Little Marco Plays the Democrat Game: Why Republicans lose so often to Saul Alinsky, until Trump

It was embarrassing to watch Little Marco Rubio make the rounds on cable television talking about the Capitol riots.  But in so doing, he brought up something that he clearly wasn’t aware of but is guilty of freezing just about every conservative in the world when pressed by the enemy.  I’ve been through it and have never given that other side the acknowledgment that they seek so aggressively.  And when Trump came along, he understood the rules for the first time in an official Republican Party perspective.  Don’t give the other side an admission of guilt for which they always seek.  The secret weapon of Democrats as exploited by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has been for years to never admit to an evil themselves, but to always cast blame on the good Christian Republicans who still remember their childhoods of being scolded by their parents for misbehaving or their God for committing a sin.  Because the Republican typically has a value system, shaming them into admissions of guilt was weaponized by Democrats thanks to Saul Alinsky and it was obvious that Marco Rubio had fallen for the same trick once Democrats framed the Capitol riots as Trump’s fault. 

It was equally shameful to hear that Mitch the Bitch McConnell was entertaining impeachment of Trump following the lead of Little Marco in apologizing to the political left for the sins that the Democrats had been guilty of.  There is nothing new about this, Republicans have been doing this for decades, most notably in apologizing for racism when being Republican is the party of Lincoln and Grant, the people who ended slavery and started to put people of color into positions of power.  Once Saul Alinsky came along with his theories, Democrats in the 1960s and 70s started to erase their mistakes with the Civil Rights movement and paint them on to dumb founded Republicans who simply didn’t know how to defeat the freeze thrown on them.  For conservatives by the mind of Saul Alinsky, once they accepted the original sin that mankind was born in sin and that they had to have Jesus Christ in their hearts to redeem them of it, then it was easy for Democrats to paint any sin they committed and apply it right onto Republicans to carry the burden of the cross, and they’d do it willingly, time and time again until their deaths.  It was a great scam for Democrats, but a nail in the coffin for Republicans time and time again, until Trump came along. 

Whenever the political left can’t beat you on ideas, they dust off that playbook and it works most of the time until they run into someone who refuses to acknowledge their sins.  Such as in this case, it was the Democrats who caused insurrection in America all during 2020, from the riots in the streets, to the defund the cops movement, to the sins committed under Covid-19 lockdowns, to the theft of the 2020 presidential election and likely the senate runoff seats in Georgia.  (Oh, did you forget about those dear reader?  Notice how nobody has been talking about that theft.)  Instead, all the stories have been about Trump inciting a riot at the Capitol hiding all the other crimes they committed behind Republican guilt.  They were laughing to themselves and Saul Alinsky along with all of China was laughing at how stupid Republicans were to accept the guilt of the Democrats with simple name calling.  For them, it was unbelievable that they could get away with it.  And once that story wore thin, Nancy and her band of thugs, goons and outright criminals moved to impeach Trump over a mere accusation once they had tricked enough Republicans into admitting to some level of guilt.  And Mitch McConnell’s anger toward Trump, was that the President refused to join them in accepting guilt—so his first instinct was to get rid of him out of the Party altogether.  A stupid idea considering how popular Trump is in the party, but like an idiot, Mitch the Bitch fell for the Democrat playbook and have us fighting each other while the Democrats spend and sin like it’s the last day on earth. 

Obviously, the future of the Republican Party and of the sustainability of conservative values is to abandon this game.  At the core of the MAGA movement is the rebellion of accepting sins that were not committed by the conservative side of things, such as being called racists, Nazis, or even far-right.  The names we have been called over the years are reprehensible.  So much so that after all we have been through over the last year, nobody should even bat an eye at the riots at the Capitol.  Conservatives don’t typically advocate for violence, but our government has been so mismanaged outside of Trump’s efforts that the government deserves to feel some heat from it all.  If anybody is to blame for the riots at the Capitol, it’s the government.  Where were they when Antifa was throwing eggs at Trump supporters coming back from rallies, or where was the FBI when its agents were plotting a coup against an incoming president that we elected?  People have a right to be upset.  The burden is not for conservatives to take it, as they have for such a long time, its to push it back on the plate of the liberal and to make them eat it. 

If there should have been a lesson to come out of all this, the way Trump entered office and overcame so many established Republicans in 2016 and unified the party so resolutely no matter what was going on in the world should say everything.  It broke the Saul Alinsky trick that Democrats always played on Republicans and gave people something worth fighting for.  And that’s why they hate Trump, Mitch and the gang.  They are the ultimate looters who would sell out Jesus Christ himself just as Judas did if it meant they’d get to keep their seat at the table, even if it was a losing table.  They sold themselves out a long time ago and accepted the burdens of guilt that Democrats gave them, just as Marco Rubio showed in the wake of the Capitol riots.  He played his part in taking guilt from the Democrats instead of all of them looking at the anger and its origin and dealing with the real problem.  They simply played the blame game and used it to attempt to retake their power and pretend that nothing ever happened, that the four years of Trump was just a blip on the radar.  They forgot about Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and even Ronald Reagan.  Democrats want communism.  Republicans want to accept the sins of the fallen in hopes of getting into Heaven.  And they’ll sell us all out in the meantime.  If the Romans want to send Republicans to the lions, Mitch the Bitch, Little Marco and fat boy Christie will be the first to say some prayers and castigate themselves on the temple floor of bureaucracy giving unearned power to the Democrats while they stiff arm Trump supporters whom they always hated leaving us with no real representatives in our republic.  But they’ll learn all too late that things won’t go back to how they were.  Actually, Trump was just the start and will always be in the future.   

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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