to provide a safe harbor for his “many toys.” The jealousy and grabs for power are a typical story for socialist-minded zoning boards. This was just another example of how the United Nations attacks our residents who resent how private property is used through rules and regulations toward sustainable development.  This guy had a house and space to build a barn, yet he had to beg for his right to do it with many power-hungry government pin-heads who have a master plan created for them by liberals who love the United Nations strategy. That’s how the United Nations end up controlling what happens to you in your driveway in suburban America. 

The zoning boards are an easy example of something people generally don’t pay much attention to until they need some zoning variance.  So, people are suddenly shocked at this Biden administration’s commitment to “Build Back Better,” which is the centerpiece of the entire administration.  For one thing, people generally didn’t vote for Joe Biden.  It was a contentious election, and to say the least, the vast majority of people didn’t vote for Biden.  But Biden acts as if he won the election with an overwhelming mandate to work, and he has progressed to impose these reckless economic policies on everyone under the flag of “Build Back Better.” Americans didn’t sign up for that, yet there it is in our face every day.  It’s why the current congress wants to spend trillions of dollars on some United Nations objectives for a sustainable future that traces back to European socialism and their commitment to tying all our economies to the medical industry and green energy production.  It has been crammed down our throats against our will and conveniently poised onto the Biden administration after the wreckage of Covid-19 has pretty much destroyed the world.  Like I say about local zoning and the poor guy who wanted to build a pole barn to protect his four-wheelers and boats, the United Nations zoning people trained into sustainable development in their liberal colleges know the game plan.  And that is the same radicalism behind Dr. Fauci’s NIH funding of the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab to create the virus and the pandemic that would follow.  They meant to tear down the world and rebuild it back “better.” Do you see now, dear reader, what’s been going on?

For those who don’t know, Build Back Better was first adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on June 3, 2015.  It was about then that President Trump was making his pitch to run for President, and people were laughing at him over it.  The BBB, as they call it, was a strategy aimed at reducing the risk to the people of nations and communities in the wake of future disasters and shocks, such as restoration of physical infrastructure, social systems and shelters, and the revitalization of livelihoods, economies and the environment. That all sounds fine until you realize that the intentions are to convert capitalist economies into socialist ones and attack the premise of private property at the ground level, such as local zoning.  The poor Liberty Township property owner would be mystified why he couldn’t get approval to build a pole barn on his property. He wouldn’t know that the zoning people are trained socialists intent on hating private property ownership.  They want to tax that property, but they don’t want property owners to feel they can do anything they want on their properties.  After all, sustainable development means that power-hungry bureaucrats will manage all affairs of people everywhere.  So they say no to a pole barn to the private treasures of a hard-working American who has some four-wheelers and boats, those fossil fuel-eating artifacts of evil capitalism.  Of course, the panic by the United Nations and their boot lickers of government bureaucrats across the world is that Trump did get elected.  So how could they convince the world to Build Back Better when Trump was doing “America First?” That had to go, which is why I say that the United Nations is one of the most dangerous outfits globally, especially about personal liberty.  They are intent on tying us all together, not to allow us to live our own lives. 

So now we all know what they did.  The World Health Organization is a branch of the United Nations, and they pressed for something that would cause a Great Reset around the world.  So Covid-19 was born there in a Wuhan lab with Dr. Fauci guiding it along.  By the time the virus was ready to transmit to the rest of the world, everyone knew the United Nations script.  Just like the zoning people who want to harass property owners from building pole barns on their properties to protect their “toys,” the intent behind the Covid pandemic was to stop the economy, then reset it with a Build Back Better option.  That is how the Biden administration came to use the United Nations slogan as its own.  The Biden administration is simply an arm of the United Nations to implement Agenda 2030 sustainable development options that were not created in the United States, but at United Nation’s summits, going way back and being adopted in 2015 as a strategy for the entire world.  So you can see, this is not just something that happens on the other side of the world, but the United Nations is everywhere.  They are everywhere that bureaucrats like to gather, like zoning boards and as trustees who often don’t have any idea what’s going on. They never read Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 United Nations strategies but followed the liberals’ rules handed to them.  Whether it’s a pole barn in Liberty Township or the unleashing of Covid-19 out of China with the United Nations seeking to implement their Build Back Better strategy by getting rid of Trump through election fraud and inserting an administration friendly to the United Nations with Biden, the intentions cannot be ignored.  And for those who wondered what all this Build Back Better talk was and where it came from, well, now you know. 

Rich Hoffman

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