CIVIL WAR: The United States of America versus The Socialist States of America

I’ve been a Lin Wood fan for a long time, the big time attorney in Georgia who most recently has been known for the massive law suit against CNN for Nick Sandman of Covington Catholic.  His position on this Election 2020 is something I share as he told Hugh Hewitt what he thought about what he has learned as he is now defending President Trump from the massive levels of fraud that has been uncovered giving Joe Biden a fake victory.  Its much more than being a sore loser, that would mean we accept the results were fair and square and that we agree to the circumstances of the election.  Lin Wood has made his position quite clear, he thinks there will be massive arrests and punishments based on what he knows now.  I have my doubts because the government isn’t going to put itself in jail.  I hope the bad guys go to jail, but I think we’ll have to fight them in the streets, perhaps even kill them.  I’m much less of a turn the other cheek kind of guy than Lin Wood is and there are many Christian members of the MEGA movement who would much prefer a prayer to God rather than grabbing guns and fists to seek a good thumping of the evil that is on full display.  But what we have in common is that we accept that a vast evil just attempted to invade our country through our government and media and that we consider the perpetrators “domestic enemies” as established by the U.S. Constitution.  There is no way to unify under these conditions, and yes, we do have a war on our hands.

The proof of cheating that is obvious to me is that President Trump won a tremendous amount of support, much more than any GOP president in history and we’re supposed to believe that Biden obtained millions more in addition.  That is what we would call in any business of analytics, a “statistical anomaly.”  Statistical anomalies do occur but not often in a predictable way and to get the amount of statistical anomalies that Joe Biden had to get to win this election is just outrageous, and nowhere near the realm of reality.  Most of this should be flushed out in the recounts, and in the Supreme Court.  But regardless of the outcome, both sides of a very divided country are ready to hit the streets and mean to conduct violence. 

As is obvious from the Trump MEGA response over the weekend to the “Stop the Steal” rallies in Washington D.C. and other places, they are certainly the less deadly of the two groups.  The forces that cheated in this recent election do mean to kill people if needed to protect the criminal class that make up that party. As is clear now the forces behind Joe Biden are outright big time white collar crime criminals attempting to supplant communism directly from China into our country.  It was an invasion, and the fight will likely go beyond the courts.  Accepting that invasion is not in my vocabulary, or many other people from the MEGA movement so things are likely to get very nasty.

As many know, I used to do a lot of media and talk radio.  I haven’t for a while partly because of the election of President Trump.  I figured I had my representative in the Executive Branch of our government and that I could largely do other things letting the Republic do its work.  To do media you had to deal with the wishy washy types who helped make this invasion of our country possible, those “we all need to come together types.”  The people who said that Democrats had a point of view too and that we should give them the time of day. That we should go to lunch with them, make friends with them, that we should value our relationships with them.  Well, now we know how dangerous that kind of thinking has been.  Why would we do that if we are going to have to beat the crap out of them or even kill them to save our country.  That’s what we are talking about here.  The political left isn’t the only side who can make lists intending to destroy people’s lives whether they mean to dox you and bring great harm to you or your family, or wreck your career and use the “PARTY” in power as a means to overcome your life in every way. 

I have a list of my own and there are a lot of people on it.  This Civil War isn’t the kind where General Grant sits on his horse on a big hill and calls out commands on a battlefield for troop movement.  This Civil War literally is everywhere and anywhere.  Right now its nonviolent.  But it could turn that way quickly.  Either way, its here.  It’s the United States of America against the Socialist States of America.  Its sovereignty against foreign invasion and it will take a long time to play out.  Its nationalism against globalism and those viewpoints won’t easily be reconciled, but they must be fought, yet only one side can win.  The two mentalities can’t live together as many have suggested over the years.  A Republican capitalist and a Democrat socialist cannot live and play together in the same government and that’s where we are at.

Speaking of troop movement for a moment, there is a lot to be happy about for Republicans.  Holding the Senate has already occurred for the most part and the recovery in the House has been so far very good and looks to get better before all is said and done. Without the cheating that went on in the Presidential election Republicans would be commanding all three houses of congress and Nancy Pelosi is poised to be a thing of the past.  But even if judicially the election fraud is not resolved quickly enough to keep Trump in the White House this year, he will begin running for president again and the MEGA movement will be quite strong to put tremendous pressure on the Democrats that taking a long view of things will likely end the war faster. 

We will have an opportunity to body slam in the media everything Commie Harris does, we’ll make fun of her daily slamming her Avon Lady looks and phony communication, and lying.  Biden won’t be able to open his mouth without having torrents of criticism leveled at him.  The other side did it to Trump, we’re planning to give it back many times over.  We’ll make it hard for them to get up in the morning and do anything.  Everyone involved in this invasion of our country is going to be scrutinized deeply and the crimes that have been left undone that have occurred against Trump over the last four years will continue to be untangled from the mess of Swamp politics.  There will be no “unity.”  The invaders figured out how to steal an election.  But they didn’t figure out what to do on the day after, or how to keep the power they stole.

Anybody who thought the very peaceful Tea Party movement was the limit of defense in America was sadly miscalculating.  I among many see the writing on the wall, the Democrats are losing power fast, and it showed in this election even with all the cheating they have openly participated in.  They can’t win unless they threaten violence and cheat.  But now, people are done being threatened by them.  If they go to the streets to fight and threaten us, then there will be blood spilled.  Given how things are going, Republicans will retake back the House in 2022 and in 2024 another Trump will likely be running. It may be President Trump again or a member of his family.  Either way, the socialism that is coming out of Joe Biden and the media culture is going to be rejected and fought openly.  The networks and corporate media are going to feel the financial hit.  Facebook and Twitter will be dealt with and the landscape will change politically very dramatically now that we know what we are dealing with. But accepting Democrats as equals or at the seat of power intent to overturn America from a capitalist country to a communist one, well that’s just not going to happen without lots of people getting hurt.  And that’s where things are at.  The bad guys in this plot are going to either be destroyed, or they are going to jail and will be prosecuted by justice.  But we aren’t going to share a country with them, and we sure as hell won’t be joining them.

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The Media is Running for President, Not Joe Biden: Its all poker folks

I always think well in mountain air, and that is what I did recently on a trip to the Smokey Mountains.  After all, I’ve told everyone what Covid-19 was from the beginning and I’ve answered the question personally to hundreds and hundreds of people over the last month worried that Trump isn’t going to win this election, because they believe the media.  They believed the media when they said Covid-19 was dangerous and they believe the polling the media has been using to measure election validity.  But you must understand dear reader that everything regarding polling and Covid-19 in 2020 was to for the first time in history have the media exclusively build and run a candidate so they could be in control of our government.  And when the smoke clears it will be shown that they lost.  And when they do lose, we must ensure that they are completely destroyed for what they have tried to do.  They went for the jugular of America and they must pay the consequences.  That’s true for Twitter Jack and most certainly for that little alien geek, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  The losers at Google, the losers at ABC and the parent company Disney.  For NBC, CBS, NPR, The New York Times, Bezos and his Washington Post—they all have it coming, and coming they will.  I’m sure of it.  But first it is obvious that there needs to be perspective which I’m happy to share from my journey into the mountains.  Its not that I needed to clear my head, I think I was fine before that trip.  But watching the dew drip off the mountaintops of North Carolina does help make things more obvious.

I wouldn’t say its always been fake news, and its not because President Trump has been saying so, but this year especially, most of what we have seen and heard from the media in 2020 has been scripted nonsense.  Covid-19 has been completely fake—they turned a common cold into a plague working with the communists of China from the beginning to invoke a change state in a free nation.  Then of course they want you to believe that the loser, and very corrupt Joe Biden is going to win the presidency.  The forces behind Biden believe they can do a combination of shaping public opinion a lot more than they really have the ability to do, and that they can cheat with early voting and mail-in ballots.  But the dead giveaway to the scam, just as it was with the Covid-19 mortality rate is the incredible 70 million early voting numbers.  Let me tell you something folks, there are not that many people excited to vote for Joe Biden.  And there aren’t that many people who hate President Trump.  What that 70 million number is, which Google is figuring out a week from the election is that they are a much higher percentage of Trump voters energized by their outrage at the lies and deceit sold to them not just by the Biden campaign, but by the media they have trusted for years themselves.  The media is on the ballot, not so much President Trump.  And that is a story nobody is talking about.

I have watched for years, especially these last few where major movies would come out and the “media” critics would work to either shape public opinion or yield to it.  If the movie had lots of progressive messages in it, then the critics loved it.  If the movie didn’t the media would hate it and in this way they could shape the kind of movies that Hollywood would bankroll.  But I have watched Disney especially even going back to The Lone Ranger back in 2013 where they spent huge amounts of money advertising and the movie flops anyway.  The same thing happened to 2018’s Star Wars movie Solo.  The public killed the box office with online campaigns against the critics and it destroyed the money the studio spent making and distributing the film.  That’s a micro comparison of course but the same macro analysis could be applied.  The media hasn’t admitted to themselves how powerless they really are.  When China started buying up Hollywood studios like they have Legendary Studios, and others, they incorrectly thought that media shapes culture instead of media needing to reflect culture.  This problem has gone on for more than a century but its always been a chicken before the egg thing.  And most people don’t understand that the egg comes before the chicken.  The chicken doesn’t just lay an egg and off starts a species.  An egg has to metamorphosis into an idea that becomes a chicken. And that is the way of things.  The media is there to serve society, it doesn’t create society.  The reason Trump will win the 2020 election is because he understands that.  He makes the news.  The media as a culture run by all kinds of globalists forces think they can make the news, and that is of course absurd.  Its absurd today, and will be looked back on even more so on November 4th.

Covid was invented by the media to win this election this year for Democrats and many of the big billionaires out there have thrown all their effort into that outcome.  Just because they are billionaires it doesn’t mean they are smart.  For those of you who don’t play poker this may look confusing, but for people like me who play the game every day, its easy.  I have a poker table set up in my office and I run through a few rounds as a daily exercise, its easy to see especially after the perspective of the misty mountains.  The Trump hand is a full house and we know the odds of winning.  It’s not perfect but its on the very high probability scale.  The media has a couple of 2s.  Sure, they can win with that hand, but not up against a full house. If you’ve ever played against people who didn’t really understand the game, but are great liars who can bluff every hand to look like the best hand in the world, then you have a bit of understanding at what the media as a collective agency has been doing.  Let’s just call them the “globalists” for the sake of ease here.  They are bluffing their silly little hand hoping to cause us to fold, because it’s the only way they can win this election.  They have to use Covid to scare people away from voting, to force more early voting where they can cheat, and they have to hope that they can keep the Trump voters home on election night.  That’s why they have assumed that all this early voting was for Biden.  But the numbers don’t match and Google has been watching what people are talking about, and they are worried at what they are seeing.

I’ve been confident that Trump would win from the beginning, if he could survive the Covid media attack.  So trust me when I tell you that the election is Trump’s to lose only if you are convinced by the media that there is no hope in winning.   The media as a collective body is bluffing.  They have already lost and they know it just as any riverboat gambler tries to take a losing hand and convince the winning hand to fold.  The mountain air made it much easier for me to see just as its easier to see these kinds of things from the stands as opposed to when you are betting with your own money.  But take it to the bank, the media is losing and when they do, we will have to collect all that they’ve bet.  And they won’t want to give it up—but they won’t have a choice.

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Why They are in a Panic: The weaknesses of Google and Facebook data collection

I know it can look scary, but as President Trump said over the weekend, we are in the middle of the most massive disinformation campaign in the history of the world, and there is good reason for that. Most of what we see and hear is some element of fake news, between the tech companies banning conservative voices, the mainstream media pushing Covid-19 restrictions, Black Lives Matters with a corporate connection to our sports, and riots in the streets daily its easy to fall for the misery that they are broadcasting to us on a daily basis.

But think about it, who thinks that the government invented the internet to increase commerce or to make our lives better? No, they always wanted more control and they intended to use companies like Facebook and Google to give themselves more power and to unite the world under Chinese style communism. What you need to understand dear reader is that it isn’t you who should be panicking, its them. They have every reason in the world to panic because in spite of all their efforts and plans that extend back over a century we still picked Donald Trump for president and are poised to do it again. So much of what we see and hear currently is panic from the left and they are quite terrified of their lack of control over people which is becoming more obvious by the day.

I’ll tell Google executives what none of their people will tell them, and let this be a lesson to all the other Silicone Valley loose collared losers who would rather protest Sea World than to terraform Mars into our next shopping mall. The cause of the failure they are seeing is that with all their AI data harvesting they have not been able to trace the origin of all human endeavor, the products of their imaginations. What Google and Facebook have been mapping for the last decade or so is the worst about human beings, their desire to like or unlike a photo, porn habits, advertising desires, essentially the lower forms of human behavior, the animal needs. The needs to eat, procreate and gossip on each other to mitigate their status on the peaking order of society. The internet has been a way to study the behavior of the lowest aspects of human behavior and now they have sold that information to the governments of the world for profit and everyone has placed their bets on the 2016 election and 2020 election. When the 2016 election did not go as planned, that set off a massive panic, which we have been witnessing here in 2020 as a massive climax to all the intentions of big, organized governments.

What computers have yet to duplicate, and likely, never will, artificial intelligence can be invented by imaginative human beings, but AI will never invent imaginative people. Imagination is a higher form of human behavior and that aspect of performance has not been adequately captured by anything Google and Facebook could gather from their users. And the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and with all indications this year has only increased, the panic from the tech communities and why they are openly manipulating data and censoring any dissenting voices is because the shit is literally hitting the fan regarding their power. They are literally losing power as I’m writing this and what we are seeing from the entire political left, from Europe to China, to the Democrats in America is panic similar to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz having water poured over her which we all know melted her away. What people want from President Trump is hope, they want creation, they want a thriving economy which is a measurement of human ambition. They don’t want a leader, they don’t want a new god to worship from Mt. Olympus in Washington D.C., they want someone to get government out of their way and they want to be free to create.

Google and Facebook monitor the results of frustration when people can’t do as they please and think what they want. Porn for instance is a prime example of a bored civilization that is functioning from its most basic animal instincts, the need for pleasure and satisfaction of acceptance at being invited in to be as close as one can be to another human being, or human beings, naked and literally inside of each other. It’s the ultimate security blanket left over from childhood trauma at the lack of love a child gets from their mother and father, and the monsters they fear roaming around their bedrooms at night. Sex is just such a driver to put a security blanket on the minds of the timid who arrive late in life with those undealt with emotions. What doesn’t get measured by Google tracking and Facebook likes are the secrets of the mind from those who aspire to do more, because so far no Google engineer has figured out how to capture the aspirations of humankind rather than their insecurities. The things that people are afraid of and how they behave as consumers of curiosity do not represent what people would like to be.

So far the best measure of what humans want to be has been traced by the arts, specifically our movie culture in America. People buy a ticket for the media they most like, and these days that sentiment has moved over into video games where limits on the mortality of humans has already transferred over into avatars. Death and resurrection occurs moment by moment in the video game world as players such as in Call of Duty die and are reborn several times in a minute. Players in that realm have already become immortal in a lot of ways and are thus engaged in getting the best score and building up their stats with something showing productivity. I would argue that the average movie studio and video game producer has a better grip on the desires of human behavior than Google and Facebook, and the fear for them is that soon the governments will figure that out too. That is why Google had a minor meltdown at their lack of ability to control the outcome of the 2016 election and are hell-bent to control the 2020 election. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this 2020 election, including Covid-19 and the race riots and they know from their internal polling that President Trump and his supporters are winning anyway. None of this was supposed to happen, yet it is, and they are terrified.

Knowing how terrified they are of you, you should take that as a bit of reassurance as I’ve just now explained to you a true future state that is well beyond anybody’s current projections of the matter. Mankind, all over the world is driving toward a destination that Google does not understand even with all their power. And Facebook, as history will remember it and governments will in fury remember was a dating website. The same people who use a picture of themselves 10 years old and 100 pounds lighter are giving them information they sell to governments to move policy, and of course the data is all wrong because the sources were corrupted at the point of collection. Without an ability to capture what people want to be there is no way to understand truly how they will vote, or purchase in a society driven by imagination and not raw animal instincts. And when all the smoke clears in 2020, that is how history will be written, and how the power will shift to what should be as opposed to what is.

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If I was the Father of Kyle Rittenhouse: Mao’s Three Phase Theory in Kenosha

Actually, if I were the father of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old charged with shooting three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin during a recent protest that he should have stayed home and not put himself 15 minutes to the south to help defend Kenosha from a Marxist mob of insurgents. Generally the rule in a somewhat civil society is that you defend your home, but you leave other places to the police. Kenosha was under attack from a kind of Democrat Marxist militia all its own and I truly understand the young Kyle’s desire to do something about it. The kid wants to be a cop and I understand that type of thinking very well. But, he brought a gun to the fight and he ended up killing two people in the process and now he has to go through all the legal trouble that comes with that kind of thing. And it would have been better not to do it. However, the logical argument could be said, and this is the true issue at hand, that good people can’t sit back and let bad people do all these bad things to us. Sure, the video of the shooting was obvious, Kyle was defending his own life and the guys that were shot deserved it. Yet, Kyle shouldn’t have let himself be lured like a moth to a flame so easily. Experience and more years on his life will teach him that. There is a time and place for this kind of fighting, and this wasn’t it.

The unspoken problem though is that Democrats are using these Black Lives Matter Marxists in the way of Mao Tse Tung’s little red book when the communists took over China and what was going on in Kenosha is precisely part of a Marxist plan to destabilize local politics so to change behavior in the Midwest. For those who haven’t read Mao’s book these Democrats organizing these riots are using the Three Phase Theory of Revolutionary War as utilized by the Chinese dictator, the 1st is to organize and consolidate base areas, such as progressives in high concentrations in places like Kenosha and St. Louis. Every time the police make a mistake the regional destabilizing base groups can then expound on the situation with change agency radicalism. Its an old trick. The 2nd step is the progressive expansion by terror attacks on isolated enemy units, again such as a far-flung place in the Midwest like Kenosha. It lets places like Chicago nearby see that such terrorism is coming their way and it destabilizes the confidence of their political leadership, which is the point of the riots. The 3rd step of course is the complete destruction of the enemy in battle. Once their enemy has been softened up by terrorism, then that is the time to attack them, when their confidence is low and spirits have been drained away.

There are many freedom fighters coming to the aid of the now jailed Kyle Rittenhouse and I think the kid will find himself out of jail in the not so distant future, and he may even be one of those redeeming cop stories in a future presidential election. But he’s in for a rough few years and it could have all been avoided if he understood the true nature of the political game that is underfoot now. Nobody should yet be panicking about the riots, because as his father, I would have explained to the young Kyle, and others like him thinking the exact same thing, that these Marxist movements are stuck in step 2, and they are never going to get to step 3. So, don’t freak out and start going out there and killing a bunch of people, because they aren’t winning, and they aren’t going to win. Right now, President Trump winning is the best offense that can happen, so be cool and let the Marxists destroy themselves. Play the long game and smoke them out. We have our own rules of engagement, and Mao’s stupid Little Red Book isn’t going to work in the United States for lots of reasons. It may have worked in Europe, South Africa, all of Asia, Central America, lots of places, but its not going to work in America.

When Mao’s communism moved from the north across China in the wake of World War II the people were already defeated emotionally by the long war with Japan. So, it was easy for Mao’s dumb little book to take root, people were empty and looking to be filled with something, and Mao’s communism seemed like a good idea to a desperate people. That same attempt to make people desperate was attempted in the United States with the Covid virus and the government shutdowns. Its all in Mao’s book, so if you read these things, you will always know what the bad guys are up to. Its no secret. However, in America, which is where the plan started falling apart, people are used to free will. So when government shut down, people found other things to do. They didn’t just sit around and be miserable. They took action and stepped around government to continue their lives. And they bought a lot more guns since it was obvious that the government couldn’t be trusted with their protection. And they are willing to use them. Young people like Kyle Rittenhouse was acting on an impulse many of us are feeling. He didn’t yet develop the discipline to hold his fire for the right time. But much to the alarm of the Marxist insurgents, there are millions and millions of Americans who are ready to pick up their guns and take matters into their own hands right now. Defunding the police is the dumbest idea in the history of the world, because all that would do is free people to take matters into their own hands, like Rittenhouse did. And that part of the plan was never considered by Democrats who are now looking at the situation with great fear and anxiety of their own. Mao’s Little Red Book isn’t working in America and they aren’t sure why.

The truth is, there are too many guns in private ownership to allow for a mass spread of the second step of Mao’s Three Phase Theory, and as it currently stands, there are a lot more people like Kyle Rittenhouse out there with their hands on their triggers ready for a real fight in the streets and they are eager for the experience. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because we all hope that Trump’s re-election can stave off the violence. We are letting the election process work. But if it lets us down, and there are no cops or courts to maintain law and order, well then there are going to be a lot more Kyle Rittenhouse types who will grab their guns and hit the streets and the Marxist losers won’t have a chance. They will be eliminated quickly and easily. That is their fate if they continue to use terrorism to force Marxism on innocent people. I would have told young Kyle Rittenhouse to go to his room and clean his guns, to be mindful of the circumstances and to let the system work. Then, if it doesn’t and those attackers come to his hometown, then be ready to go. But until then, hold his fire and enjoy being a kid for a little while longer, because it goes quickly. You don’t want to waste it in a jail cell.

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Governor Mike DeWine is Paying his girlfriend, Amy Acton to stay Close: What $236K per year can buy in the whorehouse of Ohio government

There are more ways to use a whore than with sex, sometimes men purchase a woman as an escort for the girlfriend experience, which mostly means he wants someone to pretend to like him, talk to him, and pander to him like a new relationship would. When relationships become old and crusty, men often seek in a prostitute, or an high class escort girl companionship more than just the raw sex much of the time. And clearly when Amy Acton, the Ohio Health Director who resigned from her intense position under great scrutiny, it was clear that Governor DeWine had fallen for the companionship Acton provided him and he couldn’t stand to part with her, the way many men do when they fixate on a certain kind of escort or a stripper they see topless at a “gentleman’s club.” What happens in these cases, and it seldom involves sex, is that the girls are nice to the lonely man, and he thinks she loves him, and he becomes possessive and starts coming to see the girl all the time thinking that her niceness means more than just doing what he’s paying her for. I knew a friend once who was so in love with a local stripper that he paid over $23,000 to her just for her to tell him about her life, and to help her pay a few semesters of college. He never had sex with her as she milked him for everything he had at the time. So it wasn’t hard to see that was exactly the relationship that Governor DeWine had with the departing Amy Acton when it became known that her golden parachute that had been percolating in the media was in fact a giant gold nugget, a consultant job paying her $236,000 per year just to remain close to the Governor.

It was a good question at the 40 minute mark by Jack Windsor from WMFT TV in Mansfield during Governor DeWine’s press conference on Thursday June 18th 2020 when he asked why Amy Acton was given a new position created for her while cuts to all departments across the state were happening, particularly in education. In essence, Jack was asking how the government could afford to pay Acton so much money when she had in fact resigned. The optics were not good. But as I have said from the beginning, the Covid-19 thing was a scam, and in DeWine’s case he was infatuated with Amy Acton for all the reasons that a man falls in love with a woman he’s working with. It looks like DeWine went out of his way to get her in the first place and once he had her on stage every day at 2 PM she was filling out the “girlfriend experience” for him, being there to listen to him and to be that girlfriend he never had. DeWine after all had a wife whom he has known since she was a little girl, so now that he has a top executive job in government, one that he has been thinking about all his life, Amy Acton was able to be a member of his staff, and to be that girlfriend DeWine always had wanted. It wasn’t about stroking his junk in a smoky room next to a bottle of $200 wine under a table covered with a jacket in case the cops came in, it was about talking to him and letting him confide in some female figure other than his wife who had lived with him for more than 50 years and knew everything about him, perhaps too much to satisfy his ego as a new, and all powerful governor.

It’s important to talk about because I would contend that much of the reason Acton was given so much raw power to shut down most of the economic activity of Ohio, which paved the way for other states to follow, was because DeWine was showing off for Acton demonstrating how much power he really had. It became obvious when DeWine just a week into the shutdowns moved against a judge who had ruled that the Election for the primary could not have its date moved from March 17th to some later, undetermined time, but DeWine did it anyway. Since then most every case that has been put before a judge has been found to show that DeWine and Acton acted illegally during the shutdowns taking away rights from private people and businesses he had no right to trample on. But for DeWine, it was never about saving America from a hidden virus, it was about getting access to a strange new, flirty female. And DeWine was using public money to stuff her purse so she would talk to him and make him feel young again. Walk into any strip joint and that old, fat bastard stuffing $100 dollar bills in the panties of some 19 year old stripper in the corner and you’ll see why Mike DeWine couldn’t stand to let Amy Acton leave, but instead overpaid her to answer his phone calls and talk to him any time he wanted.

I’ve explained also before why men and women in very powerful positions are prone to hire some bondage dominator to tie them up and demean them. As someone who has worked with bullwhips for 40 years of my life, I often would get requests to be that guy, which I always declined. People hear about bullwhips and they naturally think of sexually charged bondage. I have known women, very strong women who have very pronounced professional careers who would beg to hire someone to beat them with a bullwhip in the way only an expert can, and to call them names like “dumb bitch,” “whore,” and “scank” and they’d pay anything to get that treatment. The reason is that they wanted relief from the pressures of being in charge. That is why perfectly logical businessmen who look and act tough during a deal will walk away from professional contacts during a high priced dinner where they were the alphas during the conversation and get back to their hotel rooms while on the road and hire a dominatrix to come to them and beat them with a whip and call them all kinds of nasty names, even dressing them in a diaper as if they were a child that needed to have it changed by a mother figure. I personally think all those needs are dysfunctional and are symptoms of psychosis, but they are surprisingly common in most powerful people with high pressure jobs.

Mike DeWine would never admit that his relationship with Amy Acton is mostly a girlfriend experience for him, and that he has abused all Ohioans and the budget of his office to satisfy that fantasy. I’m sure his wife understands, as long as his little ass isn’t crawling all over her at night, she’s happy he’s getting that emotional support from someone. And his kids will likely refuse to see it, because daddy is rich, and they want to stay in good esteem for all the obvious reasons. And his church doesn’t want to see it either because they don’t have any emotional mechanisms to deal with those kinds of psychological needs, which is why so many priests are in abusive relationships. A 2000-year-old collection of stories can’t tell a person how to act when they want a woman to dress them in a diaper, put a tit in their mouth and call them dirty little bastards. So they end up doing all sorts of illicit things to satisfy the hunger that rages within them. In Mike DeWine’s case, he paid his girlfriend a lot of money to at least stay close, so he could get what he wanted from Amy Acton, even though she resigned—officially. For DeWine, Covid-19 was a way to get close to a forbidden fruit and now that its over and the checks are due, DeWine can’t stand to see her go, so he stuffed $236K into her metaphorical panties in the corner of a dank and stinky room just to keep her close. How about that for government abuse!

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Thank You, Elon Musk: America is back in space in spite of the challenges

I would like to thank Elon Musk and the very fine people from Space X and NASA for one of the best days I can remember in a long time. For a lot of people they watched the launch of the Crew Dragon off of Cape Canaveral with awe and some claps of appreciation as America returned to launching people into space once again, but my level of appreciation is in understanding the sheer magnitude of the mountains in aerospace that had to be moved to make such a thing even remotely possible. It was a massive step for American culture to do which was much harder than anybody I think truly realizes. The tenacity of the Space X team to get to that point is much more impressive than the technical perils that were faced to make sure that launch occurred safely on a Saturday afternoon at the end of May 2020. It was amazing to watch, especially to see as the astronauts traveling out into space toward the International Space Station as the Falcon rocket that ferried them into space re-landed on a pad in the ocean ready to use again. It was a bold endeavor and is an appropriate answer to many of the challenges we have been witnessing lately which require a bit of discussion.

When the now disgraced Dr. Fauci from the Covid-19 ordeal professed early during the nationwide lockdowns that we were all victims to the desires of the virus he was expressing the sentiments of many people in the world who insinuate that mankind is destined to crawl back into the caves of our origin and to surrender our fate to nature. Rather, people like Musk and many of the best innovators that the world has ever seen make other decisions that are not rooted in below the line approaches to life’s problems. To date, I think Ayn Rand has best described the situation in her great American novels on the subject and in one particular opinion book of her’s ‘Return of the Primitive.’ I couldn’t help but think of that book as I watched news coverage of the riots all day breaking out all over the nation—or should I say provoked. It showed much how little we have advanced as a culture since the days of the moon landing where a great technical feat had been accomplished but a month later the Woodstock musical festival showed the future that our political class really wanted, mankind behaving like animals cleaving at the mud like a bunch of losers to remain in perpetual victimhood. Ayn Rand understood the problem America was facing and that is why Walt Disney liked her so much, that is also why there is a very nice monument dedicated to her on display at The American Adventure exhibit at Epcot Center in Disney World. When you come in the main doors to the building it is straight across the foyer on the opposite wall. There are other testaments to other great American personalities, but that one is the first that you see, and its there for a reason.

Specifically the Ayn Rand novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is all about the problem in America with those who want to create and be free to discover new innovations and the class of people who struggle to maintain control over fate as they always have which want to cleave to the primitive desires of our long history back to the caves of origin. Her other great book, ‘The Fountainhead’ more specifically gets into the nature of who makes what happen in the world and she was absolutely correct. We do not come to things in the world through collective salvation. There would be no Space X if not for Elon Musk’s 20-year commitment to the cause. As President Trump said, Musk could have taken his billions of dollars and lived the life of a playboy having fun with it, but instead he has taken it and put it to good use to make something out of nothing. It’s the kind of story we’d find in Atlas Shrugged instead of The Canterbury Tales. We’ve come a long way in human thinking, from one to the other and without question, people get it at some primal level. But the protests now are the same protests as then, there is a political class that goes back to the aristocracy of the past who want to be kings and queens, and if not in those top jobs, to be in the court. They want that structure for the human race because they understand it. There is risk in the future, in traveling to space and moving beyond the herd of civilization and they don’t want to lose that power over average ordinary people. So they fan the flames of the race tensions into riotous conditions and they vote to create all the laws possible to lay in front of people like Elon Musk to keep them earth bound and under their control until the earth eventually dies with everyone on it.

Yet to see that beautiful capsule of Space X all in white with great technology on board and the astronauts living in it relatively comfortably for the long voyage to the space station we can see progress, where we couldn’t see it on earth. In the city streets of Democrat controlled regions the race riots were just as bad as they were in the 60s, and the same cumbersome minds were in charge of the political order. But because of Space X, there was a chance to move on to new opportunities in space that weren’t there before. In spite of the jealous past, space travel was happening and in style. Mankind had answered the questions of challenge with bold checkmarks to overcome whatever opposition was presented, and it was done in style. Nothing against NASA, but government can’t do it on its own, space needs to be privatized and imaginative. And flights like what Space X did with this first manned flight need to happen several times a week, not once every few months. Eventually, we need to answer the questions of weather and build the ability within ourselves to control it, to dominate nature to our will, and to overcome its jealous tentacles. We were never meant to be victims to its wrath, but its masters. We should appreciate nature, but also do what is in human nature to do, ask questions about our existence and to answer them with adventure. In this case, space is a bold frontier and its time that we get there, and live there, and work there. But first, we have to step beyond the static structures of the past that have held us down and have recently threatened to take over once again where we are victimized by viruses, race relations, politics, economic limits, and slow minded people too timid to solve anything difficult because its just not in their nature. The people who have hated Ayn Rand are those who want to stay in a primitive state for the perpetual future, but Disney understood. And so does Elon Musk, which is something we should all be grateful that he pushed on and did what nobody else would, and broke our self-imposed spell for a future that looks suddenly much more prosperous.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Yes, It’s a Global War and Trump is Representing us well, Mike DeWine is not: The Power of Panic

Looks like I hurt that lady’s feelings in the above Tweet.  That won’t be the last time.

In the context of war is how we must view this shutdown of the American economy over this relatively docile little virus that President Trump is calling, the China Virus otherwise known as corona. There are a lot of baked in elements that all came undone at the same time, on queue as a matter of fact almost like a demolition squad bringing down a giant skyscraper. Many want to know why I am not so angry with President Trump as I am the Ohio governor, Mike DeWine, whom I have been calling for an impeachment. The difference is in how they have handled the crises, DeWine let the power go to his head and put a lefty chick in charge of the Ohio economy all in the name of safety whereas Trump has taken a much more CEO approach to the radicals at the CDC. He has given them a little rope to shut down the criticism that was part of the baked in attack, but he never let them out of control. There is quite a difference between how DeWine and Trump have handled this crises, a manufactured one to say the least. But a crisis that was an act of war that must be dealt with. This really isn’t an article on conspiracy theory because there is plenty to unpack without that analysis, so let’s look at what we know and why I still support President Trump.

I am not for bailouts; I am not for giving everyone a big check for doing nothing. Although, it is our money and we can do more with it than the government can. In the context of this war like mentality, I’d rather have the money to buy a new gun instead of letting the government squander it off for a big nothing wrapped in more panic. I am not for adding more to the national debt, but I think I know Trump pretty well and can see how he is playing the cards. And in this election year, he’s playing it just right so that we can get to that next term with the Democrats left completely out of the argument.

They were the ones pushing for panic and he gave them what they wanted and now that price tag is around their heads which will be crushing. Its not the way we expect a Republican form of government to act, and we talked about this before Trump was elected. President Trump is not a true conservative, he used to be a Democrat and has only become more conservative over the years, mostly the longer he has been married to Melania. She has certainly made him a better man. But when pressed into a corner, Trump will do anything to win, and the way they backed him into a corner, Trump is not going to rely on Constitutional concepts and remain a puritan the way Ted Cruz or Rand Paul might. And for this fight, that’s probably a good idea. Trump has elected to go to the nuclear option because that’s the only thing the enemies of America understand and what comes out of the other end will put America in a very strong financial position. The state governors were never supposed to go overboard, as they have, but really it has only built the case better for Trump.

As a result, Trump was able to get the Fed to play ball on the interest rate. Some of his biggest critics both politically, and in the big tech companies are now fighting for their own survival. Everyone is in a state of panic, it kind of reminds me of the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where at the end the bridge was cut leaving everyone on the bridge falling into a river full of alligators hungry for flesh. Once the smoke of the virus clears there will be a lot of bad characters getting eaten by alligators and worse in a swamp draining as we speak. The toxic relationship that many in the Beltway have all the way into Ukraine, Iran, China and even North Korea is getting severed in this economic stoppage because it is putting a light on the very engine of the world that nobody has been talking about. It is essentially the strike in Atlas Shrugged, where the engine stopped, and the world perished. They got what they wanted, they forced communism and socialism out into the front where everyone could see it and they have had a taste of what life under a socialist government would look like in America. It has shown Americans what Venezuela would be like. Unfortunately, some of the worst to come out of it were governors like Mike DeWine. But if China thought they had problems after they lost the trade war with Trump, they are in a whole lot of trouble now. American companies are going to hedge their bets and relocate back to North America after taking this hit, which is what Trump was after all along. And the money flowing endlessly into China has now been stopped and they have no idea what to do.

From a perspective of war, this is all very brilliant. The debt we are taking is a good bet that in the end, it will be the American economy calling all the shots and that will take everyone by surprise. That certainly wasn’t the plan when all these big government leftists around the world came up with this coronavirus scheme. The plan was to paint Trump in a corner and pressure him into mistakes that they could burn him with in the election. If Trump had been a principled Rand Paul type, he wouldn’t have been able to make the adjustment. But being something of a poker player, Trump just put on the face and put the government CDC people on the stage and let them show their colors taking the edge of the attack while using the crises to get what he had been wanting to get out of both houses and the Fed from the beginning of his term.

When you play by the rules you can be controlled by the rules. And there is power in panic which was what this China Virus attack was meant to instill. It has been a coup attempt of another kind, where the governments of the world put themselves between a virus and the people and literally took away all the things people like about life. The shock has been revealing and it turned that slow boil of the frog up to the point where the frog has now jumped out of the water and it wants toilet paper and bread. And for the good of winning the fight, Trump put on whatever face he needed to win and has put us internationally in a position we never otherwise would have been able to go. For this kind of war, that is far more important than staying within the rules and fighting the fight the way they expect you to fight. That is why Trump is still good in my book but governors like DeWine need to be replaced. Because DeWine let the situation control him and he reacted like a pansy. But Trump has remained in control of the situation from the outset and has a clear plan to attack the attackers, and that is what makes him so different, and worth our support.

Rich Hoffman

Mike DeWine, the Marxist Governor from Ohio: Government taking over the means of production can be viewed only one way

I’m all for uniting the Republican Party but Mike DeWine has struck out three times now in a fairly short period of time. At this point, I’m not even sure he’s a Republican. I wasn’t crazy about voting for him, many people were, but we thought we’d give him a chance since he was the eventual Republican. Now we are learning that we might as well have had a Democrat, because the way DeWine has behaved while in office we’d never know otherwise. First, he proposed the gas tax, which many of us thought was just another stupid tax. But when he said we pay as we go, it was a reasonable concession in that context. But we were suspicious of him. It was a very un-Republican thing to do. Then he came out radically anti-gun in the wake of the Dayton mass shooting at a bar. The way DeWine spoke, he was more liberal than even the mayor of Dayton, who was fully committed to antigun legislation. Ironically the shooter was a gun control advocate and through the haze of drugs knew that his mass shooting might further erode the Second Amendment. The surprise there was just how much the Governor joined the spectacle. Then there is this, the shutting down of economic activity of any gatherings of 50 or more in Ohio all in the name of safety. Governor DeWine was one of the first in the country to do this extreme measure, which of course inspired the rest of the governors to follow him leading to a national shutdown of most commercial economic activity for an unforeseen period of time. Very much, not a Republican thing to do, in fact it has the same rational as when John Kasich expanded Medicaid as an act of God. There is something very bad about all this and its at the heart of the whole coronavirus problem at large, many forces are taking advantage of people who are functioning in the white on the Color Code of Mental Awareness.

One thing I noticed since the word pandemic started getting thrown around regarding coronavirus is that people started rushing out to their gun stores to buy up guns and ammunition. I was at Premier Shooting in West Chester over the weekend then at Cabela’s on Monday and people were very active in buying guns and buying up all the ammunition they could find. I even had to go to Bass Pro Shop to get my usually routine .50AE ammunition, because Cabela’s was out of it—which never happens. And my summation of it all was that gun owners, and ultimately the kind of people who voted most supportive of President Trump function by the Color Code of Mental Awareness that is taught in CCW classes all across the country, and that is that people who function in the white are those most prone to crazy news reports like this coronavirus because they are switched off most of the time in their lives. They are the people who have all their information tracked to use by those online terms of agreements that everyone signs without thinking about how your online activity will be tracked and used for “informational services.” For the purchasers of that tracked information on Facebook and other measurements coming from Google and others, its not hard to see how a malicious government or organization could use people’s fears to advance a topic of concern, because people functioning in the white have told their enemies exactly how they would behave in a crises, which is powerful information for malicious bureaucrats who want to stage a bloodless insurrection. Conspiracy theory, I think not.

People who function in the yellow and orange get that way because as gun owners they practice for the possibilities of heightened threats and engagements. People in the white don’t want to think about such things, because they are either lazy, or just not smart enough to be challenged with the task. This is why the Second Amendment is so important to our society, and one of the reasons that those who are very power hungry understand that the key to bringing down American society rests at the heart of the gun argument. People’s instinct who have accepted the yellow and orange states of awareness are the first to see that the government is up to something even if they can’t put their finger on it, and rush out to touch some sense of normalcy at the gun range. Buying ammunition made them feel safer. Buying a new gun made them happy as the governor was announcing that bars and restaurants were going to be forced to be closed until further notice. Of course, once he did that other governors felt legally obligated to follow and before anybody could blink a society of white awareness people had stopped the economic engine of the world all in the name of saving a few lives. Then to address all the people who might lose their jobs, or to compensate for all the many millions of dollars that would be economically lost, the government proposed a bailout on the same kind of scale that General Motors was bailed out just prior to 2010, which was an act that essentially started the Tea Party movement all by itself.

The violation by government, from Mike DeWine all the way up to the CDC is that they are not trusting market forces to solve this virus problem. The 12% fatality rate in China, which is what they have been saying it was in Wuhan has nothing to do with how the same virus in the United States would be, we have better diets, better housing, better everything than that area of the world, so why would anybody assume we’d have a catastrophic result in America? Again, its government getting in the way of something when they should be getting out of the way. Our entire economic system is supposed to yield to the needs of a vast minority because its safe? And safety is defined by inflated government statistics designed to justify their power grab? The massive imposition here is that government is assuming that everyone in America is functioning from the white color on the Mental Awareness Color Code, and they aren’t. Those who aren’t, instantly observed that it wasn’t the coronavirus that was the threat, it was the incompetence of government that was, the massive mishandling of a virus coming out of Asia where trust in the free market should have stopped the outbreak with sheer tenacity, as many outbreaks had been done before so long as the markets were allowed to function and people able to do what they do when they want to do it.

But there is more to this, the overreaction is to cover the what might have happened with the statistical out of what we’ll never know because government stepped in and took control of everything, and people let them do it. And those forces knew they could get by with it because the Facebook surveys and other data collections showed information specialists that the white awareness people would tolerate a totalitarian state if safety was the driver. Bill Gates from his Microsoft Board position had been talking about this very scenario for several years, so as soon as the nuts and bolts were in place, a chain reaction of panic ensued, inspired by a government test of people’s ability to follow orders, and the white awareness people were happy to comply and do whatever government told them to. And the people who know better, and understand that government should have stayed out of the free market, and that President Trump was painted into a corner of reacting to the surge just as every governor, especially the liberal ones, to inject themselves into all our lives and to torpedo the American economy with a terrorist act that was so scary that it wasn’t even dressed up as a foreigner in a black mask, but a disease that nobody can see from a land far, far away. And because people couldn’t see it and touch it, governments around the world have made their move and a totalitarian test is well underway. But what’s most disappointing is that it was a Republican in DeWine who led the way in the United States to mass panic and incalculable economic destruction, all in the name of safety. People who shoot guns can see it for the bull shit that it is. Those who don’t are blissfully unaware yet wonder why they can’t get milk. The state has made a move to control the means of production, and it was a Republican governor who paved the way for everyone else to follow. And that is something for us all to remember for the times that come.

Rich Hoffman

Candice Keller, Locked in a Vault, Yet Nobody can Find Her: A campaign doomed from beginning to end

I had hoped that the rumors were not true and that Candice Keller would in fact be at the Butler County Chamber Coalition debate for the 4th Ohio Senate District at the Benison Event Center in downtown Hamilton. But like the giant bank vault of that old building that has stories to tell going back to the gangsters of prohibition, not even Candice was inside. All of her that made it was her name tag at a table where she should have been if ever she hoped to be a real candidate for the upcoming primary election on March 17th. I had hoped to talk to her, to salvage her political career somewhat by getting behind George Lang and living for another day, but she didn’t even show up to have that conversation. Instead, it appears that her phobia of public speaking was true and that her weak speeches at the State House were more than just a rookie learning her way in a new office, Candice has a real problem getting her thoughts across to the public in events like this one, which is crucial to any viable candidate.

A lot of people have such phobias of public speaking and being judged by so many people, but anybody running for a big office must understand that these expectations come with the territory. In her case she managed to offer something fresh to her district and people gave her a chance largely through church networks and Facebook. But people expect their political representatives to learn as they go and events like the one at the Benison Event Center are part of the job, and winning those debates are expected. The job for the 4th District Senate Seat is bigger than a Facebook campaign, these types of things are how politicians communicate to their constituents, not just through quips to the media, but in presenting herself to a crowd that isn’t always happy to see her and to win them over. That’s part of the game. Instead, Candice had an empty chair with her name on it, and her son showed up to video the other candidates to see how the professionals did it. But her empty seat was quite a statement, it said a lot more than if she had come and made a fool of herself. At least if she had, people might sympathize, but instead all she gave the audience was the impression that she didn’t even care enough to arrive.

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What her son was able to record was a very polished George Lang who is the obvious front runner deliver very well on all the questions that were asked of him. George is the real deal at every level, he is good with people, honest, understands the needs of donors, and he can reach across the aisle to work with anybody on anything. Candice’s son also saw a very sharp Kathy Wyenandt who will be the Democrat nominee after the primary. All evening she and George spoke well together in a polite way without surrendering their integrity, but in the manner that both of them could go to Columbus and get bills passed by members of the various influencers. Even if Candice did luck out and Moses came to separate the Red Sea for a freakish win at the Republican primary, for which the entire GOP is asking her to resign due to her reckless commentary about Nazis and gay people, Candice doesn’t have the horsepower to beat Kathy Wyenandt in a head to head race. Currently, the way things are, Kathy has a numbers problem, she’s running as a Democrat so no matter how good she is, she’s on the wrong side. But with the GOP not behind Candice, and Keller looking to be terrified of public debates, she would have no hope of winning a major election against Wyenandt.

That is why I wanted to talk to Candice, to help her see the light before it was too late. Instead, she is off on a fantasy that she can avoid these kinds of things and still win with a Tea Party like activism. Only I was there when the Tea Party was young, and so was George Lang. Many of the best conservatives today in the GOP are from that movement. What Candice and what’s left of the Tea Party are those who have not found an identity in the new focus of leadership that has emerged under President Trump. They haven’t made the transition from rock chucker to leader. George Lang certainly has; he is very much the Trump Republican in the race. When Trump comes to town, its George that he would seek, certainly never Candice, especially in the wake of her media troubles. She’s toxic poison right now with no future in sight once she steps out of her House seat and that would be a real tragedy to the election that she did win.

Keller’s son was also able to record the bumbling lunacy of Ding Dong Lee Wong who had a terrible debate. An absolute disaster. I would say about it, at least he had the guts to come. However, afterwards when everyone was talking during a social hour Lee disappeared rather quickly. The group I was talking to figured that it was because East Avenue was nearby, and he was likely going on shopping visits for his old friend Robin McDaniel—the “working girl.” Of course, before going Ding Dong Lee Wong said that the solution to the employment challenges were to just let in more Chinese people, or something to that effect, which left the audience baffled and looking for more to come. But at least Lee was there to make a statement, which was more than Candice. All jokes aside about the brevity of Lee’s post-debate networking, the obvious front runner of the debate was George Lang as expected, and Lee looked to understand that after this season of debates, this one in Hamilton being likely one of the last before the primary. Any hopes Lee had of landing a blow against Lang that could damage his frontrunner status was gone and so was Lee’s spirit. I almost felt sorry for Ding Dong Lee, but because I know the history of how much he hates George Lang, I won’t go so far to reach out an olive branch. He can wallow in it for plenty as far as I’m concerned.

Once the room had cleared and everyone went home, I did ask the caretakers of the place if I could look in the vault to see if Candice was back there somewhere. To humor me, they actually looked with me holding that name tag to identify Candice.  Nobody was in the vault, but it was impressive to look at such an antiquated structure from the years long gone. It reminded me a lot of the campaign of Candice Keller, confined, locked up, and even looted beyond comprehension. Her perceived path to victory was to lock herself in such a vault to the outside world and hope that some miracle might happen to get her elected into a high office by just throwing rocks outside those confines at a genuinely good person in George Lang. She should know with all her supposed Christian values that lying about people as she has been disparaging the character of Lang to such a degree won’t get her any keys to heaven. I’d love to help her with her problem, but all she gave me to work with was a nametag and an empty seat and the perception of an audience that already thought of her as a loser.

Rich Hoffman

Mark Welch is the Only Real Candidate for the 52nd House of Representatives in Ohio: It takes a lot more than just voting

Another exciting opportunity for this upcoming primary and eventual election in November is that Mark Welch is offering himself as a candidate for the 52nd State Representative seat in Ohio. With George Lang moving over to the senate his friend Mark is willing to cover that House seat and to keep a good thing going which the two of them have been doing for a long time in West Chester, only extending that same effort out into Ohio in a larger way. The tremendous success that Mark Welch has experienced as a trustee of the very successful West Chester township makes him the best pick in the primary to make the most out of that state seat and continue that good work on a larger stage. Like George, Mark has the highest grade possible from the Buckeye Firearms Association and has been endorsed by 80% of the precinct representatives in the 52nd District area, which is 80 total–19 in Fairfield Township, 25 in Liberty Township and 46 in West Chester. That’s an important thing to know because Welch’s primary opponent in this election is Jennifer Gross the retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force and current nurse. She’s a well-intentioned person but has not yet developed any political clout to play at that level. When it comes to experience and a ready built network to get things done with that Representative seat, Mark Welch is the clear choice.

Experience isn’t everything, Donald Trump did step out of his role as a real estate tycoon to run for office and win. But those were extraordinary circumstances and to be honest, these House of Representative seats are pretty tough to run and hold without losing yourself along the way. They are the ultimate middle management jobs where you get squeezed from both ends and you have to be pretty savvy to stay true to the voters, yourself, and the constitutional principles that got you involved in the first place. Mark has been a very successful trustee now for several cycles and West Chester has seen great success which he has been a major part of. It will not be difficult for him to take that experience to Columbus and work the House and network in the Senate in the same fashion. He has great passion for the job and I can say that I knew Mark in the beginning when he was just a bright eyed hopeful like Jennifer Gross is now looking to contribute something to the world around them. Before being a trustee Mark was a successful businessperson, and still is. The Republican Party is always in need of fresh new faces to fill some of these seats, but to be honest, the optimal way to get them is to get into the pool and get your feet wet, then start swimming in deeper and deeper water. The 52nd District House of Representatives seat is about a lot more than just voting yes or no, there is a lot of work that must go on that nobody sees and we want a person who can handle all that with a smile on their face and ambition for the job every morning.

For about 10 years, especially in Butler County, Ohio we have been going through a strong team building phase. We have had enormously strong Tea Party efforts at the height of that movement and many of those people are now office holders who are helping to shape the direction of the Republican Party and are natural extensions of the Trump administration coming directly out of the White House. Perhaps 10 years ago before any good groundwork was being done to reform good, honest politics in Butler County Jennifer’s jump into the deep end of the pool would be applauded. We would have wanted anybody to penetrate the castle wall and hope to unlock the door from the other side. They may have been slain in the process, but we would have thrown our support behind her in hopes that she might be a change agent for the better. But at some point, you do win the castle and now you have to switch from victim to aggressor and you have to hold the castle—because you’ve taken it. And at the same time, you must create a path for others to follow so that you can grow as an effort.

Its not enough to say that a candidate wants to change the political system for the little people, or like that Democrat woman in Butler County who wants to run against George Lang for the Senate seat of the 4th, “People over Politics,” those are clichés from the past. Going from a nurse to a powerful 52nd House Seat would be a tough step for Jennifer Gross because she hasn’t had time to do the proper networking that is involved in being successful in a seat like that. Sure, she might make it up as she goes, but the odds are, she will only be a fraction effective as she hopes to be where Mark Welch will be able to hit the ground running because he has done the work along the way. What a lot of people don’t know about these political seats is that you have to be able to raise money, do the ribbon cutting, deal with all the people who suck up to you, but you can’t lose yourself along the way, which has been a major problem for a lot of people in the past. We’ve done well with the 52nd Seat in Butler County for a long time with good solid people sitting in it, which is why Mark is the best choice in this election for it. While its true that Jennifer Gross has financial resources that make her somewhat independent, the raising money isn’t just for winning elections, its how people in Columbus measure the most valuable voice that matters in bill proposals and other voting matters, the leverage you bring to the table as a member of the House.

Raising money is the quiet capital that is valued the most in the world of politics and its how things get done. Not how the money is used, but in how much money a politician can get their hands on because it says that the people of your district trust you enough to write a check for thousands of dollars. If they’ll do that, then the weight of a vote in Columbus where everyone has their own district concerns means more than just someone who happens to win an election because they had their mortgage paid off and showed up to cast a vote. There is a big difference in such political capital and anybody who hopes to be effective in a state seat anywhere in the country has to solve that basic riddle just as someone must learn to swim if they are going to be in the part of the pool where they can’t touch the ground with their feet. A school board seat or a trustee position is the first logical step in building that network. By the time a candidate gets to a state seat, they need to have the ability to have fundraisers and to capture a significant amount because that is how Columbus measures the potency of a fellow member.

And for people who don’t know Mark Welch the way I do, as a tireless worker who is always upbeat in every setting, and is willing to do the reading and understanding that it takes to cast proper votes that are truly Republican and not some fence sitter waiting to see if conservative values are fashionable enough to cast a vote, the most valuable number to keep in mind is that Mark has 80% of the precinct vote which are the people who really count in all elections. And they are endorsing him because they have had time over the last several elections to get to know him. Jennifer hasn’t, it will take a while, but the truth is, she is untested. While she may be a good person and a nice nurse with a military record, she has to prove that she can handle the fundraisers, the ribbon cutting and all the temptations that come with a powerful office without losing herself in the process. And Mark Welch in this case is the only candidate who has proven he can handle it, and then some. And Welch is the only candidate in this election who could fill that 52nd House seat the way we have come to expect and do the good work there that we all require. I’d like to see more from Jennifer in the future, but she has some work to do before she starts swimming in a seat like this.

Rich Hoffman