What Happens after the Capitol Attack: An underground resistance against the China communists seizing control

For context, throughout this communist insurgency I have called to anybody who is willing to listen to follow the rule of law as far as you can.  However, in the video above I spell out the case as to why attacking the Capitol building in Washington DC was a healthy thing to do.  It may save lives down the road.  It’s sad that anybody lost their life but what the people were doing who stormed the Capitol was express themselves from an obvious invasion by leftist radicals and criminals just as a coup and outright censorship was applied to disrespectfully apply force and fear to the American nation to provoke them to be ruled or destroyed.  By taking away the option to believe in an election with two obvious election thefts, the bad guys here thought they’d get away with it without anybody punching them in the face, so the Trump people with nowhere else to turn expressed themselves through violence.  Obviously, tyrannical force to bring the nation under communist law was always the plan, and the shock expressed by the politicians who call the Capitol building home was unified, and the media outlets who had just spent a year advocating for violence in mob riots all of 2020 found the shoe on the other foot, which everyone could see showing all what I’ve been saying for a very long time.  You can only push people, nice Christian people, so far until they get to the point of breaking and taking the fight to the enemy.

Even with the mass purge by Twitter and other social media platforms, and the treatment by the media, my statements are that as private companies even publicly traded its their stuff and I respect their ownership rights.  If they don’t want Trump there, that’s fine.  If they don’t want me, I’m fine to go somewhere else.  But don’t come to my house and expect to tell me what to do either.  I’ll find alternative media, or I’ll start my own thing.  I do not believe there is any chance of coexisting with liberals, so I don’t want to consume their products.  They obviously don’t want to coexist with conservatives otherwise their behavior wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been.  All these radicals and sell-out politicians think they have acquired power but this is different than when Jimmy Carter won, or Bill Clinton, or even Commie Obama.  With the crimes we have witnessed over the last four years of attempting a coup of our elected president in Trump and this terrible behavior at the end of his first term, with House Democrats looking to impeach him again with a hope of knocking him out of trying for a second term, the hostilities have been coming from illegitimate government that I will not recognize as representative.  To me, these are hostile criminals who have attacked our country by playing along at coexistence until they felt they could make their move, and now they have made it.  Trump supporters tried to play the rule and law game by voting for our representation, we turned to the judiciary to enforce rule of law, but all that was stripped away from us by these attackers leaving us nowhere to turn.  My hope was that in the attack of the Capitol building that perhaps, although its doubtful, that maybe the political left might learn a lessen before things get worse.  But putting up with this insurgency just isn’t an option. 

Also I hinted a bit into some of my foundation thoughts on the matter by discussing one of my favorite FBI agents from the communist fighting days, Cleon Skousen.  I’ve always loved Cleon, he represents my kind of America back when he warned in his books as a field agent for when the FBI had not yet been infiltrated with crazy leftists about the strategy and desires of the communists pouring into America.  Even I have held back throwing the word “communist” around as the names have been changed over the last several decades to progressives and just small “S” socialists.  Big “C” communists have generally been accepted as dying off with the fall of the Soviet Union.  However, the Chinese are communists, and it is that type of communism that they are insisting the world unite under and the tech companies are clearly on board.  I can understand not deleting your accounts right now, especially after over ten years of use.  But I plan to stop using any company as much as possible that is not friendly to freedom, because they want communism as it exists in China.  Even our politicians have compromised our nation with so much debt that China rules them, and they have accepted that with most of them already on board with their brand of communism, even republicans.  Skousen was a smart guy, a top mind and even he had to admit that free people and communists could not coexist.  So at some point there will be a fight.  The situation at the Capitol building might prevent some of that future fighting.  I would hope so, people have to stick up for themselves.  But the communists assumption that they were going to make their move in 2020 for an outright takeover, which is what the election of 2020 told me, is an act of war by a domestic enemy and at the very least this new administration has to be declared illegitimate and will not be accepted, nor any laws that they sign.  I would point everyone to read Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist” as the foundation for what must happen next. 

As a result of seeing the government reaction to the Capitol attack the MAGA movement will of course go underground to cut out the foundations of everything that this insurgent government has shown its intention to do.  Clearly they are planning on harassment and door to door intimidation as other communist insurgencies in the past have utilized.  They will want to ban books, they will go after free speech any way they can.  They will try to separate Trump supporters from each other.  They think Trump is the key to all this so that by cutting him off from his Twitter account that the MAGA movement might die.  But like all communists they are not very smart as they have built their entire philosophic strategy off the loser Karl Marx and it has within it the lack of scope and imagination that can properly interact with the world.  They do not understand Trump supporters so they either want to kill us all off, or pound us into compliance so they can have their perfect revolution.  That is what I saw on January 6th 2021.  It was surprising to see so many Republicans buckle under the pressure.  But they don’t represent Trump supporters who put the President in office in the first place.  That desire isn’t gone or wasn’t created by him.  Trump is a creation of his supporters and now that effort will go underground to cut out the foundation of the communist overthrow of America and nothing else will be tolerated.  Coming together through a lack of options on social media won’t even come close to solving the problem of what’s brewing.  And it doesn’t take me to provoke it.  If anything I’ve probably managed to stop a few other uprisings.  But the more that this insurgent government pisses off people, the worse its going to get.  The Capitol attack was really just a few broken windows and some deaths resulting from panicky reactions to the situation.  I would hope that it would never get worse than that, but because of it, maybe we can avoid more of that kind of thing in the future.  But accepting the Democrat government that seized power through lying, cheating and other criminal conduct is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.  If the ballot box isn’t a way we can manage our government, then what else is there? 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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