Only Idiots Follow Orders: There is no excuse for the abuse of authority by the FBI and other policing agencies

Some of the worst crimes in all of human history have come from people just following orders. Defying orders is often the right thing to do because a corrupt person can’t impose behavioral applications on a good person. Instead, a weak person accepts the decisions of a bad person to commit vast crimes, which has been the history of much of the human race. To justify non-thinking behavior, people say, “but I was just following orders.”  We have been taught all our lives to follow directions. We first learn it from our parents. Then we learn it in our schools. We are told what to do in our religions, politics, and social circles. So, of course, when a weak person is told to do some terrible thing under orders, our default mode is to obey. For so many people, their desire to obey authority is their first and primary concern, to be a nice, compliant human being. Because we have been told all our lives that doing what we are told is good. Not following orders is bad. We never question the validity of the person giving the orders, only that they were followed to the letter. And under such a guise, so much crime has been committed against so many people over the entire span of the human race. And vast evil has been spread to every corner of the earth. 

That is why there is so much anger at the FBI for President Trump’s Florida home break-in. If they were filled with good people, the FBI would have defied the orders and not conducted the break-in. It was not honorable for them to follow the orders of the Biden White House and his Department of Justice for the political witch-hunt that it was. That the 30 FBI officers who did conduct the raid considered their orders more important than actually following the law says everything. It does not give them a free pass for their behavior. For the idiot that follows corrupt orders, they then become just as corrupt. If bad people take over your government, who is to stop them from controlling all the levers of power if compliance with orders is more important than following the law? Defiance is mandated when corruption speaks, and the authority figures who demand injustice for the morality of following orders are evil and must be defeated with rebellion. Yes, people have a right to be upset with the FBI in the wake of the Trump raid and the abuse of Peter Navarro, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, and many others who the FBI and other police agencies have unjustly attacked by a government that has drifted into corruption. It is not the good cop who follows the orders of bad politicians who deserves understanding. In defiance of corrupt orders, the human race should be defined. Not by the quality of compliance but by the standard of efficacy that the individual upholds. 

The purpose of being an intelligent human being is to use the freedom of intellect to make proper decisions. Leaders bring people into following them out of showing the path to self-preservation, not sacrifice to a Liberal World Order. That is what the nature of orders requires: a thoughtless commitment to organizational structure. Once evil penetrates that structure, a commitment to evil is unleashed for all to suffer. And from there, evil rules the day to the misery of everyone. And it only takes one bad person in the chain of command to perpetrate such evils. And just because law enforcement wears the blue uniform and carries the star of law and order on their breast pocket, it doesn’t mean they stand for truth and justice. It means they follow orders and expect their entire existence to base their moral quandaries on compliance with higher authorities regardless of whether or not those higher authorities work for good or evil. Definitions of evil are not relevant to such systems of authority, only compliance to the highest established authority that is present to give the orders. So in that regard, the FBI and CIA, and other three lettered agencies that conduct government business and commit major infractions on innocent people every day, are just as bad as those at the top who have been captured by the evils of politics in the Biden administration, or Merrick Garland who is still upset that he’s not a lifelong Supreme Court judge appointed under Obama instead of the Trump pick who knocked him out of contention.   That is really the root of all politics that some people like Biden and Garland will do anything to capture high office positions because they believe that if they acquire them that they will then be able to tell vast bureaucracies what to do because they know they will follow orders, regardless of if the orders are good or evil. When the FBI raided Trump’s home and went through the personal belongings of Melania Trump, the agents knew it was evil, yet they did it anyway. Then after, when they wanted the country to forgive them, they said, “but we were only following orders.” 

Following orders blindly and without question is not moral or good. Only the person who pushes back against immoral orders can be considered to be a good person. We are thoughtful people for a reason, not mindless dogs or horses that can be ridden anywhere by anybody at the whim of a fool. We were designed to rebel; it’s the basic nature of a human being. That doesn’t mean that people won’t follow a leader. But what it means is that the best leaders know how to get people to follow them out of the self-interest of the participants rather than the mindless obedience of a cog in the wheels of life. It is not good to allow law enforcement under orders of a corrupt government to allow them to accost you and your belongings and embarrass you to the public, which is clearly what the FBI was doing to Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, and the attack on Trump was to show dominance and authority over the former President. So how can you tell if the government giving orders is good? Well, if people find they can find advantages through mutual morality for self-preservation and the best interests of those involved are the most obvious. When people know that a leader knows what they are talking about, they will be willing to get advice on the best strategy. But blind compliance to an evil intention does not give soldiers and law enforcement a free pass to the golden gates of morality without question. It doesn’t even take them to the door. There is no path for the ruthless dictator and their followers to gain morality through blind compliance, which is what is expected. And why the FBI finds themselves in a public relations nightmare on a basic concept that they perhaps never contemplated, that people would hold them accountable for their actual actions, not just in their ability to follow orders, which they all thought was all that mattered. In the world of truly free people, orders and compliance are just chains to stupidity, the same stupidity that has followed every act of evil since the beginning of time.

Rich Hoffman

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